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Opinion: Lawfare: CPP using its allies to silence detractors

 Opinion piece posted to the Manila Times (Mar 6, 2021): Lawfare: CPP using its allies to silence detractors (By Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr.)

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WHILE the Senate committee report on red-tagging was explicit about red-tagging being a nonissue as far as making it a criminal act is concerned and then asking the Makabayan bloc to denounce the violence of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF), Sen. Risa Hontiveros, on the other hand, is adamant in ventilating that red-tagging creates a chilling effect on dissenters.

Really, madam senator? Would you feel the same effect if you were a legit activist or dissenter? What you are failing to recognize is the chilling effect that you want government officials, especially the security sector, to feel every time you threaten them with sanctions, including the threat of nonconfirmation at the Commission on Appointments. We see this and feel this every time your underground friends are unmasked by vocal members of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-Elcac). May we know if you are part of the Senate committee that challenged the Makabayan bloc to denounce the violence of the CPP-NPA-NDF? If not, may we ask you to condemn them too? Remember that this is the same CPP-NPA-NDF that has been killing and threatening Akbayan members, who chose to sever their relations with the Reaffirmist group of Joma. This is the same CPP-NPA-NDF that killed rejectionists Filemon “Ka Popoy” Lagman, Leopoldo “Ka Hector” Mabilangan and Romulo Kintanar.

Does the good senator acknowledge the chilling effect her friends from the other side, the Kamatayan bloc, bring every time they speak out against government officials, the military, judges, lay workers, teachers, faculty, who just must realize they are being called out by people backed by the dreaded Special Partisan Unit (Sparu) of the NPA? Think about that, Madam Senator.

And in case you miss it, it is the CPP-NPA-Sparu that kills even legitimate activists, if only to blame the government. Remember the revelations of confessed Sparu James Durimon @Jurros? He too was in that Senate hearing and he mentioned killing at least seven peasants in Negros, on orders of his CPP boss, Charity Amacan, in order to pin down the government for extrajudicial killings during the visit of UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard, in 2017.

For 50 years the majority of the Filipino people kept mum about the CPP-NPA underground because of the dangers of doing otherwise. Even active military and police officers were scared of the repercussions. As a wife of a former police official, Senator Hontiveros should know this. When these communists won some seats, suddenly we see them aboveground, but still, we know of them participating in underground work. Think Satur Ocampo, Teddy Casiño, Carlos Zarate, Sarah Elago, France Castro, Ferdinand Gaite etc. Do you really believe they are legitimate dissenters? How come they cannot denounce the CPP-NPA’s violence?

Who then are these legit dissenters you are trying to defend, Madam Senator? If it is the media, fine, anyway we are not after them. We simply want them to be fair in their reporting. Or is it the organizers of the SOS movement? Sister Patricia Fox and her rural missionaries? Chad Booc of Alternative Learning Center for Agricultural and Livelihood Development (Alcadev), Tribal Filipino Program of Surigao del Sur (Trifpps), and Salugpungan? Take a pick and we will tell the people why they are dangerous threats to our society, especially our children, particularly this Chad Booc.

If it is Booc, think about these, Madam. Chad Booc is not an activist. Neither are Alexa Pacalda, Glendhyl Malabanan, Honey Mae Suazo, and many more who are with the NPA by now. Chad was dangerously lurking underground to do work for the CPP-NPA — the terrorist organization declared by the Philippine government as terrorists on Dec. 5, 2017 through Presidential Proclamation 374 — until his capture in Cebu. He works with Alcadev but is not the volunteer teacher that you think he is, but an illegal recruiter. Sure, he has friends who know him otherwise, but let me tell you about this school he worked for and tell us if this would have a chilling effect on peace-loving readers. To those who were in some way involved with this organization in the past, as a donor, partner agency, collaborator, I am sure there would be a chilling effect on them.

Alcadev, just like the Salugpungan, Trifpss, Program for Mamanwa Integrated Services and Development or PMISD, and Center for Lumad Advocacy and Services or Clans are creations of the CPP-NPA-NDF in order to teach young IP children the 4 R’s: reading, writing, arithmetic and arming. Yes, they are also trained to disassemble and assemble arms, do maneuvers, become spies, detonate bombs. They are also taught the other 2R’s: running errands. Yes, but not for their parents because many of them are taken away from unsuspecting parents, but for the CPP-NPA formations, while they are too young to bear arms themselves at 12 to 14 years old. The final R is taught to them as soon as they are 15, being a full-time rebel. Did I invent these things? No, Madam Senator, some of them are in the transcript of your Senate committee hearing, revealed by our resource persons, if only you cared to listen.

So, why Chad for Alcadev? Because we don’t expect law-abiding teachers of DepEd to teach these things to their wards. You have to keep these activities closely guarded. That is the reason why they carefully choose the staff to supervise the school. One such staff is or was because recently she was too sick to continue with her work, Mica Caspe. She is the party wife of the late rebel leader Fr. Frank Navarro. Also known as @Daday, she was tasked by Myrna Sularte@Malaya, the wife of Jorge Madlos @Oris, secretary of the northeastern Mindanao regional party committee, to manage Alcadev, as well as the other CPP schools mentioned earlier. She is also connected with the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP). Her main task though was to establish alliances with various sectoral groups, nongovernment organizations and even some government agencies, particularly to generate funding for their recruitment schools.

There goes the chilling effect that knowledgeable donors, partner organizations, and agencies are feeling now. This information is out, and they have been mentioned many times earlier but without concrete action, until the enactment of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020. These people who are guilty of support, are now trying to convince Senator Hontiveros to silence me to no end.

But let us assure our people this: If you are not guilty to all, chill ka lang. You will be safe and the government will keep you protected.

We can fact-check everything, I wrote Senator Risa.

And yes, dear readers, there is the other R.

NPA slams Himamaylan raids

 From the Visayan Daily Star (Mar 6, 2021): NPA slams Himamaylan raids (BY GILBERT P. BAYORAN)

The Apolinario Gatmaitan Command of the New People’s Army slammed the series of raids initiated by the police and Army soldiers in three houses in Brgy. San Antonio, Himamaylan City, that led to the arrest on March 3 of two farmer-residents.

Rebel spokesperson Ka Juanito Magabanua issued a statement condemning the trumped up charges against Salvador Carpentero and Jilian Delfin, who were arrested during the joint operations of the 94th Infantry Battalion and the Himamaylan police.

The arrest of Carpentero, an alleged rebel courier, and Delfin, who was also alleged as member of the regional education staff of the Komiteng Rehiyonal Negros/Cbu/Bohol/Siquijor yielded a .38 caliber revolver with six ammunition, a hand grenade, assorted medicines, 15 cellular phones, three chargers, ten 1.5-volt batteries, nine flash drives, and two flashlights, as reported by the Himamaylan police.

Magbanua claimed that Carpentero and Delfin were among the 100 farmers and innocent civilians in Negros Island, who are victims of “planting of evidence” by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and National Police.

Maj. Romeo Vargas, Himamaylan City police chief, yesterday said that they discovered that the real identity of Delfin is Liezl Ann Gomez, a graduate of the University of the Philippines –Cebu.

Vargas also said that Gomez was denied of bail by the court for illegal possession of explosives, while P120,000 bail has been recommended for Carpentero, for illegal possession of firearms.

On the other hand, he also reported that the court recommended P240,000 bail for Warren Lozano, an alleged NPA hitman, who was also arrested March 1 in Brgy. Buenavista, Himamaylan City, for illegal possession of firearms and explosives.

Vargas said that they are also exploring the filing of another complaint against Gomez for concealing her true identity.

Meanwhile, Magbanua called on the Himamaylan City government and human rights institutions to conduct an impartial investigation to the illegal arrest of Carpentero and Delfin.*

NPA-free barangays to get P20 million government aid

From the Philippine Star (Mar 7, 2021): NPA-free barangays to get P20 million government aid (Edith Regalado)

President Duterte has started giving away P20 million worth of projects to each barangay that has emerged as free of the presence of the New People’s Army (NPA), especially those in the hinterlands.

The President started the distribution during the joint meeting of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) in Cagayan de Oro City the other night.

The NTF-ELCAC program has received P19 billion under the 2021 budget, with a total of 822 barangays receiving the development assistance.

During the meeting, Duterte called on the rebels fighting the government to lay down their arms and abandon their cause.

“You want to fight me, the government? I have plenty of tanks, I have many policemen and I have many soldiers. You’re just trying to hold on to this war. In one of the encounters, maybe you will get shot and die for nothing,” Duterte said at the meeting also attended by National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr. and other concerned Cabinet members.

The President told the NPA rebels there is no sense fighting government and instead, they should come back to the fold of the law to have a better life for themselves and their families.

Duterte said the NPA rebels should realize how they have been living a hard life fighting in the mountains while their leaders live comfortably in the cities.

The President lamented how the children of these communist leaders are sent to schools abroad while their own children have barely enough to live on.

Esperon said there are 822 barangays under NPA influence cleared from 2016 to 2019, with 119 of them in Region 10.

“These barangays will have P20 million each. This is for farm-to-market roads, classrooms, electricity, health station, water system, irrigation,” Esperon added.

Troops ordered to ‘shoot and kill’ Reds

From the Manila Times (Mar 7, 2021): Troops ordered to ‘shoot and kill’ Reds (By Catherine S. Valente)

President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered government troops to “shoot and kill” armed members of the New People’s Army (NPA), saying they were just “bandits” without any ideology.

Duterte claimed that leaders of the communist rebel group have earned “billions” by extorting money from businesses, including “malls” in Manila.

Duterte made the statement during the joint meeting of national and regional task forces to end local communist armed conflict (Elcac) in Cagayan de Oro City on Friday.

