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Opinion: Media must purge itself of Red reporters

Opinion piece posted to the Manila Times (Jan 21, 2022); Media must purge itself of Red reporters (By Rigoberto Tiglao)

ONCE in a while, a news event reveals, as a bolt of lightning illuminates a dark landscape, the political stances of media men, maybe even their organizational memberships.

Take the news last week on the release of Juanito Itaas, convicted in 1991 together with an accomplice, Donato Continente, by Branch 88 of the Regional Trial Court for the 1989 killing of US Army Col. James Rowe. The Communist Party at the time admitted responsibility for it, claiming he was emblematic of US imperialist presence in the country. The Supreme Court upheld the trial court's decision in August 2000.

How did media outlets report this event? Their headlines as follows:

– ABS-CBN: "'Longest-held' political prisoner in PH Juanito Itaas released"

– GMA News: "Muntinlupa court orders release of longest-detained political prisoner"

– CNN Philippines: "Longest held political prisoner in PH freed"

– Philippine Star: "Political prisoner ordered released"

– Rappler: "PH's longest detained activist Juanito Itaas walks free".

Of course, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, with editors known in the industry to have been "nat-dem" activists, takes the Red cake, as it gave the news an emotional spin: " 'Longest-held political prisoner' now home."

In contrast, The Manila Bulletin, either with better editors or non-partisan reporters, reported objectively: "Trial court orders release of NPA member convicted for death of US Army Col. Rowe." Strangely, there was no report in this newspaper about the release of the assassin.

If most of Philippine media reported that the Philippines has had a political prisoner for 39 years, what would the world think of us, a dictatorship that can put a political dissenter in prison for that long? I hate US imperialists, but Rowe was murdered and not a casualty in a war.

Indeed, the reports by mainstream media so alarmed the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-Elcac) that it issued through its spokesman, Defense Undersecretary Jose Joel Egco — formerly this newspaper's chief of reporters — a detailed press release explaining the case. "New People's Army (NPA) assassin and convicted murderer Juanito Itaas has never been and will never be considered a 'political prisoner' but a cold-blooded killer who served his sentence under the law," Egco said.

Only GMA News corrected its misinformation. The others ignored the task force's clarification.

How can these mainstream media all report the same garbage, using the key term "political prisoner"? Only the Communist Party of the Philippines and its fronts have called Itaas a "political prisoner" since it insists that the CPP with its NPA has the moral right, that is, the political stance, to undertake a violent project to topple our democratic system. In fact, the CPP publications always claim that their cadres who were arrested and in prison are "political prisoners," even if they have been charged in regular courts for some crime such as murder and illegal possession of firearms. Any NPA killed in battle was salvaged, the CPP propaganda network reported, which really explains why there were "2,326 killed or disappeared" declared by the Aquino 3rd regime as human rights victims during martial law.

The reporters in these media outlets were simply echoing the party line.

It's a daunting project to disinfect our media of the Red reporters, as even their owners don't think it is a problem. Never has Philippine media been penetrated by communist cadres, or at least their loyal sympathizers on the scale that it is now.

Worse is that even fresh-out-of-college journalists seem to be romanticizing their role as secret operatives of the party.

The UP College of Mass Communications has been one of the biggest trainers of Red reporters, what with Jose Luis Teodoro — a founding member of Jose Ma. Sison's Kabataang Makabayan who would have been an NPA guerrilla if not for his fondness for Western luxuries — dominating the culture at that institution.

But not only from UP. When I was an editorial consultant in this newspaper in 2013, I investigated the articles written by a young reporter as it was clearly so sympathetic to a labor union on strike. And indeed many of her articles on the issue were lifted from the manifestos of that labor union, whom my old comrades said had a party branch. She's now an officer of the Red front National Union of Journalists of the Philippines.

Deliberate or not, one of Communist Party founder Jose Ma. Sison's most effective strategies was not only to focus on the student sector — the old Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas focused on the peasantry — but on writers and journalists. Thus by the 1970s he had sympathetic or card-carrying party members the best journalists of the time — Satur Ocampo, Antonio Zumel, Henry Romero and the master of new journalism at that time, Pete Lacaba.

To this day, few know that the late National Artist Bienvenido Lumbera, who had a wide network among the literati in UP and the Ateneo, was a member of the UP party branch until his retirement, and for a few years in the 1970s shepherded the party's organ Ang Bayan, especially its Filipino edition.

Why, even the Communist Party issued a glowing eulogy for Lumbera, the kind given only to Central Committee members or national-level NPA commanders; "The Communist Party of the Philippines (and all revolutionary forces pay tribute to Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera (Ka Bien), people's artist and stalwart of the revolutionary cultural movement in the Philippines." Indeed, it is ironic that Lumbera was given an "Award for Journalism" by the foundation named after the fierce anti-communist Ramon Magsaysay. That's how deep communist cadres have penetrated our institutions.

Who knows how many second-liners these Red wordsmiths trained or even recruited into their ideological circles. Indeed read the articles at the Red website "Philippine Revolution Web Central." The website looks better than that of mainstream newspapers, and their articles, sorry to say, better written and edited. (One article in the current edition had the headline: "Sauron-like operations continue in Central Negros, terrorizing civilians." The Red reporter obviously is a fan of Lord of the Rings.)

