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Gov’t forces tighten watch for NPA supplies after food, toiletry cargo yields bombs, rebel items

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Oct 16, 2020): Gov’t forces tighten watch for NPA supplies after food, toiletry cargo yields bombs, rebel items (By: Jigger J. Jerusalem)

Government forces are on a tighter watch at checkpoints in the Caraga region for communist guerrilla supply after a shipment of food and other items, believed to be headed to a New People’s Army (NPA) camp, had been seized in Surigao del Sur.

On Wednesday (Oct. 14), police and soldiers at a checkpoint in the town of Lanuza flagged down a cargo truck loaded with various items and carrying several workers.

Brig. Gen. Romeo Caramat Jr., Caraga police director, said authorities were earlier tipped about the transport of the goods by civilian informants.

When examined, the haul of mostly food, cooking stuff, some toiletries and undies, also included two improvised bombs and an emblem of the NPA.

Capt. Dorothy Tumulak, Caraga police information officer, said the truck was carrying three sacks of rice, a sack of flour, a sack of salt, 20 kilos of brown sugar, 20 packs of noodles, 30 pieces of bath soap, a box of sardines, five bags of candy, 14 bags of assorted coffee, two gallons of cooking oil, a gallon of soy sauce, five empty plastic containers, and six cellophane sacks.

Tumulak said authorities also seized two improvised bombs, a “Bagong Hukbong Bayan” flag, the emblem of the NPA, 20 pairs of black socks, nine packs of sanitary napkins, six pieces of men’s underwear, and 20 pairs of black rubber boots.

Maj. Rodulfo Cordero Jr., spokesperson of the Army’s 4th Infantry Division, said the seized items could be bound for the NPA’s Guerrilla Front 30 which operates in the northern part of Surigao del Sur.

Police arrested the truck driver, Marcelo Ramos, 46, and his passengers, identified as Ramil Berezo, 40, Marlon Cervantes, 33, Joey Silagan, 46, and Brian Paglinawan, 38.

They are said to be employees of ABI Construction based in Tandag City.

“We truly appreciate the help and cooperation of concerned individuals who tipped us off,” said Caramat.

Mindanao solon chides AFP for careless remark on Muslim schools

From the Manila Bulletin (Oct 16, 2020): Mindanao solon chides AFP for careless remark on Muslim schools (By Ellson Quismorio)

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) should be more mindful of its statements pertaining to madrasas or Muslim schools, especially when associating them with violent extremism and terrorism.


Basilan lone district Rep. Mujiv Hataman said this after AFP Chief Gen. Gilbert Gapay told members of the foreign press that security forces are looking into the possibility of radicalization in madrasas to explain the growing number of suicide bombers in the Philippines.

“The armed forces should not be making general statements linking madrasas to terrorists without presenting irrefutable proof of its existence. It is dangerous and unfair, and it serves no real purpose but to unjustly put our schools in a very compromising situation,” Hataman, former governor of the now-defunct Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), said.

“While I also share the deep concern of the armed forces on the existence of Filipino suicide bombers at present, I would not go as far as to associate these terrorists with our madrasas. Our schools are institutions of peace and learning and are not breeding grounds for violent extremists and terrorists,” the Mindanaoan added.

Hataman said it will better serve the AFP to file the appropriate charges against certain persons if they have the necessary evidence, and refrain from making sweeping generalizations on Muslim schools, as this sets a dangerous precedent.

“Bilang isang magulang, natatakot ako sa statement na ito ng AFP. Paano kung ang anak ko ay nag-aaral sa isang madrasa? Ano ang mararamdaman ng mga estudyante na sila pala ay iniimbestigahan na? Kawawa ang mga bata (As a parent, this statement from AFP frightens me. What if my child attends a madrasa? How will the children feel now that they are being investigated? I pity them),” he said.

Aside from students, teachers and school officials will also be adversely affected by these statements since it will only fuel speculations and further discrimination against the Muslim community, he added.

“Like the police profiling issue involving Muslim students in Metro Manila early this year, associating madrasas with terrorism is the kind of act that makes terrorists, not prevent them. We are only encouraging disillusionment instead of enlightenment among our young. Kaya ito delikado (That’s why this is dangerous),” the human rights activist-solon said.

Hataman had earlier said that in order to eliminate terrorism in the country, the government should address the roots of terrorism and implement pro-active measures through the concerted efforts of the security forces, local government units, communities, religious leaders, and the families of those who joined violent extremists.

As ARMM regional governor, Hataman established the Program Against Violent Extremism (PAVE) that led to the surrender of more than 200 Abu Sayyaf terrorists in Basilan, his home province. He also filed a bill that calls for the establishment of a PAVE-like program nationwide.

“Wala na halos Abu Sayyaf sa Basilan dahil nagtulong-tulong ang lahat para sugpuin ang terorismo sa aming lalawigan (We’ve almost cleared Basilan of Abu Sayyaf, thanks to the cooperation of all toward ending terrorism in the province). We can do this on a national scale. Napatunayan na namin na mas epektibo ito laban sa terorismo (We’ve proven that this is a more effective way to address terrorism),” he said.

Curfew in ESSZone extended to Nov 1

From the Malay Mail (Oct 16, 2020): Curfew in ESSZone extended to Nov 1

TAWAU, Oct 16 — The curfew in the waters off seven districts in the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (ESSZone), scheduled to end tomorrow, has been extended to November 1.

Sabah police commissioner Datuk Hazani Ghazali said the curfew covers the waters off Tawau, Semporna, Kunak, Lahad Datu, Kinabatangan, Sandakan and Beluran.

“Those living in the area are prohibited from approaching or being in the waters off the seven districts between 6pm and 6am.

“The curfew has been extended to ensure the affected areas would not be encroached by terrorists, which could threaten the security, hence ensuring the safety and well-being of the people of Sabah.

“Based on information gathered, militant groups involved in kidnapping for ransom and the Abu Sayyaf group are still trying to infiltrate these waters to carry out kidnapping and cross-border crime,” he said in a statement today.

Hazani said the curfew order was also to ease enforcement and monitoring on the movements of boats and for chalet operators and local fishermen to feel secure with the presence of the security force.

He said that all district police chiefs in the affected areas have also been given authority to issue permits to those applying for fishing activities and to attend urgent matter during the curfew. — Bernama

‘Angels of Death’

From the Business Mirror (Oct 16, 2020): ‘Angels of Death’ (By Rene Acosta)

The chief of staff of the AFP admits that the radicalization of a Filipino suicide bomber has served as an ‘eye opener’ to security forces.

THREE years after it had stopped the Islamic State (IS) dead on its tracks from establishing an Islamic caliphate in Southeast Asia in Marawi City, the military now finds itself dealing with the same extremist violent group, this time in the form of suicide bombing.

The birth of IS-inspired suicide bombers in Mindanao, through its local front, the Dawlah Islamiya (DI), has opened a new operational front for the enormously challenged and thinly spread Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), as admitted by no less than its chief of staff, Gen. Gilbert Gapay.

Photo of recovered bomb during the arrest of Rullie.

This situation prevails even as the military is still currently contending with threats posed by communist-led insurgents, Moro-inspired terrorism courtesy of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), and the territorial row with China over portions of the West Philippine Sea.

Recruitment and captures

“WE are now strengthening and enhancing our program as far as preventing and countering violent extremism,” Gapay said recently on the military’s campaign to stop the IS from further radicalizing Moro extremists and beefing up its local ranks of suicide bombers.

“We are looking now, coordinating with DepEd [Department of Education], looking into different schools, particularly in Sulu and other parts of Mindanao because it is among these [schools]…where recruitment is occurring, particularly among the youth,” he explained.

Gapay’s concern was highlighted by the successive captures a week ago of an Indonesian woman suicide bomber and two local financial conduits of the IS affiliated with the DI, following raids in Sulu and Zamboanga City, where several assembled bombs for suicide attacks were seized.

In this photo provided by the Armed Forces of the Philippines Western Mindanao Command chief Maj. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana, Filipino suicide bomber Norman Lasuca sits with his mother Vilman on Wednesday, July 10, 2019. Military and police officials say a DNA test has confirmed the identity of the first known Filipino suicide bomber named as Norman Lasuca. Two attackers carrying explosives killed three soldiers, two villagers and themselves and wounded 22 others in a June 28 attack on an army camp in southern Sulu province. The second attacker remains unidentified.

Rezky Fantasya Rullie alias Cici, who had also been tagged as one of the three architects of the twin suicide bombings in Jolo in August that killed 15 and wounded at least 74 others, was arrested at Barangay San Raymundo in Jolo.

According to Joint Task Force Sulu commander Brig. Gen. William Gonzales, Rullie is the widow of Indonesian foreign terrorist Andi Baso, whom the Army Scout Rangers believed to have been neutralized during a battle in Patikul in late August 2020.

