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‘NegOcc candidates get NPA extortion letters’

From Panay News (Mar 28, 2022): ‘NegOcc candidates get NPA extortion letters’ (By DOMINIQUE GABRIEL G. BAÑAGA)

Reports reached the Philippine Army that some election candidates in Negros Occidental have been sent extortion letters by the New People’s Army (NPA).

The 303rd Infantry Brigade (303IB) has started making verifications.

According to Brigadier General Inocencio Pasaporte, 303IB commander, information reached them that the NPA is charging “campaign fee” to candidates intending to enter far-flung rebel-influenced areas.

But the information needed to be ascertained, he stressed.

Still, Pasaporte said, there could be truth to the reports. The rebels’ finances were drying up and they needed to replenish their funds, he said.

He warned candidates not to give in to the NPA’s demands.

Anyone aiding the insurgents would be held criminally liable under the Anti-Terror Law, said Pasaporte.

Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) undersecretary Jonathan Malaya previously said they would be seeking for the disqualification of candidates who will be proven to have given extortion money to communist terrorist groups (CTG).

“It is very clear in our Revised Penal Code, as well as in the Omnibus Election Code, that giving extortion money to the NPA is an election offense. And since this is an election offense, this is a ground for disqualification,” Malaya said.

He said the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) revealed CTGs rake in millions of pesos from politicians who wish to campaign in the rebels’ jurisdiction.

Article IX, Section 68 of the Omnibus Election Code states that any candidate who, in an action or protest in which he is a party is declared by final decision of a competent court guilty of, or found by the Commission on Elections of having given money or other material consideration to influence, induce or corrupt the voters or public officials performing electoral functions; committed acts of terrorism to enhance his candidacy; spent in his election campaign an amount in excess of that allowed by this Code; or solicited, received or made any contribution prohibited under the law, shall be disqualified from continuing as a candidate, or if he has been elected, from holding the office.

Under Section 261 of the same law, an accused may also be permanently disqualified from holding any public office.

Malaya said aside from the disqualification, the agency may also file a case under the Terrorism Financing Prevention and Suppression Act of 2012 as giving extortion money to CTGs can be classified as a crime.

A Divided Leadership: What Do ISIS Groups Look Like in East Asia?

Posted to Akhbaralaan in Arabic (Mar 28, 2022): A Divided Leadership: What Do ISIS Groups Look Like in East Asia? (Translated from Arabic)

The most prominent contenders for the leadership of ISIS in East Asia... Who are they? Uncle Pat and Modzimar "Mendy" Swadgan?

English translation: 

A Divided Leadership: What Do ISIS Groups Look Like in East Asia?

In late January, the Malaysian East Sabah Security Command, known as "ISCOM", announced the addition of 5 leaders affiliated with ISIS in East Asia, to its wanted list, revealing that they played a prominent role in leading transnational terrorist networks. They were involved in kidnappings and ransoms, in which armed groups are involved in that geographical spot, which is one of the most important sources of funding for terrorist groups there.

The Malaysian security leadership revealed details related to the leadership of groups affiliated with ISIS in East Asia, but it did not address the details of the leadership disputes and divisions taking place among the ranks of ISIS supporters in that region, nor did it shed light on the relationship of these differences to the surrender of fighters from ISIS-linked groups to the security forces. In East Asia, especially in the Philippines, which is addressed in the current report.

According to the information of the East Sabah Security Command, the five leaders, led by Mudzrimar "Mundi" Sawadjaan and (Majid Saeed or his uncle Madjid Said/ Amah Patit), participate in directing and leading armed groups, which emerged mainly from the heart of The Abu Sayyaf group pledged allegiance to ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and became known as the "Soldiers of the Caliphate in East Asia".

Although the information that the Malaysian security command mentioned about the five terrorist leaders, it was content with referring to their role within the framework of the “Soldiers of the Caliphate in East Asia” groups, an examination of the available information about these groups reveals many details about the internal dynamics of the ISIS branch in the region, which He emerged remarkably after his control of the city of Marawi (the capital of the Lanao del Sur province, on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines), in mid-2017, before the Filipino forces were able to expel him from it later.

It is clear from the decision to include the five terrorists on the wanted list, that most of them belong to the "Islamic State - Sulu", a jihadist group concentrated in the "Sulu" archipelago (southwest of the Philippines), and linked to ISIS, with a number of other jihadist groups, including the "Isnilon Teutonic" group. Isnilon Totoni Hapilon, who split with him from the Abu Sayyaf group, before he was killed in the battle of Marawi in 2017, and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), as well as the “Lanao Islamic State” group known as the “Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF)” group. Maute, and the Ansar al-Khilafa in the Philippines.

The most prominent contenders for the leadership of ISIS in East Asia... Who are his uncle Pat and Mudzimar "Mendy" Sawadjan?

Isnilon Totoni Hapilon's picture "at the far right" - Al Nabaa Weekly

However, the “Islamic State in Sulu” group, despite its formal affiliation with the “Caliphate Soldiers in East Asia”, did not fully agree with the rest of the jihadist groups about the general leadership/emirate of the ISIS branch and the mechanism of armed action, especially in the period following the killing of “Isnilon Totoni” Isnilon Totoni Hapilon, as "Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan" declared himself the emir of the ISIS branch, without being approved by the central organization in Iraq and Syria, while other groups affiliated with ISIS chose "Owaida Marohombsar" nicknamed "Abu" The house of Abu Dar” and the companion “Habilon” who appeared next to him (to his right) in pictures circulated by the ISIS weekly Al-Naba during the battle of Marawi - their emir, and it seems that the latter succeeded in acquiring the support of the majority of the groups in addition to the support of the central organization, and he became “the prince of the soldiers of the Caliphate in East Asia” This is confirmed by data from the Philippine military.

The most prominent contenders for the leadership of ISIS in East Asia... Who are his uncle Pat and Mudzimar "Mendy" Sawadjan?

A picture of "Owaida Marohombsar" (Owaida Marohombsar - Abu Dar)

The differences between the jihadist groups affiliated with ISIS in East Asia do not seem strange, given the nature of these groups and their fighting path that preceded their joining ISIS. The group is divided into smaller jihadist groups, each operating independently.

The establishment of ISIS for its spatial caliphate in Iraq and Syria in 2014, motivated many of these jihadi groups to declare their allegiance/loyalty to it, in order to take advantage of this loyalty to strengthen their presence and attract new fighters, taking advantage of the association with a globalized jihadist organization, especially since that period It witnessed great competition between the various jihadist groups, especially the smaller groups, including: the Ansar al-Khilafa in the Philippines (AKS), the Islamic Caliphate in Mindanao (KIM), and the Bangsa Moro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).

In turn, ISIS did not accept these pledges publicly for a long time, and was forced to accept them in 2016, after it suffered major setbacks in Syria, Iraq and Libya and its main strongholds were besieged, seeking to preserve its jihadist brand based on the idea of ​​“survival and expansion” by exploiting protracted conflicts and groups local jihadism.

Conflicting leadership

However, declaring allegiance to ISIS did not resolve the competition and conflict between jihadist groups in East Asia, as each group continued to operate independently, even though they belonged, in nominal terms, to one entity, the "Soldiers of the Caliphate in East Asia", which is supposed to be Part of the global ISIS network.

In 2017, ISIS was able to temporarily jump over these differences by choosing Isnilon Teutonic Hapilon, emir of what it described as the “caliphate soldiers in East Asia,” according to the ISIS official newspaper, Al-Naba Weekly, but the organization imposed its own agenda and strategy on those groups. The jihadism, and his assignment to them to “hold the land” and the declaration of an ISIS spatial mandate in Marawi, indirectly contributed to the intensification of the leadership competition between the jihadi groups there, after the killing of a large number of leaders of those groups, including “Habilon” and his potential successor, “Mahmoud Ahmed.” The famous Malaysian jihadist who was expected to lead ISIS after the killing of his predecessor, in addition to Omarkayam (Omar) Maute, and Abdullah Maute, the leaders of the "Islamic State of Lanao" group known as the "Maute" group, which had the most prominent role in control of Marawi City.

As a result of the absence of a unified leadership, the conflict raged between the leaders of the various jihadist groups over who leads the ISIS branch in East Asia, and the conflict focused between groups loyal to Hatib Hajan Sawadjan, and their counterparts affiliated with "Awaidah Maruhambasir".

"Sawadjan" succeeded in obtaining the support of about 5 or 6 sub-groups of groups that pledged allegiance to ISIS, most notably the "Ajang-Ajang" group, which carried out the bombings of the Catholic cathedral in Jolo on the island of Mindanao. Abu Dar" for supporting other groups numbering a few hundred fighters, according to official Philippine estimates.

Despite the existence of a state of leadership duplicity within groups affiliated with ISIS in East Asia, the central leadership of the organization avoided declaring a general emir after the killing of "Isnilon Habilon", and contented itself with adopting the terrorist attacks and operations launched by jihadist groups in the region, without referring to a unified leadership of those She describes them as "the soldiers of the caliphate".

The most prominent contenders for the leadership of ISIS in East Asia... Who are his uncle Pat and Mudzimar "Mendy" Sawadjan?

Abyss fight

Family ties in the leadership struggle in “ISIS East Asia”

With a closer look at the leadership dynamics within the jihadist groups affiliated with ISIS in East Asia, it becomes clear that the factor of loyalty and family ties has a prominent role in the rise of the emirs of these groups and the annexation of these groups. 

The fighters’ loyalty to them, in light of the leadership competition taking place between the emirs of jihadist groups, for many considerations, including personal relationships and loyalties.

 For example, family kinship played a role in consolidating Hatib Hagan Sawadgan’s leadership of the groups that pledged allegiance to him, especially since he comes from a family with a long history of jihadist work on the Philippine islands of Mindanao. These ties also contributed to the emergence of his brother’s son, Mundi Sawadjan, known as “Mudzrimar” Mundi. "Sawadjaan", whose importance has increased since his uncle took over the emirate of some ISIS groups, in 2018, until now.

