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PH Army pays tribute to ‘fallen heroes’ in fight to stop 2013 MNLF siege of Zambo City

 From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Sep 28, 2020): PH Army pays tribute to ‘fallen heroes’ in fight to stop 2013 MNLF siege of Zambo City (By: Frances Mangosing)

‘ONE OF THE UGLIEST ARMED CONFLICTS IN THE PHILIPPINES.’ The Philippine Army looks back at the 19-day Zamboanga City siege, which ended seven years ago today, Sept. 28. OACPA

MANILA, Philippines—The Philippine Army on Monday (Sept. 28) paid tribute to soldiers who gave up their lives to thwart an operation by a faction of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) to take over Zamboanga City in 2013.

“Years have passed since the bloodshed but the Philippine Army still honors and will forever remember the fortitude of our fallen heroes in Zamboanga,” the Army said in a tribute.

“Without their courage and sacrifice, the success of the operation would have been unattainable,” it said.

The siege of ZamboangaCity by MNLF men and the military operation to prevent the terrorists from establishing a Moro state in Zamboanga lasted 19 days and left more than 300 dead and hundreds of thousands of residents homeless. The Army described it as one of the “ugliest armed conflicts in the Philippines.”

It started on Sept. 9, 2013, when at least 200 members of the MNLF landed in Zamboanga City and started taking hostages, triggering a gun battle with government forces. Twenty-five government forces, 12 civilians, and more than 200 MNLF fighters had been killed. It ended on Sept. 28, seven years ago today.

Thousands of houses were destroyed and more than 100,000 people had been displaced.

“Our soldiers fought hard during the crisis and some of them paid the ultimate sacrifice. But we cannot deny that in this battle, the hardest hit were the civilians,” the Army said.

The Army cited 1Lt Francis Damian, who was shot dead during close-quarter battle on Sept. 23, 2013.

The Army tribute said Damian was supposed to be on a 10-day academic break after he graduated from Basic Airborne Course. “Instead he volunteered to be deployed in Zamboanga to fight alongside his men,” the Army said.


CPP/CIO: The subterfuge behind Duterte’s anti-corruption noise

Propaganda article posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Sep 29, 2020): The subterfuge behind Duterte’s anti-corruption noise


SEPTEMBER 29, 2020

In recent days, Duterte has been harping on corruption, even claiming to have offered to resign because supposedly his cabinet officials have failed to stop corruption in their agencies. Specifically, Duterte has been publicly complaining of red-tape which applicants have to contend with in setting-up a business in the Philippines.

Like so many of his public pronouncements, this publicity is again mere show. It is a subterfuge to conceal widespread corruption under his regime. The din of Duterte’s anti-corruption is matched only by the monstrous scale of bribery, kickbacks and diversion of funds committed by Duterte himself and his minions.

His recent noise over his rush “to remove red-tape in six months” is part of the frenzied efforts of the Duterte clique to speed-up accumulation of more funds to bankroll its power perpetuation scheme and build its election kitty for 2022.

By removing these business requirements, Duterte and his minions can set up large numbers of fly-by-night corporations to serve as dummies to partner with Chinese corporations and serve as conduits of Chinese kickbacks in China-bankrolled infrastructure projects.

Corruption by Duterte and his minions has worsened during the Covid-19 pandemic. There is the purchase of the overpriced medical and protective equipment that is estimated to have cost the people at least P1 billion. Officials, including Duterte’s favorite Health Sec. Francisco Duque, in connivance with some unscrupulous health-care companies, have defrauded the Philhealth Corp. not less than P15 billion in the form of ghost reimbursements.

On top of all these, Duterte himself diverted as much as P10-billion of the social subsidy funds allotted to the Department of Social Work and Development (DSWD). The DSWD itself revealed that it was ordered by Malacañang to reduce the number of beneficiaries by up to 6 million in order to distribute those funds to Duterte’s “list.”

We call on the Filipino people to reject and expose Duterte’s anti-corruption rhetoric and intensify their condemnation of the corruption of the Duterte regime. We call on all citizens who have intimate knowledge of the corrupt insides of the regime to come out and stand by the Filipino people and reveal the details of the regime’s bureaucratic criminal operations.


CPP/NDF-Negros Island: Justice for Bernardo Guillen! Stop Killing Farmers!

Propaganda article posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Sep 29, 2020): Justice for Bernardo Guillen! Stop Killing Farmers!


SEPTEMBER 29, 2020

Duterte’s war against the people gets bloodier and dirtier each day.

Bernardo Guillen, a farmer in his 50s from Brgy. Tan-awan, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, was found decapitated and already decomposing. His death makes the peasant death toll under the Duterte regime rise to 275.

Bernardo Guillen was cultivating their farm when a unit of the Mt. Cansermon Command – New People’s Army and the composite team of the 94th Infantry Batallion and 15th Infantry Batallion under the 302nd Brigade of the Philippine Army exchanged firefight. He immediately gathered his family to seek refuge. Upon reaching their house, members of the Philippine Army was already at their house telling them to evacuate. While on their way to the evacuation site, he went back to his house despite the opposition of his wife. His wife and children made it to the evacuation site but Bernardo Guillen never came back to them. After the encounter, his family went home but Bernardo Guillen never returned home. His family, with the help of the barangay tanod, went looking for him but to no avail. Nine days later and he was seen in a ravine near the encounter site, with his detached head placed near his decomposing body.

There is no one to blame but the Duterte regime and his fascist dogs on the incessant and merciless attacks on civilians. The barbaric murder of Bernardo Guillen is the latest crime by the bloodthirsty butchers of the fascist regime.

Bernardo Guillen is the third victim of mutilation for this year alone. Last February 28, Ka Rido of the Leonardo Panaligan Command was captured and killed after an armed encounter in Sitio Agpapataw, Brgy. Binobohan, Guihulngan City. When elements of the 94th IB released his dead body to his family, his fingers were cut off and bruises was evident all over his body. Another victim, Reken Remasog, 21 years old, of Brgy. Luz, Guihulngan City, sufferred from heavy beating and broken legs before he was shot dead. He was captured after a successful tactical offensive by the Leonardo Panaligan Commad in Sitio Tabago, Brgy. Sandayao, Guihulngan City. The military then paraded his as an NPA casualty.

Only the rabid dogs of Duterte can execute such merciless, brutal and barbaric killings. The NDF-Negros reiterates that such act is prohibited under the Geneva Conventions. Protocol I and II guarantees for civilians and persons hors de combat. Mutilation constitutes a war crime in both international and non-international armed conflicts under the Statute of the International Criminal Court.

The series of attacks on civilians perpetrated by the AFP and PNP only shows that it is in the nature of the fascist mercenaries to retaliate against innocent civilians following their frustration and failure of chasing the NPA. They are emboldened by state policies such as the Memorandum Order 32, Executive Order 70, and the Anti-Terror Act of 2020 which practically made Negros the regime’s “killling fields”.

We are one with the people of Negros in the demand for the tyrant Duterte and his armed cohorts to stop targeting and attacking civilians. We will continue to seek for justice for all victims of state-sponsored killings. It is then imperative for the people to link arms and resist the fascist Duterte regime. ###


CPP/NDF-Negros Island: Kolektibo nga tapuson kag dugmukon ang paantus kag tiraniko nga paghari sang US-Duterte nga rehimen!

Propaganda article posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Sep 29, 2020): Kolektibo nga tapuson kag dugmukon ang paantus kag tiraniko nga paghari sang US-Duterte nga rehimen!


SEPTEMBER 29, 2020

Nagapakita nga wala sang kapasidad ang rehimen US-Duterte nga dumalahan ang pungsod. Sa pinakabag-o nga survey nga ginpaguha sang Social Weather Station (SWS), nakarekord ang Pilipinas sang 7.3 milyon nga Pilipino nga naga-eksperyensya sang tuman nga gutom sa nag-agi nga tatlo ka bulan.

Indi ini malipod bangud sa malapnagon nga mga protesta kag pagbuyagyag sang malapad nga hanay sang masang pigos nga nagademanda sang ayuda kag bulig sa reaksyunaryo nga gobyerno. Pamatu-od man diri ang ginhiwat nga inisyatiba kag protesta sang sektor sang mga drayber sang dyip diri sa Bacolod upod sa hanay sang mga imol nga taga-syudad sang nag-agi nga semana sa atubang sang daan nga city hall sang syudad nga nagapakalimos sa lokal nga panguluhan agud magpanawagan sang makamasa nga serbisyo kag ayuda.

Makabig na nga “record breaker” ang reaksyunaryo nga gobyerno ni Duterte halin sa pinakalawig nga militarista nga lockdown sini sa bilog nga Asya, sa tuman ka taas nga utang sini sa diin naglab-ot na sa masobra P9 trilyon, pinakamataas nga datos sa wala sang trabaho nga nagrekord na sa 27.3 milyon ka Pilipino kag wala tupong sa ka bangis kag berdugo sa diin indi magnubo sa 30,000 ka pumuluyo ang ginpamatay kag biktima sang EJK sa iya madinugu-on nga gyera kontra-pumuluyo nga ginalunsar.

