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CPP/NPA-Negros Island ROC:AFP, PNP and NTF-Elcac are the actual butchers

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC) Website (May 19, 2024): AFP, PNP and NTF-Elcac are the actual butchers

Maoche Legislador
Negros Island Regional Operational Command (Apolinario Gatmaitan Command)
New People's Army

May 19, 2024

The Apolinario Gatmaitan Command-New People’s Army Negros Island Regional Operations Command (AGC-NPA) condemns the shameless attempt of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and National Task Force (NTF)-Elcac to cover up their bloody crimes against the Negrosanon masses by calling military actions of the NPA against legitimate military targets, being active assets and personnel of the AFP used in fascist suppression, and its meting out of revolutionary justice on a rapist as “killing spree.”

MGen. Marion Sison of the 3rd Infantry Division and his fellow criminals in the AFP, Philippine National Police (PNP) and NTF-Elcac whose hands are crimsoned with Negrosanon blood are the actual butchers much like their commander-in-chief Marcos Jr.

The NPA Negros’ military actions these past few weeks challenge the reactionary state forces’ push for the declaration of Negros Island under a state of Stable Internal Peace and Security (SIPS). The reactionary’s “dismantled NPA” script is worn out as the revolutionary movement continues to persevere in launching mass struggles and waging armed revolution.

Frustrated with every pointless deadline for the defeat of the revolutionary movement and desperate to please their US imperialist master’s wishes, the AFP, PNP and NTF-Elcac are pointing the whole attack machinery of the reactionary state at activists and progressive organizations in the name of ending their “internal security problem.” Here in Negros, activists and civil society groups are being red-tagged, surveilled, threatened and harassed, and charged with trumped-up cases.

While the people applaud the revolutionary justice served by the NPA, they are enraged with the brazen and ruthless counterrevolutionary campaign of the fascist US-Marcos II regime that has unleashed the worst kind of human rights violations throughout Negros Island. The AFP and the reactionary state are perpetuating a culture of impunity and senseless killings. And behind this rabid attack on the Negrosanon masses are neoliberal projects like destructive mining and quarrying, mega dams, privatization of public utilities and services, commercial plantations, land reclamation and land conversion that will cause even more hardships to the people of Negros.

The NPA is the people’s weapon against the exploitative and oppressive ruling classes that sustain the rottening semicolonial and semifeudal system. With the unfathomable support of the people and the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the NPA builds its strength by waging armed struggle, implementing agrarian revolution and building the mass base and organs of political power.

Negrosanons, together with the entire Filipino people, must intensify as well their anti-imperialist, anti-feudal and anti-fascist campaigns. They must resist the imperialist neoliberal onslaught on the island and utterly condemn Marcos Jr’s puppetry that puts the Filipino people in the middle of a brewing inter-imperialist conflict. They must fight land monopoly of big landlords, launch campaigns to arouse, organize and mobilize the hundreds of thousands of farm workers chained to the monocrop sugar industry, and struggle against other forms of feudal and semifeudal exploitation.

It is also consequential for the people of Negros to put an end to the de facto martial law on the island. Genuine peace-loving individuals and groups and human rights advocates must condemn the Marcos II regime for the unbridled state terrorism on Negros Island and the whole country, as well. Furthermore, the current Marcos regime and all past fascist regimes must be made accountable for all state-sponsored atrocities against the people.

From the intensified struggles of the people, in the countryside and the cities, thousands of Red fighters will emerge especially from the working class and youth which will fortify the NPA’s capacity to launch tactical offensives that it can win to weaken the enemy, accumulate more weapons and, in the long run, seize political power from the big comprador-landlord class to build a society free of exploitation and oppression.

Heightening the people’s war on Negros Island is highly imperative at this moment. All five guerrilla fronts under the AGC-NPA are ever determined to embark on the arduous path towards national liberation and democracy.###

CPP: Oppose US war agitation and uphold peaceful resolution of maritime disputes with China

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC) Website (May 23, 2024): Oppose US war agitation and uphold peaceful resolution of maritime disputes with China

This article is available in Pilipino

Communist Party of the Philippines
May 23, 2024

The Filipino people face threats to the nation’s sovereignty and security amid continuing maritime disputes in the West Philippine Sea and increasingly aggressive and hostile acts of China. But the even bigger threat to the country’s sovereignty and security is how the Marcos regime is allowing the US government and military to use the Philippines as springboard for war provocations and war preparations against imperialist rival China.

To defend their sovereignty and security, it is imperative for the Filipino people to oppose the continuing build-up of US-led foreign military forces in the West Philippine Sea and South China Sea and increasing presence of US troops and weapons systems in military bases in the Philippines, while calling upon China to abide by the 2016 ruling of the International Arbitral Tribunal (IAT) and assert the peaceful resolution of disputes through dialogue. They must oppose rising anti-Chinese rhetoric in public discourse leading to Sinophobia, and US-instigated war-mongering, all of which make any peaceful resolution of conflicts impossible or very difficult.

