Thursday, October 8, 2020

CPP/NPA-Misamis Oriental: Del Monte trucks, burned down by NPA-MisOr

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 8, 2020): Del Monte trucks, burned down by NPA-MisOr


OCTOBER 08, 2020

While food shortages, inflicted by Covid-19 as well as with the food blockade and hamletting of civilians imposed by the goverment, continues, operations of destructive plantations and mining remains unhampered.

In this light, Red fighters of the New People’s Army – Misamis Oriental burned down three dumped trucks and a bus of the multinational Del Monte Philippines Inc. in Sitio Talambao, Brgy. Bulahan, Claveria, Misamis Oriental on October 6, 2020, around 10 am.

NPA-MisOr paralyzed 3 dumped trucks and a bus of multinational Del Monte Philippines Inc. in Sitio Talambao, Brgy. Bulahan, Claveria, Misamis Oriental

A day before the above incident, October 5, around 9am, NPA-Misamis Oriental also attacked a troop of Mindanao Energy (MINERGY)’s Special Civilian Active Auxiliary stationed in Bgy. Quezon, Balingasag.

These attacks took place amid the AFP’s sustained and focused military operations (FMO) in North Central Mindanao Region. The AFP launched their series of FMO on July and August in Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental and Agusan del Sur and del Norte and continued their operation since September.

The NPA-Misamis Oriental vows to frustrate the militarization and intensified attacks of the AFP and the US-Duterte regime. This has to show that Duterte’s anti-people and anti-revolutionary war is bound to fail.

Furthermore, the state should focus on the pressing Covid-19 crisis rather than squander millions of people’s money on its militarization and acquisition of military materiels. If the US-Duterte regime continue to neglect the people’s outcry while suppress them of their basic rights, he will surely suffer from its backfire.

CPP/NDF-North Central Mindanao: On Duterte’s military rampage amidst the heightening Covid-19 crisis

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 8, 2020): On Duterte’s military rampage amidst the heightening Covid-19 crisis


OCTOBER 08, 2020

As the Philippines suffers from the Covid-19 pandemic, the US-Duterte regime focuses its attention on military rampage against the people and the revolutionary movement.

Duterte has truly revealed his culpability of criminal negligence against the people’s basic and rightful demands. Despite local and international criticism on his Covid response, Duterte remains to downplay the crisis and throw away the people’s taxes for his anti-people war. His tyrannic ambition to stay in power is ever more blatant.

Adding insult to the injury, Duterte is not yet satisfied with the exorbitant fund alloted for the operations of the National Task Force (NTF) – ELCAC which already had an astounding amount of P622.3 million this year. For the 2021 budget, Duterte is proposing an excessive P19.1 billion fund for the said task force while inadequate amount is alloted for the pandemic and other urgent needs of the Filipino people.

In North Central Mindanao Region alone, on July 28 to August 30, the Armed Forces of the Philippines spent an estimated amount of P73 million on bombs, aerial reconnaissance and their soldiers’ subsistence fund during their FMO. This expenses does not yet include the costs of their military vehicles and ammunitions used during the operation.

During the said FMO, the AFP used 20 rocket bombs, 20 rounds of .50 cal. machine gun and nine 105mm mortar cannon. Based on the data from the comproller’s office of the US Department of Defense, a rocket warhead and motor costs P99,550; a .50 cal round costs P4,500; and a 105mm mortar costs P30,000.

A big amount of the expenses was also used on the subsistence fund issued to the AFP troops. According to NPA-NCMR, around 1,000 troopers of the AFP operated during this series of FMO. Their subsistence allowance is pegged at P500 per personnel per day.

Other expenses covered by the P73 million were the aerial reconnaissance of their MD520 and AW military helicopters. At least two MD520 and other two AW helicopters hover for eight days which covered at least a total of 18 hours during their military operation.

As a result of their operation, at least 10 soldiers were killed-in-action, including two high-ranking officials, and other two were wounded. Meanwhile, a Red army was wounded by an M203 splinter but has already recovered.

If, according to medical reports, a Covid-19 patient needs at least P65,000 for his/her recovery, then more 1,123 patients could have been cured if it weren’t for the FMO!

As more people will suffer from the pandemic, they will simultaneously be inflicted by Duterte’s war. His only concern is to gratify his own desires for corruption and tyranny.

Hence, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines – North Central Mindanao Region calls on all Filipino people to heighten the military struggle against the fascist and tyrannic regime. Those who were left jobless; those with empty plates on their table; families and friends of innocents who were killed; farmers who can’t till their land due to militarization; jeepney and other public utility vehicle drivers who can’t operate due to phaseout scheme; students and teachers whose need for proper education have been disregarded; lumad people whose ancestral land are ceaselessly grabbed; and all patriotic and freedom-aspiring people should never be cowed and intensify the struggle, may it be armed or parliamentary. Units of the New People’s Army will always welcome the oppressed and exploited people who are willing to take arm against this moribund system.

CPP/NPA-Northern Samar: Duterte’s 20th IBPA troops giving Samar farmers a taste of Marawi terror; bombing, strafing rampant

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 8, 2020): Duterte’s 20th IBPA troops giving Samar farmers a taste of Marawi terror; bombing, strafing rampant


OCTOBER 08, 2020

In the weeks leading up from September 20 until as of this writing, massive indiscriminate mortar shelling, gunfire strafing, towards upland communities of Palapag, Mapanas, and Gamay in Northern Samar province have been noted as perpetrated by the government’s 20th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army. A scene the villagers call “Almost like the rain of fire in Marawi we saw on TV.”

President Duterte’s soldiers have committed indiscriminate and massive bombing of farming lands and upland communities, indiscriminate strafing on civilian communities, hamletting, enforcing a so-called ‘lockdown’ on villages to enforce arrests against certain individuals on mere suspicion and without a court warrant, and warrantless searches in houses within communities in search of their suspected “NPA armory.”

The Rodante Urtal Command of the New People’s Army in Northern Samar (NPA-RUC) received reports from residents in Palapag, Mapanas, and Gamay who have been crying out for help in the face of what the NPA-RUC calls ‘1st class Duterterrorism’.


In Brgy. Siljagon, Mapanas, AFP troops have conducted intense military combat operations supposedly in line with their nefarious ‘anti-insurgency’ campaign dubbed Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP.) These operations have resulted in the arrests of farmers who were in their upland farms to reap their annual harvests. In the same village, same troops have enforced a so-called ‘2-day lockdown’ of the village that gave way for their search of houses.

Bombing, strafing of civilian farming communities

On September 18, from 3PM onwards, the 20th IB fired four rounds of mortar towards farmlands at Brgy. Siljagon, and two rounds near Oras River. On September 30, from 11am to 2am the next day, they fired at least 16 rounds of mortar towards the farmlands of residents from Sitio Canonghan, Brgy. Osmeña, Palapag town. On the same day, local residents also reported that soldiers indiscriminately strafed towards farmlands in Brgy. Bagacay, also in Palapag.

“The strict adherence of the people’s army to the humanitarian conduct of war gives a picture of stark difference to the Duterte government’s foolhardy military adventurism and hooliganism. No law reins in on his troops other than Duterte’s own hardly comprehensible words,” said Ka Amado Pesante.

These human rights violations come after successive defeats of the 20th IBPA troops conducting combat reconnaissance operations against the NPA-RUC:
  1. September 9, 11:30AM. Troops deployed for reconnaissance-combat around the hills of Barangay Siljagon suffered 4 KIA and 1 WIA from NPA fire.
  2. September 18, 11:30AM. The NPA-RUC harassed 20th IB troops in Brgy. Siljagon, Mapanas. Red fighters retreated without suffering any casualty.
  3. September 26, 12:00NN. Red fighters of the NPA-RUC engaged in firefight with 20th IB troops in Sitio Can-irib, Brgy. Capacujan, Palapag. The NPA-RUC confirmed one soldier was killed and another was wounded. The 20th IB may have incurred more casualties and injured its own troops after misfiring a M203 grenade launcher towards a nearby tree. Red fighters again successfully retreated to safety.
  4. September 2, 7:00AM. Soldiers strafed at a unit of the NPA-RUC. The Red fighters evaded their attack and suffered zero casualty.
“In the face of ignominious military defeats, the fascist 20th IBPA is out for blood against the civilian populace, hence the unprecedented state terror sown in the these towns,” added Pesante.

“The typical reckless behavior of the AFP troops has put countless civilian lives in grave danger. Worse, the peasants’ sole harvest is in danger of going to waste because of their persistent operations,” said Pesante.

“We condemn these atrocious acts of Duterte’s 20th IBPA against the civilian population. We call on all international and domestic humanitarian and people’s organizations to hold accountable Duterte and his lapdogs in the AFP for their hawkishness through widespread public condemnation both in the country and abroad. We call on all freedom-loving people to rally and oust the tyrant Duterte, and ultimately achieve national and social liberation.

“As Duterte intensifies his state terrorism, the NPA-RUC vows to launch more tactical offensives against the fascist and murderous AFP-PNP troops and human rights violators, ” concluded Pesante.