Nagalaragway lamang ini sa inutil, pabaya, palpak kag pasista nga tikang sang tiraniko nga rehimen indi lang sa pagsabat sa problema nga dala sang pangkalibutanon nga Covid-19 pandemya kundi pati na sa nagalala nga kondisyon sosyo-ekonomiko sang pungsod dala sang pangkalibutanon nga krisis sang kapitalismo.

May pandemya man ukon wala, indi mapunggan ang pagtaas sang numero sang mga pamilya nga Pilipino nga imol kag ginagutom bangod nagapabilin nga atrasado ang ekonomiya bunga sang kawad-on sang matuod nga reporma sa duta, wala sang kaugalingon nga industriya, nagapadayon ang eksport nga oryentasyon kag nagasandig sa pag-import kag lubong sa tuman ka dako nga utang ang pungsod.

Ginhublasan sang pandemya ang kawad-on sang ikasarang sang paantus nga rehimen Duterte nga magdihon sang komprehensibo nga tikang sa pagsabat sini. Dugang nga naga-igod sa malala nga gutom kag kapigaduhon ang pumuluyo ilabi na nga nagalala ang kontra-pumuluyo nga mga patakaran nga ginapatuman sang rehimen US-Duterte sa pungsod, wala-kabulusgan nga korapsyon kag pagbulsa sang pondo halin sa kaban sang pumuluyo kag traidor nga pagsungka kag pagbaligya sang kinatamarung, rekurso kag soberanya sang pungsod sang iya mga imperyalista nga amo.

Dugang pa, kabutigan lang ang pahayag sini nga magresign sa pagkapresidente sa tunga sang indi matapna nga korapsyon sa idalum sang iya panggobyerno bangod pagpaniplang lamang ini agud kuha-on ang simpatiya sang pumuluyo.

Ginahangkat sang NDF-Negros ang rehimen Duterte nga tumanon ang ginhambal sini nga magbuya na siya sa iya posisyon. Dapat niya ini nga buhaton indi lang bangod sang iya pagka-inutil apang bangod tuman na nga naga-antus ang pumuluyo sa iya pagpabaya, korap, traidor kag berdugo nga paghari sa pungsod.

Subongman, nagapanawagan ang NDF-Negros sa tanan nga rebolusyonaryo nga pwersa kag bug-os nga pumuluyo nga kolektibo kag ubos-kusog nga maghimakas agud mapataas ang halintang sang makatarunganon nga pungsodnon demokratiko nga rebolusyon agud mapabayad kag mapalayas ang paantus, kawatan kag tiraniko nga rehimen US-Duterte sa poder kag agud maangkon ang hustisya para sa malapad nga pumuluyo.###


CPP/NDF-Ilocos: NDF-Ilocos: Marcos is NOT A HERO anywhere!

Propaganda article posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Sep 29, 2020): NDF-Ilocos: Marcos is NOT A HERO anywhere!


SEPTEMBER 29, 2020

Oppose the Marcoses’ bid for higher positions and expose their crimes against the Ilocano people!

The best person to help perpetuate a blatant lie is a barefaced unapologetic liar himself. With the help of another tyrant-dictator Rodrigo Duterte, the Marcos clan persistently upholds the myth of Ferdinand Marcos’ heroism. While some parts of the nation outside Ilocos might believe that the whole region considers him a hero, the truth is that there is a growing number of individuals and organizations that considers this as grave an insult as does the rest of the country. For the National Democratic Front – Ilocos and the organizations and groups under it, Marcos is a daylight thief and berdugo for the masses – even in Ilocos region, wrongly perceived as his stronghold and yet where his Martial Law atrocities also prevailed. Worse, it is where the Marcos family continues to plague the people with severe economic burdens and political repression.

Marcos, Never A Hero Anywhere

While using infrastructure and institutions to deodorize the name of his father who collaborated with Japanese forces, the Marcos dictatorship commits illegal arrests and incidents of torture in the Ilocos Norte municipalities of Vintar, Dumalneg, Solsona, Marcos and Piddig. Three members of indigenous tribes from Pallas Valley and eight farmers from Bangui were summarily executed. Even the association of Martial Law victims in Ilocos Norte reported that at least two extrajudicial killings took place there when Bongbong Marcos was governor of Ilocos Norte from 1983 to 1986 and military rule was in place nationwide.

Their greed for profit and influence is currently concentrated in the Ilocos region. In January 2019, Imee Marcos had the temerity to claim that poverty incidence dropped under her governance as if she had no role in aggravating it with her plunder of tobacco excise fund that should have benefitted 37,000 impoverished tobacco farmers in Ilocos. In 2017, her office instead used it to purchase motor vehicles which was then distributed among selected local government units, some of which do not even have local tobacco production. The 110 motor vehicles were overpriced by Php21.45 million, amounted to Php66.45 million and was managed by Imee’s domestic partner Mark Chua.

It was also used to heavily pad Imee’s pet project, Programang Ikauunlad ng Mamamayan, Ekonomya at Ekolohiya, in 2011 (Php57.5 million) and in 2013 (Php78.6 million and another Php78 million). The plundered millions could and should have helped improve the agricultural sector through the irrigation of around 27,000 hectares in the region or the purchase of tractor machines for each agricultural barangay in Ilocos. Imee and the rest of her family is bleeding the Ilocano people dry not just through corruption but also through low tobacco selling prices and lack of land to till.

A True Hero Is A Hero For The People

Local corruption and human rights abuses were and are still so prevalent that a number of persons hailing from the Ilocos provinces chose to be part of a nationwide campaign against the Marcoses’ bid for a national position. The constant grab for power and the never-ending exploitation of the masses explains very well why the opposition against the rule of the Marcos family is steadily gaining ground. The illusion of a solid Ilocandia behind the Marcoses was false during the Martial Law period and especially so today that their family has been exposed, tried and found guilty by international courts.

The real heroes are those who serve the people. When Diego and Gabriela Silang took it upon themselves to lead a local uprising against the abusive Spaniards, that was heroism. When Father Gregorio Aglipay abandoned the comfort and safety of the cloth to take up arms against the attacking American troops, that was heroism.

The most effective heroes are those who take part in the national democratic struggle. They are so effective that state agents are hell-bent to silence them to the very breath. But when fascist mercenaries violently snuff the life out of members of the revolutionary army, New People’s Army (NPA), it only serves to stoke the revolutionary fire in the Ilocos region. Their heroism lives forever in the minds and hearts of the people they served.

Duterte and his ilk are not fooling anyone when they assigned September 11 as a day for the people of Ilocos to celebrate Ferdinand Marcos’ heroism. Rather, it is a day to force the normalization of dictatorship and tyranny. It is a step closer to a formally declared Martial Law as opposed to the de facto one already in place.

But the people can still overcome Duterte’s intensified militaristic rule. Only through armed struggle and organization of people into cells and chapters will progressive and revolutionary forces reinforce ranks and commit to united action. The general public must be taught that there is a people’s army that takes their side, especially of the impoverished farmers and fisher folk in the countryside. Wherever there are large groups of individuals experiencing a common form of exploitation and abuse, there should be a militant organization that will not waver in the face of armed conflict. These extraordinary times require organizers, propagandists and mass leaders to exert utmost creativity and determination in order to accomplish the necessary ideological, political and organizational requirements. These are challenging but not impossible tasks and the national democratic organization has proven time and again, that with the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, it will take this task to hear and pass with red banner flying high. ###


CPP/NPA-Mindoro: Matatagumpay na taktikal na opensiba ng NPA-Mindoro laban sa AFP-PNP, sagot sa Martial Law ng rehimeng Duterte sa panahon ng pandemya!

Propaganda article posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Sep 29, 2020): Matatagumpay na taktikal na opensiba ng NPA-Mindoro laban sa AFP-PNP, sagot sa Martial Law ng rehimeng Duterte sa panahon ng pandemya!


SEPTEMBER 29, 2020

Matagumpay na inambus ng isang yunit ng Lucio de Guzman Command – New People’s Army-Mindoro ang    nakasakay na pwersa ng 403rd Regional Mobile Force Battalion ng Philippine National Police MIMAROPA (403rd RMFB-PNP-MIMAROPA) sa kahabaan ng national highway sa sityo Mabajo, Barangay Sta Teresita, Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro. Sugatan ang dalawang tropa ng RMFB sa ambus. Sinunog ng mga Pulang mandirigma ang sasakyang iniwanan ng mga nagtakbuhang RMFB. Naganap ang matagumpay na ambus bandang 11:35 hanggang 12:00 ng umaga ngayong araw ng Lunes, ika-28 ng Setyembre.

Kasabay ng ambus, matagumpay na naisagawa ang operasyong haras ng isang tim ng mga Pulang mandirigma sa kampo ng 403rd RMFB sa Brgy. Cabalwa, ng bayan ng Mansalay.

Nauna pa rito, matagumpay na naisagawa ang dalawang magkasunod na operasyong isnayp laban sa mga mga pwersang RCSPO ng 203rd Infantry Brigade sa Sityo Mantay, Brgy. Monteclaro, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro noong Setyembre 16 at 22 ng buwang ito. Nagdulot ng minimum na dalawang kaswalti ang operasyon ng NPA laban sa mga pwersa ng 4th IBPA.

Ang mga operasyong ito ng LDGC-NPA-Mindoro ay pagbibigay ng rebolusyonaryong hustisya sa mga mamamayang biktima ng kaapihan, karahasan, panggigipit at paglabag sa karapatang pantao    ng pasistang pwersa ng 203rd Brigade at PNP-MIMAROPA.

Ang mga yunit sa ilalim ng 203rd Brigade at PNP-MIMAROPA ang mga mersenaryong pwersang ginagamit ng pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte sa inilulunsad na mararahas na operasyong militar laban sa rebolusyonaryong pwersa at mamamayan sa isla ng Mindoro.

Kahit sa panahon ng pandemya, hindi naglubay bagkus ay higit pang suminsin at tumindi ang mga operasyong kombat ng AFP-PNP sa mga komunidad ng mga katutubo, magsasaka at mangingisda sa isla ng Mindoro. Ilampung mga komunidad ang sinaklaw sa buong isla. Nagresulta ang mga ito sa maraming kaso ng    pambobomba sa mga komunidad at sakahan, pagpatay sa mga sibilyan, pekeng pagpapasuko, pambubugbog, pandarahas, panggigipit, pagpapalayas sa mga lupa’t sakahan, pandarahas sa mga bata at kababaihan at iligal na pang-aaresto at detensyon sa daan-daang katutubo, magsasaka, kababaihan at bata sa isla ng Mindoro.

Sa panahon ng paglaban ng sambayanan sa pandemya, ang mga pwersa ng 203rd Brigade at PNP-MIMAROPA ang isa sa pagunahing tagapagpakalat ng nakamamatay na virus na Covid-19 sa isla ng Mindoro. Habang mahigpit na ipinatutupad ang militaristang lockdown laban sa mga Mindoreño, walang lubay ang AFP-PNP sa pag-ooperasyon sa mga komunidad, paglabag sa kanilang patakaran at pekeng pagpapasuko. Daan-daang mamamayan ang kanilang inaresto at ikinulong sa mga simpleng paglabag sa militaristang lockdown.

Sa bayan ng Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro pinahihiga sa kabaong ang sinumang mahuhuling hindi sumusunod sa curfew at pagbabawal sa pagbibiyahe. Talamak na talamak ang pangongotong ng mga pwersang RMFB at pulis sa mga magsasakang magbibiyahe ng kanilang produktong bukid sa bawat dadaanang checkpoint.

Kahit pamamahagi ng relief goods sa panahon ng pandemya ay ginagamit para sa kampanyang pagpapasuko. Sa Oriental Mindoro, pinupwersa ng mga pasistang sundalo ang mga magsasaka’t katutubo na pumunta sa kampo upang makuha ang kakarampot na bigas at pagkain kasabay ng interogasyon at pamimilit na sumuko bilang tagasuporta ng BHB.

Tampok ring kaso ng sapilitang pagpapasuko ang ginawa sa daan-daang Buhid-Mangyan, kasama na ang ilang menor de edad, sa mga bayan ng Bongabong, San Jose, Mansalay, Magsaysay at Rizal. Pinasuko sila ng AFP-PNP-PTF-ELCAC at dineklarang mga kasapi ng NPA. Sapilitan nilang inokupa ang mga komunidad ng mga katutubo sa ilampung sityo. Iligal nilang inaresto at inimbestigahan ang mga Mangyan at pinaratangan silang mga kasapi ng NPA. Ilan sa mga ito ay mga batang kanilang tinakot at sapilitang pinaamin bilang mga myembro ng NPA. Ginagawa nila ito sa tabing ng mga pekeng proyektong pangkabuhayan at pangkomunidad para diumano’y paunlarin ang atrasadong komunidad ng mga katutubo.

Sa RCSPO sa Brgy. Monteclaro, San Jose, tinipon ang 800 Buhid-Mangyan at sapilitang inirehistro sa Philippine Statistics Authority. Tinakot ang mga katutubo na kung hindi sila nakarehistro ay kasingkahulugan ito ng pagiging kasapi ng BHB.

Tampok din ang ginawang pambobomba ng eroplanong pandigmang FA50 sa komunidad at sakahan ng mga katutubo sa Socorro, Oriental Mindoro noong Mayo 31. Dahil dito, ilandaang pamilyang katutubo at magsasaka ang lumikas sa mga apektadong barangay at komunidad.

Naging biktima ng pamamaslang o extra-judicial killing ng 203rd Brigade sina Jay-ar Mercado habang walang awang pinaslang ang sibilyang si Mark Ederson Valencia sa mga bayan ng Bulalacao at Socorro, Oriental Mindoro.

Walang habas ang pandarahas ng mga operasyong militar para hawanin ang daan sa pagpasok ng malakihang dayuhang pagmimina tulad ng Intex upang dambungin ang yamang mineral ng isla. Pagbubukas ng mga minahan ang isa sa solusyon ng rehimeng US-Duterte para diumano’y makabawi ang ekonomya ng bansa sa pagbagsak dulot ng militaristang lockdown. Ito ngayon ang nasa likod ng hibang na pangarap ng 203rd Brigade at PNP-MIMAROPA na lipulin ang NPA at takutin ang paglaban ng mga Mindoreño.

Dagdag pa, ang sunod-sunod na taktikal na opensiba ng LDGC-NPA-Mindoro ay tugon at pagsuporta nito sa pakikibaka ng sambayanang Pilipino laban sa Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA), nakakainsultong pagdeklara bilang National Holiday sa kaarawan ng diktador, tuta at mamamatay-taong si Marcos, at mga EJK at panggigipit laban sa mga katunggali sa pulitika, kritiko, progresibo, rebolusyonaryo at simpleng mga sibilyang napaghinalaang adik ng ipinagbabawal na gamot at pagkitil sa kalayaan sa pamamahayag. Pagsuporta ito ng LDGC-NPA-Mindoro sa pakikibakang bayan para ibagsak ang rehimeng US-Duterte bilang numero unong kaaway ng sambayanang Pilipino sa kasalukuyan.

Iniaalay namin ang matagumpay na opensiba sa mga kasamang nag-alay ng kanilang kaisa-isang buhay habang ipinagtatanggol at pinaglilingkuran ang pambansa-demokratikong interes ng sambayanang Pilipino tulad ni kasamang Justine “Pia” Vargas na pinaslang ng AFP-PNP sa Brgy. Gapasan, Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro nitong ika-14 ng Setyembre.

Makakaasa ang mamamayan na hindi titigil ang NPA na tupdin ang sagradong tungkulin nitong ipagtanggol at ipaglaban ang pambansa-demokratikong interes at kagalingan ng sambayanang Pilipino. Anuman ang hirap at sakripisyong dadanasin sa paglaban sa tiranikong paghahari ng rehimeng US-Duterte, magpapatuloy ang NPA sa pagtatanggol sa sambayanang Pilipino.

Digmang Bayan, Sagot sa Martial Law ni Duterte!

Mabuhay ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan!

Mabuhay ang Pambansa-Demokratikong Prente ng Pilipinas!

Mabuhay ang Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas!

Mabuhay ang Rebolusyong Pilipino!


Kalinaw News: People’s peace covenant in Indanan Sulu: forging peace with the people

Posted to Kalinaw News (Sep 29, 2020): People’s peace covenant in Indanan Sulu: forging peace with the people

Indanan Sulu- The people of Indanan, Sulu expressed their support to attaining peace in their community through a Peace covenant signing together with the various sectors of the government at Barangay Pasil, Indanan, Sulu on September 29, 2020.

Provincial and municipal leaders together with the high-ranking officials of security sectors and other relevant agencies graced the significant event wth the people of Indanan in the earnest desire for peace. The Governor of Sulu, Abdusakur M. Tan in his speech highlighted that unity will make everyone win the battle against terrorism.

Unlike other peace covenants, this event was initiated by the local people of Indanan as an expression of their sincere desire to achieve lasting peace. The pesence of Abu Sayyaf in the municipality keeps on decreasing because of the support given by the community. In nearby Patikul Town where a peace covenant was also held, ordinary people was the key to pinpointing the location of the Abu Sayyaff Group heeding their end of the covenant to secure their place.

A few days back, a civilian tip led to the death of ASG Sub group leader Arsibar Sawadjaan and another Indonesian Terrorist. “Our participation here today in People’s Peace Covenant Signing is a manifestation is our sincere support effort in the municipality of Indanan”, Lieutenant General Corleto S Vinluan, Commander of Western Mindanao Command, ponited out during his message.

Lt Gen Vinluan also underscored the coming of one Army Engineering Battalion in Sulu to support the different projects for the Tausugs as the efforts of the AFP are slowly being shifted towards infrastructure development. With this great strides it is now becoming clear that in Sulu, Peace is possible.