No wonder the Philippine Collegian, which we taxpayers subsidize, for decades now reads as if it is the student edition of Ang Bayan.

I don't think there has ever been a similar phenomenon in Asia in which communist thinking has been deeply embedded in universities and in newspapers. That is one of the Republic's biggest obstacles in defeating this bloody insurgency that has plagued us for more than a century, and in developing the country.

The Reds will always mobilize their resources, especially in media, to put down any government if it is not in alliance with them, as the Aquino 3rd regime was.

Believe me on this: I was myself a Red reporter when I entered media in the 1980s, but totally rejected the Party in the 1990s when I found incontrovertible proof of the crimes it had committed.

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VISCOM: Communist groups now becoming ‘irrelevant’ as public support weakens

From the Cebu Daily News (Jan 30, 2022): VISCOM: Communist groups now becoming ‘irrelevant’ as public support weakens (By: Pegeen Maisie M. Sararaña)

Residents of one of the localities in the Visayas burn the flag of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) New People’s Army (NPA). | VISCOM photo

Communist groups in the Visayas have started to become “irrelevant” with the weakening of public support that they are also getting, according to Lieutenant General Robert Dauz of the Visayas Command (VISCOM).

In a statement, Dauz said, community engagement by government forces through the implementation of their Community Support Program (CSP) and the national government’s Barangay Development Program played a major role in convincing the public to instead support the government’s peacekeeping initiatives.

“With our sustained community engagements, the people in the region started to break free from the clutches of the communist terrorists while embracing the active role in the government’s peace and development initiatives. This is manifested in the increasing number of information provided by the community which translates into successful internal security and law enforcement operations by your government forces,” Dauz said.

From January 1, 2021, to January 29, 2022, a total of 8, 174 local government units here have declared the Communist Party of the Philippines – New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) as persona non grata in their respective localities.

Of the declarations, a total of 7,759 were issued at the barangay level while 364 came from the different municipalities in the Visayas. A total of 39 cities and 12 provinces also issued the same declaration.

Dauz said these declarations serve as proof that rebels are no longer welcome in the different localities here.

As they continue their fight against insurgency, Dauz is also asking members of the few remaining communist groups in the Visayas to already return to the fold of the law.

“Your reign of terror in the Visayas are numbered. VISCOM and its subordinate units, being the Servants in the Visayas will never falter in our commitment to sustain peace and foster development for the people in this part of the country. Lay down your arms, abandon your armed struggle, and head to the call of the government for genuine peace. Return to the fold of the law, avail of the government’s local integration program, and live a peaceful and progressive life with your families.” he said.

Ex-NPA leader nabbed in Caraga

Posted to PTV News (Jan 31, 2022): Ex-NPA leader nabbed in Caraga (By Alexander Lopez)

The Police Regional Office – Caraga (PRO-13) on Saturday, Jan. 29, reported the arrest of a former leader of the communist New People’s Army (NPA) who has been in hiding for more than three years.

In a statement, PRO-13 Director Brig. Gen. Romeo Caramat Jr. said Reynaldo Y. Gaan, 38, was arrested by Cabadbaran City police in Barangay Mahaba in Agusan del Norte.

He said Gaan, a former team leader of the NPA’s Sandatahang Yunit Pampropaganda (SYP) 21C of Guerrilla Front 51, has an arrest warrant for attempted murder issued by Regional Trial Court Branch 33 in Butuan City.

“Reynaldo Gaan was among those who ambushed and landmine nine members of Citizens Armed Forces Geographical Unit under the 29th Infantry Battalion 29IB who were conducting combat patrol at around 6:30 in the morning on Nov. 29, 2018, in Barangay San Antonio, Remedios T. Romualdez, Agusan del Norte,” Caramat said.

Gaan is now under the custody of the Cabadbaran City Police.

In Agusan del Sur, the former leader of Squad 2, SYP Platoon of Dismantled Guerrilla Front 88, North Central Mindanao Regional Committee of the NPA surrendered to the Agusan del Sur Police Provincial Office (ADSPPO) on Friday, Jan. 28.

Caramat identified the surrenderer as Alias JB, 34, of San Luis town.

“Alias JB’s name is listed in the First Quarter Periodic Status Report and included in the Common Priority Database list,” Caramat said.

Alias JB, who also handed over to the ADSPPO a cal. 30 Garand rifle with a defaced serial number, will be enrolled in the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program of the government.

Negrense army officer leads elite unit

From the Visayan Daily Star (Jan 31, 2022): Negrense army officer leads elite unit (By GILBERT P. BAYORAN)

Negrense Col. Eliglen Villaflor is now the acting commander of the elite Philippine Army’s Special Forces Regiment (Airborne).

Villaflor, who is the deputy commander of SFRA, took over command of the elite unit on January 29, following the retirement of its commander, Brig. Gen. Lincoln Francisco Tagle, from the military service.

Military records show that Villaflor, a member of the Philippine Military Academy Class 1992, started his military career with the Special Forces Regiment, having been assigned in Negros as commander of 32nd Special Force Company in Cadiz City.

