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3 NPA fighters surrender in S. Kudarat

From the Philippine News Agency (Apr 25, 2020): 3 NPA fighters surrender in S. Kudarat (By Noel Punzalan)

NEW LIFE AHEAD. Three members of the communist New People’s Army are looking forward to a new start in life after surrendering with their firearms (inset) to authorities in Senator Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat, police said on Saturday (April 25, 2020). The surrenderers, all of the Manobo indigenous community, said they grew tired of running away from pursuing government forces in the mountains and would just like to have normal lives again with their families. (Photo courtesy of PRO-12)

Three members of the communist New People’s Army (NPA) have voluntarily yielded to authorities in Senator Ninoy Aquino town, Sultan Kudarat province, police said Saturday.

Brig. Gen. Alfred Corpus, director of Police Regional Office 12 (Soccsksargen),
identified the surrenderers as Plag Dalimbang Sipot, 35; Saping Gampong Dumato, 57; and Sumadik Tungkulan Dumato, 40, all of Sitio Tibugawin, Barangay Midtungok operating under the NPA’s West-Daguma Front Far South Mindanao Region.

Corpus said the three were duped into joining the NPA with the promise that the cause would benefit their families and community.

The three also turned over their firearms that included two 12-gauge shotguns, two homemade .45-caliber pistols, and ammunition.

“Despite the implementation of (the) enhanced community quarantine due to the coronavirus disease 2019, we remain steadfast (in) our mission to protect the people and safeguard the rebels who are willing to return to the fold of the law,” he said.

The surrenderers are undergoing a custodial and stress debriefing process in preparation for their inclusion in the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program or E-CLIP.

Under the E-CLIP, rebel returnees are to receive immediate livelihood assistance and incentives for their surrendered firearms.

The NPA, which has been waging a five-decade armed struggle against the government, is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Chinese naval vessel locked its radar on Philippines ship

From The Weekend Australian (Apr 25, 2020): Chinese naval vessel locked its radar on Philippines ship (By Amanda Hodge)

Protesters rally outside the Chinese Consulate to protest the two-day state visit in the country of President Xi Jinping in Manila in 2018. Picture: AP

A Chinese warship locked its radar guns on a Philippines naval vessel in an act tantamount to signalling an inbound missile, Manila has reveale­d in a protest lodged amid accusations Beijing is capitalising on the coronavirus pandemic to consolidate its claims over the South China Sea.

The act of aggression is just one of a series by China in the disputed waters in recent weeks just as Southeast Asian neighbours — many of them rival claimants to territory within the resource-rich waters — struggle to deal with the pandemic.

Last weekend, Beijing announced the creation of two new districts to administer the disputed Paracel and Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, parts of which are also claimed by Malaysia, The Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.

That sparked outrage and a second protest in as many weeks from Vietnam, which earlier condemned the sinking of its fishing boat by a Chinese coastguard vessel­ near the Paracels.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne expressed concern on Thursday over “a number of recent incidents and actions, including reported effort­s to disrupt other countries’ resource development activities” and called for all parties to avoid “destabilising activities” that distracted from international efforts to respond to the pandemic.

Malaysia has issued its own unusually direct statement asserting its rights over its own waters amid a standoff between Chinese survey­ ship Haiyang Dizhi 8 and a Malaysian survey vessel conducting exploratory drilling for state oil company Petronas.

But Malaysian Foreign Minister Hishamuddin Hussein also warned of the risk of “miscalcul­ations” leading to conflict after three US warships accompanied by Australian frigate HMAS Parra­matta raised the temperature in the region this week.

The USS America amphibious assault ship and guided missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill sailed close to where both the Haiyang Dizhi 8 and contracted Malaysian survey vessel West Capella were operating on Tuesday, accompanied by HMAS Parramatta and a third US vessel, the destroyer USS Barry, as part of a joint exercise.

“During the passage exercises, the ships honed interoperability between Australian and US navies, including replenishment at sea, aviation operations, maritime manoeuvres and communications drills,” the Australian Defence Department said in a statement which sought to play down its role.

But Mr Hishamuddin said; “While international law guarantees the freedom of navigation, the presence of warships and vessels in the South China Sea has the potentia­l to increase tensions that in turn may result in miscalcul­ations which may affect peace, security and stability in the region.”

Australian officials have said the exercise was long-planned, but Greg Poling from the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative said it was likely the US and Australian navies saw an opportunity to “move their exercises closer to Malaysia and send a message to Beijing”.

“Everybody has got something to be mad about here. China’s heightened aggression is not particul­arly new, but what I think is outrageous is that they’re doing it during a pandemic,” he said. “If ever there was a time for Beijing to take its foot off the necks of Southeast Asian countries, it is now.”

China claims most of the South China Sea, and has marked out the territory in a U-shaped “nine-dash line” on its maps which is not recognised by its neighbours.

Australian Strategic Policy Institute­ director Peter Jennings said Beijing’s latest moves were a clear escalation but that its hostile act against The Philippines “topped the list of bad behaviour”.

“To me that’s a very definite sign and it’s coming in the context of a range of Chinese activities all the way up into the East China Sea around Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. It’s happening everywhere,’’ Dr Jennings said. “It’s clear all parties are very edgy about the situation right now, as they should be. What I think is happening here is a concerted opportunistic push to try to secure a sense of psychological dominance. ”

Philippines analyst Jay Bat­ongbacal, director for the Institute of Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea, said China’s apparent “double­-faced diplomacy”, ramping up aggression in the South China Sea while offering medical equipment to neighbouring countries, had successfully muted potential protests by the Philippines and other Association of Southeast Asian nations countries.

While Philippines Foreign Secretary Teddy Locsin revealed the diplomatic protest in a Wednesday night tweet, he refused to comment further.

[Amanda Hodge is The Australian’s South East Asia correspondent, based in Jakarta. Previously based in New Delhi, she has lived and worked in Asia for more than a decade covering social and political upheaval from Afghanistan to East Timor. She has won a Walkley Award, UN Peace Award and has been shortlisted for the Graham Perkin Australian journalist of the year and Lowy Institute Media Awards.]

How the coronavirus complicates the US–Philippine alliance

From the East Asia Forum (Apr 23, 2020): How the coronavirus complicates the US–Philippine alliance (By Charmaine Misalucha-Willoughby, De La Salle University)

In February, Philippine Senator Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa’s tourist visa to the United States was revoked. Dela Rosa, a key ally of President Rodrigo Duterte, was also the architect of the administration’s war on drugs when he was the chief of the Philippine National Police. This move prompted Duterte to terminate the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States. The revocation of Dela Rosa’s tourist visa was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Founded on the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty, the US–Philippine alliance now seems to lie in shreds. But this is not the first time that the alliance has had its raison d’etre challenged. In 1992, the Philippine Senate voted to close two US military bases — the Clark Air Base and the Subic Bay Naval Base. But China’s seizure of Mischief Reef in 1995, coupled with the brewing insurgency in Mindanao, underscored the need for the Philippines to develop its security capabilities.

Under the veil of uncertainty in the post-Cold War era, the VFA was ratified in 1999 and allowed US military personnel temporary access to the country. The agreement reinvigorated the alliance through cooperative measures in the areas of counterterrorism, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and humanitarian and disaster relief. The most significant changes brought about by US–Philippine cooperation were instilling civil engagement and bolstering professional norms within the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

By 2012, China’s assertive moves in the South China Sea challenged US commitments towards its treaty ally. The Scarborough Shoal incident formed the strategic backdrop for the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Arrangement in 2014. Duterte’s assumption of the presidency in 2016 was a game changer not least because of his anti-US stance and his pursuit of an ‘independent foreign policy’, which resonated strongly amidst perceptions of an overdependence on the United States.

It is no wonder that a tourist visa issue could push the alliance over the edge. While there is reason to believe that regaining balance is inevitable despite the current crisis, the story is not that simple. There are three factors that could complicate the movement back to equilibrium.

The first factor is the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on US-China relations. Initially reported in Wuhan, China, the outbreak quickly spread as millions of residents were able to leave the city before the lockdown took effect. Over 2,400,000 cases and 169,000 deaths have been reported globally and other countries have implemented lockdowns as well.

The economic costs of the pandemic are massive. The lockdowns mean travel restrictions for hundreds of millions of people. The hardest hit sectors are tourism, hospitality, entertainment and energy with a combined estimated loss of US$143 billion in China alone. Manufacturing has also been hit. This supply-chain disruption means export demand has fallen significantly, which could cause China’s annual growth rate to slow considerably. Shipping and port operations are similarly impacted.

Economic costs aside, the Chinese government has shifted the internal narrative from a ‘people’s war’ against the disease to the argument that while the virus was first discovered in China, it need not have necessarily originated there. Still, China’s ability to bring daily new cases to single digits in mid-March implies that it can be an essential player in the road to global recovery.

How China recovers from this pandemic will redefine its identity as an emerging power and its relationship with the United States.

The second factor that complicates US–Philippine alliance politics is the role of the United States in an evolving global environment. As it confronts the fact that it is now no longer the only great power and becomes more focused on domestic issues, the United States may consider letting go of some of its alliances. This is especially a risk with President Donald Trump at the helm and the 2020 elections coming up.

Another layer of complexity is how the United States can manage risks amid the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. The supply-side shocks in China are now complemented by demand-side factors at the global level. There are now over 720,000 cases in the United States with deaths at around 37,000. The US stock market has performed at its worst since the global financial crisis.

The third factor that complicates the US–Philippines alliance stems from domestic politics in the Philippines. When Duterte came to power in 2016, his strongman tactics influenced his foreign policy because he needed to manage relations with both China and the United States in the context of disputes in the South China Sea.

This need for a balance took on the overtones of a pivot to China. In short, the Philippine strategy has so far shifted from balancing to hedging to bandwagoning. The problem is that these shifts were politically motivated without any strategic underpinnings. Will similar thinking be observed as the 2022 election cycle draws near?

With the Philippines now at over 6700 cases, it is uncertain where the country will stand when the coronavirus dust settles. What will the post-coronavirus Philippine–China relationship look like? How will the Philippines respond if China again resorts to ‘squeeze’ tactics in the South China Sea as it did in the Scarborough Shoal incident? How will Duterte respond to expectations amid stalled Chinese investment in projects as a result of the pandemic?

We therefore find ourselves in an interregnum. These three factors are critical because they can help us gauge the impact of the pandemic on power relations. While there is no doubt that balance in the US–Philippine alliance will inevitably be regained, the road towards it is fraught with complex challenges.

