Thursday, July 16, 2020

NDF/Sison: Terrorist regime vilifies human rights organizations and victims of human rights violations as terrorist

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front Philippines (NDFP or NDF) Facebook Page (Jul 15, 2020): Terrorist regime vilifies human rights organizations and victims of human rights violations as terrorist

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

While it is frenziedly engaged in state terrorism and suppression of democratic rights in the Philippines, the Duterte regime has submitted to the UN Human Rights Office a 137-page report entitled “The Philippine Human Rights Situationer May 2020” to achieve two malicious purposes:
to make false accusations against the Communist Party of the Philippines, New People’ Army and the National Democratic Front; and
to slander and vilify the human rights organizations and the victims who have presented well-founded complaints of human rights violations against the regime.

The declared purpose of the malicious report is to accuse the revolutionary forces of committing “crimes and atrocities” against the very people whose support they are relying on and whom they are fighting for. But in fact the real main purpose of the report is to slander and vilify the human rights organizations and victims of human rights violations as mere instruments of the revolutionary movement that is also glibly accused of being adept at “exploiting human rights and democratic spaces.”

The report carries a wild and wanton witchhunt list of alleged communist-created underground, front organizations, alliances, and networks. The list works on the malicious presumption of guilt by association, which makes the legal democratic forces and human right defenders as guilty of terrorism as the victims of human rights violations whom they defend against state terrorism.

The report goes so far as to accuse the human rights defenders of “weaponizing” human rights and using UN platforms and legal spaces to advance anti-human rights and anti-democratic political agenda, as the result of “communists” using sectoral-organizing work “for political manipulation and agitation, influence operations, and as a tool for launching diplomatic offensives against the state.”

The report lacks credibility because it comes from a regime that is accountable for gross and systematic violations of human rights and for crimes against humanity before the International Criminal Court. This regime has not been honestly responsive to the complaints of human right violations and has allowed these to be violated with impunity and without letup. A new law of state terrorism has been adopted by the Duterte regime to realize a full blown fascist dictatorship.

The main line of attack of the report against the CPP, NPA and NDFP is that they are responsible for the “cost of 60,000 lives and destruction of billions of public infrastructure” in the civil war that has been going on between the revolutionary movement of the people and the reactionary government of big compradors, landlord and bureaucrat capitalists.

In fact, more than 90 percent of the lives lost in the civil war have been snuffed out by the reactionary armed forces and police in campaigns of military suppression waged against the civilian population in areas suspected of being under the people’s democratic government, especially after successful tactical offensives by the people’s army.

The people’s army is carrying out guerrilla warfare and is not destroying any public infrastructure. What is destructive to public interest and economic development is the pork barrel corruption involved in the overpricing of real or imaginary infrastructure projects by the office of the president and his political stooges in Congress.

Since the time of Marcos, the Duterte regime has been the most destructive to economic development because of its extreme corruption, military overspending, cheap sale of natural resources to foreign companies and the mounting foreign debt due to growing trade and budgetary deficits. Superprofits have been taken away from the country through the extreme exploitation of workers and through land seizures from poor peasants and indigenous peoples by logging, mining, plantation and real estate companies.

Duterte has terminated the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations despite the landmark Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law and the substantial advance in the drafting of the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms, featuring mainly a program of genuine land reform and national industrialization that would have been financed by income expected from the development of oil and gas resources in the West Philippine Sea (with estimated value of at least USD 26 trillion) if not for Duterte’s sell-out of Philippine sovereign rights to China.

But the traitorous, tyrannical, genocidal and corrupt Duterte has been hell-bent on gunning for a fascist dictatorship, on getting US military assistance under the Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines (beyond the human rights oversight of the US Congress), on laying aside the sovereign rights of the Filipino people over the exclusive economic zone in the West Philippine Sea and on obtaining graft-laden loans from China at high interest for overpriced infrastructure projects worth USD 24 billion. Thus, he has terminated the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations since 2017 by scapegoating the CPP, NPA and NDFP.

In its report, the Duterte regime boasts of being capable of destroying the revolutionary movement of the Filipino people but is anyway asking for the support from the international community for a scheme of state terrorism and fascist dictatorship, a brutal scheme that is now so notorious and well exposed to the people of the world. In fact, the regime is far more incapable of destroying the armed revolutionary movement than any previous reactionary regime.

Duterte has bankrupted the Philippine economy and his own government. His regime has aggravated the crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system. It imposes the most intolerable forms of oppression and exploitation on the people. Thus, it has incited the people to join the armed revolution at a time when the revolutionary forces are far stronger nationwide than during the Marcos fascist dictatorship which Duterte emulates in his futile drive to destroy the revolutionary movement.###

CPP/CIO: On Año’s order to conduct “house-to-house” hunt for Covid-19 infected individuals — Marco Valbuena

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 15, 2020): On Año’s order to conduct “house-to-house” hunt for Covid-19 infected individuals — Marco Valbuena


JULY 15, 2020

Fascist general Eduardo Año’s order for state troopers to “go house-to-house” to hunt Covid-positive individuals and forcibly bring them to “isolation facilities” speaks of an all-encompassing military mindset devoid of any medical consideration that has marked the Duterte regime’s failed response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It further manifests how Duterte’s officials are drunk with power who act as if they are above the law. Año’s order is an outright circumvention of people’s basic civil rights, specifically the need for of court-issued search warrant before state security forces can enter and search private homes. It is violative of the basic human right to privacy, even in medical situations where doctor-patient confidentiality reign supreme.

The order is but the latest of the Inter-agency Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases’ militarist, incompetent, and often mindboggling and stupid response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to this, Año enjoined local government units to pass ordinances to arrest and detain “quarantine violators” to “teach them a lesson,” another fascist reaction to the people’s way of coping with the grave economic crisis brought about by their own militarist lockdown.

Another policy, ordered by the Defense Sec. Delfin Lorenzana himself, required motorcycle-riding couples to present “evidence” of cohabitation, alongside attaching an unwieldy and potentially dangerous plastic barrier to their vehicles. Such an invention would have been totally hilarious if it didn’t add another burden to Filipino families and provide police personnel another reason to apprehend and fine working people.

Again, and again, these generals have proven their inutility to manage the pandemic, all the while blaming the people for every setback. They have failed to conduct mass testing, trace the spread, and isolate the infected. They themselves ordered the return of locally stranded individuals without proper testing, and without raising the capacity of health systemes in the provinces.

Worse, they use the pandemic to implement their most fervent fascist dreams — from travel restrictions, checkpoints, curfews, mass arrests and detentions, and now, warrantless searches. These generals should be booted out of the country’s Covid-19 response and made to answer for the country’s health, social and economic devastation.

CPP/CIO: CPP denounces 2nd massacre in Masbate in a month

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 15, 2020): CPP denounces 2nd massacre in Masbate in a month


JULY 15, 2020

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns the Duterte regime for perpetrating the massacre of barangay watchmen Edgar Minggoy, Marlon Bajar and Rolly Dela Cruz in Mobo, Masbate last July 5. The massacre is the second perpetrated by police ad military forces in Masbate in less than a month.

The Party condemns the PNP and AFP for its false claims that the three are members of the NPA who were killed in an armed encounter. The police and military units involved in the crime include the PNP-RMFB5, PNP Masbate PIB, PNP–PPO Masbate, PNP-RIU5, 93rd and 95th IB, 9th PNP-SAB, the MOBO MPS, the 1st PNP-Masbate PMFC and the 96th MICO PA.

The barangay watchmen were abducted by military and police agents from their houses in Barangay Bagacay in Mobo town, and Barangay Mapili in Balud on July 4 at midnight. Following their abduction, bursts of gunfire were heard for around one hour along the boundary of barangays Bagacay and Marintoc. The next day, the PNP and AFP declared in their press releases that they encountered a unit of the New People’s Army.

The New People’s Army (NPA)-Masbate has clarified that no encounter took place in the area. There was no NPA unit in the place when the massacre took place.

Earlier on June 17, the police also massacred three farmers, including a minor, in Barangay Mahayahay, Placer, Masbate. The victims were also tagged as NPA members.

CPP/News: Police and military troops massacre barangay watchmen in Masbate

Propaganda news story posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 15, 2020): Police and military troops massacre barangay watchmen in Masbate

Police troops massacred in cold-blood barangay watchmen Edgar Minggoy, Marlon Bajar and Rolly Dela Cruz in Mobo, Masbate in the early morning of July 5.

According to witnesses, the victims were picked up by armed men from their houses in Barangay Bagacay in Mobo town, and Barangay Mapili in Balud on July 4 at midnight. Following the abduction, police and military troops repeatedly fired their weapons for one hour along the boundary of barangays Bagacay and Marintoc to make it appear that they encountered a unit of the New People’s Army (NPA).

The bursts of gunfire were heard in nearby communities which terrorized farmers and their children. After the incident, the police immediately peddled a fake story claiming that the civilians were killed during an encounter.

In a statement published on Monday, the New People’s Army (NPA)-Masbate belied the claims of the police that the three were killed in an encounter. They clarified that there was no NPA unit in the said area when the massacre took place.

The massacre is the second to have been perpetrated by the police in Masbate in less than a month. Last June 17, three farmers, including a minor, were also killed by the police in Barangay Mahayahay, Placer, Masbate. The victims were also tagged as NPA members.

CPP/NPA-Negros Island: NPA-MCC seizes 4 firearms from fanatic leader in Binalbagan; punishes intelligence asset in Himamaylan

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 15, 2020): NPA-MCC seizes 4 firearms from fanatic leader in Binalbagan; punishes intelligence asset in Himamaylan


JULY 15, 2020

The NPA-Mount Cansermon Command of the South Central Negros Guerilla Front seized 4 firearms (an M16 rifle, a shotgun, and .45 and .38 cal pistols) from alyas ‘Tikboy’ Bongaita and his family members in Sitio Binadlan, Barangay Bi-ao, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental, last July 14, 2020, at around 4:30 AM. They were also able to seize bullets and handsets from the household.

‘Tikboy’ has committed several atrocities against the masses in the area since his creation of a fanatic group named ‘Greenan’ in the 1990s until now. Among those human rights violations is threats, theft, land-grabbing, forced evacuations, coercion, and killings. He has forced the farmers in the area to join his group and cooperate or be killed.