[Kalinaw News is the official online source of information on the pursuit for peace in the Philippines This website is a property of the Civil-Military Operations Regiment, Philippine Army located at Lawton Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Contact us: kalinawnews@cmoregiment.com]


Kalinaw News: NPA struggling, three regional unit members surrender

Posted to Kalinaw News (Sep 29, 2020): NPA struggling, three regional unit members surrender

IMPASUGONG, BUKIDNON. September 29- Three (3) Communist New People’s Army Terrorists (CNTs) regional unit members surrender to the 8th Infantry “Dependable” Battalion (8IB) on September 15 and 23, 2020.

The said surrenderees were identified as @Bahoy, Political Guide, Squad (Sqd) 1; @ Neil, Team Leader, Team Baking, Sqd 2 both of Platoon (Pltn) 3; and @Angelo, Company Medic all under Headquarters Force (HQF) Neo, North Central Mindanao Regional Command (NCMRC).

Surrenderees revealed that they can no longer endure extreme hunger and their unceasing operations. @Angelo expressed his grievances to the struggling armed group. He said, “Wala’y suplay sa pagkaon, mas kapoy nga operasyon ang hinungdan nga ako nagluya ug ni desisyon nga mosurender.” (No food supplies, tiresome and weary operation made me weak and decide to surrender.)

“Klaro nga timailhan nga ang mga CNT nag-atubang sa seryoso nga problema sa paningkamot nga giisip na ang mga miyembro sa regional nga grupo gahinay-hinay na nga misurender,” said LTC Edgardo V Talaroc Jr, Commanding Officer of 8IB. (It is a clear indication that the CNTs are facing serious armed struggle considering that its regional unit members are gradually surrendering.)

The three surrenderees are now in custody of the 8IB while processing the benefits they can receive from the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program.

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Kalinaw News: Experimental “Big Brother” concept kicks-off at 91st Infantry Battalion

Posted to Kalinaw News (Sep 29, 2020): Experimental “Big Brother” concept kicks-off at 91st Infantry Battalion

BALER, Aurora-A new proposed strategy is now being adopted in developing the planning capability of the 1st Aurora Ready Reserve Infantry Battalion Philippine Army kicks-off at the headquarters of 91st Infantry “Sinagtala” Battalion, 7th Infantry (Kaugnay) Division, Philippine Army in order to be equipped in the real world of an Infantry is strengthen starting on Saturday (September 26, 2020).

LTC REANDREW P. RUBIO (GSC) PA, commanding officer of 91st IB said that the “big brother concept” opening ceremony formally started on Saturday regarding the actual role of the big brother concept in molding Reservist into a real infantry of the Philippine Army.

The move is to enhance the cooperation and coordination between the active military and Philippine Army Reservist.

This is also to familiarize actually the operational procedures and roles of the Battalion Commanders, Executive Officer and key staffs in the office and in the fields.

“The role of a big brother in molding his younger siblings is critical in the development of our attitude and behavior. It produces a strong fraternity among brothers that cultivates positive relationship and support,” according to COL BENJAMIN L HAO, PA, Assistant Division Commander for Reservist and Retirees Affairs wherein the said concept is also the proposed strategy to be adopted in developing the planning capability of the Ready Reserve Infantry Battalions (RRIBn) in 7ID.

Based on consultations and meetings conducted by the Office of the Division Reservist and Retiree Affairs to the different reservist units in August of 2020, it was found out that the command and control (C2s) of the RRIBns were not given appropriate trainings to conduct basic military planning procedures and not even empowered to plan for their own unit development.

Almost all officers assigned in the C2s of the RRIBns have no training on their given positions. According to the RCDGs and CDCs consulted, they were selected by a special committee from the members of the RRIBns and RRIBde based on their personality, experience, and current position in the civilian sector.

The RCDGs will then process the approval of the selections made before issuing their assignment orders.

After assigning them to their respective position, there is no training program given to them to improve their respective functions.

On empowerment, it was found out that all plans and programs of the RRIBns are done by the Community Defense Centers (CDCs). When asked if they want to develop their own plans, the members of the C2s said that they only rely on what the CDC director asked them to do.

Developing the capability of the RRIBns’ C2 to conduct battel staff planning is part of the concept of “mirroring” the Army reserve force with the Army regular forces. It simply states that what the regulars can do must be the same as what the reservists can do also.

Considering the identified gaps, 7ID can complement this capability development effort in many ways. It can provide field trainings for the members of the RRIBns’ C2s such as observation tours and even the conduct of on-the-job-trainings at our regular infantry battalion headquarters.

Empowering the C2s of the RRIBns is supposedly an implied task that has not been practiced for a so long time. Doing this empowerment is a critical initiative that has a lot of opportunities for development if properly managed. Once the C2s are trained to conduct basic military planning, they can also be prepared to plan for their own unit development. This will most probably lead to a 360-degree turnaround in developing our Army reserve forces, i.e., the role in developing the reserve force is not only given on the shoulders of the regular force but also on them.

The “big brother” concept comes in the picture by assigning a regular unit to act as ‘big brother’ to a reserve unit.

As ‘big brother’, it will become his responsibility to guide and mentor the reserve unit in understanding better how the Army operates, particularly in the infantry battalion level.

Since the concept is still considered under experiment, only one RRIBn per RCDG shall be involved in the process.

and, develop respective staff plans and products for their respective units.

The ‘big brother’ experiment shall be conducted from September 2020 to December 2020. For the 1RCDG and the 702nd Brigade, they shall facilitate the concept in Ilocos Sur province particularly to the 102nd RRIBn and the 81st Infantry Battalion respectively.

While for the 3RCDG and the 703rd Brigade, they will commit the 307th RRIBn and 91IB in this province.

The result of the experiment shall be the basis in the future complementary programs of the Command in support to the development of the reserve forces in 7th Infantry “Kaugnay” Division.

“Big Brother Concept is part of the guidance of 7ID, PA through ADCRRA in order to train and capacitate our reservists for them to effectively and efficiently perform their respective duties and responsibilities in support to the mission of 91IB, 7ID, PA. It will also enhance the capability of our reservists in the conduct of admin and operational activities,” LTC RUBIO said.

LTC RUBIO commended the participants as he explained that the training is necessary to hone the reservist’s skills, explaining that the training is the best morale that the Army can give to the troops, as it would help enhance their expertise and attitudes in conducting non-traditional and traditional activities inside and outside the camp.

Captain Renan Cyngin P. Roldan said during the unit briefing that part of the Operations is mandated to give support to AFP Triad (Combat Operations, Intelligence and Civil Military Operations) in discharging its duties to the public against insurgency.

2nd lieutenant Jevie Saragao, assistant operation officer of the 91st IB led the presentation of Big Brother Concept and an open forum was conducted to clarify issues and concerns of the reservists.

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PAF holds graduation ceremony Basic Citizen Military Training (BCMT) class 2020 in Aurora

Posted to Kalinaw News (Sep 29, 2020): PAF holds graduation ceremony Basic Citizen Military Training (BCMT) class 2020 in Aurora

BALER, Aurora-The 1st graduation ceremony of Philippine Air Force (PAF) Basic Citizen Military Training (BCMT) class 2020 composed of 57 reservists from the towns of Baler and San Luis in Aurora was successfully conducted on Sunday (September 27, 2020) at Baler Sports Complex, Barangay Suklayin, here with COLONEL JESSIE A BANASTAO PAF (GSC), chief of command staff, Air Force Reserve Command as guest of honor and speaker.

He said that the reservist undergone training with commitment, dedication and devotion to serve the country and to protect the people.

“Despite the challenge that we are facing brought about by Covid-19 as well as in adopting the new normal way of doing things, our reservists persevered and did not waver their desire to acquire knowledge and skills on basic soldiery,” COLONEL BANASTAO said.

He also congratulated the members of the BCMT class 2020 for successfully hurdling their pre-entry training.

“Today’s activity marks another milestone in the history of air force reserve command because today, we are welcoming the 57 strong newly graduates of BCMT 2020 Aurora, to the ranks of the reserve force of the PAF. All of you were already given your respective ranks and assigned to 2nd Air Force Wing Reserve with 2nd ARCEN as your mobilization Center, hence your journey as a reservist will starts today. With profound pleasure, I welcome you all to the PAF,” COLONEL BANASTAO said.

He urged the newly graduates to uphold and internalize the PAF core values of integrity, service above self, teamwork, excellence and professionalism, and coupled this with the virtue of “Diwa, Galing at Malasakit” as championed by their commanding General PAF, LTGEN ALLEN PAREDES, as this is the country and people expect from them.

“Let us all wear the military uniform proudly and carry ourselves with the highest standards of the men and women of the PAF and the Armed Forces of the Philippines in general. I am confident that all of you will add value to the PAF,” COLONEL BANASTAO said.

He also reminded the reservists in a way to serve and as a base for expansion in the event of war, invasion, rebellion, disasters or calamities; and to assist in socio-economic development efforts of the government.