The Party calls on the Filipino people to reject the militarist perspective being promoted by the US imperialists, the Marcos regime and its armed forces, as well as by pro-US sycophants, that conflicts in the West Philippine Sea can be resolved only or primarily through military might. They portray the Filipino people as helpless without US protection–grossly distorting or ommitting historical facts how the US colonized and continue to dominate the country to make it economically, politically and militarily dependent on the US.

We must have a firm grasp of the history and the different aspects that make up the current questions in order to have a clear view of the path of struggle to defend the country’s sovereignty amid the rising inter-imperialist conflict.

1. The intensifying conflicts between the Philippines and China are closely linked to the US military build-up in the Asia-Pacific in recent years in line with its imperialist geopolitical strategy to contain the growth of China’s economic and military power. The trade, economic and diplomatic contradictions between the US and China, both imperialist powers, continue to heighten, in the face of the global economic crisis, and the US imperialists’ desire to push back China’s growing global power in order to expand and monopolize its spheres of influence and investments.

In 2011, the US government declared its “pivot to Asia” strategy to shift the main emphasis of its foreign deployment of troops from Afghanistan to the what it termed as the “Indo-Pacific” region (from India to Australia). Since then, the US has increased its presence along China’s eastern and southern coasts, in the so-called first-island chain from the Kuril Islands at the northern tip of Japan, to the Korean peninsula, Taiwan, the Philippines and Borneo, although this was delayed somewhat by their inability to withdraw from Afghanistan until 2021.

The US concept of the first-island chain is a key element of its so-called Indo-Pacific strategy. According to US military officers themselves, the build-up of US military forces, particularly supporting calls for Taiwan’s “independence,” is aimed at forcing or provoking China “to own the starting pistol.” The US is also stoking maritime conflicts in the South China Sea. The US plans to further strengthen its presence at its military bases in Japan, and is investing in expanding its military bases in Korea. In 2014, the US forged the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) with the Philippines to allow it to build military bases facilities inside the camps of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Part of the US “pivot to Asia” strategy has been extending military aid to the Philippines through such US programs as Foreign Military Financing, Foreign Military Sales, Excess Defense Articles and Foreign Assistance Act. In particular, funding was allotted for the transfer of naval ships to strengthen “interoperability” of the Philippines with the naval vessels to be deployed by the US to the region. Since 2011, the US has transferred at least six small naval vessels (cutters) to the Philippines, including the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, the BRP Ramon Alcaraz, the BRP Andres Bonifacio and the BRP Apolinario Mabini. Several more are set to be transferred in the coming years.

As in many other parts of the world, the US is determined to ignite an armed conflict in the Asia-Pacific in order to satiate its war obsession, extend its hegemony, expand its economic power and satisfy the profit-hungry arms industry. To justify their objective of increasing American military presence in the region, the US imperialists and its allies are fanning the disputes between the Philippines and China.

The recent Balikatan war exercises served to escalate military tensions in the South China Sea. The US led naval forces from France, Australia, Japan and the Philippines to conduct so-called “joint maritime patrols” in the South China Sea, purportedly as part of “freedom of navigation” operations, but with the declared militarist objective of serving as “deterrence” to China. These foreign naval forces have remained in the area for other so-called war exercises. From Palawan and Ilocos Norte, the US carried out live fire exercises using its HIMARS to launch rockets to the sea in the direction of China, and against a “Chinese-made” ship supposedly to represent an “imaginary enemy.”

2. The maritime disputes between the Philippines and China have intensified over the past decade, as a result of China’s push-back against US military pressure. In line with its security plan to expand and secure its strategic space, China has repeatedly trampled on Philippine sovereign and economic rights, and has veered towards more antagonism.

In 2012, while Balikatan exercises were being held, the Philippine military deployed its then newly-acquired BRP Gregorio del Pilar to the Scarborough Shoal to stop a Chinese vessel from fishing in the area. This led to a two-month stand off after China deployed at least two maritime surveillance ships to the area to block the Philippine military. Under a US-brokered “gentleman’s agreement,” the Philippines withdrew its vessels from the area, but which was not reciprocated by China. China has since maintained its looming presence in the area, hampering access for Filipino fisherfolk.

In 2013, around a year after the US declared its “pivot to Asia,” China started building military facilities in the Spratly islands. To justify its actions, China has made over-extended claims over the entire South China Sea using its so-called nine-dash line map, in which parts of the territorial waters of the Philippines, as well as Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia were included. In the next few years, China built seven facilities in these marine formations in the Spratly Islands, which parts fall under the Philippine’s exclusive economic zone.