“That’s why I told the military and police that during encounters, if the enemy is holding a gun — kill them; kill them right away,” Duterte said mostly in Cebuano.

“Ignore human rights. That is my order. I’ll be the one to go to jail — no problem,” he added.

Incessant attacks of the NPA on government troops prompted Duterte to sign Proclamation 360 on Nov. 23, 2017, scrapping the peace negotiation between the government and the NPA’s political wing — the National Democratic Front.

The termination of the peace talks was followed by the signing of Proclamation 274 on Dec. 5, 2017, classifying the NPA as a terror organization.

Duterte, on Dec.10, 2018, directed the National Task Force-Elcac via Executive Order 70 to provide mechanism and structure for the implementation of the government’s whole-of-nation approach to ending the 51-year-old communist insurgency in the country.

Duterte said the communist rebels are fighting a lost cause.

“You communists should know what’s right. And what is the right thing to do? You don’t oppress your fellowmen; you don’t wage a war that you will never win. You are all bandits. You have no ideology. All communist countries — China and Russia — they are capitalists now,” Duterte said.

But Duterte still urged the rebels to surrender, promising them livelihood and shelter if they lay down their arms.

“For those who do not want war, those who understand what’s wrong and right, we will still welcome you,” Duterte said.

Southern Luzon Command chief Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr. said the government has long been reaching out to the NPA.

“President Duterte’s order is a standing one even before Covid-19 remember? We are giving them a chance through the localized peace engagement, but time is running out for them,” Parlade said.

Parlade explained that the call of the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) on nations to set aside fighting for the safe delivery and movement of Covid-19 vaccines does not apply to the NPA.

“So, the UNSC’s call for a vaccine ceasefire does not apply to them. It is referring to other rebel groups elsewhere who have belligerent status.”

Du30: NPA ‘bandits without an ideology’

From the Philippine Star (Mar 7, 2021): Du30: NPA ‘bandits without an ideology’ (By Vito Barcelo)

President Rodrigo Duterte has branded the New People’s Army (NPA) as “bandits,” saying they don’t have an ideology and are using the poor to extort and steal money.

The President ranted at NPA rebels, the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), excusing them of killing innocent people and extorting money from the poor.

“You are all bandits. You don’t have an ideology,” Duterte said during the meeting of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) in Cagayan de Oro City Friday.

Meanwhile, Duterte instructed the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) to speed up the distribution of land in areas that remain hotbeds for communist insurgency to eliminate the rebels’ influence. Vito Barcelo

In his speech, Duterte said he wants to see the completion of the distribution of the land titles before his term ends.

“I hope that you will be able to distribute it before my term ends. Something to do, leave behind. Thank you. I will give away all 400,000 (hectares),” he said.

The government has so far distributed more than 2,100 hectares in the Northern Mindanao region alone, which has been the President’s policy to distribute idle government-owned lands.

Duterte said he ordered DAR to prioritize the hotbeds of communist insurgency to address the issue.

Addressing the rebels, the President said they should stop pretending about having their own government in areas where they operate.

With less than two years in office, Duterte vowed he would not allow himself to be defeated by the communist movement. He reiterated his order to the military and the police to neutralize communist rebels.

“Why would you make us believe that you are government? Where is your hospital? Where are your ambulances? Where are your treasurers?” Duterte said.

The President belittled the communist movement’s capacity to wrest political power. “How can you topple government? I won’t allow you to topple government.”

Duterte urged communist fighters to lay down their firearms and rejoin mainstream society, luring them with offers of jobs, houses and opportunities for education and skills training.

“I can give you houses when you surrender. The houses are ready, there is always room for you to seek shelter,” he said.

Duterte remains optimistic that communist rebels would abandon the armed struggle and return to the fold of the law. Vito Barcelo

Bulatlat: Progressives hold Duterte accountable for killings, arrests in Southern Tagalog

From the pro-CPP/NDF online propaganda outlet Bulatlat (Mar 7, 2021): Progressives hold Duterte accountable for killings, arrests in Southern Tagalog (Ronalyn V. Olea)

Protesters hold a placard bearing the names of those killed in March 7 simultaneous raids in Southern Tagalog. (Photo by Carlo Manalansan / Bulatlat)

Progressive groups blamed President Rodrigo Duterte for the latest spate of killings and arrests in different parts of Southern Tagalog today, March 7.

Human rights alliance Karapatan confirmed that at least five were dead and three were arrested in simultaneous raids by combined police and military forces in Rizal, Laguna, Cavite and Batangas at around 4 a.m. today.

In a protest in front of the Commission of Human Rights, Defend-Southern Tagalog Spokesperson Charm Maranan said the incidents, dubbed as Bloody Sunday, took place a day after Duterte ordered his troops again to “finish off and kill all communist rebels.”

Those slain, however, are not New People’s Army (NPA) combatants but leaders and members of people’s organizations, according to former Anakpawis Rep. Ariel Casilao. They are Manny Asuncion of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan-Cavite, urban poor leaders Melvin Dasigao and Mark Lee Coros Bacasno and peasant couple Ariel Evangelista and Chai Lemita-Evangelista.

Maranan also pointed the finger at Southern Luzon Command Chief Antonio Parlade Jr. and the National Task Force to End the Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC).

As of this writing, Defend-ST monitored two incidents of raid in Batangas, three in Laguna, two in Rizal and one in Cavite.

The crackdown in Calabarzon is likened to Operation Sauron implemented by Police Chief Debold Sinas in Negros island. Karapatan noted that a pattern in these operations — “copy-paste” search warrants are used to swoop on civilian communities; combined police and military forces arrest activists and kill those who allegedly resisted arrest.

Progressives call for justice for their slain colleagues during a protest March 7. 2021 in front of the Commission on Human Rights. (Photo by Carlo Manalansan/Bulatlat)

Karapatan Secretary General Cristina Palabay called on the CHR to investigate the Bloody Sunday crackdown.

“Our calls for justice ring louder more than ever as we demand the release of all those arrested in Southern Tagalog and all political prisoners, and to hold accountable the perpetrators of the killings in the region today,” Palabay said.

‘Defective warrants’

Based on initial data gathered by Karapatan-Southern Tagalog, only two judges – Manila Vice Executive Judge Jose Lorenzo Dela Rosa and Sta. Cruz Regional Trial Court Branch 91 Judge Divina Gracia Ongkeko-Bustos – issued the search warrants.

Ongkeko-Bustos is the same judge who issued the search warrants against union activists Arnedo Laguinias and Ramir Corcolon who were arrested in separate incidents, March 4.

“The warrants have a template. Only the names and addresses were changed,” Maranan told Bulatlat in an interview.

In his speech at the CHR, Raymond Palatino of BAYAN-National Capital Region said in Filipino, “To the judges who issued the search warrants, you violated due process. What is your agreement with the PNP [Philippine National Police]?”

Palatino called on the Supreme Court to put a stop to the so-called factories of defective search warrants used against political dissenters.

Known for notoriety in issuing “copy-paste “warrants is Quezon City Regional Trial Presiding Judge Cecilyn Burgos-Villavert. Her warrants led to the arrests of seven human rights defenders on Dec. 10, 2020. She was also the one who issued warrants against 57 activists in Negros island and five activists in Metro Manila in 2019.

Villavert also issued warrants for the arrest of National Democratic Front peace consultants Vicente Ladlad, Rey Casambre, Estrelita Suaybaguio, Alexander and Winona Birondo, and Villamor couple.

Palatino also urged the high court to issue a temporary restraining order against the Anti-Terror Law. The Anti-Terror Law, Palatino said, would be used to further attack Duterte’s critics.

Philippines Rights Groups: 9 Activists Killed in ‘Bloody Sunday’ Raids

From BenarNews (Mar 7, 2021): Philippines Rights Groups: 9 Activists Killed in ‘Bloody Sunday’ Raids (Nonoy Espina and Jojo Rinoza)

Members of the New People’s Army, the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, gather in Misamis Oriental province, May 2, 2016.  Froilan Gallardo/BenarNews

Updated at 2:25 p.m. ET on 03-07-2021

At least nine activists were killed and six others arrested in a series of morning raids in four provinces near the Philippine capital, just days after the president ordered officers to kill communist rebels, rights groups said in what is being called a “Bloody Sunday.”

The raids in Rizal, Batangas, Laguna and Cavite provinces were the latest in what authorities call Synchronized Enhanced Management of Police Operations (SEMPO) – dragnets involving massive troop deployments.

“Nothing could be more apt than calling this day a ‘Bloody Sunday,’” said Cristina Palabay, leader of the Filipino rights group Karapatan. “The fascist Duterte regime spares no day in its murderous campaign of state terror with the arrests and killings of labor leaders, organizers, activists and human rights workers.”

The deadly raids came two days after President Rodrigo Duterte, speaking in the southern city of Cagayan de Oro, issued orders for security forces to end the rebellion which began in 1969. He made the announcement during a meeting focusing on ending the communist insurgency.

“I’ve told the military and the police that if they find themselves in an armed encounter with the communist rebels, kill them, make sure you really kill them, and finish them off if they are alive,” he said.

On Sunday, Duterte’s spokesman did not respond when asked by BenarNews for comment on the killings.

5 victims identified

Michael Dasigao and Mark Lee Coros Bacasno, who work with the urban poor group Sikkad Montalban, were killed Sunday during police operations in the town of Rodriguez, the human rights alliance Karapatan said.

In Cavite province, Manny Asuncion, coordinator of the provincial chapter of the leftist Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Nationalist Alliance) died in the police raid on the office of the workers’ union group, according to activists. Photos released by the labor group May First Movement showed streaks of blood indicating that Asuncion’s body may have been dragged from the second floor down a flight of stairs to the ground floor.