Rullie, who reportedly planned to undertake a suicide bombing after the death of her husband, was arrested along with two women, Inda Nurhaina, wife of ASG subleader Ben Tatoh, and Fatima Sandra Jimlani, wife of Jahid Jam, an ASG member.

The raiding team seized from the three a suicide vest rigged with pipe bombs and other improvised explosive device (IED) components.

A day before their arrests, police intelligence agents arrested in Zamboanga City Kadija Sadji and Abdulman Sarapuddin Tula, who are members of the ASG and IS financial conduits with the DI under Mudzrimir “Mundi” Sawadjaan, also a subleader of the ASG.

“Sadji is the wife of Al Asgar, son of the late Abu Sayyaf founder Abdurajak Janjalani. She belongs to the same financial conduit cell,” National Police chief General Camilo Pancratius Cascolan said in disclosing the arrest.

“Tula is identified in police records as in charge of procuring logistics and provisions for the groups of Sawadjaan and Radullan Sahiron in Sulu,” he added.

Sahiron is the overall leader of the ASG.

‘New direction’

SINCE last year, the IS has stepped up its suicide attacks in Mindanao through its roster of radicalized local and foreign suicide bombers, a direction it took after it was driven away from Marawi City in 2017 following a five-month devastating battle which left most parts of the city in ruins. These are still undergoing reconstruction and rehabilitation.

While the IS has been weakened along with its allied local groups that included the ASG, the three factions of the Maguindanao-based BIFF and the Lanao del Sur-based Maute Group, it has, however, morphed into a deadlier force by employing suicide bombers.

The use and recruitment by the IS of suicide bombers from among the ranks of Islamic locals was a feat that was never achieved by the al-Qaeda and the regional terror group Jemaah Islamiyah even during their heyday in Mindanao.

In January last year, an Indonesian couple attacked the Jolo cathedral and, several months later, two Army camps were also attacked by three suicide bombers, one of them Filipino Norman Lasuca. The latter had been radicalized while under Hadjan Sawadjaan, a commander of the ASG in Sulu and the leader of the IS in Mindanao.

The military believes it has neutralized Hadjan in one of its battles with the group in Sulu, and this is why his nephew, Mudzrimir, took over and ramped up DI’s activities.


Gapay said IS’s effort in Mindanao is bothersome, noting that it has not only managed to recruit a Filipino suicide bomber but it has already radicalized some local women.

“We cannot imagine a Filipino suicide bomber really being recruited, or being…a suicide bomber. Usually, we expect that suicide bombers would be foreign terrorists who have slipped into our country, but we were really surprised when we had that first incident in 2019 in the person of Mr. Lasuca,” Gapay said.

“It was really an eye opener…the effort to recruit, to radicalize and even mold the suicide bomber out of Filipinos is really at that level,” he added.

Since the military believes that IS’s recruitment happens both among the ranks of local militants and students of Islamic schools, or Madrasas, it is taking steps to shield them from IS influence and recruitment.

“We are monitoring them really, where we suspect that there is some sort of radicalization activities going on, and we are coordinating closely with concerned government agencies as well as local government units in this regard, so really, more on the preventive side of it,” Gapay said.

Indeed, the AFP has its hands full once again with real threats, while caught between a rock and a hard place. If another attack happens it will be blamed for failing to stop it. Yet it remains on the defensive as more than two dozen groups are questioning the recently enacted Anti-Terror Act (ATA) that was meant to put teeth to the 2007 Human Security Act.

Meantime, it is locked in a tight race with the grim “avengers,” the terrorist widows turned “angels of death”—of whom more are believed to be lurking, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Marawi Militants Regroup Under New Leader, Philippine Commander Says

From BenarNews: Marawi Militants Regroup Under New Leader, Philippine Commander Says (Froilan Gallardo)

Joggers join a “fun run” fundraiser in the ruined commercial district of Marawi, in the southern Philippines, where Islamic State-linked militants fought government security forces in a five-month battle in 2017, Oct. 16, 2019. Richel V. Umel/BenarNews

Remnants of a Philippine extremist group which helped carry out a five-month takeover of Marawi city by pro-Islamic State fighters in 2017 have regrouped under a new leader, a senior military official in the region said Friday.

Faharudin Hadji Satar (alias Abu Bakar) is the de facto commander of the Maute band, said Col. Jose Maria Cuerpo, commanding officer of the Army’s 103rd Infantry Brigade.

“Satar is not yet bestowed with the title of emir but all the militants in Lanao del Sur already recognize him as their leader,” Cuerpo told BenarNews as the Philippines prepared to mark the third anniversary of the end of the Marawi siege on Oct. 23.

It was the first time that the Philippine armed forces publicly revealed the name of the man who took the reins of the Maute band after Owaida Marohombsar (alias Abu Dar) was killed along with four of his men in a clash with troops near the town of Tubaran, in Lanao del Sur province on March 14, 2019.

Marohombsar, an aleem or preacher, was alleged to be among the key planners of the siege of Marawi, the capital of Lanao del Sur.

He served as a lieutenant for his cousins, Abdullah and Omarkhayyam Maute, brothers who planned and helped lead the attack which began on May 23, 2017 under the overall direction of Isnilon Hapilon, then the Islamic State (IS) leader in the Philippines.

Hapilon and the Maute brothers were killed after months of intense fighting, but Marohombsar escaped, only to die in a later clash with troops.

After Hapilon’s death, the IS named Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan, an Abu Sayyaf militant, as the next commander in the south, but his attacks have been confined to the island of Jolo far from the Lanao areas.

Satar was among the 53 IS-inspired militants charged in the Philippine courts over the beheadings of two sawmill workers in the town of Butig, also in Lanao del Sur province, in 2016.

He slipped out of Marawi when ordered to round up reinforcements and establish a food supply route. Before Satar could plan his return, troops had overrun militant positions in Marawi, Cuerpo said.

City in ruins

Most of Marawi is in ruins and remains off-limits to residents, three years after the battle that killed more than 1,000 militants, soldiers and civilians.

At least 125,000 residents of Marawi remain displaced, according to the United Nations. They are living in temporary shelters that dot the skyline of the only predominantly Islamic city in the Philippines, Asia’s bastion of Catholicism.

Militants are capitalizing on the government’s slow reconstruction and are sending text messages to entice young Marawi residents to join their ranks, humanitarian workers told BenarNews.

They said similar recruitment efforts were taking place in the municipalities of Balindong, Madalum and Piagapo, all in Lanao, where Islamic militancy stretches back to the 1970s.

Abdullah Makapaar (alias Commander Bravo), a commander of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), discouraged its members from joining the Dawlah Islamiya-Maute group during several public engagements here.

“Officially, the MILF discourage their members from joining but the Dawlah Islamiya-Maute group hope they can entice the MILF fighters not on the official roster,” Cuerpo said.

“That is why the recruitment is active near the MILF camps in the towns of Balindong, Madalum and Piagapo,” he said.

The MILF had been country’s main Muslim separatist group, but it signed a peace deal with Manila. It controls an autonomous region in the south, and has begun decommissioning its fighters for integration into the government.

About 10,000 of these fighters live in Lanao areas.

Abel Moya, director of Pakigdait, a non-government organization helping with the implementation of the peace deal, said the government and MILF should hasten the decommissioning process.

“The ex-rebels are heavily armed. That is the reason why the militants are eager to have them in their ranks,” Moya said.

Richel V. Umel in Iligan City, Philippines, contributed to this report.

ReCAAP Reports Uptick in Piracy in Asian Waters

Posted to the Maritime Executive (Oct 16, 2020): ReCAAP Reports Uptick in Piracy in Asian Waters

File image

Piracy in Asian waters has increased this year, according to regional piracy monitoring center ReCAAP. 75 attacks were reported in the first three quarters of the year, an increase of nearly 40 percent relative to last year and a higher number than at any point since 2015.

Image courtesy ReCAAP

Almost all of the attacks were armed robberies, but four were more serious acts of piracy. In particular, kidnapping remains a significant concern in the waters off Eastern Sabah, Malaysia, at the intersection of the Sulu and Celebes Seas. This pattern is associated with the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group, which is based on the remote islands of the Philippines' Sulu Province. In one concerning case, five crewmembers were abducted from a trawler off Lahad Datu, Sabah in January. On September 29, the body of one of the five hostages was found by the Philippine armed forces in Patikul, Sulu. The remaining four fishermen are still in captivity.

The Philippine Coast Guard relayed two further warnings about planned Abu Sayyaf Group attacks in the Eastern Sabah-Sulu region later in the year. On May 22, ReCAAP received information from the PCG about a group of five Abu Sayyaf Group fighters who were planning on targeting fishermen or mariners on other slow-moving vessels. The PCG sent a similar warning about a five-person pirate action group in July, and this advisory still stands. ReCAAP recommends that vessels should follow its detailed recommendations on transiting the Sulu-Celebes Seas and stay in contact with the Eastern Sabah Security Command while in the region.