Kalinaw News: Iloilo villages hold peace rally; condemn NPA

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 8, 2020): Iloilo villages hold peace rally; condemn NPA

MIAGAO, ILOILO –Two hundred residents from Barangays Pudpud and San Jose of Miagao town in Iloilo gathered together for a peace rally at Barangay San Jose, Miagao, Iloilo on October 07, 2020. The activity, dubbed “Let Us Walk Together for a Peaceful Community”, started with an indignation rally against the CPP–NPA to condemn their terror attacks, recruitment of minors and massive extortion activities.

Participants marched together and loudly voiced-out their sentiments on how the CPP-NPA made their lives miserable by hampering the existence of peace and development. They also expressed that these communist terrorists are no longer welcome and are banned from entering their barangays. Their goal is to have a peaceful community and be free from violence and abuses from these lawless elements. Present in the occasion are the Local Government Unit of Miagao headed by the honorable Mayor. Macario N. Napulan, M.D. and the Army’s 61st Infantry (Hunter) Battalion under LTC Joel Benedict G Batara, its Commanding Officer.

Part of the program was the testimony of a Former Rebel (F.R.) named Jimmy, who shared his worst and miserable experiences while in the armed group. In his testimony, he was made to believe that the government is corrupt and only an armed revolution is the solution to the problem. Since then, he has only experienced hardship, hunger, and sleep deprivation because of endless walking and hiking in the mountains.

“Ginhimoan nanda ako senaryo, ginsunog nanda ang bagon ni Nismal dyan sa kipot tapos ibantugon nga ako nagsunog darwa kami kabata ko, amo to naging wanted ako sa pulis. Mayad kay may nakilala ako nga opisyal sang 61IB nga brad ko man sa Iglesia kag gindala na ako sa campo kag naghambal ang mga opisyal nga buligan nanda ako”, Jimmy added.

Furthermore, the highlight of the activity was the Signing of the Oath of Allegiance by the formerly influenced residents by the communist terrorist. This was followed by the burning of CPP-NPA Flag to strongly condemn and withdraw their support to achieve inclusive peace and development in their barangay. The last part of the program is the Release of Doves as a symbol of peace and unity to reign in the people’s hearts. Meanwhile, Mayor Napulan stated that “To the people of Miagao, to those who are here today, who have been a victim of the CPP-NPA, do not be hesitant, do not have doubts, our Philippine Army is here, the local government officials of our town is here, and they are showing their full support so that we can achieve what we aim for. Ang akon lang ginapangayo kaninyo, parapet kamo, indi naton masarangan kung mga barangay officials lang, parapet kamo sa banwa kay para manginmarapit man kami sa inyo, ginatinguwaan ko nga magparapit kaninyo. Kay wala nani sang katapusan ang ila nga systema gani tyempo ron dya kag tapuson naton. Mabuhay ang banwa kang Miagao! Mabuhay ang kalinong kag katawhay kang banwa naton! Ibagsak ang CPP-NPA.”

For his part, LTC Batara, asserted that that insurgency could not be solved by the military and police alone, thus the need to push for the realization of E.O. 70, which institutionalizes the “Whole of Nation” approach to address the root causes of insurgency.

“I encourage everyone to get involved and be part of the solution. Neutrality and being silent about this issue will definitely favor the tormentor, and not the tormended. Today, I thank everyone for making a bold stand of denouncing the CPP-NPA existence,” Batara said.

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Kalinaw News: 271 Sulu ASG returnees avail social integration benefits

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 8, 2020): 271 Sulu ASG returnees avail social integration benefits

October 8, 2020, Camp Bautista, Jolo, Sulu – The Ministry of Social Services and Development (MSSD) of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) distributes financial assistance to Abu Sayyaf returnees at Headquarters, Joint Task Force Sulu.

Heeding to the Localized Social Integration Program (LSIP) of Joint Task Force Sulu, at 2:00 o’clock PM today, the Minister of MSSD, BARMM, Atty Raisa Jajurie, extended financial assistance in the amount of Fifteen Thousand Pesos (Php 15, 000.00) to the 144 qualified ASG returnees of Sulu. The cash assistance is a seed money intended for the livelihood projects of the surrenderees such as farming, fishing, aquaculture, poultry, and livestock raising. Also present during the activity to extend their organization’s services are WESTMINCOM Commander Lt Gen Corleto Vinluan Jr, JTF Sulu Commander BGen William Gonzales, Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Process (OPAPP) Representative Mr Ariel Hernandez, United Nation Development Program (UNDP) Representative Mr Chetan Kumar, and Balay Mindanao Foundation Inc (BMFI) Representative Mr Richard Rejas.

The LSIP is a joint program of Sulu LGU and JTF Sulu through its Provincial and Municipal Task Force ELAC. It encompasses three stages: RETURN, REFORM, and REINTEGRATE. The first stage is the formal surrender of the ASG to the military, police, or LGU where he will be undergoing medical check-up and profiling; the second is the reformation stage where he will undertake psychosocial intervention, non-formal education and trainings, and introduction to livelihood opportunities; and the third stage is the integration process where he will be granted with a livelihood assistance, enrolment to housing programs, and an active partner in advocating peace initiatives.

The activity started with a coordinating conference in the morning where BGen Gonzales presented the programs of JTF Sulu such as the Balik Barangay Program in Patikul, MNLF Key Leaders Engagement in 1st and 2nd Districts of Sulu, and the Social Integration Program for the ASG returnees. It was a productive session leading to the convergence of programs of the AFP, OPAPP, MSSD, UNDP, BMFI, and Sulu LGU towards one common goal – peace and development of Sulu.

Later in the afternoon, the group visited Brgy Tugas of Patikul to personally witness the development projects of LGU Patikul, 1102nd Brigade and 45th IB. Tugas was formerly an abandoned barangay as a result of conflict, however, with the Balik Barangay Program implemented by Patikul Mayor Kabir Hayudini and 1102nd Brigade Commander BGen Ignatius Patrimonio, the internally displaced persons (IDP) of Tugas were safely and successfully returned by 45th IB Commander Ltc Ruben Guinolbay. “I have personally seen today the plight of the people of Tugas, I give my assurance that all of your pleas will be conveyed to the concerned ministries of BARMM” Minister Jajurie said in her talks with the community of Tugas.

“The Joint Task Force Sulu together with our partners will continue to sustain the Balik Barangay Program in Patikul. Presently, IDPs of barangays Maligay and Kabontakas are on the process of returning to their respective barangays actively supported by 32nd IB, 21st IB, and 6th SFBn. We have likewise committed to return the IDPs of barangays Panglayahan, Pansul, and Timpook the soonest possible time. I also wish to convey my sincere appreciation to Minister Raisa Jajurie for extending the MSSD’s livelihood assistance to the ASG returnees of Sulu, your support is a big help in the operationalization of the ASG integration program of JTF Sulu.” – BGen William N Gonzales, Commander, JTF Sulu

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Kalinaw News: 2 captured, several firearms seize after series of encounter in Mis Or

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 8, 2020): 2 captured, several firearms seize after series of encounter in Mis Or

CLAVERIA, Misamis Oriental – One M16 rifle, One caliber 9mm pistol, One caliber 22 rifle, One homemade shotgun, one anti personnel mine and two . 38 caliber Pistol were seized by the troops of 58th Infantry “Dimalulupig” battalion in a series of gun battle in the hinter areas of Balingasag and Claveria, Misamis Oriental yesterday, October 08, 2020.

The two were identified as accomplished to the recent burning of equipment of service providers of Del Monte Philippines Inc (DMPI) last 06 October 2020 at Barangay Bulahan, Claveria.

Edgar Virtudazo and Lope Virtudazo were held captive after they were pointed out by alias James who was also captured on the first burst of encounter last 07 October at the same barangay cadrying cal. 38 pistol and Anti Personnel Mine. Captured on their possession were homemade shotgun, several ammunitions, magazines, and subversive documents. Further, while scouring at about 0910H same day, another armed encounter transpired with the same group that led to the seizure of a caliber 9mm pistol, medical paraphernalia and backpack.

At about 1640H same day, another encounter ensued after the NPAs perpetrated another burning at Sitio Gaas, Barangay Napaliran, Balingasag involving One backhoe and One dump truck. After 40 minutes of intermittent firefight troops able to recover One M16 rifle with long magazine, three backpacks, medical paraphernalia, and subversive documents. Heavy blood stains were seen along their route of withdrawal while troops seen enemy carried their wounded comrade.

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Ricky Canatoy, Commanding Officer of 58IB said, “The CPP-NPA continues to violate Human Rights while their leaders who have the direct knowledge continue to tolerate such act. Their acts are clear manifestation that they are the real promoter of chaos in the country. But while they continue their terrorist acts, we will not stop pursuing them until justice is served to the victims.”

“Despite of this, we are still calling on the remaining NPA members to abandon the armed struggle, live a peaceful life with their families and join the government in bringing peace and development to the communities,” he added.