In 2016, the International Arbitral Tribunal, the body that settles disputes under the United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Seas (UNCLOS), issued its decision in favor of the Philippines in the case it filed in 2013 questioning China’s nine-dash line claims. The IAT dismissed China’s territorial claims over the South China Sea, and defined the coverage of the Philippine territorial waters, exclusive economic zone and extended continental shelf. Among others, it declared that three of the Chinese facilities constructed at the Fiery Cross Reef, Subi Reef and Mischief Reef, are within the Philippine exclusive economic zone. It determined the Scarborough Shoal to be not within the exclusive economic zone of any country, but declared it as a common fishing ground where fishing rights of Filipino fisherfolk, as well as Chinese, should be respected.

China has resorted to bullying and increasingly hostile acts against the Philippines in the South China Sea, using its vast numbers of maritime vessels to carry out swarming tactics, blocking maneuvers, hampering access to fishing grounds, water bombing of Philippine vessels, industrial harvesting of fish, and destruction of marine resources within Philippine waters.

Last year, China stepped up its aggression when it twice water-bombed Philippine Coast Guard vessels sending supplies to the Philippine naval vessel BRP Sierra Madre, that has been stranded at the Ayungin Shoal. The Chinese government claims the supply mission operations to the Ayungin Shoal violated a secret “gentleman’s agreement” which the Duterte regime entered into during its term, under which no construction materials will be brought to reinforce the stranded naval vessel. China also claims that the operations violate a “new model” deal with the commander of the AFP’s Western Command, who was said to have agreed with knowledge of Marcos officials.

China has further heightened its hostile acts when it water-bombed Philippine maritime vessels patrolling the Scarborough Shoal, and when it issued threats to arrest, starting June 15, foreigners who will “trespass” in the waters which it is claiming without basis.

3. The increasing hostility of China to the Philippines is a shift from the long history of socio-economic, cultural and diplomatic relations and peaceful coexistence between the two countries, under which marine territory and fishing grounds have been mostly shared by their fisherfolk as well as from different countries. China has become increasingly antagonistic to the Filipino people since emerging as an imperialist power in the late 2000s.

Contradictions between China and the Filipino people intensified under the previous Duterte regime. To ingratiate himself to China, Duterte threw aside the 2016 ruling of the International Arbitral Tribunal and kowtowed to China’s imperial overlordship of the South China Sea, in exchange for promises of political support and a pledge to invest large amounts of money to Philippine infrastructure projects. Duterte turned a blind eye to how China refused to withdraw its domineering presence in the Scarborough Shoal, despite promises that Filipino fisherfolk will not be impeded from fishing in the area. Despite Duterte’s obsequiousness to China, the US government continued to strengthen its ties with the AFP providing it with a least $600 million from 2016 to 2022, and intensified naval operations in the Philippines and nearby seas.

China has become increasingly and overtly hostile over the past year as the Marcos regime strengthened its collusion with the US plans of expanding its military presence, in exchange for US military and political support. Since 2022, the Marcos regime has allowed the US to expand its presence in and around the Philippines, and preposition war matériel and troops in reportedly 17 sites around the country, including nine officially acknowledged “agreed locations” under the EDCA.

Goaded by its US military advisers, the Marcos regime, through the AFP and the Philippine Coast Guard, has carried out since early 2023 increasingly aggressive operations in the West Philippine Sea. On several occasions, the Philippine Coast Guard conducted “supply missions” to the Ayungin Shoal carrying construction materials for the BRP Sierra Madre, with a clear aim of provoking China, whose ships responded with blocking maneuvers and water bombing of the Philippine vessels.

Marcos also recently entered into a “trilateral alliance” with the US and Japan, which denounced the “dangerous and aggressive behavior” of China in the South China Sea.

Despite having declared his intention of finding “a more peaceful road” in resolving conflicts with China, Marcos and his officers continue to agitate his military forces to prepare against “an external threat,” with a clear reference to China. Marcos continues to push Philippine naval and maritime vessels to carry out more operations that aggravate tensions with China.

Marcos has failed to prioritize diplomatic and political channels, as well as legal steps to assert the country’s rightful claims in the West Philippine Sea, as affirmed by the 2016 decision of the IAT. Legal observers point out to how the Philippine government has wasted its 2016 IAT victory, with zero efforts to pursue claims for damages against China in proper international courts.

4. Over the past few months, we have observed a clearly concerted campaign to raise a Chinese specter to manipulate the mindset of Filipinos and fuel Sinophobia. Commodore Jay Tarriela, who recently underwent training in Washington sponsored by the US Embassy, is leading the pack with his non-stop loquacious anti-Chinese tirades. Daily news reports have been swamped with news and commentary that tend to rouse negative public sentiments against China. Some well-meaning individuals and organizations are falling into the US war agitation.