Boardings and robberies have also risen markedly at anchorages in Manila and Batangas. In the Philippines, 13 incidents were reported during the first three quarters of the year - not quite as many as seen during 2017, but a marked increase relative to the past two years. Three incidents of the incidents at Batangas involved some form of assault against the crew, a new and concerning the development. The Philippine Coast Guard has increased the frequency of its patrols and boardings in response.

CPP/NDF-KM-DATAKO: Bukas na Liham para sa mga Kabataang gustong Mag-pulis o Sundalo

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 16, 2020): Bukas na Liham para sa mga Kabataang gustong Mag-pulis o Sundalo


OCTOBER 16, 2020

Sulat ni Kidawa Dayawen, tagapagsalita ng Kabataang Makabayan — Demokratiko a Tignayan dagiti Agtutubo iti Kordilyera (KM-DATAKO)

Mga kapwa ko kabataan,

Sana maayos pa ang inyong pisikal at mental na kalagayan sa gitna ng napakatinding krisis na hinaharap natin ngayon.

Siguro ang iba sa inyo’y pagod dahil kahit ang mga klase mo sa Criminology ay nasa online ngayon. Iilang araw ka na ring nakaharap sa laptop, at sumasakit na ang inyong mga mata at likod. Hindi pa siguro nakatutulong na walang patawad ang inyong school administration sa pagbibigay ng mga requirements para sa klase.

Kung ikaw naman ay nasa inyong school grounds dahil nagte-train ka para maging sundalo o pulis, malamang ay nag-aalala at nami-miss mo na ang iyong mga kaanak. Hindi mo alam kung nakakakain pa sila dahil marami siguro sa mga magulang ninyo ang walang maayos na pagkukunan ng pera. Balita ko lang sa inyo na maraming kompanya ang nagtanggal ng trabaho. Mahina rin naman ang kita sa mga tindahan, palengke o pamamasada. O kung hindi naman, gusto mo sana silang makita pero hindi puwede dahil sa lockdown.

Gusto ko lang sanang tanungin, kababayan, sa gitna ng mga nangyayari, kung hanggang ngayon ba ay naiisip niyo pa ring ipagpatuloy ang pagpupulis o pagsusundalo? O kaya paga-ROTC o pagka-CAFGU?

Alam ko namang mahirap talaga ang buhay, at marami sa inyo (kung hindi man lahat) ang may dahilan na gusto niyong makaraos sa buhay kaya ninyo pinili na magsundalo o magpulis. Totoo naman, mataas talaga ang suweldo ng mga nagpupulis at sundalo dahil dinagdagan ito ng mas malaking halaga ni Duterte. At hindi natin maikakaila na marami talaga ang naakit ng pera. Ikaw ba naman na kitang-kita ang kahirapan na dinanas ng inyong mga magulang sa inyong lugar, sino ba namang anak ang hindi gusto makita na guminhawa ang buhay ng kaniyang pamilya?

Pero gusto kong pagkunutan niyo ito ng noo. Gusto kong pag-isipan niyo itong mabuti. Talaga bang kaya pa ng konsensya mo na mag-sundalo o pulis?

Noong kauupo lang ni Duterte, wala pang isang taon ng kaniyang panunungkulan, hindi ba iniutos na niya sa kapulisan ang pagpatay sa mga maralitang taga-lungsod para sa kaniyang Oplan Tokhang? Pinatay ng mga gusto-niyong-maging ang mga katulad nina Kian Lloyd de los Santos at Karl Arnaiz, mga kabataang may mga pangarap pa sana. Si Kian Lloyd de los Santos ay 17 years old lang noong namatay. Ginusto rin niyang maging pulis, pero hindi ba nakalulungkot sa parte ninyo na mismong kapulisan ang bumaril sa kaniya? Hindi ba nangingilabot ang inyong mga balahibo? O, kahit man malungkot, nalamon na rin kayo ng kulturang pinakakain sa inyo ng mga pasista ninyong guro? Sana hindi naman.

Ilan na rin bang pangbobomba ang ginawa ng mga militar sa Pilipinas ngayon pa lang administrasyon ni Duterte? Ilang tao na rin ba ang walang awang pinaslang ng mga puwersa ng AFP na walang kalaban-laban? Sa Abra, may mga puwersa ng militar na nagnanakaw ng baka sa masa at pumapasok sa mga sakahan para magnakaw ng pananim. Sa Mountain Province, nag-iiwan sila ng napakaraming kalat kapag nagkakampo tiyaka ninyo tinatakot ang mamamayan. Sa Kalinga at Ifugao, nangha-harass at tinututukan ng baril ng mga militar ang mga mamamayan dahil lang ayaw nilang magpatayo ng dambuhalang dam na makasisira sa kanilang hanapbuhay. Noon din, naglibing ang mga militar ng isang pamilya sa Abra sa isang napakasikip na hukay. Tinortyur muna sila bago nilibing ng buhay. Sa Kordilyera pa lang yan, paano pa sa ibang parte ng Pilipinas? O baka naman sinasabi na lang sa inyo ng mga opisyal na “blackprop” lang daw itong mga sinasabi ko? Sana hindi kayo naniniwala sa kanila.

Noong nakaraan lang, alam niyo bang hiniwalay ng mga pulisya ang isang ina sa kaniyang anak? Namatay na nga ang anak at nilamay na, hindi pa nila pinayagan na makita ng ina. Alam din ba ninyong gusto ng isang hepe ninyo na tanggalin ang monumento ng mga bayani ng Kordilyera?

Alam kong iniisip ninyo, sino ba naman ako para magbahagi ng sulat sa inyo? E hindi ba kaaway ako sa inyong paningin?

Pagkunutan ninyo ito at pag-isipan. Naniniwala pa ba kayo sa sistema ng militar at pulisya? Hindi ba kayo nagagalit sa mga ginagawa nilang kabalastugan? Hindi ba kayo nadidisgustuhan na pumapatay ang mga gusto-ninyong-maging ng mga taong dapat nilang pinagsisilbihan? “To serve and protect.” Ang ganda sanang pakinggan, pero para kanino itong kredo na ito? Sana mapagmuni-munihan ninyong hindi para sa mamamayan iyan. Ang mga pinagsisilbihan at pinoprotektahan ng mga militar at pulis ay ang mga mayayaman at mga nasa poder. Kahit man lang sa usapin ng dangal. Kung gusto ninyong magsilbi sa mamamayan, hindi sa pagiging sundalo o pagpupulis ang sagot diyan.

Gusto ko lang ikuwento sa inyo ang isang kuwento ng ina na naging parte noon ng pagkilos laban sa Cellophil Resources Corporation noong panahon ni Marcos. Ang sabi niya sa kaniyang mga anak, “imbes na mag-CAFGU kayo, mag-miliitar o magpulis, mag-NPA na lang kayo. Ang NPA, hindi nananakit ng mamamayan, hindi nantututok ng baril. Magalang, at alam ng masa na tunay silang nasisilbi sa mamamayan.” Naranasan niya kasing lahat ang mga kalapastanganan ng mga militar sa kanilang komunidad noon. Minsan naman, nambubugbog naman ang mga pulis sa kanilang istasyon. Hindi ito mga gawa-gawang kuwento. Totoo lahat ng ito, at nakukuha namin iyon at ng mga Bagong Hukbong Bayan sa pakikisalamuha sa mamamayan at pakikibaka kasama nila.

Mas mainam sana kung piliin niyong mag-NPA, pero hindi namin kayo pinipilit (dahil wala namang pilitan sa pag-e-NPA). Sa puntong ito, gusto lang namin na sana ay bago pa kayo malamon ng pasista at mersenaryong tradisyon ng mga pulis at militar, sana ay mapag-isipan niyo ito nang malala at huwag ng tumuloy. Kung iniisip ninyo na kaya ninyong baguhin ang sistema sa loob, hinding-hindi iyong mangyayari dahil nakauk-ok na ang tradisyon sa kanilang mga kukote. Hindi nakatutulong ang pagiging pulis at militar sa panahong ito, at mas kamumuhian kayo ng mamamayan kapag nagpatuloy pa kayo.

Tunay na magsilbi ka sa mamamayan,
Kidawa Dayawen

CPP/NDF-KM: Singilin ang pasistang rehimen sa pandarahas kay Baby River at kanyang ina

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 16, 2020): Singilin ang pasistang rehimen sa pandarahas kay Baby River at kanyang ina


OCTOBER 16, 2020

Kinokondena ng Kabataang Makabayan sa pinakamariin, mataas, at malakas na pamamaraan ang pambabastos at pandarahas ng pasistang kapulisan sa lamay at libing ni Baby River — isang tatlong buwang sanggol na walang habas na pinatay ng terorismo ng rehimeng Duterte!