“I enjoined everyone to remain steadfast in your commitment to serve our country ad people by actively participating in civil military operations, environmental protection, humanitarian assistance and disaster response and other activities that will help our country battle this Covid-19 pandemic. Let us bring support the unified commands objectives, being the force employer and us as force provider and multiplier in their efforts to end local communist armed conflict in order to build a culture of peace and ready for development localities,” he said, encouraging the newly reservists personnel to continue hone their knowledge and skills in active duty training (ADT) and unit active duty training (UADT) performing their duties and responsibilities by exerting more efforts as part of the reserve force.

PAF 1st Lieutenant Augustus Mexico O. Absin, Executive Officer of 2nd Air Reserve Center said that the objective of the 45-day training was attained.

“We provided them online education through google classroom in military customs and tradition, disaster and peacetime roles, reservist affairs administration, counter insurgency operation, major services indoctrination, some practical marksmanship firing, weapons training and combat tactics such as immediate action drills, field training exercise and obstacle course,” he said.

Meanwhile, the PAF reservists also conducted 3-day obstacle course, firing familiarization and field training exercises at 91st Infantry (Sinagtala) Battalion, Philippine Army at Barangay Calabuanan, Baler, Aurora.

LTC REANDREW P RUBIO, (GSC) PA, commanding officer of 91st IB welcomed said that those volunteers who were just graduated from Basic Citizen Military Training conducted by the 2nd Air Reserve Center, Air Reserve Command are considered as force multipliers in the Province of Aurora.

“They are ready to serve the country in support to socio-economic programs, humanitarian assistance and peace and development efforts to end local terrorist armed conflict,” LTC RUBIO said.

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Kalinaw News: Three NPA members killed, firearms captured in Masbate clash (Graphic Photo)

Posted to Kalinaw News (Sep 29, 2020): Three NPA members killed, firearms captured in Masbate clash

CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur-Three members of the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) were killed in an armed encounter that ensued between the government law enforcers and communist NPA terrorists (CNTs) in Mandaon, Masbate at around 5:35 in the morning, Monday, September 28.

According to the report, joint elements of 2nd Infantry Battalion (2IB) and PNP were serving a warrant of arrest to a CTG member identified as Jomar Tugbo AKA Alden in Sitio Kaunlaran, Barangay Alas of the said town when they were fired upon by at least 20 CNTs prompting the troops to retaliate.

After a fierce gunfight, CTG members scurried towards different directions leaving their dead comrades behind.

Also captured from the encounter site were two shotguns, one garand rifle, one carbine, anti-personnel mine and terrorist propaganda materials.

No one was harmed in the government side.

MGEN HENRY A ROBINSON JR PA, Commander of Joint Task Force Bicolandia (JTFB), directed the troops to strengthen the security measures being laid down in the area and hunt down the fleeing terrorists.

MGen. Robinson also lauded the troops for relentlessly pursuing the CTG by conducting extensive operations.

“We are once again warning these communist terrorists, if you wish to make a difference and be of help to the society, return to the folds of the law right now or else, you will only lose your lives. With the effective synergy of efforts among the security sector, the government agencies and the Bicolanos, you will never win this fight. Ayaw naman natin na nakakakita ng mga kapwa natin Pilipino na namamatay pero hindi rin natin pwedeng konsentihin ang karahasan at terorismong inihahasik ng teroristang grupong ito. Thus, we in the JTF Bicolandia will continue our extensive military operations against the CTG and at the same time intensify our call for them to choose the path of peace,” MGen. Robinson added.

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Kalinaw News: Army official denounces killing of former rebel by NPA in Samar (Graphic Photos)

Posted to Kalinaw News (Sep 29, 2020): Army official denounces killing of former rebel by NPA in Samar

CAMP VICENTE LUKBAN, Catbalogan, Samar – Major General Pio Q. Dinoso, III, the 8th Infantry Division Commander, denounced the NPA for killing one of their former comrades who returned to the folds of law.

He said that the government forces will do everything in order to give justice to former New People’s Army (NPA) rebel who was mercilessly killed by their comrades.

“We will make the Communist NPA Terrorists (CNTs) and their supporters accountable for the actions of their members who deprived their former NPA members to live peacefully with their loved ones,” said Major General Diñoso.

He also calling on the Commission on Human Rights and self-declared human rights advocates like Karapatan Eastern Visayas chapter to condemn and take action for the lives of the victims who were mercilessly murdered.

This year about 5 former rebels were abducted and murdered while many civilians were victims of their enormity.

The condemnation came after a former rebel who surrendered to the government was brutally killed by Communist NPA Terrorists (CNTs) in Barangay Nagpapacao, Matuguinao, Samar, morning of September 28.

The victim was identified as Carlos B Diaz, 50 years old, who was shot several times on his head and different parts of his body by 8 CNTs while he was working at his farm in Barangay Nagpapacao, Matuguinao, Samar around 7:30 Monday morning.

The Commanding Officer of 19th Infantry Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Jasper Justito M Pecson said that Diaz has been living peacefully with his family as a farmer after he surrendered last August 2018 when he was attacked.

“The New People’s Army is doing atrocities in order to instill fear among their former members and supporters and even kill people in the communities who contradict their propaganda,” Pecson said.

“Terrorist groups like the CNTs usually take advantage of the youth and locals who are living in isolated and depressed areas are highly vulnerable to false ideologies. But as the victims realize that they are just being used for the benefit of the communist organization, these rebel members and supporters can no longer get out of the group. Instead of allowing their comrades to enjoy peace and new life with their families, the Communist-NPA torture and brutally murder them, leaving them with no choice but to stay in the terrorist organization,” Pecson added.

[Kalinaw News is the official online source of information on the pursuit for peace in the Philippines This website is a property of the Civil-Military Operations Regiment, Philippine Army located at Lawton Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Contact us: kalinawnews@cmoregiment.com]


PH intel chief a regular sharer of fake information on Facebook

From Rappler (Sep 30. 2020): PH intel chief a regular sharer of fake information on Facebook (By RAMBO TALABONG)

National Intelligence Coordinating Agency chief Alex Monteagudo regularly shares photos and memes with fake information on his Facebook page

The top intelligence official of the Philippines regularly shares false and fake information on his Facebook page, raising concerns about the ethics and standards of intelligence-gathering in the country.

During the budget hearing of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) at the House of Representatives, Kabataan Representative Sarah Elago grilled the agency over posts made by its chief, Director General (DG) Alex Monteagudo.

For around 30 minutes, Elago grilled Muntinlupa Representative Ruffy Biazon, who sponsored the budget bill for the NICA, over Monteagudo sharing photos that spread false information on his Facebook page, which he admitted was his.

ENGAGING IN POLITICS. NICA chief Alex Monteagudo shares a Facebook post tagging opposition lawmakers as terrorists and calling for their ouster. Rappler screenshot

Monteagudo defended himself by saying that the posts he made and shared were for NICA officials and operatives' consumption. The posts, however, were set to be viewable by the public.

Most of the posts involved tagging lawmakers of the Makabayan bloc as "communist-terrorists," with their photos edited to include Communist Party of the Philippines founder Joma Sison.

Rappler scrolled through Monteagudo's Facebook feed and found at least a dozen posts with false, fabricated, and baseless claims between September 1 and September 28 alone.

TERROR-TAGGING. Monteagudo shares on his timeline photos made by questionable Facebook pages. Rappler screenshot

Another post he shared claimed without basis that the killing of Anakpawis chairman Randall "Randy" Echanis was the result of a "purge" after being involved in a "policy disagreement" with communists.

Another post edited a photo of Bayan Secretary-General Renato Reyes with the word "BEWARE" below him, then tagging him as a "communist terrorist provocateur."

BEWARE. Monteagudo posts an edited photo of Bayan Secretary-General Renato Reyes that tagged him as a terrorist. Rappler screenshot

Elago asked if Monteagudo knew the operators behind the Facebook pages that he shared the false information from. Monteagudo, through Biazon, said that he did not.

"Shouldn't the NICA DG be more responsible? Since he is the DG of the premiere intelligence agency of the government?" Elago said.

BASELESS. NICA chief Monteagudo shares this post about slain Anakpawis chair Randy Echanis. Rappler screenshot

One of Monteagudo's posts that tagged Elago as a "communist terrorist recruiter" garnered a thousand shares.

Biazon closed the issue by saying that if Monteagudo committed any violations, he should be made accountable.

Elago said they will file a case against him through the National Bureau of Investigation.


Farmer allegedly beheaded in Negros Occidental

 From Rappler (Sep 29, 2020): Farmer allegedly beheaded in Negros Occidental (By MARCHEL P. ESPINA)

But the Philippine Army debunks the claim that the body recovered was decapitated

A farmer was allegedly beheaded near the site where a recent encounter happened between government forces and rebels at Barangay Tan-awan in Kabankalan City in this province.

Clarizza Singson, secretary-general of Karapatan Negros Island, said that Bernardo Guillen, 50, went missing on September 17, and that they searched for him.

Singson said they found Guillen's decapitated body 9 days days later, on September 26.

She said that Guillen was reportedly taken by the Philippine Army on September 17 following the encounter, according to his family members.

Guillen was the father of Bernard Guillen, one of the “Mabinay 6” who was arrested in 2016 and was presently detained in Dumaguete City.

“We call on the Commission on Human Rights for an independent and thorough investigation in the said killing. We also challenge the local government to address this senseless killing and gross human rights violations happening in the communities of farmers victimized by intensified military operations,” Singson said.

'Karapatan statement is a lie'

Meanwhile, Captain Cenon Pancito, spokesman of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division based in Capiz province, said that the statement of Karapatan was a lie and “fake news.”

Pancito said there was an encounter in the area on September 17, but no cadaver was recovered, only guns and other belongings.

He said on September 26, they received a report that a body was found at the side of the ravine.

The military went to the area with the police and representatives of the barangay to the recover the body, he said.

He said that the body was not beheaded when it was recovered by the authorities, but it was already in an advanced state of decomposition.

The body was buried immediately and was not autopsied as requested by Guillen's family.

The military spokesman also clarified that Guillen was not forcibly taken inside his house, as claimed by Karapatan.

He said that Guillen's wife claimed that her husband went out to check the area after hearing the gunfire.

Pancito said they could not establish if Guillen was caught in the crossfire or if he could have fallen into the ravine.

He added they have yet to see the report of the police.

Meanwhile, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Negros said in a statement that during the firefight, Guillen was tending their farm lot and immediately gathered his family to seek refuge.

“Upon reaching their house, members of the Philippine Army were already at their house telling them to evacuate. While on their way to the evacuation site, he went back to his house despite the opposition of his wife. His wife and children made it to the evacuation site but Bernardo Guillen never came back to them,” the group said.


Closed Facebook page 'Hands Off Our Children PH' is resurrected via renaming

From Rappler (Sep 29, 2020): Closed Facebook page 'Hands Off Our Children PH' is resurrected via renaming (By Gelo Gonzales)

A day after the Facebook takedowns, 'Hands Off Our Children PH' returns after a page created in 2018 with currently 7,000 followers is renamed

“Hands Off Our Children PH,” perhaps the most controversial Facebook page in the latest takedowns for coordinated inauthentic behavior, has found new life after a page called “Always Victorious” was renamed on Wednesday, September 23.

"Always Victorious" was originally created on Facebook May 16, 2018 before being renamed “Hands Off Our Children PH” on Wednesday last week, just a day after the September 22 Facebook takedown.

The "Hands Off Our Children PH" page that was taken down was part of a network of accounts run by members of the AFP and PNP, according to Facebook.

Members of the military and President Duterte have denounced the removal of what they say is a legitimate advocacy page. Southern Luzon Command chief Lieutenant General Antonio Parlade Jr. said over the weekend that the "Hands Off Our Children" page is only meant to educate parents and their children about communist groups, and that Facebook's takedown of the page counts as suppression of the truth.

Removals are not because of what a page posts but because of behaviors such as a page being run by users misrepresenting themselves through the use of fake accounts.

Specifically, Facebook said the network violated its policy "against foreign or government interference which is coordinated inauthentic behavior on behalf of a foreign or government entity" and had links to the Philippine military or Philippine police.

The page formerly known as “Always Victorious” has since posted anti-communism videos and photos, specifically how leftist groups are supposedly targeting and recruiting children.

Below is a screenshot of the renamed page:


The page also has an inspirational post from another page called Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club from July 21, 2018:


Aside from the Bo Sanchez post, there are no other posts prior to its September 23 renaming that would provide any indication as to what type of content the page used to publish.

Since its days as “Always Victorious,” the page had amassed about 7,000 likes and 11,000 followers.

There are also two other known pages with the name Hands Off Our Children PH, each with less than a thousand followers. One has about 630 followers since being created on August 30, 2019, while the other has about 850 followers since its creation on May 20, 2020.

Historically, there have been pages in the past that amassed followers by posing as a fan page for celebrities or as a non-political interest page before switching to a new page name with different content. In July, Bea Alonzo also said that unknown buyers had wanted to buy her fan pages.


1 killed, 1 injured in PMA barracks shooting

From Rappler (Sep 29, 2020): 1 killed, 1 injured in PMA barracks shooting (By RAMBO TALABONG)

A rifle-toting soldier shoots down another inside the Philippine Military Academy

A shooting at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) barracks on Tuesday afternoon, September 29, left one dead and two soldiers injured.

In a statement, the PMA said the shooting transpired at around 4:50 pm, when an "Air Force Airman Second Class went amuck and fired indiscriminately in their barracks."

According to the report of the Baguio City police, the shooting incident involved shooter Airman 2nd Class Christopher Lim of the Philippine Air Force, who carried an M16 rifle into the B-1022 EP barracks of the PMA.

At the second floor of the building, Lim shot Staff Sergeants Joefrey Turqueza and Vivencio Raton. Turqueza died, while Raton was injured as he engaged in a scuffle with Lim.

Both Lim and Raton were injured from the fight and brought to a nearby hospital, while Turqueza was declared dead on the spot.

It is unclear what motivated Lim to shoot his colleagues.

"Investigation is still ongoing. The PMA is committed to an impartial investigation in order to shed light on the said incident," the PMA said in its statement.


Arrested rebel faces arson charges

From the Visayan Daily Star (Sep 29, 2020): Arrested rebel faces arson charges

A suspected member of the New People’s Army, who is facing arson charges, was apprehended yesterday by combined police and Army troops in Brgy. Mabini, Escalante City, Negros Occidental by virtue of an arrest warrant issued by San Carlos Regional Trial Court Judge Kathrine Go.

Brig. Gen. Rene Pamuspusan, regional police director of Western Visayas, said yesterday that Dandy Jimenez, alias Dondon, who is a member of the Northern Negros Front under the supervision of the Komiteng Rehiyonal-Negros/Cebu/Bohol/Siquijor, has been tagged to be among the rebel suspects in the burning of a transloading facility of the Victorias Milling Company in Brgy. San Jose, Toboso, in 2009.

Pamuspusan said that burning of private properties or facilities is a signature move of the CPP-NPA to extort money from the business owners.

Jimenez, who is a resident of Brgy. San Jose, Toboso, was turned over by his captors, composed of 1st Negros Occidental Provincial Mobile Force Company, Regional Mobile Force Battalion 6 and 79th Infantry Battalion, to the Escalante City Police Station.

Pamuspusan lauded the operating troops for the arrest of Jimenez.


Suspects in Roxas Night Market blast convicted; terrorism charges dropped

 From MindaNews (Sep 29, 2020): Suspects in Roxas Night Market blast convicted; terrorism charges dropped (By ANTONIO L. COLINA IV)

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 29 Sep) – Seven members of the Islamic State-linked Maute Group and three other persons, who remained at large, were convicted of murder after the Regional Trial Court of Taguig found them guilty of perpetrating the deadly September 2, 2016 Roxas Night Market bombing, which killed 15 persons and wounded 69 others.

Commemorating the Roxas Night Market bombing. MindaNews file photo by MANMAN DEJETO

RTC Branch 266 presiding judge Marivic C. Vitor, in her decision released on Monday, convicted TJ Tagabaya Macabalang, Wendel Apostol Facturan, Musali Urbano Mustapha, Jessy Vincent Guinto Original, Zack Haron Lopez, Jackson Mangulumas Usi, and Ausa Abdullah Mamasapano, and ordered the arrest of the three others who are still at large.

All seven accused were transferred from the City Jail in Maa, Davao City to Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan, Taguig City in February 2018 after the Supreme Court approved the requests of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology-Davao, City Peace and Order Council, City Prosecutor’s Office and Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana for the transfer of detention and venue of trial for the “high-risk inmates.”

The court ordered them to suffer the penalty of imprisonment of reclusion perpetua and pay the families of the deceased victims P350,000 each and the injured victims with P150,000 each in total damages.

But the court dropped the charges of terrorism under the Human Security Act of 9372, also known as the “Human Security Act of 2007,” for failure of the prosecution to prove their guilt by establishing that the accused were motivated by the desire to coerce the government to give in to an unlawful demand.

“The prosecution failed to prove with clear and convincing evidence that the bombing was performed because the President is from Davao City and that it was done to compel the government to reduce the military forces in Basilan who, at that time, was fighting the Abu Sayyaf Group,” the judge said.

In a statement, Acting Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte said the city government welcomes the conviction of the accused but expressed dismay over the dismissal of terrorism charges against them.

“And given the many lives lost because of the bomb attack – and given its impact on Davao City and its people – we respectfully express our dismay as we point out that this positive development is somehow tarnished by the absence of a strong law against terrorism. Although the perpetrators were convicted as murderers, they would have been convicted as terro4rists as well – if only the Philippines has a good anti-terror law,” he added.

While the verdict underscores the delivery of justice, Duterte said the kind of justice for the victims of the terror attack would have been even more meaningful not only to their families but also to the peace-loving Dabawenyos if only the Philippines has a good anti-terror law.

“Four years after the grisly attack, we continue to mourn with the families of the victims and the survivors. Day in and day out, these families are constantly reminded of the horror brought by the bomb explosion to their lives. While Davao City has epitomized unity, resilience, and strength to stand tall, strong, and victorious in the face of adversities and difficult challenges, the terror attack has clearly jolted us,” he said.