[Charmaine Misalucha-Willoughby is Associate Professor of International Studies at De La Salle University, Manila. She is also Program Convener at Asia Pacific Pathways to Progress.]

CPP: Message to the NDF on its 47th founding anniversary

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 24, 2020): Message to the NDF on its 47th founding anniversary

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) extend warm revolutionary greetings of solidarity to their allied organizations in the National Democratic Front (NDF) on the occasion of the NDF’s 47th founding anniversary today.

Today, let us extol all the heroes of the Filipino people’s national democratic revolution: those who have stood up against dictatorship and tyranny, who have fought for land and social justice, those who defended the environment against the plunderers, who marched against US military bases and intervention and who have defended the rights of all the oppressed and exploited.

National democracy is a continuing cause of the Filipino people because their aspiration for national and social liberation remain unfulfilled. National democracy remains the most urgent demand of the people almost 75 years since the country became a semicolonial and semifeudal lorded over by the US imperialists and their local puppets. As long as imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism oppresses the Filipino people, the national democratic movement will continue to advance and gain ground.

The NDF has played an important role in the Filipino people’s revolutionary history. It has brought together a broad section of society to stand under the flag of national democracy. As the broad revolutionary underground, it has served as a solid foundation for the people’s struggles in both the cities and countryside. It played an exemplary role in the struggle to overthrow the US-Marcos dictatorship, as it is now playing an important role in the struggle to oust the US-Duterte regime.

The NDF has represented well the Filipino people’s cause both in and outside the country. It has also represented the people’s democratic government in peace negotiations and forged important agreements with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP).

In the face of the humanitarian crisis brought about by the militarized response of the Duterte regime to the Covid-19 pandemic, strengthening and expanding the NDF as the Filipino people’s most consolidated united front organization, has become even more urgent and crucial.

The Filipino people need the NDFP at this time to serve as their solid core as they combat both the Covid-19 pandemic especially in the face of the Duterte regime’s push to use the pandemic as part of its scheme to impose a fascist dictatorship. The NDFP must help in the broad effort to advance the rights of health workers, as they battle the pandemic at the front lines, as well as defend the democratic rights of the people against the militarized response to the pandemic.

As representative of the people’s revolutionary government, the NDFP, can amplify the call for a humanitarian united front to bring together all democratic forces to train all possible resources and mobilize the broadest number of people in a mass public health campaign to break the chain of transmission and stop the spread of the virus.

At the same time, it is the task of the NDF and its allied organizations to continue raising the people’s revolutionary consciousness by exposing the root causes of the Filipino people’s oppression, the injustice, their poverty, hardships and sufferings. It must continue fighting for the peoples national and democratic aspirations until complete victory is won.

Long live the National Democratic Front!

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines!

CPP/NDF-KM: Expose Duterte’s lies and deception! Frustrate his Martial Law! – Kabataang Makabayan

NDF-Kabataan Makabayan propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 24, 2020): Expose Duterte’s lies and deception! Frustrate his Martial Law! – Kabataang Makabayan


APRIL 24, 2020

Rodrigo Duterte is hell-bent in using the national emergency to forward his tyrannical interest. In his press conference, Duterte has resorted to cheap lies and smear-campaign to justify his possible declaration of Martial Law. He is feeding the public with false reports of encounters with the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the New People’s Army, which had already been debunked even by the local government units of the regions, to preempt his absolute control over the entire bureaucracy.

Duterte frames the NPA as a hindrance to the COVID-19 humanitarian and relief activities, but the masses know that since the beginning of the pandemic, the Communist Party of the Philippines had already directed all its revolutionary organizations to be at the forefront in mobilizing the masses to respond scientifically and comprehensively against the spread of COVID-19. Information dissemination drives where launched online and even in far-flung provinces all-over the country. Red fighters were tasked to lead broad masses of peasants in ensuring agricultural produce for communities in the countryside in spite of the enhance community quarantine. Meanwhile, the president relied on corporate support and the charity of private citizens to aid poor Filipinos due to the unjust delay in the so-called social amelioration program. Despite the unbounded emergency powers that the Congress had given him, Duterte proved that he is the champion of miserable excuses, pinpointing, and dictatorial maneuvers. Duterte should be held accountable for his inefficiency and incompetency in ensuring medical services and economic aid for the people.

May we remind the imbecile president that before the national emergency, he dismissed COVID-19 as a threat to our country and the proposals of travel restrictions from other countries. It is Duterte who ordered the arrests and death of Filipinos violating his strict regulations, causing nationwide abuse of power, illegal arrest, violation of protected speech, and deaths. Duterte even withheld proposals of debt cancellation to keep its imperial masters satiated. It is Duterte who chose not to conduct mass testing and increase medical support but instead chose to implement more militaristic solutions to combat the virus in futility.

Under the pretense of lawlessness, Duterte will surely impose Martial Law. There is indeed lawless violence in the country right now, but not of the NPA who strictly adhere to the rules of war, but lawlessness caused by state elements. He is using the same old narrative of his fascist idol Ferdinand Marcos. He sows fear, paranoia, and terror on the people and uses this to monopolize power in the entire government and put forward the interest of his cronies. The president cannot even produce a single evidence of human rights violation committed by the NPA while evidences of the AFP and PNP’s human rights violation are recorded everywhere in the country.

Moreover, the CPP-NPA-NDF had already extended its unilateral ceasefire until April 30 in response to the call of the United Nations to focus all efforts in battling COVID-19. On the other hand, the AFP has been violating its own declarations even before the expiration of their own ceasefire. Most recently, aerial bombardments were reported in Sarangani province last April 19, making a total of 6 bombing campaigns committed by the AFP since Duterte declared COVID-19 as a public health emergency. It would appear that aerial bombardment is now an imbecile part of the AFP’s standard procedure in conducting relief work,” says Marco Valbuena, CPP’s Chief Information Officer. AFP and PNP offensive operations were at least carried out in 216 villages in 104 towns and 31 provinces throughout the country. It is the AFP who instigated military actions in the countryside and wasted millions of tax payers’ money. Even Bong Go’s balik probinsiya proposal which will definitely flop unless landlessness is resolved in the country and minimum wages is nationalized. If those conditions are not met, the exodus of workers to provinces will only benefit huge corporations who will be able to continue their operations despite the crisis while paying the cheaper labor in the regions outside NCR.

It is also important to note that the NPA cannot actually disrupt relief efforts, because no relief efforts are being conducted to peasants in the provinces and the majority of poor Filipinos. The state itself reported that less than 20% of non-4Ps social amelioration program beneficiaries were given due aid. Mass testing is also not being conducted in the cities, much more in the provinces. Duterte is painting a picture that the revolutionary movement is crippling their humanitarian efforts when in fact, his regime cannot do proper relief in the first place.

Duterte even had the guts to implicate and red-tag organizations, such as Karapatan, in its string of lies to preempt his martial rule. His threat against legal progressive organizations should be taken by everyone as a serious order to his fascist machineries. They will target, not only rebels, but everyone who dare defy the orders of the president. With the worsening social conditions brought by state neglect and a harder lockdown, more Filipinos filled with discontent, hunger, and anger will definitely be the subject of repression.

Duterte complains on the state’s expenses in his counter-insurgency. What he fails to inform he public is that his government is the one who suspended the peace process and chose not to resolve the roots of the armed conflict. Duterte even ordered the arrest and filing of trumped-up charges of more than 500 political prisoners, raids in offices of peace advocates, and the murders of hundreds of political activists. Instead of discussing socio-economic reforms with the NDF, Duterte chose to militarize his Cabinet with the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict and wasted millions of money in futile attempts to curb the armed revolution calling for the end of imperialist plunder, genuine agrarian reform, national industrialization, and access to basic services. Progressive forces even called for the realignment of intelligence and NTF-ELCAC’s billion-peso budget to help the COVID-19 efforts, but Duterte defended his lump sum fund.

Duterte is ultimately culpable for the catastrophe that the country is facing right now. The administration is not capable of handling the national emergency. He is desperately pointing fingers to excuse himself from the problems that he has created and maximize the current social unrest, and without a doubt, to justify his Martial Law.

All patriotic youth must firmly grasp the revolutionary task of frustrating Duterte’s Martial Law. COVID-19 requires medical solutions, aid, food services, and not military actions. We must unite millions of Filipinos dissatisfied with the fascist dictatorship and intensify the struggle for our fundamental rights that are being neglected and violated by the moribund regime. We must arouse millions of Filipinos to fight for the national democratic alternative and intensify the armed resistance against Duterte and his stalwarts.

CPP/NDF-Ilocos: On the occasion of NDFP's 47th year, NDF-Ilocos condemns Duterte's inefficiency-NDF-Ilocos

NDF-Ilocos propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 24, 2020): On the occasion of NDFP's 47th year, NDF-Ilocos condemns Duterte's inefficiency-NDF-Ilocos

APRIL 24, 2020

šƒš®š­šžš«š­šž š«šžš š¢š¦šž’š¬ š¢š§šœšØš¦š©šžš­šžš§šœšž šœššš®š¬šžš¬ ššžššš­š”š¬ š¦šØš«šž š­š”ššš§ ššš§š² šÆš¢š«š®š¬

By way of commemorating 47 years of arduous front-building of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), the NDF-Ilocos reiterates its condemnation of the Duterte regime’s criminal mishandling of a pandemic that affects the lives and livelihoods of the poorest among the poor instead of guaranteeing their medical and overall wellbeing.

The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has exposed the rottenness of the current social system wherein the government favors the richest members of society while the rest of the nation is left to fend off for themselves. The medical crisis quickly escalated into a catastrophe for the entire semi-feudal and semi-colonial system. It has become even more obvious that neoliberal policies have kept the majority of Filipino families merely one meal away from perishing and thus most vulnerable in this crisis. Meanwhile, healthcare is a profitable venture for big businesses but an inaccessible dream for most people. At the time of a pandemic such as this, class differences are amplified and are proving to be fatal.

š—”š—»š˜š—¶-š—£š—¼š—¼š—æ š—¬š—²š˜ š—•š—²š—“š—“š—®š—暝—¹š˜†

As with the rest of the country, the enforced lockdown in the Ilocos region causes an overwhelming majority of the people to contend with poverty and government neglect even more sharply. The price of tobacco went down much further than the already low prices set in the Tripartite Conference last year. From the supposedly Php82 per kilo of Grade A Virginia leaf, it went down to Php70. Corn prices are as low as Php11 a kilo. Fisher folk, like those in La Union, are effectively prohibited from selling their catch outside their own municipalities. They were even previously limited to selling in their own barangay and were thus forced to cover areas discreetly on foot.