Meanwhile, NPA-MCC also punished Randy Rosiana, a military intelligence asset from Sitio Baclayan, Barangay Mahalang, Himamaylan CIty. After deliberation in the people’s court, he was punished in Sitio Asaran, Barangay Buenavista from the same city. Rosiana was responsible for the military raids that led to the illegal arrests using trumped-up charges of the Buenavista 7 in 2019, who are imprisoned until now. He also actively forced innocent civilians to surrender as NPA to harbor commissions from the E-CLIP program of the AFP.

This serves as a warning for similar individuals, intelligence assets and human rights violators who have committed brutal crimes to the masses. The NPA, through the decision of the people’s court, will persist in carrying out revolutionary justice to mete out punishments to the worst of fascists and their landlord-comprador bosses. As early as now, they can surrender in clandestine to the nearest NPA unit to lessen the weight of their cases in the revolutionary courts. ###

CPP/NDF-RCTU: Iligal na pag-aresto sa Cabuyao 11, malawakang kundenahin at labanan!

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 15, 2020): Iligal na pag-aresto sa Cabuyao 11, malawakang kundenahin at labanan!


JULY 15, 2020

Ipanawagan ang pagbasura ng kaso sa 11 iligal na inarestong aktibista habang nagsasagawa ng lehitimo, mapayapa at organisadong protesta laban sa mapanupil na Anti-Terrorism Act ng 2020

Mariing kinokondena ng Revolutionary Council for Trade Union (RCTU-NDF-ST) ang ginawang illegal na pag-aresto sa 11 aktibista at lider masang bahagi ng isang lehitimo at mapayapang protesta laban sa Republic Act 11479 o Anti-Terrorism Act 2020 (ATA2020) ng pinagsanib na pasistang tropa nang Cabuyao PNP at 2nd Infantry Division – Philippine Army.

Sa kabilang banda, taas kamao at maalab na pagbati ang ipinaabot ng RCTU-NDF-ST sa lahat ng mga makabayan at patriotikong mamamayan na agarang nagpahayag ng kanilang pagtutol at hindi natakot na lumabas sa lansangan para makapagsagawa ng isang mapayapang protesta laban sa anti-mamamayang batas na ATA2020 makatapos na pirmahan ito ni Rodrigo Duterte noong Hulyo 3.

Illegal na binuwag at inaresto ng mga pasistang tropa ng PNP/AFP ang mga nagraling mamamayan kahit na organisado at mahigpit nilang sinusunod ang mga health protocol kaugnay ng pag-iingat sa pagkalat ng nakamamatay na Covid-19, gaya ng pag-oobserba sa physical distancing, pagsusuot ng facemasks, at paggamit at pagdadala ng alkohol ng lahat ng mga sasama sa pagkilos noong araw na yon. Kabaliktaran naman ito sa naging manera ng mga kapulisan at kasundaluhan na hindi nag-observe ng physical distancing dahil sa kanilang pormasyong dikit-dikit upang marahas na buwagin ang mapayapang programa. Makatapos illegal na hulihin, magkakadikit ang mga iligal na inaresto sa kanilang pinagsakayang sasakyan ng mga pulis at agarang isinama sa mga preso sa loob ng kulungan.

Kaalinsabay ng iligal na paghuli at pagkulong sa Cabuyao 11 ang huwad na pagdiriwang ng “Fil-Am Friendship Day” na dating idiniklarang Araw ng Kalayaan. Muli na namang ipinakita at tila baga inialay sa altar ng kanyang among imperialistang US ang paghambalos ng rehimeng US-Duterte sa kanyang sariling mamamayan. Ang marahas at pasistang atake ay pagpapakita ng pangil ng pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte na layuning pigilan ang lumalawak na mga protesta ng mamamayan laban sa mapanupil at tiranikong batas na ATA2020.

WASTO, PATRIYOTIKO at MAKABAYAN ang isinagawang protesta ng Cabuyao 11, ng ibat-ibang sektor sa Timog Katagalugan at sa iba pang panig ng bansa noong Hulyo 4 laban sa isang batas na magwawasak sa pundamental na karapatan ng mamamayang nakasaad sa konstitusyon ng Pilipinas. Isang militateng ambag ang protestang isinagawa sa Cabuyao, Laguna, na kumokondena sa isang batas na tiyak na gagamiting sandata hindi lamang sa mga aktibista kundi laban sa mga kritiko ng pangulo, oposisyon o para supilin ang kalayaan at kahit sa pangkaraniwang mamamayan na mananawagan lamang ng hustisya at pagpuna sa kakulanga’t kapabayaan ng gobyerno.

Ayon sa detinidong Sen. Leila De Lima, “ang isang batas na nagbibigay sa rehimen na ito ng karagdagang kapangyarihang manmanan, bawian ng ari-arian at ipakulong ng walang warrant ang mga kalaban ni Duterte sa pulitika at ang mga taong nagsasalita ng katotohanan ay hindi isang batas na dapat manaig sa isang demokrasya”. Malapad na hanay ng mamamayan, gaya ng mga relihiyoso, abogado, negosyante, akademya, kabataang estudyante, manggagawa, mga artistang Pilipino, magsasaka at maralitang lunsod ay nagsisikap na kumilos at labanan ang tinagurian nang Terror Law ni Duterte.

Ayon sa gobyerno at mga tagapagtanggol ng ATA2020, pagkatiwalaan daw natin ang batas, hayaan munang maipatupad ito at wag daw mag-alala dahil marami itong safeguard para hindi maabuso ng mga tagapagpatupad nito. Subalit sino ang hindi matatakot at mangangamba kung may mahabang listahan ng paglabag sa karapatang pantao ang AFP/PNP at ang bumubuo ng Anti-Terrorism Council, sa pamumuno ng mamamatay taong sina Gen. Lorenzana, Esperon, Año, Bautista at dating Col. Honasan? Uhaw sa dugo at batikang mamamatay tao at torturer ang mga kapural sa pagsusulong ng batas na ito. Mismong kinabukasan nga matapos pirmahan ng pasistang si Duterte ang kanyang Terror Law, umaapaw na ang buladas ni Esperon, tulad ng “Kung ikaw ay tahimik, hindi ka dapat mabahala sa Anti-Terror Law”, at “marahil ang mga kumokontra sa ATA2020 ay mga sumusuporta sa mga terorista”.

Ang naganap na marahas na dispersal at paghuli sa Cabuyao 11 at ang iba pang karahasan ng mga kapulisan at kasundaluhan sa kanilang mga checkpoint na nangharas sa mga taong-bayan at kumitil nang maraming buhay; ang patuloy na karahasang isinasagawa nila sa kanayunan; ang paggamit ng mga militar sa mga panginoong maylupa para palayasin at agawan ng lupa ang mga katutubo at magsasaka; at ang panghaharas at panunupil na ginagawa ng AFP/PNP sa mga manggagawa sa Timog Katagalugan sa pamamagitan ng pekeng pagpapasuko ay malawakang nagaganap kahit wala pa ang ATA2020.

Ipinapakita lamang nito na kahit hindi pa nga naipatutupad ang ATA2020, napakatinding panunupil na ang inihahambalos ng gobyernong ito sa kanyang sariling mamamayan. Kaya naman inaasahan na natin na mas lalong titindi ang panunupil, ang teranikong paghahari at pagpapatuloy nang kawalang impyunidad oras na simulan na ang pagpapatupad nito. Nagkukumahog ngayon sa pagbubuo ng Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) ang makapangyarihang Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC) na pinamumunuan ni Gen. Esperon at Lorenzana bilang guidelines sa pagpapatupad ng martial law ni Duterte.

Sa inasahang pagdanak ng dugo dulot ng ibayong terorismo ng estado, na magbubunsod sa malawakang panunupil at pagpaslang, tinitiyak natin na sisingilin ng sambayanang Pilipino katuwang ang buong lakas ng rebolusyonaryong kilusang manggagawa ang mga kapural sa pagbubuo ng ATA2020 na pinangungunahan ng tiranikong pangulong Rodrigo Duterte, mga senador na sina Panfilo “Kuratong Baleleng” Lacson, Bato Dela Rosa, Bong Go, Pia Cayetano, Imee Marcos at Tito Sotto, mga kongresistang pinamumunuan ni Alan Peter Cayetano, mga militarista’t utak-pulburang gabinete at ang mga magpapatupad nitong kapulisan at kasunduluhan. Lalo pang lalawak at dadami ang mga pagkilos at protesta ng mamamayan laban sa isang batas na walang ibang layunin kundi ipagtanggol ang isang tiranikong paghahari ni Duterte sa ating bayan.

Wala nang ibang aasahan ang malawak na hanay ng masang anakpawis kundi ang kanilang pagkakaisa, at ang armadong pakikibakang ipinamamandila ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan (NPA) bilang tunay na hukbo ng sambayanan, para maipagtanggol ang mga mamamayang makakaranas ng matinding panunupil at pasismo ng estado sa kamay ng pasistang militar at kapulisan. Tayo ay nananawagan sa lahat ng mga manggagawa na ibayong sumuporta sa pagpapalakas hindi lamang ng kilusang paggawa, kundi ng rebolusyunaryong digma sa pag-aambag ng sarili sa pamamagitan ng pagsapi sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan (NPA), pag-aambag ng talino’t lakas, at suportang materyal sa ating pinakamamahal na Hukbo.

Kinakailangang ibayong palakasin at palawakin ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa Timog Katagalugan at sa buong bansa, upang matiyak ang tuloy-tuloy na pagsusulong ng pambansa demokratikong rebolusyon ng bayan na natatanging sandata para mabigo ang pasistang atake ng rehimeng US-Duterte at makaroon ng isang tunay na pagbabagong panlipunan at matiwasay na bukas.


CPP/NDF-Southern Tagalog: Ipawalambisa ang gawa-gawang kaso sa walong (8) aktibista na iligal na inaresto ng mga tropa ng Cabuyao PNP at ng 2nd Infantry Division ng Philippine Army!

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 15, 2020): Ipawalambisa ang gawa-gawang kaso sa walong (8) aktibista na iligal na inaresto ng mga tropa ng Cabuyao PNP at ng 2nd Infantry Division ng Philippine Army!