The bodies of Ariel Evangelista and his wife, Chai Lemita, leaders of a local fishermen’s organization, were found in a funeral parlor in the town of Nasugbu hours after police raided their home, according to Palabay.

“Their 10-year-old son reportedly hid under a bed and witnessed the killing of his parents,” Palabay said.

Activists said four others were killed, but their names were not released. In addition, six were arrested, including a paralegal for Karapatan, Nimfa Lanzanas, 61, while nine others remained at large, according to authorities.

Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr., an Army division commander and spokesman for a task force whose mission is to end the communist insurgency, told Reuters news service that the raids were “legitimate law enforcement operations,” based on search warrants for firearms and explosives.

“As usual these groups are so quick in assuming that the subjects were activists and that they were killed. If (the) motive was to kill them, they should all be dead but there were those who did not resist arrest so they were collared,” Parlade said.

Responding to the Sunday raids, the Communist Party of the Philippines ordered its armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA) to “mobilize its units to help secure the people being persecuted and hunted down by the fascist regime.”

“Targets of Duterte’s state terrorism can be absorbed by NPA units or provided safe haven within the NPA’s guerrilla base areas,” it said in a statement.

The NPA “must take the initiative to carry out tactical offensives to punish the perpetrators and masterminds of these crimes,” the CPP said.

It also called on “friends of the Filipino people abroad to condemn and help expose the brutal attacks and the Duterte regime’s growing list of fascist crimes.”

Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch (HRW), expressed concern about the raids, saying they appear to be a coordinated effort by authorities.

“These incidents are clearly part of the government’s increasingly brutal counter-insurgency campaign aimed at eliminating the 52-year-old Communist insurgency. The fundamental problem is this campaign no longer makes any distinction between armed rebels and noncombatant activists, labor leaders and rights defenders,”
he said in a statement.

“The Philippines government should act now to investigate the use of the lethal force in these raids, stop the mayhem and killings that have gone hand-in-hand with the practice of red-tagging, and respect the rights of Filipinos to exercise their civil and political right, and dissent,” he said.

As part of red-tagging, the military names groups or individuals as being supporters of communist rebels, or as insurgents themselves involved with alleged legal fronts for the CPP and NPA.

Broken peace talks

Since Duterte broke off talks with the rebels waging the 52-year communist insurgency in November 2017, scores of left-wing activists, including lawyers, peasants, indigenous people and members of religious groups have died.

A recent incident occurred on Dec. 30, 2020, in Tapaz, a municipality on Panay island, which led to the deaths of nine leaders of the indigenous Tumandok people, including elected local officials, and the arrest of 17 others.

In late February, police in the Cordillera region, the country’s northern highlands, released a resolution to undertake “tokhang” operations to convince leftists, including those in media and government, to cease their alleged support for rebels. Cordillera police chief R’win Pagkalinawan recently said a list of 300 leftists would be released by the end of the month.

Tokhang, coined from the Visayan words for “knock” and “beg,” is a police campaign to convince drug dealers and users to surrender and quit. The practice has come to be associated with killings in Duterte’s “war on drugs.”

Police in late 2020 said nearly 8,000 suspected drug dealers and addicts had been killed since Duterte took office in 2016 and launched the drug war while rights groups and activists have said thousands more could have been killed.

Froilan Gallardo in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, contributed to this report.

Soldiers Wounded as Philippine Govt Forces Overrun Militant Lair in South

From BenarNews (Mar 4, 2021): Soldiers Wounded as Philippine Govt Forces Overrun Militant Lair in South

Philippine soldiers patrol along a village near a highway in southern Maguindanao province, after almost a week of attacks on suspected members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), a pro-Islamic State militant group, May 10, 2017.  AFP

At least five government soldiers were wounded during an intense firefight with a band of Islamic State-linked militants in the southern Philippines, the military said Thursday.

A gunbattle broke out and lasted several hours after members of the 55th Infantry Battalion
assaulted a suspected lair of the Daulah Islamiyah-Maute Group in the hinterlands of Lanao del Sur province on Wednesday, military officials said.

“Five soldiers sustained minor injuries during the firefight and have been given medical attention,” battalion commander Lt. Col. Franco Rafael Alano said.

Government security officials said there were no immediate reports of casualties on the enemy side, a local militant group that had helped lead hundreds of pro-Islamic State (IS) fighters from the Philippines and other countries in a siege on the southern city of Marawi in 2017. Hundreds of fighters on both sides, as well as civilians were killed in a five-month battle then.

Alano said Wednesday’s firefight occurred in a remote village in the mountains outside the town of Madalum, where the enemy side dug in for five hours before escaping.

Troops recovered a home-made bomb, bomb-making materials, assorted ammunition, food rations and personal items, he said.

Baby paraphernalia was also recovered, indicating that an infant and its mother were in the company of the militants, Alano said.

“It was clear evidence of the terrorists’ disregard for the safety of their family members,” he said.

The militant group, he said, had been trying to build up its forces ever since their defeat in Marawi nearly four years ago. Those involved in the firefight in Lanao del Sur this week were part of its recruitment team, he added.

The clash took place a day after a suspected Dawlah Islamiyah member surrendered amid a military offensive against the group in the province, authorities said.

Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan Jr., chief of the military’s Western Mindanao Command, identified the member as Amirudin Dimakuta, 40, according to the state-run Philippine News Agency.

ReCAAP ISC warning: Attempted boarding on bulk carrier in Sulu-Celebes sea

Posted to Sailor News (Mar 5, 2021): ReCAAP ISC warning: Attempted boarding on bulk carrier in Sulu-Celebes sea

ReCAAP ISC warning: Attempted boarding on bulk carrier in Sulu-Celebes sea

While the bulk carrier was underway at about 1045 hrs, an unidentified speed boat with three perpetrators onboard attempted to board the ship. The master reported the incident to the Philippine Navy Littoral Monitoring Station (LMS). There was no mention if the perpetrators were armed.

As the Sulu-based Abu Sayyaf Group/Kidnap-for-Ransom Group (ASG/FRG) elements are based in the area of the incident,
the ReCAAP ISC urges ship master and crew to exercise extra vigilance when transiting the waters off Eastern Sabah and in the Sulu-Celebes Seas, in particular waters off Sibutu Island,

…ReCAAP ISC said in a special warning to shipping issued on 5 March.

The risk of the abduction of crew in the Sulu-Celebes Seas and waters off Eastern Sabah is high as demonstrated by the abduction incident on 17 Jan 20, information of planned kidnapping in Sabah and Semporna, Malaysia, and the operation on 3 Nov 20 by the Philippine authorities in preventing a kidnap-for-ransom incident.

The ReCAAP ISC reiterates its advisory issued via ReCAAP ISC Incident Alert dated 21 Nov 16 to all ships to reroute from the area, where possible. Otherwise, ship masters and crew are strongly urged to exercise extra vigilance while transiting the area, and report all incidents immediately to the Operation Centres of the Philippines and Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) of Malaysia.

25T soldiers eyed for inoculation

From the Philippine Information Agency (Mar 5, 2021): 25T soldiers eyed for inoculation (By Roi Lomotan)

AFP Chief Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana tells local reporters that 25 percent of the country's soldiers are targeted to be covered by the government's vaccination program. He was in Zamboanguita town on Feb. 28 to attend the honoring ceremony organized for him by the municipal government. The AFP chief is a native of Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental. (ral/PIA7-NegOr)

ZAMBOANGUITA, Negros Oriental, March 3 (PIA) -- Around 25,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) are targeted to be covered by the government’s COVID-19 vaccination program.

This was disclosed by AFP Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana in an interview with local media on Feb. 28 during his visit in Zamboanguita.

Sobejana visited his hometown of Zamboanguita to attend the honoring ceremony organized by municipal government in recognition of his appointment as the country’s top military official.

The AFP general said 25 percent of government troops or equivalent to 25,000 who are directly involved in frontline operations will be prioritized in the government’s vaccine rollout.

“We have members of our organization that are considered frontliners. They are the very vulnerable sa spread ng infection kaya gumawa ako ng directive giving priority to these people (I issued a directive ordering these people to be a priority),” Sobejana said.

He said they have trust and confidence in the Food and Drug Administration and will use whichever vaccine the agency deems suitable for them.

The AFP chief left Zamboanguita early because he had to fly back to Manila and oversee the security measures for the arrival of the first batch of Sinovac vaccines coming from China.

Around 600,000 doses of Sinovac vaccines arrived in the evening on that day.

Before he left, Sobejana explained to members of the local media that out of the 600,000 vaccines, around 50,000 will be allocated for government soldiers.

He said the figure is enough for the 25,000 targeted to be covered by the vaccine rollout since it comes in two doses.

Asked if he is willing to be inoculated in public, he said, “I’m willing to be vaccinated in public. Although, sabi nila 50 percent ang efficacy (even though they said the efficacy rate is only 50 percent) it's better to be protected by 50 percent than no protection at all."

A report from the Philippine News Agency (PNA) said that the military chief is giving way for other sectors to be vaccinated first.

The report also said the general is only giving directions and guidance as to who will be inoculated first in the military and it is okay with him to be the last one to get vaccinated. (ral/PIA7-Negros Oriental)

11 former, active NPA members surrender in Nueva Ecija

From the Philippine Information Agency (Mar 4, 2021): 11 former, active NPA members surrender in Nueva Ecija (By Gabriela Liana Barela)

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga, March 4 (PIA) -- A total of 11 former and members of New People’s Army (NPA) voluntarily surrendered to authorities in Nueva Ecija.

