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Philippine Communist Leadership Orders Guerrillas to Go After Chinese Firms

Posted to Radio Free Asia (Oct 14, 2020): Philippine Communist Leadership Orders Guerrillas to Go After Chinese Firms

Guerrillas of the New People's Army, the military wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, march at their encampment in the Sierra Madre mountains, southeast of Manila, Nov. 23, 2016.

The outlawed Philippine communist party directed its armed wing on Wednesday to target Chinese companies involved in infrastructure projects, including state-backed firms that the United States has blacklisted for their part in Beijing’s militarization in the South China Sea.

The communists announced the move six weeks after the Philippine government – their enemy for the past half-century – declared that it would not follow Washington’s lead by cutting ties with firms involved in China’s building of artificial islands and military installations in the disputed waterway. At least one of those 24 firms sanctioned by the U.S. is involved in Philippine infrastructure projects.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) did not name the Chinese firms, but said they were involved in the construction of Chinese installations and “in the plunder and destruction of Philippine marine resources in the West Philippine Sea, in violation of Philippine sovereignty.”

The West Philippine Sea is how Filipinos refer to the South China Sea. Both the Philippines and China have contending claims in the waterway.

“Some of these same Chinese companies are involved in some big-ticket infrastructure projects for the construction of mining roads and dams that are encroaching deeper and deeper into the ancestral lands of the national minorities and forests in various parts of the country,” the CPP said.

“These infrastructure projects not only displace thousands of peasants and minorities from their lands, they also wreak havoc [on] the natural ecosystem of the country’s remaining forests,” it added.

Asked if this meant that Chinese firms would be targeted by the CPP’s New People’s Army (NPA) guerrillas, group spokesman Marco Valbuena, said: “They and their armed … securities are targets.”

“How? it depends on the assessment of local NPA commands, how best to frustrate their plans and their plunderous [sic] operations typically accompanied with militarization of lumad [the indigenous peoples of Mindanao] communities,” he told BenarNews, an RFA-affiliated online news service.

The NPA, whose force today comprises some 5,000 fighters scattered in different parts of the Philippine archipelago, have been waging Asia’s longest-running rebellion since 1969. Their ideology was originally inspired by the founding father of the People’s Republic of China.

To this day Mao caps, with a red star emblazoned on the front against a field of green, are popular among them. In the 1970s, when the Cold War was still raging, China was known to supply the Philippine communists with weapons in their fight against the U.S.-backed Marcos administration. But the CPP has long since repudiated links with Chinese communist doctrine in favor of their own ideological brand.

Valbuena said that the Philippine communist leadership hoped to “put a spotlight” on what he described as widespread destruction wrought by Chinese firms on the country’s environment.

CPP founder Jose Maria Sison, who lives in exile in the Netherlands, warned that these Chinese firms were “vulnerable to guerrilla operations.”

The main message of the CPP was to order the NPA to “mount more tactical offensives nationwide,” Sison told BenarNews by phone on Wednesday.

In its statement, the CPP said it was ordering all of its guerrilla units to “mount more frequent tactical offensives” against the government and the Chinese firms.

“Use all possible types of weapons – from rifles and command-detonated explosives, to spears and punji sticks – against the enemy,” the CPP said.

When Benar News contacted them, officials with the Philippine military declined to comment on the CPP’s announcement. Meanwhile, representatives of the Chinese Embassy in Manila were not immediately available for comment.

Manila: ‘We will pursue our national interest’

In early September, the Duterte administration defiantly said that it would not severe links with Chinese firms, which have invested billions of dollars in big-ticket projects in the Philippines.

In July, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that Beijing’s claims to nearly all of the South China Sea on the basis of “historic rights” were unlawful. In late August, the United States announced that it was blacklisting two dozen Chinese companies as well as individuals for their involvement in reclamation activities in the sea.

On Sept. 1, Philippine presidential spokesman. Harry Roque said the government would keep working with Chinese firms because it was in the “national interest” to complete flagship infrastructure projects in the country.

“I will be categorical. [The] Sangley project will continue [and] all other projects involving Chinese companies that are banned in the U.S. can continue in the Philippines,” Roque said. “We are not a vassal state of any foreign power and we will pursue our national interest.”

One of the firms sanctioned by Washington, the state-controlled China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), has landed a U.S. $10 billion deal to construct an international airport at Sangley Point, just south of Manila.

CCCC has also secured approval for five other local infrastructure projects in Davao, Cebu, and the former Clark U.S. Air Force Base north of Manila. A third firm, China Energy Engineering Corp., is involved in a multi-million dam project up north.

Lately, nationalist groups have also expressed concern about another Chinese firm, China Telecom, which is part of a consortium called Dito Telecommunity Corp. The government has green-lighted it to build telecommunications towers and systems at Philippine military camps.

Apart from the Philippines, five other Asian governments – Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam – have territorial claims or maritime boundaries in the South China Sea that overlap with China. While Indonesia does not regard itself as a party to the South China Sea dispute, Beijing claims historic rights to parts of that sea overlapping Indonesia’s exclusive economic zone.

President Rodrigo Duterte, a self-styled leftist, was once a college student of CPP founder Sison, and there had been high hopes initially that a peace deal with the communists would finally be signed after Duterte took power in mid-2016. But the president broke off preliminary talks in 2017 after accusing the New People’s Army of continuing to carry out attacks against the military and police.

Reported by BenarNews, an RFA-affiliated online news service.

Army’s 3ID vows to hit hard remaining NPAs in Region 6

From Panay News (Oct 15, 2020): Army’s 3ID vows to hit hard remaining NPAs in Region 6 (By Ruby Silubrico)

“We’re optimistic that we can render them (NPAs) irrelevant in the communities,” says Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division spokesperson Major Cenon Pancto III. PN File

The Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) vowed to work double-time to neutralize the remaining New People’s Army (NPA) rebels still hiding in the mountains across Western Visayas.

“Our promise to the people is a peaceful life without fear that they might become victims of the NPA’s atrocities and negative propaganda,” said Major Cenon Pancito III, spokesperson of the 3ID.

According to Pancito, 81 barangays remain subject for clearing of NPA’s presence.

These barangays represent 1.7 percent of the 4,051 total barangays in Western Visayas after 130 have been “liberated” between 2016 to 2019.

There were also 333 communist-terrorist groups that threatened barangays, said Pancito. Of these, one maintained a foothold in Aklan province, three in Antique, 37 in Capiz, 80 in Iloilo province, and 212 in Negros Occidental.

“We are optimistic that we can render them (NPAs) irrelevant in the communities,” Pancito said, stressing that the communist insurgency is an “immediate” political security threat that must be resolved in the last two years of President Rodrigo Duterte’s term.

“The reality may be hard for our enemies to accept that they are losing ground but real statistics reveal their influence on the communities. Pilit man nila ginagalingan ang pagkukunwari na sila ay grupo na dapat konsiderahin pero ang nasabing linya ay hindi na bumebenta sa mga tao,” Pancito said.

Even while away, slain NPA leader directed offensives in Mindanao, military says

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Oct 15, 2020): Even while away, slain NPA leader directed offensives in Mindanao, military says (By: Froilan Gallardo)

Before being killed by authorities on Oct. 11 in Cebu City, Dennis Paradero Rodinas directed the planning and carrying out of offensives against rebel targets in Mindanao, a military official said.

In a tragic end to a five-year cat-and-mouse chase, Rodinas was killed
after allegedly fighting off a team of police and Army personnel, who caught up with him in his house in hinterland Pong-ol Sibugay village.

According to Maj. Patrick Martinez, chief of the Army’s Civil-Military Operations Group in Central Visayas, Rodinas may have chosen to hide from the law in Cebu “because nobody will suspect that he is here.”

Martinez, who used to be stationed in Cagayan de Oro City, describes Rodinas as a ranking New People’s Army (NPA) guerrilla leader, whom the military holds responsible for various atrocities in Mindanao.

He said Rodinas commanded an NPA strike team that mainly operated in Southern Mindanao and the provinces of Bukidnon and Compostela Valley.

Rodinas was tagged in the killing of Mayor Dario Otaza of Loreto town, Agusan del Sur, and his son Daryl Otaza, whom the rebels kidnapped in October 2015 to carry out a death sentence imposed by an NPA kangaroo court.

Martinez said Rodinas also planned and led simultaneous attacks on the plants of Lapanday and Macondray, and Lorenzo farm in Davao City in 2017.

While in Cebu, Rodinas continued to coordinate the planning and implementation of NPA attacks in Mindanao, with the use of communication technology, Martinez added.

Nobody knew when Rodinas and his guerrilla wife, Gerlie Mercado also known as Tamsi and Sol, arrived in Cebu.

But Martinez said they could have relocated there more than two years ago when work on their newly constructed house reportedly began.

Mercado told authorities she arrived in Cebu in August last year, and Rodinas followed later.

Martinez said a former NPA rebel first recognized Rodinas, and his presence in Cebu was validated when intelligence operatives tracked Mercado in the city.

Maj. Eduardo Precioso, spokesperson of the military’s Central Command, said the Army and police team was to serve five arrest warrants to Rodinas on Oct. 11, all for heinous crimes like murder and acts of terrorism.

The warrants were issued by courts in Davao de Oro province.

Authorities have arrested Mercado along with two others, identified as Ryan and Rodelyn Moralde.

AFP Chief: Terrorist groups bring fight to Islamic schools, social media

From the Manila Bulletin (Oct 14, 2020): AFP Chief: Terrorist groups bring fight to Islamic schools, social media (By Martin Sadongdong)

Local and foreign terrorist groups operating in the country have started using Islamic schools or “madrasa” and social media to entice the youth to join them and push their cause and ideologies.


General Gilbert Gapay, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), said that the military has taken steps to counter the rise of suicide bombings and the changing nature of terrorism in the country.

“The madrasas and other schools in Sulu, we are monitoring them really where we suspected that there is some sort of radicalization activities going on,” Gapay said.

What’s more alarming, according to Gapay, is that terrorist groups have also utilized the power of the Internet and social media to recruit young fighters.

“One of the media or vehicles they are using is the social media. We have found out from some of those who surrendered and captured that quite a number of them have been recruited and radicalized through social media,” he said.

Gapay believes this is the reason why suicide bombing involving Filipino terrorists have become the new “trend” of terrorism in the Philippine setting.