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Kalinaw News: Hoping to Start Anew, Two NPA Terrorists Yield in Occidental Mindoro

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 8, 2020): Hoping to Start Anew, Two NPA Terrorists Yield in Occidental Mindoro

CAMP CAPINPIN, Tanay, Rizal – Two NPA terrorists were finally freed from the clutches of terrorism after responding to the government’s call for peace through a localized peace engagement spearheaded by Gov Eduardo Gadiano in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro on October 6.

Col Jose Augusto Villareal, Commander of the 203rd identified the surrenderers as alias Marlon, 19 and alias Manuel, 20 who belong to the Buhid Mangyan Tribe and were “minors” when they were deceived by the terrorists in 2017.

Alias Marlon admitted their affiliations to the NPA group that terrorizes the hinterland communities of the province of Mindoro.

He opted to surrender because he finally realized that they were deceived by the rebel group and they never followed through with their promises to support them and their families.

Villareal condemned the NPA’s recruitment of minors as it is a grave violation of child rights and international humanitarian law.

“The NPAs have been deceiving these children for as long as we can remember and putting them in a very dangerous situation. They should be stopped and their practice exposed,’’ Villareal said.

MGen Greg Almerol, Commander of the Army’s 2nd Infantry lauded the local government units and chief executives in addressing the root causes of insurgency by providing basic services and helping security forces in bringing back normality in the islands of Mindoro.

“We will, altogether, continue to unite in the spirit of service to the people through the whole-of-nation approach.”

Almerol also mentioned that the country is a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its Optional Protocols and recruitment of children for use in combat is officially prohibited under two Philippine laws pertaining to child labor and abuse (Republic Act 931 and 7610).

The military earlier had reiterated its commitment to provide security to former rebels who turned their backs to the underground movement, assist them in their enrollment to E-CLIP, and prepare them to live normal lives with their families.

A total of 687 former rebels across Southern Tagalog were already facilitated by the 2nd Infantry Division since E-CLIP was launched in 2016.

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Kalinaw News: Mga Pulis tinambangan ng NPA, mga guro tinamaan sa Jiabong, Samar

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 8, 2020): Mga Pulis tinambangan ng NPA, mga guro tinamaan sa Jiabong, Samar

CAMP LUKBAN, CATBALOGAN CITY, SAMAR – Mariing kinokundina ng 8th Infantry Division ng Philippine Army, ang pananambang ng mga teroristang NPA sa Barangay Tagbayaon, Jiabong, Samar, Miyerkules ng umaga kung saan isang pulis at tatlong sibilyan kabilang ang dalawang guro ang nasugatan.

Kinilala ang mga sugatan na si Patrolman Ace Denver Aharuddin na nakadestino sa Pinabacdao Police Station, at mga guro na sina Erixon Gacumo at Realy Del Rio at sibilyan na si Elma Geli.

Pawang papuntang Catbalogan City ang patrol car ng Pinabacdao Police Station at kasunod nitong pribadong van na sinasakyan naman ng mga guro at sibilyan, nang biglang pasabogan at ratratin ng mga teroristang NPA.

Agad namang naisugod sa ospital ang mga biktima na nagtamo ng minor na sugat sa katawan.

Narekober sa pinangyarihan ang isang bomba, mga basyo ng bala, electrical wires at mga naiwang pagkain ng mga rebelde.

Ayon kay 8th Infantry Division Commander, Major General Pio Q Diñoso III, ang ginawang pag-atake ng NPA ay para ipakitang kunyari ay malakas pa sila at takutin ang mga taong dati ay napipilitang sumuporta sa kanila.

“Hindi na takot ang nararamdaman ng sambayanan kundi galit. Lalo pa’t maging mga guro at sibilyan ay kanilang dinadamay. Sawa na at sinusuplong na sila ng tinuturing nilang mga masa. Paliit na ng paliit ang mundo nila dito sa Silangang Bisayas,”dagdag pa ni Diñoso.

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Kalinaw News: NPA logistics officer and NPA “Amazona” wife surrenders to Army in Zamboanga del Norte

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 8, 2020): NPA logistics officer and NPA “Amazona” wife surrenders to Army in Zamboanga del Norte

Leon B Postigo, Zamboanga del Norte – An NPA Logistics Officer and his NPA “Amazona” wife surrendered to the 97th Infantry “Kalasaglahi” Battalion at Barangay Poblacion, Leon B Postigo Zamboanga del Norte last October 5, 2020 Monday in the afternoon.

The NPA couple alias MIKOY and JANINE, both high ranking members of Guerilla Front Feliciano Alpha (GF Flex “A”) of the Western Mindanao Regional Party Committee (WMRPC) of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) were rescued by troops of 97th IB at the Municipality of Imelda, Zamboanga Sibugay Province after they abandoned their post and left the terrorist group to start a peaceful life.

Alias MIKOY and JANINE recalled the hardships while still with the terrorist group.

“Sugod pa sauna dili na maayo amoa kahimtang sa sulod, walay tarung na kaon og tulog permaminte pa kapoy. Ganahan na mi nga mo surrender pero ilaha mi ginahadlok paantuson mi og patyon mi sa kasundaluhan kung mo surrender mi nga dili jud diay tinuod og puros ra pamakak ilahang giestorya.” alias MIKOY said in the local dialect.

“Maong nagdesisyon mi nga moikyas na og mo surrender kay ganahan mi og maayong pamuyo og makabaton og kaugalingon pamilya kay sa sulod, gina dili nila ang makig relasyon sa kauban og dili sila gusto makabaton mi og kaugalingon anak.” alias JANINE added.

“Their relatives informed us that the NPA couple called them through cell phone and said they just want to voluntarily surrender after they heard the news that their former leader alias WAR-WAR and other surrenderees where in good condition and humanely treated by the Army.” Lt. Col. Manaros M Boransing 97th IB, Commanding Officer said on his statement.

“Upon confirming their exact location our troops together with their trusted relatives and former rebels proceeded to their location and rescued them and immediately brought them to our camp.” Lt. Col. Boransing added

On the same day of surrender, alias MIKOY and JANINE finally were reunited with their families after more than a decade with the terrorist group.

As of this posting, the surrendered NPA couple is undergoing medical interventions to check their health and debriefing while the unit will facilitate their enrollment to E-CLIP.

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Kalinaw News: Arson perpetrators brought to justice, 1 NPA captured after an encounter in Misamis Oriental

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 8, 2020): Arson perpetrators brought to justice, 1 NPA captured after an encounter in Misamis Oriental

CLAVERIA, Misamis Oriental – One New Peoples Army (NPA) was captured after a 15 minutes clash with the troops of 58th Infantry “Dimalulupig” battalion in the hinterlands of Barangay Bulahan, Claveria yesterday, October 08, 2020.

The NPA captured alias james is one of the group who perpetrated the burning of service providers of DMPI last 06 October at Sitio Tanambo, Barangay Bulahan, Claveria.

The NPA revealed that they burned the equipments of Del Monte Philippines Inc (DMPI) due to their persistent stand on their demand of extortion. The encounter also resulted to the captivity of One Anti Personnel Mine and a caliber. 38 pistol. He also revealed names who serves as their accessory of their crime of arson. According to the new Anti Terrorism Bill of 2020 persons will be held liable for those who continue to support and facilitate of any means to the CPP NPA terrorist.

The captured male NPA who is also 19 years old a member of Sentro de Grabidad Edot, (Subregional Committee 1)SRC1, of North Central Mindanao Regional Committee (NCMRC) who was recruited when he was only 17 years old a resident of Barangay Farmbugas, Claveria, Misamis Oriental.

The 58th IB conducted pursuit operations following the condemnation and reports of the victims on the wrong doings of the armed group who burned the service providers of DMPI.

Lt. Col. Ricky L Canatoy the Commanding Officer of 58th IB said ” we call on the remaining members of the NPA to lay down their arms and live a peaceful and normal life and to avoid the unnecessary waste of lives. However, for those who continue to spoil the peace we will continue to use force to protect the people.”

Lt. Col. Canatoy also extended his warm gratitude to the residents for cooperating with the government. The captured NPA will be turned over with the PNP for the appropriate filing of cases.

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Ex-militiaman, nephew killed

From the Visayan Daily Star (Oct 8, 2020): Ex-militiaman, nephew killed

A former government militiaman and his nephew both died Tuesday, in a shooting incident and grenade explosion in Brgy. Abaca, Cauayan, Negros Occidental.

The two victims were identified by the Cauayan police as Roy Delocario and his nephew, John Rey Delocario, 27.

Police investigation showed that John Rey went to the house of the suspect identified as Renjie Layan in the barangay and challenged him to a fight.

Layan, 18, who was armed with a homemade 12 gauge shotgun, shot John Rey, who died on the spot.

Upon learning of the death of his nephew, Roy, a former member of the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit, immediately went to the house of the suspect armed with two hand grenades,

When he pulled out the safety pin of one of the grenades Roy accidentally tripped and fell on the ground causing the grenade to explode, killing him instantly, Maj. John Garinganao, Cauayan police chief, yesterday said.