JULY 15, 2020

Mariing kinukondena ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Southern Tagalog (NDFP-ST) ang ginawang iligal na pag-aresto ng pinagsanib na tropa ng Cabuyao Philippine National Police at 2nd Infantry Division ng Philippine Army (2nd ID-PA) sa walong (8) tagapagtaguyod at tagapagtanggol sa karapatang pantao habang mapayapa silang nagpoprotesta, kasama ang iba pang mga kasamahan, laban sa Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 matapos itong pirmahan ng pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte at maging isa nang ganap na batas bilang Republic Act 11479.

Iligal na inaresto ang tinaguriang Cabuyao 8, ng mga pasistang tropa ng AFP at PNP, kahit malinaw na lehitimo at hindi labag sa batas ang kanilang ginawang pagkilos. Sa lumalaganap na video sa social media kitang-kita ang mahigpit na pagtupad ng mga raliyista sa kaukulang mga health protocols tulad ng pagsusuot ng face mask at pagpapairal ng physical distancing bilang pagpapakita na sila’y mga responsableng mga mamamayan na mulat na tumutupad sa sariling mga alintunin ng kanilang kinabibilangang mga lehitimong organisasyon sa pag-iingat, paglaban at pagsugpo sa pandemic na Covid-19. Kung tutuusin ang AFP at PNP ang dapat kasuhan at ikulong dahil sa ginawa nilang iligal at marahas na pag-aresto sa mga raliyista at ganundin sa paglabag nila sa health protocols na pinatutupad ng sarili nilang gubyerno kaugnay sa paglaban at pagsugpo sa Covid-19.

Ang pagkilos na ginanap sa Cabuyao, Laguna nuong Hulyo 4, 2020 ay isa lamang sa maraming mga lehitimong pagkilos na isinagawa ng taumbayan sa iba’t ibang panig ng bansa bilang anyo ng kanilang mariing pagtutol at protesta sa bagong mapanupil at malupit na batas na RA11479. Sa rehiyon, ayon sa aming nakalap na mga balita, may mga kasabay ding pagkilos sa Sta. Rosa, Laguna, sa mga bayan ng Bacoor at Dasmarinas sa probinsya ng Cavite.

Sa nangyaring iligal na pag-aresto sa mga aktibista at tagapagtanggol sa karapatang pantao, na tinaguriang Cabuyao 8, minsan pang pinatunayan na sadyang sensitibo sa puna, kritisismo at pambabatikos ang gubyernong Duterte. Itinuturing ni Duterte na mga kaaway ng estado ang sinumang mamamayang Pilipino na nagpapahayag ng kanilang disgusto at tumututol sa mga katiwalian, kainutilan at kapalpakan sa pamamalakad niya sa gubyerno.

Ang serye ng mga iligal na pag-aresto sa mga nagpoprotestang mamamayan sa nakaraan at sa pag-aresto sa “Cabuyao 8” kahapon ay patunay na wala nang anumang natitirang pagkilala at pagrespeto si Duterte sa karapatang sibil at demokratiko ng mamamayang Pilipino lalo na ang kalayaan sa pagsasalita, pamamahayag at sa mapayapang pagtitipon upang iparating ng taumbayan sa reaksyunaryong gubyerno ang kanilang mga hinaing, pagpuna at pagtutol sa mga anti-mamamayan at anti-demokratikong mga batas at polisiyang pinatutupad nito sa bansa.

Sinasamantala rin ni Duterte ang isyu ng Covid-19 para tabingan at iwasiwas ang kanyang mapanupil at kamay-na-bakal na paghahari para lumikha ng takot sa publiko at pigilan ang mga lehitimo at makatarungang mga pagkilos ng taumbayan laban sa kanyang tiwaling paghahari. Buong akala ni Duterte na sa pamamamagitan ng kanyang mga matatapang na pagbabanta ng pag-aresto at aktwal na pag-aresto sa mga nagpoprotesta ay mapipigilan niya ang paghugos ng taumbayan sa mga lansangan, sa paggamit ng social media iba pang at kaparaanan para ipahayag ang kanilang pagtutol at paglaban sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte.

Ang ginanap na pagkilos sa Cabuyao at sa iba pang panig ng bansa nuong Hulyo 4, 2020 ay patunay na hindi takot ang sambayanang Pilipino na lumabas sa mga bahay at pumunta sa mga lansangan para ipahayag ang kanilang mariing pagtutol sa RA 11479 kasabay ng mga panawagan para sa makabuluhang pagbabago sa lipunang Pilipino at sa paggigiit sa kanilang mga batayang karapatang demokratiko at pantao. Sa mga susunod na araw maaaring asahan ang mga panibagong pagkilos ng taumbayan para ipanawagan ang pagbabasura sa RA 11479.

Sa pagpirma ni Duterte sa RA 11479 sukdulan na niyang inilantad ang kanyang pasistang mukha na dati ay pilit pa niyang itinatago at itinatanggi subalit nabigo siyang mapaniwala ang taumbayan. Dahil sa RA 11479 natupad na ni Duterte ang kanyang pinakahahangad na makapaghari nang mas masahol pa sa batas militar ng kanyang idolong diktador na si Ferdinand E. Marcos. Ito rin ay panibagong deklarasyon ng gyera laban sa sambayanang Pilipino tulad ng kanyang madugo pero huwad na gyera kontra iligal na droga at ng labis na kinamumuhiang “kontra-insurensyang” digma ng kanyang pasistang rehimen na tigmak sa dugo ng mga inosenteng mamamayan, lalo na ng magsasaka at katutubo, na pangunahing biktima ng mga karahasan at terorismo ng pasistang AFP at PNP.

Ang patuloy na pambubusabos at garapalang pagyurak sa mga demokratiko at karapatang pantao ng pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte ay lalong magtutulak sa malawak na masa ng sambayanang Pilipino na patindihin at paigtingin ang kanilang mga paglaban sa rehimen sa paraang ligal, iligal, armado at di-armado na maaaring humantong sa pagpapatalsik kay Duterte sa kapangyarihan.

Huwag tayong matakot, huwag tayong padadaig. Patuloy tayong lumaban at igiiit ang ating mga lehitimong kahilingan para sa makabuluhang pagbabago sa lipunang Pilipino. Patuloy nating igiit at ipaglaban ang mga pundamental na karapatan ng mamamayang Pilipino na ginagarantiyahan ng saligang batas ng Pilipinas. Sa panahong hibang na hibang sa pasistang kapangyarihan si Duterte dapat higit nating pahigpitin ang ating pagkakaisa at lalong pagtibayin ang pagbubuklod-buklod para labanan at biguin si Duterte na lubusang makapaghari gamit ang kanyang pinakabagong mapamuksang sandata ng panunupil na RA11479.

Huwag natin bigyan ng pagkakataon na makapagpahinga at makatulog ang diktador na si Duterte at mga pasistang galamay niya mula sa mga lilikhain nating ingay sa lansangan at usap-usapan sa social media na nanawagan sa pagbabasura sa RA 11479 at sa pagtutulak sa kanyang gubyerno na seryosong pagtuunan nang higit na pansin ang paglaban at pagsugpo sa Covid-19 sa paraang medikal at hindi militar. Lalo nating palakasin at palawakin ang panawagan na ibagsak ang pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte.

Samantala, patuloy na pag-iibayuhin ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa rehiyon ang pagsusulong ng demokratikong rebolusyon ng bayan para biguin ang kontra- rebolusyonaryong digma ng pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte alinsunod sa estratehiyang whole of nation approach to end communist armed conflict at Joint Campaign Plan Kapanatagan (JCP-Kapanatagan). Buo ang tibay at lakas ng loob at tiwala sa kasalukuyang lakas na kaya nitong biguin ang ambisyosong plano ng rehimeng Duterte na durugin sa pagsapit ng Hunyo 30, 2022 ang rebolusyonaryong armadong kilusang na isinusulong ng CPP-NPA-NDFP. Napakapaborable ng kasalukuyang sitwasyon sa bansa at daigdig para umani ng mas maraming tagumpay ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa rehiyon at sumulong sa isang bago at mas mataas na antas sa mga susunod na mga taon.

Ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa rehiyon ay mahigpit na kaisa at sumusuporta sa malawakang paglaban ng sambayanang Pilipino sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte. Patuloy itong gagawa ng kanyang sariling mga paraan para tumulong at mag-ambag sa panawagan ng sambayanang Pilipino na ibagsak ang pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte.

CPP/NDF-Southern Tagalog: Kondenahin ang tuluyang pagpapasara sa ABS-CBN ng mga utusang-aso ni Duterte sa Kongreso

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 15, 2020): Kondenahin ang tuluyang pagpapasara sa ABS-CBN ng mga utusang-aso ni Duterte sa Kongreso


JULY 15, 2020

Mariing kinukondena ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Southern Tagalog ang naging desisyon ng 70 mambabatas na mga regular at ex-officio members ng House Committee on Legislative Franchises (HCLF) ng mababang kapulungan ng Kongreso na nagbabasura sa panukalang pagkalooban ang ABS-CBN Network ng 25 taong prangkisa para muling makapag opereyt matapos mapaso ang dati nitong hawak na prangkisa nuong Mayo 5, 2020. Walang ibang matutuwa nito kundi si Duterte na sagad sa langit ang galit sa ABS-CBN Network habang sa kabilang banda nagpupuyos naman sa galit ang sambayanang Pilipino dahil sa ginawang desisyon ng HCLF. Ipinagpalit nila ang kapakanan at kagustuhan ng kanilang mga nasasakupan na naglagay sa kanila sa katungkulan para lamang makakuha ng pabor sa Malacañang at mapaligaya ang pasistang si Duterte.

Malinaw ang naging galaw ng mga kamay ni Duterte sa naging pasya ng 70 mambabatas ng HCLF na nagbabasura sa aplikasyon ng ABS-CBN Network para sa kanilang panibagong prangkisa kahit ano pang gawing paghuhugas ng kamay ni Roque.