Nagpupuyos sa galit ang nagkakaisang masang Pilipino sa paniningil ng hustisya sa lantarang pambabalahura ng mga berdugo sa bangkay ng anak ni Reina Mae Nasino. Si Reina Mae ay iligal na inaresto at ikinulong batay sa mga gawa-gawang kaso — isang bilanggong pulitikal na simula’t sapul ay hindi dapat napunta sa likod ng rehas! Sa kabila nito, hindi pinalaya at sapilitan pa ring ibinalik sa presuhan kahit matapos ang pagpanganak niya kay Baby River na hindi maganda ang kalusugan. Sa hindi pagpapalabas ng rehimeng Duterte kay Reina Mae kahit sa mga huling sandaling nabubuhay ang iyang anak, walang pagdududang nasa kamay ng diktador na si Duterte, mga alipores niya, at bawat berdugo at pasistang sunod-sunuran sa kanyang bawat salita ang dugo ng inosenteng sanggol!

Matapos nakawin ng pasistang rehimeng ito na ang buhay ni Baby River, ninakaw nito pati ang lamay, bangkay, at libing niya. Ninakaw ng mga berdugong kapulisan, sa kumpas ng rehimeng Duterte, ang karapatan ni Reina Mae na makapagluksa!

Nang pansamantalang makadalo si Reina Mae sa lamay ng kanyang anak noong Oktubre 14, tinrato siya ng kapulisan na tila isang mamamatay-tao, magnanakaw, mandarambong — lahat ng mga katangian ng bawat kurakot at kriminal na burukratang tinatamasa pa rin ang kanilang kalayaan ilalim sa proteksyon ng estado at militar. Hindi siya pinayagang humarap sa midya taliwas sa karapatan niya na ipahayag ang kanyang mga saloobin. Hindi tinanggal ang kanyang posas kahit sa panahon ng kanyang pagkain. At ilang ulit na tinangka ng mga pulis na bitbitin si Reina Mae kahit wala pa ang nakatakdang oras ng pag-alis nito.

Higit pang kasuklam-suklam ang mga pangyayari sa libing ni Baby River kung saan walang konsensyang hinablot ng kapulisan ang bangkay nito at humarurot papuntang sementeryo habang naiwan ang pamilya. Sa mismong programa ng libing, pinaligiran ng napakaraming pulis si Reina Mae habang nagluluksa sa harapan ng kabaong ng kanyang anak. Kahit bumula pa ang bibig ng mga berdugong ito, walang pagsisinungaling nila ang makabubura sa katotohanang nilapastangan nila ang isang pumanaw na tatlong buwang sanggol —sa dahilan lamang na militanteng binabatikos ng ina nito ang pinagsisilbihan nilang diktador at estado.

Ito ang itsura ng isang pasistang rehimen na takot na takot sa lakas ng masa. Pumapaslang kahit ng mga sanggol tulad ni Baby River. Tinuturing na banta ang isang nagluluksang ina. Tinatawag na terorismo ang pagbatikos at pakikiramay. Sa desperasyong maibalandra ang katiting na natitira sa lakas nito, dinadahas kahit ang sanggol at nagdadalamhating ina na walang ibang panlaban kung hindi ang mga salita nito ng paninindigan at pakikibaka.

Ang rehimen na ito ay hinding hindi patatahimikin ng mga iyak ng pumanaw na sanggol kasabay ng dumadagundong na sigaw ng taumbayang naniningil! Hustisya para kay Baby River! Palayain lahat ng bilanggong pulitikal!

CPP/NPA-Surigao del Sur: NPA-Surigao del Sur successfully raids Philippine Coast Guard without firing a shot, seizes seven firearms

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 16, 2020): NPA-Surigao del Sur successfully raids Philippine Coast Guard without firing a shot, seizes seven firearms


OCTOBER 16, 2020

Surigao del Sur – Without firing a single shot, the New People’s Army-Surigao del Sur successfully raided a station of the Philippine Coast Guard in Barangay Wakat, Barobo, on October 12 at around 6:15 p.m. which was then manned by drunk PCG men on duty. Seven firearms were seized. The NPA-SDS unit was able to withdraw safely despite layers of checkpoints along the national highway.

Among the confiscated firearms are the following: one .30 caliber machine gun, four M16s, two .45 caliber pistols, two VHF radios, five ammo vests, ammunitions and other military equipment.

The operatives of the NPA-SDS took off from their staging area around three kilometers from the PCG station. Aboard a “bao-bao/center car,” the Red fighters were able to approach the target swiftly. In just a few minutes and without firing a shot, the NPA-SDS was in complete control of the PCG post.

The PCG elements are facing charges of extortion from smallscale fisherfolks.

Fishermen are required to hand over their catch without payment. This has become the standard operating procedure each time the fishermen go out to catch fish. While fishing is their only source of livelihood, this is being slashed by the PCG extortionists. Another complaint has been filed over the beating of a child by a drunk PCG element.

This tactical offensive by the NPA-SDS was launched with the strong support of the people. Likewise, it was conducted despite the intensified and sustained psychological, intelligence and combat operations by the AFP and PNP in the villages and countrysides of Northeastern Mindanao Region.

Intensify tactical offensives!
Long live the New People’s Army!
Join the NPA!

CPP/CIO: Oppose economic dictatorial powers for Duterte

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 16, 2020): Oppose economic dictatorial powers for Duterte


OCTOBER 16, 2020

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The Party denounces the railroading of House Bill 7884 that grants Duterte economic dictatorial powers under the guise of cutting red tape. The early morning approval on 2nd reading follows similar railroading of counterpart bill in Senate.

If enacted into law, Duterte can override all existing processes and regulations that govern business permits and licenses. He will be empowered to kick out any government official who opposes his acts.

Duterte’s economic dictatorial powers will intensify corruption and centralize it at one single point: Malacañang. This will worsen cronyism and strengthen the power of the Duterte oligarchy. Entry of Duterte’s favored China-funded infrastructure projects will be accelerated in complete disregard of the economic burden and the environment.

Combined with the use of military and police, this will further cement Duterte’s tyrannical regime. Workers, peasants and the rest of the Filipino people must unite, oppose and put an end to Duterte’s economic-political dictatorship.

CPP/NPA-Surigao del Sur: Reyd nga walay buto malampusong nalunsad sa NPA-Surigao del Sur batok sa Ph Coast Guard; 7 ka armas nasakmit

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 16, 2020): Reyd nga walay buto malampusong nalunsad sa NPA-Surigao del Sur batok sa Ph Coast Guard; 7 ka armas nasakmit


OCTOBER 16, 2020

Surigao del Sur– sa barangay Wakat, Barobo, Oktubre 12, bandang alas 6:15 sa hapon, malampusong nareyd nga walay buto sa NPA-SDS ang mga naabtang hubog niini nga Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) nga naka-dyuti sa maong lugar. Mokabat sa 7 ka armas ang nasakmit. Sa pikas bahin luwas nga nakawidro ang NPA-SDS taliwala sa naglut-od nga mga tsekpoynt sa nasyunal haywey.

Lakip sa mga naklining nga armas mao ang mga mosunod: usa ka 30 caliber machine gun, 4 ka M16, 2 ka .45 caliber pistol, 2 ka VHF, 5 ka vest, ubay-ubay nga mga buhing bala ug uban pang mga himan militar.

Nanukad ang mga operatib sa NPA-SDS, kapin 3 ka kilometros ang gilay-on gikan sa giistasyonan sa PCG. Sakay sa bao-bao o center car paspas nga nakaabot ang mga Pulang hukbo padulong sa maong target. Pila lang ka minuto, nakontrol na dayon sa NPA-SDS ang post sa PCG nga walay buto.

Adunay mga kasong pagpangilkil sa mga gagmay’ng mangingisda ang mga PCG.

Ginaobliga niini silang mohatag gyud og isda nga wala nay bayad. Nahimong SOP na kini nilang hatagon ngadto sa mga PCG kada pangisda. Imbis nga mao ra kini ang tinubdan sa ilang panginabuhian, gikibhangan pa gyud sa mga mangilkilay nga PCG. Laing kaso usab niini mao ang paglaparo sa usa ka hubog nga PCG ngadto sa usa ka bata.

Nalunsad kining maong taktikal nga opensiba sa NPA-SDS pinasikad sa hugot nga suporta sa katawhan. Ug bisan paman taliwa sa grabeng mga sustinidong operisyong saykolohikal, paniktik ug kombat sa AFP ug PNP sa mga kabaryohan ug kabanikanhan sa NEMR.

Ipasubsob ang mga taktikal nga opensiba!
Mabuhi ang New Peoples Army!
Sampa sa NPA!