These include the media-hype over the supposed “alarming increase” of “thousands” of Chinese students in Cagayan province (who some claim might be “spies”) which was later belied by the schools and even by government agencies. Top officers of the AFP also made recent claims that China was recruiting among military generals to raise suspicions of espionage. Marcos, himself, publicly claimed that there are attempts at “infiltration” by foreign powers. They conveniently omit the fact that top officers of the AFP have long received indoctrination and training from the US, and that US military officers have long served as advisers of the AFP.

The illegal and criminal activities being carried out behind the façade of the so-called “Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations” or POGOs, the investments of which have been encouraged by the Philippine government, have also been hyped to fuel anti-China sentiments. The brouhaha over the supposed involvement of Bamban, Tarlac Mayor Alice Guo in illegal POGO operations has been used to fuel speculations that she is a Chinese “spy.”

Recently, Philippine news media hyped public claims made by Philippine government officials, even without direct evidence, that China was behind the pile of dead corals found dumped at Escoda Shoal, the nearest maritime feature to Palawan. These are the same military officers and government officials who, just a few weeks earlier, were awestruck by the massive bombings and rocket firing into Philippine waters carried out by the US military during the recent Balikatan war exercises, oblivious to the gross impact on the environment, marine life and livelihood of people.

5. The Filipino people aspire genuine national freedom, and peace and security amid rising inter-imperialist conflicts. In pursuit of these aspirations, they must condemn US imperialism for taking advantage of the Philippine’s maritime conflicts with China to drag the Philippines into its war provocations and preparations against its imperialist rival China. At the same time, they must push China to respect the 2016 ruling of the International Arbitral Tribunal, and actively seek dialogue and the peaceful resolution of maritime conflicts.

The Filipino people must oppose imperialist and proxy war at all costs, denounce US imperialist military intervention and war-mongering, demand the withdrawal of all US military forces in the country’s land and marine territory, and fight the Marcos regime’s subservience to US geopolitical strategy that prevent the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

In particular, the Filipino people must demand the dismantling of all US military bases and facilities in the Philippines, including those officially declared under the EDCA, as well as other secret US military facilities, and the removal of all US weapons prepositioned therein.

They must actively push for the demilitarization of the West Philippine Sea, including the withdrawal of all naval vessels of the US and its allies, as well as all Chinese Coast Guard ships and maritime vessels, from Philippine territorial waters, exclusive economic zone and extended continental shelf, and the dismantling of all military facilities of China in the Spratly Islands.

They must call upon the international community to condemn the US, France, Australia and Japan for military intervention and heightening military tensions in the region.

In relation to maritime conflicts with China, the Filipino people should actively call for dialogue and peaceful resolution of disputes between the Philippines and China in line with the 2016 ruling of the International Arbitral Tribunal. They must urge unity among neighboring countries around the South China Sea, and call on the United Nations and other international bodies to press China’s compliance with the ruling in line with UNCLOS, to which it is a signatory and party.

They can pursue claims for damages before foreign or international courts to make China pay for the destruction to the marine environment caused by their land reclamation, construction of military facilities and industrial fisshing, and for the use since 2013 of its military facilities at the Fiery Cross Reef, Subi Reef and Mischief Reef.

The Filipino people must also demand China to stop using aggressive force against civilians, especially small fisherfolk, withdraw its armed vessels and industrial fishing boats in the Scarborough Shoal, and respect the rights of Filipinos and other nationals to carry out traditional fishing within the grounds. They must denounce China’s unlawful and imperialist order to arrest fishermen in its claimed waters within the West Philippine Sea and demand its immediate rescinding.

They must promote amity and peaceful coexistence between the Philippines and China, denounce the Marcos government for pursuing war as an instrument of national policy, and failing to pursue a peaceful resolution to conflicts with China. They must also demand China to unequivocally declare that it has no intention of employing armed force against the Philippines.

The Party calls on the Filipino people to build a broad united front and unite all patriotic organizations, institutions and individuals who aspire genuine national freedom, oppose imperialist war and proxy wars, and desire peaceful resolution of conflicts among countries.

The Filipino people must intensify their resistance to US imperialist domination in the Philippines, and military intervention and war agitation. The Party calls on all sectors to support the armed struggle being waged by the New People’s Army against the fascist instruments of US imperialism that are at the behest of US war provocations. Waging armed resistance against the puppet army of the US is critical contribution to efforts to prevent the outbreak of an inter-imperialist war.

