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NDF/Sison: On Trotskyite Views Against the CPP

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front Philippines (NDFP or NDF) Facebook Page (Jun 27, 2020): On Trotskyite Views Against the CPP


In Reply to the Questions of the Journalist Michael Beltran

1. Critics from a Trotskyist standpoint say that the CPP’s measure of success primarily banks on quantitative developments such as how many rifles it has won and how many new party members it has recruited. Moreover, they claim a disjunct in the Party extolling the advancement of the revolution yet the conditions are worsening for the Filipino people, making the seizure of political power a sole determinant in political development. Do you think this is fair? What are your thoughts on this?

Jose Maria Sison (JMS): That is an unfair comment. Trotskyites suffer from having blinders of their own making. They deny and misrepresent the entire range of revolutionary forces and toiling masses of workers and peasants waging the people’s democratic revolution. The CPP has never said that the number of NPA rifles is the sole determinant of the success of the revolutionary movement of the people. That is not the way the CPP thinks and acts. The accusation of militarism is well disproven by the CPP leading the toiling masses of workers and peasants in revolutionary political struggles against the tremendous odds posed by US imperialism and the local exploiting classes.

The CPP has always taken into account the worsening crisis conditions of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system, the desire of the people for revolutionary change and realization of national and social liberation, the adoption and implementation of the general line and program of people’s democratic revolution and the development of such revolutionary forces as the vanguard proletarian party, the mass organizations of workers, peasants and other people, the people’s army and its auxiliary forces, the organs of democratic political power, the united front formations and level of outrage and militancy of the unorganized masses.

The revolutionary forces of the Filipino people have declared from time to time what are their respective levels of organized strength, their programs and declarations and more importantly their activities and campaigns against neoliberal policies and related matters. All these debunk the Trotskyite slander. The broad range of legal democratic forces is encouraged by the organized political strength of the workers and peasants. The CPP would not have survived and overcome all the US-directed campaigns of military suppression since the time of Marcos if not for the political work of the CPP and the resulting wide and deepgoing mass support for the revolution.

The CPP started from scratch in 1968, with a few scores of Party members, supported by some 10,000 youth activists, trade unionists and a few veterans of the old armed revolutionary movement. In the last more than 51 years, the CPP has become nationwide and deeply rooted among the toiling masses. It leads a people’s army, various types of mass organizations and the local organs of political power which constitute the people’s democratic government. All these revolutionary forces constitute a solid base for advancing on the urban areas and eventually defeating the class enemy.

Contrary to the claims of the Duterte regime, the Trotskyites and other Philistines that the revolutionary movement is a failure until it seizes power in Manila, I wish to call attention to the fact that the revolutionary organs of political power are already governing thousands of barangays, hundreds of municipalities and scores of districts within the range of more than 110 guerrilla fronts. They do administration, land reform and other social programs, production campaigns, health and sanitation work, self-defense, judicial work, disaster relief, environmental protection and so on.

There is no other combination of revolutionary forces and people in the Philippines closest to the socialist revolution but the one led and inspired by the CPP.. In the programmatic view of the CPP and all other revolutionary forces, the Filipino people and the Philippine revolution must first complete the stage of fighting for, realizing and winning the national and democratic rights against foreign and feudal domination by overthrowing the big comprador-landlord counterrevolutionary state.

Upon the seizure of political power in the stage of new democratic revolution, the proletariat and the people can begin the socialist revolution, with due attention to transitional measures to be undertaken. The Trotskyites do not accept the necessity of the new democratic stage in the two stages of the Philippine revolution. Because of their fatally wrong line, they cannot grow in the Philippines. Like Trotsky, the Trotskyites think that they can grow by vilifying the genuine communist parties, now guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.Their anti-CPP obsession practically puts them on the side of the counterrevolution.

2. Similarly, these detractors advocate for pluralism within the left. Because the left worldwide can be considered weak, much needs to be re-learned in terms of strategies and methods. For them, the vanguard parties must go through a necessary process of re-learning, merging and splitting to accommodate a number of different answers to their challenges. Conversely, the CPP supposedly denies the need for this. What can you say about this critique of the CPP’s notion of a vanguard party?