Layan and his family immediately fled from the barangay but the suspect surrendered later to the Cauayan Police Station.

Garinganao also revealed that the elder Delocario used to be a member of the defunct Revolutionary Proletarian Army-Alex Boncayao Brigade, before joining the CAFGU.

Layan is now detained at the Cauayan police custodian facility.

Army kills 1 in encounter

From the Visayan Daily Star (Oct 8, 2020): Army kills 1 in encounter

A member of a lawless group died yesterday in an encounter with Army soldiers in Brgy. Bi-ao, Binalbagan, following a gunbattle Tuesday with suspected New People’s Army rebels in Brgy.Carabalan, Himamaylan City in Negros Occidental.

Maj. Cenon Pancito, 3rd Infantry Division spokesman, identified the fatality in the Binalbagan encounter as Rico Pacorales, 44, of Brgy. Santol, Binalbagan.

Pancito said that 94th Infantry Battalion soldiers were conducting combat operations when they figured in an encounter with about 20 armed men in Sitio Binadlan, Brgy. Bi-ao, Binalbagan, at about 12:05 a.m. yesterday.

While scouring the encounter site, Pancito said the Army soldiers recovered a .45 caliber pistol, a .38 caliber revolver, a homemade 123 gauge shotgun, and two “katanas”, or Japanese swords.

The body of Pacorales, who was left behind by his fleeing companions, was recovered at the encounter site, he added.

However, the two other persons discovered at the encounter site were later released after Army soldiers established that they were not connected with the armed group, Pancito also said.

He also said that the 94IB is still in the process of establishing if the armed men belong to a lawless group existing in the area as it appears that they are not NPA rebels

On Tuesday, soldiers of the 94IB also encountered five suspected NPA rebels in SitioTigbao, Brgy, Carabalan, Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental.

Pancito said the encounter lasted for about five minutes, after which the communist rebels fled in separate directions, leaving behind a .45 caliber pistol with a magazine containing six ammunition, rain boots and a civilian cap.

The two encounters took place after the 62nd Infantry Battalion and local police arrested four suspected NPA rebels at a checkpoint in Brgy. Montilla, Moises Padilla, that also yielded a .45 caliber pistol and four M-203 grenade launcher 40mm ammunition.

However, the National Democratic Front- Negros yesterday issued a statement that one of the alleged NPA rebels arrested, WilmarPongasi, is a convenor of the Kabataan Para sa Karapatan- Negros, a network of young human rights defenders.

NDF-Negros spokesperson Ka Bayani Obrero claimed that Pongasi, accompanied by Jovannie Bohol, a Cebu-based local peasant organizer, and two habal-habal drivers, were on their way to conduct research on the ground in response to reports of a series of human rights violations in central Negros.

Obrero also accused the government troops of planting the firearms and explosives.

ANGAY-ANGAY LANG: Pamalandong sa Bangsamoro Self-determination via RCC-MM (Part 3 of 7)

Posted to MindaNews (Oct 8, 2020): ANGAY-ANGAY LANG: Pamalandong sa Bangsamoro Self-determination via RCC-MM (Part 3 of 7) (By RUDY BUHAY RODIL)

Part 3 of 7: Value of the RCC-MM as a Political Process

ILIGAN CITY (MindaNews / 8 October) – As a political process the RCC-MM was a first in modern Philippine political life. To put it in proper perspective, however, it must be seen not only as a first but, perhaps, most especially as a part of a bigger political exercise.

From the time President Marcos consented to negotiate with the MNLF through the mediation of the Organization of Islamic Conference, more specifically the Quadripartite Commission which it created to attend to the Bangsamoro problem, up to the continuation of the same process in the Aquino administration, one will immediately see the bilateral character of the talks.

At the same time, one will also notice a consistent failure of the two parties to agree. The provisions of the Tripoli Agreement and the Jeddah Accord will reveal, on closer examination, a failure to agree on substantive matters.

But a most basic weakness of the bilateral process is the exclusion of the millions of people whose very lives happen to be the subject of negotiations.

In the Tripoli agreement, for instance, the second provision refers to the 13 provinces and all cities and villages therein as the areas of autonomy “for the Muslims in the Southern Philippines.”

And yet, one look at the 1970 census will show that the Muslim population constitutes only one-fourth of the total in the areas enumerated.

What would happen to three-fourths of the inhabitants?

And what about the Lumad groups which are equally in need of autonomy?

In the Jeddah accord, both parties agreed “to continue discussion of the proposal for the grant of autonomy to Mindanao, Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and Palawan subject to democratic processes.” If the exclusion of the rest of the population is noticeable in the first, it is even more so in the second.

And how were the areas of autonomy chosen? Why 23 provinces? Why not 20 or 15? Why 13 provinces? Why not 12 or 11? Unfortunately, no negotiation documents have so far revealed any close scrutiny or discussion on the basis for selection of provinces and cities for the autonomy.

Just to emphasize the obvious, why where the two Zamboanga provinces and the province of Davao del Sur included in the Tripoli agreement?

Apparently, it never occurred to anyone to inquire from the Lumad groups whether it was they or the Muslims who have been numerically dominant in these areas.

The introduction of the Regional Consultative Commission in the Constitution and the specific instructions of R.A. 6649 for the commission to conduct public consultations constitute a radical departure from the bilateral approach.

As interpreted by the Office of the President and later confirmed in R.A. 6649 by Congress, each of the 27 congressional districts would be represented in the regional consultative commission, and these in turn were balanced with sectoral representatives.

And so, for the first time in Philippine modern political history, we have gathered together, representatives from Lumads, Muslims and Christians with a constitutional mandate to thresh out a modus vivendi among themselves in an autonomous region.

The public consultations they were bound by law to conduct prior to or as a pre-requisite to substantive deliberations further insured that popular sentiments would be heard and transmitted to the plenary deliberations.

Then from the RCC-MM, the work is passed to Congress for final enactment into law. As soon as the President signs the organic act into law, it is sent back to the people for judgment in a plebiscite.

The cycle from-the-people-to-the-people is completed.

The RCC-MM was in effect part of an entire cycle of a peacemaking process.

But then, people sympathetic to the MNLF would continue to object aloud: the Bangsamoro Fronts had no part in it, how can it be an instrument of peace? This question carries a mouthful of assumptions which are without solid foundations.

In the first place, there is the belief that the cause of lack of peace in the region are the Bangsamoro Fronts; for this reason, they are a necessary party to the restoration of peace. The existence of Muslim-Christian conflict within the area, specifically in Central Mindanao belies this.

Secondly, it is thought that the Fronts unquestionably speak for and in behalf of Bangsamoro inhabitants which by MNLF definition happens to include the Lumad population. Lumad groups generally refer to themselves as Lumad, Highlander, Tribal Filipinos, and the like depending on their orientation.

But seldom, if ever, do they call themselves Bangsamoro. Most often they use their ethnolinguistic names.

Finally, it is assumed that differences between the Fronts and the Government could be settled constitutionally. Although elements in the latter may claim to be so, it is more than obvious that whenever they meet at the negotiating table, they speak their own distinct languages over each other’s heads.

But how can anyone say the constitutional experiment was successful when the RCC-MM did not reach its goal, and whatever it finished was later supposedly mangled by Congress? And what Congress produced that was approved by the President was later soundly rejected by the majority of the voters during the plebiscite called for the purpose?

The equation seems logical enough. But there is a need to clarify a number of things.

First, the failure of the RCC-MM to attain its self-imposed goal is the ultimate result of a complex of issues that revolved around the controversy over “Muslim Mindanao.”

It certainly had a direct role in maneuvers of its advocates to delay and postpone deliberations on the name to the last minute. The tensions that were created in the process raised other complications.

There were also administrative matters, indecisions included, that hampered rather than facilitated deliberations both at the Committee and at Commission levels. Altogether, finally, the issues reflect the very social dynamics obtaining in the region among the Lumad, Muslims and Christians which the Commission as a whole cannot claim to have overcome.

The failure of the RCC-MM to achieve its goal of a completed draft organic act should not mean a total failure to undertake its principal task of assisting Congress in drafting the organic act.

There was much substance in the final report; the will and sentiments of the people were generally reflected in the provisions. After the Mindanao Affairs Committee in the Senate and the Local Government Committee in the House heard from the Commission, the bills for the organic act filed in both Houses were faithful reflections of what RCC-MM had accomplished.

What was left of the original final report when both Houses passed the act must be considered in light of additional factors like the constitutionality of certain provisions, the contradictions among the provisions and others which the RCC-MM did not resolve by themselves in the first place. Insertions in Congress where no RCC-MM-made provision existed cannot possibly be regarded as a case of mangling. But we shall have space below for some internal analysis of the organic act.

The so-called rejection by the majority of voters in the region which is equated as the rejection of the constitutional approach and the Cory solution is a case of static and simplistic quantification.