The Filipino people must establish solidarity relations with peoples around the world, including the American and Chinese people, to pursue common aspirations for peace and ending inter-imperialist wars or imperialist-instigated wars. They must unite to demand the US to stop fuelling and prolonging the wars in Ukraine, Gaza and other parts of the world, which imperil the lives, freedom and security of all peoples.

CPP/CIO: CPP condemns scheduled US-AFP aerial war games

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC) Website (May 25, 2024): CPP condemns scheduled US-AFP aerial war games

CPP Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

May 25, 2024

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today condemned the second series of the Cope Thunder-24, war games between the Philippine Air Force (PAF) and the US Air Force, slated for June 17-28. The schedule of the war games, set to be held at Basa Air Base in Floridablanca, Pampanga and Villamor Air Base in Pasay City, was announced by PAF Col. Ma. Consuelo Castillo last May 22.

“These war games must be condemned as aerial terrorism as these further promote the continuing campaign of aerial bombing across the country which has terrorized hundreds of thousands of people across the past years,” said CPP Chief Information Officer Marco L. Valbuena. “The war games only fuel the Filipino people’s growing animosity for the US forces and the AFP for normalizing aerial terrorism.”

The CPP official further said these joint exercises are being carried out with outright contempt for the country’s sovereignty. “The presence of US troops, jet fighters, naval vessels and other weapons further drag the country into the US imperialist conflict with China.”

“The upcoming war exercises Cope Thunder, the second for this year and coming at the heels of the recent large-scale Balikatan war games, puts a clear target on the country, in case an open armed conflict between the US and China breaks out,” added Valbuena.

“Amid worsening and growing poverty, it is grossly obscene considering that Marcos will squander billions of pesos from public funds for the said 10-day event,” Valbuena pointed out. He insisted that public funds should instead be spent to aide the Filipino peasantry and the rural population severely affected by the dry season amid the El Niño phenomenon and for comprehensive preparation in the face of impending La Niña.

PAF’s Col. Castillo earlier announced that an estimated 900 PAF personnel and 25 US Pacific Air Forces personnel will participate in the upcoming Cope Thunder war games.

The first iteration of the said wargames last April 8-19 saw the participation of 250 US airmen and 12 US aircraft. Residents of Gattaran, Sto Niño, and Lasam in Cagayan said low-flying jet fighters caused mayhem in schools especially in daycare centers and kindergarten schools sending children scampering back to their homes. Infants were also awakened, livelihoods were disrupted, and even domestic animals were frightened and distressed.

Residents complained that they were not informed in advance, causing people to run and stumble in extreme fear since the exhibitions were staged right near schools and barangay halls. A mother said her 7-year-old son prevented her from leaving the house fearing she would be hit by a bomb. They also complained about the extremely loud rumble and deafening noise of jet fighters. “My chest felt like it was going to explode when it passed over us,” said one.

The Cope Thunder war games was revived in 2023 with the push of the Marcos regime since its termination in 1990.

“The nonsensical war games has been dead for more than 30 years already, why can’t it stay that way? The Filipino people despise the Cope Thunder and US presence in the Philippines,” Valbuena ended.

CPP/NPA-Northern Negros/Negros Island ROC: Mangunguma ginpatay sang #DiMasaligan79IB, gipagwa nga NPA

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC) Website (May 27, 2024): Mangunguma ginpatay sang #DiMasaligan79IB, gipagwa nga NPA (Farmer killed by #Unreliable79IB, NPA killed)

Cecil Estrella
NPA-Northern Negros (Roselyn Pelle Command)
Negros Island Regional Operational Command (Apolinario Gatmaitan Command)
New People's Army

May 27, 2024

Isa naman ka peke nga engkwentro ang ginpagwa sa Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) kag #DiMasaligan79IB sadtong Mayo 22, 2024 sa Sityo Manaysay, Barangay Camabayobo sa banwa sang Calatrava kung diin gipatay sang mga unipormado nga pasista ang isa naman ka mangunguma.

Si Jeje Redobles ang pinakaulahing biktima sa kabangis sa AFP kag #DiMasaligan79IB sa norte nga bahin sang Negros diin tuyo si Redobles nga gipatay apang gipagwa nga napatay sa engkwentro bilang isa ka NPA. Peke kag planted man ang narekober nga M16, granada kag iban pa.

Madugay na nga ginainitan si Redobles sa mga ahente sang AFP. Umpisa tuig 2022, pila na ka beses nga ginpatawag siya sa AFP para himuon nga isa ka asset sang paniktik sa ila nga lugar kag manilag sa hulag sa mga NPA apang pila man ka beses siya nga nibalibad bangud gusto niya nga magapangabuhi sang husto kag para wala hulga ang iya kabuhi.

Naila si Redobles sa ila nga lugar nga manug kopras kag mangunguma sang kamote kag saging. Maski ang mga opisyales sang barangay ang nanindugan nga ordinaryo nga mangunguma si Redobles.

Ang Roselyn Jean Pelle Command-Prenteng Gerilya sa norte nga bahin sang Negros sang New People’s Army (RJPC-NPA) nagpaklaro nga wala sang engkwentro nga natabo sa nasambit nga petsa kag lugar. Wala man sang yunit sang RJPC-NPA ang naghulag sadto nga tion sa amo nga lugar. Dili man katapo si Redobles sa NPA.

Dugang pa, ginakundena sa RJPC-NPA ang pagpatay sa isa ka mangunguma paagi sa peke nga engkwentro kag malisyosong pag-angot kay Redobles sa NPA. Ginpaabot man sang RJPC-NPA ang pasagmuyo sa nabilin nga asawa, mga bata, pamilya kag higala ni Redobles.

Dili na bag-o ang pagpatay paagi sa peke nga engkwentro sang AFP sa bilog isla sang Negros. Diri sa norte nga bahin sang Negros, si Redobles ang ikaduha nga nangin biktima sini nga tuig 2024. Madumduman nga gipatay man nila si Jose Caramihan sadtong Pebrero 21 sa Sityo Mansulao, Barangay Pinapugasan, Escalante City paagi man sa peke nga engkwentro kag gideklarar siya nga katapo sang NPA.

Ang mga planted kag gin-recycle nga mga rekoberi nga mga kagamitan panggyera ang madugay na nga kagawian sang mga pasistang tropa. Madumduman nga pila lang ka bilog nga mga armas ang ginturn-over sa #DiMasaligan79IB ngadto sa PNP-Escalante City. Ang mga armas nga wala nila ginturn-over sadto sa PNP-Escalante City ang posibleng gingamit nila kag gitanum kay Redobles.

Sa tunga sa grabeng krisis sa ekonomiya nga giatubang sa bilog pumuluyo tuga sa El Niño, sira galing, taas nga presyo, kag ubos nga suhulan, terrorismo sa estado ang nangin sabat sa mga nagharing sahi ngadto sa giatubang sa mga anak balhas. Ginagutom na, ginapatay pa.

Tinalawan kag nagpakita lang sa ila ka desperado ang AFP kag #DiMasaligan79IB sa pagpatay sang sibilyan kag pagpagwa sang mga peke nga engkwentro hilabi na nga nagkalapit na ang ila deadline sa paglagas sa ila ginsiling nga ‘nabilin’ nga Pulang hangaway apang nabudlayan sila sa paglagas kag pagpangita sa nahimutangan sa gerilyang pwersa sang NPA.

Dili angay magkalipat ang AFP kag #DiMasaligan79IB sa leksyon nga gintudlo sa kasaysayan sa norte nga bahin sang Negros kag sa bilog Pilipinas nga sa matag kapintas sa estado ngadto sa mga ordinaryo nga pumuluyo, may dugang nga dugo ang muasdang sa rebolusyon para walaun ang pagpangyatak sa mga kinamatarung kag maangkon nga matuod nga kahilwayan.

Magapadayon ang armadong pagsukol sa pumuluyo para pangapinan ang mga mangunguma kag hatagan hustisya ang mga dinaugdaug, sama ni Redobles. Magapadayon ang rebolusyon!

CPP/NPA-Mindoro/Southern Tagalog ROC: Kampo ng 4th IB sa Oriental Mindoro, pinatamaan ng BHB

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC) Website (May 28, 2024): Kampo ng 4th IB sa Oriental Mindoro, pinatamaan ng BHB (Camp of the 4th IB in Oriental Mindoro, hit by the NPA)

Madaay Gasic
NPA-Mindoro (Lucio De Guzman Command)
Southern Tagalog Regional Operational Command (Melito Glor Command)
New People's Army

May 28, 2024

Pulang saludo ang ipinaaabot ng Lucio de Guzman Command-NPA Mindoro (LDGC-NPA-Mindoro) sa mga Pulang kumander at mandirigma nito na naglunsad ng matagumpay na taktikal na opensiba sa kampo ng 4th Infantry Batallion (IB) sa Sityo Sigao, Barangay Lisap, Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro noong Mayo 20, 2024. Matagumpay na pinatamaan ng putok ng isang yunit ng LDGC-NPA-Mindoro ang nakakampong militar bandang 9:15 nang umaga. Tiyak ang kaswalti sa kaaway habang ligtas namang nakaatras ang mga Pulang mandirigma. Tugon ito sa matagal nang panawagan ng mga mamamayan laluna ng mga katutubong Buhid na parusahan at bigyang hustisya ang mga biktima ng paglabag sa karapatang pantao at paghahasik ng teror ng mga pasistang sundalo.

Kinampuhan ng 4th IB ang Sityo Sigao, Barangay Lisap simula 2022. Sa loob ng dalawang taon, apektado ang mamamayan ng Sityo Sigao at karatig na mga lugar sa Bongabong ng walang patid na pagsasagawa nito ng krimen sa mamamayan. Naitala ang mga kaso ng sapilitan at pekeng pagpapasuko, pang-aabuso at panggagahasa sa mga kababaihan, pagkakampo sa gitna ng mga pamayanan at paulit ulit na pandarahas sa mga katutubong Buhid. Matingkad na insidenteng kinaharap ng mga mamamayan dito ang pambobomba ng FA50, pagkanyon at aerial straffing noong 26 at 27 Pebrero 2022.

Matatandaan na mula pa 2019 nang ideklarang pambansang prayoridad ang Barangay Lisap at Hagan sa bayan ng Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro ng NTF-ELCAC, di na mabilang ang iba’t ibang kaso ng kalupitan ang pinakawalan ng reaksyunaryong gobyerno sa mga mamamamayan ng mga barangay na ito. Kinampuhan na ng RCSP yunit ang Sityo Rimas, isang sityo na kalapit din lamang ng Sityo Sigao noong Agosto 2020 hanggang buong taon ng 2021. Kaya ang pagkakampong muli sa barangay na ito ay patunay lamang na ang pasistang kampanyang supresyon ay siya mismong nagtutulak sa mamamayan para lumaban. Paulit-ulit na binibigo ng mga mamamayan ang malupit na programang ELCAC ng reaksyunaryog gobyenro dahil sa di-masikmurang pagtratong dinaranas nila at upang isigaw na hindi ito makatarungan para sa kanila.

Panawagan at hamon ang opensibang ito sa lahat ng yunit sa ilalim ng LDGC-NPA-Mindoro na ilunsad ang mga taktikal na opensiba laban sa 203rd Brigade at PNP-MIMAROPA, ang haligi ng pasismo ng reaksyunaryong estado sa Mindoro. Paduguin ang halimaw sa maraming bahagi ng katawan nito at panapanahong bigwasan sa ulo saanman at kailanman kakayanin. Sa harap ng tumitinding maduming kontra-insurhensyang digma ng rehimeng US-Marcos II at armadong pwersa nito, makatarungan lamang ang lumaban at isulong ang armadong pakikibaka. Sa tulong ng determinadong mamamayan, patuloy na nagpapakahusay at nagwawasto sa mga kahinaan ang mga Pulang kumander at mandirigma ng LDGC-NPA-Mindoro upang ipagtanggol ang interes at karapatan ng mga Mindoreño.

CPP/NPA-Central Negros/Negros Island ROC: 62nd IB Patrol Base sa Guihulngan City, Ginharas sang NPA

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC) Website (May 29, 2024): 62nd IB Patrol Base sa Guihulngan City, Ginharas sang NPA (62nd IB Patrol Base in Guihulngan City, Harassed by the NPA)

JB Regalado
NPA-Central Negros (Leonardo Panaligan Command)
Negros Island Regional Operational Command (Apolinario Gatmaitan Command)
New People's Army

May 29, 2024

Kadalag-an naman sa yunit sang Leonardo Panaligan Command-New People’s Army LPC-NPA) ang pagtigayon sang operasyon-haras sa 62nd IB Patrol Base nga nahamtang sa Barangay Hinakpan siyudad sang Guihulngan, Negros Oriental alas 6:30 kagab-i, Mayo 27.

Suno sa mga residente, may mga kaswalti sa hanay sang pasistang militar resulta sang kapin sa singko minutos nga baylohanay sang lupok. Apang hungod naman nga gintago sang militar sa publiko ang ila mga kaswalidad. Samtang matawhay naman ang NPA nga naka-atras.

Ini ang ikaduha na nga operasyon-haras sang New People’s Army batok sa 62nd IB sa sulod lamang sang apat ka adlaw (Mayo 24-27). Madumduman, Mayo 24 alas 9:00 sang gab-i, madinalag-on man nga ginharas sang LPC-NPA ang 62nd IB Patrol Base sa Barangay Malangsa, Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental.

Nangin madinalag-on ang asud-asod nga mga aksyon militar sang LPC-NPA sa Central Negros bangud sang wala kahubasan nga suporta sang pumuluyo sa armadong paghimakas kag ila matuod nga hangaway sang banwa. Kabaliskaran sa pasulit-sulit nga ginatikal ni B/Gen. Orlando Edralin sang 303rd Bde PA kag M/Gen. Marion Sison sang 3ID PA upod sa ila mga tagtaghol nga “dismantled” na ang mga prenteng gerilya sa isla.