Villaflor, of Bago City, Negros Occidental, was among the winners of Metrobank Foundation—Rotary Club Makati Metro Search for The Outstanding Philippine Soldiers (TOPS) in 2016.

As former commander 4th Special Forces Villaflor led combat against Abu Sayyaf and other threat groups, while doing also community service efforts that benefitted thousands of residents during his two-year stint in war-torn Basilan.

As a United Nations peacekeeper, Villaflor successfully negotiated the release of civilians abducted by Syrian rebels in Golan Heights.

As the acting SFRA commander, Villaflor supervises six SF battalions deployed in conflict areas of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

He was also recognized by then Army chief Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana for the transformation of Army Personnel Management Center into a world-class office, as its head for almost two years.

Wanted Abu Sayyaf bomb-maker still alive, says ESSCom

Posted to the Free Malaysia Today (Jan 30, 2022): Wanted Abu Sayyaf bomb-maker still alive, says ESSCom (By Bernama)

ESSCom commander Hamzah Ahmad said Philippine authorities have established that Abu Sayyaf bomb-maker Mudzrimar@ Mundi Sawadjaan is still alive following clashes with him since July 2021. (Facebook pic)

LAHAD DATU: A Abu Sayyaf bomb-maker, earlier reported to have been shot dead, is still alive.

Mudzrimar@ Mundi Sawadjaan.

Identified as Mudzrimar@ Mundi Sawadjaan, he is wanted by the Sabah Eastern Zone Security Command, (ESSCom) and was reportedly shot dead last May in the Philippines.

ESSCom commander Hamzah Ahmad said this information was confirmed by the Philippine security forces involved in the Sulu Joint Task Force and the Western Mindanao Command.

“We can confirm that Mudzrimar is still alive following a series of clashes and encounters between the Philippine security forces and the suspect since July 2021,” he said in a statement today.

Mudzrimar, who was removed from the list of individuals wanted by ESSCom last year, is now back on the list following a kidnapping-for-ransom case in the Sabah ESSZone.

Mudzrimar is the nephew of Abu Sayyaf senior leader Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan, and possesses bomb-making expertise.

He was also responsible for planning several bombing incidents in Jolo in the Philippines, in 2020, including at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cathedral.

Recently, questions were raised about Mudzrimar following an ESSCom statement re-listing him among 20 wanted Philippine terror suspects.

WESTMINCOM: 2 NPA Field Commanders and 6 Followers Yield in Sultan Kudarat Province

 Posted to the Western Mindanao Command (WESTMINCOM) Facebook Page (Jan 29, 2022): 2 NPA Field Commanders and 6 Followers Yield in Sultan Kudarat Province

6th Infantry Division - Kampilan

2 NPA Field Commanders and 6 Followers Yield in Sultan Kudarat Province

CAMP SIONGO, Maguindanao - Two (2) Field Commanders and six (6) of their followers returned to the folds of the law in two (2) batches at Barangay Tibpuan, Lebak, Sultan Kudarat on January 24 and 26, 2022.
Major General Juvymax Uy disclosed that both of the NPA Field Commanders are Platoon Commanders of the Sub-Regional Committee (SRC) Daguma, Far-South Mindanao Region (FSMR) operating in the tri-boundaries of Sultan Kudarat, South Cotabato, and Sarangani Provinces.
Lt. Col. Allen Van Estrera, Commanding Officer of 37IB said that the first batch of surrender was led by alias Bakilo, the Commanding Officer of Ulayan Platoon, and alias Ranger, the CO of Dabu-Dabu Platoon all under SRC Daguma, FSMR along with five (5) of their followers on January 24, 2022. It was then followed by the surrender of another three (3) CTG members from West Daguma Front, SRC Daguma, FSMR on January 26, 2022. All of the surrenderers were received by representatives from the military, police, and local government units at Headquarters 37th Infantry Battalion, Barangay Tibpuan, Lebak, Sultan Kudarat.
The former rebels brought along with them a 5.56mm M16 Rifle, one (1)7.62mm M14 Rifle, two (2) Caliber .45 Pistols, and one (1) fragmentation grenade.
“Their surrender is a huge setback to the mainstream communist terrorist group and is an indication that their group is continuously weakening”, said Brig. Gen. Eduardo Gubat, Commander of 603rd Brigade.
Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Juvymax Uy said, "The surrender of the CTG Field Commanders and their followers can be attributed to the concerted effort of the different government agencies under the Task Force to End the Local Communist Armed Conflict (TF ELCAC) of Sultan Kudarat. Eventually, the communist movement will become irrelevant as their members and the communities they have threatened already came into the realization of the importance of having a peaceful and sustainable community."
Further, Maj. Gen. Uy stressed that the JTF Central and the government is willing to accept those CTG members that are still in hiding, back to the folds of the law. “We have various programs that will help surrenderers live a normal and peaceful life again together with their families. But those who refuse to cooperate with the government, the JTF Central will be relentless in hunting them down in order to protect our communities from their atrocities," Maj. Gen. Uy added.