He added that the decision underlines the urgency to enforce strong laws against people and groups that espouse terrorism.

Last July 3, Republic Act 11479 or the “Anti-Terrorism Act” was signed into law, which repealed the Human Security Act of 2007.

“The Local Government of Davao would like to express its gratitude to the survivors and the families of the fatalities for persistently pursuing the case against the perpetrators despite the many challenges. You were dauntless in your pursuit of justice and your courage was truly inspiring. While we claim this as our victory, we should never let our guard down,” Duterte said.

He added that the terror attack must push the Dabawenyos to embrace the culture of security. (Antonio L. Colina IV / MindaNews)


TESDA, Army facilitate skills training to IPs of Zapanta Valley in AgNor

From the Philippine Information Agency (Sep 29, 2020): TESDA, Army facilitate skills training to IPs of Zapanta Valley in AgNor (By 29th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army)

KITCHARAO, Agusan del Norte, Sept. 29 -- The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in Agusan del Norte in partnership with the 29th Infantry (Matatag Fighters) Battalion (29IB), Philippine Army recently facilitated a five-day skills training on haircut and manicure/pedicure, which was held at So. Zapanta Valley Multipurpose Hall, Brgy. Bangayan, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte.

Thirteen trainees participated in the haircut training and 27 in the manicure and pedicure training. The training was conducted by the TESDA representative Marlito L. Castro, Technical Vocational Trainer. The activity ended with satisfactory results and the absence of accidents. This training will be the means for the 40 participants to gain useful skills which can help them earn extra income.

According to Lt. Col. Isagani O. Criste, Commanding Officer of 29IB, “It is well to remember what the late Benjamin Franklin said- ‘an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.' I know the reason why the government has been continuously showering our people with support and skills training such as this is that it believes that these programs would not just make them qualify for future work but will also be the means to a far better future for their family."

"Thus, let us work together to support our government and never allow the Communist NPA terrorists (CNTs) to take control of our lives and our community,” he added. (Capt. Miguel O. Borromeo, Jr., CMO Officer, 29IB, 4ID, PA/PIA Agusan del Norte)


88IB, 4ID, PA receives corn seeds assistance from DA NorMin

From the Philippine Information Agency (Sep 29, 2020): 88IB, 4ID, PA receives corn seeds assistance from DA NorMin (By DA-10)

DALWANGAN, Bukidnon, Sept. 29 (PIA)--The Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Office (DA-RFO)-10 handed over 90 bags of Open Pollinated Variety (OPV) white corn seeds worth P135,000 to the 88th Infantry Batallion, 4ID, Philippine Army, September 17.

Captain Norven Jay A. Garcia said the assistance will support the development of the agricultural sector and will help reduce poverty in response to the country's peace agenda.

The assistance received will boost corn production, as it can be planted to 90 hectares, in the municipality of Quezon, Bukidnon.

The turnover was headed by DA-10 Regional Executive Director Carlene C. Collado and assisted by Regional Technical Director Carlota S. Madriaga and Bukidnon Vice Governor Rogelio Quino.


Silago MTF-ELCAC leads Serbisyo Caravan, grand pulong-pulong for 3 upland barangays

From the Philippine Information Agency (Sep 29, 2020): Silago MTF-ELCAC leads Serbisyo Caravan, grand pulong-pulong for 3 upland barangays (By Marcelo Pedalino)

BRGY. CATMON, Silago, Southern Leyte, Sept. 28 (PIA) -- The Municipal Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (MTF-ELCAC) spearheaded a gathering of various government agencies in this remote village, delivering basic health services, then listening and responding to issues the people raised.

The convergence effort held on Friday, Sept. 25 was called “Serbisyo Caravan and Grand Pulong-Pulong,” and it was participated by several national line agencies like TESDA, DOLE, DTI, BFAR, DOST, PCA, DENR, DA, PhilFIDA, NICA, DILG, DOH, representatives from the academe, and PIA.

Also present were officials and heads of offices of Silago LGU headed by Mayor Pacita Almine, chair of the MTF-ELCAC, and provincial offices such as the Provincial Agriculture Services Office (PAgSO) and the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Management Office (PENRMO).

Elements of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Philippine Army were also around, the former headed by PLt. Col Paulito Sabulao of the PNP’s community affairs unit, and the latter led by BGen. Zosimo Oliveros, commander, 802nd Brigade, and Lt. Col. Roberto Obaob, commanding officer, 14IB, 8ID.

People from the neighboring barangays of Imelda and Katipunan, and the host barangay of Catmon, along with their respective officials, availed of the free medical consultation with free medicines, dental, tooth extraction services, tuli or circumcision, the rites to manhood of young children, and free haircut for the young and old.

During the dialogue, questions aired by leaders of the youth, women, and farmers’ organizations in the three barangays mostly centered on more opportunities for livelihood, skills training, small irrigation project, and higher market price for swine.

In response, DOLE shared updates on upcoming livelihood with the Bayanihan 2 law, TESDA announced upcoming courses on electrical installation and farm field school, while provincial agriculture personnel vowed to coordinate with a regional or provincial buyer for higher price of live pigs, and to help follow-up a resolution for a water-impounding project.

In her closing remarks, Mayor Pacita Almine thanked the various agencies for their swift action in her call for assistance, especially in “bringing the government closer to the people in the three barangays.”

She also thanked all the people “for coming here, for your cooperation and support, and for believing in our government.” (ldl/mmp/PIA-Southern Leyte)


Hiligaynon News: Mangunguma, pumoluyo nagapamatok sa CPP-NPA-NDF

From the Philippine Information Agency (Sep 29, 2020): Hiligaynon News: Mangunguma, pumoluyo nagapamatok sa CPP-NPA-NDF (By Lorenzo O. Lambatin, Jr.) 

NEGROS OCCIDENTAL, Septyembre 29 (PIA)—Ang mga mangunguma kag iban pa nga mga katapo sang gobyerno ang sining karon lang nag kondenar sa mga kalakasan kag pagpatalang sang nga katapo sang Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) kag ila man ini gin deklarar nga "Persona Non Grata."

Ang Philippine Army, Philippine National Police kag mga opisyales sang barangay nag hiwat sang oath of allegiance sa gobyerno kag nag sunog sang bandera sang mga NPA sa Brgy. Pilar, banwa sang Hinigaran, pahayag ni Captain Kelvin Bayaban, Civil Military Officer sang 303rd Infantry Brigade, Philippine Army.

Suno sa iya, nagpanguna si Punong Barangay Benjamin Yulo sang Brgy. Pilar sa “Pagsumpa Para sa Kalinong” kag ginsundan ini sang “ Panumpa Para sa katutom sa Republika Nang Pilipinas” sa pagpanguna ni 62nd Infantry Battalion Commander Lt. Colonel Melvin Flores.

Samtang, si Pastora Hope Biasca sang Trinity Baptist Church nagpanguna sa pagsindi sang kandila kag pangamuyo nga matapos na ang kalakasan nga gina-buhat sang mga komunista.

Sa iya nga mensahe, gipahayag ni Hinigaran mayor Jose Nadie Arceo nga ang kahimtangan sang mga pumoluyo wala sang pag uswag kon gina-sakdag sang katawhan ang mga hilikuton sang mga terorista.

Ang ini nga programa gin pangunahan nanday 303rd Infantry Brigade Commander Colonel Inocencio Pasaporte, Negros Occidental Provincial Police Office Director Colonel Romy Palgue kag sang mga nag-ka lain- lain nga representante sang local, probinsyal kag nasyonal nga panguluhan.

“Naga isa kami upod sang iban nga mga ahensya sang pamahalaan sa paghatag serbisyo sa inyo. Buligi ang inyo gobyerno kag pamatukan ang mga NPA kag iya sini nga mga kaupod. Hindi sila pagtuguti nga manipulahon kamo kay sa ulihi ila gub-on ang inyo pangabuhi, pahayag ni Colonel Inocencio Pasaporte.” (Lljr/PIA6 Negros Occidental )


Ex-rebels, supporters venture into organic gardening

From the Philippine Information Agency (Sep 29, 2020): Ex-rebels, supporters venture into organic gardening (By Alex Lumaque)

ROXAS CITY, Capiz, Sept. 29 (PIA) – All the 51 former rebels and supporters in Barangay Putian in Cuartero town have pledged to develop and sustain the Community Organic Vegetable (COVeg) farm of the government.

The project was launched by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)-Capiz Provincial Office, Sept. 25, in collaboration with other concerned government agencies
as a contribution to the beneficiaries’ transformation into a new and peaceful life.

“This is in response to the call of President Rodrigo Duterte on the Whole-of-Nation Approach to End Local Communist Armed Conflict,” said TESDA provincial director Engr. Abdel Hajan, adding that the initiative aims to bring change towards the development of communities.

The convergence project highlighted the “Capiz PRLEC Serbisyo Caravan” that was participated in by at least 13 national government agencies that also pitched in their respective services and programs to the insurgency – cleared as well ready for development barangay.