JMS: In the Philippine context, what may be loosely called the Left of the political spectrum consists of the anti-imperialist and democratic forces, otherwise called patriotic and progressive. In class terms, these are motivated mainly by adherence to the rights and interests of the toiling masses of workers and peasants. The CPP always considers it of the utmost political importance to appeal to and rely on these forces and masses of the Left. It is a big lie for anyone to caricature the CPP as denying the need for these diverse Left forces to be put into revolutionary play and aroused, organized and mobilized for the purpose.

It is absurd for anyone to claim that the strength of the CPP comes from denying the need to cooperate with others and from presuming that it knows all answers to all questions. The CPP constantly teaches its cadres and members to learn from the masses and cooperate with allies. It promotes and carries out the broad united front policy of building the basic worker-peasant alliance, winning over the middle social strata and taking advantage of the splits among the reactionaries in order to isolate, weaken and defeat the enemy, which is currently the Duterte tyranny.

It has alliances with Left liberals in professional and occupational organizations and religious-minded revolutionaries like those in the Christians for National Liberation and Muslims in the Moro Revolutionary Liberation Organization. These are honest opponents of the Duterte tyranny unlike the most obnoxious Trotskyites who talk in an ultra-Left way but specialize in attacking the CPP and in fact serving the counterrevolution.

The CPP adheres to the Marxist-Leninist principle and line of building itself as the advanced detachment of the working class or the revolutionary vanguard party of the proletariat. Like the Bolsheviks, the CPP has become the revolutionary vanguard party of the proletariat by building itself ideologically, politically and organizationally, engaging in a life-and-death revolutionary struggle and strengthening itself in the process, learning from the masses, giving full play to democracy as the basis for making decisions from one level to another and using criticism and self-criticism and rectification movements to correct errors and improve work and the style of work.

In contrast, there are several grouplets of Trotskyites with varied conflicting origins in the Philippines. They specialize in slandering and attacking the CPP. They are under the influence of Trotskyites in the US, UK, France, The Netherlands, Japan and Australia. They have a talent for splitting among themselves as to be expected of petty bourgeois factionalists overreaching for socialism under semicolonial and semifeudal conditions. By attacking each other, they have weakened each other other instead of strengthening themselves,. Take for example the well-known conflict between Popoy Lagman and Sonny Melencio, financed and influenced by their respective Japanese and Australian partners.

They are all afflicted with a certain kind of political schizophrenia. They can flip-flop from bourgeois liberalism and factionalism in line with their anti-Stalinist obsession to ultra-Left phrase-mongering about socialism as the urgent main issue under semicolonial and semifeudal conditions. They oppose the current general line of people’s democratic revolution under proletarian leadership and with a socialist perspective. They try to gain self-importance and please the reactionaries by attacking the CPP. They specialize in sniping at the CPP from the flanks in coordination with the psywar agencies of whichever incumbent or incoming ruling clique in the Philippines.

3. I have heard phrases of the CPP’s revolution “happening behind people’s backs” in that the masses are mobilized on the basis of democratic struggle whereas socialist consciousness is absent from the equation. For them, socialism is not something implemented by the vanguard party alone, and hence, there is a disjunct between the mobilizing methods of the CPP and the socialist program it espouses. How do you respond to this? Basically, they are purporting that the CPP is not advancing proletarian consciousness among the masses.

JMS: There is nothing wrong for the CPP to propagate and carry out the general line and program of the people’s democratic revolution, with the proletariat as the leading class and with socialism as the direction of the current democratic struggles against the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system. Socialism is openly discussed as the bright future of the Filipino people that commences upon the overthrow of the current unjust social system. It is not something “happening behind people’s backs.”

The CPP, the people’s army and the revolutionary mass formations spread and follow the general line of people’s democratic revolution with a socialist perspective. They never conceal the socialist direction and future of the people’s democratic revolution. They explain fully the two stages of the Philippine revolution: the new democratic stage and the socialist stage. And they always answer questions about socialist revolution in study meetings as well as in public meetings.

The masses of workers led by the CPP as well as those coming from other class origins who wish to remould themselves as proletarian revolutionaries or communists are well educated on socialism as the historic mission of the working class on top of the immediate necessity of the democratic struggle against the current ruling system. The peasant masses also understand that they will benefit from free land distribution in the agrarian revolution and they will go through cooperativization and mechanization in the socialist society.