WESTMINCOM: 3 Communist Terrorist Group Members Yield in Sultan Kudarat

Posted to the Western Mindanao Command (WESTMINCOM) Facebook Page (Jan 29, 2022): 3 Communist Terrorist Group Members Yield in Sultan Kudarat

4th Civil Relations Group

3 Communist Terrorist Group Members Yield in Sultan Kudarat
Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City – January 27, 2022

Three members of the communist terrorist group yielded to the military in Sultan Kudarat on January 26, 2022. The three submitted themselves to the soldiers at Headquarters, 37th Infantry Battalion, Barangay Tibpuan, Lebak, Sultan Kudarat.
“Based on the report from the ground, the surrendered personalities are former members of the Hqs Company, West Daguma Front, Sub-regional Committee Daguma, Far South Mindanao Region,” said Lt. Gen. Alfredo Rosario, Jr., Commander of Western Mindanao Command.
Surrendered personalities handed over one 5.56mm M16 rifle, one 7.62mm M14 rifle, and one M67 Fragmentation Hand Grenade. They underwent medical check-ups and custodial debriefing facilitated by the 37th Infantry Battalion.
According to Joint Task Force Central Commander, Maj. Gen. Juvymax Uy, the successful surrender of the three CTG members was a result of the combined efforts of the 37IB and the intelligence units. “This is a result of our continuous campaign against terrorism here in central Mindanao,” Maj. Gen. Uy said.

The surrendered personalities revealed that their former comrade convinced them to lay down their arms and return to the folds of the law. Their identities are not disclosed for their safety and protection.

From January 1 to date, a total of seven CTG members have already been neutralized, of whom six surrendered and one was killed during an encounter.
“Congratulations to the troops of Joint Task Force Central for the splendid job. It is but more fulfilling to win this fight against terrorism without single bloodshed, "said Lt. Gen. Rosario Jr.

MILF: LBO conducts Press Conference on Gokotan incident; urges PNP Regional Director’s Tagum resignation

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front Website (Jan 27, 2022): LBO conducts Press Conference on Gokotan incident; urges PNP Regional Director’s Tagum resignation (By LBO Committee On Information, Communication And Technology, Luwaran)

Cotabato City (January 25, 2022) -The League of Bangsamoro Organizations (LBO) have urged BGen. Alexander Tagum to resign as Region 12 Director of the Philippine National Police (PNP) amid the police bloody operation in Barangay Gokotan, Pikit, North Cotabato at dawn of December 29, 2021.

This statement was made by LBO chair of Peace Unity and Reconciliation Mahdi Amella during a press conference on January 24, 2022 at Darul Aman Function Hall in Barangay Capiton, Datu Odin Sinsuat Maguindanao.

In his opening statement, Chairman Amella said that the press conference is intended to voice-out the sentiments of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the affected community on the plight of the residents of Gokotan who were victims of un-coordinated raid conducted by PNP 12 under the direct command and supervision of Gen. Tagum that resulted to the death of innocent civilians, lootings and destruction of their properties.

“Ang original na schedule ng solidarity visit was on January 23, kahapon at ang plano ay magkakaroon muna ng Caravan o motorcade mula Cotabato City hanggang Pikit na dadaluhan na mahigit kumulang one hundred na mga sasakyan dahil magkakaroon tayo ng peaceful condemnation rally sa Pikt Plaza tapos may Press Con sa Municipal Session hall ng Pikit at tutuloy tayo sa Gokotan upang magkaroon ng dialogue sa mga opisyales ng Barangay at kakausapin na rin natin ang mga relatives ng mga biktima para mabigyan din natin sila ng kaunting ayuda subalit hindi ho natuloy ang nasabing mission sapagkat nag declared ng IATF national kung saan ang North Cotabato ay napabilang sa level 3 category ng Covid 19 kaya na cancelled ang nasabing rally pati na rin ang iba pang mga aktibidades” (The original schedule of the solidarity visit was on January 23, yesterday. The original plan was to have Caravan or motorcades from Cotabato City to Pikit that would be attended by about one hundred vehicles because we will have a peaceful condemnation rally at Pikit Plaza, followed by a Press Conference at the Municipal Session hall of Pikit afterwards the team would proceed to the site of the incident in Barangay Gokotan to have a dialogue with the Barangay officials. We will also have to talk with the relatives of the victims so that we can also give them few assistance but the said mission did not pushed through when the Inter Agency Task Force on Covid 19 (IATF) declared that North Cotabato province is under level 3 category, that is why the conduct of the condemnation rally as well as other activities were canceled. Amella said.

“Ang panawagan po natin dito sa LBO ay mabigyan talaga ng hustisya itong karumal - dumal na pagpatay sa mga inosenting sibilyan. Sinabi natin na karumal dumal sapagkat bukod sa malapitan ang pagkakabaril, double dead iyong nangyari kasi paulit ulit iyong pag baril na pwedi naman mamatay ang isang tao kahit isang bala lang lalo na pag sa ulo ito matamaan ng bala” (Our call here at the LBO is for the justice to be served for this barbaric murder of innocent civilians. It’s a barbaric because apart from the closed range shooting, we found out that it was a “double dead”, (over kill). One could die even if it’s just one single bullet, especially if a person is hit at the head. But what exactly happened is that the victims were hit by multiple bullets with his brain blown out), Amella added.