Surrenderers also turned in with them three pieces 0.38 caliber revolvers, one piece 12 gauge shotgun, and six pieces 0.38 caliber live ammunition.

Police Regional Director PBGen. Valeriano De Leon said the continuous surrender of active and former members of NPA leaves a big impact in their campaign against local armed conflict.


A total of 11 former and active New People’s Army members surrender to authorities in Nueva Ecija. (Police Regional Office 3)

"It only goes to show that we are serious in our campaign and it is also high time for them to return to the folds of the law," De Leon noted.

Returnees are assured of security and benefits through the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program.

These include livelihood assistance, legal assistance, and weapon remuneration among others. (CLJD/GLSB-PIA 3)

Makabayan bloc’s anti-econ cha-cha to lead to higher unemployment

From the Philippine News Agency (Mar 7, 2021): Makabayan bloc’s anti-econ cha-cha to lead to higher unemployment

Department of the Interior and Local Government Spokesperson and Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya (File photo)

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) on Sunday said the opposition of the so-called Makabayan Bloc in Congress to the economic amendments in the 1987 Philippine Constitution is based on an impractical and outdated economic model that would lead to higher unemployment and suffering of the people.

“The so-called Makabayan Bloc opposes the lifting of the restrictive economic provisions in our constitution because they adhere to their own so-called ‘national industrialization program’ where the electric, water, mining, oil, telecommunications and transportation industries, among others, are to be confiscated from their owners and taken over by the State as dictated by their obsolete ideology,”
DILG Spokesperson and Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya said.

The House of Representatives has begun plenary debates on Resolution of Both Houses No.2 authored by Speaker Lord Allan Velasco.

Malaya said the alternative proposed by the so-called Makabayan Bloc is obsolete and impractical because it is pre-globalization and has been discarded by all nations all over the world.

He said the Makabayan Bloc would want us to abandon the free market economy and be protectionist in a globalized world.

“If we will follow their proposal, we will be bringing back our country to the dark ages and we will be a pariah in the global economy,” he added.

He said the Makabayan Bloc follows the NatDem (National Democracy) ideological line of Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison which dictates that all strategic industries must be nationalized or owned by the State.

He said the economic model of the National Democratic Front (NDF) being espoused by the so-called Makabayan bloc is contained in their proposed Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reform (CASER), which is one of the items being pushed by the CPP-National People’s Army-NDF in the collapsed peace talks with the government.

Among the items in CASER is the confiscation of all land used by foreign corporations and landlords, take-over of all large plantations and corporate farms by the State, take-over of all industries deemed as strategic by the Left, and the closure of all large corporations – whether foreign or local – to give way to their national industrialization program.

He said this type of economic model has been a disaster all over the world citing the collapse of the Soviet Union and its satellite countries in the 90s.

"All the remaining communist countries like China and Vietnam which are ruled by Communist parties have adopted free market economies," he said.

Malaya said he concurs with Presidential Peace Adviser Carlito G. Galvez Jr.’s statement that CASER is a product of a secret backchannel maneuvered by the communist insurgents where there was zero consultation with the government’s economic team, security forces, local agencies, and local government units, and most importantly, the Filipino people.

Given the impact of the pandemic to the Philippine economy, Malaya said economic amendments are necessary for the country to begin the road to recovery.

Citing figures from the National Economic Development Authority, he said the pandemic has caused a total income loss of PHP1.04 trillion last year. On average, that translated to PHP2.8 billion in salaries lost — or an annual income loss of PHP23,000 per worker.

He said for the country to fully recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, the government must open up the economy to achieve a truly inclusive investments-led economic growth that will create more jobs for the people especially since many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) returned to the country amid the pandemic.

In January, the Senate conducted the first public hearing on the proposed lifting of the protectionist provisions of the Constitution.

In the House of Representatives, House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco and Rep. Alfredo Garbin Jr., chairman of the House Committee on Constitutional Amendments, proposed that the upper and lower Houses of Congress vote separately on the proposed economic amendments.

Murder charges filed vs. 8 NoCot blast suspects

From the Philippine News Agency (Mar 7, 2021): Murder charges filed vs. 8 NoCot blast suspects (By Christopher Lloyd Caliwan)

BLAST SITE. Police officers respond to a blast in the North Cotabato town of Tulunan Jan. 27, 2021. The explosion killed a fruit vendor and injured two others. (Photos courtesy of former North Cotabato Board Member Socrates Piñol)

Murder charges have been filed against eight identified members of the Al Khobar group allegedly behind the North Cotabato explosion last month, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said on Sunday.

PNP chief Gen. Debold Sinas said the results of the probe conducted by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) led to the filing of murder and frustrated murder complaint against Salahudin Hassa, Lutre Aman, Tasly Saligan, Norodrin Haman, Datu Ali Camsa, Sandali Sindatok, Jordan Kamad, and Tahir Abubakar, all residents of Datu Paglas, Maguindanao and members of Dawlah Islamiya-Hassan Group, before the North Cotabato provincial prosecutor on March 5.

“We have ongoing police operations to scour the areas in Mindanao in pursuit of this terrorist group,” Sinas said in a statement.

Al Khobar is an organized crime group formed out of a dismantled group operating under the Special Operations Group of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in the early 2000 and was responsible for extortion and bombing activities in Central Mindanao.

Sinas said the explosion incident happened on Jan. 27, 2021 after a bus of the Yellow Bus Lines was about to drop a passenger along the national highway near an abandoned ticket booth located in Barangay Sibsib, North Cotabato.

Gina Paunon, a 53-year fruit vendor of Purok 1, F. Cajelo, Tulunan, Cotabato succumbed to blast injuries which also hurt Ryan Panibayo and Lorester Hilberto, also both from Tulunan, North Cotabato.

The explosion, according to investigators, was caused by a remotely detonated improvised explosive device.

Sinas said many witnesses gathered through the collective efforts of the intelligence and investigating units from the Armed Forces of the Philippines, North Cotabato Police Provincial Office and other national support units identified the perpetrators through the rouges’ gallery of suspected groups responsible for the explosion.

CPP/NDF-Bicol: Ispesyal na yunit ng CAFGU para sa eleksyon 2022, tagapagtaguyod ng pasismo ng estado

Posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 4, 2021): Ispesyal na yunit ng CAFGU para sa eleksyon 2022, tagapagtaguyod ng pasismo ng estado





MARCH 04, 2021

Mahigpit na kinukundena ng NDF-Bikol ang pagbubuo ng ispesyal na yunit ng CAFGU para sa eleksyon 2022. Ngayong Pebrero, ibinalitang mayroon nang Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) ang gubyerno ng Camarines Sur at 9th IDPA para rito. Sa bisa nito, kargo ng mga lokal na yunit ng gubyerno ang pagpapasweldo sa kanila ngunit gagalaw pa rin sila sa kumpas ng kumand ng AFP. Tiyak na interes ng diktadura at mga burukrata kapitalista, at hindi karapatan ng mamamayan, ang ipagtatanggol nila.

Dagdag na banta at panganib sa buhay at kabuhayan ng masang Bikolano ang pagde-deploy ng karagdagang elemento ng CAFGU sa mga barangay at munisipalidad. Sa maraming kaso, magkasapakat ang militar at CAFGU sa mga paglabag ng karapatang tao sa rehiyon. Kabilang na rito ang paggahasa at pagpaslang kay Diana Rose Razo sa Brgy. Pampang, Castilla, Sorsogon noong 2017. Sa Albay, magkasabwat ding pinaslang ng CAFGU at mga militar sina Mario Pantoja Maritana at Amador Orfano noong Oktubre 2018. Higit pa itong lalala sa panahon ng halalan. Tiyak na tatargetin ang mga progresibong kandidato, partylists at tagasuporta ng mga ito. Mula 2016, umaabot na sa 15 kasapi ng mga progresibong partylist, lokal na upisyal ng gubyerno at pulitiko ang pinaslang sa rehiyon.

Inuudyukan din ng MOA ang higit na matinding karahasan at ribalan sa pagitan ng mga burukratang nag-aagawan sa pwesto. Gawi na ng mga sagadsaring pulitikong magkanlong at kumuha ng mga elemento ng CAFGU at paramilitar upang atakehin ang mga kalaban sa pulitika, palakasin at i-preserba ang kanilang pampulitikang kapangyarihan. Dahil ibinibigay ng MOA sa mga nasa poder ang kontrol sa deployment ng espesyal na yunit CAFGU, dapat nang asahan ang pagdumog at panghahalihaw ng mga ito sa mga balwarte ng oposisyon.

Sangkap din ang MOA ng kabuuhang kampanyang kontrainsurhensya ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Tulad ng mga nakaraang eleksyong Lantarang pinanghihimasukan ng militar, ang MOA ay isang desperadong tangka ng pasistang rehimen upang ituloy ang okupasyon at mga operasyong militar kahit sa panahon ng halalan. Liban sa pang-aatake sa masa at pagsikil ng kanilang mga karapatan, target nito ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan laluna ang BHB. Layunin nitong hadlangan ang lahat ng hakbangin ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan upang ipagtanggol ang kapakanan ng masang saklaw ng kanilang mga yunit sa panahon ng eleksyon.

Ngunit sa likod ng proteksyong ibibigay umano ng CAFGU sa mga pulitiko ay ang pagkontrol at pagbabantay ng militar sa galaw ng mga upisyales ng lokal na gubyerno. Maliban sa pagtatatak sa sarili bilang kaaway ng mamamayan, ginagawa ng pulitikong alipin ng militar ang kanyang sarili. Sa pinakamalubhang senaryo, maaari siyang patayin ng kanyang mga itinuturing na tagapagtanggol kung mayroon siyang mga transaksyong taliwas sa interes ng militar at sa naghaharing paksyon ng burukrata kapitalista.