In the past two years, at least five suicide bombing incidents have been recorded by the military.

A bombing incident in June, 2019, involving the first identified Filipino suicide bomber, Norman Lasuca, seemed to have set a dangerous precedent in the nature of terrorism in the country, the AFP Chief said.

“We cannot imagine a Filipino really being recruited or being used as a suicide bomber. Usually, we expect that that suicide bombers would be foreign terrorists that have slipped here in our country but we were really surprised when we had that first incident in 2019 in the person of Mr. Lasuca,” Gapay said.

“It was really an eye opener for us that the effort to recruit, to radicalize, and even mold the suicide bomber out of Filipinos is really at that level,” he added.

The most recent suicide bombing incident occured last August 24, 2020 at a plaza in Jolo, Sulu which claimed the lives of 17 people and wounded 74 others, including two suicide bombers.

An Indonesian terrorist who allegedly committed herself to do a suicide bombing mission in Zamboanga City has been arrested by the authorities in Sulu last week.

The suicide bomber allegedly wanted to avenge the death of her husband, an Indonesian terrorist linked with the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) who was killed in an armed encounter with the military.

Fighting terrorism

To address the evolving nature of terrorism, the military coordinated with the Department of Education (DepEd) and concerned local government units (LGUs) to monitor the madrasas in Mindanao where students are believed to be radicalized, Gapay said.

“As part of our response, we are now strengthening and enhancing our program as far as preventing and countering violent extremism [is concerned]. We are looking now, coordinating with DepEd to look into different schools, particularly in Sulu and other parts of Mindanao. It is in one of these institutions or areas where recruitment is occurring particularly [among] the youth,” he said.

Terrorism, Gapay noted, is a global concern that should be addressed through the cooperation of various nations. But he said that the fight must begin at the grassroot level.

“We have this comprehensive anti-terrorism program of the government wherein all agencies are involved. You know, the military side will come in after, it’s on the reactive [side] already, when terrorists are identified and due for neutralization. But the larger part of the effort will be for the preventive side of it,” Gapay said.

“[It includes] preventing the youth and some people to get recruited, preventing foreign terrorists from slipping into our country, preventing other local terrorists from slipping out of the country and getting deployed to Syria or Afghanistan, and then looking into some madrasas and schools where terrorists also use these facilities to recruit and radicalize,” he added.

“Terrorism, it’s a global threat and it would need really the cooperation among nations. That’s why intelligence information sharing with other countries is being done, not only by the armed forces but by our government so it’s a comprehensive approach when it comes to combatting terrorism,” he said.

Policemen engage in firefight with armed men in Guihulngan

From Cebu Daily News (Oct 13. 2020): Policemen engage in firefight with armed men in Guihulngan (By: Alven Marie A. Timtim)

Policemen of the 704th Regional Mobile Force Company (RMFC) engaged in a 30-minute firefight with an undetermined number of armed men, whom policemen tagged as members of a Communist Terrorist Group (CTG), in Barangay Hinakpan, Guihulngan City in Negros Oriental.

Police Brigadier General Albert Ignatius Ferro, Police Regional Office in Central Visayas chief, said that no one was hurt in the firefight that at the RMFC’s forward operating base (FOB) at around 7 p.m. on Monday, October 12, 2020.

“Actually as of this time, there is still a firefight and scouring in that particular area in Negros, and our armed forces’ counterpart with the 303rd Brigade is handling the incident,” said Ferro.

Police said that the undetermined number of armed men, who were believed to be 300 meters from the policemen’s base camp, started shooting at the camp.

After a half hour of the firefight, the suspected rebels fled in different directions.

“We are still holding on different detachments, and I have ordered our police forces there to conduct a massive checkpoints and help the Armed forces of the Philippines (AFP) to contain that particular armed encounter,” said Ferro.

Read: Police say alleged rebel killed in Cebu is a high-ranking NPA official in Southern Mindanao

The armed encounter of suspected rebels happened a few days after an alleged high-ranking commander of the New People’s Army was killed in a shootout with Cebu City policemen, who were about to serve a warrant of arrest against Denis Rodinas.

Rodinas was facing multiple charges.

Rodinas’ common law wife, Gerlie Mercado allegedly also known as Tamsi/Sol, was arrested also arrested along with two other cohorts.

Police claimed that Gerlie was allegedly a top NPA terrorist under the Southern Mindanao Regional Committee.

When asked if this could be a retaliation on the the death of the alleged high-ranking NPA member and commander, and the arrest of three others, Ferro said, they believed it was more like a diversionary tactic.

“We believe it’s a diversionary tactic because our Armed Forces units there at the area are conducting a massive combat operation,” said Ferro./dbs

‘Threat is not real:’ Badoy says SC junked red-tagging case

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Oct 14, 2020): ‘Threat is not real:’ Badoy says SC junked red-tagging case (By: Christia Marie Ramos)

Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy claimed at a Senate hearing that the Supreme Court has “dismissed for lack of evidence,” a case supposedly filed by several groups against her and other officials over red-tagging.

“Just in case red-tagging is brought up, I’d like to inform you that we were actually brought to court by the NUJP (National Union of Journalists of the Philippines), Gabriela, Rural Missionaries up to the Supreme Court, the ruling was that there is no…the threat is not real, and it is based on amorphous grounds,” Badoy said during the budget hearing of the PCOO.

The case was “dismissed for lack of evidence,” she said.

But NUJP chair Nonoy Espina denied filing any case against Badoy or any other government official over red-tagging.

“We haven’t sued anyone over red-tagging,” Espina said in a statement.

During the hearing, Badoy also claimed that the Supreme Court ruling supposedly stated that “membership into organization red-tagged is not an actionable threat.”

“That red-tagging is really actually a word that the CPP-NPA-NDF (Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front of the Philippines) coined. It is not a real word,” she further said.

Senator Richard Gordon, who presided over the hearing, asked Badoy to submit to the committee the supposed Supreme Court ruling she cited.

To recall, House deliberations on the proposed PCOO budget last September were suspended “until further notice” as lawmakers denounced Badoy’s red-tagging activities.

The Makabayan bloc, whose members were tagged by Badoy as “high-ranking officials” of the CPP-NPA-NDF, also earlier called for the PCOO official’s resignation.

Badoy initially rejected the call to resign, saying that she should not be the one to leave office because she had never deceived Filipinos. She then said she would only be willing to resign if the six Makabayan lawmakers denounce the communist rebels’ atrocities, among other conditions.

CPP: Paduguon sa liboan ka mga samad ang pasistang rehimeng Duterte! Maglunsad og daghan pang taktikal nga mga opensiba sa tibuok nasud!

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 14, 2020): Paduguon sa liboan ka mga samad ang pasistang rehimeng Duterte! Maglunsad og daghan pang taktikal nga mga opensiba sa tibuok nasud!

OCTOBER 14, 2020

Gitimbaya sa Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP) ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan (BHB) sa mga serye sa malampusong taktikal nga mga opensiba sa tibuok nasud sa milabayng duha ka bulan. Naglunsad ang lain-laing yunit sa BHB og mga ambus, harasment ug operasyong demolisyon ug uban pang taktikal nga mga opensiba batok sa pasistang armadonng tropa sa rehimen, paramilitar ug uban pang armadong ahente, lakip na ang mga sangksyon batok sa mga magun-ubong dagkung mina, logging ug plantasyon. Gilunsad ang mga opensiba sa tibuok Mindanao ug Eastern Visayas, Negros, Panay, Bicol, Southern Tagalog ug Cagayan Valley.

Gidayeg sa Partido ang mga Pulang manggugubat sa BHB ug kumander ug gipasidunggan ang mga namartir sa panagsangka. Kanunay nato silang humdumon ug pasidunggan isip mga bayani ug martir sa katawhan.

Gidayeg usab sa lapad nga masa sa katawhang Pilipino ang mga opensiba sa BHB. Ang maong mga opensiba mipatataw sa pagbuut sa katawhan nga batukan ang tiranya sa rehimeng Duterte ug nagpadasig ug nagpaisog kanila aron mosukol batok sa paghari sa terorismo sa estado, korapsyon ug nasudnong pagluib.

Labing dungganon ang ambus sa BHB niadtong Oktubre 4 sa Lianga, Surigao del Sur. Naghatag kini og dakung hapak batok sa paramilitar nga Magahat-Bagani nga nagpailalum sa kontrol sa 3rd IB ug naghatag og hustisya sa masang Lumad. Ang maong mga armadong ahente nailang responsable sa masaker sa Lianga niadtong 2015 ug gigamit sa mga militar ug kumpanya sa mina aron hadlukon ug sumpuon ang katawhan. Dungganon usab ang ambus niadtong Setyembre 2 sa Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat batok sa 37th IB nga midugmok sa usa ka platon sa mga tropa nga naggwardya sa dalan sa proyekto alang sa trosohan sa dagkung komprador nga Consunji.

Subay sa inisyal nga banabana sa impormasyon nga gipadayag sa publiko ug sa internal nga taho sulod sa unang tulo ka kwarto sa tuig, nakalunsad ang mga yunit sa BHB og dili moubos sa 36 ka opensiba sukad sa pag-abli sa Agosto o halos usa ka taktikal nga opensiba matag ikaduha ka adlaw. Gisakmit sa mga Pulang manggugubat ang gerilyang inisyatiba sa prubinsya sa Albay, Negros Occidental, Surigao del Sur, Oriental Mindoro, Misamis Oriental, Capiz, Agusan del Sur, Sultan Kudarat, Iloilo, Northern Samar, Occidental Mindoro, Surigao del Norte, Eastern Samar, Samar, Sarangani, Negros Oriental ug Cagayan. Dili moubos sa 289 ka pasistang mga tropa, katugbang sa usa ka gamayng batalyon, ang patay sa mga panagsangka sukad sa pagsugod sa tuig. Samtang 146 ka Pulang manggugubat ang namartir sulod sa maong panahon, sa proporsyon nga 1 ka manggugubat sa BHB sa matag 2 ka pasista, ug nahimong 1:3 pabor sa BHB sukad Hulyo. Ang maong mga numero mamahimo pang mausab samtang padayon nga nagasulod ang mga taho.

Adunay tataw nga pagkunhod sa ihap sa engkwentro o panagsangka sa inisyatiba sa AFP. Gikan sa halos 60 niadtong Abril, dihang naglunsad og nasudnong mga opensiba ang AFP aron pahimuslan ang hunong-buto sa BHB isip tubag sa panawagan sa United Nation alang sa pangkalibutang hunong-buto, mikunhod ang ihap sa mga depensiba ngadto sa mas ubus sa 10 sa usa ka bulan. Nagtinguha ang BHB nga ipaubos pa kini hangtud siro.

Ang pagkunhod sa ihap sa mga depensiba, timaan kung paunsa gisagup ug gipahiuyon sa gerilyang mga yunit sa BHB ang mga focused military operation nga nagtinguhang i-blockhouse ug liyukan ang BHB. Nagpakahanas ang gerilyang mga yunit sa taktikang pagbalhin-balhin, konsentrasyon ug dispersal, aron likayan ang nag-unang pwersa sa kaaway, pahimuslan ang luag nga gintang tali sa yunit pang-operasyon sa kaaway ug atakehon ang huyang nga bahin niini.

Gibanabana nga mga migasto ang AFP og P100 milyon sulod sa pipila ka semana nga focused military operations nga nagmobilisa og mas gamay sa 1,000 ka tropa aron mobagnud sa gamay erya nga milukop sa pipila ka mga baryo sa mga utlanan, kakumbina ang paggamit sa mga drone, helikopter ug jet fighter alang pagpamomba, ug pasundayag nga mga proyektong saywar. Ang dinagkung mga operasyon nagpamatuud sa dakung pag-usik-usik sa kwarta sa katawhan. Mikaylap ang korapsyon samtang ang dagkung kantidad sa mga pondo mitipas ngadto sa mga bulsa sa mga upisyal sa militar sa dagway sa sobrang presyo, sobrang nga pagdeklara sa gasto, paghapaw sa pondo alang sa“community integration,” pagpalangan sa paghatag sa sweldo sa mga tropa ug ginsakpan sa CAFGU, peke nga mga taho sa mga kadaugan aron ibulsa ang ganti, pagbaligya og armas sa iligal nga merkado, ug uban pa.

Midangup ang pasistang rehimen sa paglunsad sa hugaw nga todo-gyera nga nag-ila ug nagtagad sa mga sibilyan isip kaaway sa armadong panagbangi. Nabutang sa grabeng pagpangabuso ang tibuok komunidad, ekstrahudisyal nga pagpamatay, walay-puas nga pagpanghadlok ug pagpanghasi aron pugson ang katawhan nga “mosurender” sa AFP. Gipalungtad sa AFP ang hugaw niining gyera ngadto sa mga kasyudaran ug nagtinguhang sumpuon ang mga organisadong paningkamot sa mga mamumuo, walay trabaho, estudyante, magtutudlo, ug uban pang demokratikong sektor.

Ang hugaw nga gyera ni Duterte, usa ka gyera nga mopildi sa kaugalingon niining tinguha. Hangtud nga nagsandig kini sa terorismo sa estado, labaw nga natukmod ang katawhan nga mosalmot sa armadong pakigbisog. Labaw niining gipatabunok ang yuta sa kabanikanhan alang sa rekrutment sa BHB. Misuporta ug misalmot ang masang mag-uuma sa sundalo sa katawhan aron mapanalipdan nila ang ilang mga kaugalingon ug ang ilang mga komunidad, iasdang ang ilang pakigbisog sa yuta ug repormang agraryo, ug tukuron ang demokratikong mga organo sa gubyerno sa katawhan.

Ang nagkadaku nga kusog sa BHB nagbutyag sa kawalay pulos sa “kontra-insurhensiya” nga gidesenyo sa US nga nag-unang nagsalig sa superyoridad-militar ug sa pagsumpo sa pagsukol sa katawhan. Ang gitawag nga “whole-of-nation approach” usa ka sanglitanan nga naglilong sa dominateng kontrol sa militar sa tanang aspeto sa pangagamhanan ug kinabuhi sa mga sibilyan.

Ang pag-usbaw sa gidaghanon sa mga opensiba sa BHB sulod sa milabayng mga bulan nagpakita nga ang gideklarang tinguha ni Duterte nga “tapuson ang lokal nga komunistang armadong panagbangi,” siguradong mapakyas. Mibuslot kini og daku sa balik-balik nga pamahayag sa AFP nga nagkahuyang na ang BHB, nga panon-panon nga “misurender” ang mga manggugubat sa BHB, ug nga tungod kuno niini nawad-an na og suporta sa katawhan. Mapakyas ang gideklarang laraw ni Duterte nga puuhon ang BHB ayha mahuman ang iyang termino ug siguradong mataho sa makadaghan.

Ang nagkadaghang ihap sa taktikal nga mga opensiba nga gilunsad sa BHB mao ang dili kadudahang kamatuuran nga ang padayong mikusog ang sundalo sa katawhan ug nakatagamtam sa lalum nga suporta sa han-ay sa masang mag-uuma. Isip usa ka sundalong gerilya nga adunay ubus nga klase sa mga armas ug limitadong tinubdan, dili malunsad sa BHB ang maong mga opensiba kung wala ang suporta sa masa. Ginasuportahan sa masa ang taktikal nga mga opensiba sa BHB tungod kay nag-alagad kini sa ilang mga interes ug gilunsad alang sa ilang pagpanalipod.

Gipanawagan sa Partido ngadto sa tanang yunit sa BHB nga labaw pang iasdang ang rebolusyonaryong armadong pakigbisog sa tibuok bahin sa nasud isip tubag sa nagpatuyang nga pasismo, dinagkung korapsyon ug pag-usik-usik sa kwarta sa katawhan ug nasudnong pagtraydor sa tiranikong rehimeng Duterte. Kinahanglang paminawon sa BHB ang singgit sa katawhan alang sa hustisya. Gimandoan sa liderato sa Partido ang tanang kumand sa BHB nga maglunsad og mas subsub nga taktikal nga mga opensiba, ug ipalihok ang mga kompanya, mga platon ug mga iskwad niini. Gamiton ang tanang posibling tipo sa mga armas—gikan sa mga riple ug eksplusibong command-detonated, ngadto sa mga bangkaw ug soyak—batok sa kaaway. Kinahanglang paduguon sa BHB gikan sa daghang samad ang tirano ug silutan ang mga pasista sa tanan nilang mga krimen.

Kinahanglang maglunsad ang tanang yunit sa BHB og mga ambus, harasment, demolisyon, reyd, operasyong isnayp ug uban pang taktikal nga mga opensiba batok sa labing lunod-patay nga mga yunit sa AFP, kontra-gerilyang mga yunit sa PNP ug batok sa ilang mga grupong paramilitar. Kinahanglan nilang likayan ang pag-atake sa mga lig-ong target ug puntingon ang huyang ug nakabulag nga yunit sa kaaway, ug sa tanang higayon, likayan ang mga sitwasyon nga magbutang sa mga sibilyan sa kadaot nga ma-crossfire. Kinahanglan usab nga temporaryong magbuhi ang BHB og mga tim sa partisano sa mga syudad ug sa mga sentrong lungsod aron atakehon ang mga byahe sa militar ug mga sistema sa komunikasyon; ug magpatuman sa mga mando gikan sa tukmang awtorisadong mga hukmanan sa katawhan nga arestohon ug silutan ang pasistang mga upisyal, kawatan ug despotikong burukrata-kapitalista ug agalong yutaan nga gipangita tungod sa mga krimen batok sa katawhan.

Kinahanglan usab nga ipasubsub sa BHB ang armadong pagsukol batok sa ekspansyon sa kontra-katawhang mina, logging, plantasyon, enerhiya ug mga operasyong pangturismo nga nagpahawa ug nagpalayas sa masang mag-uuma ug lumad.

Sa partikular, kinahanglang manglimbasog ang rebolusyonaryong kalihukan aron pakyason ang mga plano sa rehimeng Duterte nga tugutan ang mga kompanyang Chinese nga labaw pang magpalapad, ilabina kadtong nalambigit sa pagtukod sa pito ka base militar nga Chinese ug sa pagpangawkaw ug pagpanggun-ob sa bahandi sa kadagatan sa West Philippine Sea nga lapas sa soberanya sa Pilipinas. Pipila sa maong mga kompanyang Chinese ang nalambigit sa pipila ka dagkung proyektong pang-imprastruktura sa paghimo sa mga dalan alang sa mina ug dam nga hilabihang naggun-ob sa mga yutang kabilin sa mga nasudnong minorya ug sa mga kalasangan sa lain-laing bahin sa nasud. Kining maong mga proyektong pang-imprastruktura wala lamang nagpalayas sa liboan ka mga mag-uuma ug lumad gikan sa ilang mga yuta, nagtahag usab kini og dakung kadaot sa natural nga ecosystem sa nahabiling lasang sa nasud.

Pinaagi sa paglunsad og mga taktikal nga opensiba batok sa armadong mga ahente sa estado, gitabangan sa BHB ang katawhang Pilipino nga ipaasdang ang ilang pakigbisog batok sa tiranikong rehimeng Duterte ug sa iyang pagtiurok. Bisan og wala pay igong kusog ang BHB sa pagbugkag sa tibuok naharing sistema, anaa kini sa posisyon sa pagpahuyang sa reaksyunaryong armadong pwersa, kuhaon ang ilang pagtagad palayo gikan sa pagpangdaugdaug sa demokratikong masang kalihukan ug pugsong inaton ang iyang kusog. Kung mas daghan ang taktikal nga mga opensiba, daku ug gagmay, labaw nga magkalisod si Duterte sa paglunsad sa iyang laraw nga ipabilin ang iyang kaugalingon ug ang iyang pamilya ug ang iyang mga alipures sa gahum; ug mas maayo alang sa demokratikong pwersa nga mokusog ug molipang.

Samtang nagalunsad ang BHB og armadong pakigbisog sa kabanikanhan, ang lapad nga masa sa katawhan ang naawhag nga labaw pang ipasubsub ang ilang demokratikong mga masang pakigbisog sa kasyudaran. Gipanawagan sa Partido sa katawhan nga maghiusa ug iasdang ang pakigbisog sa pagpataas sa suhulan, seguridad sa trabaho, subsidyo sa ekonomiya, edukasyon ug panglawas ug uban pang hinanaling sosyo-ekonomikanhong mga reporma atubangan sa grabeng krisis sa ekonomiya ug ang kapalpak sa rehimeng Duterte sa pag-atubang sa pandemya. Kinahanglang batukan nila ang dugang pabug-at nga buhis ngadto sa katawhan ug dili pagbuhis sa mga dagkung kapitalista, kulang nga alokasyon sa badyet alang sa panglawas, edukasyon ug uban pang mga katilingbanong serbisyo, dugang badyet alang sa “kontra-insurhensiya,” pagbayad sa utang ug mga proyektong pork barrel, ug kontra-katawhan ug pang-imprastrustura nga gipondohan sa langyawng pautang.

Samtang ginaawhag ang demokratikong kalihukanng masa sa kasyudaran, gipanawagan usab sa Partido ngadto sa mga mamumuo, sa masang walay trabaho, mga nars ug mamumuong panglawas, magtutudlo, estudyante ug uban pang mga sektor nga mosalmot sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan sa kabanikanhan ug motabang sa pagpaasdang sa gubat sa katawhan sa tibuok nasud. Sa pagpaasdang sa gubat sa katawhan, nakaangkon og kusog ang katawhan dili lamang aron tapuson ang paghari sa tiranya ni Duterte, apan lakip na usab aron iasdang ang kinatibuk-ang tumong sa nasudnon ug katilingbanong kalingkawasan.

Paduguon sa liboan ka mga samad ang pasistang rehimeng Duterte! Maglunsad og daghan pang taktikal nga mga opensiba sa tibuok nasud!

CPP: Make the Duterte fascist regime bleed from a thousand cuts! Mount more tactical offensives nationwide!

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 14, 2020): Make the Duterte fascist regime bleed from a thousand cuts! Mount more tactical offensives nationwide!

OCTOBER 14, 2020

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) commends the New People’s Army (NPA) for the series of successful tactical offensives across the country over the past two months. Various NPA units have mounted scores of ambushes, harassment and demolition operations and other tactical offensives against the regime’s fascist armed troops, paramilitaries and other armed agents, as well as sanctions against environmentally destructive big mining, logging and plantation operations. Offensives have been mounted across Mindanao and in Eastern Visayas, Negros, Panay, Bicol, Southern Tagalog and Cagayan Valley.

The Party acclaims the NPA’s Red fighters and commanders and pays tribute to those who have fallen in battle. They will forever be remembered and extolled as the people’s heroes and martyrs.

The broad masses of the Filipino people applauds the NPA’s offensives. These offensives underscore the people’s determination to resist Duterte’s tyrannical regime and inspire and embolden them to fight back against the reign of state terrorism, corruption and national treachery.

The NPA ambush last October 4 in Lianga, Surigao del Sur is particularly outstanding. It dealt a headblow against the 3rd IB’s paramilitary group Magahat-Bagani and served justice to the Lumad masses. These armed agents have been determined to be responsible for the 2015 Lianga massacre and are being used by the military and mining companies to intimidate and suppress the people. Outstanding as well is the September 2 ambush in Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat against the 37th IB which wiped out a platoon of troops assigned to secure the logging road project of the big comprador Consunji.

Based on initial summation of publicly available information and internal reports during the first three quarters of the year, NPA units have been able to mount at least 36 offensives since the start of August or almost one tactical offensive every other day. Red fighters have took the guerrilla initiative in the provinces of Albay, Negros Occidental, Surigao del Sur, Oriental Mindoro, Misamis Oriental, Capiz, Agusan del Sur, Sultan Kudarat, Iloilo, Northern Samar, Occidental Mindoro, Surigao del Norte, Eastern Samar, Samar, Sarangani, Negros Oriental and Cagayan. At least 289 fascist troops, the equivalent of a small battalion, were killed in action in encounters since the start of the year. While the NPA lost 146 fighters during the same period, at a ratio of 1 NPA fighter killed for every 2 fascist, this has gone down to 1:3 in favor of the NPA since July. These numbers are subject to change as more reports come in.

There is a marked reduction in the number of defensive encounters or battles initiated by the AFP. From almost 60 last April, when the AFP mounted nationwide offensives to take advantage of the NPA ceasefire by way of responding to the United Nation’s call for a global ceasefire, the number of defensives has dropped to less than 10 a month. The NPA must aim to bring this down to zero.

The reduced number of defensives indicates how NPA guerrilla units have adopted and adjusted to the AFP’s focused military operations that aim to blockhouse and encircle the NPA. Guerrilla units are mastering tactics of shifting, concentration and dispersal, in order to avoid the enemy’s main force, take advantage of wide gaps between enemy operating units and strike at its weak flanks. While some suffered losses, the large majority of NPA units, supported by the masses, have effectively adopted the appropriate policies and tactics to keep the enemy deaf and render ineffective its military superiority.

Conservative estimates put AFP spending at P100 million for a few weeks of focused military operations to mobilize at least 1,000 ground troops to scour a small area covering several villages in border areas, combined with the use of drones, helicopters and jet fighters for bombing raids, and showcase psywar projects. These large-scale operations have proved to be a huge waste of money. Corruption is rampant as large amounts of funds are diverted to the pockets of military officers in the form of overpricing, overdeclaration of expenses, skimming of the “community integration” funds, delaying release of salaries for troops and CAFGU personnel, false reports of achievements to pocket rewards, selling unspent artillery in the black market, and so on.

The fascist regime has resorted to waging a dirty all-out war that consider and treat civilians as adversaries in the armed conflict. Entire communities are subjected to gross abuses, extrajudicial killings, endless intimidation and harassment to force people to “surrender” to the AFP. The AFP has extended its dirty war to the cities and seeks to suppress the organizing efforts of workers, unemployed, students, teachers, and other democratic sector.

Duterte’s dirty war, however, is a self-defeating war. The more it resorts to state terrorism, the more people are driven to join the armed struggle. It makes the countryside ever more fertile ground for NPA recruitment. The peasant masses support and join the people’s army in order that they could defend themselves and their communities, advance their struggle for land and agrarian reforms, and build the democratic organs of the people’s government.

The growing strength of the NPA exposes the futility of the US-designed counterinsurgency which relies primarily on military superiority and the suppression of people’s resistance. The so-called “whole-of-nation approach” is a shibboleth that vainly hides the overarching military control of all aspects of governance and civilian life.

The rising number of NPA offensives during the past months show that Duterte’s declared goal of “ending local communist armed conflict” is bound to fail. These puncture a big hole on the AFP’s repeated pronouncements of having weakened the NPA, that NPA fighters are “surrendering” in droves, and that it has lost the support of the people. Duterte’s declared goal of crushing the NPA before the end of his term is set to fail and will surely be rescheduled for the nth time.

The increasing number of tactical offensives mounted by the NPA are indubitable proof that the people’s army continues to grow in strength and enjoy the deep support among the peasant masses. As a guerrilla army with inferior weapons and limited resources, the NPA could not have mounted these offensives if not for the support of the masses. The masses support the NPA’s tactical offensives because these serve their interests and are carried out in their defense.

The Party calls on all NPA units to vigorously wage revolutionary armed struggle in all parts of the country by way of response to the brazen fascism, massive corruption and squandering of people’s money and national treachery of the tyrannical Duterte regime. The NPA must heed the Filipino people’s clamor for justice. The Party leadership has directed all commands of the NPA to mount more frequent tactical offensives, and mobilize its companies, platoons and squads. Use all possible types of weapons—from rifles and command-detonated explosives, to spears and punji sticks—against the enemy. The NPA must make the tyrant bleed from a thousand cuts and punish the fascists for all their crimes.

All NPA units should mount ambushes, harassments, demolitions, raids, sniping operations and other tactical offensives against the most notorious units of the AFP, counterguerrilla units of the PNP and their paramilitary groups. They must avoid hitting at hard targets and aim at the weak and isolated units of the enemy, and at all times, avoid situations that could put civilians at risk of getting caught in the crossfire. The NPA must also temporarily dispatch partisan teams in the cities and town centers to strike at military transport and communication systems, ;and carry out the orders of duly-authorized people’s courts to arrest or punish fascist officers, plunderers and despotic bureaucrat capitalists and landlords who are wanted for crimes against the people.

The NPA must also intensify armed resistance against the expansion of anti-people mining, logging, plantation, energy and tourism operations which dispossess and displace the peasant and minority masses.

In particular, the revolutionary movement must take effort to frustrate plans of the Duterte regime to allow the further expansion of Chinese companies, especially those involved in the construction of seven Chinese military bases and in the plunder and destruction of Philippine marine resources in the West Philippine Sea in violation of Philippine sovereignty. Some of these same Chinese companies are involved in some big-ticket infrastructure projects for the construction of mining roads and dams that are encroaching deeper and deeper into the ancestral lands of the national minorities and forests in various parts of the country. These infrastructure projects not only displace thousands of peasants and minorities from their lands, they also wreak havoc to the natural ecosystem of the country’s remaining forests.

By mounting tactical offensives against the armed agents of the state, the NPA is helping the Filipino people advance their resistance against Duterte’s tyrannical regime and cause its downfall. Although the NPA does not yet have the strength to overthrow the entire ruling system, it is in a position to help weaken the reactionary armed forces, draw its attention away from the suppression of the democratic mass movement and force it to dissipate its strength. The more NPA tactical offensives, big and small, the more difficult it will be for Duterte to carry out his scheme to perpetuate himself and his family and minions in power; and the better for the democratic forces to grow in strength and thrive.

As the NPA wages armed struggle in the countryside, the broad masses of the people are encouraged to continue intensifying their democratic mass struggles in the cities. The Party calls on the people to unite and advance the struggle for wage increases, job security, economic, education and health subsidies and other urgent socioeconomic reforms in the face of the acute economic crisis and the failure of the Duterte regime to manage the pandemic. They must oppose additional tax burdens on the people and tax exemptions for the big capitalists, meager budget allocations for health, education and other social services, budget increases for counterinsurgency, debt-servicing and pork barrel projects, and anti-people and foreign debt-funded infrastructure projects.

While encouraging the democratic mass movement in the cities, the Party calls on workers, the unemployed masses, nurses and health workers, teachers, students and other sectors to join the New People’s Army in the countryside and help wage people’s war across the country. In advancing the people’s war, the Filipino people gain strength not only to end Duterte’s tyrannical reign, but to advance the overall cause for national and social liberation.

Kalinaw News: 30 Senior AFP Officers secure CA Approval on Promotions

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 14, 2020): 30 Senior AFP Officers secure CA Approval on Promotions

CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City – The Commission on Appointments (CA) approved the ad interim appointments and nominations of 30 Generals, Flag and Senior Officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Wednesday, October 14 at the Senate of the Philippines, Pasay City.

Brigadier General William N. Gonzales, Commander of Joint Task Force Sulu and 11th Infantry Division, Philippine Army got the CA nod for his nomination to Major General.

The CA’s Committee on National Defense also deliberated on and recommended for the approval of the ad interim appointments of Major General Fernyl G. Buca, Commodore Roy Vincent T. Trinidad, Commodore Alfonso F. Torres Jr., Brigadier General Leonel M. Nicolas, and Brigadier General Zosimo A. Oliveros.

Also confirmed were the promotions of Philippine Army Colonels Darius M. Resuello, Edgar G. Mangabay, Cesar J. Conte Jr., Virgilio C. Hamos Jr., Darwin F. Hernandez, Rhenante M. Salvador, Edwin M. Paredes, Christopher M. Diaz, Palmer M. Parungao, Emerito D. Pineda, Arnel B. Cabugon, Sofronio G. Abadier Jr., Marieto R. Pizana, and Eugenio E. Garcia.

Philippine Air Force Colonel Arthur B. Balunes; Navy Captains Ferdinand P. Gloria and Federico M. Alcantara; and Marine Colonels Ramil B. Densing and Jessie Jovette B. Cerbo likewise secured the CA approval.Colonels Nelson V. Posadas, Judith T. Espejo, and Reynaldo V. Capuz from the Medical Corps; Colonel Ashraf A. Chio from the Medical and Administrative Corps; and Colonel Vener C Malabanan III from the Judge Advocate General Service also got the approval from CA.

The CA chaired by Senate President Vicente C. Sotto III, found the AFP officers all qualified for the ranks given to them, upon the recommendation of Representative Luis A. Ferrer IV, Chairman of the CA National Defense Committee. It previously confirmed the ad interim appointments and promotions of 30 AFP senior officers on October 7. This included the
nomination of Major General Arnulfo Marcelo B. Burgos Jr., Commander of Northern Luzon Command to the rank of Lieutenant General.

“Promotions in the AFP signify its longstanding commitment towards fortifying
professionalism which contributes in the effective and efficient performance of its mandate. The AFP is grateful for the trust and support of the Commission on Appointments to our members who took on higher responsibilities in serving our country as they rise through the military ranks,” General Gilbert Gapay, AFP Chief of Staff said.

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Kalinaw News: Indigenous Peoples break ties with NPAs, reconciles with gov’t in Bukidnon

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 14, 2020): Indigenous Peoples break ties with NPAs, reconciles with gov’t in Bukidnon

Impasugong, Bukidnon– The Higaonon community in Sitio Ulayanon, Barangay Kalabugao, Impasugong, Bukidnon pledged to break ties with the Communist Terrorist Groups and reconcile with the government during the “Singampu Hu Butwaay” activity on October 10, 2020 at Sitio Ulayanon, Brgy Kalabugao, Impasugong, Bukidnon.

“Singampu Hu Butwaay” is a traditional belief which in the Higaonon tribe signifies the reconcilialtion of two or more parties involved in alarming chaos in the Indigenous People ommunity. This is what the IP leaders want to happen as a symbol of their sincerity in going back to the folds of the government and in breaking their ties with the CTGs after being fooled and exploited for a long period of time.

The Higaonon community of Sitio Ulayanon headed by their tribal leaders were united and sincerely participated in the reconciliation activity together with Hon. Anthony A. Uy, Municipal Mayor of Impasugong, Datu Beny Cumatang, Indigenous People’s Mandatory Representative (IPMR) of Impasugong, Datu Renato “Makayuba” Sumbungan, City IPMR of Malaybalay City, Col Jose Arn M. Real, Deputy Brigade Commander of 403rd Infantry Brigade, PCol Roel Lami-ing, Provincial Director of PNP Bukidnon, LtCol. Edgardo V. Talaroc Jr, Commanding Officer of 8th Infantry Battalion, and other government agencies who also addressed the issues and concerns raised by the residents.

“Kaming mga nakasala sa atong gobyerno tungod sa pag supporta namo sa komunistang terrorista, manumpa kami nga undangon na namo ang pakiglambigit ug pagsuporta sa mga komunistang terrorista ug mobalik na kami sa atoang tinuod nga gobyerno,” Datu Mambuloy, tribal leader in So Ulayanon said during the activity. (We who are guilty of supporting the communist terrorist pledge that we will stop engaging and supporting the communist terrorists and we will return to our real government.)

Hon. Anthony A. Uy, Municipal Mayor of Impasugong was very thankful to the IP leaders. “Mapasalamaton ako sa mga tribal leaders ilabi na gayud sa mga tribal datu sa So Ulayanon sa ilang pag suporta tungod sa peace and order. Ang ilang pag paningkamot pinaagi sa lumadnon nga pamaagi arun adunay kalinaw ug kahusay sulod sa tribo ug sa barangay, dako gayud kaayo nga tabang nga mgkahiusa ang mga lumad sa atong pangagamhanan. Magbuliga Kuy. (I am thankful to the tribal leaders especially to the tribal Datu in So Ulayanon in their support to the peace and order. Their perseverance through their tribal ways or customs to have peace and order within the tribe and the barangay is a huge help to unite the tribe to government.

Lt. Col. Edgardo V. Talaroc Jr, Commanding Officer of 8th Infantry Battalion said, “Malipayon ako sa gibuhat sa tribu nga nagkahiusa aron sa pag undang sa supporta ngadto sa terroristang grupo, nanghinaot ako sa uban nga tribung lumad dri sa Bukidnon nga buhaton usab nato nga magkahiusa para batukan ang komunistang terrorista”. (I appreciate the effort of the tribe who are united as one to end their support to the terrorist group, I hope that other Indigenous tribe will do the same in the fight against the communist terrorist”.)

“Ang pagputol sa pakiglambigit sa mga terroristang grupo ug pagbalik sa gobyerno ang kasulbaran aron makab-ot ang kalinaw ug kalamboan sa atong komunidad, Isa kini ka dakong hagit sa uban tribu nga angay buhaton aron batokan ang mga terroristang grupo nga dugay nang nagpahimulos sa kahuyang sa tribu.” Col. Jose Arn M. Real, Deputy Brigade Commander of 403rd Infantry Brigade said. (Cutting-off the ties in engaging to the terrorist group and returning to the government is the key in achieving peace and development in our community. This is a challenge to the other tribes to do the same in the fight against the terrorist group that has long exploited the weakness of the tribe.)

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Kalinaw News: 1 NPA dead, 1 Army wounded after series of clashes in South Bukidnon

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 14, 2020): 1 NPA dead, 1 Army wounded after series of clashes in South Bukidnon

MARAMAG, Bukidnon- Series of gun battles between the troops of 88th Infantry “Maringal” Battalion and NPA terrorists of Guerilla Front Malayag, SRC2, NCMRC transpired in the uninhabited and hinterland areas of Brgy Nakabuklad of San Fernando and Brgy Minungan of Quezon both of Bukidnon on 06 and 09 October 2020 respectively.

The first encounter started on 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon of October 06 2020. The gun battle lasted for about ten minutes at the vicinity of Mt. Miyangki, Sitio Supon, Brgy Nagkabuklad, San Fernando. The terrorist group that was encountered by the government forces was composed of 20 members under the leadership of alias MIGS. The terrorists scampered to different directions after the firefight. Bloodstains indicating casualties were discovered by government troops while scouring the abandoned terrorist temporary hideout. A male cadaver with gunshot wounds was also discovered hastily buried not far from the encounter site. The cadaver was later identified as Loloy Gayuran Dal-anay alias Ladong/Kalipay/Bahubali, the Vice Commanding Officer of Platoon 1, GF Malayag. The cadaver was later turned over to the LGU of San Fernando for proper disposition.

Meanwhile, government troops also encountered more or less 30 communist terrorists at around 08:55 in the morning on 09 October 2020 in the hinterland area of Brgy Minungan, Quezon, Bukidnon. The firefight lasted for about 15 minutes. While the government troops were on the process of scouring the vicinity of the encounter site, another gun battle transpired at around 12:33 in the afternoon on that same day. The exchange of gunfire lasted for another 20 minutes. It resulted to the wounding of a government troop due to landmine explosion. Said personnel was immediately picked-up by helicopter of Philippine Air Force and evacuated to Camp Evangelista Station Hospital in Cagayan de Oro for medical attention. He is currently in stable status. The government troops seized an anti-personnel landmine, ammunitions, detonating wires, assorted medicine and personal belongings of the CNTs during this encounter.

Ltc Franklin F Fabic, Commanding Officer of 88IB said, “It is with sadness that another Filipino who was deceived by misleading ideals of the communist terrorist died in one of the encounters. We extend our deepest sympathies to the bereaved family. I encourage the remaining NPA members to surrender now and be with your families while you still have the chance.”

“The commitment and sacrifices of the Maringal Troopers in performing their duty of securing communities from the communist terrorists is greatly appreciated. The information provided by the locals to the government troops led to these engagements. These manifest the strong support of local communities to the efforts of the government in ending the local communist armed conflict in the area.” He added.

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Mga residente ng San Vicente, binawi ang suporta sa NPA Oct 14, 2020

From Panay News (Oct 14, 2020): Mga residente ng San Vicente, binawi ang suporta sa NPA Oct 14, 2020  (By Alex Baaco)

Iniharap sila sa publiko at kay Mayor Amy Alvarez sa covered gym. Ang mga dating na-organisang masa ay kinabibilangan ng mga magsasaka, mangingisda, kababaihan, manggagawa, mga kabataan, at mga katutubo.

Larawan mula kay Alex Baaco

SAN VICENTE, Palawan — May 66 residente ng bayan na ito ang nagbawi ng kanilang suporta sa New People’s Army (NPA), araw ng Martes.

Iniharap sila sa publiko at kay Mayor Amy Alvarez sa covered gym. Ang mga dating na-organisang masa ay kinabibilangan ng mga magsasaka, mangingisda, kababaihan, manggagawa, mga kabataan, at mga katutubo.

Ayon sa kanila, sila ay napangakuan ng NPA na bibigyan ng tulong pinansyal, tulong pangkabuhayan, at tulong para magmay-ari ng lupa.

Lumagda ang mga ito sa kasunduan at pagpapatunay ng pagbabalik-loob sa gobyerno at pagbawi ng kanilang suporta sa mga layunin at gawain ng NPA.

Sa pagbabalik-loob ay sinabi ng mga ito na handa silang makipagtulungan sa 3rd Marine Battalion Landing Team at iba pang tanggapan na kasapi sa Peace Law Enforcement and Development Support (PLEDS).

“Nandito lang kami sa LGU to help you para maibalik ang tiwala niyo sa goberno,” sabi ni Alvarez.

Sinabi naman ni MLGOO Rustico Dangue na ang withdrawal of support ang tamang sabihin para sa kanila at hindi surrenderees.

Larawan mula kay Alex Baaco

“Sila po ang nag-withdraw ng kanilang suporta laban sa mga teroristang NPA. Sila ay hinikayat para sa mga pangako na tutulong sa mga gawaing black propaganda, tutulong sa pagre-recruit. Pero ang grupong ito ngayon, to correct, tamain hindi po kayo surrenderees kayo ay nag-withdraw lamang ng inyong suporta sa kanila,” sabi ni Dangue.

“Sila po ay nandito upang baguhin ang kanilang commitment sa NPA. Alisin ang pangako nilang suporta sa mga miyembro ng NPA, at muli ay Ibalik nila ang simpatya at pakikipagtulungan sa pamahalaan sa pamumuno ng ating mayor sampu ng Armed Forces of the Philippines, MBLT 3, PNP at iba pa na nagtutulong-tulong upang palakasin ang Municipal task Force ELCAC,” dagdag ni Dangue.

Siniguro naman ng gobyerno na mabibigyan sila ng livelihood at suporta mula dito.

Sabi naman ni MSWDO Jen Laro, may maitutulong sila sa mga nag-withdraw ng suporta.

Aniya, pupuwede sila sa cash-for-work program.

“Marami pong maitutulong and, in fact, yong iba sa inyo ay beneficiaries ng ating cash for work program ngayon. May iba akong kilala dito kasali sa program ng LGU na cash for work program. So after dito ay mayroon po kaming gagawing profiling at doon namin ma-assist kong ano yong pangangailangan niyo. Kailangan akma sa pangangailangan niyo ang livelihood na ibibigay natin sa inyo,” sabi ni Laro.

CAFGU member killed as rebels harass outpost

From the Visayan Daily Star (Oct 14, 2020): CAFGU member killed as rebels harass outpost

Suspected New People’s Army assassins shot and killed a member of the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit Sunday and harassed a remote police outpost the next day, all in Brgy. Hinakpan, Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental.

CAFGU member Reymond Albarasin Fat was on his way home when he was waylaid and shot dead by four suspected NPA assassins in Sitio Lomorang, Brgy. Hinakapan, Guihulngan City.

Fat, who was assigned at the Imelde detachment, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died on the, a report of the Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office said.

Recovered from the scene of incident were 14 empty shells and a live ammunition of a .45 caliber pistol, while the armed suspects fled towards Sitio Bonbon in the barangay.

The next day, suspected NPA rebels also harassed a remote police outpost of the 704th Mobile Company of the Regional Mobile Force Battalion also in Brgy. Hinakpan, Guihulngan City.

However, no one was reported hurt among RMFB 7 troopers.

Police said that the harassment may have been a diversionary tactic of the NPA, who are trying to regain their lost ground in the area.

Guihulngan City Mayor Carlo Jorge Joan Reyes condemned the brutal killing of Fat, who was unarmed and off-duty.

“Let this incident serve to strengthen, all the more, our resolve to end the local armed communist conflict in our city,” Reyes said in the statement he issued.

ANGAY-ANGAY LANG: Personal Reflections on Kalinaw Mindanaw (Part 2 of 5)

Posted to MindaNews (Oct 14, 2020): ANGAY-ANGAY LANG: Personal Reflections on Kalinaw Mindanaw (Part 2 of 5) (By RUDY BUHAY RODIL)

Session with Experts

Part of the GPH-MILF Peace Negotiation

On the occasion of Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC), Chair was Mrs. Mô Bleeker of Swiss Government

Marco Polo, Davao City
24-25 November 2014

ILIGAN CITY (MindaNews / 14 Oct) – My other thoughts on the legitimate grievances, historical injustices, the human rights and marginalization, all left behind from our colonial past:

Legitimate Grievances

Legitimate grievances is an open concept, undefined, not acceptable to all. It is also a feeling, an emotion with corresponding energy. In short, we are dealing with live people.

The best thing really is to do consultation with those who are directly affected by the conflict, and talk to the people themselves.

When they see that people who care go out of their way and come to talk to them, this gesture generates a lot of positive energy and open the way towards reconciliation and harmony.

Grievances means felt problems; how they feel about it will say what they expect is the response, at least initially. The consultation report should show the measurable dimensions of the problem, as well as the feeling portion, and whether their expected response is implementable.

Historical Injustice

Even historical injustice is another open concept. What is the meaning of historical? What is the meaning of injustice? Two ideas will be read depending on where one stands, with respect to the story we are reading.

To rewrite Mindanao-Sulu history will involve professional historians but because we only have a few of them, these few do not stand in the same political arena, and the same emotional arena, they are themselves part of the social divide among the citizens.

Forming an assembly of historians is already a huge problem in itself because they, too, are part of the problem.

What I have been doing was correcting the historical errors in existing books being used in schools, in my own classes, since my first year in teaching in Notre Dame of Jolo, 1967-68, and since I was team leader in the project to write the History of Mindanao in Nov 1999 to 2004, and the series of History Teachers’ Training (two batches) in 2004, and (three batches) in 2010, I feel strongly that the problem is urgent and need not wait for others to do it.

Human Rights

Human rights, too, need to be defined. What is the meaning of “human”? what is the meaning of “rights”?

Within the context of tribal custom, thirteen tribes already among the Muslims, blending within the context of Islam, including all the Lumad and other migrants within the context of a new political order, within the progress of long, twists and turns, ups and downs of history from way, way back to the present.

How far back in time do we go in the historical period, human right is colored by social ranks, view of women is also colored by social ranks, now there is the new element of democracy and international developments as reflected in UN declarations.

Even the meaning of violations, it varies depending on social ranks; also the penalties; also as within the perspective of the current judicial system being. This last is, as an institutional system, not keen on conscious on mutual acceptance, harmony and peace of the conflict-affected persons and their place in their respective communities.

In existing traditional systems in the country, any conflict, no matter how bloody, always ends in husay … sandugo … kapatiran.

In English, it is the one and only goal of any settlement of conflicts, to restore mutual acceptance, harmony and peace of the community.

At the end of convergence, a Timuay Manobo once stated: Mindanao is the clay pot (palayok) standing on the three pieces of stones (tungtungan), representing each of the Bangsamoro, Lumad and migrants, largely Christian, as equal in dignity.

Correcting historical injustice as part of Normalization

The appearance of “historical injustice” as an integral part of Normalization in the GPH-MILF peace agreement, to me, is a not only the affirmation of the legitimate grievances of the Bangsamoro. I was on the right path in my own writings on Mindanao history and in my own teachings in class, in my lectures wherever I was invited to discuss Mindanao History. Now, given the current status of peace process, more specifically in the work of the TJRC, I also realize that the effort I started many years ago must go on, on a bigger scale. The History Teachers’ Training, too, must go on. As soon as possible.

The forming of the TJRC and the session we had in Marco Polo was a happy reunion. Most of them were people I have worked with. The word “experts” has no meaning to me. I prefer the word “mission.” A “cause.” Or “our life.” A “lifetime.” A “sharing of thoughts.”

Pursuing correcting historical errors is a never-ending process. Actors in history will always disagree. We can only relate the corrections to what people think, their level of consciousness.

That is why I think in terms of “long term”, “in stages”, in “making history”, meaning we are not only correcting historical errors, we are also actually writing a new history.

Or coming to terms. The history-makers include the TJRC, the normalization, the whole peace process. Husay is being re-lived, perhaps, in unofficial efforts.

In my first book (Rad D. Silva was my pseudonym), Two Hills in the Same Land (1978), the book opened with a letter to Abdul, followed by touching recall of history and ended the same letter. Here are selected extracts which, I feel, are still very relevant:

Dear Abdul, Moro friend and brother,

It is more than four hundred years since the Mindanao conflict started … the issue of our brotherhood is very much under question. The little goodwill cultivated among a few has been transformed into an atmosphere of hostility.

The Mindanao problem is clearer to me now. I hope it is clearer to you, too. Its enormous weight is upon me – all over. But I am no longer disturbed. I am at peace, with a steady glow burning within. I feel I now stand on firmer ground. Our difference, I am certain, is not of our own making. Nor is it beyond repair.

You said we cannot live together because you are Moro and I am Filipino. Am I not also the son of Rajah Sulayman of Manila, that Moro who said to Martin de Goiti in 1570: “He was pleased to be the friend of the Spaniards, but the latter should understand… that they would not tolerate any abuse… on the contrary, they would repay with death the least thing that touched their honor.” I remember his words well, my brother. Nor have I forgotten that among my closest friends, it was a Moro who said to me: “You are my friend, I‘ll die for you should anyone cause you dishonor.”

I am happy that you are proud you are a Moro. Now I am sure it is not just a name. It carries the weight of more than three hundred years of determined struggle against foreign domination. Blood and lives were always willing to pay to remain free, to protect your honor. You maratabat is rooted on solid ground. It must be kept alive.

I ask against that you accept me as a Filipino. If in the past I said I was proud to be one, I am even prouder now. The name, I discovered after we parted, was used originally and pejoratively for Spaniards who were born in the Philippines. But from Rizal to 1898, the essence of that name has been radically transformed. We have transformed it through struggle. With lives and blood, we wrested it from our conquerors and made it our own. It is stamped with the blood of our fathers, it now stands for freedom. Upon this rests my maratabat.

It is with a deep sense of sorrow and anger that I see the grave wrongs we have committed against your people. But words, I know, are not enough; they will never be. Rajah Sulayman, my Moro friends, your history and mine – they all have taught me that it is not enough to have a common origin. We must also have a common vision.

The mutual hostility between your people and mine was sown and nurtured in times past.

The situation now is different.

New enemies have emerged, new friendships must be born.

[Si Prof. Rudy Buhay Rodil ay aktibong historyan ng Mindanao, tagapasulong ng kalinaw (Bisaya sa kapayapaan). Kilala siyang espesyalista sa paghusay ng mga gusot sa Mindanao-Sulu. Naging Komisyoner noon ng Regional Consultative Commision sa siyang nagbuo ng draft organic law ng Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao noong 1988. Dalawang beses siyang naging miyembro ng GRP Peace Negotiating Panel. 1993-1996, pakikipag-usap sa Moro National Liberation (MNLF), at noong 2004-2008 sa pakikipag-negosasyon sa Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Naging visiting propesor sa Hiroshima University, Oktubre-Disyembre 2011. Nagretiro noong Oktubre 2007.]

AFP developing encryption capability for classified comms

Posted to the Mindanao Examiner (Oct 14, 2020): AFP developing encryption capability for classified comms

THE ARMED Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Tuesday said it is now in the process of developing its "end-to-end encryption" capability as part of the efforts to ensure that its classified communications are protected from interference.

"Right now we are developing the 'end-to-end encryption' capability because we are now also developing our cyber-capability, we have just activated AFP Cyber Group and the Major Services, the Army, Air Force, Navy have also activated their own cyber units and all of these are geared towards enhancing beefing up our cyber communications' defense and security capability," AFP chief-of-staff, Gen. Gilbert Gapay said in an online forum with the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP).

This is in response to questions on whether the AFP sees the presence of Dito Telecommunity towers and equipment in military camps as security risks.

End-to-end encryption refers to a form of communication where only the communicating users can read the messages and prevent eavesdroppers from intercepting or decoding the information.

"We made some risk assessment as far as security is concerned and based on our studies the (setting up) of Dito, of some of their communication facilit(ies), towers in camps and installations of the AFP pose no security threat," Gapay said.

Also, he added jamming, eavesdropping, and disruption of data can be done anywhere in the globe.

"One advantage of having (these) facilit(ies) by Dito inside camps is we could monitor them closely, because once they are here inside for example in Camp Aguinaldo, we could inspect them anytime, we could check what equipment they're (going to) put up, we can enlist third party (firm or audit team) to see what kind of equipment, software, hardware, they are (installing)," Gapay said.

This includes personnel tasked to man these facilities, he added.

Gapay said the same security process was adopted when Globe and Smart made a similar agreement with the AFP.

"We adopted the same criteria when we allowed Globe and Smart to also locate some of their towers and facilities inside (our) camps," he added.

Also, Gapay said the AFP is only using commercial communications systems when passing unclassified information, adding a more secure platform is in use when communicating classified information.

Also, he added Dito is proposing to co-locate in 22 military camps and installations and that their applications would have to undergo a thorough evaluation.

"So there are still, two, three steps before finally they could put up facilities inside camp(s), just like the process we adopted when we allowed Globe and Smart to (co-locate) inside military bases," Gapay said.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana earlier said all Dito Telecommunity equipment and facilities will be placed in locations where local carriers, Smart and Globe, are also located, based on a similar Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by these telecommunication firms.

Dito was conferred with the status of New Major Player in the telecommunications industry by the National Telecommunications Commission on Nov. 19, 2018.

The AFP and Dito Telecommunity signed the co-location MOA in September 2019.

Based on the agreement, the AFP will determine specific locations with its rental value for use of Dito Telecommunity in the installation and management of its communications sites without undermining the operations of affected AFP units.

The telecommunication firm is also required to “furnish all equipment, labor, and materials necessary to effect the co-location of its facilities and shoulders all expenses in connection with or incidental to the co-location” and payment of all taxes, permits, licenses, and other charges. (By Priam Nepomuceno)

AgSur town, Army lead barangay dev't plan workshop, enhance village officials’ competency

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 14, 2020): AgSur town, Army lead barangay dev't plan workshop, enhance village officials’ competency (By 26th Infantry Battalion)

ESPERANZA, Agusan del Sur, Oct. 14 -- The local government unit (LGU) of Esperanza and 26th Infantry (Ever Onward) Battalion (26IB), Philippine Army through the Municipal Planning and Development Office have enhanced the competency of the Barangay Development Council (BDC) during the Barangay Development Plan (BDP) Formulation for Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP) Target Barangays for CY 2020 held at the Municipal Hall recently.

The three-day workshop was aimed to guide, train, and assist the barangay local authorities in the planning and preparation of their respective development plans. Topics on the economic sector, environment, infrastructure, social services, and good governance were discussed during the workshop.

The BDP is an official document that contains the programs, projects, and activities (PPAs)
intended to provide solutions to issues and concerns in the barangay which were commonly used by the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) as propagandas against the government.

Municipal Mayor Leonida P. Manpatilan of Esperanza encouraged the barangay council to aim more for the development of their barangay. "A vision without action is merely a dream. As the leaders of your barangay, it is your responsibility to create a vision of what do you want your barangay to be," she said.

As per Section 106 of the Local Government Code of 1991, the LGU is mandated to have a comprehensive multi-sectoral development plan to be initiated by its development council and approved by its Sanggunian. For this purpose, the development council at the provincial, city, municipal, or barangay level, shall assist the corresponding Sanggunian in setting the direction of economic and social development and coordinating development efforts within its territorial jurisdiction.

"The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) cannot do it alone. The fight against insurgency is a collaborative effort among all concerned line agencies. Everyone is involved and this BDP is like a compass to show the direction of your barangay. This will also strengthen our community preventing the terrorist from their recruitment and deceptions," said Atty. Daniel Longaquit, Municipal Local Government Operations Officer.

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Reynald Rommel A. Goce, commanding officer of 26IB, emphasized on the importance of BDP formulation in ending the insurgency. "The barangay is considered as the smallest unit of the government and its role in the conduct of government functions is very important. Through your development plans, we can identify the issues and concerns of your barangay. When resolved, the communist terrorists can no longer use these issues as their propaganda against the government," he said.

"Insurgency ends when development begins. I believe that the barangays of Esperanza will put their plans into action in order to end insurgency and attain a higher level of peace. Also, economic prosperity and social justice in their barangays will be achieved, improving their quality of life," Goce added. (1Lt. Percival Carido, CMO, 26IB/PIA-Agusan del Sur)

Home prepared for returning IPs from Haran

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 14, 2020): Home prepared for returning IPs from Haran (By Jeanevive Abangan) 

DAVAO DEL NORTE (PIA) - The national and local government have prepared an abode for indigenous peoples who have left Haran and those in the process of leaving from such facility to once again live at their ancestral domain in Talaingod, Davao del Norte.

Secretary Carlito Galvez of the Office of the Presidential Assistant on the Peace Process (OPAPP) recently visited the far-flung village of Tibucag in Brgy Dagohoy, Talaingod, Davao del Norte to join Governor Edwin Jubahib in a ground-breaking ceremony to start the construction of the so-called “Peace Village” with 125 housing units.

He also turned over to P11.25 million funds in cheque to Jubahib who had seen the dire need for housing units as crucial part to efforts of bringing back home those who remain in Haran which according to some testimonies of those sneaked out from there, “is a place where they were indoctrinated to go against the government”.

In an interview, Jubahib viewed the Peace Village as fulfillment of the whole of nation approach of President Rodrigo Duterte’s thrust to end local communist armed conflict based on his Executive Order No. 70.

“Ito na ngayon na ginawa natin nga ang atong mga katawhan nga mga IPs nga sila ang pinaka daling ma recruit sa mga NPAs, nga seryoso na sila nga mibalik sa gobyerno. kani nga balay pwede nato ni tawagon na bahay ng pangkapayapaan. sa Davao del Norte kini ‘Kaagapay sa Bag-ong Panimalay’ (This is what we are doing right now for the indigenous people who are most vulnerable to New People’s Army recruitment; that they are seriously returning to the folds of the government. We can call this house Bahay Pangkapayapaan. In Davao del Norte, we will call this as ‘Kaagapay sa Bag-ong Panimalay.”,” he said

Jubahib said that water supply and electricity connection would be among the components of the Peace Village housing project. He also assured to initiate road rehabilitation to facilitate easy access to Sitio Tibucag.

Meanwhile, Galvez assured to work out for school building construction near the Peace Village. He said he would be taking up this concern with the Department of Education (DepEd).

“Simula pa lang po ito ngayon, Gov , simula pa lang po ito. (This is just the beginning Gov.),” he addressed Governor Jubahib.

“Ang ating mahal na Presidente, ang kanyang puso ay nasa inyo at kami po ay nangangako na gagawin ang lahat ng aming magagawa para maiayos ang inyong kabuhayan (Our beloved President, his heart is for you and we are assuring you to do everything that we can to make your lives even better),” he told the crowd of residents of Tibucag.

On top of the housing units, the provincial government of Davao del Norte is set to infuse agri-venture and livestock projects for Tibucag villagers to earn a living. PLGU Davao del Norte and OPAPP also intend to construct a tribal house where villagers can meet and discuss self -governance and ways of preserving their culture.

But Jubahib had appealed to residents of this far-flung sitio to relinquish allegiance and support in whatever forms, from NPAs and their allied groups.

“Kinahanglan nga mobiya na sila diha sa gropo sa NPA ug mobalik na sila sa sabakan sa atong panggamhanan. seryoso ang goberyo sa pagtabang aron kitang tanan magkahiusa. (They have to leave the NPA and they have to come back to the folds of the government. The Government is serious in helping them for us to get united).” (Jeanevive Duron-Abangan/PIA XI)

Indignation rally vs NPA abuses held in Claveria town

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 14, 2020): Indignation rally vs NPA abuses held in Claveria town (By Vincent Philip S. Bautista)

CLAVERIA, Misamis Oriental, Oct. 14 (PIA) – Fed up with the abuses perpetrated by the New People's Army (NPA), the local government unit of Claveria together with the 58th Infantry Battalion and the Philippine National Police (PNP)-10 held recenty and indignation rally to denounce the NPA atrocities against civilians and contractors.

As a show of solidarity, town officials, PNP personnel, government troops and other stakeholders converged at Barangay Bulahan to
condemn the abuses committed by the Communist Party of the Phippines (CPP) and its armed group NPA. To further bolster the International Humanitarian Law initiatives of the municipality, The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Claveria alongside the 58th Infantry Battalion (IB) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) – 10 held an Indignation Rally in Barangay Bulahan to reprimand the death and destruction caused by the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) and show solidarity in ending local communist armed conflict (ELCAC) in their area.

Despite the Coronavirus (COVID) – 19 health crisis currently happening worldwide, the CPP-NPA terrorist group continued inciting superfluous fear by burning three dump trucks on a plantation site in Sitio Talambao affecting an estimated 160 employees.

“Kaning ato problema sa insurgency, kinahanglan gyud ni ug whole of nation approach, mao ni atong presidente mismo nag pa gawas ug Executive Order 70 mao kini ang is aka aksyon sa atong national leadership para once and for all ma undang na jud ning local communist armed conflict or ELCAC,” 58 Infantry Battalion Commanding Officer Ricky Canatoy shared.

(This insurgency problem needs a whole of nation approach, that’s why our president sign Executive Order 70 as an action from our national leadership to once and for all end local communist armed conflict)

Canatoy added that after five decades of the fighting the bane of insurgency, the government has realized that a whole-of-nation approach is the solution to finally ending it, underscoring the importance of social development and the involvement of the community with the support of the AFP in dismantling the misguided ideology of the CPP-NPA.

“Kung ni lambo ang lungsod ang Claveria karon na panahona, ang isa ka hinungdan ana kay ang kalinaw ug kahusay,” Claveria Mayor Meraluna S. Abrogar shared.

(One of the reasons why Claveria is flourishing now is because of peace and security)

Since the declaration of 5 barangays in the municipality as insurgency free and the development of the tourism sector in the area, the municipality has seen a steady economic and social growth which the mayor attributes to the peace and security efforts done by the EO-70 task group.

“With the help of the AFP, PNP, and the community paningkamotan gyud na dili pa daogon or palamboon sa ilang mga plano na pag daot kung unsa’y sakto (we will strive to not let them win in their efforts to disrupt what is just),” she reassured.

To cap off the rally, the participants and the community burned the CPP-NPA flag as a symbolization of their unity in having a zero-tolerance approach against the scourge of the terrorist group. (VPBautista/PIA10)

Cebuano News: NPA nga mingtahan sa kagamhanan, nagkadaghan

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 14, 2020): Cebuano News: NPA nga mingtahan sa kagamhanan, nagkadaghan (By Rey Anthony H. Chiu)

GITUNOL SA KAGAMHANAN ANG HINABANG GIKAN SA ECLIP. Gitunol sa mga tinugyanan sa kagamhanan nga girepresentahan ni Gob. Arthur Yap ngadto sa mga kanhi sakop sa mga rebeldo ug karon, kauban na sa reporma, ang hinabang kapanginabuhi-an lakip na ang bag-ong kaugmaon, ug kini gisaksihan ni 47IN CMO Officer 1Lt. Elma Grace Abulencia. (PIA Bohol /47IB) 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, Oct. 14 (PIA) -- Tagsa tagsa nag pangatagak ang mga gitahud nga mga karaan sa kahugpungan, diha nga usa ka 61 anyos nga taga Ubay nga sakop sa armado nga New People’s Army (NPA) ang mitahan sa iyang kaugalingon ngadto sa local nga opisyal sa lungsod, niining bag-o lamang.

Gipa-ila sa mga kasundalohan ang mingtahan nga
si Samuel Golosino Avenido, kinsa nailhan sa kalihukan nga si alias "Admiral," "Sadu" human naniguwang na lang sa kalihukan nga wala gyud matuman ang mga saad nga ihatag unta sa tanan nga sama kaniya nga nakigbisug ug gipusta ang kinabuhi.

Segun sa kasayuran gikan sa 47th Infantry Battalion,
si Avenido aktibo nga armadong sakop sa mga rebelde nga terorista isip sakop sa Sandatahan Yunit Pampropaganda, Bohol Party Committee ug siya giila isip haligi sa Hugpong sa mga Mag-uuma nga Bol-anon, usa ka local nga kahugpungan nga mipasilong sa Kilusang Magbubukid nga Pilipinas (HUMABOL-KMP).

Lumad nga taga Purok 4 sa Achila Ubay, si Avenido ilado nga organizer sa mga mananagat ug mag-uuma sama sa PAFFO, BFFO, USOFO, ASFA ug NAGMASAJO, ug may daghan na nga mga armadong engkwentro kaniadto nga iyang giapilan.

Si Avenido, mingtahan ngadto sa mga sakop sa Ubay Municipal Police Station diin misaksi niini si Mayor Constantino Reyes kinsa una nga giduol ni Avenido, aron magpakitabang.

Ang pagtahan ni Avenido, mingsunod na usab sa pagtahan sa usa ka gipaila na usab nga Joseph Gulle Galagar, lain nga aktibong sakop sa NPA nga mingtahan sa kapolisan sa Candijay niadtong Septembre 2.

Si Galagar aktibo usan nga nagdugtong sa mga kalihukan nga walhon pinaagi sa paghatag sa panakyanan para makatabok sa lawod ang mga manggugubat gikan sa Bohol tabok sa Sugbo, ug Negros Oriental, samtang nangulo sa usa ka aktibong kalihukan sa mga mananagat sa Cogtong Candijay.

Si Galagar, lain usab nga biktima sa saad nga wala matuman samtang nakahunahuna nga mas luwas ug may maayong ugma ang magpuyo nga malinawon kay sa magpabukid nga magkupo sa tun-og og magsapnay sa kanunay nga kagutom.

Kini usab samtang gitaho sa 302nd Infantry Division nga karon tua nagbase sa Negros, ang pagtahan usab sa amahan ug 16 anyos nga anak nga sakop sa Yunit Militia sa mga NPA didto sa Negros Oriental.

Ang amahan gipaila nga si alias Joker, 40 anyos nga sakop sa Yunit Militia ug ang iyang 16 anyos nga anak nga si alias Jacking, medical officer sa Sentro de Gravidad Platoon sa Central Negros Front 2.

Sa ilang pagtahan, bitbit ni alias Joker ang .38 nga revolver ug mga buhing bala samtang gitahan usab ni alias Jacking ang usa ka Caliber .30 nga Springfield sniper rifle.

Matud pa ni alias Joker sa mga taho nga gipaambit sa 94th Infantry Battalion, ang unit nga gitahanan sa duha, nga ang sunod sunod nga mga combat operations sa nga kalungsuran sa Negros Oriental maoy nakapahingawa kaniya kabahin sa ilang kaluwasan sa iyang anak.

Matud pa, bisan kon unsaon pa, moabut ra gyud ang panahon nga maapsan ra sila sa mga military ug dili makaako ang amahan nga makita ang patay nga lawas sa iyang anak.

Angayan lang gayud nga iyang mapatuman ang iyang mga ambisyon sa kinabuhi, matud pa ni Joker alang sa anak nga si Jacking.

Matud pa, 11 anyos pa lamang si Jacking dihang giaghat siya nga magpabukid.

Bisan pa niini, nakaapil na kini sa gubat diin gikataho nga tulo sa mga sundalo ang namatay bisan pa nga daghan usab ang namatay sa mga rebelde apan nabitbit ug nahipos ra nila ang mga patay nga lawas aron dili mailhan.

Sama nila ni Avenido ug Galagar, si Joker ug Jacking usab abagan sa mga kasundalohan aron mapailawom sa Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP) sa kagamhanan.

Niini, gibutyag ni Brig General Noel Baluyan sa 302nd Infantry Brigade nga ang mga kabataan sama nila ni Jacking ug uban pang naa pa gihapon sa bukid, walay luna sa mga panggubatan.

“Dili sila angayan nga manginabuhi sa kasamok ug kahadlok. Angayan kanila ang mga pagpasilong sa mga panimalay ug mga komunidad nga moanuma kanila. Angay kanila ang naa sa mga eskwelahan nga makaedukar kanila alang sa mas dan-ag nga kaugmaon,” matud ni Gen Baluyan. .

Niini, atong gisaway pag ayo ang mga CNT's sa ilang pagpangrekrut sa mga kabataan aron ipanggubat nga supak sa mga prinsipyo sa International Humanitarian Law ug ubang balaod ilabi na sa nagpanalipod sa mga bata gikan sa armadong pagpakigbangi,” dugang ni 302nd Infantry Brigade Commander Gen Baluyan. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

Isabela ELCAC Fusion Center inaugurated

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 14, 2020): Isabela ELCAC Fusion Center inaugurated (By Lorenzo O. Lambatin, Jr.)

NEGROS OCCIDENTAL, Oct. 14 (PIA) -- Isabela mayor Irene Montilla recently led the inauguration and blessing of the Task Force to End Local Communists Armed Conflict (TF-ELCAC) Fusion Center at Brgy. 4 in Isabela town.

It can be recalled that the Isabela TF-ELCAC was activated last January 21 wherein the event was highlighted by a caravan of services dubbed "Serbisyo sa Negrosanon" in support to the launching of the Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP).

The Fusion Center is the first inter-agency facility in the province that was built to support the initiatives of the whole-of-nation approach in addressing the local communist armed conflict in Negros Occidental, a press release from the 62nd Infantry (Unifier) Battalion (IB), 3rd Infantry Division said.

Civil Military Operations Officer Captain Raymond Jamisal said the facility will be the venue for capacity building to properly implement the Executive Order (EO) 70 and to further foster a model municipality in good governance.

The center also aims to promote inter-agency collaboration to produce developmental and synergistic ideas that can greatly contribute in maintaining the peace and order not only in the Municipality of Isabela but also in Negros Occidental as a whole, he added.

In her speech, Montilla pointed out the improving security conditions of Isabela stressing that peace and order is one of her priorities for the Isabeleños.

Meanwhile, 62nd IB Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Melvin Flores 62IB, lauded the efforts of LGU Isabela for taking the lead role in ending insurgency.

“With the support of the counterpart agencies and the people, we can say that the peace objectives can be achieved. I am urging other LGUs to step up the fight against insurgency and take the path towards the attainment of genuine peace and progress,” Flores said. (JSC/Lljr/PIA6 Negros Occidental)