He also warned of the possibility of another Mamasapano incident in 2016 if the PNP continues to violate the GPH and MILF ceasefire agreement.

“We call upon the PNP and the military to coordinate all their operations with the Adhoc Joint Action Group (AHJAG) to avoid missed encounter similar to the Mamasapano incident”.

“LBO is not opposed in the serving of the arrest warrant to criminals as long as it does not violate the ceasefire agreement and civilians are not harmed, so all military or police operations should be coordinated with AHJAG and CCCH to preserve the gains of the peace process between the government and the MILF so that peace and harmony will be reign in our c ommunities’.

“Tayo din ay nababahala dahil sa kasalukuyan, hindi po na kompleto ang isang bahagi ng kasunduan ng goberno at ng MILF, patungkol sa decommissioning o pag turn-over ng armas ng mga combatant’s ng MILF sa Independent Decommissioning Body (IDB). Tayoy nangangamba na mahihirapan tayong I- convince ang mga combatants ng MILF kung patuloy itong mangyayari dahil baka gawing rason ito ng mga elements ng MILF dahil wala silang kasiguraduhan na ma proteksionan sila ng mga kapulisan kung mawawala na ang kanilang mga armas.” (We are also concerned because at present, part of the agreement between the government and the MILF, is the decommissioning of MILF combatants that is yet to be completed. We fear that it would be difficult for us to convince the MILF combatants if violations continue to happen because MILF combatants have no guarantee that the police will be able to protect them once they lose their weapons.

The LBO also issued a Manifesto that reads:

The Manifesto read by Emran Mohamad, LBO Spokesman, said that “the continuing disrespect of the existing ceasefire protocols by state forces can be capitalized by third parties who are spoilers of GPH-MILF peace process to justify their actions in disrupting the gains of the peace process. Moreover, he said, the Gokotan incident can be a fertile ground for these third parties to recruit even from the ranks of MILF to seek for justice and eventually disregard the peace process. This violence must be stopped”.
“Considering the foregoing, he said, We the Civil Society Organizations under the umbrella of the League of the Bangsamoro Organizations manifest the following:

1. We condemn in highest possible terms the brutal killings of the MILF members and civilians borne out of disrespect to the existing ceasefire protocols;

2. We call on Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte to create an independent probe body to conduct a full-blown investigation of the Gokotan raid and immediately relieve General Tagum;

3. We call on the GPH-MILF peace implementing panels to immediately convene to address the Gokotan killings and formulate mechanism to avoid the repeat of this violence

4. We request the BARMM government and North Cotabato provincial Government to extend full assistance to the bereaved families of the Gokotan victims.

5. We call on the affected families to remain steadfast, continue to respect the rule of law, and trust our leaders in their efforts to bring justice to the victims, Mohammad stressed.

Testimony of a witness:

In the later part of the Press Conference, an unexpected participant Norsalam Dalid; suddenly appeared, and requested the organizer of the Press Con to give her an opportunity to talk to media to air her call for justice for the “brutal killing of his father Badrudin Dalid and her sister Arbaya Panisares. She emotionally expressed her sentiments about the incident in Gokotan.
“Bandang alas dos na nang medaling araw noong December 29, 2021 nagising na lang kami dahil sa mga putok ng baril.

Pinagbabaril ng mga pulis ang mga kabahayan at patay na rin ang mga ilaw sa labas dahil pinagbabarili na rin nila ito kaya itinakas kami ng tatay namin na si Badrudin doon kami dumaan sa gate sa likod ng bahay, nauna ang tatay namin at pinagbabaril na kami lahat ng mga pulis kaya unang tinamaan at namatay ang ama naming kasama din si ate na tinamaan ng bala habang bitbit niya ang kanyang tatlong gulang na anak kasama din ang isang anim na gulang na anak ni Arbaya Panisares” (At around two o'clock on the morning of December 29, 2021, we woke up due to sounds of gunfire, so we immediately went outside passing through the back gate but our father was the first to be hit by the police and died immediately along with my sister, Arbaya Panisares while she was carrying her three year old son and her six year old daughter)”

Norsalam also reiterated her call for President Duterte to help them seek justice for the death of her father and sister who are victims of human rights violations. Nananawagan kami kay Presidente na sanay makamit namin ang hustisya para sa pamilya namin.” We call on the President to help us achieve justice for our family”).

According to Norsalam, their properties were also taken by the raiding team of Gen. Tagum, hundreds of pawned motorbikes, main source of their livelihood were confiscated. The police also allegedly confiscated their personal belongings such as laptops, large amounts of money, gold as well as their cellphones and the entire household inside the compound were looted and destroyed. All their belongings were stolen and those things that still remain which are not useful to them were totally damaged. They also stole her mother’s pan, even the ducks were not spared.

When asked about the police allegations that the motorcycles were car nap/motor nap, she strongly denied their allegations.
Hindi totoong mga carnap ang mga motor na sinanla sa amin. Ang katibayan meron kaming business permit at meron ndin kaming certification mula sa BIR” (It is not true that the motors pawned to us were carnap. The proof is that we have a business permit and we also have a certification from the BIR.