Government efforts to provide them support are glaringly insufficient. In critical times such as this, it is incomprehensible how selective approach in distributing much-needed aid will work over blanket dispersal of adequate support. In Ilocos Norte, for example, households receive a meager one to three kilograms of rice. Social amelioration programs, instead of being inclusive, lists about only half of total number of households. Even the list for indigenous communities found in the municipality of Marcos is sorely lacking and discriminating.

National and local government units (LGUs) are also continuously at odds on how to manage the pandemic. In Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, police officers emboldened by the regime’s militarist approach, barred LGU vehicles coming from Manila and Baguio City. The vehicles are to transport previously stranded residents, as initiated by the LGU. The resultant resignation of Gov. Ryan Singson as Chairperson of the Inter-Agency Task Force is indicative of the broadening gap between the national government and its local units. National IATF’s pronouncement that LGUs should lead the fight against Covid-19 rings hollow when it has actually just abandons the latter to this task and has refused to heed calls for better management of the pandemic.

In the medical front, medical personnel tirelessly save lives at the risk of contracting the virus themselves due to lack of protective gear and equipment. Yet, Rodrigo Duterte even has the gall to dismiss their role while profusely thanking imperialist China for supposed assistance. He was forced to pay mere lip service to the heroic hospital workers only after widespread public criticism. Meanwhile, health workers continue to expose unfair practices such as the measly Php500 allowance for volunteers and forcing volunteer nurses to waive any claim to the Department of Health’s accountability in case of infection. Government prohibited medical workers with contracts abroad from leaving the country but the DOH would not offer them formal contracts with adequate compensation.

Instead of correcting their mistakes, it resorts to blaming the people for the spread of Covid-19. Much similar to misleadingly alluding poverty to ‘laziness,’ these privileged elite that comfortably occupy government stations now cite ‘obstinacy’ of the masses as to why the government finds it difficult to control the virus. Such unreasonable line of thinking alternates with threats to use violence against individuals or groups who would disobey Duterte’s orders. As expected, Duterte brandishes the Martial Law card even if only invasion or insurrection are the legal grounds for it. Moreover, calls for something as basic as mass testing remain unanswered. In Ilocos region, it is absurd that the selection of a cargo plane to transport testing kits is the cause for delay in the establishment of testing centers.

Meanwhile, his lackeys express hope that imperialist China might share their vaccine with the Philippines on account of so-called friendship. The national government also fields the ludicrous idea of borrowing even more money from imperialist banks and countries when there already is Php275 billion at Duterte’s disposal due to the Bayanihan Act, not to mention the other pre-pandemic ‘special funds’ of the President.

š—™š—®š˜€š—°š—¶š˜€š—ŗ š—œš—» š˜š—µš—² š—§š—¶š—ŗš—² š—¼š—³ š—® š—£š—®š—»š—±š—²š—ŗš—¶š—°

Almost four months into the pandemic and the Duterte regime’s measures continue to be as half-baked as they are beggarly, anti-poor and militarist. Yet, despite the prevalent crisis, it still finds the time and energy for its counterrevolutionary programs through rabid lapdogs in the police force and the military.

In the Ilocos region, as late as mid-March, fascist elements force mass leaders of legitimate democratic organizations to ‘surrender’ and sign a ‘pledge of allegiance’ after harassing and victimizing them with the vilest black propaganda. Trolls and Duterte apologists even spread fake news that people’s leaders have contracted the virus. Also, combat operations and civil-military encampments continue to distress the peasant population especially those suspected of being guerrilla bases.

In the face of shameless fascism, against revolutionary forces and against the general population, the Filipino people refuses to be cowered. They recognize that a new normal has indeed become necessary and this is because the previous normalcy meant that a few elite families lord it over the poor majority—in economic, political and socio-cultural spheres. The result of such rotten system is evident in the ill-equipped present regime and its refusal to recognize its own bias and unpreparedness. A new normal would mean normalizing dissent when and where it is warranted. And a system that brazenly abandons its responsibility towards the people while saving its own kind is definitely fertile with dissent and revolutionary action.

Establishing support and assistance efforts among mass organizations, while taking necessary precautions, is an effective way to expose the Duterte administration’s own incompetence while highlighting revolutionary self-reliance and collectivization. The people has to assert for a medical solution to the pandemic and the urgent and adequate relief assistance for all households.

The NDF-Ilocos enjoins all its member organizations to utilize the current crisis to draw the sharpest class lines and organize accordingly. From the basic alliance of peasants and proletariats to a united front involving broader ranks, it is becoming clearer and clearer to the vast masses who the real enemy of the Filipino people is and that his anti-poor stance causes the death of far more Filipinos more than any virus. Pandemic or not, there will be a time when the Filipino people will collect and serve justice. ###

CPP-IO: On the April 21 Aurora clash

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 24, 2020): On the April 21 Aurora clash

APRIL 24, 2020

Rodrigo Duterte earlier today threatened to declare a nationwide martial law on the pretext that the New People’s Army has been attacking his soldiers “bringing relief.” He alluded to a clash where two Philippine army soldiers were killed, apparently referrign to the encounter in Aurora province last Tuesday.

We are still awaiting details of the Aurora clash. But from what we have gathered, it is clear that the armed encounter which erupted in Barangay Diaat, Maria Aurora town, is a consequence of the relentless counterinsurgency operations conducted by the 91st IB in the area since the first week of March.

It has been conducting combat patrols and pursuit operations in several rural villages across the town since March 4 after its purported discovery of an NPA “arms and food cache” at Sitio Dayap, Barangay Punglo.

Duterte claims the AFP unit was escorting relief workers to deliver aid to the villages. However, based on the AFP’s reports themselves, the clash happened when the 91st IB was conducting security patrols against the NPA.

With the implementation of the Luzon lockdown, the 91st IB used pretend Covid-19 relief work as a pretext and justification for intensifying its anti-NPA operations in the area against the New People’s Army.

Duterte is feigning concern for his combat troopers whom he has been using as cannon fodder for his scheme to establish a fascist dictatorship. All over the country, the AFP has gone on an intensified offensive, apparently taking advantage of the NPA ceasefire that has been extended to April 30.

Sinusubo nang sinusubo ni Duterte ang mga tao niya para makipagsagupa sa NPA. Tapos, sisisihin niya ang NPA na inaatake ang kanyang mga tropa, nang sa ganoon, maidahilan niya ang pagdeklara ng martial law.

CPP/NPA-Southern Panay: Inosente nga mga mangunguma, biktima sang pasistang tropa

NPA-Southern Panay propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 24, 2020): Inosente nga mga mangunguma, biktima sang pasistang tropa


APRIL 25, 2020

New People’s Army
Napoleon Tumagtang Command
Larangan Dose


Ginapanginbulahan sang Napoleon Tumagtang Command, ang madinalag-on nga pagpaslaw sang opensibang pagpanalakay sang 61st IB Philippine Army, batuk sa yunit sang NPA sa idalom sang Mt. Napulak Command, sadtong Abril 18, 2020. Maisog nga nag-agaw inisyatiba ang mga kaupod, sa naga-kubkob nga tropa sang army nga nagtuga sang 3 ka kaswalidad sa bahin sang kaaway. Ang nasambit nga pagpanalakay, isa ka maathag nga pagpanglanse sang AFP sa kahimtangan, nga tampad ginapatuman sang NPA ang deklarasyon sang unilateral ceasefire (UCF) sandig sa direktiba sang pungsodnon nga sentro sang Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas kag sang mataas nga kumand sang NPA. Katuyuan sang UCF nga mahatagan sang pangunahon nga pagtamod ang pag-away sa pandemic nga COVID-19 sa pungsod kag sa bilog nga kalibutan.

Sa pihak nga bahin, naga-upod kami sa malapad nga pumuluyo sa pagkondenar sang indi makatarungan nga pagpatay sang isa ka mangunguma nga tumandok sang Brgy. Onop, Miag-ao, Iloilo; pagdakop sang walo (8) ka manugpamuhag sang putyukan nga taga-Sibalom, Antique. Ginbasagan sila nga katapu sang NPA para lang matagaan – rason ang berdugo kag pasista nga binuhatan sang tropa militar. Batasan na sang pasistang AFP nga paukpan ang mga inosente nga sibilyan sa ila mga kapalpakan kag kapaslawan.

Ginapanawagan namon sa pamilya sang mga biktima kag sang malapad nga masang anakbalhas nga ipanggas ang kaisog sa pamensaron kag balatyagon. Indi magpadaog sa kahadlok. Sukton ang pasistang berdugo sang ila kriminal nga salabton sa mga biktima. Batuan ang nagasingki nga militarisasyon kag de facto martial law sang US-Rehimeng Duterte. Makigbuylog sa malapad nga masang anakbalhas sa pagsulong sang armadong paghimakas agud tapuson ang pagpamigos kag pagpanghimulos.

CPP: To Duterte: Stop using the NPA to deflect attention from your failures

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 24, 2020): To Duterte: Stop using the NPA to deflect attention from your failures

1. The Party and Filipino people condemn Duterte’s renewed threats to declare martial law. Again, Duterte is blaming the New People’s Army to cover-up his governments failures. This is a classic deflection tactic to draw away the people’s attention from the government’s inept, incompassionate and irresponsible actions in the face of the pandemic.

Duterte is using the Covid-19 crisis, one that has blown up because of his government’s military-minded response and failure to conduct mass testing, to carry out agenda of imposing martial law. Duterte’s ultimate aim is to establish his dictatorship, something he has long sought to do.

Imposing martial law will not stop the Covid-19 pandemic but will only cause greater hardships on the people. Duterte wants to kill democracy, at a time when democracy is needed to mobilize the people in a mass campaign of screening and testing to detect and isolate the virus and break its chain of transmission.

The Party condemns Duterte’s further extension of the lockdown in lieu of any decisive push for mass testing. The lockdown is now deceptively referred to as “general” or “modified” quarantine has been expanded to cover large parts of Visayas and Mindanao. There is now creeping nationwide martial law and the entire country is now effectively under the highhanded and control of the military and police.

1. The armed clashes between the NPA and the AFP in the past days are a result of the attacks of the AFP and active defense of the NPA. Since Duterte’s ceasefire lapsed last April 15, the AFP has further stepped up its counterinsurgency operations.

In fact, the AFP never went on ceasefire, even when Duterte ordered a suspension of offensive operations last March 19 to April 15, deploying troops to more than 350 barangays and 120 towns to conduct counterinsurgency, mounting at least 24 offensives and six aerial bombardments.