It has been known in the proposed area of autonomy by those scholars from a consortium of Mindanao universities who did a study in 1987 about the acceptability of autonomy and came out with the results in March 1988 that those in favor were generally the five Muslim-dominated provinces.

Participants in the public consultations have warned of the same result and these were those who advised that the RCC should stop wasting its time with places that do not want to be part of autonomy.

In short, those who were generally opposed to autonomy remained so from beginning to end; and those who were in favor remained in favor. There were no noticeable substantial deviations except in the latter with the no vote prevailing in Basilan and Marawi City.

And the reasons given in the study were substantially the same reasons repeated in the consultations and, later, in the information drive.

It was the Muslims who have fought for autonomy and it was naturally they who favor its establishment.

Non-Muslims, whether Christians or Lumad, were quite consistent in their perception that autonomy was for the Muslims and not for them. Put negatively, they say that they do not want to be dominated by the Muslims. One personal experience is worth recalling here.

One week before the November 19, 1989 plebiscite, I inquired from my four classes in History (History of the Moro people and the Lumad groups of Mindanao) whether they have heard of autonomy in Muslim Mindanao and the organic act and the plebiscite. They answered YES.

These students came from all over Mindanao. I also asked them if they wanted to have their place as part of the autonomous region. Ninety-four percent said NO.

Asked why, the most common reason given was they did not want to be dominated by the Muslims.

Then I gave them a copy each of the organic act and together we looked for provisions saying that Muslims would dominate the Christians. They found none, as indeed there was none.

Instead there were a number on equality. Also, the overall impression was that there was nothing in the act that would prejudice the Christians. There were also advantages for those which would become part of the autonomy.

Yet, when a second round of voting was done, the same ninety-four percent voted NO – obviously, responding by the heart, from all appearances.

Tomorrow: Judging the Product: Reviewing Certain Points in R.A. 6734 – An Act Providing for an Organic Act for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

[Si Prof. Rudy Buhay Rodil ay aktibong historyan ng Mindanao, tagapasulong ng kalinaw (Bisaya sa kapayapaan). Kilala siyang espesyalista sa paghusay ng mga gusot sa Mindanao-Sulu. Naging Komisyoner noon ng Regional Consultative Commision sa siyang nagbuo ng draft organic law ng Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao noong 1988. Dalawang beses siyang naging miyembro ng GRP Peace Negotiating Panel. 1993-1996, pakikipag-usap sa Moro National Liberation (MNLF), at noong 2004-2008 sa pakikipag-negosasyon sa Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Naging visiting propesor sa Hiroshima University, Oktubre-Disyembre 2011. Nagretiro noong Oktubre 2007.]

Tired high-ranking CNT member in AgNor abandons movement

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 7, 2020): Tired high-ranking CNT member in AgNor abandons movement (By 23rd Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army)

BUENAVISTA, Agusan del Norte, Oct. 7 -- After years of serving the group which he thought would give him and his family a better life, a high-ranking member of the Communist New People’s Army Terrorist (CNT) finally made up his mind and called off his association with the communist movement and returned to the folds of the law.

Alias Dansoy/Kevin, 40, the Political Instructor (PI) of Sentro de Grabidad (SDG) CAOCAO, Guerilla Front (GF) 4A of the North Central Mindanao Regional Committee (NCMRC) of the CNT surrendered to the troopers of 23rd Infantry “Masigasig” Battalion (23IB) recently at the battalion’s headquarters in Jamboree Site, Purok 6, Barangay Alubihid, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte. He also handed over to the Army during his surrender three high-powered firearms and assorted ammunition. Alias Dansoy/Kevin is a resident of Km. 14, Sitio Hinandayan, Barangay Camagong, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte.

Lt. Col. Julius Cesar C. Paulo, the commander of 23rd IB personally welcomed Alias Dansoy/Kevin and received the high-powered firearms and ammunition he surrendered, to include one M16 Rifle with an attached grenade launcher, 40mm M203, one M4 Rifle and one Carbine Rifle which is all serviceable.

During the interview, Alias Dansoy/Kevin said he was recruited and joined the CNT movement because of their propaganda and promises. He was made to believe by the CNT leaders that abundant life will be given to him and his family. After five long years with the movement, he realized that the promises made to him were false and deceptive. During his stay in the CNT movement, he also made some realizations, the biggest of which is the fact that the armed revolution the communist movement espouses is not designed to liberate the people, especially the poor, but to terrorize and press them more to hunger and poverty. He also measured, after years of fighting the government, that the CNT movement will not win as hatred and detestation of the people, especially those who fell in their terroristic activities, are now growing.

Dansoy/Kevin also testified that infighting among the CNT leaders and within the members also start to divide the movement. With the pandemic that made the government impose quarantine protocols coupled with the surrender of mass supporters, hardships also struck the movement due to the scarcity of food and other basic needs.

Lt. Col. Paulo assured the former Political Instructor of GF-4A that the government will provide help to his family through the Enhanced-Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).

“The surrender of this high-ranking CNT member is a manifestation that their weakened group is slowly attenuating. Aside from that, they can no longer move from place to place because our troops are visible anywhere. We have deployed our joint Community Support Program Teams of the army and Community Action Teams of the PNP in vulnerable areas and we are also relentlessly conducting our focused military operations to clear the areas that were commonly known as CNT lairs. Clearly, these CNTs have nowhere to hide now, and they will surely suffer from great hunger due to less access to food supplies. As you can see, Alias Dansoy also starved even though he was ranked higher than his comrades, and his family whom he left behind also suffered because the CNT does not regularly provide food to them,” Paulo said.

He also reiterated his call to the remaining CNT members to lay down their arms and go back to their family and to the government.

“Real victory will only be felt once you leave the armed group. They will never help nor value you. Our government is waiting for your return and is always willing to help you to change your lives in order for you and your family to have a brighter future,” Paulo said. (1Lt. Roel T. Maglalang, CMO Officer, 23IB, 4ID, PA/PIA Agusan del Norte)

IPs want CNTs punished for killing IP leaders in SurSur

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 8, 2020): IPs want CNTs punished for killing IP leaders in SurSur (By Jennifer P. Gaitano)

BUTUAN CITY, Oct. 8 (PIA) -- Following the killing of Datu Jomar Bucales, along with other Indigenous Peoples (IP) leaders in Lianga, Surigao del Sur, the IP communities called on the different concerned government agencies, media, and other sectors to help bring those responsible to justice.

Datu Jimmy Guinsod, provincial Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative (IPMR) of Surigao del Sur has appealed to the national government for swift justice and wanted the communist terrorist group (CTG) in the province to be punished by law for their terroristic acts.

As he shared his sentiments, he also revealed that Datu Bucales has been an active leader in the promotion of peace and development in Lianga and has been supportive of the government's initiatives.

During a press briefing facilitated by the 401st Brigade, Philippine Army, Secretary Allen Capuyan of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) bared that the killing incident of Datu Bucales and other IP leaders is an expression of the Communist New People’s Army Terrorists (CNTs') exploitation and abuse to the ancestral domain of the IP communities. “Such terroristic act should not be tolerated,” he said.

“Government agencies, media, and other sectors should work together to help protect the rights and welfare of the Indigenous Peoples against the CNTs. The task force ELCAC (ending local communist armed conflict) is useless if these terroristic acts continue. We will file a murder case and violation of international humanitarian law against the culprits,” cited Capuyan.

Capuyan emphasized the grassroots slogan that "those who have less in life should have more in law." This, he said, reminding the government officials and stakeholders to revisit the Indigenous People's Rights Act (IPRA) in order to put all resources and developmental efforts in the proper perspective.

"IPRA is a law to correct historical injustice ngunit nasaan na ngayon ang totoong pagkalinga sa mamamayan? (but where now can we see the real concern of the people?)" he said, adding that the efforts should be grounded on protecting indigenous peoples’ customary laws, their self-determination, and territorial rights as recognized under contemporary international law.

Mayor Novelita Sarmen of Lianga also expressed her condemnation to the brutal killing of the NPAs to the IPs. “It is with deep grief and sorrow to announce the untimely demise of Datu Bucales. We condemn such a brutal killing as it is a direct insult to democracy and to the most fragile peace and order we all hope to foster in our municipality,” she said.

Meanwhile, LTC Joey Baybayan, commanding officer of 3rd Special Forces Battalion, called on the IP leaders to closely coordinate with them should they have relevant activities and events to attend to, so they could be assisted/escorted to ensure their protection from the NPAs and prevent such incident.

Baybayan also recalled and recognized the late Datu Bucales for his efforts and initiatives in realizing peace and development in the ancestral domain.

Amid the coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, Sec. Capuyan, along with other officials took time and visited the municipality of Lianga and initiated a plan of actions to ensure that responsible people for the killing incident will be put to jail and suffer the consequences. (JPG/VLG/PIA-Caraga)

Army assists NCIP in reaching out to tribal community

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 8, 2020): Army assists NCIP in reaching out to tribal community (By 901st Infantry Brigade, Philippine Army)

PLACER, Surigao del Norte, Oct. 8 -- The 901st Infantry (Fight’Em) Brigade, Philippine Army through the 29th Infantry (Matatag) Battalion (29IB) assisted the National Commission of Indigenous People (NCIP) in the conduct of inter-agency visit to the Mamanwa tribe in Sitio Zapanta, Barangay Bangayan, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte, Tuesday, October 6.

The said activity was attended by Secretary Allen Capuyan, Chairman of NCIP and at the same time the Executive Director of National Task Force in Ending Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC).

The visit was initiated to gain first-hand information about the pressing issues and concern of the tribal communities within CADT 134 specifically their problems on ancestral domain management, livelihood and food security programs, coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic health response, and human rights violations being perpetrated by the communist NPA terrorists.

Present during the said event were Kitcharao Mayor Aristotle E. Montante, 901st Brigade Commander Col. George L. Banzon, PNP Agusan del Norte Provincial Director P/Col Martin M Gamba, 29IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Isagani O Criste, and representatives from Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Commission on Human Rights, Department of Education and Department of the Interior and Local Government.

In his message, Secretary Capuyan said that it was the 121st tribal community to be visited by NCIP in their 65 days continuous travel in Mindanao. He stated that the visit aims to show to the Indigenous People (IP) that the government is present in their community, specifically, they aim to create a venue for other agencies to know the actual situation of the IP in their respective tribal communities. He also added that the NCIP as the main agency that caters IP concern, they want to deepen the understanding of IP about their rights as stated in the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act or IPRA Law which aims to "Recognize, Protect and Promote the Rights of Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous People."

He urged the Mamanwa community to be united and act as one so that they will have a formidable foundation in facing the challenges and resilient against the threats and exploitation of interest group. In addition, he also encouraged the IP to support the ‘whole of nation’ approach of the government in its fight against insurgency. He explained to the tribal community how the communist terrorist group exploits the vulnerabilities of IP for their communist agenda. He said that through the NTF ELCAC, the government is converging the efforts of different agencies to effectively address the issues and concerns, particularly, the prevailing conditions of IP communities that are susceptible to CTG exploitation.

On the other hand, he also encouraged the tribal leaders and its members to be prudent and productive in the utilization of ancestral domains so that they can contribute to the efforts of the local and national governments in addressing the ill effects of global pandemic.

Meanwhile, Col. Banzon, lauded the efforts of the NCIP and other agencies for reaching out to the tribal communities in the far-flung areas. He said that the event was very timely because concerned agencies will have the first-hand knowledge about the interventions needed for the tribal community.

“Zapanta Valley was known to many as the hotbed for insurgency. For years, this place was associated with war and violence. This is the right time for us to make this place worth living for our Mamanwa brothers and sisters,” he said.

He also gave assurance that the 901st Brigade will continue to support to the programs of NCIP and NTF ELCAC so that IP communities will be strengthened and the fruition of peace efforts will also be enjoyed by every IP member.

As the program ends, the tribal leaders expressed their heartfelt thanks for giving importance to their community. They said that the significant event will bring new hope to their people who have been deprived of a peaceful and progressive community. (Capt. Joash U. Pramis, CMO Officer, 901IB/PIA Agusan del Norte)

No more reason for IPs to join rebellion- Mayor Libayao

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 8, 2020): No more reason for IPs to join rebellion- Mayor Libayao (By Jan Vincent Leuterio) 

DAVAO DEL NORTE, 6 Oct (PIA) – The Indigenous Peoples (IP) communities in Talaingod no longer have any reason to go into rebellion after receiving an array of support from the government.

During the One Davao Presser on October 5, Talaingod Municipal Mayor Jonnie Libayao pointed this out in explaining the impact of government support to the lives of his indigenous people (IP) constituents.

“Unsa pamay pangita-on pa nila nga mag rebelde man sila, nga gihatag na sa ila tanan. Labi na sa livelihood, kaning sa TESDA, DOLE, DTI, DSWD, ug uban pang mga ahensya, gihatag na tanan para sa pag sustain sa ilang panginabuhian (What else are they going to reason to rebel when they have already been given everything. From TESDA, DOLE, DTI, DSWD, and other agencies, everything has been given to them so they can sustain their livelihood),” he said.

Libayao especially cited the farm-to-market road project given by the government as “the most important thing” to the communities’ livelihood because without the road, it was too difficult for people to move and get access.

As well, one of the many programs of the government for Talaingod is the housing project, which Libayao confidently believes will make the IPs in Haran come back to Talaingod.

“[Katong mga naa sa Haran] Syempre manguli gyud to sila kay naa naman gud silay puy-anan nga gwapo, ma ibog na sila sa ilang mga kauban nga gihatagan na silag desente nga puy-anan ([For those in Haran] Of course they will come back because they now have houses to live in, they will be envious of their fellows who have received their own decent house to live in),” he explained.

He explained that the reason why some of the IPs moved to Haran is because of their lack of homes.

“Ang mga IP nga kaigsuonan nato, bisag diin2 nalang sila mupuyo. Kay ilang balay dili concrete, sila man gud temporary lang jud pirmi ilang balay… Mao nang na abot sila sa Haran kay wala silay kapuy-an (Our IP brothers, they just go from place to place to live because they never had a concrete house to live in, they always just had temporary houses…That’s why they moved to Haran because they didn’t have a place to stay),” he said.

But now that there is the government’s housing project for the IPs, Libayao believes this will encourage the communities to stay in one place and work hard towards their livelihood.

“So karon nga gihatag sa gobyerno nga desente nga kapuy-anan nila, diha na gyud sila maningkamot nga mabuhi sa ilang panginabuhi-an (So now that the government gave them a decent housing, that’s where they will work hard towards their livelihood),” he said.

He added that these houses are a complete package, since there will be water system, and electricity for the housing sites.

“So unsa pamay katarongan nga musupak pa sila sa gobyerno nga gihatag naman ang tanan sa ilaha. Kompleto na siya, naay mga water system, karon naa a puy programa sa atong probinsyana nga pasak-an ug kuryente didto (So what reason do they have to rebel? They have the complete package, there is water system, there is a program by the province to bring electricity there),” Libayao added.

Ever since the establishment of roads in the areas, Libayao has started to see the progress in livelihood among the IPs

“Karon nakita na gyud nato ang pag asenso sa mga kaigsuonan nato tungod aning kalsada (Now we see that there is progression among our brothers because of these roads),” he pointed out.

Thus, the mayor assured that Talaingod is now at 99% in terms of peace and order, and that its tourism industry is seeing growth.

“Kining Talaingod sa peace and order, mga 99% na gyud nga peaceful na gyud. Kay Makita nimo kining tourism diri sa Talaingod naga kusog na gyud tungod kay peaceful na gyud. Daghan na kaayog tourism site nato nga gi identify na (In terms of Peace and order, Talaingod is at 99%. You can see our tourism here has grown because it really is peaceful now. We have so many tourism sites identified,” Libayao concluded. (Jan Vincent Leuterio, PIA-XI/jmda)

13 former rebels complete de-radicalization training

 From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 7, 2020): 13 former rebels complete de-radicalization training (By Jemin B. Guillermo) 

ILOILO CITY, Oct. 7 (PIA) – A total of 13 former rebels (FRs) completed the four-day Speakers' Team Training (STT) for the De-Radicalization program.

The training was conducted from September 22 to 25 at Camp General Macario B Peralta Jr in Jamindan, Capiz, said Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division’s Public Affair Office chief Major Cenon Pancito III.

He said that of the 13 former rebels, five came from Panay Island and eight were from Negros Island.

“They voluntarily surrendered and underwent a ‘de-radicalization’ program. The STT was organized by the Army's 3ID with the support of People's Advocacy for Collaboration and Empowerment (PeACE), an FR organization,” Pancito said in a press release.

STT aims to educate FR's on the fundamentals of public speaking and encourage them to assist the government in its peace and development initiatives; to capacitate the FRs in their role as third party advocate of the government through training; and contribute in the de-radicalization of FRs and discuss ideological corrections on issues concerning peace.

The training also aims to realign the experience and knowledge of the FRs towards peace and development efforts of the government and enlighten students/youth and other target audience on communist terrorist groups' infiltration through their actual accounts, narrative, and testimonies; and to strengthen the partnership between the PeACE.

On the other hand, Major General Eric Vinoya, 3ID Commander, said that the De-Radicalization Training will prevent the FRs from being lured by communist ideologies again to NPA recruitment.

Vinoya stressed that the training will also help the FRs embrace new lives and succeed in life after choosing the right path of returning to their families and communities.

"Your Army in Western and Central Visayas is here to help and support you as you return to the folds of the law. Start a peaceful life by moving on and embracing what you've learned, he said.