Gikan sa solido nga kusog sang masa kag Bag-ong Hangaway sang Banwa paagi sa absoluto nga pagpamuno sang Communist Party of the Philippines ang pag-angkon sang tunay nga hustisya!

CPP/NPA-Aurora/Central Luzon ROC: Aktibong depensa: tugon ng NPA sa nagpapatuloy na FMO ng AFP sa Aurora

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC) Website (May 29, 2024): Aktibong depensa: tugon ng NPA sa nagpapatuloy na FMO ng AFP sa Aurora (Active defense: NPA response to AFP's ongoing FMO in Aurora)

NPA-Aurora (Domingo Erlano Command)
Central Luzon Regional Operational Command (Josepino Corpuz Command)
New People's Army

May 29, 2024

Matagumpay na nakapag-aktibong depensa ang yunit ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan sa ilalim ng Domingo Erlano Command sa naganap na labanan noong gabi ng Mayo 28 sa Baranggay Bazal sa bayan ng Maria Aurora kung saan apat ang siguradong kaswalting natamo ng mga nag-ooperasyong tropa ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) sa lugar. Nagtagal nang ilang minuto ang palitan ng putok. Pagkatapos nito ay walang habas ng nagpaputok ang tropa ng AFP habang ligtas at organisadong nakaatras ang mga kasama.

Ang nasabing labanan ay resulta ng nagpapatuloy na operasyong militar ng kaaway bago pa man ang unang engkwentro noong Mayo 20 ng umaga.

Sa ganitong sitwasyon hindi kapayapaan ang tunay na hangad ng AFP kundi karahasan sa hanay ng mamamayan ng Aurora. Sa halip na ituon ang pondo ng bayan sa pagbibigay ng de kalidad na serbisyong publiko, naglulustay ang AFP ng milyon-milyong pondo sa tuluy-tuloy na mga combat operation. Tuluy-tuloy ang pagpapalipad ng mga drone at mga helicopter sa lugar, pinagbabawalan ang mga sibilyang populasyon sa ligtas na paghahanapbuhay sa baryo at kabundukan.

Nananawagan kami sa mamamayan na suportahan natin ang tunay na hukbo ng mamamayan ang NPA.

CPP/NPA-Central Luzon ROC: PAALALA SA PUBLIKO: mula sa NPA-Gitnang Luzon (Josepino Corpuz Command)

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC) Website (May 29, 2024): PAALALA SA PUBLIKO: mula sa NPA-Gitnang Luzon (Josepino Corpuz Command) [NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: from NPA-Central Luzon (Josepino Corpuz Command)]

Central Luzon Regional Operational Command (Josepino Corpuz Command)
New People's Army

May 29, 2024

Kagabi, May 28, 2024, ay may naganap muli na engkwentro sa pagitan ng mga sundalo at NPA sa Barangay Bazal, Maria Aurora, Aurora. Apat na pwersa ng AFP ang namatay sa unang bugso palang ng putukan.

Maraming mga residente ang nakarinig ng malalakas na putok at pasabog, lalo na ang walang patumanggang pag-volume fire ng pwersa ng AFP, naglulustay ng kanilang mga bala at bomba kahit matapos ang labanan.

Dahil dito, batid namin na umiiral ang takot sa inyong baryo, kasabay pa ng pinahigpit na restriksyon ng AFP at ang mga kumakalat na fake news upang higit na lumikha ng takot at pangamba sa inyong isipan.

Nais naming ipaabot sa mga mamamayan ng Maria Aurora na sa kabila ng sunud-sunod na engkwentrong relatibong malapit sa inyong mga pook-obrahan at komunidad, tinitiyak ng NPA na pinapatiuna namin ang inyong kaligtasan, higit sa anupaman.

Hangga’t kaya naming maiwasan ang labanang may madadamay sa sibilyan ay pinipilit naming iwasan. Hangga’t maari, kahit pa sa pinaka-gipit na sitwasyon, mas inuuna namin na ligtas ang mga sibilyan kahit pa may risgo ito sa aming bahagi.

Hipokrito ang AFP sa pabatid nila sa publiko na maaaring madamay at maging “Human Shield” ng NPA ang mga sibilyan.

Sa kasaysayan ng digmang bayan sa Pilipinas, ang mga pwersa ng militar ang naglalapastangan sa buhay at karapatan ng simpleng residente sa baryo. Ang AFP ang may mersenaryong tradisyon na kahit bata, buntis, matanda, o sinupamang mapag-abutan nila, ay walang-pusong inaabuso at pinapatay. Maski nga sarili nilang tropa ay palalabasin nilang NPA ang pumatay kahit pa nga sila mismo ang may kagagawan nito.

Ang AFP ang tunay na naghahasik ng terror sa mga komunidad, hindi ang NPA na tunay na sundalo ng mahihirap!