A case in point: The clash in Himamaylan City last April 15 where three AFP soldiers were killed, happened in the interior areas 10 kilometers away from Barangay Carabalan, where the DSWD was scheduled to distribute “social amelioration” to the residents. The 94th IB platoon was clearly on combat operations when they carried out the attack against the NPA. The NPA fighters rightfully defended themselves in battle.

1. The AFP’s pretend and “pang-press release” relief work serve only as cover for their intensified counterinsurgency operations. Across the country, the AFP is imposing martial law on communities and forcing people to “surrender” bringing greater hardship and oppression more than the threat of the Covid-19.

Hundreds of millions of pesos are being wasted in their combat operations and use of helicopters and fighter jets to conduct aerial bombardment.

Last Sunday, the AFP used fighter jets to drop aerial bombs in the vicinity of Barangay Gasi, in Kiamba town, Sarangani province. The bombing operation, described by the 27th IB as “aerial support” for their relief work, terrorized the residents and traumatized children. On the same day, the 9th ID used at least two helicopters to drop “surrender leaflets” in Aroroy town, Masabate province. Earlier last week, the AFP also used helicopters to drop similar leaflets in various communities in Sagada and Besao towns, in the Mountain Province.

Just think: One hour of flight of AFP Huey helicopters costs at least P110,000, which is the equivalent of at least 55 sacks of rice.

1. The AFP has stepped up its counterinsurgency drive to prevent the NPA from conducting its own public health campaign in response to the Covid-19 and economic and production work to help the people cope with the sharp economic downturn. The NPA campaign has been warmly received by the masses in the guerrilla zones and areas, especially where Duterte’s government does not exist.

2. The Party reiterates the ceasefire order of the Central Committee that has been extended to April 30. The standing order is for the NPA to prioritize its public health campaign to raise people’s awareness of the Covid-19, and help the masses take measures to prevent its spread and assist them in preparations in the eventuality of infections in their villages. All units of the NPA must, however, remain vigilant and on high alert against attacks of the AFP and ready to engage in battle.

CPP/NDF-RCTU: Martial Law at paghaharing sibilyan-militar na junta sa Pilipinas, ilantad at labanan! — RCTU-ST

NDF-RCTU propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 24, 2020): Martial Law at paghaharing sibilyan-militar na junta sa Pilipinas, ilantad at labanan! — RCTU-ST


APRIL 24, 2020

Ginagamit ng rehimeng Duterte ang krisis sa Covid-19 upang isulong ang kanyang pasistang adyenda para sa pagpapataw ng Batas Militar sa bansa at itanghal ang sarili bilang punong diktador na nasa serbisyo ng imperyalismong US tulad ng diktador na si Ferdinand Marcos.

Sa simula’t simula pa lamang ng pagkaluklok sa poder ni Duterte, sinimulan nya nang imilitarisa ang reaksyunaryong burukrasya sa pamamagitan ng pagtatalaga ng mga matataas na retiradong upisyal-militar sa matataas na katungkulan sa iba’t ibang sangay ng ehekutibo. Kinailangang paligiran ni Duterte ang sarili ng mga nagretirong heneral at bilhin ang katapatan ng mersenaryong AFP at PNP upang patatagin ang sarili sa kapangyarihan.

Ito rin ang pangunahing dahilan kung bakit mayorya ng kanyang inilagay sa gabinete ay mga dating heneral ng AFP at PNP, habang tiniyak na manalo sina PGen. Ronald Bato Dela Rosa (Senator), PGen. Magalong (Mayor-Baguio City), PGen. Pol Bataoil (Mayor Lingayen Pangasinan) at pahawakan sa mga utak pulburang general ang kampanya laban sa pandemik na Covid-19.

Ang pagkakatalaga kay Gen. Lorenzana (Chairman), Gen. Eduardo AƱo (Vice Chairman) ng Inter-Agency Task Force for the Managing of Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF-EID) at kay Gen. Carlito Galvez, Jr bilang chief implementer ay nagsisimento kay Duterte bilang diktador–pasista at ng pangingibabaw sa bansa ng paghahari ng isang sibilyan-militar na junta.

Ipinagkikibit-balikat at sinisisi sa iba ng rehimeng Duterte ang malaking pananagutan sa nagkaletse-letseng pagharap nito sa banta ng Covid-19 sa pampublikong kalusugan ng bansa. Pananagutan ni Duterte ang kriminal na kapabayaan sa pagkalat sa bansa ng labis na nakahahawang Covid-19. MALAKING KAPALPAKAN ng rehimeng Duterte ang pagturing at paglutas sa Covid-19 bilang usapin ng peace and order at ang ginawang militaristang solusyon para pigilin ang pagkalat ng impeksyon.

Sa halip na harapin ang pandemiko sa paraang medikal at siyentipiko, ipinataw ni Duterte ang anti-mamamayan at anti-demokratikong Enhanced Community Quarantine cum MILITARISASYON. Ipinailalim nito ang buong Luzon sa lockdown batay sa makitid na pananaw na kapag sapilitang “ikinulong” ang mamamayan sa kanilang tirahan at mga komunidad, magpatupad ng social distancing, limitahan ang galaw at panlipunang aktibidad ng mga tao, kusang mapipigil ang pagkalat ng impeksyon ng Covid-19.

Ipinatupad ng rehimen ang lockdown nang walang pagsasaalang-alang at matinong plano sa magiging epekto sa mamamayan dulot ng madidislokang trabaho at hanapbuhay, restriksyon sa daloy ng suplay at pagkain, at paralisasyon ng komersyo, produksyon, transportasyon at serbisyong panlipunan.

Ipinapakita ng mismong datos ng DOH na kahit pa nagpatupad ng mahigit sa isang buwang ECQ at lockdown, patuloy pa rin ang pagtaas ng bilang ng mga may kaso ng Covid-19. Sa kasalukuyan, umabot na sa 6,599 ang positibo sa Covid-19, 437 ang namatay at 654 ang nakarekober, habang nasa 64,845 pa lang ang inaabot ng ipinagmamalaki ng gobyernong mass testing daw o katumbas ng 592 lamang ang naeeksamen sa bawat isang milyon ng populasyon. Mula sa 38 ang positibo sa Covid-19 sa bawat isang milyon ng populasyon noong Abril 11, ngayon ay nasa 50 na. At mula sa dalawa (2) ang namamatay sa bawat isang milyon ng populasyon, ngayon ay apat (4) na. Patunay ang mga datos na ito na palpak ang militaristang lockdown at ECQ ng rehimeng Duterte.

Bulag at nangangapa sa dilim ang IATF-EID kung saan magsisimula. Nag-uuwido ito ng solusyon sa krisis. Kung kailan sumabog na ang pandemik sa bansa ay saka pa lamang nagkukumahog sa pagtatayo ng mga pasilidad, laboratoryo para sa testing at imprastrukturang medikal para sa pagsugpo sa pagkalat ng impeksyon. Samantala, noong nagsisimula pa lamang ang epidemya ng Covid-19 sa China ay buong pagmamayabang na minaliit ni Duterte ang Covid-19 na “iihian nya ang bayrus.”

Ngayong sumabog na sa mukha ni Duterte ang kayabangan at pagmamaliit ng kanyang rehimen sa banta ng Covid-19, saka agaran at pwersahang ipinataw ang marahas na ECQ o LOCKDOWN sa mamamayan. Nagdulot ito ng pighati at kahirapan sa mga manggagawa at maralita sanhi ng pagkawala ng trabaho at kawalan ng mapagkakakitaan sa araw-araw na pangangailangan. Sa mahigit isang buwang pagpapatupad ng Lockdown (ECQ), ibayong kahirapan at kagutuman ang idinulot nito sa pamilya ng mga manggagawa at maralitang lunsod.

Ang hungkag na P5,000-P8,000 na Social Amelioration Fund ay hindi sapat at ni hindi pa nga nakararating sa makabuluhang porsyento ng mahihirap ang paunang P100Bilyon kahit pa nga ipinangangalandakan ni DSWD Sec. Bautista (ret.gen) na naibigay na ito sa mga LGU’s. Dahil sa usad kuhol na pagtugon ni Duterte at ng kanyang mga kapural, maliban sa inip-na-inip na ang mga maralita ay nagdulot na ito ng matinding kagutuman at kahirapan.

Anila, “Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo?” Kapag “humingi ka ng bigas, REHAS ang ibibigay” sa iyo kagaya ng ginawa sa mga maralita ng San Roque – Quezon City.

Para pagtakpan ang sariling kapalpakan, sinisisi ni Duterte ang pagsuway daw ng mga tao sa social distancing, ECQ at militaristang lockdown na umabot na ng 136,000 sa buong bansa. Paanong di magiging alumpihit ang mga tao kung walang makain at nagugutom ang pamilya, kung walang maipambili dahil nawalan ng trabaho at hanapbuhay? Paano ipatutupad ang social distancing sa sikip na mga bahay at siksikang mga komunidad ng mga maralita?

Natural na lalaganap at kakalat ang impeksyon ng Covid-19 sa siksikang mga komunidad na ito dahil walang ginagawang mass testing, walang mekanismo at pasilidad ng paghihiwalay sa mga nalantad sa impeksyon kundi ang magkwarantina sa kani-kanilang bahay nang walang superbisyong medikal.

Walang antemanong mga ospital at pasilidad na nakalaan lamang sa mga nagkakasakit ng Covid-19 para di na mahawahan ang iba pang pasyente. Higit sa lahat, walang sapat na testing kit at kagamitan para sa proteksyon ng mga medical health worker. Ang maraming kakulangan ng gubyerno ay pinupunuan ng inisyatiba ng mga mapagkawang-gawa mula sa pribadong sektor.

Nakahanap ng masisisi si Duterte sa pailan-ilang kaso ng pag-iinom, pagsusugal at pagsasabong daw ng mga tao na mga upisyal din ng baranggay ang pasimuno para magbanta ng mas matindi at mas mahigpit na ala-martial law na Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) at lockdown.

Wala pang 24 oras makatapos magbanta si Duterte, mabilis na umaksyon ang militar. Naglabas agad ng memo ang Philippine Air Force (PAF) na nag-aatas sa lahat ng PAF personnel na paghandaan na ang utos ni Duterte sa martial law, pag take-over ng militar at pagtataas ng antas ng ECQ sa “Extensive Enhanced Community Quarantine” (EECQ). Dahil sa pagkakabuko nito, napilitang aminin ng AFP na tutuo nga ang kumakalat na dokumento pero ito “daw” ay isang “internal memo” lamang para sa mga tauhan ng Philippine Air Force.

Kung tutuo na memo lamang ito para sa isang sangay ng AFP, bakit iba ang nakikita sa mga lansangan at iba’t ibang lugar sa Luzon?

Sa Timog Katagalugan, hindi pa man pormal na inilalabas ni Duterte ang kanyang kauutusan sa pagdedeklara ng Martial Law, marami na ang nag-uulat na kumikilos na ang militar para dito at sa pagpapahigpit ng batas militar sa pagpapatupad ng Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

Sa Laguna, Lunes ng umaga pa lamang ay naging madalas na ang pagpapatrulya ng mga sundalo sa Cabuyao at nagkakaroon na rin ng regular na pag-iikot at pagpapatrulya ng mga sundalong naka-full battle gear, maging sa mga subdivision at inner barangay sa syudad ng Calamba.

Sa probinsya ng Quezon, naka-full battle gear at APC ang nagmamantina sa mga checkpoint ng ECQ para pigilang makapasok ang mga byahero at mga tao, maging residente man ito ng probinsya na galing sa Metro Manila at iba’t ibang lugar. Aktibo din silang nagpapatrulya sa mga bayan-bayan at nanghaharas sa mga magsasaka na nakatira sa malalayo at sulok-sulok na barangay ng Bondoc Peninsula.

Sa Antipolo, Montalban at San Mateo, Rizal, nakabantay sa mga checkpoint papasok at palabas ng Metro Manila ang mga sundalo mula sa Camp Capinpin sa Tanay, Rizal. May mahigit sa sampung 6×6 trak din at tanke de gera na punong-puno ng mga sundalo mula sa naturang kampo ang nakahimpil ngayon sa gusali ng Sandigang Bayan sa Lungsod ng Quezon. Habang sa Batangas, nakakalat sa iba’t ibang bayan nito ang mga tropa ng PAF mula sa Fernando Airbase na nakabase sa Lipa City. Ang 80 sundalo mula sa 730th Air Force wing naman ay nasa Trece Martires, Cavite at pinaghuhuli ang 200 katao doon na lumabag daw sa ECQ. Sa palengke, inaresto ng mga sundalo a ang walang mga Quarantine Pass gayundin ang lahat ng nakatambay sa harapan ng mga bahay sa isang relocation site doon.

Katunayan, matagal nang nagaganap ang di deklaradong batas militar bago pa man pumutok ang krisis sa Covid-19 sa bansa. Mas nagkaroon ng dahilan ngayon na lantarang ipatupad ito sa tabing ng ECQ. Sa kanayunan at mga probInsya, pangkaraniwang kalakaran na lamang ang ginagawang panghaharas, panunupil, panghuhuli at pagpatay sa mga magsasaka at katutubo ng mga pasistang sundalo. Malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw, na kahit sinasabi ng gobyerno na wala pang martial law ay kabaliktaran naman ito sa mga kaganapan on the ground.

Nakakagalit din ang ginawa ng mga sundalo ng pasistang 69th IB sa pagnanakaw, pagkatay at pagkain ng alagang baka ng isang kawawang magsasaka sa Abra. Makatapos nilang kainin ang kinatay na baka, sinunog pa nila ang mga pananim ng mga magsasaka sa lugar at nadamay pa ang mismong forest tree nursery na nakatayo sa lugar.

Sa Metro Manila, kaliwa’t kanan din ang deployment ng militar. Sinabi ni JTF-NCR Chief Brig. Gen. Alex Luna na mabilis lamang at kayang-kaya nyang magdeploy ulit ng 2,000 AFP personnel. Nauna nang itinalaga niya ang aabot sa 2,500 sundalo mula sa NCR command upang maging pangunahing pwersa sa pagpapatupad ng martial law sa punong kabiserang rehiyon. May nabalitang 46 na sundalo na nagpapatrulya at nagsagawa ng pag-aresto sa mga drug addict sa Maricaban Pasay na kung tutuusin gawain ng mga pulis. Sa Blumentritt Manila Market, aktibong nagpapatrulya ang Special Action Force armoured personnel carrier na naka-full battle gear na parang sasabak sa gera.

Ang paninigaw, panghaharas at pagwagayway ng high powered rifle ni PCP BGC Precinct Cmdr. Maj. Joseph Austria sa ilang residente na nagsasagawa ng kanilang exercise routine sa sariling swimming pool ng kanilang condo sa Taguig ay malinaw na panimulang mga pag-abuso sa kapangyarihan. Wala silang takot na pasukin kahit nasa pribadong pag-aari ng mayayaman o mga kilalang tao. Nakakabahala ito dahil kung kaya nilang gawin ito sa isang exclusive na condominium lalong kayang-kaya itong gawin sa mga maralitang komunidad.

Ang ginawang iligal na pagharang sa relief operation ng Anakpawis Partylist sa Norzagaray, Bulacan ay halimbawa ng kabuktutan ng AFP. Matapos iligal na harangin, ninakaw ng mga sundalo at kapulisan ang relief goods na para sana sa mga nagugutom na residente ng Kalye 11, Brgy. Bigte, Norzagaray, Bulacan. Ayon sa mga sundalo ay ibinigay daw nila ang mga relief goods sa barangay captain ng lugar na malinaw na pakikialam nila sa pagbibigay ng relief goods kahit na hindi ito kanila at nakalaan ito sa mga lokal na sumalubong sa relief operation.

Iligal ang paghuli kay dating Anakpawis Rep Ayik Casilao at walong iba pa na magbibigay lamang sana ng tulong pagkain sa mga taga Brgy. Bigte, Norzagaray Bulacan. Kahit na may cargo vehicle conduct pass ang kanilang jeep, may face mask at sinunod ang physical distancing ng mga boluntir ng Anakpawis relief operation ay hinuli pa rin sila. Sabi ni DILG Usec. Malaya, “hindi ito palalagpasin ng gobyerno, ang ginawa na ito ng Anakpawis ay paglabag sa RA11469—na ang pakay sa erya ay hindi lamang pamumudmod ng relief kundi magkaroon ng social gathering na bawal sa batas.“ Malinaw na ipinalalagay pa lang ito ni Malaya, na hindi pwedeng gamitin basehan ng paglabag gayung hindi pa naman nangyari ang sinasabi nyang “social gathering” dahil sa nauna na ang iligal na pagdakip sa kanila.

Hindi ito nakapagtataka, dahil ayaw ng gobyerno ni Duterte na makitang may ibang nagsasagawa ng relief operation maliban sa DSWD at kay Sen. Bong Go na gusto nilang patakbuhin sa mas mataas na posisyon sa 2022—at dahil lalong tumitingkad ang kainutilan ng gobyerno. Ito rin ang pangunahing dahilan kung bakit galit na galit sila kay Vice Pres. Lenny Robredo kaya nga pinaiimbistigahan ito ng PACC dahil diumano kinukumpitensya ni Robredo ang relief operations ng gubyerno. Sa parehong dahilan din kaya ginagawa ang panggigipit kay Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto.

Ang tingin ng rehimen sa ibang pribadoong indibidwal at nasa oposisyon na walang sawang tumutulong sa mamamayan ay karibal ng gobyerno, kaya malinaw ang kanilang polisiya na “KAPAG TUMULONG SA MASA, KULONG KA!”

Matapos na magtungayaw sa media si Duterte na ipatutupad nya ang ala martial law na Enhanced Community Quarantine at pagkakabuko ng secret memo ng PAF kaugnay sa imbing plano na ipatupad ang batas militar ay nagkukumahog na binabawi ng tagapagsalita ni Duterte: kesyo “hindi daw magpapatupad ng martial law si Duterte” o di kaya ay magkakaroon ng Extensive Enhanced Community Quarantine (EECQ) sa Luzon at sa ibang parte ng Visayas at Mindanao.

Ayon naman sa madakdak at sinungaling na tagapagsalita ni Duterte na si Harry Roque, “ang presidente ay hindi pa ginagawa ang extra-ordinary power na atasan ang militar sa ganitong hangarin.” Dagdag pa nya, “yan talaga ang kapangyarihan ng pangulo, pero hindi po yan martial law.” Sabi pa ni Roque, “kung sakali hindi magdadalawang-isip ang pangulo sa pag-takeover ng militar dahil nakalagay naman ito sa 1987 Constitution.“

Kaugnay sa planong extension ng ECQ, nagpatawag nitong April 20 si Duterte ng kunwaring isang komprehensibong konsultasyon sa di-umano’y mga eksperto sa kalusugan, kinatawan ng Inter-Agency Task Force for the Managing of Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF-EID), kinatawan ng mga dating opisyal sa DOH, mga economic expert at militar para sa posibleng pagpapalawig ng ECQ—na tila bagang hindi pa buo ang plano na palawigin at pahigpitin ang Total Military Lockdown o Extensive Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Samantala, habang abala ang buong mundo sa paglaban sa pandemik na Covid-19, abala din ang China sa pagpapalawak ng kanilang teritoryo sa West Philippine Sea. Ang pagbubuo ng isang pampulitikang distrito at lokal na pamamahala sa ilalim ng Yongxing Island o China’s Paracel Administration na nakabase sa Woody Island at ang Spratly Administration na sumasakop sa Fiery Cross Reef na tinatawag nilang Yongshu Reef ay labag at tahasang pang-aagaw ng teritoryo ng bansa. Bakit hindi gamitin ng rehimeng Duterte ang mga militar na ito para bantayan ang ginagawang pagsakop ng Chinese military sa ating teritoryo? Dahil ba sa binubusog ng gobyernong Chinese si Duterte ng milyon-milyong dolyar na pautang, pondo para sa mga proyekto sa BBB na nakapokus sa pagmimina, DAM at Power Plant, mga ayuda laban sa Covid-19 at mga pangakong tulong kaya naman nagtitengang-kawali at nagbubulag-bulagan si Duterte sa ginagawang pananakop ng China sa ating teritoryo?

Malinaw na kaya gustong ideklara ng inutil at buktot na rehimeng ito ang martial law, ay para supilin ang lumalakas na paglaban ng mamamayang Pilipino laban sa kanyang kriminal na kapabayaan, pahirap, korap, mabagal na pagtugon sa karaingan ng mamamayan, matinding panunupil at pamamaslang.