He emphasized that the government is determined in extending its help because it doesn't want anyone to be left behind. (PIA6/DPAO-3ID)

Tagalog News: 120 CAFGU sa Mindoro, nagtapos sa pagsasanay kontra-terorismo

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 8, 2020): Tagalog News: 120 CAFGU sa Mindoro, nagtapos sa pagsasanay kontra-terorismo (By Dennis Nebrejo)

Ang 120 bagong miyembro ng CAFGU na nagtapos sa kanilang pagsasanay sa loob ng 45 araw na isinagawa sa 203rd Infantry (Bantay Kapayapaan) Brigade na siyang makakasama ng mga sundalo at pulis laban sa mga teroristang grupo at pagpapanatili ng kapayapaan at kaayusan sa buong isla ng Mindoro. (kuha ng 203rd IB)

BANSUD, Oriental Mindoro, Okt. 8 (PIA) – Pormal nang nagtapos kamakailan sa pagsasanay ang 120 Civilian Armed Forces Government Unit (CAFGU) trainees kabilang ang 12 katutubong Mangyan sa punong himpilan ng 203rd Infantry (Bantay Kapayapaan) Brigade sa bayang ito. Sila ang makakatuwang ng mga sundalo bilang panlaban sa terorismo at tagapangalaga ng kapayapaan sa buong isla ng Mindoro.

Dumaan sa 45 araw na Basic Military Training ang mga trainees, kung saan nakapaloob ang pagsasanay sa pagpapalakas ng katawan, paggamit ng mga armas, kaalaman tungkol sa pagpapahalaga ng karapatang pantao at pagsasailalim sa pagsusuring pisikal at medikal na isinagawa ng 2nd Army Station Hospital upang masiguro ang pisikal at mental na kahandaan.

Samantala, nagpaabot ng pasasalamat si 203rd Infantry (Bantay Kapayapaan) Brigade Cmdr. Col. Jose Augusto Villareal ng Phil. Army sa mga opisyal at sundalo na naglaan ng kanilang oras upang maisagawa ang pagsasanay.

Ipinaabot din ng opisyal ang mensahe sa mga nagtapos, “Malaki ang inyong maitutulong sa pagpapanatili ng kaayusan at kapayapaan sa bawat komunidad. Kayo ang magiging katuwang naming mga sundalo, pulis at lokal na pamahalaan sa ating isla.”

Ang CAFGU ang pangunahing ‘responder’ sa oras ng sakuna, kalamidad at maging bahagi sa mga checkpoint habang ipinatutupad ang community quarantine sa bawat barangay. (DPCN/PIA-OrMin)

Abra builds halfway house for former rebels

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 8, 2020): Abra builds halfway house for former rebels (By Christian Allister G. Tubadeza) 

LAGANGILANG, Abra, Oct. 8(PIA) -- A newly constructed halfway house is now officially open to all former rebels in the province.

Governor Maria Jocelyn Bernos, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)-Abra Director Millicent Cariño, Abra Police Provincial Office Director Christopher Acop and 24th Infantry Battalion Commanding Officer LtC Ulysis V. Laude led the inauguration of facility last September 29.

The construction of the building located at the base of the 24thIB Sitio Barbarit, Brgy. Tagodtod, in this town, was funded by DILG. It is part of the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP) of the government through the initiative of the Provincial Government of Abra.

Luade said the halfway house will serve as a shelter for all former rebels as they begin their rehabilitation journey back to mainstream society. There they will undergo series of transformation activities and livelihood trainings.

The Governor praised the members of the Provincial Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflicts for their active involvement in the project as part of their approach in combating insurgency in Abra. (JDP/CAGT – PIA CAR, Abra)

AFP Chief Gapay gets fourth star

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 8, 2020): AFP Chief Gapay gets fourth star (By Nonette N. Castillo) 

CALOOCAN CITY, Oct. 8 (PIA) -- The Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Gilbert I. Gapay has been promoted to the rank of general and received his fourth star in a donning of ranks ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 7 held at the Department of National Defense in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana administered the donning of rank to General Gapay in a ceremony attended by senior military officers led by AFP Vice Chief of Staff Vice Admiral Gaudencio C. Collado Jr.

The general's family was also present to witness his promotion.

To recall, President Rodrigo Duterte has approved the appointment of the AFP Chief of Staff to the rank of general effective Sept. 02.

Gapay took over as the 54th AFP Chief on August 03, replacing General Felimon Santos Jr. who bowed out from service after reaching the mandatory retirement age.

Prior to his assumption as the AFP Chief of Staff, Gapay was the 61st Commanding General of the Philippine Army. He is a member of the Philippine Military Academy Sinagtala Class of 1986 and graduated as the batch valedictorian.

As the AFP Chief of Staff, Gapay has outlined four priority areas during his leadership namely; operational effectiveness, organizational efficiency, personnel development and well-being, and stakeholders collaboration.

Military honors was accorded to the official at the GHQ Canopy right after the donning ceremony.

“We remain dedicated to the performance of our mandate. This achievement is a realization of not only the sacrifices which we have already made, but also of the obligations we have yet to fulfill for our country and its people. I am hopeful that the AFP will continue working collectively to provide a secure and peaceful environment for every Filipino,” he said. (PIA NCR)

NPA logistics officer, wife yield in Zambo Norte

From the Philippine News Agency (Oct 7, 2020): NPA logistics officer, wife yield in Zambo Norte (By Teofilo Garcia, Jr.)

A ranking communist New People’s Army (NPA) member and his wife have surrendered to military authorities in Zamboanga Sibugay, a military official said Wednesday.

Lt. Col. Manaros Boransing, commander of the 97th Infantry Battalion,
identified the surrenderers only as "Ka Mikoy," a logistics officer, and his wife as "Ka Janine".

Boransing said they fetched the couple Monday in the Zamboanga Sibugay town of Imelda after they abandoned their post to surrender to the authorities.

“Their relatives informed us that the NPA couple called them through cell phone and said they just want to voluntarily surrender after they heard the news that their former leader, alias Ka War-War and other surrenderers are in good condition and humanely treated by the Army,” Boransing said.

“Upon confirming their exact location, our troops together with their trusted relatives and former rebels proceeded to their location and rescued them and immediately brought them to our camp (in Leon Postigo, Zamboanga del Norte),” he added.

The NPA couple admitted that they decided to surrender because of hunger and exhaustion. They added that their life was made difficult within the rebel movement as they were not allowed to raise a family of their own, Boransing said.

He said the couple was also threatened by their comrades that the military would kill them once they surrender, which turned out to be NPA's "false propaganda".

The couple used to operate under Guerilla Front-Feliciano Alpha of the NPA’s Western Mindanao Regional Party Committee (WMRPC).

Boransing said the surrenderers reunited with their families after a decade of working for the rebel movement.

NPA killings of IPs in Surigao Sur violate IHL: NCIP exec

From the Philippine News Agency (Oct 7, 2020): NPA killings of IPs in Surigao Sur violate IHL: NCIP exec (By Alexander Lopez)

Google map Surigao del Sur.

Authorities are now working to bring to the international arena the series of indigenous people (IP) killings perpetrated by the communist New People’s Army (NPA) in Surigao del Sur.

NCIP said the ambush-slaying of Hawudon Jumar Bucales, the Indigenous People Mandatory Representative (IPMR) of Lianga town, is the latest in the spate of killings among members of the Manobo tribe

In a press briefing with local and military officials in Lianga town Wednesday (Oct. 7), National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) Chairperson Allen Capuyan said the killings constitute crimes that punishable under IHL and other international laws.

Capuyan said the NCIP will file appropriate charges against the leaders and members of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its armed wing, the NPA, in violation of the provisions of Republic Act 9851, otherwise known as the "Philippine Act on Crimes Against International Humanitarian Law, Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity".

“Justice must be served upon Datu Jumar Bucales and the rest of the IP leaders and members killed by the NPA rebels here in Surigao del Sur,” Capuyan said.

He said that the IPs, comprising 15 percent of the nation’s population, are occupying around 30 percent of the land area in the country which they consider as ancestral domains.

Unfortunately, he said these areas are also the targets of the NPA rebels where they regularly intimidate and harass vulnerable tribal communities.

“The government must look at what are the real happenings inside the ancestral domains. The killing of Datu Bucales and other IP leaders manifest the continuing atrocities of the NPA on the IPs in Surigao del Sur,” Capuyan said.

Bucales was killed in an ambush perpetrated by NPA rebels last October 4 in Sitio Mamparasanon, Barangay Banahao, Lianga.

In the same press briefing, Surigao del Sur Police Provincial Office (SDSPPO) director, Col. James T. Goforth, vowed to support the filing of charges for violations of RA 9851 against the CPP-NPA.

“We also filed a case for violations of RA 9851 against the NPA and their legal fronts for the killing of Datu Bernandino Astudillo this year,” Goforth said.

He said that Astudillo, a 73-year-old Manobo, the tribal chieftain of Barangay Magroyong, San Miguel, Surigao del Sur was hacked to death by the NPA last March 19, 2020.

Goforth also called on the IP communities to support the planned charges by providing the testimonies.

Strong condemnation

Meanwhile, Surigao del Sur Gov. Alexander T. Pimentel also issued a statement Wednesday strongly condemning the killing of Bucales and an IP soldier identified as PFC Ariel Guinsod Maca.