Inilantad ng pangyayari na pakitang tao at zarzuela lamang ang isinagawang labing-tatlong (13) sesyon ng pagdinig ng House Committee on Legislative Franchises dahil sa bandang huli hindi ang katotohanan at kagustuhan ng publiko ang mananaig sa kanilang pagpapasya kundi kung ano ang kapritso at nais ng pasistang si Duterte. Nagawang sagutin at pabulaanan ng Network ang mga samu’t saring akusasyon na pinupukol sa kanila ng mga alipures ni Duterte batay sa sariling hawak na mga ebidensya ng network.

Sa mga naturang pagdinig, pinatunayan din ng mga ahensya ng gubyerno tulad ng Department Of Justice (DOJ), Department Of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) at Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) na wala ni anumang batas na nilabag ang ABS-CBN. Sa kabila nito, kahit nagdudumilat ang katotohanan na walang anumang nilabag na batas ang ABS-CBN Network, nagpasya pa rin ang 70 myembro ng HCLF na tanggihan ang aplikasyon ng network para sa panibagong prangkisa.

Sadyang hindi palalagpasin ni Duterte ang pagkakataon na sa lebel pa lamang ng House Committee on Legislative Franchises ay hindi na makakalusot ang inihaing mga panukalang batas na magkakaloob sana ng panibagong 25 taong prangkisa sa network. Kaya walang maniniwala sa mga buladas at pahayag ng Malacañang na nyutral si Duterte pagdating sa usapin ng pagbibigay ng panibagong prangkisa sa ABS-CBN Network ng Mababang Kapulungan ng Kongreso. Batid ng taumbayan na simula’t sapul nang maupo si Duterte sa Malacañang ay hindi lamang ilang beses niyang binatikos at pinagbantaan ang ABS-CBN na haharangin niya at hindi niya pahihintulutan ang Kongreso na mabigyan ito ng panibagong prangkisa. Hayagan din niyang sinabihan ang mga may-ari ng ABS-CBN na ibenta na lang ang kanilang pag-aaring network dahil sa wala silang makukuhang bagong prangkisa.

Sa naging desisyon ng 70 mambabatas, inihanay nila ang kanilang mga sarili bilang mga kasapakat ng pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte sa unti-unting pagsupil at pagkitil sa kalayaan sa pananalita at pamamahayag sa bansa. Lalo lamang nilang inilalantad ang sarili bilang mga sunod-sunuran sa kagustuhan ng Malacañang, bilang kaaway ng demokrasya at masusugid na tumatangkilik at sumusupota sa mga anti-mamamayan at anti-demokratkiong patakaran ng administrasyong Duterte.

Sinusuhayan nila ang pasismo ng estado at paghahari ng pangkating militar sa bansa, sa ginagawang paniniil at pagpapatahimik nito sa lahat ng mga kritiko at kritisismo sa mga kapabayaan, kainutilan, katiwalian at napakasamang pamamahala ni Duterte sa gubyerno. Nais ding iparamdam ng mga 70 mambabatas na sila’y laging handa na suportahan ang pagnanais ni Duterte na manatili sa pwesto lagpas sa kanyang natitirang termino na magtatapos sa Hunyo 30, 2022. Ito din naman ang kagustuhan ng mga alipures ni Duterte sa Kongreso at Senado—ang mapalawig pa ang kanilang panunungkulan sa pamamagitan ng pag-amyenda sa Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas.

Ang tuluyang pagpapasara sa operasyon ng ABS-CBN na siyang pinamalaking media network sa buong Pilipinas ay nagsisilbi ding babala sa iba pang entidad sa pamamahayag at pagbobrodkas na maaaring ganito din ang kanilang kasasapitan kapag patuloy silang magiging indyependente at kritikal na mass media.

Dapat na ituring na mga taksil at walang konsensya ang 70 kongresistang naging daan para lubusang alisan ng hanapbuhay ang mahigit sa 11,000 mga manggagawa, empleyado, artista at talents ng network—at sa milyong milyong mamamayang Pilipino sa bansa at ibayong dagat na napagkakaitan ng karapatan sa impormasyon, ng karapatang pumili ng istasyon na kanilang gustong mapakinggan, mapanooran at panggalingan ng mga palabas para sa kanilang libangan.

Pinagkaitan nila at ni Duterte ang milyon-milyong mahihirap na mamamayang Pilipino na nasa mga malalayo at liblib na lugar ng bansa na mapagkalooban ng tulong ng ABS-CBN at mahatiran ng angkop na mga impormasyon at balita, sa pamamagitan ng mga istasyon ng radyo at telebisyon ng network, lalo na sa tuwing panahon ng mga kalamidad at ngayong panahon na hinaharap ng bansa ang paglaban sa pandemikong Covid-19.

Titimo sa isip ng mamamayan ang 70 pangalan ng mga taksil na ito. May sariling pamamaraan ang mamamayan para maningil. Siguradong haharapin nila ang husga ng taumbayan sa ginawa nilang anti-mamamayan at anti-demokratikong pagpapasya. Sila’y dapat ituring na mga traydor sa kagustuhan at kahilingan ng nakararaming Pilipino.

Ang pagkabigo ng ABS-CBN Network na makakuha muli ng panibagong prangkisa mula sa Kongreso na dominante ng mga alipures ni Duterte ay lalo lamang magpapatibay ng pagkakaisa ng taumbayan at kapasyahang patindihin at paigtingin ang kanilang paglaban sa mga kaaway ng demokrasya at karapatang pantao sa bansa. Lahat na halos ng demokratikong uri’t sektor ng lipunang Pilipino ay itinuring na ni Duterte na kaaway ng estado.

Lalo lamang binibigyan ng makatuwirang dahilan ni Duterte ang taumbayan na maghimagsik at ibagsak ang kanyang pasistang paghahari lalo na nang pirmahan nito at maging ganap nang batas ang mapanupil at mabagsik na instrumento ng pasismo at terorismo ng estado na Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 o RA 11479. Patunay na walang anumang kabutihang magagawa sa bayan ang isang pasista, korap, kriminal at talamak na mamamatay taong si Duterte. Walang ibang mapagpipilian ang taumbayan kundi ang lumaban at mag-alsa at pabilisin ang pagpapabagsak sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte sa pamamagitan ng rebolusyonaryong paraan.

CPP/NPA-Palawan: Pananakot ng PAF – WESCOM sa mga Sibilyang Residente, Kinukundena ng NPA Palawan!

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 15, 2020): Pananakot ng PAF – WESCOM sa mga Sibilyang Residente, Kinukundena ng NPA Palawan!


JULY 15, 2020

Nakarating sa aming pagkakaalam ang ginagawang panghaharas at pananakot ng mga elemento ng Philippine Air Force sa mga residenteng naninirahan sa nasasakupan ng AFP – WesCom Reservation, at dahil sa sukdulang kasamaan ginagamit ng mga mersenaryong ito ang pangalan ng New People’s Army!

Nagkakalat ang PAF-TOW-West ng teror sa mga sibilyang tumututol sa iligal na pagbabakod at pagpapasara ng WesCom sa daanan ng mga residente. Dobleng talim, ito dahil kasabay nang malisyosong paggamit sa pangalan ng NPA ay palihim silang nag-susurbeylans kung sino ang mga aktibong residente na tumututol sa kanilang ginagawang panggigipit.

Hindi kataka-takang gamitin ng AFP – PAF ang pangalan ng NPA upang mapalapit sa masa, pagkat alam nilang NPA ang sinusulingan ng mamamayang inaapi at pinagsasamantalahan ng gobyerno. Mapag-imbot nila itong ginawa upang lansihin at kunin ang tiwala ng mga taong alam nilang lalaban sa ngalan ng kanilang karapatan para sa lupang panirikan. Sa gayon ay walang kahirap hirap nilang ma-nyutralisa at ma-patahimik ang mga kritiko ng WesCom na diumano, naninindigan para sa kanilang karapatan sa disenteng pamamahay at lupang panirikan.

Naninindigan ang NPA Palawan na hanggat hindi nasosolusyunan ang mga kronikong krisis ng lipunang mala-kolonyal at mala-pyudal, patuloy na magiging iskwater ang mga Palawenyo sa sariling bayan nito. Walang kumprehensibong programa para sa pabahay ang gobyerno ni Jose Chavez Alvarez (JCA) at higit na binibigyang pabor ang mga army reservation upang pagbigyan ang kapritso ng mga pasistang sundalo.

Wala ring kabalak-balak si JCA na bigyan ng libre o abot-kayang disenteng pamamahay ang mga Palawenyo na sa panahon ng krisis sa pandemyang Covid-19 ay isinasabay pa ang mga demolisyon sa iba’t ibang parte ng Palawan. Maraming Palawenyo ang inalisan ng pangunahing kabuhayan sa ngalan ng ispekulasyon sa lupa at eko-turismo. Alam na alam ng mga Palawenyo kung paano sila pinahihirapan ng pagkiling sa dayuhan at malalaking negosyante ng mga pamahalaang lokal at maging ng pamahalaang panlalawigan.

Ipinapaabot ng Bienvenido Vallever Command ang mahigpit na pakikiisa sa mga Palawenyong ginigipit sa kanilang lupang panirikan, hindi malayong umabot ito sa kasukdulang magtangan din sila ng armas upang ilaban ng buhay at kamatayan ang kanilang panirikan at kabuhayan. Sa paghagupit pa ng todo teror at atake ng estado gamit ang binalangkas na Anti-Terror Law, tiyak na lalong mahihiwalay ang rehimeng US – Duterte sa mamamayang Pilipino! Habang ang pangil ng batas na ito ay nakaturol sa mamamayang naninindigan para sa kanilang batayang karapatan laging bukas ang rebolusyunaryong kilusan para sa mga mamamayang api at malaon ng pinagsasamatalahan ng bulok na reaksyunaryong gobyerno.

Mga Palawenyo, magkaisa at ipagtanggol ang karapatan sa panirahan at kabuhayan!

Mabuhay ang Sambayanang Lumalaban!
Mabuhay ang CPP-NPA-NDFP!
Mabuhay ang Rebolusyon!

CPP/NDF-KM: END THE LIES—Duterte’s rule is on the brink of collapse

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 15, 2020): END THE LIES—Duterte’s rule is on the brink of collapse

JULY 15, 2020

Duterte’s anti-oligarch pronouncement is nothing but a sham, a manifestation of his desperation to stay in power.

“We simply put an end to the privilege of one family in using a public resource to protect and promote their private interest, (that) was part of the changes that the Duterte administration has vowed to bring to the country.”

These were the words of Duterte’s lapdog Alan Peter Cayetano in his comical attempt to explain the administration’s move to deny the ABS-CBN franchise renewal application.

Duterte and his minions are certainly on a new level of desperation if they are willing to use such absurd lies to try and cover up their tracks. “Reclaiming patrimony from oligarchs”? “[Calling] out those who abuse the system”? Are these not the very things Duterte has been endeavoring to stifle since the start of his Presidency?

CPP/CIO: Duterte’s anti-oligarchy propaganda is a big fake

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 15, 2020):  Duterte’s anti-oligarchy propaganda is a big fake

JULY 15, 2020

Despite Malacañang’s insistence that Duterte had no hand in the shutting down of ABS-CBN via congressional vote against its franchise last July 10, Duterte could not hide his glee yesterday when he claimed victory against the broadcast company which he falsely declared as a triumph against the oligarchy.

The shutting down of ABS-CBN was carried out in accordance with Duterte’s orders who has long made clear his antipathy against journalists and media organizations which have been critical of his regime.

Duterte’s false anti-oligarchy propaganda is a mere cover for his arm-twisting tactics against some Manila-based big business to demand bigger shares in their profits. Duterte has publicly abused them with charges of tax evasion, lopsided contracts and others without actually filing any charges. Many have been forced to give in to Duterte and pay him his tributes.

From the outset, Duterte’s repeated claims of opposing the oligarchy is false. Since assuming power in 2016, Duterte himself is the biggest oligarch, ruling the country with tyrannical powers. He sits on top of the country’s ruling elite–the bureaucrat capitalists and their bourgeois comprador partners, and the big landlords, who rule the country, plunder its natural and human resources, fleece the people with taxes and line up their pockets with public funds.

Duterte won the presidency riding on the shoulders of big oligarchs, especially those based in Davao. Like Marcos, Duterte has cultivated his own set of cronies from among the country’s oligarchs, giving them economic favors and privileges–the biggest contracts and loans. A handful of oligarchs led by Davao businessman and long-time Duterte partner Dennis Uy, have aggrandized wealth and power.

Under his tyranny, Duterte has accumulated both wealth and power. At the same time, he has caused massive devastation of the economy and the people’s livelihood by continuing to implement the anti-people neoliberal economic policies which bury the country deep into debt, perpetuate dependence on imports and foreign capital, and take away funds for social services.

CPP/News: Expect Duterte’s neoliberal legislative agenda in his 4th SONA

Propaganda news story posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 15, 2020):  Expect Duterte’s neoliberal legislative agenda in his 4th SONA

In his upcoming State of the Nation Address (SONA) this July 27, expect Duterte to once again aggressively push for the implementation of neoliberal economic reforms to further squeeze the already overburdened Filipinos. As what happened with the Anti-Terror Law, the granting of Covid-19 emergency powers to Duterte and the shutdown of ABS-CBN, these schemes will surely be railroaded as congress resumes its sessions.

The measures are being pushed by Duterte’s World Bank-trained technocrats under the guise of boosting the economy which has seen a sharp downturn due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There is, however, nothing new in its focus of “attracting foreign investments,” borrowing money from foreign creditors and passing the burden on the people in the form of a slew of new taxes.

Duterte’s economic managers have recently set on a media campaign to aggressively push for the implementation of an utterly regressive “Junk Food Tax” which aims to levy additional excise taxes on almost all food products. This includes taxing dried fish, noodles and canned goods that are staple to many households and blue-collar workers. Excise tax will also be levied on deep-fried and salty snacks; candies, sugary desserts and sweetened beverages; and fastfood products. The fiscal reform is justified as “sin tax” purportedly to discourage Filipinos from eating unhealthy food. Filipinos will be set back by at least P72.97 billion in should the tax be implemented. The tax burden is heavier for the poor majority who pay proportionally more out of their already meager incomes. This is doubly reprehensible especially now that majority of workers have lost their jobs to the pandemic.

Duterte’s economic managers are busy finding other things to tax. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently compelled small online sellers to register their businesses in order to impose taxes on them under pain of facing criminal charges. It recently drew more flak after stating that barter trading is illegal and must be taxed. New barter arrangements such as “online barter trading” have emerged as these have provided people with an alternative source of food and other basic needs amid the pandemic and imposition of work restrictions.

Because of disagreements between various government agencies and Congress over which project should be prioritized and problems of funding, the so-called “Covid-19 stimulus package” was not passed before congress went on recess last month. Last July 9, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque announced that the legislative and executive branches have also already agreed on implementing the so-called “Covid-19 stimulus package” and Bayanihan 2.

The stimulus package includes the Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises (Create) Bill which aims to lower corporate income tax from 30% to 25% and give Duterte the authority to tailor-fit tax incentives and exemptions for big companies. This purportedly aims to attract foreign investments to create jobs for Filipinos. Only multinationals and companies that rake in billions of profits in the country will primarily benefit from this reform. The reactionary state will lose about P259 billion in corporate taxes until 2022 should the tax cuts be implemented.

Duterte’s stimulus package also includes the Covid-19 Unemployment Reduction Economic Stimulus (CURES) Bill which aims to give a new push to the slow implementation infrastructure projects under the regime’s Build, Build, Build program to purportedly create jobs to address the unemployment crisis. Contrarily, however, these projects will not create sufficient and long-term employment opportunities. In the past years, the much touted program has only contributed one-fourth of the total employment in the construction sector. Majority of the jobs created by these projects are contractual.

Duterte is also expected to push for the extension of his emergency powers under the Bayanihan Act which expired on June 25. In the past months, Duterte invoked the said power to arbitrarily impose a 10% tax increase on imported crude and petroleum products which has translated into higher prices of goods and services in the past months.

Simultaneously, his henchmen are aggressively pushing to expedite the privatization of government properties and assets to purportedly augment public funds amid the Covid-19 crisis. Senator Francis Tolentino last week filed the Deparment of Finance-backed “Covid-19 Economic Lifeline Act” which aims to create a Covid-19 Privatization Commission. The said commission will be headed by neoliberal extraordinaire Finance Sec. Carlos Dominguez who will oversee the disposition of state-owned assets which he deems “unprofitable.” Earlier in April, Rodrigo Duterte himself expressed his intent to sell the land where the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Philippine International Convention Center stand on.

CPP/NDF-Negros: Ang pagpanghalughog sa mga pamalay ni Año’s nagapabaskog sa terorismo sang estado

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 15, 2020):  NDF-Negros: Ang pagpanghalughog sa mga pamalay ni Año’s nagapabaskog sa terorismo sang estado

JULY 15, 2020

Bangud wala na sang nahibaloan nga pamaagi paano hinabunan ang terorismo sang estado, nagdeklara ang rehimen US-Duterte nga magkondukta sang mga wala warrant – kag iligal – nga paghalughog sang panimalay gamit ang pandemya sang Covid-19. Pero ini, klaro nga kontra-insurhensya kag kontra-pumuluyo ang kinaiya.

Sa isa ka pahayag sa Martes, Hulyo 14, ang sekretaryo sang DILG nga si Eduardo Año gulpi nga gindeklara nga ang mga pwersa sang estado, upod sa mga representante sang LGU, ang magpamalay-balay para tsekyaron ang mga pasyente sang Covid-19 nga wala ukon indi lala ang sintomas, para ibalhin sila kung indi kuno intsakto ang pagkakwarantina nila sa ila nga puluy-an. Pero, limitado na lang ang mga pasilidad para sa kwarantina.

Una, indi trabaho sang mga armado kundi iya sang sektor sa ikaayong lawas ang pagtigayon sini nga mga tipo sang aksyon. Kinahanglan ipahanumdum kay Año nga ang militarista nga solusyon nagresulta sa pinakataas, pinaka-istrikto, kag pinakabrutal nga lockdown sa bilog nga kalibutan, kag ini wala nakapa-untat sa paglapta sa pandemya. Kwestyonable kon paano ma-determinar kag kon sin-o nga mga pasyente ang wala ukon indi malala nga simtoma. Indi man ini makabulig sa pumuluyo bangud nagadamo ang AFP-PNP nga naapektuhan sang Covid-19. Magluwas sa kakugmat, ila man ginanapalapta ang bayrus bangud sa sala kag palyado nga plano.

Pamilyar ini nga mga panghalughog nga wala sang search warrant, bangud nangin taktika ini sang AFP-PNP sadtong Oplan Tokhang, Oplan Sauron, iban nga mala-sempo nga operasyon, kag bisan subong sa pandemya nga nagresulta sang linibo ang napatay gamit ang ‘nagbato’ kag ‘NPA ako’ nga naratibo, kag ang pag-aresto sang linibo gamit ang pato-pato nga kaso (nga nagkadto man sa korapsyon sang mga kwarta pangpyansa). Pila ka adlaw antis man ma-implementar ang Terror Law, sigurado nga madamo nga paglapas sa tawhanon nga kinamatarong ang magakatabo. Gina-abuso sang rehimen ang pandemya para maimposar ang tiranya sa bug-os nga pungsod, para mapabaskog ang terorismo sang estado.

Ang kinahanglan sang pungsod ang gilayon nga mass testing kag dugang nga pundo sa ospital kag sektor sa ikaayong lawas samtang nagakapuno ang mga ospital sang mga pasyente. Ang mga pondo kag nagadako nga utang nga gintalana para sa krisis sang Covid-19 kinahanglan gamiton sa pagsuporta kag pagmobilisa sa mga mamumugon sa ikaayong lawas sa lokalidad, upod ang mga nars, doktor, kag iban nga istap medikal. Ang militarista nga solusyon nakapalala lang sa pandemya kag sa krisis sosyo-ekonomiko bunga sang malakolonyal kag malapyudal nga sistema. Kinahanglan mabinantayon ang masa sa mga sistematiko nga maniubra ni Duterte para ma-imposar ang iya diktadurya, magdemanda sang maki-pumuluyo kag syentipiko nga solusyon sang pandemya, kag malig-on nga pamatukan ang terorismo sang estado para mapalayas ang buang nga si Duterte sa Malacañang.