Right now, as in the time of the people’s struggle against the emergence and entrenchment of the Marcos fascist dictatorship, the CPP and the revolutionary mass movement are once more calling for anti-fascist, anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggle as an emphatically combative expression for the people’s democratic revolution.

The anti-fascist line condemns the attack on and violation of the civil and political rights of individuals, groups and nonexploitative classes. The anti-imperialist line condemns the attack on and violation of national sovereignty and independence. And the antifeudal line condemns the feudal and semifeudal forms of oppression nd exploitation in the countryside and carries out agrarian revolution as the main content of democratic revolution in favor of the peasant majority of the people.

The Trotskyites are rabid anti-communists pretending to out-communist the communists. They are brazen liars beyond redemption when they say that the CPP and the revolutionary movement do not appeal to the workers to defend their class interests, as workers against the government. They use outright lies to construct their own straw figure which they demolish with their verbiage.

The CPP itself and the underground organizations of the workers have resolutely and militantly upheld, defended and advanced the class interests of the working class against the counterrevolutionary state, the imperialists and the big bourgeoisie in the Philippines. The revolutionary work and influence of the CPP in the trade union movement are so strong that every reactionary regime has tried to red-tag the legal trade union movement for the purpose of state terrorism and anti-communist suppression.

4. One recommendation for building a strong communist party in the Trotskyist fashion is to start with a strong mass base already and that it should be born out of a strong, existing and active resistance and that they are the expressions of social contradictions, not necessarily of a ideological drive to do so. In your many years of party building, what can you draw from your experience about successful party building?

JMS: I have already pointed out that when the CPP was re-established in 1968, it was so small and weak with only a few scores of members. But it based itself on and was benefited by the mass movement of workers, peasants and the middle social strata in the entire 1960s. The CPP further grew in strength not just by building itself in exclusive closed-door study sessions but by further developing and drawing recruits from the revolutionary mass movement through various forms of struggle.

In developing the revolutionary mass movement, the CPP, the New People’s Army and the National Democratic Front help each other out. As far as I am concerned, the Trotskyites are not competent ideologically, politically and organizationally to talk about building a communist party and are not qualified to give a serious fact-based critique of the party building and mass work done by the CPP. If you examine the record and activities of the current Trotskyites, they have no experience in organizing any communist party beyond their small echo chambers and using the computer to attack the CPP and other communist parties.

The CPP has become one of the most formidable forces in the upsurge of the anti-imperialist and democratic struggles and resurgence of the world proletarian revolution. It has grown in strength by having the correct ideological, political and organizational line, by arousing, organizing and mobilizing the masses and by engaging in various forms of revolutionary struggle that are aimed at the armed overthrow and defeat of the class enemy. In the course of the revolutionary struggle, the communist party recruits its cadres and members from the revolutionary mass movement.

5. Trotskyists have regularly made claims that the CPP has an existing policy to attack them. Specifically, that there are even assassination orders within the NPA to target other members of the left. This is done supposedly to defend the CPP’s “monopoly of truth.” What can you say about this? Why do you think they have made such claims?

JMS: The most malicious and most unbelievable lies of the Trotskyites are their false claims that the CPP has an existing policy to attack them and that specifically there are even assassination orders within the NPA to target other members of the Left. They should present facts so that the CPP and the NPA can answer the charges. It is not enough to ascribe a false motivation to the CPP like “defending its monopoly of truth.”

Genuine Marxist-Leninists like those in the CPP do not believe in mediaeval dogmas of infallibility and monopoly of truth. The CPP has a materialist-scientific philosophy and methods of cognition and practice. It engages in periodic and timely criticism and self-criticism and rectification movements against major errors. In political work among the masses, it has the line of learning first from the masses their needs and demands through social investigation and class analysis before trying to teach them about anything. In its organizational life, the CPP upholds the principle of democratic centralism and bases its decision-making on democratic discussions of the facts and issues at the various levels of leadership.

In the Philippines, the Trotskyites who hate the CPP are so few and are on the wayside casting malicious statements and false claims against the CPP. They have been ineffective in their counterrevolutionary activities and have thus been ignored by the CPP and by the revolutionary mass organizations. Even if they are rabid anti-communists in the clothing of super-communists or overanxious socialist, they do not deserve any kind of physical punishment so long as they use only their mouths and computers against the CPP.

In my experience of Trotskyite malice, there is one Filipino Trotskyite who used his masteral dissertation against the CPP to ingratiate himself with a foreign intelligence agency and executed a written testimony against me in connection with the false murder charges against me in 2007. And he has continued to publish a stream of slanderous articles against the CPP. I have been happy enough to win my cases in court against false charges of murder and terrorism. I do not even think of any physical counteraction against any of my detractors. I am satisfied with debunking the lies and false charges.

The most service that the Trotskyites give nowadays to the counterrevolutionary state in the Philippines is to talk and write against the CPP. In this regard, the CPP has let them wallow in their own shit. I think that with regard to some elements who have a Trotskyite background but who have some amount of mass following and are willing to join the broad united front formally or informally, the CPP is well known to have been open to cooperation with them within the framework of the broad united front. ###SISON

CPP/CIO: Denounce killing of peasant in Escalante, Negros

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jun 27, 2020): Denounce killing of peasant in Escalante, Negros


JUNE 27, 2020

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins Negrenses and the rest of the Filipino people in condemning the Duterte regime for the killing of Jose Jerry Catalogo, an officer of the National Federation of Sugar Workers last Tuesday.

Suspected state agents gunned down Catalogo at around 5:00 a.m. on June 23. He was feeding his carabao outside his residence in Barangay Paitan, Escalante City, Negros Occidental when killed. Prior to the incident, Catalogo has reportedly been subjected to surveillance.

Catalogo was an officer of the NFSW. His killing forms part of the systematic attacks of the Duterte regime against the NFSW which has been repeatedly tagged by the regime’s National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) as a “front organization” of the CPP.

On June 9, state forces arbitrarily arrested Gaspar Davao, also an organizer for the NFSW, in Cadiz City in the same province. In 2018, the regime also perpetrated the Sagay massacre of nine peasant members of NFSW who were asserting their right to cultivate an idle piece of land for food.

The killing of Catalogo seeks to terrorize the peasant masses amid growing political and socioeconomic unrest across the country. These were perpetrated at a time that the Duterte fascist regime is railroading the enactment of the Anti-Terror Bill which aims to clamp down on activism, silence demands to oust Duterte, and eliminate opposition against his plans to establish an outright fascist dictatorship.

CPP/NPA-Bicol Region: SBC-BHB Albay’s harassment operation in Jovellar is BHB’s response to JTFB’s intensifying SEMPO-like attacks

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jun 27, 2020): SBC-BHB Albay’s harassment operation in Jovellar is BHB’s response to JTFB’s intensifying SEMPO-like attacks


JUNE 27, 2020

RJC-NPA Bikol gives its highest praise to Santos Binamera Command (SBC-NPA Albay) for its successful harassment operation against 1st Albay PMFC in Brgy. San Isidro, Jovellar, Albay on June 23, 2020. This is the NPA’s response to Joint Task Force Bicolandia’s (JTFB) intensifying SEMPO-like attacks. Patrolman Emerson Belmonte was killed in action, while Police Corporal Marlon Beltran, Patrolman Roy Resurrecion and Patrolman John Mark Paz were injured.

9th ID and PNP wage inconceivable terror in the region. Joint operations of AFP and PNP have caused greater damage than any disaster that has befell the region. Seventy-two victims of extrajudicial killings have been recorded since JTFB was formed in June 11, 2018. Fourteen of these were recorded after one of the strongest typhoons, Typhoon Tisoy, hit the region. Under JTFB, the Bicolano masses once again witnessed the first bombing in the region after decades.

Using a SEMPO-like style, JTFB’s list of victims will certainly multiply. It primarily targets civilians, especially progressive groups and individuals, and brands them as members of the NPA afterwards. JTFB is using illegal arrest and search warrants in order to justify their witchhunt of suspected members and supporters of the revolutionary forces. This is JTFB’s excuse in murdering five farmers in Dolos, and will be surely used in more cases in the future.

After the successful Jovellar ambush, the police and military’s death squade also murdered two barangay officials in Brgy. San Isidro, Jovellar and peddled news that the NPA committed the crime. In reality, there was no NPA unit in that area because they immediately left after the ambush. The military and police have long been known for killing civilians even when no encounter has ensued and thereafter put the blame on the NPA.

Joining the armed struggle is a legitimate and sovereign right of the people. Their lives and livelihood are constantly in danger under the semicolonial and semifeudal system. Fascists, landlords and bureaucrat capitalists continue to collude to exploit and oppress the masses to the greatest extent possible. They will extort the most preposterous amount of profit they can and will persistently hold on to power while the lives of the masses spiral in a perpetual crisis. This is the root of oppression and exploitation the people can only end through exercising their sovereign power.

RJC-NPA Bikol strongly calls on the Bicolano masses to fortify and strengthen their army, take up arms and further advance the people’s war. Be part of an empowering revolution and support the NPA through all possible means. Further strengthen and widen the ranks of the NPA in order to amplify their capacity to achieve the basic requisites to reach the higher stage of the people’s war. Only through this can the people truly achieve freedom and relevant social change.

RJC-NPA Bikol also encourages those in the enemy lines to reform and side with the masses. There is no value in offering one’s life to a senseless war. True love for the people is not measured in uniforms, salaries or ranks, but in uniting and sincerely working towards freeing them from oppression and exploitation. To defend the ruling elite is to betray one’s class.

Likely targets of the enemy and those previously included in the AFP and PNP’s order of battle are also welcome to join the NPA’s guerilla units in order to defend themselves from the enemy’s attacks.

Together, the people can crush the fascist reign of the US-Duterte regime. Together, the oppressed and exploited masses can create a society that is truly free.

Bicolanos, join the New People’s Army!
Overthrow the US-Duterte regime!
Talingkas sa pagkaoripon!

CPP/CIO: 7 anti-mining Lumads leaders arrested in Misamis Oriental are civilians, not NPA fighters

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jun 27, 2020): 7 anti-mining Lumads leaders arrested in Misamis Oriental are civilians, not NPA fighters


JUNE 27, 2020

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins various organizations in denouncing the Duterte regime and its armed forces for the unlawful arrest of anti-mining leaders Datu Reynaldo Ayuma and six other Lumads at Purok 6, Barangay Blanco, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental on June 26.

The Party calls on local and international environmentalist and human rights advocates to look into the escalating incidents of abuses perpetrated by the Duterte fascist regime against anti-mining communities while fast-tracking the enactment of the fascist Anti-Terror Bill (ATB).

The victims were arrested during the conduct of a raid by the joint elements of the police, military and local barangay officials in the said community at around 3:30 a.m.

Ayuma and his companions are not members of the New People’s Army (NPA) contrary to the claims of the AFP and PNP. As far as we are aware, they are active community leaders opposing mining, logging and ecotourism operations in Mt. Balatukan where their community is situation.

Arrested with Ayuma were Lumads Pablita Hilogon, Glenn Hilogon, Bambi Hilogon, Toto Hilogon, Jun-Jun Ayoman, and Jesson Langka, all members of the Kalumbay Lumad Organization. The victims were originally from Sitio Camansi, Barangay Banglay in Lagonglong town, and were among residents who evacuated from the said community in 2018 due to intense military operations and attacks against them.

The victims have long been subjected to Red tagging and harassment by the regime’s National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) because of leading their community’s opposition against expansion plans of multinational companies in the area.

To justify the arrest, the operatives shamelessly planted high-powered rifle magazines in the houses where the evacuees were staying and accused them of being members of the New People’s Army.

The same dirty tactic was employed by the regime when it arrested Kalumbay chairperson Datu Jomorito Guaynon and Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas-Northern Mindanao chairperson Ireneo Udarbe in Talakag, Bukidnon; and four members of the Misamis Oriental Farmers’ Association (MOFA), along with two babies and a minor, in Barangay Looc, Villanueva, Misamis Oriental in January 2019. The six peasants were slapped with trumped up charges under the Human Security Act which is now being amended through the ATB. Charges against the victims have already been dismissed but Datu Guaynon and the MOFA 4 continue to languish in jail. Udarbe also continues to face threats to his life and security.

Kalinaw News: 6th ID installs new Battalion Commanders and Chief of Office

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jun 27, 2020): 6th ID installs new Battalion Commanders and Chief of Office (By 6th Infantry Division)

CAMP SIONGCO, Maguindanao – Maj. Gen. Diosdado C. Carreon, Commander of 6th Infantry Division, presided here this morning (June 24) the joint ceremonies on Change of Command of 6th Infantry Battalion, 37th Infantry Battalion, 6th Civil-Military Operations Battalion (CMOBn), Service Support Battalion (SSBn) and Change of Chief of Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel, G1.

Lt. Col. Charlie C. Banaag, the outgoing Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel, relinquished his position to outgoing 6th IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Clairemont W. Pinpin; Lt. Col. Banaag assumed as the new commander of 6th IB.

Lt. Col. Allen Van Estrera assumed as the Commanding Officer of 37th Infantry Battalion replacing Lt. Col. Roberto C. Go Jr.

The outgoing 6th CMOBn Commanding Officer, Lt. Col Edgardo L. Vilchez Jr. was replaced by Lt. Col. Anhouvic B. Atilano; Lt. Col. Vilchez will take command of 38th IB on June 30, 2020.

On the other hand, Lt. Col. Josue E. Erie assumed post as the Commanding Officer of SSBn replacing the Officer-in-Charge, Maj. Richard B. Somoso.

Lt. Col. Atilano, was also designated as the Division Spokesperson and the Chief of Division Public Affairs Office.

“To the outgoing principals, you have performed your very best and I commend you for meeting my expectations,” said Maj. Gen. Carreon.

Meanwhile, the Commander congratulated and welcomed the incoming principals of the units of 6th ID as he is confident with their leadership skills. “I am very confident that you will surpass all the challenges ahead of you and your unit and I will give my best to support you,” Maj. Gen Carreon stressed.

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Kalinaw News: 3 CTG members in South Upi town return to the fold of the law

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jun 27, 2020): 3 CTG members in South Upi town return to the fold of the law (By 6th Infantry Division)

CAMP SIONGCO, Maguindanao – Three former Communist NPA terrorists (CNTs) who voluntarily surrendered to 6th Infantry Battalion were presented in a ceremony here at the Kampilan Clubhouse yesterday (June 23).

The former rebels decided to yield to take part in the government’s Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) and other benefits provided by the local government unit.

The three were previously under Cherry Mobile Company, West Daguma Front, South Regional Command of Far South Mindanao Region (FSMR) in the hinterlands of South Upi, Maguindanao. They held key positions in the group as the political instructor, commanding officer and liaison.

In a short ceremony, the rebel returnees handed over their firearms to Joint Task Force Central and 6th Infantry Division Commander Maj. Gen. Diosdado C. Carreon and Vice-Mayor Imelda Estorninos with 603rd Brigade Commander Brig. Gen. Wilbur C. Mamawag.

Miles Leary, John Eraga, and Marin Kuner, who have chosen the path of peace, abandoned the communist terrorist group because they grew tired of the armed struggle and thanked the government for accepting them for the program.

The local government of South Upi also provided an initial cash assistance to start their new lives with their families. They will also be entitled for the benefits of E-CLIP as part of their reintegration process, such as livelihood package and firearms remuneration.

Vice-Mayor Estorninos said the local government is very willing to help the rebel returnees.

“The former rebels who previously surrendered to government were provided with employment by the LGU to provide them the long-term source of living to provide for their families,” added Vice-Mayor Estorninos.

Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Carreon thanked the LGU of South Upi for the initial help provided for the former CNTs.

“I encouraged the LGUs to fully understand what the authority is given to them in order to pursue the local peace initiative with the CTG,” Maj. Gen. Carreon said.

Currently, the surrenderers were brought at 6th IB Headquarters in North Upi for processing of their documents.

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Kalinaw News: Mindoro Welcomes Second Child-Warrior in Three Days, Third for 2ID Since Monday

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jun 26, 2020): Mindoro Welcomes Second Child-Warrior in Three Days, Third for 2ID Since Monday (By 2nd Infantry Division)

CAMP CAPINPIN, Tanay, Rizal — Another child warrior together with an NPA amazon surrendered to the government after local peace negotiations with the Governor of Occidental Mindoro on Thursday.

This development came after Gov Eduardo Gadiano was authorised by Occidental Mindoro’s Provincial Council to talk peace with the insurgent’s through Resolution 171 signed on June 16.

The military identified the 17-year-old minor as Ina Ronaw alias Angel who went down with a female terrorist whom they identified as Marisa Awi alias Maryan. Both of them are indigenous people belonging to the Buhid Tribe.

The report added that both former rebels are members of the NPA’s Platun Serna which is under the Kilusang Larangang Gerilya MAV that is operating in the southern part of Mindoro Island.

Colonel Jose Augusto V Villareal, Commander of 203rd Brigade which has operational jurisdiction over Mindoro, said that the child warrior is an NPA regular who has been involved in armed skirmishes against his troops in the past.

He condemned the NPA terrorists’ recruitment of minors as a “blatant disregard of internationally accepted norms in warfighting” while describing the act as “a clear violation of International Humanitarian Law as well as of both written and unwritten rules between and among combatants.”

“The NPA’s recruitment of minors and exploitation of the IP community are evil practices that can never be justified”, ended Col Villareal.

Gov Gadiano, the Provincial Chief Executive and Chairman of the Provincial Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict or PTF ELCAC of Occidental Mindoro, reiterated his commitment “in answering the President’s call for a whole of nation approach to attain just and lasting peace in the whole province so that my people will be able to enjoy the lives that they truly deserve.”

“We will continue to pursue the path to peace regardless of the challenges, we will advocate for open communications between the government and the NPAs, and we will do everything within our authority to help those who are in need particularly the Mangyans and our youth”, ended Gov Gadiano.

The former rebels were quoted as saying that “the relentless military operations which cut off our logistics as well as the recent massive redeployment of forces in the island destroyed our will to fight and made us fear for our lives” as the reasons behind their decision to abandon their armed struggle.

Major General Arnulfo Marcelo B Burgos Jr, Commander of the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division which has operational jurisdiction over Southern Tagalog, commended the Occidental Mindoro’s PTF-ELCAC for its “unwavering commitment to serve our people and defend them from the clutches of terrorism that has been hampering our growth and potentials as a nation.”

He also articulated his exasperation to the NPAs’ “desperate act of recruiting IPs and minors thereby dragging them to harm’s way which is contrary to their propaganda lines of fighting for our people’s welfare.”

Maj Gen Burgos expressed optimism that “more terrorists will surrender in the coming days because of the prevailing demoralisation across their ranks as well as the lingering fear in their minds brought about by the possible signing of the Anti-Terrorism Bill.”

He ended his statement by reaffirming “my soldier’s commitment and dedication in performing our mandate as advocates of peace, servants of the people and defenders of Southern Tagalog.”

They will be enrolled to the government’s Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program or E-CLIP which provides benefits up to Php 700,000 worth of grants and reintegration packages.

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Seven Lumad arrested, tagged as NPA in Misamis Oriental

From the often pro-Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) online publication the Davao Today (Jun 26, 2020): Seven Lumad arrested, tagged as NPA in Misamis Oriental (By JIGGER J. JERUSALEM)

Authorities arrested on Friday seven Lumad whom they claim are New People’s Army members in an operation in Barangay Blanco, Balingasag town in Misamis Oriental, a charge condemned by the Lumad group Kalumbay.

Lieutenant Noel Oclarit, deputy team leader of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) in Misamis Oriental, said a combined team of police, military local government officials conducted the raid.
They were serving eight search warrants issued by a local court.

Witnessing the operation were John Robert Gales and Jeric Ubalde, Blanco village councilors.

Those arrested are identified as Pilutong Langka, Pablita Hilogon, Reynaldo Ayuma, Dandi Hilogon, Bambi Hilogon, Padod Ayuma, and Glenn Hilogon.

Two suspects, Junrey Boy Hilogon and Berni Gandinao, were not found during the raid.

The CIDG said they obtained information that Langka is an NPA member who goes by the alias “Ka Rex”.

Authorities claimed to have seized three homemade shotguns, two 38 caliber pistols, various magazine clips and ammunition, and printed materials police described as “subversive documents.”

Oclarit said they acted on information of an armed group present in Sitio Tugas-Tugason in Blanco and have coordinated with the Army’s 58th Infantry Battalion for the conduct of the operation.

The CIDG officer added that some of these arrested were with the group of Lumad evacuees who camped out at the Misamis Oriental Provincial Capitol grounds in 2018 to demand intervention from counter-insurgency operations in their villages. Junrey Hilogon was one of the Lumad who was interviewed by the media.