Meanwhile, UNYPAD Secretary General and LBO Vice President for Internal Affairs Yosuph Lumambas stressed the stand of the UNYPAD being a member of the Third Party Monitoring Team (TPMT) that they will recommend to the TPMT to sign an exit agreement should be no fill implementation of the peace agreement.

TPMT is an independent body mandated to monitor, review and assess the implementation of all GPH-MILF signed agreements, primarily the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB) and its Annexes. Including normalization.
Moving forward:

LBO also called for an impartial investigations not just rely on the result of the investigation conducted by the Intelligence Assistance Service (IAS) so the result of the investigation is credible, thus acceptable to all parties It will continue the call for the resignation of Region 12 PNP Director General Tagum.

Through the Committee on Advocacy and Lobbying, LBO will initiate dialogue with members of the Bangsamoro Parliament, including Congress if needed. They will also call the attention of Human Rights Commission and other concern institutions to file an appropriate charges against the PNP Regional Director and his team for the human rights civilians they have committed. LBO assures the family of victims to heed their call for the President to intervene for the immediate resolutions of this case.

[Luwaran is the official online publication of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Committee on Information, MILF Central Committee]

CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: Proyektong Kaliwa Dam, niraratsada ng rehimeng Duterte

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis (Tagalog edition) posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jan 30, 2022): Proyektong Kaliwa Dam, niraratsada ng rehimeng Duterte (Left Dam project, planned by the Duterte regime)

January 30, 2022

Apat na buwan bago matapos ang upisyal na termino nito, niraratsada ng rehimeng Duterte ang kontruksyon ng ₱12-bilyong proyektong Kaliwa Dam sa kabundukan ng Sierra Madre sa kabila ng mahigpit na tinututulan ng mga minoryang mamamayan sa lugar. Ang proyektong dam ay maglulunod sa mga lugar na saklaw ng mga lupang ninuno ng mga katutubo sa prubinsya ng Quezon at Rizal.

Mula Enero 24 hanggang 29, naglunsad ng dalawang asembliya ang Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) at National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) sa General Nakar, Quezon at Tanay, Rizal para tipunin ang mahigit 100 lider ng mga katutubong Dumagat/Remontado para ipitin sila na pumirma sa memorandum of agreement para sa naturang proyekto.

Matagal nang tinututulan ng mga apektadong katutubong komunidad ang Kaliwa Dam. Tumatanggi silang magbigay ng free, prior and informed consent (FPIC o dokumento ng kusang pagsang-ayon). Nakasaad mismo sa ilalim ng rekasyunaryong batas na maaari lamang simulan ang mga proyektong pang-imprastruktura sa mga lupang ninuno kung nakakuha na ang proyekto ng FPIC mula sa mga katutubo.

Ayon kay Conchita Calzado, isa sa mga lider na dumalo sa pagtitipon, hindi nakalahok ang lahat ng apektadong mga katutubo at pili lamang ang pinadalo sa pagtitipon. Dagdag pa niya, maging ang mga dumalo ay hindi binigyan ng oportunidad para makapagsalita. “Talagang kinokontrol nila kung sino lang ang magsasalita,” puna niya.

Binatikos din ng STOP Kaliwa Dam Network ang mapanlinlang na maniobra ng rehimen para papirmahin ang mga lider sa naturang MOA. Anito, nakasaad sa imbitasyon para sa aktibidad na bahagi lamang ng adyenda nito ang balidasyon ng MOA at pagbabalangkas ng community royalty development program (CRDP), at hindi ang pagpirma sa MOA. “Pagdating pa lamang (ng mga lider sa pagtitipon), agad nang inihapag ang pagpirma sa MOA, kahit wala pang balidasyon ang MOA at hindi pa nakukumpleto ang CRDP kasama ang mga apektadong komunidad,” paglalahad nito.

Ayon sa grupo, iginigiit ng mga lider na dapat iangkla ang anumang kasunduan sa pagkilala sa karapatan sa lupaing ninuno ng mga katutubong komunidad sa lugar.

Nanawagan naman ang Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment ng imebstigasyon kaugnay sa “huling-minutong” pagraratsada ng rehimen sa proyekto, na anito’y patunay ng pagiging maka-China at maka-negosyo nito. Hinamon din ng grupo ang mga kandidatong oposisyon at independyente sa darating na halalan na magsalita at mangako na ipatitigil ang “lantarang iligal at pabigat na proyektong Kaliwa Dam” sakaling sa eleksyon. Nanawagan din ang grupo sa mga botante na igiit sa mga lider na galangin ang karapatan ng mga katutubong Dumagat at bigyan ng proteksyon ang Kaliwa Watershed.

Samantala, binatikos din ng ilang lider ang paglulunsad ng pagtitipon sa kabila ng mabilis na pagkalat ng Covid-19 sa mga prubinsya. Anila, isinasapanganib nito ang kalusugan ng mga katutubong komunidad, na kalakha’y hindi pa bakunado, dahil sa posibilidad na mahawa ang mga lider na dumalo sa pagtitipon.