CPP: On China’s intransigent refusal to recognize UNCLOS decision

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jul 16, 2020):  On China’s intransigent refusal to recognize UNCLOS decision

The Party denounces China’s persistent refusal to recognize the 2016 decision of the International Arbitrary Tribunal (IAT) under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

By refusing to recognize the 2016 decision, China is acting like a big bully who does not know how to play by the rules, especially when the rules do not favor its strategic economic and military interests.

The 2016 decision recognizes Philippine sovereign rights in its exclusive economic zone, rejects China’s claims of all-encompassing sovereignty over the entire South China Sea, and orders it to remunerate the Philippines for damages as a result of the construction of artificial islands and military facilities in at least seven land and sea formations within the country’s exclusive economic zone.

In a statement yesterday, China rejected the statement of Foreign Affairs Sec. Teodoro Locsin upholding the 2016 decision and asserting that it is non-negotiable and will not be compromised. The Party positively notes Locsin’s position which, however, is inconsistent with that taken by his boss Duterte who at the outset has set aside the ruling in the name of improving relations with China.

For four years, the regime has failed to defend Philippine sovereign rights in the West Philippine Sea against China’s transgressions and has practically thrown the 2016 IAT decision into a waste basket.

In exchange for promised loans, political support and personal favors, Duterte has allowed China to lord it over the West Philippine Sea, deploy Coast Guard and paramilitary vessels, make unlawful claims of sovereignty within the country’s territorial seas, prevent Filipinos from fishing in their own seas and plunder Philippine marine and mineral resources. Duterte has also offered to enter into a lopsided agreement with China to explore and exploit oil resources in the West Philippine Sea which would give China full control of operations and profits.

As we mark the fourth year of the IAT decision, the Party joins the Filipino people in demanding China to withdraw its swarm of military and paramilitary vessels from the West Philippine Sea, dismantle its military facilities built within the scope of Philippine territorial seas, and pay for the damages on Philippine marine resources.

The Party calls on the Philippine’s Southeast Asian neighbors whose sovereignties are also being trampled by China to forge a united front to stand up against Chinese military agression and generate international support to compel China to recognize the IAT decision, respect the territorial seas of all countries and stop its military aggression.

Kalinaw News: NPA Rebels, Mass Supporters Yield; Vow Allegiance to PH Government

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jul 16, 2020): NPA Rebels, Mass Supporters Yield; Vow Allegiance to PH Government (Press release by Kalinaw News)

IMPASUGONG, BUKIDNON (July 16) – Realizing the deception and atrocities committed by the New People’s Army (NPA) especially among innocent civilians, 42 villagers consisting mostly of mass supporters of the NPA have withdrawn their support from the Communist-Terrorist group.

On July 11, 2020, following the Grand Pulong-Pulong held at Sitio Nasandigan, Brgy. Kalabugao, Impasugong, Bukidnon, the villagers expressed their remorse over their years of giving support to the group that has sowed nothing but fear and terror in their community. These villagers consist of one (1) regular New People’s Army, four (4) Milisyang Bayan (MB) members, and 37 mass supporters. As they denounce the NPA during the activity, the villagers also pledged their allegiance to the Philippine Government, vowing their loyalty and support to the one true Philippine Government.

Jing (not his true name), one of the surrenderees, said he is now aware of the deceptive schemes and evil tactics of the Communist rebel group. He said “Dako among pasalamat nga nalamdagan mi sa mga teroristang binuhatan sa mga walhong grupo nga NPA. Wala namo damha nga nagsugod na sila ug pangrekrut kanamo.” (We are very thankful that we were enlightened of the terrorist acts of Communist Terrorist Group. We never knew that at this stage, they were starting to recruit us.)

Community Support Program

The Pulong-Pulong is one of the many activities under the Community Support Program (CSP) of the Philippine Army which bridges the gap between the government and communities by delivering basic services to the people. The series of Pulong-Pulong activities held in in Sitio Nasandigan and Sitio Kalampigan which are both situated in Brgy. Kalabugao, Impasugong, Bukidnon, was facilitated by the CSP Team of the 8th Infantry “Dependable” Battalion (8IB).

Under CSP activities, issues and concerns of the villagers are immediately conveyed by the Philippine Army to the different government agencies who quickly address the concerns.

Impasugong Mayor Anthony A. Uy said “Sa pamaagi sa CSP, nahibaw-an nato ang tinuod nga kinanghalanon sa atong mga katawhan, ang mga isyu nga ilang gigamit sa pagdaot sa imahen sa gobyerno ug pagrekruta sa mga tawo. Ang panggamhanan sa Impasugong uban sa mga lain-laing ahensya hingpit nga gasuporta sa kasundaluhan aron mahuman na ang insurhensiya.” (Through CSP, we were become aware of the needs of our people, the issues that the CNTs used to ruin the image of the government and their moves in recruiting our constituents. The LGU of Impasugong together with the other agencies fully supports the Philippine Army in ending the insurgency.)

Executive Officer of the 8th Infantry Battalion Major Lemuel Bacarro called on to the people to stand up against the evil of the Communism as he bared how he once became a victim of the NPA’s deception.

“Ako ay isang buhay na testimonya sa kasamaan at kasakiman ng teroristang NPA, dahil nananalaytay sa akin ang dugong rebelde. Mula sa aking kabataan kung saan naging kasangkapan ako ng mga armadong NPA hanggang sa pagkakataong naging myembro ako ng prenteng organisasyon ng mga kabataan sa koleheyo. Minsan nagpakatanga tayo dahil sa matatamis na pangako ng makakaliwang grupo. Subalit ngayon, buong puso akong nananawagan na huwag na kayong makinig at magpalinlang sa mga makakiwang grupo” Maj Bacarro further appealed, “Andito ang inyong kasundalohan upang ipaglaban ang inyong karapatan at pangasiwaan ang pag-unlad ng inyong kumunidad at sariling kapakanan.” (I am a living testimony of the evils and corruptions of the NPA terrorists because rebel blood runs through my veins. In my youth, I was used by the NPA terrorists until I became a member of the front organization of the youth in college. Sometimes we fall for the sweet promises of the leftist groups. But now, I am wholeheartedly calling everyone to stop listening to the leftist groups.”

Maj. Bacarro further said that “Your true soldiers are here to fight for your rights and will serve as your partners for development."

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Kalinaw News: 13 BIFF rebels surrender to 33IB

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jul 16, 2020): 13 BIFF rebels surrender to 33IB (PRESS RELEASE TASK FORCE BALIK LOOB)

AMPATUAN, Maguindanao – Thirteen (13) rebels of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) who surrendered to 33rd Infantry (Makabayan) Battalion were presented to Colonel Jesus Rico D Atencio, Commander 1st Mechanized Infantry (Maaasahan) Brigade on July 14, 2020 at H33IB, Brgy Zapakan, Radjah Buayan, Maguindanao.

The rebels were members of the BIFF under Karialan Factions operating at the tri-boundary of Brgy Dasawao and Brgy Bakat of Shariff Saydona Mustapha and Brgy Bakat, Radjah Buayan all of Maguindanao.

They brought along with them their high-powered firearms composed of two (2) M14 Rifles, two (2) M79 Grenade Launcher, three (3) Homemade Barrett Rifles, three (3) Rocket Propelled Grenades with three (3) Ammunition, one (1) Thompson and three (3) packs of black powder.

The surrenderees were identified as Nasrudin Mantawil, Field Commander, Anwar Lagasan, Baumol Manalasal, Masmo Manalasal, Abusama Manalasal, Rahib Mangansakan, Ali Saludin Mugawan, Humidi Abdulkadir, Hamdan Dia Kadir, Naem Usman, Omar Sampulna, Samsudin Pasawiln and Mahamad Suhod.

“Sana tuloy-tuloy ang ating pagbabago para sa katahimikan at kaunlaran ng ating lugar sapagkat naniniwala po ang 33IB sa pagtutulungan ng Local Government Unit, kasama ang ating mga kasundaluan at kapulisan ay makakaya natin na gawing mapayapa ang ating lugar”. said Lt.Col. Elmer M Boongaling INF (GSC) PA, Commanding Officer of 33rd Infantry Battalion.Col Jesus Rico D Atencio, Commander of 1st Mechanized Infantry (Maaasahan) Brigade encouraged the other members of the BIFF to return to the folds of law for them to live a peaceful and better life.

“Natutuwa po ako sa suporta ng Local Government Units sa inyong pagbabalik-loob sa pamahalaan, andiyan lagi sila at makakasama natin na tutulong para sa inyong pangkabuhayan”. Col Atencio added.

Present during the activity were Hon. Marop B Ampatuan Mayor of Shariff Aguak, Hon. Yacob L Ampatuan Mayor of Radjah Buayan Hon. Mamanto M Mamantal, Mayor of Sultan Sa Barongis, Mayor of Mamasapano represented by his Executive Secretary Roger Gornez, Ustadz Badrudin Noh, Head of Ustadz Radjah Buayan, Haon Sindatok, Deputy Commander, 105th Base Command, MILF together with his Admin Officer Hadie Abdulmaguid, Ustadz Abie Lipolis of Joint Ceasefire and Monitoring Post (JCMP) and Commander Datu Noran Utto, J2, MILF.

The surrenderees are currently under the custody of 33rd IB for debriefing and proper disposition.

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Kalinaw News: A son of Surigao assumes as New Commander of Fight’Em Brigade

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jul 16, 2020): A son of Surigao assumes as New Commander of Fight’Em Brigade (Press release by Kalinaw News)

PLACER, Surigao del Norte – A full blooded Surigaonon assumed as the new Commander of the 901st Infantry (Fight’Em) Brigade in the traditional change of command ceremony presided by Maj. Gen. Henry A. Robinson PA, Commander 9ID, at H901Bde, Barangay Sta. Cruz, Placer, Surigao del Norte, Wednesday, July 15.

Brig. Gen. Gabriel C Viray III PA, who is set to assume position at the AFP General Headquarters, formally relinquished his post to Col. George L. Banzon INF (MNSA) PA.

901st Infantry Brigade is an organic unit of the 9th Infantry Division based in Bicol Region and currently under the operational control of the 4th Infantry Division based in Cagayan de Oro City.