It is clear that the leadership disputes over the supreme leadership of the "caliphate soldiers in East Asia", which appeared more clearly, after the killing of "Isnilon Hapilon", the first emir of ISIS in the region - in 2017, are still continuing until now, especially between the groups that were She is affiliated with "Hatib Hajan Sawadjan", and her counterpart is affiliated with "Awaidah Marwa Basir - Abu Dar".

It seems that the current disputes - which have not been given much focus so far given the secret nature of these groups and the scarcity of accurate information available about them - are concentrated between a group of sub-princes, who rose in the leadership ladder after the killing of the historical and prominent leaders of jihadist groups in East Asia.

Among the most prominent current leaders of jihadist groups affiliated with ISIS in East Asia, "Madjid Said -Amah Patit", who the Malaysian security authorities believe, is the de-facto emir of the "Islamic State of Sulu".

The data of the Philippine security services indicate that "Hatib Majid Saeed / his uncle Bat" was one of the former leaders of the "Abu Sayyaf" group, before he joined ISIS, around 2016 (after establishing the spatial caliphate).

The emir of the "Islamic State in Sulu" group comes from a family that engaged in armed action, years ago, although a number of them had already surrendered to the Philippine army earlier. whether.

Perhaps the previous experience of "Hatib Majid Saeed / his uncle Bat" in the terrorist act that spanned for years within the "Abu Sayyaf" group, and his relatively old age, was one of the factors that favored him to lead the "Islamic State in Sulu" group, because the local jihadist groups in East Asia It is often preferred to choose relatively older leaders to take over the emirate, according to Zam Yusa, a Malaysian researcher specializing in violent extremism in East Asia.

Within the framework of the same group (the Islamic State in Solo), "Mendy Sawadjan" is currently considered one of the most important current leaders of the group, and according to the information available about him, he leads a splinter subgroup of the Abu Sayyaf group and is currently loyal to ISIS, called "Ajang" Ajang, which consists of about 40 fighters, according to Philippine police estimates, and used his experience in the manufacture of explosives to carry out coordinated terrorist attacks on the island of Mindanao, the most dangerous of which were the Jolo cathedral attack in 2019, and the double attack that occurred in the city of Sulu in August / August 2019, killing and wounding dozens.

"Mandi Sawadjan" succeeded, during the past years, in gaining great momentum in the terrorist act, benefiting from his combat experience in the manufacture and launching of attacks with explosives, as well as from the family ties that link him to a number of former and current leaders of jihadist groups in East Asia, led by Hatib Hajan Sawadjan. , who was killed in 2020, and Sawadjaan Mujimar, nicknamed "Rasad", who is on the most wanted list previously announced by the East Sabah Security Command.

Between division and surrender

In contrast to the plurality and duplicity of leadership in the “Islamic State in Sulu” group, differences persist between that group with its different leaders and other jihadist groups, most notably the “Islamic State of Lanao” group or the “Maute” group, which is one of the largest groups loyal to ISIS, at the present time. It includes hundreds of fighters.

The "Islamic State of Lanao" / Maute group chose to pledge allegiance to "Abu Zakaria", known as "Jir Mimbantas", and "Faharudin Hadji Satar", "Faharudin Hadji Satar", as the emir of the "Caliphate Soldiers in East Asia". This is confirmed by the Philippine military.

Abu Zakaria was one of the prominent activists in the "Islamic State of Lanao" group, and took over the emirate of the group after the killing of "Awida Maruhambasir - Abu Dar", in March 2019, and "Abu Zakaria" sought to restore organizational networks affiliated with ISIS in East Asia. And to attract and train new fighters inside his camp, in the small town of Magueng, east of Lake Lanao (in the heart of Mindanao Island), before he was forced to flee from it, during the past weeks, after a military campaign led by the Philippine army to target him.

Although the "Islamic State of Lanao" groups in the Emirate of "Abu Zakaria", the "Islamic State in Sulu" led by "Majid Saeed / Amma Bat", and the "Ajang Ajang Group" led by "Mandi Sawadjan" were subjected to a focused targeting campaign by The Philippine military and security forces, however, these groups remained operating separately and independently from each other, implying that the divisions that strike the jihadist groups in East Asia loyal to ISIS will persist and the organization’s attempts to merge these groups into one entity will not succeed.

While the emirs of ISIS groups in East Asia are preoccupied with the divisions and leadership conflicts between them, the elements of these groups continue to withdraw from the scene and surrender to the Philippine army and security forces, as happened recently when about 40 jihadists surrendered on the island of Mindanao and laid down their arms after years of terrorist act, stressing that preserving their lives It is better than staying within those groups whose leaders are preoccupied with their struggles to gain influence and control over the bodies and blood of their followers.

Tentara Filipina Bunuh Pemimpin Senior Abu Sayyaf

Posted to Koran-Jakarta (Mar 28, 2022): Tentara Filipina Bunuh Pemimpin Senior Abu Sayyaf (Philippine Army Kills Senior Abu Sayyaf Leader)


Pemimpin Abu Sayyaf Tewas | Sejumlah aparat membawa jasad salah seorang pemimpin kelompok Abu Sayyaf usai baku tembak di Kota Calape, Provinsi Bohol, Filipina, beberapa waktu lalu. Pada Sabtu (26/3), pihak militer Filipina melaporkan bahwa mereka telah berhasil menewaskan pemimpin senior kelompok Abu Sayyaf di Basilan bernama Radzmil Jannatul alias Khubayb.

ZAMBOANGA - Pihak militer Filipina pada Sabtu (26/3) melaporkan bahwa tentaranya berhasil membunuh seorang pemimpin kelompok Abu Sayyaf terkemuka dalam baku tembak di Pulau Basilan, Filipina selatan.

"Radzmil Jannatul alias Khubayb, tewas dalam bentrokan dengan anggota pasukan elit di Desa Baiwas pada Jumat (25/3) sore," kata Brigjen Domingo Gobway, komandan Brigade 101 dan Satuan Tugas Gabungan Basilan.

Baca Juga :Filipina Tangkap Perakit Bom yang Terlibat Penculikan WNI

Gobway mengatakan Jannatul adalah komandan tertinggi Abu Sayyaf di Basilan, tempat kelompok itu didirikan pada era '90-an dengan tujuan untuk memperjuangkan negara Islam. Gobway juga mengatakan bahwa Jannatul menggantikan pemimpin kelompok Abu Sayyaf di Basilan, Furuji Indama, yang terbunuh pada akhir 2020.

Abu Sayyaf di Basilan diketahui mengkhususkan diri dalam penculikan untuk mendapatkan tebusan yang menargetkan pengusaha lokal dan turis asing.SB/RFA/I-1

Kalinaw News: Training and Doctrine Command Chief visits WestMinCom

Posted to Kalinaw News (Mar 28, 2022): Training and Doctrine Command Chief visits WestMinCom

Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City – Maj. Gen. Peter Angelo Ramos, Commander of the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Philippine Army visited the Western Mindanao Command on Monday morning, March 28, 2022, purposely to pay a courtesy call on the unit commander Lt. Gen. Alfredo Rosario, Jr.

Officers, enlisted personnel, and civilian human resources of WestMinCom warmly welcomed the Distinguished Guest as the Command rendered a company-sized military honors.

Lt. Gen. Rosario, Jr. together with the two Deputy Commanders and Staff Officers of WestMinCom received the two-star general at the Laong-Laan Hall of the command.

During the visit, the two generals shared ideas on how to provide high-quality training and education to aspiring soldiers and enhance the competency of the active personnel of the Philippine Army.

The Training and Doctrine Command was created to train and educate Army officers and soldiers and integrate doctrine with Army capabilities to strengthen land warfare competencies. It provides a venue for the learning and development of officers, enlisted personnel, and civilian human resources of the Philippine Army.

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Kalinaw News: Philippines-United States Exercise Balikatan 2022 officially opens

Posted to Kalinaw News (Mar 28, 2022): Philippines-United States Exercise Balikatan 2022 officially opens

CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City – The 37th iteration of the Philippines-United States Exercise Balikatan was officially opened in a ceremony held at the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) General Headquarters on Monday, March 28.

The 3,800 AFP and 5,100 United States Military members will participate in the combined joint exercises across the country.

The opening ceremony was attended by Defense Undersecretary Cardozo M Luna; AFP Chief of Staff, General Andres C Centino; Major General Charlton Sean M Gaerlan, Philippine Exercise Director and Commander of AFP Education, Training and Doctrines Command; Major General Jay M Bargeron, U.S. Exercise Director; and U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, Heather Variava.

“Each year through Balikatan, we reaffirm our commitment to each other under the Mutual Defense Treaty and we execute an array of bilateral training event to help us develop interoperability and maintain readiness as allies,” said Maj. Gen. Bargeron.

The events in this year’s Exercise Balikatan are specifically designed to enhance force capability and strengthen cooperation in maritime security, amphibious operations, live fire training, urban operations, aviation operations, counterterrorism and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

“Undoubtedly, these activities will positively impact our force readiness and strengthen our robust alliance,” said Maj. Gen. Gaerlan.

Exercise Balikatan remains to be the AFP’s biggest training activity with the U.S. counterpart focusing on capability development and enhancing interoperability.

“The Balikatan Exercises affirm that the United States and the Philippines are not alone in espousing peace, security and cooperation in the region,” said Undersecretary Luna.

The longstanding exercise enhances the ability of forces to work together, and increases both militaries’ capability to provide training and assistance in crisis-action planning and humanitarian and civic assistance operations.

“This combined joint exercise is an opportunity for the United States and the Philippines to reaffirm our commitment to even more robust ties and to a relationship that remains highly relevant as the world faces new and continuing challenges,” said Ms. Variava.

The AFP Chief of Staff on the other hand encouraged the participants to make the most of the opportunities in this year’s exercises.

“I urge all the Filipino and American soldiers who are taking part in this year’s Balikatan Exercise to embody professionalism, excellence and camaraderie as we maximize the opportunities offered to us in this event. I am confident that both of our Armed Forces shall reap immense benefits from this exercise as we continue to pursue our shared goals of regional peace, security and stability,” said General Centino.