Wag tayong matakot na makibaka! Sabi nga ng namayapang bayani, dakila at pinagpipitagang lider ng masang anakpawis na si Kasamang Crispin Beltran, “WAG MATAKOT, DAHIL NASA 




CPP/NPA-Southern Tagalog: Labanan at gapiin ang Covid-19 sa bansa! Ibagsak ang pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte! — NDF-ST

NPA-Southern Tagalog propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 24, 2020): Labanan at gapiin ang Covid-19 sa bansa! Ibagsak ang pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte! — NDF-ST

APRIL 24, 2020

Taas kamaong pagbati ang ipinapaabot ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Southern Tagalog (NDFP-ST) sa Pambansang Konseho ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), sa mga organisasyong kasapi nito at sa rebolusyonaryong mamamayan ng rehiyon sa ika-47 na anibersaryo ng pagkakatatag ng NDFP ngayong Abril 24, 2020. Sama-sama nating ipagdiwang ang ika-47 taong pagkakatatag ng NDFP nang may ibayong kapasyahang gapiin ang pandemic na Covid-19 at ang sistemang nagpapahirap at nambubusabos sa sambayanang Pilipino—ang kronikong krisis ng malakolonyal at malapyudal na lipunang Pilipino dahil sa imperyalismo, katutubong pyudalismo at burukrata-kapitalismo.

Binabati ng NDFP-ST ang mga bumubuo ng NDFP Negotiating Panel at si Kasamang Jose Maria Sison, ang NDFP Chief Political Consultant, sa mahusay na pagdadala at katatagan sa pakikipaglaban para sa kapakanan at kagalingan ng sambayanang Pilipino sa negosasyong pangkapayapaan sa Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP). Binabati din natin ang mga kasaping organisasyon ng NDFP sa patuloy na paglawak ng mga kasapian nito at ganundin ang mga tagumpay sa pagtatag ng mga organo ng kapangyarihang pampulitika ng rebolusyonaryong gubyernong bayan sa iba’t ibang panig ng bansa.

Sa partikular, nais nating ipagdiwang ang mga naging pagsulong at tagumpay ng NDFP sa paglaban sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte sa nakalipas na mga taon; sa mga pagsulong ng gawain nito sa hanay ng mga migranteng manggagawa at mga kababayang Pilipino sa ibayong dagat; at sa masiglang pagtatambol sa kalagayan ng Demokratikong Rebolusyon ng Bayan (DRB) sa Pilipinas sa ginanap na mga pagtitipon at okasyon sa iba’t ibang panig ng mundo.

Pinagdiriwang din natin ang mga tagumpay ng NDFP sa gawaing internasyunal: sa pagtatayo at pagtatatag ng mga ugnayang bilateral at multi-lateral sa iba’t ibang Partido, grupo at organisasyon, mga pambansang kilusang mapagpalaya at anti-imperyalistang mga kilusan sa ibayong dagat.

Sa araw ding ito, alayan natin ng natatanging pagpupugay at parangal ang mga martir ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan. Walang kasing dalisay ang kanilang pagmamahal at paglilingkod sa bayan na ultimong buhay ay inialay para sa kapakanan ng mga uring api’t pinagsasamantalahan. Panatilihin nating inspirasyon ang kanilang makabuluhang ambag sa rebolusyon. Taglay ang mga ala-ala ng kanilang kagitingan at kadakilaan sa pakikibaka.

Nais din natin bigyang pagpupugay ang mga manggagawang pangkalusugan na patuloy na sinusuong ang panganib makapag-ligtas lang ng buhay. Ang kanilang sakripisyo ay hindi matatawaran at marapat lamang na ituring sila bilang mga bagong bayani ng ating panahon. Ipinaparating din ng NDFP-ST ang taos-pusong pakikiramay sa mga mahal sa buhay at kaibigan ng mga manggagawang pangkalusugan na namatay sa paglaban sa Covid-19. Dapat natin silang ipagmalaki at ikarangal. Sila’y mga tunay na lingkod ng bayan na matapat na tumutupad ng kanilang sinumpaang tungkulin na anuman ang sapitin nila ang kapakanan at pagsagip ng buhay ng pasyente ang pinakamahalaga.

Matamang pinag-uukuan ng pansin ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa rehiyon ang pangangalaga, pagkalinga at pagtugon sa pangangailangan ng taumbayan sa paglaban sa Covid-19.

Bagamat di pangkaraniwan ang sitwasyong kinakaharap ngayon ng sambayanang Pilipino dahil sa pananalasa ng pandemikong Covid-19, sabayang ginugunita sa rehiyon ang mga maniningning na tagumpay na nakamit ng NDFP sa nakalipas na 47 taon mula nang itatag ito noong Abril 24, 1973. Mga tagumpay ito na resulta ng masikhay at puspusang pakikibaka para sa pambansang kalayaan at demokrasya. Isinasagawa ang pagdiriwang sa iba’t ibang paraang angkop sa partikular na kalagayan habang isinasagawa ang kaukulang pag-iingat sa paglaban at pagsansala na kumalat ang nakamamatay na sakit na Covid-19 sa mga bulnerableng komunidad at mga baryong sakahan sa rehiyon.

Patuloy ang panawagan ng NDFP-ST na higit pang pag-ibayuhin ang paglaban at pagbigo sa pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte sa ilusyon nitong durugin ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan bago matapos ang kanyang termino sa Hunyo 30, 2020 nang hindi binibitawan ang kasalukuyan at pangunahing prayoridad sa paglaban at pagsugpo sa nakamamatay na Covid-19.

Kinakaharap natin ngayon ang magkasabay na kaaway, ang pandemic na Covid-19 at ang pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte na imbes na seryosong pagtuunan ng atensyon ang paglaban sa Covid-19 ay patuloy ang mga pasistang pag-atake sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan at mamamayan kahit sa panahong may pinaiiral ang GRP na unilateral ceasefire. Inilalagay lamang sa panganib ng mga operasyong militar ang buhay at kalusugan ng mga mamamayang nasa mga liblib na komunidad at baryo sa posibleng pagkalat duon ng Covid-19 na maaaring dala ng mga nag-ooperasyong tropa ng AFP at PNP.

Hindi magpapadala ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa rehiyon sa mga probokasyon at walang humpay na operasyong militar ng AFP at PNP. Mananatili itong nasa aktibong depensa at matapat na tatalima sa tigil-putukan na dineklara ng CPP nuong Marso 26 at nagtapos nuong Abril 15 at muling pinalawig pa hanggang Abril 30, 2020. Ititigil ng NPA-ST ang anumang pag-atake sa mga reaksyunaryong tropa ng AFP at PNP upang maiukol ang sarili sa pagbibigay prayoridad sa mga gawaing tumutugon sa kapakanan ng kalusugan, kaligtasan at kagalingan ng lahat.

Kung tutuusin wala pa mang pinatutupad na tigil-putukan ang CPP, kabilang na ang NDFP-ST sa agarang nagsagawa ng malawakang kampanya sa edukasyon at impormasyon para maiparating at mapaghandaan ng mamamayan ang dalang panganib ng Covid-19 sa kalusugan at buhay ng mamamayan ng rehiyon. Malawakang namahagi ng mga polyeto at babasahin na nagtuturo sa pagtukoy sa mga sintomas ng bayrus, mga paraan kung paano maiwasang kumalat at magkahawahan ang isa’t isa at iba pang hakbangin sa pag-iingat.

Palibhasa sana’y sa pagtugon sa sitwasyong pangkagipitan, tulad sa nagdaang mga sakuna at kalamidad na tumama sa bansa, naging madali para sa mga opisyal medikal ng NPA-ST, mga grupo at komite sa kalusugan ng mga rebolusyonaryong organisasyong masa at mga boluntir pangkalusugan, ang magtipon at magplano kung paano haharapin ang Covid-19. Higit na pinalawak at pinasigla ang mga dati nang umiiral na kampanya sa kalinisan at sanitasyon, pagtatanim ng mga halamang gamot at pagdaraos ng mga kilinikang bayan para magsuri sa mga may iniindang karamdaman. Isinagawa ang malawak at maramihang pamamahagi ng libreng face mask, mga gamot at bitamina na napalitaw mula sa mga solitasyon at donasyon sa mga kaibigan at alyado ng kilusan. Ang iba ay nangalap ng mga relief goods mula sa mga kaibigan at alyado para maipamahagi sa masa.

Bilang pag-antisipa sa posibilidad na magkaroon ng kakulangan sa pagkain, pinasigla ang mga suyuan at kooperasyon para sa malawakang pagtatanim ng halamang-pagkain na madaling pakinabangan tulad ng mais, palay kaingin, gabi, kamoteng baging, balinghoy, iba pang root crops at mga gulayin. Kinausap ang mga mayayamang magsasaka at mga naliliwanagang panginoong maylupa na ipahiram sa mga ganap na samahang magsasaka ang kanilang lupain para pagtaniman ng mga produktong pagkain at sa pagpaparami ng alagang hayop.

Higit kailangan ngayon ang puspusang pag-iingat, mahigpit na pagkakaisa at tulungan ng sambayanang Pilipino para labanan at gapiin ang Covid-19.

Walang makakapagsabi kung kailan matatapos ang pakikibaka ng sambayanan laban sa nakamamatay na Covid-19. Patuloy ang pagdami ng bilang ng nagkakasakit at namamatay sa Covid-19. Lalong dumarami ang bilang ng mamamayang nagugutom at dumaranas ng labis na kahirapan resulta ng mga pagkukulang, kapalpakan at kawalan ng matinong plano ng gubyernong Duterte sa paglaban sa sakit na Covid-19. Hinihingi ng sitwasyon ang puspusang pag-iingat, mahigpit na pagkakaisa at tulungan ng sambayanang Pilipino para gapiin ang Covid-19. Subalit, dapat igiit sa rehimen na bigyan ng prayoridad ang mabilis at sapat na ayudang pinansyal, pagkain at medikal ang mga bulnerableng sektor na higit na apektado ng pinatutupad na kamay-na-bakal na lockdown sa Luzon. Kailangan patuloy nating igiit at ipaglaban ang mga solusyong medikal na ipinapanukala ng mga manggagawang pangkalusugan at mga eksperto sa medisina at tutulan ang “martial law” na paraan sa pagpapatupad ng lockdown na lalo lamang nagpapalala sa sitwasyong pulitikal at ekonomiya ng bansa.

Bangkarote na ang gubyernong Duterte. Ang gubyernong Duterte at mga nagdaang neoliberalistang rehimen ang pangunahing may pananagutan sa pagsama ng kalagayan ng pampublikong kalusugan at ng serbisyong panlipunan. Sa partikular ang rehimeng Duterte ay may kriminal na pananagutan sa ibayong paglubha ng krisis sa pampublikong kalusugan at pinsala sa kabuhayan ng sambayanang Pilipino dahil sa kanyang tiwaling pamamalakad at kawalang kakayahan sa paglaban sa Covid-19. Makatwiran at nararapat lamang na manawagan ang sambayanang Pilipino para patalsikin si Duterte sa pwesto.