Ang Kaliwa Dam ay isang ₱12-bilyong proyekto sa 37,174 ektaryang lupang ninuno sa Sierra Madre na popondohan gamit ang pautang mula sa China para lumikha ng karagdagang 600 milyong litro ng tubig kada araw para sa Metro Manila. Palalayasin ng proyektong ito ang libu-libong mga katutubong nakatira sa lugar. Pinangangambahan na magreresulta ang proyekto sa pagtindi ng mga pagbaha hindi lamang sa mga apektadong komunidad, kundi pati na rin sa Metro Manila, at pagkawasak ng kagubatan sa Sierra Madre kung saan matatagpuan ang iba’t ibang klase ng hayop at mga halaman na nanganganib nang maubos.

CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: Konsultant ng NDFP na si Pedro Codaste, pinatay pagkatapos dukutin ng AFP

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis (Tagalog edition) posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jan 30, 2022): Konsultant ng NDFP na si Pedro Codaste, pinatay pagkatapos dukutin ng AFP (NDFP consultant Pedro Codaste, killed after being abducted by the AFP)

January 30, 2022

Kinundena ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP) ang pagdukot, tiyak na pagtortyur, at pagpaslang ng mga elemento ng 4th ID kay Pedro Codaste (Ka Gonyong), konsultant sa usapang pangkapayapaan sa pagitan ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines at Gubyerno ng Republika ng Pilipinas. Pinatay din ang noo’y kasama niya sa tinitirhang bahay na Pulang mandirigma na si Ka Sandro. Ayon sa PKP, pinaslang sila ng berdugong AFP sa pagitan ng Enero 19 at Enero 25.

Ayon sa mga paunang ulat, si Ka Gonyong ay nakahiwalay sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan (BHB) simula pa Agosto 2021 para magpagaling mula sa iba’t ibang mga karamdaman at tumutuloy sa isang bahay sa Bukidnon. Sugatan at nagpapagaling din ang kasama niyang si Ka Sandro. Naputol ang komunikasyon kay Ka Gonyong noong Enero 19 kung kailan tinatayang dinukot siya ng mga ahente ng militar.

Pinalalabas ni Brig. Gen Oliver T. Vesliño, tumatayong kumander ng 4th ID, na napaslang sa isang labanan si Ka Gonyong noong Enero 21 sa Barangay Kalabugao, Impasugong, Bukidnon. Ayon sa yunit ng BHB na nakasasaklaw sa lugar, walang naganap na engkwentro sa naturang barangay noong araw na iyon.

Si Ka Gonyong ay higit 70 taong gulang na. Mahusay niyang pinagsilbihan ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan nang higit 50 taon, pagbabahagi ni Marco Valbuena, upisyal sa impormasyon ng PKP. Bahagi siya ng unang mga bats ng Pulang mandirigma na nagpanday ng landas ng armadong pakikibaka sa Northern Mindanao at kabilang sa mga nagtayo ng unang mga yunit ng BHB, dagdag ni Valbuena.

“Ang kanyang buong-buhay na pagsisilbi sa masang manggagawa at magsasaka ay habampanahong magbibigay-inspirasyon sa bagong henerasyon ng mga rebolusyonaryong mandirigma para magpursigi sa mahirap na landas ng pakikibaka para ipaglaban ang pambansa at demokratikong adhikain ng sambayanan,” ayon kay Valbuena. Idinagdag rin ng upisyal sa impormasyon na si Ka Gonyong ay isang marubdob na mag-aaral at walang-kapagurang guro ng Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo.

Si Ka Gonyong ay nakulong nang halos anim na taon mula Disyembre 2010 hanggang August 19, 2016. Pinalaya siya para lumahok sa negosasyong pangkapayapaan sa Oslo, Norway. Noon pang Mayo 2017, nang maging mabuway ang usapang pangkapayapaan, nagkaroon na ng banta sa buhay ni Ka Gonyong matapos ilabas ng AFP Eastern Mindanao Command ang atas na “shoot-to-kill” laban sa kanya.

Si Ka Gonyong ang pinakahuli sa mga biktima ng ekstrahudisyal na pagpaslang at likidasyon ng mga rebolusyonaryo, na lantarang paglabag sa internasyunal na makataong batas. Simula maagang bahagi ng 2020, tinatayang hindi bababa sa 15 mga rebolusyonaryo ang pinaslang ng mga ahente ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Kabilang dito ang pinakahuling mga kaso nang pagpatay kina Jorge Madlos (Ka Oris), tagapagsalita ng BHB, na pinaslang kasama ang kanyang medik sa Bukidnon matapos dukutin noong Oktubre 29, 2021, at kumander ng BHB na si Mendanro Villanueva (Ka Bok), na nadakip nang buhay sa isang armadong engkwentro sa Davao de Oro ngunit idineklarang patay ng AFP noong Enero 6.

Kalinaw News: Man arrested in Sirawan Checkpoint for threatening to throw Granade

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jan 30, 2022): Man arrested in Sirawan Checkpoint for threatening to throw Granade

A man faced arrest on Sunday, January 30 after threatening to throw a granade in the area of Task Force Davao Sirawan Checkpoint.