Hamon para sa masang Bikolanong magkaisa’t labanan ang papatinding atake ng pasistang estado sa rehiyon. Marapat nilang hamunin ang kanilang mga kinatawan sa lokal na yunit ng gubyernong ipagtanggol ang masang anakpawis, makiisa sa panawagan para sa katarungan para sa lahat ng biktima ng pasismo ng estado. Itakwil ang MOA, ATA, MO 32, EO 70 at iba pang mga kahalintilad na pasista at mapanlinlang na atas.

CPP/NPA-Bicol ROC: Duterte’s Amnesty Proclamation: A plea for massive surrender and consent to the criminalization of democratic rights

Posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 4, 2021): Duterte’s Amnesty Proclamation: A plea for massive surrender and consent to the criminalization of democratic rights





MARCH 04, 2021

What power does a dictator have to forgive a person who has not even committed a crime? This is the people’s cry after Duterte issued a series of amnesty proclamations for those he considers enemies, including the CPP-NPA-NDFP, MNLF and reactionary RPB-ABB.

In order to be blessed with benefits and amnesty, an individual must admit to his or her crimes and pledge loyalty to the reactionary government. This is equivalent to the criminalization and surrender of democratic, sovereign and justifiable right of the people to take up arms and fight against a government that has gravely abused its power and used it against the people.

Everyone knows that the proclamation is Duterte’s last attempt to achieve his target of defeating the revolutionary movement before his term ends. The CPP-NPA-NDFP and the struggling masses have long refused the GPH’s demand to lay down arms before resuming with the peace talks. Frustrated in its attempt to ensnare the revolutionary movement in this attempt, here comes Duterte and his pointless maneuvers. He is pleading with the people to turn their backs against the armed struggle and pledge loyalty to the fascist and oppressive state.

Similar to the earlier scheme of campaigning for localized peace talks, the implementation of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA), the creation of NTF-ELCAC and other vile methods of pacification and capitulation, the amnesty proclamation is a manifestation of the fascist regime’s growing fear of an expanding movement against dictatorship and a strengthening armed revolution all set to frustrate one dictatorial regime after another and topple the present rotten and oppressive system.

Nothing can be expected from a fascist beast. How else can the oppressed and exploited masses protect themselves from mercenary armies and constant attacks of fascist regimes but by taking up arms? RJC-NPA Bikol calls on the people, more so Bikolanos, to join and further strengthen the armed revolution.

Deceiving and false promises and proclamations cannot suppress or cripple rebellions, uprisings and liberation movements. These mushroom whenever and wherever oppression and exploitation exist and intensify. These grow and gain foothold, not because of fear or fanaticism, but because of truly representing the masses’ interests. And these will persist as long as the root causes of poverty and destitution prevail.

CPP/NPA-Bicol ROC: Amnesty Proclamation ni Duterte: Pagmamakaawa para sa malawakang pagsuko at pagpayag sa kriminalisasyon ng mga demokratikong karapatan

Posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 4, 2021): Amnesty Proclamation ni Duterte: Pagmamakaawa para sa malawakang pagsuko at pagpayag sa kriminalisasyon ng mga demokratikong karapatan


MARCH 04, 2021

Ano ang karapatan ng isang diktador na patawarin ang isang taong wala namang pagkakasala? Ito ang sigaw ng mamamayan matapos ang paglalabas ni Duterte ng serye ng mga amnesty proclamation para sa mga tinuturing niyang kaaway gaya ng CPP-NPA-NDFP, MNLF at ang reaksyunaryong RPB-ABB.

Upang mabiyayaan ng benepisyo at ng amnestiya, kailangang aminin ng isang indibidwal ang kanyang mga krimen at sumumpa ng katapatan sa reaksyunaryong gubyerno. Katumbas ito ng pagpayag sa kriminalisasyon at pagsuko ng demokratiko, soberano at makatwirang karapatan ng mamamayang humawak ng armas at labanan ang isang gubyernong lubhang umabuso sa kapangyarihan at gumagamit dito laban sa taumbayan.

Alam naman ng lahat na ang naturang proklamasyon ay huling tangka ni Duterte na makamit ang kanyang target na padapain ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan bago magtapos ang kanyang termino. Matagal nang itinakwil ng CPP-NPA-NDFP at ng sambayanang lumalaban ang kagustuhan ng GPH na magbaba ng armas bago bumalik sa mesa ng usapang pangkapayapaan. Dahil sa kabiguang mabitag sa gayong pakana ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan, heto na naman si Duterte at ang kanyang mga hungkag na pakulo. Nagmamakaawa siya sa mamamayang talikdan ang armadong pakikibaka at sumumpa ng katapatan sa pasista at mapanupil na estado.

Gaya ng mga nauna nang pakana ng lokalisadong usapang pangkapayapaan, pagpapatupad ng ATA, pag-iral ng NTF-ELCAC at iba pang mga kasuklam-suklam na estilo ng pasipikasyon at pagpapasuko, pinapahiwatig lamang nito ang tumitinding takot ng pasistang rehimen sa lumalawak na kilusan laban sa diktadura at sa lumalakas na armadong pakikibakang handang biguin ang bawat diktaduryang rehimen at ibagsak ang kasalukuyang bulok at mapanupil na sistema.

Walang maaasahan mula sa mga pasistang halimaw. Paano pa ipagtatanggol ng inaapi’t pinagsasamantalahan ang kanilang mga sarili mula sa mga mersenaryong hukbo at tuluy-tuloy na atake ng mga pasistang rehimen kundi sa paghawak ng armas? Nananawagan ang RJC-NPA Bikol sa mamamayan, laluna sa masang Bikolano, na lumahok at higit pang palakasin ang armadong pakikibaka. Hindi kayang padapain o pahinain ng mga mapanlinlang at pekeng pangako at proklamasyon ang mga rebelyon, pag-aaklas at kilusang pagpapalaya. Dumarami ang mga ito kailanman at saanman umiiral at tumitindi ang pang-aapi at pagsasamantala. Lumalawak at lumalakas ito dahil tinataguyod nito ang interes ng mamamayan. At mananatili ang mga ito hangga’t patuloy na umiiral ang mga ugat ng kahirapan at pagdarahop.

CPP: Masaker at pamamaslang, opening salvo ng SACLEO para sa pinatinding de facto batas militar sa Bikol

Posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 4, 2021): Masaker at pamamaslang, opening salvo ng SACLEO para sa pinatinding de facto batas militar sa Bikol

MARCH 04, 2021

Anim na Bikolanong minasaker at pinatay sa loob ng isang linggo ang opening salvo ng Simultaneous Anti-Criminality Enforcement Operation o SACLEO sa rehiyon ngayong taon. Hindi katanggap-tanggap ang bulok at paulit-ulit nang iskrip ng militar at pulis sa lahat ng kasong ito – ‘nanlaban’ ang biktima at lehitimo ang operasyon dahil mayroon umano silang warrant. Kaisa ng mamamayan ang NDF-Bikol sa pagdadalamhati at mariing pagkundena sa panibago na namang seryeng ito ng pasistang atake ng mersenaryong hukbo.

Mabilis na pinalolobo ng SACLEO ang bilang ng mga biktima ng masaker at ekstrahudisyal na pamamaslang sa rehiyon. Sa loob ng isang linggo, lima na ang naiuulat na sibilyang pinaslang sa Camarines Norte. Nitong Marso 3, minasaker sina Enrique Cabilles, Arnel Candelaria at Nomer Peda ng Brgy. Lanot, Mercedes matapos umano ‘manlaban’ nang hainan ng search warrant ng mga pulis. Bitbit din ang isang search warrant, linusob ng lampas 70 elemento ng AFP-PNP-CAFGU ang bahay ni Kagawad Melandro Verso sa Brgy. Talobatib, Labo, Camarines Norte noong Marso 1. Hinalughog pa at ninakawan ng militar at pulis ang pamilyang Verso ng mga alahas, pera at kagamitang nagkakahalaga ng ilang milyong piso. Sa parehong modus operandi, pinaslang sina Aldren Enriquez sa Iriga, Camarines Sur at isa pang residente ng Brgy. Baloco, Pasacao, Camarines Sur.

Sa ilalim ng proteksyon ng halimaw na si Duterte, napakalakas ng loob ng militar at pulis na pumatay. Ni hindi na nila pinag-isipang tapalan ang mga butas ng kanilang lohikang manlaban. Gaanupaman kalakas ang isang tao, paano niya lalabanang mag-isa ang 70 armadong kalalakihan? Bakit dudumugin ng isang kumpanya ng militar at pulis ang bahay ng isang taong hahainan lang naman ng search o arrest warrant?

Tulad ng Synchronized Enhanced Management of Police Operation (SEMPO) na nananalasa sa Negros mula pa 2018 at Oplan Tokhang, nagtatago ang SACLEO sa likod ng islogang kontra-kriminalidad. Ngunit ang totoo, ito ay bahagi ng pagpapatupad sa Kabikulan ng higit na konsentrado, masinsin at pinatinding de facto batas militar. Sa pamamagitan ng ganitong mga tipo ng operasyon, linilikha ng reaksyunaryong estado ang senaryo ng malaganap na kriminalidad na nagbibigay-katwiran sa pagpapalawig at pagpapalakas ng presensya ng militar at pulis sa mga komunidad.

Kritikal ang panahong ito dahil tiyak na hindi magpapahinga ang militar, pulis at buong makinarya ng pasistang estado hanggat hindi nito ganap na nadudurog ang paglaban ng mamamayan. Higit na kinakailangan ng masa Bikolanong manatiling mapagmatyag at matatag laban sa mga pang-aabuso at pang-aatake ng AFP-PNP-CAFGU. Paghalawan ng mga aral at inspirasyon ang karanasan ng Negros sa pagharap at tuluy-tuloy na pagbigo sa SEMPO.