Umasa ang taumbayan na patuloy na magkakaloob ng tulong at nararapat na pagkalinga ang NDFP-ST sa mamamayan ng rehiyon sa paglaban at pagsugpo sa Covid-19. Higit sa lahat, patuloy na ipaglalaban ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan ang isang maaliwalas na kinabukasan ng sambayanan mula sa kasalukuyang bulok-sa-kaibuturang sistemang panlipunan sa Pilipinas at dadalhin sa tagumpay ang rebolusyong Pilipino para sa pambansang kalayaan at demokrasya.

Mabuhay ang ika-47 anibersaryo ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines!

Mabuhay ang Sambayanang Pilipino!

Mabuhay ang rebolusyong Pilipino!

CPP/NPA-Southern Tagalog: Sa gitna ng krisis sa Covid-19 at kainutilan ni Duterte, Mabuhay ang ika-47 taong Anibersaryo ng NDFP!

NPA-Southern Tagalog propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 24, 2020): Sa gitna ng krisis sa Covid-19 at kainutilan ni Duterte, Mabuhay ang ika-47 taong Anibersaryo ng NDFP!

APRIL 24, 2020

Nagpupugay ang Melito Glor Command (MGC) ng NPA Southern Tagalog sa National Demoratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) sa okasyon ng kanyang ika-47 anibersaryo. Ipagbunyi natin ang mga tagumpay ng NDFP na natipon sa nakaraang 47 taon upang pamunuan ang mamamayan sa harap ng paglaban sa Covid-19 at iligtas ang buong bayan laban sa higit na mapanganib na bayrus na nakaluklok sa Malakanyang. Pag-ibayuhin natin ang ating determinasyong buklurin ang lahat ng mamamayang inaapi upang sama-sama nating labanan at magapi ang malupit at pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte.

Ginugunita natin sa araw na ito ang ika-47 taong anibersaryo ng pagkakatatag ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). Sa pamamagitan ng NDFP, nagkaroon ng pang-organisasyong ekspresyon ang pagkakaisa at pagbubuklod ng iba’t ibang uri at sektor ng lipunan laban sa pagsasamantala at pang-aapi ng imperyalismo, pyudalismo at burukrata-kapitalismo at kamtin ang demokrasyang bayan sa Pilipinas. Marapat na itanghal ang 47 taong kasaysayan ng NDFP bilang kasaysayan ng pagtataguyod sa karapatan at kagalingan ng sambayanang Pilipino.

Hinarap ng NDFP ang GRP sa usapang pangkapayapaan sa halos dalawang dekadang pag-uurong-sulong ng iba’t ibang rehimeng nagpalit-palitan sa kapangyarihan mula kay Ramos. Matatag nitong hinawakan ang mga prinsipyo ng soberanya, pambansang demokrasya, makatarungang kapayapaan at panlipunang hustisya. Puspusan na nilabanan at binigo ang bawat tusong maniobra ng mga reaksyunaryo na bitagin ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa pagsuko at kapitulasyon. Naging boses ang NDFP upang ipahayag ng mga aping uri at sektor ng lipunan ang kanilang saloobin at igiit ang kanilang kahilingan sa mga napapanahong isyu. Tinipon ng NDFP ang hangarin ng sambayanang Pilipino sa 12-puntong programa sa ekonomya, pulitika, militar at kultura bilang superyor na alternatiba ng bayan sa neoliberal, elitista, kurap, bulok at anti-demokratiko’t anti-mamamayang programa ng GRP.

Ikinagagalak at ikinararangal ng Partido at Hukbo sa rehiyon ang ambag ng NDFP sa pagsusulong ng kilusan para sa pambansang paglaya mula sa tanikala ng imperyalismo, pyudalismo at burukrata kapitalismo. Maaasahan ng NDFP at ng buong sambayanan ang mahigpit na pagtupad ng NPA-ST na nasa absolutong pamumuno ng Partido sa tungkuling isulong ang armadong pakikibaka para makamit ang pambansang tagumpay ng demokratikong rebolusyon ng bayan.

Sa ngayon, nakatuon ang pansin ng mga yunit ng NPA ST at iba pang mga kaalyadong organisasyon ng NDFP sa kabuuang pagsisikap ng sambayanang harapin ang pandemikong Covid-19.

Minomobilisa ng MGC ang lahat ng yunit nito sa kampanyang edukasyon, pangkalusugan at sanitasyon hinggil sa paglaban sa Covid-19 at pinakikilos ang buong makinaryang medikal ng hukbong bayan upang maghatid ng serbisyo sa mamamayan. Mahigpit itong tumatalima sa panawagan ng United Nations para sa isang pandaigdigang tigil-putukan upang bigyang prayoridad ang pagdaloy ng tulong at serbisyo para sa mamamayang apektado ng Covid-19, kahit pa nakaamba ang mga tusong atake ng taksil na AFP-PNP.

Sa panahon ng krisis, lumilitaw ang diwa ng kolektibong pagdadamayan ng karaniwang mamamayan at uring anakpawis para sa kapakanan ng higit na nakararami. Kapuri-puri ang kanilang malasakit sa kapwa, kapangahasan, at pagkamalikhain sa paghahatid ng serbisyo sa mga nangangailangan sa kabila ng marahas na lockdown at kapabayaan ng reaksyunaryong gobyerno. Gawing inspirasyon at moog na masasandigan ng mamamayan ang kanilang kolektibong lakas sa panahon ng kagipitan para iligtas ang bayan.

Matatag na lalabanan at bibiguin ng lahat ng rebolusyonaryong pwersa at kaalyadong organisasyon ng NDFP ang militaristang tugon ng rehimeng US-Duterte sa kinakaharap na krisis sa ekonomya, pulitika at kalusugan ng bansa. Ang pinapakawalang matinding pasismo at terorismo ng kanyang rehimen sa rehiyong Timog Katagalugan ay nagresulta sa marahas na pagsupil, pagtugis at panggigipit sa mga aktibista, lider-unyon, propesyunal, taong-simbahan at iba pang progresibong pwersa.

Noong 2019, mayroong naitalang anim na biktima ng extrajudicial killing, 67 kaso ng iligal na pang-aaresto, at daan-daang kaso ng pananakot, pagbabanta, at iba pang tipo ng paglabag sa karapatang tao sa TK. Kapuri-puri ang pagpupunyagi ng lahat ng rebolusyonaryong pwersa sa rehiyon at buong bansa sa pagsusulong ng pambansa demokratikong interes at kahilingan ng sambayanan sa gitna ng sitwasyong ito.

Hinahamon ang lahat ng rebolusyonaryong pwersa na likhain ang panibagong yugto ng ating pakikibaka. Higit na hinog ang kalagayan para sa pagpapalawak ng rebolusyonaryong hanay at pagpapasigla ng pakikibaka ng sambayanan. Sa harap ng tiranya ni Duterte, makatarungang hangarin ng buong uring anakpawis at sambayanan na wakasan ang malupit, bulok, pasista at tiranikong paghahari ng rehimeng US-Duterte at ibayong isulong ang demokratikong rebolusyon ng bayan. ##

CPP/NDF- Panay: NDFP at 47: Ever Glowing Victories Year Upon Year

NDF- Panay propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 25, 2020): NDFP at 47: Ever Glowing Victories Year Upon Year

More significant, bigger and ever glowing victories year upon year. This describes the advancement of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines on its 47th anniversary today. NDFP-Panay is proud to be an integral part of this staunchest and most revolutionary united front organization in the country and has marched in step along with other NDFP organizations in other regions.

For the past year membership of NDFP sectoral allied organizations in both cities and countryside in Panay have increased to some hundreds with a few hundred of them volunteering to be sworn into the Party. From these mass organizations and other individual recruits, young Red fighters the equivalent of a platoon has filled the ranks of the NPA.

The agrarian struggle remains to be the main content and prime mover of the people’s struggle especially of the poor peasants. In the countryside, the reactionary government’s scheme is to drive them away from the land in the guise of prohibiting them to slash-and-burn, duping them to plant coffee, bamboo or abaca on hundreds of hectares for big business or building of infrastructures for eco-tourism projects.

With the Party to guide them and the NPA to rely on, the peasant masses have bonded together to justly demand their right to till the land forcing the reactionary government to give concessions. In other areas, the masses have maintained their struggle against usury, and in a much wider scope have sustained the ‘kontra-gutom’ campaign due to the adverse effects of ‘El Nino’, typhoon Ursula and the present COVID-19 epidemic, all disastrously handled by the bureaucratic and corrupt dispensation. The partial gains the masses have attained were products of their organized and militant struggles and never because of the reactionary government’s benevolence.

What is also praise-worthy is that in spite of red-tagging, stalking and serious death threats from the tyrant Duterte himself, thousands more have joined the legal democratic organizations in the region which have maintained their militancy in voicing out their sectoral demands, exposing the US-Duterte regime’s fascist impositions and demand his ouster.

Always heeding and considering the people’s sentiments and needs, in a period of four months, the NDFP has recommended the declaration of unilateral ceasefire last December for Christmas and the New Year and another on March 26-April 15 extending it to April 30 due to the COVID-19 crisis, notwithstanding Duterte’s own hypocritical and traitorous unilateral ceasefire teeming with violations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown, without need of much rhetoric, that the world capitalist system is inadequate to handle such global phenomenon. Ironically the hardest hit areas are the ‘advanced’ countries in the world such as the USA, Spain, Italy, France and Germany with their advance medicine, technology, research and their supposedly efficient, universally accessible and well-equipped health systems. But facts have pointed to the contrary.

We only have to look at the Philippines, a puppet semi-colony in the clutches of the capitalist orbit. Worsened by a muddle-brained fascist president who desperately apes his US and China masters the result has been a virus deadlier than the COVID-19. The Duterte Virus has pervaded the lives of millions of Filipinos whereas the COVID-19 has inflicted only some thousands.

Since the very beginning Duterte was never serious in putting the lives of the Filipino people at the top and foremost when the COVID alarm was rang from China early January, but instead allowed half a million mainland

Chinese tourists into the country for billions of profits for China and his local cronies. Like his idol Trump who dilly-dallied, Duterte acted two months late and his actions were inutile, incompetent and incongruous.

Militarism was Duterte’s immediate answer to curb the virus drooling over turning the country into a police state. From March 17 to 29, a total of 17,039 individuals have been arrested nationwide for supposed violations of curfews and other impositions while only around 3,000 were tested for COVID-19. The regime’s solution was never based on a comprehensive scientific, medical and health framework with the people’s health and economic well-being at the forefront. It was the people who barraged Duterte for immediate and mass testing. It was the people who demanded immediate relief and subsidy.

The P270 billion national funding to fight COVID-19 is too little, has come too late and yet in trickles accompanied by the endemic red-tape and corruption of an incompetent, inefficient and bungling bureaucratic machinery especially from the topmost. Not a few LGUs and local chief executives have decried the national government’s poor and snail-paced performance while leaving to them the dirty work and depleting their coffers.

In spite of the nationwide lockdown and curfews which the tyrant and his military cohorts boast of as most effective measures against the virus, the Philippines is now no.1 in Southeast Asia in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths. Millions of Filipinos are out of work, have no income, no pocket money, and are hungry and angry. They rightfully blame and condemn the Duterte government for mishandling the crisis. The #Oust Duterte call has gone viral and the general sentiment has been disgust, contempt, discontent and frustration against militarist impositions, regulations, penalties, imprisonment and direct threat of martial law.

It is worthy to note that countries that claim to be socialist and are being vilified and oppressed by imperialist US such as Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela have been outstanding in handling the COVID-19 problem. They have registered minimal cases and negligible deaths. These are the countries whose health care as well as education is free and universal, basic and strategic industries are nationalized, agriculture is a priority and subsidized, and a self-reliant economy is encouraged and practiced. Most of all their people are united, organized and trained to voluntarily act whenever they are faced by a national emergency or crisis.

Some capitalist economists have already predicted that the COVID-19 aftermath would be a world depression graver than the Great Depression of the 1930’s. In fact the world capitalist system has been in protracted depression since the 2008 financial crisis and would surely plunge deeper than ever. Such crisis will only bring about higher and more intense waves of mass protests in the thousands and millions against imperialism and fascism by the peoples of the world. Bigger and broader peoples’ resistance would contribute to US imperialism’s decline and that of its puppet states.

NDFP-Panay exhorts all member organizations and the people to amplify their calls for their legitimate economic, political and social demands and never again to allow Martial Law.
Let us unite and fight the Duterte Virus! Oust Duterte now!!!

CPP/NPA-Central Negros: Divertionary sa matuod nga isyu ang palayag ni President Rodrigo Duterte nga magdeklarar siya sang Martial law sa pungsod

NPA-Central Negros propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 25, 2020): Divertionary sa matuod nga isyu ang palayag ni President Rodrigo Duterte nga magdeklarar siya sang Martial law sa pungsod


APRIL 25, 2020

Divertionary sa matuod nga isyu ang palayag ni President Rodrigo Duterte nga magdeklarar siya sang Martial law sa pungsod bangud sang mga pagpang-atake sang New People’s Army sa tropa sang Armed Forces of the Philippines suno kay Ka JB Regalado, tagpamaba sang Leonardo Panaligan Command Central Negros.

Gin-athag man ni Regalado nga “aktibo nga pagdepensa” lamang ang ginhimo sang NPA sa panahon nga nagapang-atake ang pasistang AFP sa mga teritoryo sang NPA samtang nga nagapatigayon ini sang mga medikal nga aktibidad kag produksyon kabahin na sa pangkabilugan nga pagpakig-away sa Coronavirus pandemic kag lapnagon nga gutom.

Suno ni Regalado, ang isyu subong paano sabton, atipanon kag sustentuhon sang gobyerno ni Duterte ang pumuluyo nga malawig na nga naga-antus sa kapigaduhon kag ginkwarantina pa sa tagsa sini ka mga puluy-an diin wala sang may makaon kag biktima pa sang nagkalain-lain nga porma sang human rights violations samtang nagapakig-away sa COVID-19.

Dugang pa ni Regalado imbes nga magkonsentrar ang gobyerno sa pagapanguna ni Duterte sa pag-away sa COVID-19 padayon pa ini nga nagapatigayon sang red-tagging kag pagpapriso sa mga aktibista bangud sang himu-himo naman nga mga kaso. Padayon nga extra judicial killings sa mga inosenteng sibilyan sa iya gyera kontra-druga kag padayon nga pagpamatay sa mga aktibista. Subong man ang pagpasingki pa sang kontra-insurhensiya nga kampanya batok sa CPP/NPA/NDF paagi sa paglunsar sang wala untat nga operasyon militar sa kaumahan.

Siling ni Regalado, ang kamatuoran inutil ang rehimen sa pagsolbar sa padako kag padako pa nga kaso sa pungsod nga apektado sang COVID-19 pandemic sa kada adlaw nga naglab-ot na sa malapit sa 7,000 ka indibidwal sa bilog nga pungsod. Dugang pa nga solbaron ni Duterte ang minilyon-milyon nga dismayado kag diskontento nga pumuluyong Pilipino nga padayon pa nagahangla sa ginasugid sini nga ayuda.

Nagakahulugan nga ginhingalitan ni Duterte upod sa utok-pulbura nga mga opisyal sang AFP kag PNP ang isyu sa COVID sa pagdeklarar sang martial law hambal ni Regalado. Mas nagdalum kag nagalala pa ang korapsyon sa militar, mga ahensya kag iban pa nga burukrasya sang gobyerno bangud sang panghingalit sa kampanya kontra-COVID.

Desperado si Duterte upod sa AFP, PNP kag iban pa nga state security forces sa pagdugmok sa rebolusyonaryong kahublagan. Kag kapaslawan lang ang madangatan sang sini nga rehimen tubtob matapos ang iya termino nga papason ang NPA sa masobra 5 na ka dekada nga armadong paghimakas sa pungsod suno pa ni Regalado.

Tamparos sa guya ni Duterte ang iya deklarasyon sa pagpatuman sa Martial law sa pungsod taliwas sa iya daan nga mga palayag sang bag-o pa siya sa poder.

Nagapakita lang nga wala man sang sinseridad ang rehimeng US-Duterte sa pag-ugat sang gyera sibil kag armadong konplikto sa pungsod dira sa pagpatigayon sang Peacetalks suno ni Regalado.

Lubos ginapanawagan ni Regalado sa tanan nga yunit sang NPA, milisya sang banwa, iban pa nga yunit gerilya, rebolusyonaryong organisasyon masa upod sa malapad nga masa sang pumuluyo nga ipadayon ang pag-alagad sa pumuluyo sa pagpakig-away sa Coronavirus. Kag handaan pulitiko-militar agud paslawon ang Martial law sang pasista kag tiranikong US-Duterte.###

CPP/Sison: Duterte using COVID-19 to advance his scheme of fascist dictatorship

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 25, 2020): Duterte using COVID-19 to advance his scheme of fascist dictatorship

APRIL 25, 2020

It is a matter of fact that Duterte has already used the Covid-19 to grab emergency powers and to rob the people of public funds by getting the authority to dispose of more than 350 billion pesos and realign the trillions of pesos in the 2020 budget of the reactionary government.

He has imposed a series of lock downs on the people and has deprived them of incomes, means of livelihood and food as well as public transport to any medical facility. He has not fulfilled his promise of providing food assistance to 18 million families, social compensation for wages lost, mass testing and treatment of patients for Covid-19 and other illnesses and adequate compensation and protective gear for the health workers.

He has continuously engaged in military offensives against the NPA and the communities suspected of supporting the NPA. Now, he and his military minions have invented a few incidents and magnify these to misrepresent and slander the New People’s Army as fouling up the supposed government distribution of food and money to the people. Thus, he covers up the scandalous plunder of public funds which have been misappropriated through contracts for overpriced goods and services under the pretext of fighting Covid-19.

Worst of all, he has threatened to declare martial law formally and to suppress legal progressive organizations, the critics and opponents of his regime and the broad masses of the people in both urban and rural areas. He has been in fact engaged in imposing military and police rule over the people and is exposing his ultimate goal of formally declaring martial law, imposing his Marcos-type fascist dictatorship on the people and perpetuating himself in power beyond 2022.

Duterte has no real intention to fight Covid-19 but to use it to advance his scheme of fascist dictatorship. The malice and evil character of Duterte and his regime are well-exposed by his refusal to reciprocate the ceasefire declaration of the CPP, to release the prisoners in congested ordinary and political prisons and to heed the call of the NDFP and the PEPP for the resumption of the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations.

Duterte has long been crazed by power and greed. He wants to perpetuate himself in power but is oblivious of his advanced age and bad health condition. And he seems to be ignorant that within his own armed forces and police there are anti-Duterte groups like the Magdalo and so many more officers and enlisted personnel who oppose their use as the private army of Duterte for the purpose of keeping himself in power, letting him plunder the country and selling out sovereign rights to US and Chinese imperialism.

Given the rapidly worsening crisis of the world capitalist system and the domestic semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system, the broad masses of the people are not at all frightened by the threats of Duterte to declare martial law formally. Instead, they are deeply pained and enraged by the intolerable suffering that they are being made to suffer. They are therefore desirous of revolutionary change in accordance with their own national and democratic rights and interests. In so many forms of public manifestation, they are in fact urging their own revolutionary forces to intensify all forms of resistance. ###

Kalinaw News: Wounded troops awarded for Gallantry

Posted to Kalinaw News (Apr 24, 2020): Wounded troops awarded for Gallantry (By 11th Infantry Division)

Major General Corleto S. Vinluan Jr., AFP, Commander of Joint Task Force Sulu paid visit and donned gallantry medals to troops of 45th Infantry Battalion at Kuta Heneral Teodulfo Bautista Station Hospital, around 10 o’clock in the morning, April 23, 2020.

Major General Vinluan appreciated the bravery of the troops under 45th Infantry Battalion led by Lieutenant Colonel Ruben B. Guinolbay of the 1st Brigade Combat Team under Joint Task Force Sulu that clashed with the Abu Sayyaf Group at Brgy. Latih, Patikul, Sulu on April 22, 2020.

Other officers who witnessed the said event were Colonel Benjamin G. Batara Jr. Commander, 1st Brigade Combat Team; Colonel Giovanni T. Franza, Chief-of-Staff, 11th Infantry Division; Colonel Amadeo U. Cruz, Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil Military Operation, G7; Lieutenant Colonel Ronaldo C. Mateo, Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel, G1 and Major Sayid C. Cedicol, Commanding Officer of Kuta Heneral Teodulfo Bautista Station Hospital.

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