In his message, Brig. Gen. Viray, expressed his heartfelt thanks to various stakeholders including local government units, government agencies, non-government organizations and private individuals who extended their support and cooperation in achieving the mission and objectives during his stint as brigade commander.

On the other hand, Col. Banzon, the newly installed commander, is a native of Mainit, Surigao del Norte and a member of Philippine Military Academy “Tanglaw Diwa” Class of 1992. Prior to his designation, he was the Chief of Unified Command Staff of the Eastern Mindanao Command based in Panacan, Davao City

He also served as Battalion Commander of the 58th Infantry (Dimalulupig) Battalion covering the province of Misamis Oriental.

In his assumption speech, he said that it is a rare opportunity for him to be assigned and be the highest military commander in his home province.

He further solicited the support and active involvement of his fellow Surigaonon to free Surigao del Norte from the threat of the Communist Terrorist New Peoples Army (CTN).

“Isip isa ka Surigaonon, ako naghangjo na magtinabangay kita. Ato luwason an ato probinsya sa hulga sanan pangilkil nan mga komunistang New Peoples Army (NPA).

Kon ugaling jaoy ijo mga kilaya, o kaha kalumunan na nailad nan mga bakak na pasalig ng mga NPA, ato sila tabangan na mahatagan nan higayon na mabag-o pa an ila mga kinabuhi.”

However, he also gave stern warning for those who will insist to pursue their terroristic agenda that he will not hesitate to use full military might at his disposal to propel the socio-economic and development agenda in the Brigade’s area of operation.

“Pero kon ugaling sila magpabilin mag magahi an balatian, wayay ako lain mahimo kon dili gamiton an pwersa nan militar para mapuo an dugay na nanghasi sanan nangilkil na terroristang NPA dinhi sa ato probinsya”, he added.

Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Robinson congratulated the outgoing commander for a job well-done specifically in its valuable contributions in bringing the unit to its new heights.

He also challenged the new commander to continue and maintain the culture of excellence in both administrative and operational aspects that started by his predecessor.

In addition, the Commander also gave assurance that the 9ID will give its full support by capacitating the unit so that it will become more effective in delivering excellent and quality service to the people of CARAGA.

The 901st Infantry Brigade caters the provinces of Surigao del Norte, Dinagat Island, parts Agusan del Norte, and parts of Surigao del Sur.

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Kalinaw News: Hardship, hunger due to successive encounters force NPA terrorists to surrender

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jul 16, 2020): Hardship, hunger due to successive encounters force NPA terrorists to surrender (PRESS RELEASE TASK FORCE BALIK LOOB)

Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur – Four New People’s Army (NPA) rebels who surrendered to the Philippine Army’s 53rd Infantry (MATAPAT) Battalion (53rd IB) say that they are forced to give up their armed struggle because of hardship and hunger during successive recent encounters with the government forces.

One former rebel said his former comrades in the NPA armed group are facing a grave crisis and are in dire need of food, health care, and rest.

Last Saturday, July 11, 2020, a firefight transpired between troops of 53rd IB and the communist NPA Main Regional Guerilla Unit (MRGU) and HQ “KALAW” of Western Mindanao Regional Party Committee (WMRPC) at the boundary of Sitio Tumanong, Barangay Macasing, and Sitio Lacnapan, Barangay Pange, both in Siayan town, Zamboanga Del Norte.

No casualty was incurred on the government side. The MRGU and HQ “KALAW” of WMRPC yielded high-powered firearms and Improvised explosive device (IED) which were captured by troops of 53rd IB including a 50-caliber Sniper Rifle (Barrett) and 23 rounds of ammunition; Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) and 2 ammo; M16 assault rifle and 4 magazines; improvised shotgun; 2 backpacks and a hammock, medical paraphernalia, subversive documents, and assorted medicines.

An NPA rebel who surrendered was the bearer of RPG. “Had I not surrendered to the Army, I would have died in that firefight still holding my [RPG] weapon,” he said.”I am forever thankful we did the right thing.

If I did not surrender, I would have died without seeing my wife and children,” he added.

On July 10, 2020, less than 24 hours before the firefight in Sitio Lacnapan, a firefight also transpired in Kalawit, Zamboanga Del Norte between the Army’s combined forces of 44th, 42nd, and 97th Infantry Battalions, and the same NPA MRGU and HQ “KALAW” of WMRPC.

Two NPA terrorists were killed during the firefight and two high-powered firearms were recovered.

As the WMRPC lost two battles in less than a day, the NPA rebel who surrendered said his former comrades-in-arms miss their family and are also considering surrendering to the authorities but they fear that they might be killed by the NPAs.

“Many of my former comrades want to surrender, but they are afraid that they might be killed [by the NPAs,” he said.

In a statement, 53rd IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera said the unit will do everything to protect all NPA rebels who will surrender.”Once an NPA surrenders, he or she is now one of us.

We will do everything to protect them and facilitate their benefits under various government programs and initiatives. One of these is the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP),” Lt. Col. Herrera said.

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Kalinaw News: AFP-PNP found NPA’s burial ground in Northern Samar town

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jul 16, 2020): AFP-PNP found NPA’s burial ground in Northern Samar town (Press release by Kalinaw News)

Bobon, Northern Samar–Four human remains were discovered in Sitio Pahibwasan, Brgy. E. Duran, Bobon, Northern Samar, on July 10, 2020 through a composite team operation of the AFP’s 43rd We Search Infantry Battalion together with the PNP personnel from the First Northern Samar Provincial Mobile Force Company, Northern Samar Provincial Crime Laboratory Office (NSPCLO) and Bobon Municipal Police Station.

Said team confirmed from a Former Rebel (FR) the location and identity of one found dead body. Said rebel returnee revealed that sometime in the year 2009, CNT members buried the dead body of Emma Termo, an NPA member, who died during an encounter incident at Brgy. E. Duran, Bobon, Northern Samar.

Body of Emma was found in the said burial ground where the 2009 encounter transpired.It was confirmed that Emma is a resident of Sitio Dawo, Brgy. Macatingog, Oquendo District, Calbayog City.

Furthermore, there were three (3) other human remains and clothing discovered in the same location whom the local residents of the locality identified as Cesar Bantasan, who died of natural death and a certain Menang Nordan and her child, who both died while she was giving birth.

Their skeletal remains and clothing were brought to Northern Samar Provincial Crime Laboratory Office (NSPCLO) for proper documentation and processing while a decent burial has been given to them. Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) did as well an on site investigation.

Moreover, the 43rd IB is currently coordinating with uniformed teams and the rebel returnee regarding the location of another NPA or CNT members who died in Victoria attack and were allegedly buried in Northern Samar.

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Kalinaw News: 1101st Infantry (Gagandilan) Brigade installs New Commander

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jul 16, 2020): 1101st Infantry (Gagandilan) Brigade installs New Commander (Press release by Kalinaw News)

Sulu Province- A Change of Command Ceremony was held on July 12, 2020 at Headquarters, 11th Infantry Division in Jolo, Sulu as a new commander takes over the Gagandilan Brigade.

Brigadier General Antonio G. Nafarrete PA, outgoing Commander, relinquished the command of the Brigade to Colonel Antonio I. Bautista Jr., who assumed the position and all responsibilities that come with his new assignment.

Brigadier General Nafarrete addressed the Officers and personnel who witnessed the event as his stint as Commander comes to a close. “I would like to thank our Commander for the opportunity he gave me to serve the people of Sulu. For the people I worked with, I am very grateful for the support you had given for the overall accomplishment of the unit’s mission,” he said.

Meanwhile, Colonel Antonio I. Bautista Jr., relinquished his post as the Commander of Metro Jolo Inter-Agency Task Group and assumed the position as the Acting Commander of 1101st Infantry Brigade. “It is my great pride and honor to thank our Commander for the opportunity given to serve the people of Sulu again, but to a greater perspective. I will continue to strengthen the foundations that were laid by Brigadier General Nafarrete, and will strive to further perform our best,” he said.

Major General Corleto S. Vinluan Jr PA, Commander of Joint Task Force Sulu and 11th Infantry Division, presided the turnover and imparted his words to the incoming and outgoing Commanders. “I would like to give my snappiest salute to Brigadier General Nafarrete for the contributions he served for the overall accomplishment of the unit’s campaign. To Colonel Bautista, I have given you my trust and confidence installing you with the position that you deserve. Make the utmost effort to cultivate further what Brigadier General Nafarrete had started,” he said.

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Kalinaw News: Dalawang daan at limampu’t tatlong myembro (253) ng Lihim na Organisasyong Masa galit na galit na nagmartsa laban sa CPP-NPA-NDF

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jul 16, 2020): Dalawang daan at limampu’t tatlong myembro (253) ng Lihim na Organisasyong Masa galit na galit na nagmartsa laban sa CPP-NPA-NDF (Press release by Kalinaw News)

ASUNCION, Davao del Norte- Muli na namang ipinakita ng mga dating myembro ng Underground Mass Organization (UGMOs) ang kanilang poot at galit sa CPP-NPA-NDF sa pamamagitan ng pagsasagawa ng isang malaking Peace Rally sa Munisipalidad ng Asuncion na may humigit-kumulang na dalawang daan at limampu’t tatlong myembro (253) sa dalawang (2) barangay ng Napungas at Binancian ng Asuncion, Davao del Norte kasama ang lokal na Pamahalaan ng Asuncion, Davao del Norte ngayong ika-15 ng Hulyo 2020.

Ang layunin ng isinagawang Martsang Pangkapayapaan ng mga dating UGMOs ay para maipakita sa publiko ang kanilang poot at galit sa mga CPP-NPA-NDF at maiwasan ang iba pang mga inosenting mamayan na maging biktima ng mga maling idolohiya at panloloko ng mga ito. Nagpapakita din ito na handa na nilang ibalik muli ang kanilang loob sa gobyerno. Tinagurian na silang mga People’s Organization at bukod pa sa tulong at pagtanggap muli sa kanila ng pamahalaan, binigyan din sila ng pangkabuhayan at bawat myembro ay pinagkalooban din ng tulong pinansyal.