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Kalinaw News: CTGs suffered another blow from 1001st Brigade

Posted to Kalinaw News (Mar 28, 2022): CTGs suffered another blow from 1001st Brigade

Maco, Davao de Oro – Another victory to the peace loving people of Davao de Oro was achieved when three (3) armed personalities believed to be members of the NPA’s Regional Operations Command (ROC), Southern Mindanao Regional Committee (SMRC) were neutralized after a clash with the government forces on March 27, 2022 at Brgy Tupaz, Maragusan, Davao de Oro.

While on focused military operations, operating troops of 1001st Infantry Brigade figured in an armed encounter against 15 Communists NPA Terrorists (CNTs) of combined forces of ROC led by Leo Lacumbo alias OLE/Liyang and Headquarters SMRC led by Erick Jun Casilao alias Elian/Wally/Chan which led to the initial recovery of 3 High-powered firearms. At about 8:50 of same day, another operating unit of 1001st Brigade encountered an undetermined number of fleeing CNTs which lasted for several minutes. At about 10 o’clock, as the troops were clearing the encounter site, they were able to discover one (1) dead CNT. Another (2nd) cadaver was discovered at about 2:30 in the afternoon north of the encounter site, and another cadaver was discovered at about 4:30 in the afternoon. All of the discovered cadavers have one (1) high powered firearm bringing the total recoveries to 3 dead NPAs and seven high-powered firearms as follows: one (1) M4 rifle, one (1) M16A1 rifle, one (1) AK47, two (2) M4 rifles both with attached M203 grenade launchers. Apart from the firearms, the troops were also able to recover one (1) anti-personnel improvised explosive device, several 40mm HE munitions and 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammunitions, medical paraphernalia and personal belongings.

Brigadier General Jesus P Durante III, Commander 1001st Brigade lauded the troops accomplishment. “Your dedication to duty and your sacrifices for the attainment of peaceful communities paid off. Your accomplishment is also an accomplishment of the peace-loving people of Davao de Oro. Continue to press on until all of these terrorists falls, rest assured that you will be taken cared of under my watch”, Durante said.
Meanwhile, he renewed his call to the CTGs. “Again, we are appealing to you to surrender. We wanted to rescue all of you from this 53-years of deception and attrocities. Surrender now while you still can or you might suffer the same fate as your dead comrades. If you still insist to fight, we will be forced to use our military might against you” Durante added.

The cadavers were immediately brought to the nearest hospital for proper documentation and disposition, while their identities are still being determined.

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Kalinaw News: Troops discover arms cache disclosed by former rebel

Posted to Kalinaw News (Mar 28, 2022): Troops discover arms cache disclosed by former rebel

Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City – Soldiers discovered an arms cache disclosed by a former rebel who yielded to the military on Saturday morning, March 26.

Brig. Gen. Leonel Nicolas, Commander of the 102nd Infantry Brigade revealed that during the custodial debriefing, a.k.a. Andoy, an Executive Committee member of the Western Mindanao Regional Party Committee (WMRPC), disclosed that a Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) arms cache can be found in a forested area at Purok 5, Barangay Ocapan, San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur.

Troops of the 53rd Infantry Battalion immediately proceeded to the location and successfully recovered war materials including five AK47 assault rifles, one long magazine for AK47, and 15 rounds of 7.62mm ball ammunition.

Maj. Gen. Generoso Ponio, Commander of Joint Task Force ZamPeLan commended the troops of the 53IB for this significant gain. “We expect more communist terrorists to return to the fold of the law following the peace rallies conducted in our area of operation the other day,” the two-star general further stated.

Recovered items were brought to the 53IB headquarters in Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur for proper accounting and disposition.

“Inspired by the several accomplishments, including the decrease in the manpower and assets of the different threat groups within our joint area of operations, the Western Mindanao Command will remain steadfast in conducting lethal and non-lethal operations to sustain the momentum,” Lt. Gen. Alfredo Rosario, Jr., Commander of Western Mindanao Command assured.

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Kalinaw News: Communist NPA Terrorist (CNT) killed in an encounter

Posted to Kalinaw News (Mar 28, 2022): Communist NPA Terrorist (CNT) killed in an encounter

Las Navas, Northern Samar – Operating troops of 20th Infantry (We Lead) Battalion engaged in a series of encounter against the Communist NPA Terrorists (CNTs) today, March 25, 2022 at the vicinity of Brgy. San Francisco, Catubig, Northern Samar.

While responding to an information provided by the local residents who are fed up with the continuous and deliberate extortion activities of the CNTs in their barangay, the operating troops encountered a group of more or less ten (10) CNTs at around 8:55 in the morning today at Brgy. San Francisco, Catubig, Northern Samar.

Meanwhile, at around 10:20 am, CSP teams of Brgy. Calingnan, Catubig while conducting blocking in support to the earlier encounter engaged in a 5-minute firefight with more or less five (5) CNTs resulting to the seizure of one (1) M16 rifle, four (4) M16 long magazines, 98 rounds of M16 ammunition, and one (1) bandolier.

Later in the afternoon, while conducting hot pursuit operation, operating troops engaged anew the same group of more or less ten (10) fleeing CNTs in a 5-minute firefight that transpired at around 1:30 in the hinterland of Brgy. San Francisco, Catubig, Northern Samar. The encounter resulted to the death of one (1) CNT and seizure of two (2) M16 rifles, five (5) M16 magazines ,81 rounds of M16 ammunition, one (1) bandolier, and one (1) improvised hand grenade while there is no casualty on the government side.

The killed CNT was identified as Alias Prix (True Name Unknown), the Commanding Officer of SYP Platoon 2, FC15, SRC Arctic who is responsible for the series of attacks in the different CSP-immersed barangays in Northern Samar and frequently sighted conducting extortion activities to the populace and small businesses. The remains of Prix was brought to Catubig Rural Health Unit for post mortem examination and proper disposition.

Lieutenant Colonel Joemar Buban, Commanding Officer of 20IB said that the Battalion is relentless in making the CNTs irrelevant in Northern Samar, and with the help and support of the Nortehanons, the CNTs will cease to exist which will make lasting peace achievable and the condition for sustainable development will be established. “I commend our troops for the display of gallantry in pursuing the enemies. The active support of the residents in playing the major role in providing timely information is a clear manifestation that the people and the government are in unison towards ending the local communist armed conflict”, Ltc Buban added.

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Philippines, US hold biggest military exercises in 7 years

From Rappler (Mar 28, 2022): Philippines, US hold biggest military exercises in 7 years (REUTERS)

The annual Balikatan exercises involve 8,900 troops this year and will include live fire exercises and training with amphibious assault vehicles

The Philippines and the United States kicked off on Monday, March 28, their biggest joint military drills since 2015, underscoring improved defense ties after President Rodrigo Duterte had scaled back some earlier war games to pursue warmer ties with China.

The annual “Balikatan” (shoulder-to-shoulder) exercises involve 8,900 troops this year and will include live fire exercises and training with amphibious assault vehicles.

Since taking office in 2016, Duterte had sought closer ties with China in exchange for pledges of loans, aid and investment, and distanced himself from the United States, a treaty ally.

But last year he withdrew a threat to scrap a two-decade old pact governing the presence of US troops in the Southeast Asian country.

“We are sending a message to the world that the alliance between our countries is stronger than ever,” Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said in a statement.

The Balikatan deployment in 2017 had been nearly halved to 5,500 troops from the previous year and stripped of all combat-related exercises at the behest of Duterte, who had viewed them as an obstacle to rapprochement with China.

Live fire exercises returned in 2018 and 2019 but the scale of the drills remained smaller and in 2020 they were cancelled due to the pandemic, while only 640 troops took part last year.

US exercise director, Major General Jay Bargeron, said the latest drills, which are designed to improve the country’s
defensive capabilities and readiness to respond to crises, should not be seen as a show of force.

But the exercises, which will last for two weeks, come as Manila has slammed China’s maritime activities in disputed parts of the South China Sea.

Despite efforts to build closer ties, the Philippines has become more critical of Beijing’s actions, including what it calls “swarming” by fishing vessels manned by militia off the disputed Spratly islands, and a blockade of a military resupply mission last year.

Manila also recently summoned China’s ambassador over what it called the “illegal intrusion and lingering presence” of a Chinese navy vessel.

China claims most of the South China Sea, through which about $3 trillion in ship-borne trade passes every year. Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan also have claims on the waterway.

2 rebels killed, shabu recovered in renewed Himamaylan gunbattle

From the Visayan Daily Star (Mar 28, 2022): 2 rebels killed, shabu recovered in renewed Himamaylan gunbattle (By GILBERT P. BAYORAN)

Improvised landmines and assorted war materials, as well as two sachets of suspected shabu, were among those recovered by 94IB soldiers from two encounter sites in Brgy. Carabalan, Himamaylan City.* PA photo

Renewed armed clashes in Sitio Maliko-liko, Brgy. Carabalan, Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental, on March 26, claimed the lives of two suspected New People’s Army rebels, confirmed yesterday by Brig. Gen. Inocencio Pasaporte, 303rd Infantry Brigade commanding officer.

While conducting blocking operations, a platoon-size unit of the 94th Infantry Battalion
encountered five NPA rebels believed to be members of the Sentro De Grabidad Platoon of Central Negros (Front) 2.

Pasaporte disclosed that the five-minute firefight led to the death of two rebels, who were left behind buy their fleeing comrades at the encounter site.

Also recovered from the scene of encounter, which is about 200 meters from the first encounter site on March 25, were a fragmentation grenade, nine 12-gauge shotgun ammunition, a sniper scope and subversive documents.

The encounter on March 25 in the same sitio also yielded two improvised landmines with two blasting caps, two rifle grenades, eight magazines of M14 and M16 rifles loaded with ammunition, 100 kilos of rice, four large cooking pots, three pairs of slippers with bloodstains, seven back packs containing personal belongings, six CPP-NPA flags, several cellular phones and two sachets of suspected shabu.