Pimentel is currently under quarantine after contracting coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) late last month.

“These cowardly acts of indiscriminate and wanton killings direct insult to our democracy and to the customs and traditions of our Indigenous Peoples,” Pimentel said.

He also described Bucales as a well-respected leader and “a true advocate of IP rights to education, quality of life, and most of all, right to a peaceful and progressive community”.

He added that Bucales and Maca were helping the government "in their own ways, especially in addressing the root causes of insurgency and educating IP communities to save them from the deceptions of the CPP-NPA".

“As the father of this province, I grieve and offer my condolences to the families of the victims,” Pimentel said, as he urged the people of Surigao del Sur to remember the contributions of Bucales and the other IP leaders in making IP communities "a better place to live".

The NPA is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Anti-insurgency task force launched in NegOr town

From the Philippine News Agency (Oct 8, 2020): Anti-insurgency task force launched in NegOr town (By Mary Judaline Partlow)

PERSONA NON GRATA. The Mabinay Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (TF-ELCAC) declares the New People's Army as persona non grata on Wednesday (Oct. 7, 2020). The municipal TF-ELCAC was launched as part of government efforts to eradicate insurgency under President Rodrigo Duterte's Whole-of-Nation approach. (Photo courtesy of Capitol PIO)

The Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (TF-ELCAC) was launched in the municipality of Mabinay, Negros Oriental as more barangays have been included in the government’s efforts to end the insurgency.

Gov. Roel Degamo, represented by Capitol spokesperson and Public Information Officer (PIO) Bimbo Miraflor, during Wednesday’s launch cited the need to coordinate efforts to fight communist insurgency.

The attendees were led by Mayor Joeterry Uy and Vice Mayor Ernesto "Jango" Uy.

“We need to synergize our efforts with respective timelines to address the main issues of the insurgency problem in the province, kay nagtoo si Gov. Degamo nga kon walay kalinaw, walay klaro ug insaktong kalamboan ang atong makab-ot (because Gov. Degamo believes that development cannot be attained in the absence of peace),” Miraflor said.

The provincial government has laid out programs and projects, alongside the Negros Oriental Task Force (NOTF)-ELCAC, as part of “local government interventions” to address the insurgency problems in the province, he said.

The Office of the Governor is always open to recommendations and requests for the development of your community, he added in the Cebuano dialect.

Uniformed personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the Philippine National Police (PNP) and other branches of government, and other members of the Mabinay TF-ELCAC were present during the launching, a prelude to the holding of the Dagyawan barangay consultation in a still undetermined date this month.

The Mabinay TF-ELCAC is expected to lead in the efforts to curb insurgency in that town through the so-called Re-Tooled Community Support Program of the AFP, with the Dagyawan consultation expected late this month.

During the launching, the municipal TF-ELCAC issued a resolution declaring the New People’s Army “persona non grata”.

Meanwhile, the NOTF-ELCAC has listed additional barangays for the said program which aims to address the insurgency problem through the Whole-of-Nation approach of President Rodrigo Duterte as cited in Executive Order No. 70.

The additional barangays are Budlasan in Canlaon City; Balugo, Nagsaha, Plagatasanon, Poblacion, and Villegas in Guihulngan City; Bagtic, Luyang, and Samac in Mabinay; and Panciao in Manjuyod, said Jennifer Tilos, InfoCen Manager of the Philippine Information Agency here and head of the NOTF-ELCAC’s Strategic Communication cluster.

Initially, 16 barangays in six towns and cities in the province were identified last year as priority areas by the NOTF-ELCAC, as follows: Barangays Bayog and Lumapao in Canlaon City; Trinidad, Binobohan, Sandayao, Tacpao, Imelda, Hinakpan, Humay-humay, and Planas in Guihulngan City; Dobdob in Valencia; San Pedro and Talalak in Sta. Catalina; Tayak in Siaton; and Calango and Mayabon in Zamboanguita.

8 NPA rebels surrender, yield firearms

From the Philippine News Agency (Oct 8, 2020): 8 NPA rebels surrender, yield firearms (By Che Palicte)

SURRENDERERS. The Army's 60th Infantry Battalion presents on Wednesday (Oct. 7, 2020) eight communist New People’s Army surrenderers who also brought their firearms. The surrenderers used to operate in different guerilla fronts in the three adjacent provinces of Agusan del Sur, Davao de Oro, and Davao del Norte. (PNA photo by Prexx Marnie Kate Trozo)

The 60th Infantry Battalion (60IB) based in the Davao del Norte town of Asuncion presented on Wednesday eight communist New People’s Army (NPA) surrenderers who brought with them several firearms.

Lt. Col. Ronaldo Sarmiento, 60IB commander, said the former rebels surrendered separately in the Agusan del Sur town of Loreto, the Davao de Oro town of Laak, and the Davao del Norte municipality of Kapalong.

They also surrendered eight high-powered firearms and three low-powered firearms, Sarmiento said, adding the surrenderers will be enrolled in the government's Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP) for rebel returnees.

“Today we stand witness to the extraordinary display of the power that our ‘whole-of-nation’ initiative can wield. To some, these eight surrenderees and 11 firearms surrendered may seem insignificant especially if we compare this to previous gains in military operations and if we put it up against the CPP-NPA’s propaganda that they remain a strong force to be reckoned with," the Army official said, referring to the Communist Party of the Philippines--the NPA's founding organization.

"But to the communities in our area of operations, our indigenous peoples, they who are the farthest from our reach and nearest to that of the enemy, this accomplishment calls for a celebration,” Sarmiento added.

Sarmiento said the surrender of the eight rebels proved that the CPP-NPA "is nothing but a terrorist group".

"They say they are fighting for an ideology, or the oppressed masses, even when the truth is that the only thing they care about is money that comes with the persistence of the armed conflict they so deliberately nourish," he said. “The people’s message to the enemy is clear. We don’t want you here."

Weakened force

Kevin, one of the surrenderers, admitted he was forced to return to the folds of the law due to the NPA's "weakening force.

“The areas that we are hiding are already covered by the military. Our forces are dwindling because our masses are also returning to the folds of the law,” Kevin said in the vernacular.

“Aside from that, a lot of ‘bagani’s’ (local tribal defender) was formed which made it more impossible for us to seek help from the masses,” he added.

Government interventions

Meanwhile, Davao del Norte Gov. Edwin Jubahib vowed to continue delivering basic services to the conflict-affected areas in the province.

During the presentation of the surrenderers, Jubahib also lauded government troops for their efforts in protecting hinterlands villages, especially the indigenous peoples (IPs), "from the deception and lies of the communist terrorists".

“They (NPA) find it hard to maneuver to the hinterlands because the civilians trusted the government and will no longer entertain them. I will make sure that the continued delivery of services will be given to them,” the governor said.

For Davao de Oro Gov. Jayvee Tyron Uy who also attended the activity, the surrender of the former NPA rebels was a testament that "the whole of nation approach is effective," referring to the national government's strategy to address local communist conflicts.

“This is a very momentous event and I thanked our military troops for a job well done. We have seen the fruit of our efforts, especially in battling with insurgency,” he said.

Army captures NPA fighter behind burning of trucks in MisOr

From the Philippine News Agency (Oct 8, 2020): Army captures NPA fighter behind burning of trucks in MisOr

CAPTURED. Suspected New People's Army rebel "James" is apprehended by soldiers under the Army's 58th Infantry Battalion following a 15-minute firefight in the hinterlands of Barangay Bulahan, Claveria, Misamis Oriental on Thursday (Oct. 8, 2020). James, 19, is accused of taking part in the burning of equipment owned by Del Monte Philippines last October 6 in Claveria town. (Photo courtesy of 58IB)

Soldiers under the Army's 58th Infantry Battalion (58IB) captured on Thursday a suspected New People’s Army (NPA) combatant after a 15-minute firefight in the hinterlands of Barangay Bulahan in Claveria, Misamis Oriental.

In a statement, the 58IB said "James", 19, was one of the rebels who set ablaze several vehicles owned by Del Monte Philippines on October 6 in Claveria.

Soldiers also seized an anti-personnel mine and a .38-caliber pistol following the encounter.

According to 58IB, James worked for a unit of the NPA's North Central Mindanao Regional Committee, and was recruited when he was only 17 years old. He is a resident of Barangay Farmbugas, Claveria.

The Army battalion said the captured rebel "revealed that they burned the equipment of DMPI" because the company rejected the rebels' "extortion" activities, adding that James also disclosed the names of other rebels who took part in destroying the civilian properties.

"According to the new Anti-Terrorism Bill of 2020, persons will be held liable for those who continue to support and facilitate of any means to the CPP NPA terrorist," the 58IB said.

Lt. Col. Ricky L. Canatoy, 58IB commander, called on the remaining members of the NPA to surrender "and live a peaceful, normal life and to avoid the unnecessary deaths because of the crossfires".

"However, for those who continue to spoil the peace we will continue to use force to protect the people," Canatoy warned.

He said the captured rebel will be turned over to the police for the appropriate filing of cases.