Sa pahayag ni Hon. Eufracio P. Dayaday Jr, MPA, Mun. Mayor, “Handa kami na muli kayong tulungan sa inyong pagbabagong buhay. Maraming mga programa ang naghihintay upang magsilbing pagkunan niyo ng inyong pangkabuhayan. Mayroon ding mga trainings na isasagawa upang mahasa ang inyong mga kakayahan sa pagpapalago ng inyong mga kabuhayan.” Kasunod nito ang pamamahagi ng mga gamot ng medikal team ng 10th ID,PA.

Nagpahayag din ng suporta sina PCpt Joselito Tan, Chief of Police, Ret. Bgen Roberto Domines bilang representative ni Hon. Edwin I Jubahib, Provincial Governor, COL LUIS REX D BERGANTE INF (GSC) PA, Commander, 1001st Brigade at BGEN Maning S Tawantawan AFP, Assistant Division Commander, 10ID, PA

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Kalinaw News: JTG kapayapaan sa katagalugan unseats STRPC in Mindoro

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jul 15, 2020): JTG kapayapaan sa katagalugan unseats STRPC in Mindoro (By Jamaiela Ellaine)

On 13 July, the Joint Task Force Katagalugan (JTFK) thru Joint Task Group Kapayapaan sa Katagalugan (JTG KK) led by BGEN KIT TEOFILO grabbed the purported new HQ of Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee (STRPC) in Mindoro Island by occupying the center of the Guerilla Base in Naswak, Monteclaro, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

Sorties of local and regional officials were flown inside the projected HQ of STRPC Regional Operation Command (ROC) formerly based in CALABARZON, in order to bring the government to the farthest Mangyan villages which has never been reached by the government except for the AFP in the past. The RTF ELCAC brought with them social workers, health workers, agriculturists, and govt technical people led by the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP), to asses the conditions of the isolated IPs through direct engagement and observations. All of these were done while complying to IATF protocols to prevent spread of COVID19.

In 2018 it was reported that the STRPC sought to recover their heavy losses in Mindoro island by moving their ROC and MRGU to the island, in the hope of reinforcing the bèleaguered CPP NPA command. They established a shadow government from amongst the isolated cluster of brgys of Occidental Mindoro and Oriental Mindoro, particularly Sn Jose, Rizal and Bongabong.

With this accomplishment, the AFP is pursuing the defeat of the Communist Terrorist Groups (CTG), The SOLCOM Commander LTGEN ANTONIO G PARLADE JR expressed that
“We cannot allow the CPP NPA to establish a new base anywhere in SOLCOM Area of Operations (AO). We cannot allow terrorists from CALABARZON to sow terror in the island again. Peaceloving Mangyans and Mindoreños dont deserve it. We nip this in the bud”.

It must be recalled that last June, a total of twelve Mangyan NPAs surrendered in brgy Manoot, Rizal Occidental Mindoro following the death of their leader Lorelaine Saligumba. Two of the FRs, who were minors, revealed that they were only asked to fetch water, some were to carry belongings of the NPAs but then were no longer allowed to return to their village for more than 2 years. They were kidnapped, and only because of the death of their leader and relentless government pressure, were they are able to escape. They were aged 15 and 16 when held by the CPP NPAs. Other FRs narrated how their farm animals, or their relatives were threatened to be killed, if they dont join the NPAs.

The AFP intends to hold on to the guerilla base and guerilla zone until the government is able to sustain genuine services and establish legitimate governance, free from CPP intimidation, in order to put a stop to further exploitation of our people by these terrorists.

Towards this goal, the Retooled Community Support Projects (RCSP) Teams this week utilized two helicopters towards Sitio Mantay, Monteclaro, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro with BGEN TEOFILO, COL DOMINGO, and LTC ARBOLADO. The group was joined by the following government agencies: MAO, MEO, Manyan Affairs, MSWDO, and MPDO of San Jose, the PEO, PPDO, NCIP, and PNP.

The government agencies were there to have a meeting, interview and dialogue with the IP about future activities and about concerns on Security, Peace and Order and also about government assistance for their livelihood. Their place, used to be isolated and neglected by the government is now the center of government projects through ELCAC. The NPA took advantage of their isolation and was able build their guerilla base until government forces relentlessly took it back and now the whole government is actively assisting to provide not just physical security but, economic, cultural and food security as well.

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Kalinaw News: 11 Former NPAs receive almost Php 1M Government grant

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jul 15, 2020): 11 Former NPAs receive almost Php 1M Government grant (Press Release by Kalinaw News)

CAMP CAPINPIN, Tanay, Rizal — Eleven former rebels received cheques amounting to Php 86,000 each on Tuesday directly from the head of the government’s Task Force Balik Loob which oversees the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program or E-CLIP.

Undersecretary Reynaldo Mapagu of the Department of National Defense presided over the ceremony which was held after his meeting with CALABARZON’s military officers and DILG officials.

During his interaction with the FRs, USec Mapagu said that “the government’s sincerity and commitment to deliver your E-CLIP benefits will never falter, even in the advent of this deadly Covid-19 pandemic.”

He assured the FRs that “your reintegration to mainstream society will be monitored by the government, particularly your safety as well as those of your families.”

Major General Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr, Commander of the Philippine Army’s 2nd Infantry Division, said that “604 former rebels have already turned over 114 firearms to joint AFP and PNP forces since E-CLIP’s maiden implementation in Luzon and Visayas was held on Aug 14, 2018 at Tanauan City, Batangas.”

He explained that out of the total number of surrenders, 144 surfaced this year, 109 of whom came from Region 4A while the remaining 35 were from Mindoro Provinces. These returnees surrendered 25 firearms to the government’s security forces.

“All in all, around Php16.262 million worth of grants have been distributed to our former rebels” added Maj Gen Burgos while saying that “that figure will further increase once the enrolment process of the other FRs are completed.”

He assured “the former rebels under our care, and those who will decide to give up the armed struggle in the coming days, will be assisted by our troops in claiming their benefits, ensuring their safety and promoting their well-being as they rejoin our society as responsible and productive Filipinos.”

Maj Gen Burgos ended his statement by expressing optimism that “more terrorists will surrender in the coming days because of the prevailing demoralisation across their ranks as well as the lingering fear in their minds brought about by the recent signing of the Anti-Terrorism Act.”

He has earlier indicated that additional ground, air and naval assets have been deployed in his area of operations as part of the military’s final push to decimate the NPA terrorists who have suffered unprecedented losses in Southern Tagalog in recent history.

Under E-CLIP, qualified former rebels can avail up to Php 700,000 worth of government grants which they can use to start in living peaceful lives after turning their backs from the underground movement.

Kalinaw News: NPA Purge executioner in Leyte arrested

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jul 15, 2020): NPA Purge executioner in Leyte arrested (Press Release by Kalinaw News)

INOPACAN, LEYTE – Armed with an arrest warrant, operatives of Joint Task Force “TANDAYA,” a recently organized AFP-PNP Task Force covering the provinces of Biliran, Leyte and Southern Leyte, netted Felomino D Salazar Jr., with aliases Jun Salazar, Lino Salazar and Celso – EXECOM member of the CPP-NPA Southern Leyte Front – in Brgy Tinago, Inopacan, Leyte on July 14, 2020.
The Warrant of Arrest was issued by Branch 32, Regional Trial Court of the National Capital Judicial Region for fifteen (15) counts of Murder committed during the infamous CPP-NPA purging activities in the late 1980’s dubbed as “Operation Anti-Venereal Disease”
Felomino D Salazar Jr was then part of the dreaded CPP-NPA Intel Group whose main task during the implementation of the “Operation Anti-Venereal Disease” was to identify, arrest, investigate and execute suspected government informants within their organization.
His former comrades who had already returned to the folds of the law tagged him as “Taga-ihaw” or executioner of the victims of the NPA purging directed by the CPP Central Committee purposely to cleanse its ranks of suspected government agents.
802nd Infantry Brigade Commander Col Oliveros congratulated the members of the Joint Task Force who arrested Felomino Salazar Jr and said that “the accomplishment was a major breakthrough for JTF “TANDAYA” since its creation on July 3, 2020.”
During his arrest, Salazar said “Nagsurender na ako kay mayor,” and that he was expecting for his arrest, “pero wala akong regrets dahil proud ako na nagserbisyo sa bayan sa ilalim ng kilusan.”
Salazar was immediately brought to CIDG Station in Ormoc City for documentation and to undergo the proper booking procedure. Meanwhile, his wife Gregoria Salazar, who is allegedly a former member of the “Task Force Detainee of the Philippines” mentioned that she will hire a lawyer for her husband’s defense.

Kalinaw News: ISIS sub-leader surrenders to Military

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jul 15, 2020): ISIS sub-leader surrenders to Military (PRESS RELEASE TASK FORCE BALIK LOOB)

Marawi City — A DI-Maute Group member surrendered to 103rd Infantry (Haribon) Brigade, morning of July 14, 2020 at Hqs 103Bde, Kampo Ranao, Marawi City.

Abdullah Lumzed Arumpac @ Afghan who was a sub-leader of the Dawlah Islamiyah-Maute Group led by late Abdullah Maute, voluntarily surrendered to Col Jose Maria R Cuerpo II, Commander, 103Bde, 1ID, PA bringing along with him one (1) Colt Automatic Rifle 15 Caliber 5.56mm M16A1 rifle with one (1) magazine and 20 rounds live ammunitions.

Afghan was involved in numerous terroristic activities in Lanao del Sur province that include encounters against military troops at Barangay Sandab, Butig sometime on 2015 and in Barangay Ragayan, Poona Bayabao, Lanao del Sur, sometimes on 2017 where he suffered gunshot wound in his lower right abdomen while three (3) of his members died during the said encounter. Likewise, said surrenderee was also involved in the planning of the devastating Marawi Siege which claimed thousand of lives and millions worth of properties.

Afghan Quote “I realized that the best option for me is to return to the folds of the law and sought the help of the Local Government Unit of Lumbatan led by Mayor Allan Lao”.

Colonel Cuerpo, said “I am grateful that he chose to return to the folds of the law to help in the peace and development of the area. I am hoping that this surrender would encourage other terrorist member to follow. The government is always ready to help Former Rebel to return to their normal lives”.

The military and the LGUs of Lanao del Sur will continue to work hand in hand to facilitate surrender of LTGs in order to achieve genuine peace in the province.

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