CPP/NDF-PKM-Negros Island: Patakaran neoliberal sa ekonomiya sang rehimen Duterte, malala kag malapnagon nga gutom kag kapigaduhon para sa masang anakbalhas

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 16, 2020): Patakaran neoliberal sa ekonomiya sang rehimen Duterte, malala kag malapnagon nga gutom kag kapigaduhon para sa masang anakbalhas


OCTOBER 16, 2020


Nagapakig-isa ang Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Magbubukid (PKM-Negros) sa tanan nga masang mangunguma, mamumugon sa kampo, pesante kag tanan nga sahing anakbalhas sa nagalanog nga panawagan sang duta, pagkaon kag hustisya kadungan sa pagkomemorar sang World Foodless Day kag bulan sang mga pesante subong nga Oktubre.

Malala nga gutom kag pag-antus ang gina-agum subong sang malapad nga sektor sang sahing mangunguma bunga sang padayon nga pagpakatuta sang rehimen Duterte sa pag-imposar sang kontra-pumuluyo nga mga patakaran sa pungsod sa balayon sang patakaran neoliberal partikyular ang liberalisasyon sa agrikultura sa idalum sang dikta sang iya mga amo nga imperyalista.

Sa pihak nga agrikultural nga pungsod ang Pilipinas, nagliligad lang nga bulan nagrekord ang pungsod sang 7.6 million nga numero sang Pilipino nga ginagutom sa diin 40.7% sini ang naghalin sa Visayas. Labi pa nga magalala ini tuga sang militarista nga lockdown, kapabayaan kag inutil nga pagsabat sang rehimen sa atubang sang pangkalibutanon nga pandemya.

Lubong sa utang kag napierde ang pangabuhian sang sahing mangunguma diri sa Negros epekto sang masobra na isa ka tuig nga implementasyon sang kontra-pumuluyo nga Rice Liberalization Law. Kabangdanan sa pagbarato sang presyo sang humay sa diin nagabalor lamang sang 10-14 pesos ang kilo bangod sa pagbaha sang imported nga bugas sa merkado nga indi man nangin garantiya ang pagnubo sang presyo kada kilo bangod nagapabilin ang mga dalagko nga kapitalista nga amu ang nagakontrol sang presyo sini sa merkado.

Ginhingalitan man ini sang mga kapitalista agud labi pa nga ilubong sa tuman nga pag-antus ang masang anakbalhas paagi sa pagpataas sang presyo sang abono nga masobra isa ka libo ang presyo kada sako. Padayon nga nagasirit ang pagsaka sang presyo sang mga balaklon kag serbisyo sa idalum sang TRAIN law apang pabilin nga nalansang sa 150-200 kada adlaw nga sweldo sang mga mangunguma kag mamumugon sa kampo.

Gani ang masang mangunguma nga isa sa mga produktibo nga pwersa kag mayoriya sa populasyon sa sosyedad ang nagapabilin nga pigos nga sahi sa pungsod. Biktima sang malapnagon nga pagpang-agaw sang duta kag sari-sari nga mga iskema sang bugos nga reporma sa duta, kooperatiba kag block farming agud konsolidahon kag ipabilin ang kontrol sa malapad nga kadutaan sa kamot sang mga sakon kag poderoso nga mga agalon mayduta.

Nagapabilin nga pito sa pulo ka mangunguma ang wala sang kaugalingon nga duta. Naga-atubang sang sistematiko nga pagpang-atake kag pasismo sang estado sumugod sang ginpatuman sang berdugo nga rehimen ang MO 32 kag EO 70 sa Negros. Nangin madata ang militarisasyon sa kaumhan nga kabangdanan sa malapnagon nga pwersa kag peke nga pagpasurender, pagpangharass, strafing, tortyur, illegal nga pagpangdakop base sa peke kag ginpangtanom nga ebidensya, serye sang pagpamatay kag iban pa nga kangil-ad nga paglapas sa tawhanon nga kinamatarung.

Nagapanawagan ang PKM-Negros sa tanan nga masang anakbalhas nga isahon ang aton hanay kag kolektibo nga maghulag agud sukton ang rehimen kag ang iya mga ahente sa ila mga krimen kag brutalidad batuk sa pumuluyo. Pahulagon ang linibu sa aton hanay agud ipanawagan ang gilayon nga pagpatuman sang matuod nga reporma sang duta, pagpataas sang produksyon para sa pagkaon kag pungsodnon nga industriyalisasyon.

Sa halintang sang todo-larga nga pasismo sang estado, indi kita mahadlok! Ubos-kusog nga maghimakas agud paslawon ang handum sang tiraniko nga rehimen nga magtinir sa poder lampas sa iya termino. Pataason ang militansya sa pagsulong sang pungsodnon demokratiko nga rebolusyon kag palayason ang papet, korap, berdugo kag tiraniko nga rehimen US-Duterte! ###

CPP/NDF-Negros Island: Food self-sufficiency can only be attained from the farmers’ struggle and movement for agrarian revolution!

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 16, 2020): Food self-sufficiency can only be attained from the farmers’ struggle and movement for agrarian revolution!


OCTOBER 16, 2020

This World Foodless Day, National Democratic Front – Negros reiterates call for genuine agrarian reform to ensure food self-sufficiency especially in the face of a worldwide pandemic. Ka Bayani Obrero, spokesperson of NDF-Negros, echoes the sentiments of farmers for free distribution of land to the tillers and enough agricultural support to ensure food security and sufficiency.

World Food Day is celebrated every October 16 after the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. It is ironic how the food producers, farmers and fisherfolks, are the ones who suffer most from chronic hunger and poverty. Hence, it is also dubbed as World Foodless Day.

“The recent survey of the Social Weather Station (SWS) which recorded 7.3 million Filipinos who experienced hunger in the past three months clearly exposes how the Duterte government’s response has fallen short in ensuring food production and supply to the detriment of both producers and consumers,” explained Ka Bayani Obrero.

The Duterte government blames the farmers’ lack of capacity and technology as the culprit. One even had the gall to say that Filipino farmers aren’t competitive. Ka Bayani points that state neglect to the agriculture sector and continued agricultural liberalization as the reason why food self-sufficiency is not viable under Duterte.

In terms of government funding, the 3.5% average share of agriculture and agrarian reform in the 2017-2020 budgets is the lowest in two decades. For the proposed 2021 budget, the Department of Agriculture (DA) only gets 1.5% share of the P4.5 trillion national budget. Due to lack of government support, the agriculture sector lost 1.4 million jobs in 2017-2019 which further impoverishes rural communities.

“The agriculture sector has been weakening due to long-time government neglect. Food sustainability is impossible in a neoliberal framework. Instead, this will only weaken agriculture further. The Duterte administration continues to undermine domestic agriculture and our long-term food security,” stated Ka Bayani Obrero.

The burden of Rice Tarrification Law (RA 11203) is heavily felt by rice farmers and consumers alike. Unable to compete with cheap imports, it is estimated that there are 2.5 million rice farmers in the country who are displaced by rice liberalization. The incredible low price of palay pegged at P10-P14 per kilo makes it impossible to cover for the costs of production. The promised cheaper rice for consumers also did not come about. Supply of rice on world markets are tight and in view of a pandemic, some countries like Vietnam already imposed a rice export ban.

Ironically, an agricultural country like the Philippines is heavily dependent on food importation. It has become clear that the Duterte regime plans to maintain the backward and underdeveloped character of Philippine agriculture. His agrarian reform declarations are but empty rhetorics. He remains servile to the interest of the landed elites, capitalists and foreign corporations.

“In order for an agricultural country like the Philippines to not rely heavily on food imports and ensure food security, the Filipino peoole must link arms with the peasant masses struggle for land. We must intensify our call for agrarian revolution which entails free distribution of land to the tillers. The realization of the national democratic revolution will resolve hunger and food self-sufficieny,” ended Ka Bayani Obrero.

CPP/NDF-KM: Bureaucracy circus a gross show of corruption, fascism

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 15, 2020): Bureaucracy circus a gross show of corruption, fascism


OCTOBER 15, 2020

The recent goings-on inside the walls of the regime’s bureaucracy gave the people a roller coaster ride of a week. From the rejection of Alan Peter Cayetano’s “resignation offer” and the vicious back-and-forth blows with his competition for the speakership, Lord Allan Velasco, to Cayetano’s “ouster” and Velasco’s installation as the new speaker, the Duterte administration sure did not miss a beat in keeping the masses occupied.

Yet behind all the soap-operatic drama and empty noise, the fascist and criminal gears of the Duterte regime continue to turn.

On October 12, during the peak of the sensationalized rivalry inside the House of Representative (HOR), the Senate approves the 2021 budget for the Office of the President (OP) where the questionable “Confidential Expenses” and “Intelligence Expenses” receive ₱2.25 billion each.

The next day, Velasco is officially the new Speaker of the House. In the same breath, Duterte-appointed Comelec commissioners grant Duterte Youth a certificate of proclamation despite challenges against its qualification, lending legitimization to a “youth party-list” that cannot and will never represent the true democratic interests of the youth.

Not a moment later on October 14, the Duterte administration flexed its fascism, criminality, and corruption further in three acts.

First, the Supreme Court cuts the furlough granted to Reina Mae Nasino from 3 days to only 3 hours a day for 2 days — 6 hours to see for the last time her baby that this regime ruthlessly murdered.

Second, the Senate approves on final reading the bill granting Duterte “special powers against red tape” in times of national emergency. This will allow Duterte to take full control of decisions concerning economic affairs of different offices in the government, as well as permits, allocation, and releases across different regions. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic which the Duterte regime itself declared to be a national emergency, this bodes more kickbacks for Duterte and an even easier way to consolidate his power and influence all over the country.

Lastly, the Anti-Terrorism Council approves the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) for the Anti-Terror Act of 2020 (ATA) and it is scheduled to be released by the end of the week — turning astoundingly deaf ears to the 37 petitions against the ATA, filed at the Supreme Court.

Unsurprisingly, Duterte and his stalwarts are taking advantage of the mess and confusion to possibly divert the attention away from their sinister maneuvers.

Velasco’s cat fight with Cayetano amid the budget deliberations shows how hungry they both are for the election money that they will undoubtedly get from the speakership. At the same time, the meddling of Duterte children Sara and Paolo hint at the deeper role being played by the Duterte dynasty.

Meanwhile, the budget privileges granted to Duterte and the OP in these past few days coupled with the IRR for the ATA threatens greater human rights abuses against the people. It is certain Duterte and his goons in suits and uniforms will use the budget and the terror law to wage more deadly attacks against the Filipino masses.

To parade their made-up strength, state forces’ crackdown on activists and progressives intensify as they attempt to bare their fangs against Nasino — an activist jailed for trumped up charges and false allegations.

Still, the masses will not neither be bullied nor tricked into silence and submission. As the Duterte administration continues to harass, murder, and intimidate the Filipino people, the people are fighting back in droves.

Kabataang Makabayan acknowledges the call of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) to make the Duterte fascist regime bleed from a thousand cuts — to continue working towards further growing and strengthening the mass movement to go with the heightening people’s war in the countryside.

Kabataang Makabayan calls on all democratic and patriotic youth to act upon the collective anger and rage of the Filipino people. No longer should we let Duterte get away with his crimes. No longer should we swallow the pill of seeing more Filipinos die due to either state neglect or state terrorism. No longer should we endure another day of this fascist regime.

Join the New People’s Army! Oust Duterte now! Resist the fascist!

Commander, 1003Bde participates in the IPRA’s 23rd Anniversary

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 17, 2020): Commander, 1003Bde participates in the IPRA’s 23rd Anniversary (By 1st Infantry Battalion)

Brgy Mahayag, Bunawan District, Davao City—- BGEN NOLASCO A MEMPIN, Commander of 1003Bde joined the celebration of NCIP of the 23rd IPRA Anniversary on Oct 16, 2020 held at ALMACEN Training Center, Catalunan Pequeño, Davao City.

The highlight of the celebration was the conduct of “Ulat ng Katutubo” with the presentation of Accomplishment Report and Update on the Implementation of IPRA in Davao City. IP Women Federation and IPMR of five(5) tribes in Davao City also rendered their accomplishment reports.

BGEN Mempin extended his felicitation on the occasion of NCIP’s IPRA anniversary. He emphasized the need for unity, cooperation and collaboration in order to establish a conflict-resilient and develop-ready IP communities. Security is everybody’s concern, he added.

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Kalinaw News: NPA supplies Intercepted at COVID 19 Checkpoint

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 17, 2020): NPA supplies Intercepted at COVID 19 Checkpoint (By 4th Infantry Division)

Madrid, Surigao del Sur, 15 October 2020– The Members of 36th Infantry “Valor” Battalion together with the Lanuza Municipal Police Station and 2nd PMFC, Surigao del Sur Police Personnel intercepted one (1) unit Green Fuso Canter Truck containing CNT supplies yesterday 14 October 2020 at around 01:00 in the afternoon.

Prior to the event, a concerned citizen tip off the information regarding the transport of CNT supplies coming from Tandag City by a truck vehicle with bearing plate number RFT 250 and was inspected at COVID-19 checkpoint at Zone III, Lanuza of this Province. The authorities found out the following items: two (2) pcs IED; one (1) CNTs flag; three (3) sacks of rice;
ten (10) pairs rainboots; five (5) empty gallon 20ltrs; twenty (20) pack of Golden Odon; thirty (30) pcs Bioderm Bath Soap; one (1) box of Mega Sardine; six (6) pcs men’s brief; twenty (20) pairs of black socks; nine (9) packs sanitary napkin; twenty (20) kls brown sugar; five (5) bags of Super Lamig Menthol Candy; ten (10) bags of Nescafe Stick; four (4) bags of Nescafe 3n1; two (2) gallons of cooking oil; one (1) gallon of soy sauce; one (1) sack of flour; half (1/2 ) sack of salt; and six (6) cellophane sack (garbage bag).

The said truck is owned by ABI Construction company and has five (5) commuters namely Marcelo Romosomos, 46 years old, Ramil Pan Berezo, 40 years old both resident of Salvacion, Tandag City, Marlon Febra Cervantes, 33 years old, Brian Balatero Paglinawan, 38 years old both resident of Brgy Gamut, Tago, Sds and Joey Mercansel Silagan, 46 years old resident of Brgy Libas gua, San Miguel, all of this province. Said personalities are all employees of ABI Constructions and captured supplies of the aforementioned personalities was directly conveyed to Lanuza MPS for proper disposition.

In his statement, Lt. Col Jezreel J Diagmel, Commanding Officer of this unit said “This shows that the Surigaonon is now helping the government to end insurgency in the province”. We will not stop in our mission to end the insurgency against the CNTs until they surrender. It is very clear that people wants peace and abhor violence as a means to create a thriving society. It is with the community support that lies the development of peace and closure of conflict in their respective areas. Without mass support, CNTs are just mere fishes without water because the masses are their lifeblood. I am calling once again to all peace loving Surigaonon to unite with us and stop supporting with the CNTs with their financial scheme, we deter these CNTs from your communities by encouraging them to surrender and avail the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program, the government intervention package, for those who will lay down their arms and see the futility of armed struggle”, Lt Col Diagmel added.

Said items were deposited at MPS Lanuza, Surigao del Sur for safekeeping and proper disposition. This operation was part of the intensified resource control of the unit to put a stop on the flow of supplies to the abusive Communist Terrorist Group operating on the area. (1Lt Rodante A Soso, CMO, 36IB)

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Kalinaw News: 12 Ex-NPA Received P20,000.00 worth of Livelihood Cash Assistance from DSWD

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 16, 2020): 12 Ex-NPA Received P20,000.00 worth of Livelihood Cash Assistance from DSWD (By 10th Infantry Battalion)

Paquibato District, Davao City– The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Office Region XI together with 27th Infantry Battalion, 10ID and 1003rd Brigade, 10ID handed-over the TWENTY THOUSAND PESOS (P20,000.00) worth of Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) Assistance to 12 former rebels held at Barangay Paquibato Proper, Paquibato District, Davao City on October 16, 2020.

The said SLP assistance is over and above the ECLIP benefits entitled for NPA rebels who voluntarily surrendered to the government. The program is one of the interventions offered by the DSWD under Executive Order 70 (EO) to end local communist armed conflict. It is an added benefit which aims to ensure that FR will be able to sustain their livelihood program and provide their respective families a decent life.

The awarding of livelihood settlement grant was given by the DSWD XI EO70 Focal Person Mr Kerwin Gabasa, Mr. Eric Diaz, Project Officer II DSWD, and Mrs Epifania Sagayno, Head Kalinaw Village of CSSDO and witnessed by LTC VICTORINO M SEÑO, Commander of 27th Infantry Battalion, COL LUCITO C CARIN, Deputy Brigade Commander of 1003rd Brigade and the local officials of Barangay Paquibato Proper headed by Honorable Miljoseph Escobidal, the Barangay Chairman.

“Ang nakita naku sa gobeyerno grabe ang tabang sukad sa pag surrender nato gikan sa E-CLIP, sa pabahay og sa pang tindahan nato, so sa atoa angayan gyod nato tabangan ang atong gobyerno para mo lambo ang atong komunidad” Mr Marjun Delima said, one of the beneficiaries and a former member of Pulang Bagani Command (PBC) 3. In return, Mr Gabasa encouraged the former rebels to manage well their respective livelihood and gradually increase their income. Meanwhile, COL LUTCH CARIN (MNSA) PA, the Deputy Brigade Commander of 1003rd Infantry Brigade also emphasized the government’s commitment to accept and support NPA rebels who would want to surrender and live a peaceful life.

The SLP program of DSWD has widened its coverage and impressively felt by the community particularly in Paquibato District, Davao City. It can be recalled that last September 30 and October 12, two (2) SLP Associations from Brgy Mapula and Brgy Pañalum both of Paquibato District also received P300,000.00 worth of livelihood project under the same program of DSWD in support to ending local communist armed conflict. The said starting capital is not only a huge support for former UGMO members and former rebels to start a new life but also a clear manifestation of the government’s sincerity and continued efforts to deliver programs and services in conflict affected areas and geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas.

[Kalinaw News is the official online source of information on the pursuit for peace in the Philippines This website is a property of the Civil-Military Operations Regiment, Philippine Army located at Lawton Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Contact us:]

PH military declares war vs rights defenders

From Rappler (Oct 16, 2020): On social media, PH military declares war vs rights defenders (By RAMBO TALABONG, JODESZ GAVILAN)

Is it all fair game in the information war on social media?

The Philippine military has a social media problem.

In the past few weeks, its soldiers and units have been entangled in various controversies involving their use of the popular platform Facebook.

At least 3 Army servicemen were identified as being behind a suspended network of accounts and pages displaying “inauthentic behavior” that amplified political messages in support of the Duterte administration.

Meanwhile, various military units have been flagged by Leftist lawmakers as illegally using their social media platforms to red-tag students and activists without sufficient basis.

Department of National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana defended the posts, including the fabricated ones. The criticism led to the deferment of the Department of National Defense’s 2021 budget deliberations.

The military then found itself at odds with Facebook, demanding that the social media giant explain its takedown of several social media accounts, including the Facebook page of a non-military group that advocated against communists supposedly recruiting the youth into their movement.

President Duterte wanted to take it further. He threatened to ban the platform – the same platform that his campaign effectively used to propel him to Malacañang.

This was not always the case for the military and online platforms.

Social media was not an open battleground where various military pages directly attacked activists.

“Back then, we would use Facebook to look for terrorists and suspects,” said retired general Cesar Garcia, a former national security adviser and former chief of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency in a phone interview with Rappler on Wednesday, October 14.

According to Colonel Harold Cabunoc, a former Army spokesman who manages a personal Facebook page with over 240,000 followers, social media has become a new battlefield for information between the military and its perceived enemies.

He said they are only amplifying the message of their bosses, who have been adamant about taking down the communist insurgency.

“We wouldn’t use force against the unarmed component of the insurgency. Our only way to fight is through information. And this is where we get bashed,” he told Rappler in a video call interview on Wednesday, October 14.

For Lieutenant General Antonio Parlade – the military's Southern Luzon Command chief and one of the most controversial military officials owing to his impassioned and often baseless tirades on social media – it's a matter of winning a propaganda war.

"If before we restrict our soldiers from engaging much in social media, now it is encouraged. The AFP has to win this propaganda fight being waged by the CPP and they are miles ahead," Parlade said in a text message to Rappler on Thursday, October 15.

Is it all fair game in the war of information on social media?

We trace the beginnings of the military’s use of social media for its operations, examine its present policies, and look at its most controversial users who have triggered critics into slamming the uniformed service for its alleged lack of professionalism and propriety in the platforms. 

GUIDELINES. A handbook on social media use issued by the Philippine Army. FILE PHOTO FROM RAPPLER

The discovery of a weapon

The Philippine military formally acknowledged the power of social media in July 2014 when it held its first-ever social media summit inside their national headquarters, Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City.

Around 1,000 soldiers were required and invited to attend the forum, which was held for an entire day and consisted of talks accompanied by slideshows prepared by social media and marketing experts. The military also invited former interior secretary Rafael Alunan, who issued a call to exploit the potential of the platforms to do good.

“They (soldiers) should maximize it in terms of morale welfare, informing their public about deaths, news reports, and weather reports. They can even use it for philanthropic causes, educating internal audiences like their sons and daughters, employment opportunities,” he said.

The event also saw the launch of a 45-page social media handbook for the Philippine Army. The book opens with a preface by then-Army commanding general Noel Coballes, who said that the handbook “will not only tell us what to do but will also remind us of our unwavering responsibility as soldiers.”

The handbook highlighted the potential of social media for the military’s thrust of getting closer to the communities they served. When crisis comes, it may be their immediate communication channel.

The military did not want to ban the use of social media as many of its soldiers use Facebook to communicate with their families, especially when they are assigned to areas far from home.

The challenge at the time was to effectively use a platform that troops already populated.

“Despite the advantages offered by technology, stringent regulation is important to ensure its proper use. Oftentimes, Army personnel violate the security, accuracy, propriety, and policy (SAPP) rule when commenting, posting, or linking indecent photos, languages, articles, and opinions that are not suitable for public viewing or sharing,” the handbook said in describing its rationale.

It added: “The handbook was crafted as part of the Army’s initiative to re-establish and sustain the public’s perception of the Army as a professional organization. Since an individual army personnel represent the whole organization, this handbook aims to instill the idea that their actions affect the Army’s image.”

Do's and don'ts

The guidelines consist largely of obvious pointers for any member of the military: they should not post anything that would reveal their operations, they should not publicly question the organization’s policy, they should not post solicitations and advertisements.

Soldiers were reminded to take care of their privacy settings across platforms so that their profiles would not be easily searched and hacked by enemies.

The manual also emphasizes the importance of military leaders setting themselves as good examples for the entire organization to follow.

“Troops consider their leaders, commanders, or heads of office as role models. If somebody is expected to perfectly adhere to the provision stated in the policy, that is the platoon leaders, commanders or heads of office. Personal example affects people more than any amount of instruction or form of discipline,” the manual said.

Two prohibitions that stand out, which the military has been repeatedly accused of violating are the following:

"4. Rants or gripes

9. Posts instigating fight or debate on perceived critical and political matters that affect the military organization”

“Do not debate, quarrel or engage in other forms of negative discussions detrimental to the image of the Philippine Army,” the handbook said.

Committing any violations posed by the handbook would lead to consequences, it warned.

Soldiers can be court-martialed for violation of Article 96 and Article 97, which refer to conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman, and conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline.

For “grave offenses” – or posts that constitute criminal liability on the part of the soldier – soldiers may be discharged from the service.

Parlade vs CHR

Parlade, chief of the military’s Southern Luzon Command (Solcom), is not afraid to use his social media platform to attack organizations and individuals whom he deems not aligned with his anti-communist agenda.

He is an outspoken member of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC), a body created in December 2018 by President Rodrigo Duterte which aims to end the 50-year-old communist rebellion. 

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But the NTF-ELCAC does not only focus on alleged members of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). It has openly condemned human rights defenders, activists, and even the media, subjecting them to massive red-tagging and harassment through its official Facebook and Twitter pages.

The vitriol seen on these social media pages spilled into the personal accounts of Parlade. 

TWITTER. Antonio Parlade Jr's Twitter account.

Since creating his Twitter account @ParladeJR in November 2019, he has tweeted a total of 220 times to his audience of at least 825 followers, including the official accounts of NTF-ELCAC and the Civil Relations Service of the AFP.

Parlade, who described himself a “dreamer” on Twitter, doesn’t hold back in attacking even elected officials and a constitutionally created body such as the Commission on Human Rights (CHR).

In September alone, 4 out of his 7 tweets that month were aimed at the CHR and its Chairperson Chito Gascon.

Talking about a statement by the CHR condemning a crime committed by the NPA, Parlade tweeted: “Ang puso ba ni Chair Gascon ay nandito rin? Iisa kaya ang pananaw nya sa mga kasamahan nya sa CHR lalo na kay Mam Spox? Sana naman po. Mulat na ang bayan, ikaw na lng Chairman ang napapagiwanan…”  (Is Chair Gascon feeling the same way? Does he have the same view as his colleagues in CHR, especially the spokesperson? I hope so. The public is already aware, and you’re being left behind.)

The tweet’s message reflected the central theme of Parlade's attitude towards the CHR, which he accuses of being complacent, given the violations committed by the New People’s Army (NPA).

As early as March 29, he called on Gascon, saying that “the problem with CHR is its Chairman.”

“We have not heard him speak against the CPP and NPA. Spokesperson [Jacqueline] De Guia is doing her job well but we have yet to heaŕ Chairman Gascon denounce all these killings and HR violations of the NPA. How hard is that Mr Chair?” he tweeted.

Parlade’s understanding of the CHR’s stand is wrong. The Commission, on several occasions, has explicitly said it does not support communist rebels.

In a June statement condemning NPA attacks in Misamis Oriental, CHR said that it is “consistent in denouncing these atrocities and in forwarding its plea to both the government and insurgent groups to put an end to the long-standing armed conflict in the country.”

Aside from actively promoting on social media its mandate and positions, Gascon emphasized that CHR has always maintained its communication lines open with the government to clarify misconceptions.

In fact, he recalled a meeting with NTF-ELCAC Executive Director Allen Capuyan in which CHR "stressed to those present that [the commission] condemns all forms of violence, including its use to further ideologies on the ground," and that as a constitutional office, it is "independent and non-partisan when it calls out the possible abuses of government acts that lead to human rights violations in communities."

The meeting ended well from the CHR's view, Gascon said.

"Yet, despite all of our efforts to clarify our positions and ensure opportunities for constructive dialogue, some people insist upon holding a negative view of this institution and are even active in perpetuating disinformation about our work and our mandate," he told Rappler on Friday, October 16.

The attacks against CHR also go beyond Parlade's tweets. Its officials have been red-tagged by social media pages reportedly affiliated with regional police offices – incidents that are "continuing causes for concern and validate the observations" of international mechanisms, including the United Nations, about the need to end reprisal against human rights defenders.

"CHR will continue to document and take due notice of these instances as we are duty-bound to stand for truth and accountability at all times," Gascon said.

KAMATAYAN? Parlade refers to Makabayan Bloc as Kamatayan Bloc.

But perhaps bearing the brunt of Parlade’s tweets is the Makabayan Bloc or 6 lawmakers representing progressive partylists in the House of Representatives.

These legislators – Bayan Muna’s Carlos Zarate, Ferdinand Gaite, and Eufemia Cullamat, ACT Teachers’ France Castro, Gabriela Women’s Party’s Arlene Brosas, and Kabataan’s Sarah Elago – have already been the target of attacks from the NTF-ELCAC.

On Twitter, Parlade has at least 17 posts that referred to Makabayan Bloc as “Kamatayan Bloc.” The earliest tweet containing this term was posted on November 27, 2019, in which he accused the legislators of hijacking “our budget for their agenda.”

NTF-ELCAC's Facebook page also carried several of Parlade’s statements that made reference to the “Kamatayan Bloc.”

Parlade often tried to openly agitate the progessive lawmakers in the context of the widespread killings of human rights activists, the anti-communist movement, and the anti-terror law.

On his personal Facebook profile Parlade attacked human rights defenders who condemned the killings of activists, accusing rights group Karapatan of being a communist front. He also wrote that slain Negros human rights defender Zara Alvarez was not an activist but a member of the NPA. 

REPLY. Parlade replies to a post by Kabataan Representative Sarah Elago on Twitter.

On August 18, Parlade tweeted that the anti-terror law “will catch up on” Elago. He also said the youth representative “pushes them to be violent and dangerous citizens of this country.”

On January 15, without providing any proof, Parlade also accused the Makabayan Bloc of taking advantage of disaster response.

“Yes at this time of disasters the Kamatayan Bloc's money-making machinery is once again exploiting our generous friends to scam funds for the revolution using ‘disaster response,’ ‘relief assistance’, etc as front,” he tweeted.

CHALLENGE? Parlade challenges individuals in a series of tweets.

Parlade did not only target human rights groups and other progressive organizations. Media groups, journalists, and even a think tank also became the subject of his tweets.

He also “challenged” individuals and maliciously accused them of spreading “half truths and lies.”

In a series of tweets posted on July 27 and 28, Parlade mockingly included the name of a journalist as he ranted about an issue concerning the West Philippine Sea.

He also replied and challenged a tweet of broadcast journalist Abner Mercado about a protest action against Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), and hinted about the shutdown of TV network ABS-CBN.

In text messages to Rappler on Thursday, October 15, Parlade insisted that all his social media posts had basis despite being disputed by the people he had made accusations against.

"Mine are factual assertions...What we post are authorized and that hurts the CPP propaganda machinery," Parlade said.

REPLIES. Some of Parlade's tweets.

Complaints vs Parlade

There have been efforts to hold Parlade accountable not just for his posts, but his overall public pronouncements.

In June, Bayan Muna Representative Carlos Zarate filed a complaint before the Office of the Ombudsman against Parlade for violating the anti-graft law and the Administrative Code for engaging in red-tagging. 

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In the complaint, Zarate said Parlade “was shown to have acted with manifest partiality, evident bad faith, and inexcusable negligence."

But as early as February, policy research group Ibon Foundation filed an administrative complaint against Parlade, National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon, and Communications Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy for their "malicious abuse of authority and negligent performance of duties as public officials."

Parlade and the two officials, the complaint said, violated provisions of Republic Act No. 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees. 

ACCOUNTABLE. Ibon executive director Sonny Africa and Board of Trustees chairperson Bishop Solito Toquero file a complaint against officials over red-tagging in February 2020.


On Twitter, Parlade accused the group of trying to “radicalize” children through the books they produced for schools across the country. NTF-ELCAC also tagged it as a communist front.

Ibon is one of the foremost policy groups tackling socioeconomic issues in the Philippines. Since its creation during Martial Law, Ibon has been working closely with civil society, leading discussions based on its research.

The think tank asked the Ombudsman to "punish" the officials for their conduct that is "grossly disregardful of the public interest, unprofessional, unjust and insincere, politically biased, unresponsive to the public, distorting nationalism and patriotism, and undemocratic."

Two days after, Parlade tweeted: “Nasaan kaya si [Sonny] Africa? Yong IBON na mababa ang lipad? Pakaso-kaso pa hindi na lng humarap sa debate o forum. Sige nga? Name your place except Africa or China.” (Where is Sonny Africa? Ibon, a group with no dignity. Why keep on filing cases instead of facing me in a debate or forum? Name your place except Africa or China.)

Ibon executive director Sonny Africa told Rappler in a phone interview on Thursday, October 15, that there has been no update from the Ombudsman almost 9 months since the complaint was filed against the officials.

Ibon Foundation sees the filed complaint as an opportunity to draw the officials out of their social media rants and into the court.

The policy group also tried to reach out to clarify the allegations brought forward by several officials, including Parlade. But their letters remained unanswered, while a request lodged with the Freedom of Information portal is still waiting for action.

For Africa, the social media posts of Parlade and other officials, while ignoring Ibon Foundation’s official letters, prove that they are just “inciting a propaganda war.”

“Sa sobrang harsh ng accusations nila, the proper venue for that if they have evidence is to bring those to the court system,” Africa said. “But wala silang finafile na any case, which means they have no evidence that will hold up in court.” (With such harsh accusations, bringing their evidence to the court system is the proper venue. But they haven’t filed any case yet, which means they have no evidence that will hold up in court.)

According to former national security adviser Cesar Garcia, the military does not always have to resort to social media retaliation.

“If your intention is to expose them, it is better to engage them in public discourses, or if not, file a case,” Garcia said.

He added: “If they are actually violating the law, they are convinced that they have violated the law, and that they have evidence to back it up, file the case so that they can settle it there.”

Parlade has tried to do something close to Garcia’s recommendation. In November 2019, Parlade walked into a forum against red-tagging by lawyers' group National Union of People’s Lawyers. Instead of engaging in dialogue, Parlade, mid-way through the forum, stepped forward and waved a document that opposed the views of the speakers.

He was kicked out.

As for criminal complaints, the AFP relies on the Philippine National Police to translate their information into accusations that can withstand the scrutiny of the courts. Not all activists they accuse of being “communist-terrorists” are actually taken to court, which also leaves them without a platform to disprove the accusations.

The danger of online attacks

Elsewhere on the internet, progressive groups and human rights activists face massive vilification, with Duterte allies tagging them as members of the CPP-NPA. The problematic use of social media by the military does not help the situation and instead further endangers the lives of many. (

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These red-tagging campaigns are not confined within the webpages of Facebook and Twitter, but are also matched with ground operations. Even at the height of the pandemic, posters and tarpaulins that label individuals and organizations as “berdugo” (executioners) were spread throughout key cities and municipalities.

Duterte ushers in new level of danger for activists, human rights defenders

The CHR, in a July report, said that Duterte "created a dangerous fiction that it is legitimate to hunt down and commit atrocities against [them] because they are enemies of the State."

And dangerous it really is.

Rights group Karapatan said at least 318 individuals have been killed "in the course of the Philippine government’s implementation of its counterinsurgency program" since 2016.

On August 17, Zara Alvarez became part of the long list of activists and human rights defenders killed under Duterte, and the 13th from Karapatan alone.

Her death came after years of receiving threats. A long-time human rights worker, Alvarez was previously tagged as a terrorist in posters and even by the Department of Justice in 2018.

Days before, on August 10, Anakpawis leader Randall “Randy” Echanis was brutally murdered inside his rented home in Quezon City.

The existence of the anti-terror law, compounded by the widespread war on dissent, makes every public pronouncement against any group or individual dangerous – especially if done by a state agent.

How many more lives will have to be lost before the military reassesses its use of social media?