Pasaporte said that the cadavers of two slain rebels were transported to a funeral parlor in Himamaylan City for identification purposes.

Maj. Gen. Benedict Arevalo, 3rd Infantry Division commander, who supervises three Army infantry brigades in Regions 6 and 7, said that the recovery of shabu from the NPA belongings bolstered reports that their leaders and subordinates are now using illegal drugs.

Arevalo also said that he is alarmed that rebel leaders are forcing their members to use illegal drugs.

He also raised the possibility that the CPP-NPA flags and food supplies will be used to celebrate the NPA founding anniversary on March 29.

Arevalo said that the series of encounters in Negros island will serve as an eye-opener to the NPA remnants who still refuse to surrender to the government, to lay down arms, return to the government and live a normal life together with their families.

“As we always say, that there are only two things that could happen to NPA members if they will not surrender, they can be either captured and go to jail, or get killed. So again, we urge them to surrender before it is too late,” Arevalo said.

CPP: Filipino People's Struggle, a Teacher and an Inspiration

Posted to the National Democratic Front Philippines (NDFP or NDF) Website (Mar 29, 2022): Filipino People's Struggle, a Teacher and an Inspiration


March 28, 2022

Professor Jose Maria Sison’s books On People’s War and Imperialism in Turmoil, Socialism in Prospect were successfully launched on March 27, 2022 in an online zoom event organized by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines International Information Office and the International Network of Philippine Studies. On People’s War is the 7th book in the Sison Reader Series, while Imperialism in Turmoil, Socialism in Prospect is a selection of his writings in 2021 edited by Julieta de Lima.

The launching of the books is also in celebration of the 53rd anniversary of the founding of the New People’s Army (NPA) tomorrow, March 29th.

The first book, On People’s War, is a collection of Prof. Sison’s writingsfocusing on the people’s war being waged by the NPA and the Filipino people. Jacob Bodden from the Revolutionaire Eenheid (RE-Revolutionary Unity) shared his insights in his review of the book.

“The Filipino struggle is one of the best teachers that we have,” he said. “While reading the book, it explains the relationship of people’s war and the mass base. The people’s war is not just guns blazing in the jungle. It is engaging in a cultural, economic, social revolution, building mass base, teaching people how to read and write, providing health care, land reform, and much more. It builds together with the masses.”

“The book also discusses the mistakes that happened in the history of the NPA, and teaches us the importance of learning from errors.”

“These lessons are also learning points for us organizing in the Netherlands,” he added.

The second book, Imperialism in Turmoil, Socialism in Prospect, is a collection of Prof. Jose Sison’s writings in 2021, describing the crisis of imperialism, zooming into the struggle in the Philippines and reaffirming the perspective of socialism in the national democratic revolution in the country.

Fred Engst, who grew up in China during the revolution and presently teaching economics in a university in Beijing, presented his review of the book. “We can see a tremendous wealth of experience in leading the Filipino struggle during the last 50 years expressed in this volume. It has strategies in conducting underground guerilla warfare, conducting above ground mass movements, works in the united front, and more.”

“The spirit of a revolutionary that is determined to change this world that we suffer under is very clear and inspiring in this book.”

The author himself, Prof. Sison, also offered some insights. According to him, “We must acknowledge and celebrate the fact that the people’s war in the Philippines has developed without the cross-border advantages akin to those when the Chinese revolution received support from the Soviet Union from 1924-1927 against the northern warlords, and again from 1937 to 1945 against the Japanese aggression, or when the Indo-Chinese revolution also benefitted from the cross-border relations with the Chinese revolutionaries. What makes the success of the Philippine revolution even more remarkable is that it has not received any significant amount of direct material support from any foreign fraternal party and has been overtaken by one more gigantic betrayal of socialism and proletarian internationalism that followed revisionism and capitalist restoration.

He ended by saying, “Anti-fascist and anti-imperialist and democratic mass struggles are arising and will certainly intensify in the coming decades. They will lead to the resurgence of the world proletarian revolution.”

The presentations were followed by questions from the audience directed at the author and the reviewers.

The book launch was filled with cultural contributions. It was opened by a dance interpretation of Inang Laya’s song Babae by the Rode Lelies (Red Lilies). A film that sums up the people’s war in the Philippines was shown.

Another video presentation shared people’s insights when people around the globe were asked what comes to their mind when they hear about the people’s war being waged in the Philippines. Here are some of their thoughts:
  • “The people’s war in the Philippines is an expression of democracy. An imperative of survival and an expression of hope.”
  • “I think the people’s war in the Philippines is such a strong and integral part of the global anti-imperialist struggle. And that the New People’s Army serves as an inspiration to so many people around the world who are fighting exploitation and oppression.”
  • “When I think of people’s war, I think of justice. The manifest expression of the people to live a dignified life, free of exploitation and oppressions. I think of the peace it makes possible.”
The book launch ended in high spirits with the song Papuri sa Sosyalismo (In Praise of Socialism).

CPP/NDF-RCTU-Southern Tagalog: Isang taong kawalang-hustisya sa walang-awang pagpaslang kay Dandy Miguel! Singilin at pagbayarin ang rehimeng US-Duterte at berdugong NTF-ELCAC!

Propaganda statement posted to PRWC Newsroom, the blog site of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Information Bureau (Mar 28, 2022): Isang taong kawalang-hustisya sa walang-awang pagpaslang kay Dandy Miguel! Singilin at pagbayarin ang rehimeng US-Duterte at berdugong NTF-ELCAC! (Injustice in the ruthless murder of Dandy Miguel! Charge the US-Duterte regime and butcher NTF-ELCAC!)

Fortunato Magtanggol
Revolutionary Council of Trade Unions-Southern Tagalog
NDF-Southern Tagalog | National Democratic Front of the Philippines

March 28, 2022

Kasama ng buong hanay ng mga manggagawa sa Timog Katagalugan, mariing kinukondena ng Revolutionary Council of Trade Union – National Democratic Front – Southern Tagalog (RCTU-NDF-ST) ang patuloy na kawalan ng hustisya makalipas ang isang taon ng pamamaslang ng rehimeng US-Duterte at berdugong NTF-ELCAC sa lider manggagawang si Dandy “Pang Dandy” Miguel!

Naitulak lamang ng malakas na pagkundena ng mga manggagawa, organisasyong masa, mga kaibigan, alyado sa loob at labas ng bansa ang pakitang tao na isinagawang imbestigasyon ng binuong Special Investigating Team (SIT) sa ilalim ng AO35. Tunay na inupuan lamang ng SIT ang imbestigasyon nito at walang ginawang seryosong paghahabol at pagpapanagot sa may kagagawan ng brutal na pagpaslang kay Dandy Miguel – ikalawang tagapangulo ng PAMANTIK-KMU at pangulo ng unyon sa pagawaan ng Fuji Electric sa Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna.

Paano nga naman hahabulin at paparusahan ng Department of Justice(DoJ) sa ilalim ng AO35 SIT ang mga pumaslang kay Dandy Miguel, kung ang mga nasa likod nito ay mismong si Duterte at mga berdugo sa NTF-ELCAC? Kahalintulad ng mga taktikang ginagawa nila sa iba pang mga pinaslang na aktibista, pinaratangan din nila si Dandy Miguel bilang banta sa pambansang seguridad, kaaway ng estado. Matatandaang dumanas muna ng araw-araw na pagbabanta sa buhay at red-tagging bago siya brutal na pinaslang ng mersenaryong AFP at PNP noong gabi ng Marso 28, 2021 habang papauwi sa kanilang bahay galing sa trabaho.

Hindi pwedeng maghugas-kamay ang rehimeng US-Duterte at NTF-ELCAC sa kanilang mga krimen na tigmak ng dugo mula sa ekstrahudisyal na pamamaslang sa mga lider-masa’t aktibista sa bansa gaya ng karumal-dumal na pagpaslang kay Pangulong Dandy. Isinagawa ang pagpaslang kay Dandy Miguel, tatlong linggo matapos ilunsad ng NTF-ELCAC ang “Bloody Sunday” na pumaslang sa siyam(9) na mga aktibista at lider masa sa rehiyon, dalawang araw, matapos ipag-utos ni Duterte na “patayin ang lahat ng mga rebeldeng komunista”.

Para bigyan pa ng lakas ng loob ang kanyang mga asong ulol na berdugong militar at pulis na palawakin pa ang pamamaslang, pagmamayabang niyang sinabi sa isang pagpupulong ng NTF-ELCAC noong March 18 sa Tacloban City na “wag mag-alala ang mga sundalo at pulis dahil sagot ko kayo! Patay human rights? Okay pasok ako sa kulungan? Tutal matanda na ako, hindi ako magtatagal sa preso na yan”.

Walang awang pinaslang si Dandy na ang tanging hangad ay makamit ang kahingian ng manggagawa na pambansang minimum na pasahod na P750.00, paglusaw sa lahat ng tipo ng kontraktwalisasyon at pagkilala sa karapatan na magtayo ng unyon. Siya ang ika-31 aktibistang pinaslang sa rehiyong Timog Katagalugan sa anim na taong panunungkulan ng rehimeng US-Duterte at itinaon sa mismong araw ng pagdiriwang sa ika-76 na kaarawan ni Pangulong Duterte, bilang regalo. Kaya habang nagluluksa ang pamilya at buong hanay ng mga manggagawa sa rehiyon ay nagdiriwang at lubos-lubos ang katuwaan ng mga pasistang militar at pangkating Duterte sa Malakanyang.

Sa kasalukuyan, nagpapatuloy ang terorismo ng estado sa pangunguna ng NTF-ELCAC sa rehiyon. Direkta nilang pinangungunahan ang sapilitang pagpapa-disaffiliate ng mga unyong nasa ilalim ng militanteng pederasyon at militanteng sentrong unyon. Araw-araw din ang ginagawa nilang panghaharas, pagbabanta sa buhay ng mga lider manggagawa na kapag hindi tumigil at hindi nakipagtulungan sa kanilang buhong na layunin ay magagaya sila sa sinapit ng mga biktima ng “Bloody Sunday”.

Kanina lamang ay muling umatake ang mga tauhan ng NTF-ELCAC nang harasin at pagbantaan sa kanyang sariling bahay ang pangulo ng unyon sa Techno-8. Ganito din ang kanilang ginawa sa iba pang mga unyon na nasa ilalim ng KMU sa probinsya ng Laguna. Kabilang dito ang mahigit 70 lider-manggagawa at mga karaniwang kasapi ng unyon sa isang semiconductor company sa Cabuyao na halos araw-araw ding hinaharas at pinupuntahan ng mga sundalo at pulis upang pwersahin silang i-disaffiliate ang kanilang unyon sa kinaaanibang pederasyon.

Wala ding tigil sa ginagawang red-tagging sa mga kasapi at lider ng Anakpawis Partylist ang sinungaling na tagapagsalita ng NTF-ELCAC na si PCOO Usec. Lorraine Badoy. Maging ang kilalang tagapagtanggol ng NTF-ELCAC na si Sen. Panfilo Lacson at Cong. Boying Remulla ay nakikorus na din sa pagreredtag sa mga dumalo sa malaking political rally ng grupo ni Vice Pres. Leni Robredo sa Cavite, ito ay sa kabila ng kanilang deklarasyon na ang Cavite ay solid ang suporta sa anak ng diktador na si BBM at Sara Duterte. Matapos ito, iligal na pinaghuhuli ang 10 kasapi at lider ng Anakpawis sa Talaba-7 sa Bacoor, Cavite, isang lider-kabataan sa Silang, Cavite habang sa Cabuyao ay hinaras din sa kanyang bahay ang Anakpawis Partylist coordinator sa probinsya ng Laguna.

Naniniwala tayong hindi kailanman mabibigyan ng hustisya at katarungan ng rehimeng US-Duterte ang mga biktima ng karumaldumal na krimen ng malawakang pagpaslang sa mga aktibista at lider masa na kagagawan mismo ng kanyang berdugong NTF-ELCAC. Kinakailangang singilin at panagutin natin ang rehimeng US-Duterte sa malawakang pagpaslang kahit tapos na ang kanyang termino. Dapat hadlangan na manalo ang mga kandidato ni Duterte na sina Marcos at Sara Duterte sa halalan 2022 na magpagpatuloy lamang ng kanyang legasiya ng kawalang pananagutan at impyunidad. Ilinaw at hikayatin nang maliwanagan ang mga nalinlang na suporter ng Botong-Boto sa Magnanakaw (BBM).

Wala ring maaasahang katarungan at tunay na panlipunang pagbabago ang mamamayan sa darating na eleksyon. Tanging sa pamamagitan ng paglulunsad ng Demokratikong Rebolusyong Bayan (DRB) lamang makakamit ang tunay na hustisya sa lahat ng mga buktima ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Bukas na bukas na tatanggapin sa mga larangang gerilya ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan ang mga biktima ng panunupil ng estado upang dito nila ipaglaban at kamtin ang katarungang nakabatay sa hustisyang panlipunan. Kaya nananawagan ang RCTU-NDF-ST sa uring manggagawa na tumungo sa kanayunan at magsulong ng armadong pakikibaka. Taos puso kayong tatanggapin upang makasama ang iba pang uring anakpawis sa pagsusulong ng DRB sa pamamagitan ng matagalang digmang bayan.


CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: AFP, PNP deployed 21 more battalions against NPA since last year—CPP

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis online propaganda posted to the PRWC Newsroom, the blog site of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Information Bureau (Mar 28, 2022): AFP, PNP deployed 21 more battalions against NPA since last year—CPP

March 28, 2022

Despite repeated declarations that the New People’s Army (NPA) is set to be crushed before the end of Rodrigo Duterte’s term in June, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) continue to increase their combat units against the revolutionary army.

This was noted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP-CC) in a message to the NPA on the occasion of its 53rd anniversary on March 29. The CPP-CC said there are now 166 combat battalions of the Army, Air Force, Marines, Scout Rangers, PNP Special Action Force and other military and police units deployed against the NPA, 21 more than last year.

The CPP-CC noted that apart from building new AFP units, the increase in deployment of combat troops against the NPA was also due to the redeployment of forces from Moro areas after the surrender of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

This superfluity of force has enabled the AFP and PNP to deploy 5 to 6 battalions against their priority guerrilla subregional or front areas of the NPA, and 2 to 3 in non-priority areas, the anniversary message said.

The CPP-CC estimates that 60% of the total number of combat battalions assigned to the NPA are concentrated in five regions, namely, Southern Tagalog, Eastern Visayas, Southern Mindanao, Bicol and North Central Mindanao. There is also a marked increase of AFP and PNP deployment in Far South Mindanao, Negros and Cagayan Valley.

The overwhelming use of force against a guerrilla people’s army indicates the growing strategic weakness of the ruling system, according to the Party. “It shows that to preserve the ruling system, the neo-colonial state relies more and more on armed suppression and fascist methods, rather than political persuasion and support.”

This same overwhelming military superiority, however, has the opposite effect of exposing the political inferiority of the reactionary government, the CPP leadership asserts. It said that the overabundance of troops and weapons promotes the “culture of fascist impunity and complete disregard for people’s democratic rights and freedoms which exposes its barefaced defense of the interests of the ruling oppressive and exploitative classes.” This results to the AFP’s deepened isolation from the people, added the CPP.

The CPP-CC denounced Duterte’s “overspending” for the military and police. It noted the increase by ₱4 billion to ₱221 billion of its defense budget compared to last year, mostly for the purchase of surplus military equipment from the US, and to raise above standards the salaries of military and police officers to buy their loyalty. Also, ₱17.5 billion was allocated to the NTF-Elcac, which the CPP describes as a “civil-military junta.”

The CPP-CC also censured the AFP for being under the virtual operational control of the US, pointing to the permanent presence of US military advisers in military camps to direct the AFP’s counterinsurgency operations. The CPP-CC noted that the AFP has received a total of \$1.14 billion worth of military assistance since 2015 in the form of US Foreign Military Financing, military training programs and others. (CPP Information Bureau)

CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: Duterte’s war to crush the NPA has failed—CPP

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis online propaganda posted to the PRWC Newsroom, the blog site of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Information Bureau (Mar 28, 2022): Duterte’s war to crush the NPA has failed—CPP

March 28, 2022

The leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today declared that the strategic offensives of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) since 2017 under the Duterte regime have failed to stop the growth of the New People’s Army (NPA).

In a 20-page statement posted on the CPP’s website and circulated on social media, the CPP Central Committee said that the CPP and NPA “have successfully frustrated Duterte and his military generals in their repeated declarations of crushing the people’s armed resistance.”

Despite losses and setbacks in some areas, according to the Party’s leadership, the preservation and successes of the NPA in most guerrilla fronts, however, continue to prove the political superiority of the people’s war against the enemy’s war against the people. The CPP-CC said NPA Red fighters and the masses remain determined to resist based on the correctness and justness of waging armed resistance.

The CPP-CC said the NPA continues to operate in guerrilla zones spread across the country in 13 different regions, and that it enjoys the support of millions of people.

“The Red fighters and commanders of the NPA, and the Party cadres leading the NPA, have displayed great tenacity and determination to bear heavy sacrifices, surmount all adversity and limitations, and exert all efforts to defend the people against fascism and state terrorism,” the Party noted.

Contrary to repeated declarations by Duterte and his military and police officers that the NPA has been weakened, the AFP and the PNP continue to beef up its forces against the NPA. According to the CPP-CC, there are 21 more military and police battalions deployed for counterinsurgency.

The CPP denounced the Duterte governments “overspending” for the military and police to pay for increased salaries of additional personnel to acquire more jetfighters, drones, helicopters, bombs, artillery, rifles, bullets and other war matériel. Duterte’s budget for defense increased by ₱4 billion this year to ₱221 billion. Over the past six years, the AFP has received a total of $1.14 billion worth of military assistance in the form of Foreign Military Financing, military training programs and others.

In its message, the Party directed the NPA to carry out seven specific tasks to raise the fighting capacity of the army and the masses in order to steadily advance of the revolution.

1) Strengthen the Party’s leadership of the NPA.

2) Vigorously wage armed struggle and resist the enemy’s brutal war of suppression.

3) Strengthen the New People’s Army.

4) Broaden and deepen the NPA mass base in the guerrilla fronts.

5) Generate widespread support from the cities for the revolutionary armed struggle in the countryside.

6) We must systematically proselytize among the enemy’s ranks.

7) Aggressively generate international support for the New People’s Army and the Philippine revolution.

The CPP leadership said that the people’s war it is leading in the Philippines is currently in the middle-phase of the strategic defensive stage with a clear view towards advancing to the advanced phase through the multiplication of platoons and companies. (CPP Information Bureau)

CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: CPP orders NPA to train rifles and develop weapons against “high flying weapons”

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis online propaganda posted to the PRWC Newsroom, the blog site of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Information Bureau (Mar 28, 2022): CPP orders NPA to train rifles and develop weapons against “high flying weapons”

March 28, 2022

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP-CC) today ordered the New People’s Army to “train to use their rifles, and develop or acquire weapons against enemy aircraft.”

In a message to the NPA to mark its 53rd anniversary, the CPP said the NPA must draw “lessons and inspiration” from Vietnam where the US aerial bombardment in the 1960s was defeated by the Vietnamese revolutionaries using hand-carried surface-to-air missiles. It also cited the experience in the 1980s of the anti-Soviet mujahideens who used US-supplied Stinger missiles, as well as the recent success of the Taliban fighters in Afghanistan against US drones and aircraft.

According to the CPP Information Bureau, there have been around 200 incidents of aerial bombardment, aerial strafing and artillery shelling since 2017 which mostly were aimed at civilian communities, farms and mountain villages of minority communities.

While some units of the NPA were hit by AFP aerial bombardment, the large majority of NPA fighters have successfully used guerrilla methods of secrecy to render the AFP’s aerial surveillance ineffective and deny it of targets. Without clear targets, the AFP has been dropping bombs indiscriminately causing widespread terror against civilians.

The CPP denounced the Duterte regime’s military and police overspending, together with its corruption and wasteful infrastructure spending, as among the reasons for bankrupting the government and budget cuts for public health and public education.

Early last year, the NPA successfully fired at an AFP BlackHawk helicopter and prevented it from landing in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. (CPP Information Bureau)

CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: CPP orders NPA to strike in towns and cities

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis online propaganda posted to the PRWC Newsroom, the blog site of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Information Bureau (Mar 28, 2022): CPP orders NPA to strike in towns and cities

March 28, 2022

The Central Committee of Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP-CC) ordered the New People’s Army deploy special armed units to strike at enemy weak points, local tyrants and those with blood debt to the people in the towns and cities.

In a 20-page message to the NPA on the occasion of its 53rd anniversary, the CPP leadership said, “There is a public clamor for the revival of urban or rural-based units that can strike at the weak points of the enemy units and elements based in towns and cities, such as local tyrants and other bad elements and police units culpable for red-tagging, abducting, torturing and killing people with impunity.”

The CPP-CC said “fascist criminal bosses” responsible for the rising number of cases of extrajudicial killings and other fascist crimes against the people must be punished by the NPA “to render justice to their victims.”

“The enemy has erased all distinction between combatants and civilians. It arbitrarily accuses people of being communists or communist-supporters and is using the ATL to justify gross violations of people’s rights and freedoms.”

At the same time, the CPP said the NPA must launch “special tactical offensives” to disable the AFP’s communication system and air assets. “It must effectively sabotage the capabilities of the enemy wherever possible and carry out punitive measures against vulnerable enemy units and elements” which will also compel the enemy to reduce the number of its forces deployed against the guerrilla fronts.

While ordering the deployment of special strike teams, the CPP also directed the NPA to carry widespread punitive actions combined with “blows to the head” within the guerrilla fronts. In doing so, the NPA can compel the military and police forces “to be on the defensive whenever possible.”

According to the statement, across the country, entire villages or clusters of villages are placed under military rule which bring hardships on peasant communities. Fascist troops incessantly harass the peasant masses, arbitrarily accuse them of supporting the revolutionary movement, make them pose as “surrenderees”, subject them to surveillance, conduct night raids on their homes, force them to disaffiliate from their organizations, abduct or arrest people on false charges and murder peasant leaders and activists.

“It lays siege on communities mobilizing large numbers of troops in night-time or early-morning raids on peasant homes such as in the Oplan Sauron in Negros, the massacre of Tumandok minorities in Capiz and the Bloody Sunday mass killing of activists in Southern Tagalog,” they added. (CPP Information Bureau)

CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: CPP says Duterte’s birthday should be his last outside prison

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis online propaganda posted to the PRWC Newsroom, the blog site of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Information Bureau (Mar 28, 2022): CPP says Duterte’s birthday should be his last outside prison

March 28, 2022

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today told Rodrigo Duterte to enjoy his 77th birthday because it might be his last outside a prison cell.

“In a few months, as soon as he steps down from his official term as Philippine President, the Filipino people will without a doubt demand that he be prosecuted for the countless crimes against humanity,” said CPP Chief Information Officer Marco Valbuena.

“Whatever the outcome of the May elections, the Filipino people will surely raise their demand for Duterte to be immediately arrested and be made to face the International Criminal Court or local courts where charges can be filed,” Valbuena added.

“A special revolutionary people’s courts can also be formed which can order the arrest and prosecution of Duterte in order for him to face the Filipino people’s clamor for justice,” said Valbuena.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed in the “campaign of murder” perpetrated by state forces under Duterte’s bogus war on drugs and counterrevolutionary war of suppression against anti-imperialist and democratic forces.

“For six long years, the broad masses of the Filipino people suffered under Duterte’s campaign of mass murder, national treachery, militarist response to the pandemic which led to the destruction of jobs and livelihood and a steep dive on the economy,” Valbuena said.

“Tiyak na hindi patatahimikin ng mamamayan si Duterte sa dami ng krimen niya laban sa sambayanang Pilipino. Uusigin siya ng bawat Pilipino at hahabulin siya para makamtan nila ang hustisya. Iisa ang sigaw nila: Panagutin si Duterte, ikulong at pagbayarin!,” Valbuena said.

Valbuena said aside from heightening state terrorism, Duterte will also be made to answer for his corruption, for failing to defend the country’s marine resources, for his subservience to foreign economic interests, and allowing both the US and Chinese forces to set up their military bases within the country’s sovereign territory. (CPP Information Bureau)

CPP/NPA-Southern Tagalog ROC: Pagpupugay sa NPA-Rizal: 2 patay, 2 sugatan sa ambus sa 80th IBPA!

Propaganda statement posted to PRWC Newsroom, the blog site of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Information Bureau (Mar 27, 2022): Pagpupugay sa NPA-Rizal: 2 patay, 2 sugatan sa ambus sa 80th IBPA! (Tribute to NPA-Rizal: 2 dead, 2 injured in 80th IBPA ambush!)

Armando Cienfuego
Southern Tagalog Regional Operational Command (Melito Glor Command)
New People's Army

March 27, 2022

Nagpupugay ang Melito Glor Command-NPA Southern Tagalog at ang mamamayan ng rehiyon sa matagumpay na ambus ng Narciso Antazo Aramil Command (NAAC)-NPA Rizal sa mga elemento ng 80th IBPA sa Maugraw, Sitio Quinao, Brgy. Puray, Rodriguez, Rizal kahapon, Marso 26, bandang 7:52 ng umaga. Tinambangan ng isang yunit ng NAAC ang 80th IBPA malapit sa kampo nito sa Maugraw. Dalawa ang napatay at dalawa ang nasugatan sa opensiba ng NPA Rizal habang walang natamong kaswalti sa hanay ng mga Pulang mandirigma.

Naisagawa ang aksyong militar sa gitna ng matinding operasyon ng AFP-PNP sa Rizal at sa buong Timog Katagalugan. Bigwas ito sa hibang na pangarap ng rehimeng Duterte at AFP-PNP na lipulin ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa rehiyon at buong bansa. Hindi pagagapi ang NPA lalo’t inspirasyon nito ang pinaglilingkurang masang Pilipino.

Ang tagumpay ng taktikal na opensiba sa Rizal ay ibinunga ng mahigpit na pagtutulungan ng NPA at malawak na hanay ng masa. Malaon nang hinihiling ng mamamayan ng Rizal na parusahan ang berdugong 80th IBPA at iba pang pwersa ng AFP-PNP na naghahasik ng pasismo at terorismo sa probinsya. Mahaba at madugo ang rekord ng AFP-PNP sa mamamayan ng Rizal na nagresulta sa dumaraming kaso ng paglabag sa karapatang tao sa ilalim ng rehimeng Duterte. Nitong Marso 23, dinukot si Rene Villarama, isang katutubong Dumagat sa Brgy. Puray, at dinala sa kampo sa Baras, Rizal. Maaalalang noong Marso 7 ng nakaraang taon, kabilang sa siyam na aktibistang pinaslang sa Bloody Sunday ang mga taga-Rizal na sina Abner at Edward Mendoza, mga residente ng Brgy. Puray, sina Mark Lee Bacasno at Michael Dasigao, mga kasapi ng San Isidro Kasiglahan, Kapatiran, at Damayan para sa Kabuhayan, Katarungan at Kapayapaan (SIKKAD K3) at dalawang Dumagat na sina Puroy at Randy “Pulong” Pineda Dela Cruz. Noong Disyembre 2020 naman naganap ang masaker sa Baras 5 kung saan pinaslang ng 202nd Brigade at PNP-Rizal ang limang sibilyan sa Brgy. San Jose na sina Vilma Salabao, Wesley Obmerga, Carlito Zonio, Jonathan Alberga at Niño Alberga na pawang mga caretaker at security guard sa isang pribadong mango farm.

Kailangang ipagpatuloy ng mga yunit sa ilalim ng MGC-NPA ST ang paglulunsad ng mga opensiba laban sa AFP-PNP. Parusahan ang mga pasista sa kanilang inutang na dugo sa bayan. Ang NPA at ang buong rebolusyonaryong kilusan ang tanging masasaligan ng sambayanan upang makamit ang hustisya sa mga krimen ng AFP-PNP at rehimeng Duterte.

Nararapat na higit pang itaas ang antas ng digmang bayan at isagawa ang paparaming taktikal na opensiba laban sa AFP-PNP, mga pusakal na kriminal at tunay na instrumento ng pasismo at terorismo ng estado. Pahinain ang armadong pwersa ng estado upang maagaw ang kapangyarihan at itayo ang tunay na gubyernong naglilingkod sa mamamayan.###

CPP/Central Committee: Itaas ang kakayahan sa paglaban ng BHB at ng masa! Magpunyagi at sumulong sa landas ng matagalang digmang bayan!

Propaganda statement posted to PRWC Newsroom, the blog site of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Information Bureau (Mar 28, 2022): Itaas ang kakayahan sa paglaban ng BHB at ng masa! Magpunyagi at sumulong sa landas ng matagalang digmang bayan! (Raise the resistance of the NPA and the masses! Strive and move forward on the path of protracted people's war!)

Komite Sentral
Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas

Marso 29, 2022

Puspos ng rebolusyonaryong alab at sigla, ipinagdiriwang ngayong araw ng Komite Sentral ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP), kasama ang sambayanang Pilipino at kanilang mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa, ang ika-53 anibersaryo ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan. Ipagdiwang natin ang mga tagumpay sa nagdaang taon at ang naipong nagawa nito sa nagdaang limang dekada ng armadong paglaban.

I. Lalong patatagalin ng inter-imperyalistang armadong tunggalian ang pandaigdigang krisis ng kapitalismo

1) Patuloy na lumalala ang di malulutas na matagalang krisis ng pandaigdigang sistemang kapitalista habang kinakaharap ng mga monopolyo kapitalista ang problema ng sobrang produksyon at kaakibat na pagtaas ng antas ng di mabentang imbentaryo at pagsadsad ng presyo ng mga kalakal at tantos sa tubo.

2) Mula nang maging solong superpower nang bumagsak ang Soviet Union noong 1991, nagkumpyansa ang US na dalhin ang manupaktura sa China, itaas ang pamumuhunan at maglipat ng teknolohiya at hindi lang maliliit na pagawaan. Hindi sinasadya, pinahina nito ang sariling pagmamanupaktura at pag-empleyo sa mga manggagawa.

3) Sumiklab ang gera ng US/NATO sa Ukraine laban sa Russia matapos ang walong taon ng agresyon ng mga pasistang Ukraine laban sa rehiyong Donbass mula noong kudeta ng 2014, ilang buwan pagtitipon ng mga tropang militar sa hangganan ng mga republikang bayan doon at walang habas na panganganyon sa mga imprastrukturang sibilyan.

4) Sa estratehikong pananaw, ito ay tugon (ng Russia) sa agresibong pagtulak kapwa ng imperyalistang US, ng papet na rehimen at mga alyadong pasista sa Ukraine mula noong kudetang sinuportahan ng US noong 2014, na ipaloob ang Ukraine sa Russia na lalong magpapalakas sa pagkaka-entrensera ng mga baseng militar at pasilidad paniktik na itinayo ng US, UK at NATO malapit sa Russia.

5) Muling pinatutunayan ng proxy war sa Ukraine na ang imperyalismo ay katumbas ng gera.

6) Habang nagbibigay ng armas at ayudang militar sa Ukraine, nagpataw din ang US at mga alyado nito sa NATO ng masaklaw na mga hakbanging panggigipit sa pinansya at kalakal laban sa Russia.

7) Ang panggigipit ng US ay ikinasasama rin ng loob ng mga bansa sa Europe na nag-aangkat ng 50% ng suplay nito ng natural gas mula sa Russia.

8) Ang panggigipit sa langis ng Russia ay nagresulta sa pagkapatid ng suplay at sinasamantala ng mga monopolyong kumpanya sa langis, mga bansang prodyuser ng langis, mga mamumuhunang pampinansya at hedge funds na sangkot sa ispekulasyon sa langis para itaas ang presyo ng krudo at mga produktong petrolyo.

9) (M)uli na naman ngayong kumukubabaw ang kapitalistang krisis. Ang pumapaimbulog na presyo ng mga produktong petrolyo ay nagtutulak sa gastos sa produksyon at nagbabantang patagalin lalo ang krisis ng pandaigdigang sistemang kapitalista.

10) Ang mga pandaigdigang sentro ng kapitalismo ay sadlak pa rin sa krisis at batbat ng problema ng mahinang produksyon at sumisirit na utang.

11) Nasa kaibuturan ng pandaigdigang krisis ng kapitalismo ang di malulutas na problema ng sobrang produksyon, sobrang suplay ng kalakal at sobrang akumulasyon ng kapital ng mga dominanteng monoopolyong burgesya bunsod ng kapitalistang kompetisyon at anarkiya sa produksyon.

12) Patuloy ang pagbaling ng US at iba pang pandaigdigang sentro ng kapitalismo sa Keynesianismong militar para magpatuloy ang produksyon.

13) Ang pundamental na kapitalistang kontradiksyon sa pagitan ng produksyong panlipunan at pribadong akumulasyon ng labis na halaga ay patuloy na umiigting, habang ang yaman at kapital ay lalong nakokonsentra sa kamay ng iilang monoopolyong kapitalista.

14) Sa kabilang panig, dumaranas ang masang manggagawa at anakpawis ng mas malalang anyo ng pagsasamantala at pang-aapi at parami nang parami ang nasasadlak sa kagutuman, sagadsaring kahirapan at kalunus-lunos na kalagayang panlipunan.

15) Ang papalalang kalagayang sosyo-ekonomiko ay nagluluwal ng malawak na protestang masa sa iba’t ibang dako ng mundo para labanan ang mga pang-ekonomyang hakbanging neoliberal, pasistang panggigipit at digmaang imperyalista.

16) Lalong nagiging paborable ang kalagayan para sa pagsulong ng rebolusyonaryong armadong pakikibaka.

II. Pinalubha ng impeyalistang mga patakaran ang krisis ng naghaharing sistema sa ilalim ng rehimeng US-Duterte

1) Sa nakalipas na anim na taon, lumubha ang krisis ng naghaharing sistemang malakolonyal at malapyudal at tumindi ang pagdurusa ng sambayanang Pilipino dahil sa mga hakbanging neoliberal, kakumbina ang militarisasyon ng estado at mga patakaran ng terorismo ng estado sa ilalim ng rehimeng US-Duterte.

2) Tumatalima ang mga hakbanging pang-ekonomya ni Duterte sa mga patakarang dikta ng gubyernong US, mga imperyalistang institusyong pampinansya at dayuhang credit rating agency (naggagrado sa mga bansa batay sa kakayahang magbayad), gayundin ng lokal na American Chamber of Commerce at kanilang mga kasosyo. Ang mga ito ay nakatuon sa pagpapalawak ng interes ng malalaking dayuhang banko at korporasyon at ang sunud-sunurang lokal na uring malalaking burgesya kumprador, malalaking panginoong maylupa, pati ang mga burukratang kapitalista.

3) Hinatak pa ni Duterte nang palalim sa krisis ang bayan. Sa nagdaang anim na taon, dumoble ang utang ng bansa mula sa wala pang ₱6 trilyon noong 2016 tungong mahigit ₱12 trilyon noong Marso, at inaasahag lalupang lolobo tungong ₱13.42 trilyon sa katapusan ng taon.

4) Hinayaan ng rehimeng Duterte ang mga imperyalista na lalupang higpitan ang kontrol at dominasyon sa lokal na ekonomya sa bisa ng inamyendahang Foreign Investments Act, ang Retail Trade Liberalization Act at ang Public Service Act

5) Bilang pagtalima sa mga iginiit ng dayuhang mga kapitalista at kanilang lokal na mga kasosyo sa negosyo, pinagtibay ni Duterte ang batas na CREATE. Ibinasura niya rin ang pagbabawal sa pagmiminang open-pit at iba pang operasyong mina at pinagtibay ang Rice Import Liberalization Law

6) Pinasidhi ng kontra-mamamayan at konta-mahirap na mga patakaran ng rehimeng Duterte ang kalagayan ng mamamayang Pilipino. Sa ilalim ng batas na TRAIN, ipinataw sa balikat ng mamamayan ang pabigat na pagbubuwis sa mga kalakal at serbisyo. Ginamit ni Duterte at mga alipures niya ang kanilang kapangyarihan para magpayaman. Patuloy na lumubha ang korapsyon sa anyo ng mga kikbak at suhol kapalit ng mga pabor ng gubyerno sa mga kontrata at mga proyektong walang-pakinabang sa bayan

7) Pasan rin ng mamamayang Pilipino ang bigat ng sobra-sobrang gastusing militar at pulis ni Duterte para sa labis-labis na pagbili ng mga sarplas na kagamitang militar mula sa US, at para itaas higit sa pamantayan ang sweldo ng mga upisyal ng AFP at PNP upang bayaran ang kanilang katapatan. Dahil sa sobrang paggasta sa militar, dumanas ng kakulangan ng pondo at pagkaltas sa badyet ang pampublikong edukasyon at pampublikong kalusugan. Resulta nito, pinagdurusahan ng mga estudyante, ng kanilang mga magulang at guro ang kakulangan sa mga klasrum at guro, sweldong alipin, at kakulangan ng imprastruktura para sa distance learning at mga pasilidad para sa ligtas na pagbabalik sa harapang mga klase.

8) Hirap na hirap ang malawak na masa ng mga manggagawa at magsasaka sa tumataas na presyo ng langis, pagkain at iba pang batayang pangangailangan at yutiliti habang nagkakamal ng dambuhalang kita ang mga kumpanya ng malalaking burgesya kumprador.

9) patuloy na pinalalakas ng imperyalismong US ang mga pwersang pangmilitar at panseguridad ng papet na estado nito. Ang US ang tunay na kumokontrol sa operasyon ng AFP na bulag na tumatalima sa doktrina sa kontrainsurhensya ng US, sa kabila ng pagkatalo ng US sa pinanghimasukan nitong mga kontrainsurhensya sa iba’t ibang bansa sa nagdaang pitong dekada.

10) Upang pahigpitin ang koordinasyon at kontrol sa operasyon ng AFP, naglunsad ang US sa nagdaang anim na taon ng 1,300 aktibidad militar kasanib ang Pilipinas, at 850 beses na nagdaong sa bansa ng kanyang mga barkong pandigma.

11) Nireorganisa ang burukrasya ng gubyerno upang ipailalim ang mga sibilyang ahensya ng estado sa kontrol ng National Task Force-Elcac, na katunaya’y isang huntang sibil-militar na siyang aktwal na nagmamando sa buong gubyerno. Pinagtibay ang batas sa terorismo ng estado (tinaguriang Anti-Terrorism Law).

12) Talamak ang mga abusong militar at pulis sa buong bansa, kapwa sa mga syudad at kanayunan.

13) Binubura ng kaaway ang lahat ng pag-iiba sa mga kombatant at sibilyan.

14) Sa lahat ng dako ng bansa, buu-buong mga barangay o kulumpon ng mga barangay ang ipinaiilalim sa batas militar na nagpapahirap sa mga komunidad ng magsasaka.

15) Sa kabila ng paulit-ulit na deklarasyong mahina na ang BHB at madudurog bago magtapos ang termino ni Duterte, patuloy na pinararami ng AFP at PNP ang mga kontra-gerilyang pwersang pangkombat nito. Mayroon ngayong 166 batalyong pangkombat ang Army, Air Force, Marines, Scout Rangers, Special Action Force at iba pang yunit ng militar at pulis na nakapakat laban sa BHB, mas marami nang 21 kesa sa nagdaang taon. Sa daming ito, nakapagtatalaga ang AFP ng 5-6 batalyon laban sa prayoridad o pinopokusan nitong subrehiyon o larangang gerilya ng BHB.

16) Halos 60% ng mga tropang pangkombat na ito ay konsentrado sa lima sa 13 rehiyon na kinabibilangan ng Southern Tagalog, Eastern Visayas, Southern Mindanao, Bicol at North Central Mindanao.

17) Lalupang lumaki ang badyet ni Duterte sa militar tungong ₱221 bilyon ngayong taon mula sa ₱217 bilyon noong nagdaang taon.

18) Kasabay nito, patuloy na tinutulungan ng US ang AFP sa pagbubuo nito ng kakayahan sa cyberwarfare upang palakasin ang internal na sistemang pangkomunikasyon ng AFP para sa eksaktong pagsubaybay sa larangan ng mga labanan upang mapalakas ang kakayahan sa pagmando at pagpakilos ng mga pwersa.

19) Habang ang pagpaparami ng lakas-pamutok ng AFP sa tulong ng US ay nagpapalakas sa kakayahang pumatay ng AFP, sa katunaya’y palatandaan ito ng lumalaking estratehikong kahinaan ng naghaharing sistema.

20) (A)ng tulak para sa napakalaking superyoridad sa militar ay nagreresulta sa kabaligtaran nitong kahinaan sa pulitika. Dahil sa lumalaking pampulitika at pang-ekonomyang kapangyarihan ng militar, lalong silang nagiging pasaway sa pananagutan, nalalango sa korapsyon at paglaro sa pulitika, at lumalalim ang demoralisasyon sa hanay ng mga karaniwang sundalo na ginagawang pambala sa kanyon.

21) Sa nagdaang anim na taon, naghari ang reaksyunaryong estado sa ilalim ni Duterte gamit ang terorismo at karahasan ng estado laban sa mamamayan, mula sa pekeng “gera sa droga” hanggang sa kontra-rebolusyonaryong gera ng panunupil.
22) Kinasusuklaman ng mamamayang Pilipino ang rehimeng Duterte dahil sa korapsyon nito, sa pagiging sunud-sunuran sa mga dayuhang kapangyarihan at sa tiranikong paghahari. Sukdulan itong nahiwalay sa mamamayan.

23)Ang mga planong nakawin ang eleksyon para sa kampong Marcos-Duterte ay nananatiling unang plano ngunit lubhang magiging mahirap na isagawa nang hindi magtutulak ng malawakang mga protestang masa at magsasapanganib sa katatagan ng naghaharing sistema.

24) Abala ang mga imperyalistang US na pangasiwaan ang nagriribalang paksyon at buuin ang mga pampulitikang aregluhan upang mapayapang magtransisyon matapos ang eleksyon. Ngayon pa lamang, may namumuong kompromiso sa hanay ng pangunahing mga paksyon ng naghaharing uri na suportahan ang tambalang Robredo-Duterte para pag-aakomodasyo sa darating na eleksyon sa presidente at bise-presidente.

25) Mayroong katiyakan o kaya’y malaking posibilidad na dadayain ni Duterte ang bilangan ng boto at gamitin ang natitirang panahon sa kanyang termino sa Mayo o Hunyo para magdeklara ng batas militar sa tabing ng paglaban sa panggugulo ng oposisyon sa eleksyon at sa mga “teroristang komunista” at hawanin ang daan para sa “swabeng transisyon” tungo sa mapipili niyang mga kapalit.

26) (D)apat matalas na mabatid ng mamamayang Pilipino na kakailanganin nilang ipagpatuloy ang pagsusulong ng mga pakikibaka upang bawiin ang kanilang mga kalayaan at karapatan, at ipaglaban ang kanilang mga demokratikong hangarin.

27) (K)akailanganin ng sambayanang Pilipino na patuloy na palakasin ang kanilang mga organisasyon

III. Pagtataas sa kakayahan ng BHB na ipagtanggol ang bayan at labanan ang pasistang kaaway

1) Sa nagdaang anim na taon, matagumpay na binigo ng BHB ang brutal at malawakang estratehikong mga opensiba ng kaaway at mga deklarasyong wawakasan ang armadong rebolusyon bago matapos ang termino ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Napreserba nito ang pwersa sa pamamagitan ng pagpupunyagi sa landas ng matagalang digmang bayan at matatag na pagsulong sa pakikibaka ng mamamayang Pilipino para sa tunay na kalayaan at demokrasya.

2) (D)umanas ang ilang yunit ng BHB ng seryosong mga pag-atras sa harap ng pinatinding pasistang mga atake ng kaaway. Kailangang tukuyin, punahin at iwasto ang mga pagkakamali, panloob na mga kahinaan, at mga kakulangan na nagpahina sa kakayahan ng mga yunit na ito na epektibong gamitin ang mga gerilyang taktika ng konsentrasyon, pagdispers at paglilipat.

3) Ang mga kabiguang dinanas ng ilang yunit ng BHB ay nagpapatunay sa pangangailangang isulong ang malaganap at masinsing pakikidigmang gerilya sa batayan ng papalawak at papalalim na baseng masa. Pinagtitibay din ito ng positibong karanasan ng malaking mayorya ng mga yunit ng BHB na patuloy na lumalakas habang kinukumbina at kinukumpas ang tamang balanse ng gawaing militar at gawaing masa (o pangmilitar at pampulitikang mga gawain), pagpapalawak at ekspansyon, pagbubuo ng mga bertikal na yunit batay sa akmang pahalang na latag ng mga yunit ng hukbo at baseng masa, at iba pa.

4) Dapat pandayin ng BHB ang sarili at maghanda sa mas mahirap na pakikibaka habang isinusulong natin ang matagalang digmang bayan tungo sa susunod na antas.

5) Dapat tayong matuto mula sa abanteng mga karanasan ng ilang kumand ng BHB na matagumpay na nasawata ang todong mga atake ng kaaway.

6) Sa mga eryang nasa pokus ng kaaway at mga baryong nasa ilalim ng okupasyong militar, matapang na nakatitindig ang BHB at masa, sinasalag ang mga atake ng kaaway, naglulunsad ng mga kontra-atake at ipinagtatanggol ang kanilang mga sarili.

7) Bilang suporta sa paglaban ng masa sa pasistang paninibasib ng kaaway, ang mga yunit ng BHB ay naglulunsad ng malawakan at magkakasunod na aksyong atritibo sa harap ng makapal na pakat ng kaaway sa pamamagitan ng mga isnayp, paghahagis ng mga granada o molotov, at iba pang operasyong haras.

8) Mayroong malawak na panawagang buhaying muli ang mga yunit na nakabase sa syudad at kanayunan

9) Para magawang talunin ang kaaway gamit ang hawak na armas sa takbo ng digmang bayan, dapat patuloy na palakasin at palawakin ng BHB ang baseng masa sa paglulunsad ng argraryong rebolusyon para ipatupad ang minimum at maksimum na programa ng Partido sa reporma sa lupa.

Dapat ding suportahan ng BHB ang masang magsasaka sa kanilang pakikibaka laban sa patakaran ng liberalisasyon sa importasyon ng bigas at iba pang produktong agrikultural.

10) Alinsunod sa patakaran ng Partido sa nagkakaisang prenteng antipyudal, sumasandig ang BHB sa mahihirap na magsasaka at manggagawang bukid, kinakabig ang panggitnang magsasaka, at ninunyutralisa ang mayamang magsasaka at ang naliliwanagang panginoong maylupa at itinutuon ang pangunahing bigwas laban sa malalaki at despotikong panginoong maylupa.

11) Sa nagdaang 53 taon ng paglulunsad ng digmang bayan, nakapag-ipon na ang BHB ng hindi mabilang ng naabot at tagumpay sa paglulunsad ng matagalang digmang bayan sa isang bansang pulu-pulo. Kumikilos ang BHB sa mga larangang gerilyang nakakalat sa buong bansa sa 13 iba’t ibang rehiyon at tumatamasa ng suporta ng milyun-milyong mamamayan.

12) Ang digmang bayan sa Pilipinas ay kasalukuyang nasa panggitnang subyugto ng estratehikong depensiba na may malinaw na pagtanaw sa pagsulong tungo sa abanteng subyugto at pagkumpleto nito sa pamamagitan ng pagpaparami ng mga platun at kumpanya.

13) Ang lumulubhang krisis ng naghaharing sistema, kakumbina ang umiigting na terorismo ng estado, ay nagtutulak sa paparaming mamamayan sa landas ng armadong pakikibaka.

IV. Mga tungkulin para itaas ang kakayahang lumaban ng BHB at ng masa

Ipinamalas ng BHB ang lubos na katatagan sa paglaban sa kaaway. Sa ilalim ng pamumuno ng Partido, matagumpay nitong binigo ang anim na taong estratehikong mga opensiba ng kaaway at mga planong durugin ang armadong rebolusyon.

Sa darating na isa o dalawang taon, dapat nating ipatupad ang ilang partikular na tungkulin para itaas ang kakayahan sa paglaban ng BHB at ng masa para sa matatag na pagsulong ng rebolusyon.

1) Palakasin ang pamumuno ng Partido sa BHB.

2) Masiglang ilunsad ang armadong pakikibaka at labanan ang brutal na gerang panunupil ng kaaway.

3) Palakasin ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan.

4) Palaparin at palalimin ang baseng masa ng BHB sa mga larangang gerilya.

5) Iluwal ang malawakang suporta mula sa kalunsuran para sa rebolusyonaryong armadong pakikibaka sa kanayunan.

6) Dapat sistematiko tayong magpropaganda sa hanay ng kaaway.

7) Agresibong lumikha ng internasyunal na suporta para sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan at rebolusyong Pilipino.