The authorities identified the suspect as Eric V. Daque, 42 years old, a Telecom technician and a resident of Valencia Bukidnon who was driving a Red Bongo with plate numver MAQ 2495, travelling towards Davao City.

According to the duty inspector, while conducting a thorough inspection at light vehicle inspection area, the suspect uttered the words “Naa koy dalang granada diri sa akoang bag! Unsay gusto ninyo, pabuthon nako ni sa tunga sa dalan?.”

TFD personnel immediately coordinated with the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) and arrested the suspect.

The suspect is now under the custody of Toril Police Station for documentation. The suspect will face charges in reference to Presidential Decree 1727: Malicious dissemination of false information of the willful making of any threat concerning bombs, explosives or any similar device or means of destruction.

[Kalinaw News is the official online source of information on the pursuit for peace in the Philippines This website is a property of the Civil-Military Operations Regiment, Philippine Army located at Lawton Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City Contact us:]

Kalinaw News: 22 Former Rebels get cash assistance from Borongan City Local Social Integration Program

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jan 30, 2022): 22 Former Rebels get cash assistance from Borongan City Local Social Integration Program

Lalawigan, Borongan City- Twenty-two (22) former rebels received financial assistance from the Local Government Unit of Borongan City through its Local Social Integration Program (LSIP) on 28 January 2022 at Headquarters 78IB, Brgy Lalawigan, Borongan City, Eastern Samar.

The recipients of the program are composed of nineteen (19) former NPA Armed Regular and three (3) former Milisyang Bayan, who are all residents of hinterland barangays of the said city. Each recipient received fifty thousand (PhP50,000) cash from the LGU as financial assistance to start up a livelihood undertaking as they stride in going back to the mainstream society.

The LSIP is a peace initiative of the said LGU in partnership with the 78IB. This program sustains our peace efforts as immediate assistance to the former rebels to complement the DILG-administered benefits from the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).

Atty Celestino A Cabato, the City Administrator, said, “The Local Government Unit of Borongan City is always ready to deliver basic social services to the less fortunate constituents and especially to our former rebels. We want you to be a role model to entice more active NPA members to surrender.

One of the recipients of the program is Joni, former Squad Leader of an NPA platoon said ” Ako po ay nagpapaabot ng mensahe sa rebolusyunaryong kilusan na ang alam lang natin na kung tayo ay sumoko tayo ay sasaktan o papatayin ng military. Sa likod ng mga paratang, napatunayan ko ngayun dito na hindi totoo na gagawin nila sa atin yon. Marami na kaming sumuko wala pa sa amin ni isa na binugbog, pinagbantaan, pinatay o ang mga babae ay ginagahasa. Bagkos kami ay tinutulungan para sa bagong buhay at maayos naming pamumuhay. Sa lahat naman po ng mga mga ahensya na nag bigay sa amin ng tulong nakahanda rin kaming tumulong para sa ikagaganda at mapayapang Borongan City”.

Colonel Oliver C. Alvior, Commanding Officer of 78th Infantry Battalion, is grateful to the Local Government Unit of Borongan City for spearheading in addressing the decades-long insurgency problem. He also encouraged the members of the Communist NPA Terrorists (CNTs) to lay down their arms and return to the folds of the law.

“We assure the former NPA combatants of the government’s full support and assistance through the series of reintegration interventions and capacity building under the Local Social Integration Program (LSIP) and Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP),” Col Alvior said.

[Kalinaw News is the official online source of information on the pursuit for peace in the Philippines This website is a property of the Civil-Military Operations Regiment, Philippine Army located at Lawton Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City Contact us:]

Slay try on Surigao Sur tribal leader blamed on NPA

From the Philippine News Agency (Jan 30, 2022): Slay try on Surigao Sur tribal leader blamed on NPA (By Alexander Lopez)

San Miguel, Surigao del Sur (Google map)

A fun night turned bloody for a tribal leader in San Miguel, Surigao del Sur on Saturday night, with a colleague accusing the New People’s Army (NPA) of masterminding the shooting.

Adonis Alimboyong just came from a family gathering and was about to enter his house in Barangay Tina when the gunman shot him at about 10 p.m.

In a report Sunday, the Surigao del Sur Police Provincial Office said the bullet hit Alimboyong’s left hip and exited through his stomach.

The same bullet also hit a civilian, identified as Julieta Dumagyo, on her left leg.

Alimboyong remained at the San Miguel Community Hospital intensive care unit as of posting time while Dumagyo is already out of danger.

Datu Rico Maca, a fellow Indigenous People Mandatory Representative of San Miguel, condemned the NPA for the attack.

“There is no doubt that this aggression was done by the terrorist NPA rebels. Datu Alimboyong is among our tribal leaders who continue to fight NPA intrusion into our ancestral lands and the recruitment of our youth,” Maca told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Sunday.

Maca said Alimboyong was talking to a neighbor near his house, after attending his brother’s birthday celebration in Purok 1 of the same village, when the attack happened.

The Communist Party of the Philippines-NPA is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines.