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CPP/NPA-Panay: Rejoinder to the lies of Lt Col Batara and Brig Gen Pamuspusan

NPA-Panay propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 12, 2019): Rejoinder to the lies of Lt Col Batara and Brig Gen Pamuspusan

OCTOBER 12, 2019

Lieut Col Joel Benedict Batara, CO of the 61st IB-PA and Brig Gen Rene Pamuspusan, RD of PRO-6 are again on to their lies and psywar gimmick. In a duet they declared that a number of local government officials have links with the CPP-NPA especially during the past mid-term election and that they have identified these politicians.

After five months of silence since the May election, Batara and Pamuspusan have revived the issue declaring that there are 16 mayors, vice-mayors and councilors in Iloilo province, 7 in Capiz and 9 in Negros Occidental that are under NPA protection. However they could not yet reveal the identities since they still have to ‘validate’ if these local executives are reciprocating and giving support to the NPA in return, insinuating a ridiculous one-sided protection racket and reflecting an obvious psywar trick.

Walk your talk Batara and Pamuspusan, name names and most of all present your evidences. Do not just shoot people in the head and villify your victims afterwards to justify your murders the way of your big boss Ninja Chief Rodrigo Duterte.

This so-called revelation from Batara and Pamuspusan has come at a time that the PNP Director General Oscar Albayalde is under fire for direct involvement in the Ninja cops drug issue being accused by his fellow PNP generals. This has also come after the AFP-PNP’s persona non grata ploy has failed to coerce most LGUs here in Panay to issue declarations according to their dictates.

Batara’s and Pamuspusan’s NPA protection expose however is a futile attempt to divert the Ninja cop issue towards maligning the revolutionary movement and intimidating local government officials. What Batara has failed to admit is that his troops have suffered heavy casualties in encounters with the NPA last September 20, 23 and 25 in Miag-ao, Maasin and Igbaras towns in Iloilo. While the NPA has admitted to one killed and one wounded comrade, Batara has declared only one wounded Sgt Johnny Labrador but has fallen silent about his killed and other wounded troops.

After investigation and validation of information, we have gathered 15 names of killed and wounded 61st IB troops. On Sept 20 these were: Ruben Ashvill, Junie Lebres, Ruben Mandalay, Miguel Lopez, Allan Fernandez, Alvin Riqual, Marvin Bernardo, Ismael Lamsin and Lt Panero. Casualties on Sept 23 were: Ryan Alejo, Stephen Cosedo, Jay Giray, Zyms Guevara Isnaji, Melvin Loria and Jason Labrador.

In retaliation for their losses the 3rd Infantry Division has deployed its 301st Brigade forces in 7 towns of Iloilo concentrating in Miag-ao, San Joaquin and Igbaras. While claiming that the NPA in Panay is only less than a hundred, Division Commander Major General Dinoh Dolina has employed about 300 ground forces in the 7 towns and two 105 howitzers stationed in Pinaopaoan, Igbaras obviously to sow fear and terror among the masses and deny the New People’s Army of its mass base.

In its more than fifty years of struggle the revolutionary movement has gone through cannon and machine-gun fires but the revolutionary masses and their people’s army have remained steadfast and undaunted against vicious enemy attacks and brutal atrocities. The fascist dictator and sick psycopath killer Duterte aims to pulverize the people’s resistance under his watch. All past fascist regimes have had this delusion but all have failed miserably. Duterte is no exception.

The US-Duterte tyrannical regime exposes and isolates itself from the masses day by day due to its corrupt, brutal and treasonous policies. The people’s armed and unarmed resistance in the countryside, cities and even abroad cannot be pulverized. The New People’s Army nationwide including in Panay continues to grow stronger and more resolute to effectively frustrate Duterte’s Oplan Kapanatagan and win more battles.##

CPP: On the US-RP-Japan Kamandag war exercises

CPP propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 12, 2019): On the US-RP-Japan Kamandag war exercises

The Party denounces the 10-day Kamandag war exercises (October 9-18) being conducted by US military forces together with the AFP and the Japan Self Defense Force in Ternate, Cavite.

The war exercises are being conducted behind the veil of “counterterrorism,” “humanitarian assistance” and “disaster response”, but are, in fact, part of the overall effort of the US military to strengthen its military presence and foothold in the Philippines under its Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines.

The Kamandag and other joint exercises are also part of the whole muscle-flexing of the US as it prepares for wars especially in the face of rising super-power conflicts with China over spheres of influence and investments.

Since 2017, the US military and the AFP have conducted an increasing number of war exercises to counter China’s military build-up in the South China Sea. The aim of these exercises is to ensure that the US will remain militarily dominant in order to protect its economic interests in the Philippines and across the region.

The Filipino people must reject the idea that Philippine sovereignty cannot be defended without US military support. The fight to take back control of the fishing grounds and resources in the Philippine seas which China has encroached upon can and must be won through the independent political, diplomatic and military action of the Filipino people.

Through these war exercises, the US military is able to achieve what they call “interoperability” with the AFP, which is a euphemism for having the AFP act as a military stooge and operate in accordance with US plans and maneuvers. The US military is also able to direct the needs and purchases of the AFP in order to have the latter serve as dumping ground of excess US military equipment.

The war exercises and continuing AFP loyalty to the US show that the US continues to exercise dominance over the country and the Duterte regime, despite Duterte’s recent visits to China and Russia. By wielding the AFP and the PNP and its rabid pro-US officers, the US is able to have Duterte by the balls and have him act in line with US economic and geo-political interests.

Kalinaw News: Religious, teachers campaign against NPA youth recruitment

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 12, 2019): Religious, teachers campaign against NPA youth recruitment

BAYUGAN CITY, Agusan del Sur – San Isidro Labrador Parish Church and Marcelina National High School in partnership with the 3rd Special Forces “Arrowhead” Battalion (3SFBn) join the campaign against NPA youth recruitment through a symposium with the theme, “Inclusive and Sustainable Peace, Ending Local Communist Armed Conflict” held at San Isidro Labrador Parish Hall 10am today.

Around 200 students actively participated in the interactive discussions. First Lieutenant Krisjuper Andreo J. Punsalan INF, CMO Officer of the 3SFBn tackled the role of the youth and the various sectors of society in the Whole-Of-Nation approach to end local communist armed conflict while a former head teacher of Alternative Learning Center for Agricultural and Livelihood Development (ALCADEV), an alleged recruitment facility and hub of the rebels, exposed the modus of the IP schools established by the communists in the far-flung areas.

Rev.Fr. Marcelo A. Pondoc, Parish priest of San Isidro Labrador Parish said, “The scriptures tell us that blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God. The church and the state are separate entities but it is the role of the religious sector to lead the people in the path to peace and reconciliation and not to agitate and mobilize them to cause conflict. There are numerous issues in our society and these are best solved through peaceful means. The government wants to end communist armed conflict and that is a common goal we share. Let us support peace!”

“The parents have high hopes for their children and these children have wonderful dreams of their own and we won’t allow these groups (NPAs) to take those away from them. No concerned parent would want their children to become a militant and a rebel”, Ma. Antonietta J. Golapo, OIC of the school, said.

With the nationwide outrage of parents against Anakbayan, League of Filipino Students (LFS), Kabataan Party-list and other militant youth groups, various sectors expressed their support to “Hands-off our Children” and Save our Youth campaigns aiming towards preventing the youth from being recruited by the communist rebels.

Kalinaw News: Army invades Nuvali, crowd cheers soldiers

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 12, 2019): Army invades Nuvali, crowd cheers soldiers

NUVALI, Sta Rosa, Laguna — Residents of this posh complex were awakened by roars of military trucks and tanks after Army soldiers “invaded and occupied” Solenad 1 on Saturday.

Led by the Army’s 2nd Infantry (Jungle Fighter) Division, hundreds of soldiers were warmly welcomed by joggers, bikers and Nuvali employees as they set up camp for a day-long Information Caravan dubbed as “OktoberPeace”.

Brigadier General Arnulfo Marcelo B Burgos Jr, Command of 2ID, said that “this is the first time that this annual undertaking was held outside Tanay town’s Camp Capinpin with the objective of bringing the soldiers closer to the people whom we have sworn to serve.”

He added that the caravan is “designed for the public to interact with the soldiers while getting the chance to personally see and experience the modern weapons, military capabilities and mobility assets such as tanks, trucks as well as emergency and rescue vehicles which soldiers use in accomplishing our mandate to serve the people and secure the Filipinos’ homeland.”

The attractions also included face painting for the kids, airsoft target range for the “kids at heart”, selected merchants selling CALABARZON’s native products and recruitment booths for reservist and soldier-wannabes.

The Army Silent Drillers showcased their incredible display of precision and coordination which soldiers are known for as they performed their formations just with the beat of the drums. This was after the Army Marching Band entertained the mall-goers with their specially choreographed dance moves while playing their musical instruments.

In his message during the ribbon cutting ceremony, BGen Burgos expressed his gratitude to Nuvali’s unconditional support which made this “never-before-seen endeavour” a success even before it became a reality.

According to a soldier, the audience turnout was beyond what they expected.

“This activity can be a barometer of the level of support which the people of CALABARZON have for their soldiers and another proof that the insurgent’s are, indeed, losing popular support in this part of the country which they consider to be critical to the success of their so-called revolution.”

Close to a thousand people have already visited the booths and vehicles before it was officially opened to the public.

The 2ID Band, considered as the best in the entire Armed Forces, serenaded the public with their soulful and soothing songs catering to both the preferred genre of the millennials and older generations.

The management of Nuvali and the Army leadership are already planning for a three-day sequel of the just concluded activity to be held in the soonest possible time.

Division Public Affairs Office 2nd Infantry Division Philippine Army
Chief, DPAO, 2ID, PA
Camp General Mateo Capinpin, Tanay, Rizal

[Kalinaw News is the official online source of information on the pursuit for peace by the Philippine Army. It provides information on the activities of Army Units nationwide in the performance of their duty of Serving the People and Securing the Land. This website is a property of the Civil-Military Operations Regiment, Philippine Army located at Lawton Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.
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WESTMINCOM: Military, agencies join continuity plan training in Zambo City

Posted to the Western Mindanao Command (WESTMINCOM) Website (Oct 11, 2019): Military, agencies join continuity plan training in Zambo City

Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City- October 10, 2019.

Local and security officials attended the three-day training on Public Service Continuity Plan for Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council IX at LM Metro Hotel in this city on October 8-10, 2019.

“The Public Service Continuity Plan is a proactive process that enables us to understand potential weaknesses and threats to our respective offices in times of crisis and disasters,” said Director Manuel Luis Ochotorena, of the Office of the Civil Defense, Regional Offices IX and 10.

Col. Clarence Abellera, WestMinCom’s Assistant Chief of Unified Command Staff for Plans, joined representatives of the security sector and different agencies during the series of interactive discussions and workshops on processes and systems relative to the continuity plan to effectively address crises in the area.

“The creation of a continuity plan assures that our respective offices can react quickly and efficiently to any possible man-made and natural disasters that could disrupt our mission essential functions,” added Dir. Ochotorena.

“The military supports the council’s move to strengthen any proactive and responsive measures in addressing man-made and natural disasters,” said Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana, commander of Western Mindanao Command. “The armed forces also take ardent steps to enhance humanitarian assistance and disaster response operations to save more lives and build resilient communities.”

WESTMINCOM: Navy General visits WestMinCom

Posted to the Western Mindanao Command (WESTMINCOM) Website (Oct 11, 2019): Navy General visits WestMinCom

Headquarters, Western Mindanao Command, Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City- October 10, 2019.

Rear Admiral Alberto B. Carlos visited the Western Mindanao Command at 8:30 a.m. yesterday, October 10, 2019.

He was accorded with full military honors by the officers, enlisted personnel, and civilian human resource at the WestMinCom’s Parade Ground and was then received by Brigadier General Francisco Ariel Felicidario III, the Deputy Commander for Administration, at the Laong-Laan Hall of the Command.

RAdm Carlos is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, J4 of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Source: PIO Western Mindanao Command

WATCH: New PH amphibious assets join U.S., Japan in military drills

From Rappler (Oct 12, 2019): WATCH: New PH amphibious assets join U.S., Japan in military drills

WATCH: New PH amphibious assets join U.S., Japan in military drills

The KAMANDAG 3 joint exercises between the Philippine and US marines marks a significant leap forward in the country's amphibious assault capability with the deployment of its brand new assets

NEW ASSETS. The Philippine Marines along with their US and Japanese counterparts participate in the amphibious landing exercise during the KAMANDAG 2019 drills at Marine Base Gregorio Lim in Ternate, Cavite on October 12, 2019. Photo by Lito Borras/Rappler

TERNATE, Philippines – For the first time in recent history, the Philippines deployed its own brand new amphibious assault vehicles (AAV) in a joint military exercise with the US and Japan on Saturday, October 12, at Marine Base Gregorio Lim in Ternate, Cavite.

The Philippine Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of the Philippines showcased 4 of its fleet of 8 AAVs in this third iteration of the Kaagapay ng Mandirigma ng Dagat (KAMANDAG 3) joint military exercises with the US. The US Marines and the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force each deployed 4 AAVs, too.

The scenario was an amphibious assault by the Philippine and US marines to retake an island besieged by terrorists, while the Japanese troops delivered aid and rescued civilians.

Amphibious operations are essential in securing an archipelago like the Philippines. Filipino marines have long trained in this capability with foreign allies, particularly the US. Acquiring their own AAVs and taking them out for a spin alongside powerful traditional allies during KAMANDAG 3 marked a significant milestone for the Marine Corps.

The KAMANDAG 3 series of joint exercises runs until October 18.

Photo: Lumads rip closure order

From the often pro-Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) online publication the Davao Today (Oct 11, 2019): Photo: Lumads rip closure order

LUMADS RIP CLOSURE ORDER. Chieftains of Salugpongan Ta Tanu Igkanogon, together with Salugpongan school teachers and students, rip copies of the Notice of Resolution of the Department of Education to show their rejection on the permanent closure of Salugpongan schools during a protest action in Davao City. (Ken E. Cagula/

Groups decry DepEd’s closure order of 55 Lumad schools

From the often pro-Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) online publication the Davao Today (Oct 11, 2019): Groups decry DepEd’s closure order of 55 Lumad schools

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – “Baseless, partial, and reeks with ill-motive.”

This was how Rius Valle, spokesperson of the Save our Schools (SOS) Network, described the closure order of the Department of Education (DepEd) against the 55 lumad schools run by the Salugpungan Ta’ Tanu Igkanogon Community Learning Center, Inc. in Davao region.

“It is a clear betrayal of Lumad’s hope for education,” Valle said in a statement.

The closure of Salugpongan schools stemmed from the recommendation of National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr. because of their alleged links to the communist movement.

Esperon vice chairs the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict, a task force created by President Rodrigo Duterte through EO No. 70 on December last year.

On Tuesday (Oct. 8), DepEd-XI announced the results of its five-man fact-finding committee, nearly three months after it issued a suspension order to the Salugpongan schools.

The agency said its findings showed Salugpongan schools committed violations including the non-compliance with the curriculum standards set by DepEd-Davao, some students do not have Learners Reference Number, and teachers are not licensed, among others.

However, Valle said the “fact-finding team” created by DepEd to supposedly look into the allegations against Salugpongan had really no intention to look at the merits of the arguments of the school. The team, he added, failed to visit even one of the schools to verify the accusations.

“(DepEd) only lent their ears to the false narratives of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and its paramilitary troops about the Lumad community schools,” Valle said, thus, SOS cannot consider the validity of DepEd’s investigation and resolution.

Valle added DepEd “showed its lack of due process when it refused to grant Salugpongan a permit to operate and subsequently suspended the schools last July in response to a complaint filed by Esperon.”

“While refusing to give due process for Salugpongan, the DepEd has further gave the military a platform to continue its dirty tactic of weaving fabricated stories and to legitimize its attacks against these schools,” he said.

He also criticized Education Secretary Leonor Briones for justifying the suspension of the schools on several occasions, by “parroting the vilification and recycled accusation that the Salugpongan schools are teaching communist ideology among its students.”

Lumad women group Sabokahan also assailed the DepEd resolution.

“As mothers of countless students and graduates of Salugpongan, we are outraged by this cruel injustice to close the schools! The DepEd is robbing poor Lumad children of their basic right to education,” the group said in a statement.

Sabokahan belied the allegation that Salugpongan schools are training ground for the New People’s Army. Lumad mothers said the schools is not teaching their children how to dismantle rifles.

“The DepEd touts the same baseless arguments that state security forces use to justify our assassination. But any of the thousands of visitors of our schools, nationally and internationally, can attest to the justness of our curriculum based on sustainable agriculture, holistic health, and the same core subjects under the DepEd,” the group said.

“Does free, quality, and culturally-relevant education to Indigenous Peoples conflict with the ideology that the government upholds?” the group asked.

Kabataan Party-list, meanwhile, said the schools continue to be subjected to red-tagging and harassment under the Duterte government when all Lumads did is take the initiative to build their community schools as an answer to the problems in rural areas like the lack of access to primary schools.

“Under the continuing martial law in Mindanao, it is the military that continues to trample down the Lumad’s right to self-determination and launch attacks against their basic rights such as the right to education,” Kabataan Party-list said in a statement.

On her part, Bayan Muna Party-list representative Eufemia Cullamat, who’s also a Manobo in Lianga, Surigao del Sur, believed that the DepEd colluded with the AFP with the closure of Salugpongan schools.

“They treat us badly as they want to let projects like mines, dams, logging, plantations, and several other profit-oriented projects into our communities which are destroying our ancestral domains,” she said.

Farmer-leader arrested, facing ‘trumped-up’ charges

From the often pro-Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) online publication the Davao Today (Oct 12, 2019): Farmer-leader arrested, facing ‘trumped-up’ charges

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – A meeting of farmers in Caraga region to supposedly discuss activities for the commemoration of Peasant Month was disrupted when 20 combined elements of the police and military arrested a 68-year old farmer-leader Thursday (Oct.10) at his office in Brgy. Tiniwisan, Butuan City.

Members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the 402nd Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division, Philippine Army arrested Virgilio “Yoyong” Lincuna, Secretary General of Unyon ng mga Mag-uuma sa Agusan del Norte and council member of Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) in Caraga.

In a Facebook alert, KMP-Caraga said Lincuna was immediately brought to Camp Raphael Rodriguez in Butuan City. He’s facing three warrants of arrest for attempted murder issued by the Regional Trial Court in Lianga, Surigao del Sur.

Police Regional Office (PRO)-13 said Lincuna is a top leader of the New People’s Army (NPA) in the region.

But KMP-Caraga has denied the allegation saying Lincuna is a farmer-leader in the region since the 1980s. He’s been leading the campaigns of farmers and peasants like increasing the farm workers’ wages, lowering the rent of farmlands, increasing the prices of palay and copra, and ending usury, land conversion, land grabbing, and large-scale mining operations and plantations.

“His arrest is meant to cripple the peasant movement in Caraga, which persists despite the brutal Martial Law in Mindanao,” KMP-Caraga said in a statement.

The group also criticized the “inutile” Duterte government for its failure to “address the declining conditions of the country’s agriculture sector.”

KMP-Caraga noted that harassment, vilification and red tagging, forced fake surrenders, trumped-up charges, illegal arrests, and other abuses against farmers increased under the Duterte administration.


Meanwhile, human rights group Karapatan denounced the arrest warrant against former political prisoner and peasant activist Angelina Bisuña Ipong and several others for murder charges. The warrant was issued by a Regional Court in Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur on June 6, 2018.

“A peasant advocate and a former political prisoner, Ipong has been relentless in the advocacy for people’s rights, campaigning for the release of political prisoners and genuine agrarian reform,” Karapatan Deputy Secretary General Roneo Clamor said in statement Saturday.

Karapatan recalled that Ipong was abducted by the military in 2005, where she was subjected to sexual abuse and torture. She was only released in 2011 after charges filed against her were dismissed.

During Ipong’s time in detention on 2005, Clamor shared, she taught her fellow inmates how to grow a garden behind bars, adding she’s been a long-time activist who dedicated her life to poor peasants.

Ipong’s personality, Clamor said, is “far from the false and malicious murderer label that this desperate government forces on her.”

The same warrant was used against Antonietta Dizon, former Deputy Secretary General of the Confederation for Unity, Recognition, and Advancement of Government Employees last September 17.

Clamor linked the release of warrants against Ipong and other activists to the PNP-AFP’s Inter-Agency Committee on Legal Action (IACLA).

“These are all orchestrated in line with the policy of the government to persecute its perceived enemies,” Clamor said.

According to Karapatan, at least five activists are currently detained because of “trumped-up cases manufactured and with the complicity of issuing courts in different parts of the Caraga region.”

Caraga region, Clamor said, has become the warrant factory of state forces, used to weaponize the law and circumvent legal processes under PNP-AFP’s IACLA.

Cases filed vs PMA cadets, officers over Dormitorio’s death

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 11, 2019): Cases filed vs PMA cadets, officers over Dormitorio’s death

Featured Image

BAGUIO CITY - - Formal charges have been filed for the death of Philippine Military Academy Cadet Fourth Class Darwin Dormitorio at the Baguio City Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday.

Dexter Dormitorio, the eldest brother of Darwin with his legal counsel Jose Adrian Bonifacio and Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) Director PCol. Allen Rae Co formally filed criminal charges against seven cadets, two tactical officers and three doctors.

Lawyer Bonifacio said that cases of violation of the anti hazing law, the anti torture law and the murder were filed against the seven cadets namely cadet 1st class Axl Rey Sanopao, cadet 2nd class Christian Zacarias, cadets 3rd class Shalimar Imperial, Felix Lumbag, Julius Carlos Tadena, Rey David John Volante, and John Vincent Manalo.

Tactics Group senior tactical officer Maj. Rex Bolo and tactical officer of the Echo Company Capt. Jeffrey Batistiana were also charged as accomplices to the hazing done to the victim.

Three doctors the PMA Hospital Station led by Colonel Cesar Almar Candelaria, the commanding officer of the PMAHS, with Captain Flor Apple Apostol and Major Ofelia Beloy were also charged for dereliction of duty or negligence.

Darwin was found inside his room at the PMA unconscious by fellow cadets and was brought to the hospital where he was declared dead on arrival on September 18. Police investigation indicated the maltreatment he suffered leading to his death.

“Ang guarantee ko lang sa brother ko is this is just part one of the battles. We will not stop hanggang hindi napapanagot ang lahat," Dexter Dormitorio said.

“Heto ang wish ng aming family, dapat airtight case,” Dexter added. He said that their legal counsel and the police lawyers worked to finalize the paper works and provide the necessary documents to come up with an airtight case before filing the case.

Bonifacio said a panel of prosecutors will be formed by the Baguio City Prosecutors Office to investigate on the case.

Dexter Dormitorio, the eldest brother of PMA Cadet Darwin Dormitorio consults with lawyers prior to the filing of the cases at the Baguio City Prosecutors Office on Tuesday. RMC PIA-CAR

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Oct. 10, Cadet 1st Class Cadet Ram Navarro, the PMA Cadet Corps commander, relinquished his position to share the responsibility over what happened to Cadet Dormitorio and allow a fresh start for the Corps to initiate far reaching reforms.

On September 24, PMA Superintendent Lieutenant General Ronnie Evangelista and PMA Commandant of Cadets Brigadier General Bartolome Bacarro also resigned due to the incident, citing command responsibility.(JDP/RMC- PIA CAR)

Salugpungan closure, a victory for IPs

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 12, 2019): Salugpungan closure, a victory for IPs

Featured Image

DAVAO CITY - Authorities look at the closure of the Salugpungan Schools a victory for the Indigenous Peoples.

Speaking at the AFP-PNP Press Corps Briefing, Captain Jerry Lamosao, spokesperson of the 10th Infantry Division said the closing of the 55 schools of the Salugpungan Ta Tano Igkanugon following the investigation of the committee by the Department of Education in Davao Region only signifies the appreciation of facts that these IP schools were not really after for the welfare of the IPs but as a source of funding of IP cadres for the communist movement.

He said the IPs can now have the reason to pursue education in schools set by the Department of Education.

Lamosao said the military is monitoring if the Salugpungan schools complied the order which was issued yesterday.

“We will not be the agency that will implement the closure of Salugpungan schools but we are watching their compliance as ordered by the Department of Education,” he said.

Police Major Jason Baria, spokesperson of the Police Regional Office XI assured the security of public school teachers in the hinterlands particularly in Talaingod, Davao del Norte.

He said ordinary people, barangay officials and police officers assigned in the area are willing to provide security for public school teachers who might be agitated with the development that they have to take over the responsibilities in honing the children once handled by the Salungpungan schools. (PIA XI-Joey Sem G. Dalumpines)

Army welcomes CHR visit to ex-NPA child warriors in Bukidnon

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 13, 2019): Army welcomes CHR visit to ex-NPA child warriors in Bukidnon  (By 8th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army)

Featured Image

IMPASUGONG, Bukidnon - The 8th Infantry Battalion (8IB) welcomed the visit of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to check the status of former New People's Army (NPA) child warriors who are temporarily staying inside the 8IB camp at Brgy. Poblacion, this municipality.

Representatives from the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) visited the military camp on October 8 and held a dialogue with former minor rebels: 18 year-old Rodel, and 17 year-old Marben and Myjon.

No military personnel was present in the dialogue to give the former combatants the freedom to express what they want and the CHR team to ask their questions freely.

The CHR is an independent constitutional office whose function is to investigate all forms of human rights violations in the country.

“They asked how we were recruited at a young age, I said to them (CHR) that the NPA promised to send me to school so I joined because my parents can’t afford my education,” Myjon said after his interview. He surrendered to the 8IB due to fatigue and fear for security.

Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Illana, the commanding officer of the 8th Infantry Battalion, reiterated the transparency battalion to any organization that wants to visit the ex-NPA child combatants.

“Our unit is open to all organizations who wish to check and investigate incidents of abuses to our people, we are transparent on this matter,” he said.

He also condemned the recruitment of minors by the NPAs. “These children are proof that they (NPA) are recruiting minors and this should be stopped. Children should go to school, not to war,” he further said.

The 8IB has assisted former minor child combatants in filing legal cases against their recruiters for Violation of Republic Act (RA) 11188 also known as Special Protection for Children in Situations of Armed Act and RA 9851 or the Act Defining and Penalizing Crimes Against International Humanitarian Law (8IB/PA)

Army warns students vs. NPA recruitment

From the Philippine News (Oct 12, 2019): Army warns students vs. NPA recruitment

'NO' TO NPA RECRUITMENT. Students of the University of Antique try on military gear during Friday’s (Oct. 11, 2019) celebration of the Local Government Code Month in Antique. The Philippine Army warned students not to get recruited by the New People’s Army. (PNA photo by Annabel Consuelo J. Petinglay)

SAN JOSE DE BUENAVISTA, Antique -- The Philippine Army (PA) is warning students against being recruited by the New People’s Army (NPA), which is reportedly penetrating various schools in Antique the province of.

“Students should be aware that the only legal recruitment is with the Philippine Army, Philippine National Police, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines,”
Army Civil-Military Operations Officer of the 61st Infantry Battalion, 1Lt. Hazel Joy M. Durotan, said in an interview Friday.

San Jose de Buenavista Police chief, Lt. Col. Mark Darroca, said in a separate interview that they have intelligence reports that the rebels are targeting students as recruits.

Darroca said students of the Antique National School in San Jose de Buenavista and the University of Antique in Sibalom were among the targets, hence the increased police visibility in these schools.

He also said that the encounter that happened in Barangay Atabay in San Jose de Buenavista last year, where seven NPA officials were killed, is proof that the NPA rebels are after more educated individuals.

He cited the background of the NPA officials, some of whom were artists and former students.

San Jose de Buenavista Mayor Elmer Untaran said parents should closely monitor their children’s activities “so they would immediately know when there is something wrong, like when their children are harshly talking back.”

He also said that students are supposed to concentrate on their studies because their parents have high hopes for them to graduate.

Untaran, Darroca, and Durotan were at the University of Antique for the celebration of Local Government Code Month.

P200-K bounty for killers of NoCot village dad, 2 others

From the Philippine News (Oct 12, 2019): P200-K bounty for killers of NoCot village dad, 2 others

BOUNTY UP. Mayor Sumulong Sultan (sitting extreme right) of Pikit, North Cotabato, presides over Friday's (Oct. 11) municipal peace and order council meeting where members agreed to raise a PHP200,000 reward for information leading to arrest of suspects behind the recent murder of a Pikit village councilman and two others. The town has been rocked by a series of killings lately. (Photo courtesy of Pikit Mayor’s Office)

KIDAPAWAN CITY – The local government of Pikit, North Cotabato, has offered a PHP200,000 bounty for anyone who can provide information that would help in the identification and arrest of the suspects in the murder of a village councilman and two others last week.

“Hopefully, it will fast-track the investigation and bring justice to barangay councilman Andrew C. Lumibao and two others,” Mayor Sumulong Sultan of Pikit said after convening the municipal peace and order council (MPOC) on Friday.

Lumibao, former chair of Barangay Takepan and incumbent council member of the same village, was in a drinking session at a local variety store with two others, village watchmen Michael A. Arroyo and Robert L. Ayona, when two men on board a motorbike arrived and opened fire on them on Sept. 30.

Sultan said the motive of the attack on Lumibao and his companions remained unknown as of postingbut the MPOC chair hopes the bounty will help convince anyone who has vital information to resolve the case.

Pikit, one of the oldest towns in North Cotabato and about 40 kilometers west of this city has been rocked by a series of killings, compelling the town MPOC to deploy more police and force multipliers on major town streets.

More police checkpoints were also established around town with the soldiers securing the periphery.

W. Visayas peace cluster signs plan vs. insurgency

From the Philippine News (Oct 12, 2019): W. Visayas peace cluster signs plan vs. insurgency

UNITE TO END INSURGENCY. Members of the Peace, Law Enforcement and Development Support (PLEDS) Cluster of the Regional Task Force to End the Local Communist Armed Conflict (RTF-ELCAC) in Western Visayas sign their Implementation Plan at Camp Delgado in Iloilo City on Saturday (Oct. 12, 2019). The plan contains the commitments forged by the cluster members to fight insurgency and gear towards attaining sustainable and lasting peace in the region. (PNA photo by Gail Momblan)

ILOILO CITY -- Members of the Peace, Law Enforcement and Development Support Cluster in Western Visayas have signed their Implementation Plan (Implan) in support of the Regional Task Force to End the Local Communist Armed Conflict (RTF-ELCAC) at Camp Delgado here Saturday.

The co-chairs of the cluster are Gen. Dinoh Dolina, commander of the Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division, and Brig. Gen. Rene Pamuspusan, Police Regional Office 6 (Western Visayas) director.

In a press conference after the signing, Pamuspusan said the Implan synchronizes the efforts of peace, law enforcement, and development agencies to address the country’s problem on insurgency.

“The emphasis of the Implan is to really put the coordination of the different law enforcement agencies in our fight against insurgency. There is really coordination (on) how to do our efforts,” he said.

Pamuspusan said the police has been “more aggressive” in its coordination with the Army.

“We have all these training and seminars of our personnel. They were trained by the Armed Forces of the Philippines so that we will know how to get in this fight. We are coordinating so that the PNP will know where to come in, in terms of operation, investigation, and in terms of filing necessary cases against insurgents,” he said.

Dolina said that on Panay Island, Antique had been declared ready for peace and development in 2010 while the island-province of Guimaras “is not affected (by insurgency).”

He assessed, however, that local communist armed conflict still remains a problem in the provinces of Iloilo and Capiz.

“We are concentrating, gearing on the center, ranging from Tapaz (Capiz) to Miag-ao town (Iloilo). We know that these areas are affected,” he said.

Soliciting the support of its cluster's member agencies, Dolina said they target to make Panay insurgency-free by 2020.

“Based on our timeline, we want to make it happen in March 2020,” he said. “Hopefully next year, we will see the fruits of our labor.”

Other signatories to the Implan were Ana Burgos, National Commission on Indigenous Peoples 6 director; Jaime Cabag, Philippine Information Agency 6 director; Commodore Allan Victor dela Vega, Philippine Coast Guard 6 commander; and lawyer Manuel George Jularbal, National Bureau of Investigation 6 director.

Army treats Moro kids to daylong fun in NoCot

From the Philippine News (Oct 12, 2019): Army treats Moro kids to daylong fun in NoCot

FUN-FILLED DAY. Soldiers teach Moro kids how to play soccer inside the compound of the Army’s 602nd Infantry Brigade in Carmen, North Cotabato on Friday (Oct. 11, 2019) as part of its pre-anniversary activities. A total of 32 kids, some of whom were children of former members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, were also treated to a mall tour and a party at a popular fast-food chain in Kidapawan City. (Photo courtesy of 602nd IB)
KIDAPAWAN CITY – Soldiers of the Army’s 602nd “Liberator” Infantry Brigade (IB) on Friday brought smiles to some 32 Moro children belonging to poor families in a village in Carmen, North Cotabato.

Described as “A Day of Fun with the Liberators”, the activity served as the Army’s team-building with the kids and part of the pre-anniversary activities of the brigade.
Some of the kids, who were from the village of Kibayao, were children of former Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) members.

“The ‘Liberator’ aims to help these children enjoy and encourage them to go to school,” Brig. Gen. Alfredo V. Rosario Jr., the 602nd IB chief, said.

Rosario said three of the 32 kids will be provided with educational assistance by the Army, while the rest will be monitored regularly so they could sustain their studies.

As part of the activity, the Army troopers toured the kids around a fast-food chain in Kidapawan City, where they were treated with food and a party with mascots. The kids were then toured around a mall where they enjoyed games at the arcade.

Back in the camp, the kids also played soccer and got their chance to ride military vehicles and watch the soldiers perform a special drill.

“What happened today is just the start of your Army’s continuing help to ensure you are in school. We are your friend. We are your protectors. We are not your enemies,” Rosario told the kids.

“We have other programs for you. Your government is ready to serve you through us,” he said in Filipino.

Rosario also reiterated three things that the children must do -- study well, love and obey their parents, and respect and follow their teachers.

Renovated military hospital in Zambo back in operation

From the Philippine News (Oct 12, 2019): Renovated military hospital in Zambo back in operation

RENOVATED. The Edwin Andrews Air Base Hospital in Zamboanga City is back in operation Friday (October 11, 2019). SM Foundation executive director Connie Angeles (in purple) led the ribbon-cutting ceremony, together with military officers and SM executives in Mindanao. (Photo by SM Foundation)

The newly refurbished Edwin Andrews Air Base Hospital in Zamboanga City is back in operation Friday.

In a press statement released by the Public Relations Office of SM City Davao today, it said SM Foundation renovated the military facility in Zamboanga City is now up for a level 1 accreditation from the Department of Health (DOH).

The renovation works included the provision of furniture, appliances, and basic medical equipment.

The 29-bed capacity hospital operates as an infirmary catering to the health needs of around 3,900 uniformed personnel and their dependents, including authorized civilians within its area of responsibility.

The hospital also provides medical care and aero medical services to its stakeholders in Zamboanga, Basilan, and Tawi-Tawi.

The renovation project improved the hospital’s facilities, such as the pharmacy, emergency room, laboratory, rehabilitation section, military ward, and the isolation room.

A new reception area with waiting lounge, breastfeeding room, and mobile play cabinet station for children were also installed as part of the renovation.

The medical dispensary was first established in 1950 under the operational control of Sulu Air Task Group stationed in Baliwasan Moret during the height of a military offensive against the outlaw group of Hadji Kamlon.

In 1955, the dispensary was transferred to Santa Maria District and was renamed Edwin Andrews Air Base with the construction of a new medical wing.

In 1961, it was upgraded into a Medical Dispensary to cater to the growing PAF personnel in the area.

Currently, it is home to the Tactical Operation Command with five Tactical Operations Group, three Tactical Operations Squadron and four tenants.

The Camp Edwin Andrews Airbase Hospital is SM Foundation’s 34th improved military health facility & the 157th wellness center.