Ang pasipikasyon ng mamamayan, tuluyang pagsusuko ng kanilang mga karapatan at kalayaan at pagsunod na lamang sa mapang-api at mapagsamantalang patakaran ng estado ang pinakaaasam-asam na tagumpay ng pasista’t diktador. Ngunit, hindi kailanman ito hahayaang mangyari ng mamamayang lumalaban para sa kanilang buhay at kinabukasan.

CPP/NPA-STROC: Bulok, kriminal na PNP sa ilalim ng berdugong si Sinas, pananagutin ng mamamayan

Posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 3, 2021): Bulok, kriminal na PNP sa ilalim ng berdugong si Sinas, pananagutin ng mamamayan


MARCH 03, 2021

Sinusuportahan ng MGC-NPA ST ang mataas na kahilingan ng bayan na panagutin ang nabubulok, kriminal at pasistang aparatong Philippine National Police (PNP) at ang namumuong panawagang alisin sa pwesto ang hepe nitong si Debold Sinas. Marapat na pagbayarin ang mga pasistang tagapagtanggol ng estado upang bigyang-katarungan ang mga biktima at hawanin ang daan sa pagkakamit ng hustisyang panlipunan.

Pinatingkad ng mga pinakahuling kaganapan ang kawastuhan ng panawagan ng bayan. Nitong buwan, ni-reyd at iligal na inaresto ng mga pulis ang mga kabataan, guro at boluntir na tinaguriang Lumad 26 na nagsasangtwaryo sa University of San Carlos Cebu. Tigas-mukhang tinatawag na “rescue” ang reyd ng PNP Region 7 sa inimbentong dahilan na nagsasanay diumanong maging NPA ang mga kabataan. Walang naloko ang PNP dahil batid ng bayan na ang mga Lumad ay biktima ng kontra-rebolusyonaryong gera na nagpasara sa mga lehitimong eskwelahan ng mga Lumad sa Mindanao.

Ang ganitong klase ng maramihan at orkestradong pang-aaresto ay naging talamak sa pamumuno ng sagadsaring pasistang si Sinas. Sa kanya ang kasiraang-puri ng pamumuno sa pananalasa ng Oplan Sauron/SEMPO sa Negros bilang dating hepe ng PNP Region 8. Sa pag-upo bilang pinuno ng PNP, pinalawak niya sa buong bansa ang mga operasyong SEMPO at ala-Sauron na nagresulta sa karumal-dumal na pagpaslang at pag-aresto sa mga sibilyan na tinatakang kalaban ng estado. Ang Sauron/SEMPO ay isang marahas na tipo ng operasyon na hinulma ng NTF-ELCAC bilang bahagi ng maruming kontra-rebolusyonaryong gera.

Alinsunod sa Sauron/SEMPO, nagpakabihasa ang PNP sa pagpapatupad ng mga lihim, planado at sinkronisadong pang-aatake laban sa mga aktibista at sinumang tinatakan ng rehimen na may kaugnayan sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan at pinalalabas na napatay na mga NPA sa engkwentro. Gumagamit ito ng mga minanupakturang warrant of arrest at labis-labis na pwersa laban sa mga sibilyang komunidad. Modus nito ang iligal na pang-aaresto, reyd sa mga bahay at opisina, tanim-ebidensya hanggang walang pakundangang pagpatay sa mga target.

Hudyat ng madugong SEMPO ang masaker sa siyam na magsasaka sa Sagay, Negros Occidental noong Oktubre 2018. Noon namang Oktubre 2019, sabay-sabay na dinakip ang 62 magsasaka, unyonista at maging mga taong-midya at menor de edad. Naghasik ng teror ang mga operasyong ala-Sauron/SEMPO sa Masbate, Samar, Sorsogon at Iloilo—mga lugar na pinangangalandakan ng AFP-PNP na balwarte ng CPP-NPA. Isa sa kahindik-hindik na krimen bunsod nito ang pagpaslang sa siyam na minoryang Tumandok na sinabayan ng pag-aresto sa 17 katutubo nitong Disyembre 30, 2020 sa Iloilo.

Dinanas ng Batangas ang ala-Sauron/SEMPO na operasyon noong Mayo 10, 2020. Sinugod ng 1,000 tropa na kalakha’y pulis ang Barangay Coral ni Lopez sa Calaca. Bilang panindak, gumamit sila ng 59 sasakyan at umatake nang hatinggabi. Hinalughog at niransak ang kabahayan. Nagtanim ng ebidensya at hinuli ang anim na kasapi ng lokal na samahan at opisyal ng barangay na kalauna’y tinawag na Calaca 6.

Sa Rizal, naganap ang masaker sa limang sibilyan sa isang mango farm sa Baras, Rizal nitong Disyembre. Madaling araw na nilusob ang farm. Pinahirapan at tinoryur bago walang awang pinaslang ang mga biktima. Inilulusot nila ito bilang diumano’y “engkwentro” sa pagitan ng mga pulis at mga NPA.

Produkto ng kriminal at mersenaryong tradisyon ng PNP ang marumi at karumal-dumal na mga operasyon ng PNP laban sa mamamayan. Ang PNP ang pinakamalaking kriminal na organisasyon na pinamumugaran ng mga sindikato sa kalakalan sa droga, kidnap for ransom, prostitusyon, at iba pang antisosyal na aktibidad. Mismong si Duterte ang umamin na pulos mga heneral ng pulis ang nasa tuktok ng narcolist.

Labanan ng magkaribal na sindikato sa bentahan ng iligal na droga ang pinakahuling insidente ng sagupaan sa pagitan ng PDEA at Quezon City Police. Hindi ito misenkawnter na nais palabasin ng PDEA at PNP kundi onsehan sa bentahan ng droga sa pagitan ng magkakaribal na sindikatong namumugad sa PDEA at PNP. Lalong tumitibay ang hinala ng publiko sa pagkakabuhul-buhol ng paliwanag nina Gen. Debold Sinas ng PNP at Wilkins Villanueva ng PDEA sa ipinatawag nilang press conference.

Upang protektahan ang mga iligal na negosyo, kalakaran na sa PNP ang pagkitil ng buhay, pagbaluktot sa batas, pagtatakip sa mga salarin at pagtatanim ng ebidensya. Lalong hinasa ang ganitong kasanayan ng mga pulis sa madugo at bogus na gera kontra-droga kung saan pinatay ang aabot sa 30,000 tao nang walang pananagutan.

Matapos gamitin sa mga tulak at adik, ginagamit na rin ngayon ng mga hitman ng PNP ang estilong Tokhang na pamamaslang laban sa mga maralitang lider-masa at rebolusyonaryo. Sa ilalim ni Sinas pinaslang si NDFP Consultant Randall Echanis at mga retiradong lider ng CPP na sina Eugenia Magpantay at Agaton Topacio. Utang na dugo ng PNP sa mamamayan ng Katagalugan ang pagsalbeyds kay Mario “Ka Jethro” Caraig sa Laguna at extrajudicial killing kina Ermin “Ka Romano” Bellen at dalawa pang kasama sa parehong probinsya.

Hustisya ang daing ng mamamayan para sa patong-patong na mga kaso ng PNP. Pinagbabayad ng taumbayan ang hepeng si Sinas na mismong representasyon ng lahat ng kabulukan ng institusyon ng pulis. Sa kriminal, pasista at bulok na PNP, iisa ang sigaw ng bayan: singilin, singilin, pagbayarin!

Tumutugon ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan at NPA sa panawagang ito. Nakatudla ang mga yunit ng NPA na magpatupad ng mga taktikal na opensiba upang pagbayarin ang mga pasistang kaaway ng sambayanan, kabilang ang mga pulis na sumasama sa mababagsik na focused military operation sa kanayunan.

Ganap lamang na mabibigyang hustisya ang mga biktiima ng PNP at rehimeng Duterte sa pagwawagi ng demokratikong rebolusyong bayan. Pagsapit ng tagumpay ay wawasakin ang mga mapanupil na aparato ng estado kasama ang PNP at pananagutin ang mga tulad ni Sinas na may mabibigat na kasalanan sa mamamayan. Tatamasahin ng bayan ang tunay na kapayapaan at kaayusan na nagkabatay sa hustisyang panlipunan at nagtatanggol sa demokratikong karapatan.###

CPP/Cagayan Valley ROC: Bagong mapagmumulan ng kurakot ang silbi ng “Barangay Development Fund” ng NTF-ELCAC

Posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 3, 2021): Bagong mapagmumulan ng kurakot ang silbi ng “Barangay Development Fund” ng NTF-ELCAC





MARCH 03, 2021

Sa ilalim ng General Appropriations Act of 2021, nilaanan ng P120 million ang anim na baryo sa Cagayan Valley bilang bahagi ng Barangay Development Fund (BDF) ng National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC). Bahagi ito ng kabuuang P16.44 billion na BDF ng NTF-ELCAC na ilalaan diumano para sa 822 baryo sa buong bansa.

Ang NTF-ELCAC na pinamumunuan mismo ni Rodrigo Roa Duterte kasama ang matataas na opisyal ng AFP ang kabilang sa mga nangungunang pinagbubuhusan ng dambuhalang pondo – P19.2 billion para sa taong 2021– ng reasyunaryong gubyerno ng Pilipinas. Pero habang ga-bundok ang inilaang badyet para sa kampanyang kontra-insurhensya ng rehimen, ga-bunton lamang ang inilaan nito para sa bakuna kontra sa COVID-19 at sa kabuuang badyet pangkalusugan ng bansa!

Ang pagpapanguna ng malaking badyet para sa kontra-rebolusyonaryong digma ng rehimeng Duterte ay taliwas sa ibinabando ng mga tagadakdak ng AFP na dumaranas ng malaking paghina ang New People’s Army. Kasabay niyon, ang paglalaan lamang ng maliit na badyet para sawatain ang pandemya at para sa pampublikong kalusugan kumpara sa badyet pang-militar ay pruweba sa palso at pabayang pagharap nito sa COVID-19 at kapakanan ng mamamayang Pilipino.

Sa pagkakahati ng BDF, nilaanan lamang sa Cagayan Valley ang aanim (!) na baryo mula sa tatatlong (!) bayan sa iisang (!) probinsya rito. Napunta lahat ito sa Cagayan, at wala ni kusing ang iwinisik sa Isabela, Quirino at Nueva Vizcaya. Nilaanan ang Brgys. Apayao at Villa Reyno sa bayan ng Piat; ang Brgys. Anurturo, Liwan at Minanga sa Rizal; at ang Brgy. Balanni sa Sto. Nino – pawang sa kanlurang Cagayan.

Sa kaunting tingin lamang, makikitang aminado ang AFP na sa kabila ng ilan taon nang paglulunsad nito ng focused military operations at pagbababad ng mga tinaguriang retooled community support program sa maraming baryo sa Isabela, Quirino at Nueva Vizcaya – wala ni isa sa mga baryo rito ang maipagyayabang nilang sabihing “nalinis” na sa presensya ng NPA!

Hindi lamang ito pag-amin sa kabiguan ng NTF-ELCAC na pahinain at itaboy sa pagkilos ang mga yunit ng NPA sa mga baryo sa mga naturang lalawigan, naglalantad din ito sa kasinungalingang nilulubid ng AFP na wala nang presensya at lubhang napahina na ang NPA sa malalaking bahagi ng mga probinsyang iyon.

Sa gayong paglalaan sa BDF, di sinasadyang ibinulgar ng NTF-ELCAC ang kawalang-kuwenta ng pinagkakaabalahan sa nagdaang halos kalahating dekada na ng mga batalyon at dibisyon ng AFP na pagbraso at paglinlang sa napakaraming LGU sa mga baryo at bayan upang magdeklarang “persona non grata” ang NPA sa kani-kanilang saklaw. Walang dami ng mga diumanong pormal na kasunduan at pahayag sa midya, na sa kalakhan ay ginawa ng mga militar at isinalaksak sa mga LGU, ang nakahadlang sa malayang pag-ikot sa maraming mga baryo at bayan at paglubog ng mga yunit ng NPA sa masang magsasaka at pambansang minorya, na sa kalahatan ay mainit na sumasalubong at mahigpit na yumayapos sa mga tunay na hukbo ng sambayanan.

Ang malaking kwestyon ay bakit pinili ng NTF-ELCAC ang mga napangalanang baryo sa Cagayan na laanan ng tig-P20 million ng BDF?

Halos lahat ng mga baryong ito ay hindi saklaw o di kaya’y nasa dulo ng malalawak na mga sonang gerilya at pinakahuli sa prayoridad na puntahan ng mga sandatahang yunit ng NPA. Kaya kahit hindi magpatulo ng pawis ang AFP, napakadali nitong ideklarang “cleared barangay” na ang mga ito kaya laanan na ng NTF-ELCAC ng tig-P20 million!

Gagastusin diumano ang BDF para sa pagpapatayo ng mga kalsada, eskwelahan at mga katulad na proyektong pang-imprastraktura. Pero lahat ng mga baryong tinukoy ay may mga paaralan na, may mga gumaganang barangay health group na may opisina sa mga barangay center o may sariling klinika, at ang marami ay may nagawa nang maaayos na kalsada!

Singliwanag ng sikat ng araw na ang BDF ng NTF-ELCAC ay isa na namang mapagmumulan ng kwartang maibubulsa at paghahati-hatian ng mga heneral at iba pang matataas na opisyal militar, kasapakat ang mga kasangga nilang opisyal ng LGU na katulad ni Cagayan governor Manuel Mamba at ng mangangamkam-ng-lupang meyor ng Sto Nino na si Pagurayan at iba pang burukrata-kapitalista at mga kadikit nilang kontraktor. Dagdag na balon ito ng kurakutan at pagmumulan ng pondo para sa eleksyon, kagaya ng ginagawa nila sa pondo para sa mga diumanong “maramihang sumusurender” na NPA at milisyang bayan!

Kahit noong wala pa ang NTF-ELCAC, matagal nang ginagawa ng mga LGU na kahit papaano ay magkaroon ng mga kalsada, paaralan at ilan pang maliliit na proyektong pang-imprastraktura at pangkabuhayan, sa kabila ng malaking kapabayaan dito ng pambansang gubyerno. Sa saligan ay tungkulin naman ito ng sibilyang awtoridad at hindi ng mga militar; ngunit ngayon ay ipinapasa sa militar sa layuning “kontra-insurhensya” ang dating papel ng burukrasyang sibilyan. Dagdag din itong patunay sa aktwal nang pagkamkam at pangingibabaw ng militar sa pampulitikang awtoridad sa mga lokalidad, na taliwas sa prinsipyo ng pangingibabaw ng awtoridad ng sibilyan sa militar.

Pero sa kabila ng napakalaking badyet ng BDF, ang mga itinakdang proyektong isasagagawa ay hindi tumutugon sa mga saligang pangangailangan, hindi lumulutas sa mga batayang problema at hindi makabuluhang makakapagpagaan sa hilahil na kalagayan ng masang magsasaka at iba pang dalita sa Cagayan Valley at sa buong bansa. Ang mga masa ng kanayunan ay patuloy na wala o salat ang sariling lupang pinagmumulan ng ikabubuhay dahil hindi naman tinitinag ng sistema ang monopolyo sa lupa ng iilan, laging nakagapos sa tanikala ng pagsasamantala ng mga usurero at komersyante at muli’t muli’y nakaamba ang mga mapang-agaw-sa-lupa at mapanira-sa-kapaligirang mga proyekto ng estado at dayuhang pamumuhunan.

Dahil hindi sinasaling ang sistemang mala-kolonyal at mala-pyudal ng bansa, tiyak na patuloy na malulugmok ang malawak na masa sa kasalatan at kawalan, na siya ring saligang dahilan kung bakit napakadali nilang maunawan ang pagka-mapagsamantala at -mapang-api ng sistemang idinidirihe ngayon ng papet at pasistang rehimeng Duterte. Tiyak na patuloy silang magbabalikwas sa dumarami nilang bilang, at matututo mula sa sarili nilang karanasan sa pangangailangang lumahok sa makatarungang armadong pakikibaka bilang tanging landas para makamit ang panlipunan at pambansang kalayaan!

CPP/NDF-ST: Pananagutan ni Duterte sa EJK, pilit pinagtatakpan ng ulat ng GRP sa UNHRC

Posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 2, 2021): Pananagutan ni Duterte sa EJK, pilit pinagtatakpan ng ulat ng GRP sa UNHRC


MARCH 02, 2021

Mariing itinatakwil ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines – Southern Tagalog (NDFP-ST) ang isinumiteng ulat ng GRP sa United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) hinggil sa mga extrajudicial killings (EJK) na naganap sa madugong gera kontra iligal na droga ng rehimeng Duterte. Malaking kalokohan ang ulat na ito dahil ang mismong gumawa ng “imbestigasyon” ay ang mamamatay-taong rehimen.

Naghuhugas-kamay ang gubyernong Duterte sa isinagawa nitong sariling “imbestigasyon”. Hungkag ang pag-ulat nito sa UNHRC na mayroon itong functioning accountability mechanism. Sa ulat ni Guevarra, nakasaad na hindi naglunsad ng imbestigasyon ang PNP sa mga anomalya sa Oplan Tokhang at Double Barrel Reloaded. Nakontento na ang PNP sa palusot ng mga operatiba na “nanlaban” ang mga biktima.

Hindi naglunsad ang PNP ng kumpletong imbestigasyon sa mga sumusunod:

(a) ang baril na ginamit;

(b) beripikasyon hinggil sa may-ari ng sandata;

(c) ballistic examination o pag-aaral ng lipad ng bala sa lugar na pinangyarihan ng krimen; at

(d) paraffin test o pagsusulit na isinasagawa para malaman kung may ebidensya ng pulbura ang mga salarin.

Sa ulat, isinangkalan ng rehimen ang mga karaniwan at mabababang ranggong pulis at siyang isasakdal at uusigin sa ilalim ng reaksyunaryong batas. Pinagdusa ng rehimen ang mga karaniwang pulis habang pinagtatakpan ang mga utak ng EJK — ang matataas na opisyal ng PNP at si Duterte.

Pinatunayan ng rebelasyon ni Guevarra ang kawalang hustisya sa bansa dahil nagbubulag-bulagan ang hudikatura sa mga prosesong isinagawa ng PNP sa buong apat na taon ng gera kontra iligal na droga. Nalantad lalo ang kainutilan ng sistemang hudisyal ng reaksyunaryong gubyerno para panagutin ang mga tunay na salarin ng EJK sa bansa. Hungkag na idinidiin ng Department of Justice (DOJ) ang mga karaniwang kasapi ng PNP para magsilbing pruweba na may gumaganang sistemang hudisyal sa bansa at pinapanagot ng estado ang mga salarin ng EJK.

Pinagmumukha ng Malakanyang na ang imbestigasyon ng DOJ ay pagbibigay ng katarungan at panagutan sa bayan. Ang totoo, nais lamang ni Duterte na isalba ang kanyang pangalan at ang PNP sa internasyunal na komunidad. Pinalilitaw ng Malacañang na gumagana ang sistema ng hustisya sa Pilipinas upang sagkaan ang proseso ng isinasagawang imbestigasyon ng International Criminal Court (ICC) kaugnay sa nakasampang kaso kay Duterte na krimen laban sa sangkatauhan.

Hindi nito nilulutas ang krisis sa karapatang tao sa bansa. Isa rin itong pakana para ilihis ang mamamayan sa tunay na usapin na laganap ang impyunidad at gawing karaniwan ang mga EJK sa bansa.

Samantala, lalong iniinsulto ni Duterte ang mga kaanak ng mga biktima na patuloy na nananawagan para sa hustisya. Higit na ginagatungan lang ni Duterte ang galit ng mga pamilya ng mga biktima, mga simpatisador at kritiko ng rehimen sa kanyang madugong gera kontra iligal na droga. Hindi nila kinakagat ang palabas ng rehimen na pagpapanagot sa mga salarin ng EJK. Patuloy silang nananawagan ng hustisya sa pagkamatay ng kanilang mga mahal sa buhay. Katunayan, dumaraming kaso ang isinasampa sa internasyunal na korte para usigin si Duterte.

Si Duterte ang pangunahing may pananagutan sa malawakang pamamaslang sa ngalan ng gera kontra iligal na droga. Makailang beses siyang nanulsol, nanghikayat at nagpatupad ng malawakang pamamaslang sa mamamayang Pilipino. Higit na dapat na magpursige ang sambayanan para ilantad at papanagutin si Duterte sa malulupit na gera nito sa bayan. Dapat isakdal si Duterte at ang kanyang mga kasabwat sa PNP kagaya ng dating hepe nitong si Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa at pagbayarin sa mga krimen nito sa mamamayan.

Sinusuportahan ng NDFP-ST ang pakikibaka ng mga kapamilya ng mga biktima ng Oplan Tokhang at Oplan Double Barrel Reloaded para sa hustisya. Hinihikayat rin ng NDFP-ST ang UNHRC na maglunsad ng hiwalay at nagsasariling imbestigasyon sa krisis sa karapatang tao sa bansa. Hindi bibitawan ng mamamayan ang kanilang pakikibaka para sa katarungan at tiyak na mananaig ang katotohanan.#

CPP/NPA-Central Negros: Panghahalihaw ng 62nd IB sa mga barangay ng Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental

Posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 2, 2021): Panghahalihaw ng 62nd IB sa mga barangay ng Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental


MARCH 02, 2021

Kasalukuyang nag-operasyon ang teroristang tropa militar sa ilalim ng 62nd Infantry Battalion Philippine Army na sinakop ang Sityo Suha, Brgy. Malangsa, Sityo Bogho, Brgy. Tabon sa bayan ng Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental.

Gayundin sa Sityo Binitibotan, Brgy. Calupaan at Sityo Kamunsil sakop ng Brgy. Hibaiyo, Guihulngan City.

Tinatayang mahigit sa 80 ang nasabing tropa na nagkampo sa mga komunidad at nang-iimbestiga sa mga residente.

Nangangamba ang mga naturang residente sa kanilang seguridad sapagkat nangunguna ang 62nd IBPA sa rekord ng paglapastangan sa karapatang pantao laluna ng mga sibilyan. Nananatiling sariwa sa kanila ang alaala ng madugong SEMPO/Oplan Sauron, pangbobomba sa kagubatan at lupang sakahan, pananakot, panlilinlang, pangtotortyur, pamamaslang at illegal na pag-aresto at pagkakulong ng mga inosenteng sibilyan.

Mariing kinokondena ito ng mamamayan ng kasama ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa Central Negros.

Hustisya para sa mga biktima ng Oplan Sauron at paglabag ng mga AFP at PNP sa karapatang pantao!

Kalinaw News: On the Death of NPA Guerilla Front 2 Secretary

From Kalinaw News (Mar 6, 2021): On the Death of NPA Guerilla Front 2 Secretary

MACO, DAVAO DE ORO – The NPA leader and Guerilla Front 2 Secretary identified as Renante Mantos, alyas “Nante” or “Roy” was neutralized after he drew his firearm when he refused to surrender to the combined elements of 28th Infantry (Kamagong) Battalion and 1001st (Pag-Asa) Brigade last March 2, 2021 at Purok 6, Special Brgy Malamudao, Brgy Anitapan, Maco, Davao de Oro.

Mantos is the Front Secretary of the Guerilla Front, 2 Southern Mindanao Regional Committee of the New People’s Army who is responsible in the series of extortion activities and several land mining to government troops in the Province of Davao de Oro and some parts of Davao Oriental.

The success of neutralization is the result of the massive deployment of Community Support Program Team in the 1001st Brigade Area of Operations, De-Radicalization and the report of a concerned citizen about the presence of the high ranking NPA who were planning to conduct atrocities to civilian communities. This unit immediately planned out and verify the veracity of the report. Unfortunately, when troops reached the area the said personality was able to drew his caliber .45 pistol which led to the troops no choice but to return fire which resulted to his neutralization.

Recovered in the vicinity is one caliber .45 pistol with one magazine loaded with ammunition.

His remains was then brought to the nearest funeral parlor in Mawab for necessary services following forensic examination of the PNP-SOCO. Recovered firearm and ammunitions were immediately turned over to the personnel of the PNP for proper disposal.

BGen Bergante, the Brigade Commander of the 1001st Infantry (Pag-asa) Brigade extended condolences to the families of Mantos. He also lauded the troops for the significant accomplishment that will favorably affect the peace and order situation of the province. He also thanked the people who provided timely information on NPAs presence in their community. He urged the remaining NPAs to think of their families who are waiting for them.

“The communities have felt the government and the delivery of basic services amid Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic. Thus, realized that they should not support the CPP-NPA but rather rally behind the government in its campaign to end this local conflict. The government is offering lots of incentives if they opt to return to the folds of the law under its Enhanced-Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP). I am appealing to the remaining members of GF2 to give up the armed struggle and instead be our partner, the Philippine Army, in uplifting the lives of your families and people in far-flung sitios. Enough of this useless communist ideology,” he added.

[Kalinaw News is the official online source of information on the pursuit for peace in the Philippines This website is a property of the Civil-Military Operations Regiment, Philippine Army located at Lawton Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Contact us:]

Kalinaw News: 1 Run Away NPA Member Rescued After an Encounter with Government Troops in Surigao del Norte

From Kalinaw News (Mar 6, 2021): 1 Run Away NPA Member Rescued After an Encounter with Government Troops in Surigao del Norte

Gigaquit, Surigao del Norte – An armed member of the New People’s Army (NPA) Sandatahang Yunit Pampropaganda (SYP) 16C2, Guerilla Front16, North Eastern Mindanao Regional Committee (NEMRC) who run away from the said bandit group was rescued by the troops of 30th Infantry (Fight On) Battalion, Philippine Army bringing along with him his M14 rifle after a firefight transpired at vicinity Serinihon, Brgy Camp Edward, Alegria, Surigao del Norte, Friday morning March 5, 2021.

The said NPA member revealed after he was successfully rescued, that he decided to breakout from the group as he was fed up with the lies and failed promises of the NPA Terrorists’ group and upon learning the benefits and the seriousness of the government to help Former Rebels thru its Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Programs (ECLIP). Necessary information of the ECLIP, other pertinent data including contact cellphone numbers has been massively disseminated by the 30IB troops either thru its regular radio programs that reaches the far-flung areas of the Battalion’s area of operations and distributions of leaflets in an effort to reach out NPA’s active members and to provide them with means to contact the troops and other government agencies.

Prior to the encounter, said personality reached out to the Unit’s hotline Cellphone while he was on his way out from the NPA terrorist group and being chased by several of his ex-comrades. Responding on the said information, the unit sent out a patrol to purposely extricate the said defecting NPA member. While approaching the designated meeting place, the government troops encountered more or less seven NPA members of SYP16C2, GF16. The encounter lasted about ten minutes of firefight giving the said defecting NPA an opportunity to further secure himself along with his issued M14, seven magazines with twenty-one (21) live ammos and one bandolier. Following the said incident, 30IB troops successfully secured and brought him safely at the headquarters of 30IB in Brgy Mahanub, Gigaquit, SDN. He is now under the custody of 30IB for proper documentation and processing of his benefits under the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program.

The defecting NPA lamented, “Malisod di ya kahimtang ka banwa daw anisab kanaong na batian nga madajaw sa ya kahimyang na mga kaibahan nga mingbaba ka una” Daw nakitan sab nao nga wara ya kahamjangan ka kalihukan agun min baba koman hao kay para maka hula ka mahamjang“. Situation in the mountain is hard, I’ve heard that my former comrades who surrendered before are now living peacefully, and I also noticed that there is no better life in the armed struggle, that’s the reason, I surrendered in order to live peacefully”

In his statement, Lt Col Ryan Charles G Callanta, the Commanding Officer of 30IB said that “The fateful incident is a clear manifestation that NPA ranks are slowly disintegrating making most of their ordinary members tired and fed up with the endless false promises and lies by its leaders giving them empty hopes. One can imagine how hard it is to being always on the run, hiding, when tiredness and hunger crept in, how can one endure these dire situations? Amidst of this, we continue to urge the remaining active NPA members to decide and embrace the path of peace and avail the governments’ reintegration program, the ECLIP. Rest assured that we will assist them along with respective LGUs of Surigao del Norte to re-start their lives and build their future with their families and loved ones through the foundation of peace, free from fear and intimidations.”

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