PRLEC is Poverty Reduction, Livelihood and Employment Cluster (PRLEC) and is among the 12 clusters of the Task Force- ELCAC from the national, regional, provincial and municipal levels in view of the President's Executive Order No. 70.

TESDA will also train some of the beneficiaries on Organic Agriculture Production as well as on Carpentry and Masonry in preparation for the native chicken production livelihood project that will also be given to the COVeg farm beneficiaries.

During the program, Capiz Governor Esteban Evan Contreras committed to support to ELCAC - related activities in the province as it initially pledged on the needed logistical support for the native chicken production project.

Other PRLEC – member agencies to include the Department of the Interior and Local Government, Department of Agriculture, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Agrarian Reform, Philippine Coconut Authority, Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office and National Intelligence Coordinating Agency had also provided support to the project.

The Capiz Police Provincial Office of the Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines have also been instrumental, thru its Community Support Program activities, in making Putian and adjacent barangays, namely, San Antonio, Mahunodhunod and Carataya, ready for development by clearing it from the influence of the New People’s Army Communist Terrorist Group rebels.

A pledge of commitment was also signed by the PRLEC members as well as the Capiz provincial and Cuartero municipal governments as a manifestation of the government’s sincerity in helping the former rebels start a new and productive life.

Philippine Information Agency - 6 Acting Regional Head and Regional Task Force on ELCAC Strategic Communications chair Jemin B. Guillermo also encouraged the former rebels and sympathizers to participate in governance to further improve their quality of life.

“We will never know what you need if you will not tell us,” she stressed. (JBG/AAL/PIA Capiz)


Cops, Army nab rebel wanted for arson

From the Philippine Information Agency (Sep 29, 2020): Cops, Army nab rebel wanted for arson (By Jemin B. Guillermo)

ILOILO CITY, Sept. 29 (PIA) -- Combined forces of the Philippine National Police and Philippine Army successfully arrested a member of the Communist-Terrorist Group for the crime of arson.

The combined elements of the 1st Negros Occidental Provincial Mobile Force Company, Escalante City Police Station, Toboso Municipal Station, Regional Mobile Force Battalion 6, and Philippine Army's 79th Infantry Battalion and Military Intelligence Battalion nabbed Dandy C. Jimenez alias “Don-don” on Sept. 28 at Brgy. Mabini, Escalante City, Negros Occidental.

Jimenez is 39 years old, married and a resident of San Jose, Toboso, Negros Occidental.

The arrested person has a standing warrant of arrest issued by Honorable Judge Katherine A. Go dated February 2, 2009 for violation of Presidential Decree No. 1613 (Amending the Law of Arson).

In a press release from the Police Regional Office 6 Regional Public Information Office, PRO 6 Director Police Brigadier General Rene P Pamuspusan said that Jimenez is a member of Northern Negros Front, Kilusang Rehiyon-Negros Cebu/Bohol/Siquijor, CPP-NPA-NDF (KR-NCBS) operating in the 1st district of Negros Occidental.

According to reports, Jimenez is one of the suspects in the burning of the transloading facility of the Victorias Milling Corporation in Barangay San Jose, Toboso, Negros Occidental sometime in 2009.

Burning of properties or facilities of local businesses is a signature move of the CPP-NPA to extort money from the business owners, the media release said.

Jimenez is presently under the custody of Toboso Municipal Police Station and is scheduled to be turned over to the court concerned.

Pamuspusan recognized the operating team for the successful manhunt operation against the subject local terrorist.

“In line with the program of the government to end local communist armed conflict, one of our priorities is the arrest of CPP-NPA personalities wanted for crimes,” Pamuspusan said.

He added “But as I have stated earlier, we encourage them (CPP-NPA members) to surrender instead, so they could enjoy the benefits from the government and start living peacefully with their families.” (PIA6/PCol.JJMalong/PRO6-RPIO)


5ID's intensified CSP resulted to voluntarily surrender of 3 MB members in Quirino

From the Philippine Information Agency (Sep 29, 2020): 5ID's intensified CSP resulted to voluntarily surrender of 3 MB members in Quirino (By 5TH Infantry Division, Philippine Army)

GAMU, Isabela, Sept. 29 (PIA) - - -The series of intensified Community Support Program held at Barangay Sangbay, Nagtipunan, Quirino resulted into the withdrawal of support of three Militia ng Bayan (MB) members on Kilusang Larangang Guerilla-Quirino-Nueva Vizcaya (KLG-Q-NV).

The three MB members who voluntarily surrendered to the troops of 86th Infantry (Highlander) Battalion, 5th Infantry (STAR) Division, Philippine Army in the province of Quirino on September 27. (5ID photo)

The three MB members voluntarily surrendered to the troops of 86th Infantry (Highlander) Battalion, 5th Infantry (STAR) Division, Philippine Army in the province of Quirino on September 27.

Through the CSP conducted by the 86IB together with the line agencies in the Whole-of-the-Nation Approach, the residents particularly the supporters of the said group learned the way of deception and fraud of the KLG-Q-NV on their target victims that made them decide to return to the folds of law and trust the true form of government.

Lt. Col. Ali A Alejo, commanding officer, 86IB said that, “their voluntary surrender is contributing to the degradation of KLG-Q-NV which is already in the brink of collapse due to the successive surrender of their members. Also, this manifests the effective implementation of the Provincial and Municipal Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (PTF-ELCAC) that displays a spirit of oneness of all government units and agencies towards peaceful and prosperous community.”

For his part, BGen Laurence E Mina PA, commander, 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army said that, the voluntary surrender of the three MBs signify the effectiveness of the effort of the government on the campaign against insurgency in the Areas of Responsibility of 5ID.

“Your Philippine Army will not stop in doing our mandated task to end local communist armed conflict in the Cagayan Valley and Cordillera Administrative Region. We are always ready to serve, protect and save the people who was deceived by the elements of the Communist Terrorist Groups,” Mina added.

BGen Mina also acknowledged the efforts and services rendered by the different line agencies and local government units in attaining peace and order. (MDCT/PIA-2)


Nagtipunan resident surrenders M16 riffle to 86IB thru CSP

From the Philippine Information Agency (Sep 29, 2020): Nagtipunan resident surrenders M16 riffle to 86IB thru CSP (By 5th Infantry Battalion)

GAMU, Isabela, Sept. 29 (PIA) - - - The 86th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army facilitated the surrender of a high-powered firearm believed to be owned by a member of Rehiyon Sentro de Grabidad, KR-CV on September 23, 2020 at Barangay San Ramos, Nagtipunan, Quirino.

A certain resident from the said barangay surrendered the M16 rifle that he kept since July 26, 2017.

According to the r'esident', he found the M16 rifle at the site of encounter between the troops of 86IB and the communist terrorist group.

The surrender of firearm was made possible thru the Community Support Program (CSP) of the government troops.

The continuous dialogue of CSP teams with the residents enlightened them to pursue peace and progress instead of supporting the rebels.

BGen Laurence E Mina PA, commander, 5ID, thanked the residents of Barangay San Ramos for their trust and support to the 86IB CSP teams in the province of Quirino.

“Cooperation and support of the people is a key factor in our campaign against insurgency. It is high time that everyone gets involved to end insurgency and work as one to pursue the genuine peace and progress that we truly deserve.”

The surrendered M16 was brought to 86IB Headquarters for documentation and proper disposition. (MDCT/PIA-2)


5ID sends off 77IB to augment the forces in Cagayan Province

From the Philippine Information Agency (Sep 29, 2020): 5ID sends off 77IB to augment the forces in Cagayan Province (By 5th Infantry Battalion)

The send-off ceremony for the troopers of 77th Infantry (Don’t Dare) Battalionwas was held at Camp Melchor Dela Cruz, Upi, Gamu, Isabela on September 21, 2020. (5ID photo)

GAMU, Isabela, Sept. 29 (PIA) - - - The 77th Infantry (Don’t Dare) Battalion, Philippine Army was all-set for deployment in the province of Cagayan.

The send-off was held in a simple ceremony at Camp Melchor Dela Cruz, Upi, Gamu, Isabela on September 21, 2020.

Lt Col Joeboy D Kindipa , the battalion commander of 77IB led the unit set to be deployed in the eight eastern municipalities of Cagayan- Gattaran, Baggao, Abulug, Iguig, Solana, Enrile, Peñablanca and Tuguegarao City.

In the send-off ceremony, BGen Laurence E Mina PA, commander, 5ID expressed his confidence in the leadership of Lt Col Kindipan to command the reactivated battalion as they embark to make another milestone.

“I have no doubt that Lt Col Kindipan will bring the battalion to greater heights as the protector of North-Eastern Luzon frontier. Wala akong ibang hangad kundi ang inyong tagumpay sa bawat gawain at sa bawat gampanin," Mina said.

He also reminded every member of 77IB to live up their unit’s battle cry “DON’T DARE” the double seven.

“As your commander, I dare you to exemplify nothing but the best in every step that you’ll make. Move together as one, big, happy and productive team double seven " BGen Mina added. (MDCT/PIA-2)