But the Lumad group Kalumbay condemned the arrests, saying the state arrested former residents of Barangay Banglay, Lagonglong town who evacuated following intense militarization, red-tagging and harassment in their community.

“This is another attack on legitimate organizations critical of the anti-poor policies of the Duterte government poorly disguised and written off as a counter-terrorism operation,” the group said.

Activist tagged by Army as terrorist fears for life

From the Panay News (Jun 27, 2020): Activist tagged by Army as terrorist fears for life (By Ian Paul Cordero)

ILOILO City – During the meeting of the Regional Peace and Order Council at Casa Real de Iloilo City on June 19, the Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) included the Ilonggo vice president for Visayas of the progressive group Makabayan Coalition, Siegfred Deduro, in the terrorist list it presented.
Now, Deduro fears for his life.

“I vehemently condemn the inclusion of my name as a high-ranking member of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Komiteng Rehiyon (KR) Panay in the presentation of the 3ID,” stated Deduro in a statement.

He fears for his life, he said, because “it has been the pattern of impunity in extrajudicial killings and illegal arrest and detention victims under the Duterte administration that targets of military and police neutralization are first subjected to spurious accusation and vilification, like linking them to the revolutionary armed underground forces to condition the public.”

Deduro recalled that on Dec. 11, 2018 he was included in posters of so-called leaders of legal democratic organizations, alleging them as puppets of the CPP and New People’s Army (NPA).

The posters were displaced in strategic locations in Iloilo City.

Deduro believed the posters were the handiwork of state agents after President Rodrigo Duterte issued Executive Order No. 70 creating the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict.

The posters were again pasted around Iloilo City on March 16, 2019, said Deduro.

“This malicious scheme is aimed at eliminating legal opposition in the last years of President Duterte’s term,” he stressed.


He represented the Bayan Muna party-list in the 12th Congress from April 2003 to June 2004.

A founding member of Bayan Muna and the Makabayan Coalition, he served in concurrent capacity as vice president for Visayas since the founding congresses of these political organizations.

Deduro was employed as consultant to the Office of the Secretary of the Department of Agrarian Reform when the agency was headed by then secretary Rafael Mariano in 2017

He was also a manager for five years of the Panay Fair Trade Corp., the biggest exporter of muscovado sugar in Panay Island.

In 1998, Deduro became the founding secretary-general of the Madia-as Ecological Movement that led the successful popular resistance against the entry of commercial mining in Panay Island.

He was part, too, of the human rights violations class suit filed against the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos that was decided in their favor in the United States District Court in Hawaii. The ruling was affirmed in 1996 by the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

As a Martial Law survivor, Deduro was a qualified claimant under the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013, which recognized the sufferings of those unjustly detained and tortured during the Marcos dictatorship.

“I demand due process and a halt to the military’s unjust accusation and vilification against me and my fellow activists. I demand a public apology from the 3ID for its irresponsible and baseless accusations,” said Deduro.

NCRPO-led composite team thwart operations of a terrorist group in Paranaque City

From the Philippine Information Agency (Jun 27, 2020): NCRPO-led composite team thwart operations of a terrorist group in Paranaque City (By Nonette N. Castillo)

Featured Image

PARANAQUE CITY, June 27 (PIA) –Philippine National Police Chief, Police General Archie Gamboa commended the NCRPO under PMGEN Debold Sinas that led the coordinated raid by a composite team of government security forces on the safehouse of the suspected members of a terrorist group Daulah Islamiyah in Parañaque City at past midnight Friday.

In his report to Gamboa, Sinas said four suspects died in the police raid while a member of the raiding team was wounded.

Sinas told Gamboa the raiding team composed of operatives from the RID-RSOG, Parañaque CPS, RMFB of NCRPO together with IG-RHQ; NSU NCR (CIDG and RIU); NICA and JTF-NCR, AFP; were under orders from Judge Noemi J Balitaan of RTC Branch 258 of Parañaque City to serve a Search Warrant at Blk. 5 Lot 4 Annex 46, Better Living, Brgy. Don Bosco, Parañaque City for violation of RA 10591 (Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act).

But what was supposed to be a routine search turned into an armed encounter with occupants of the house who engaged lawmen in a firefight, Sinas said.

Killed in the encounter were: Bensaudi Sali a.k.a "Boy", currently a Security Guard at Lancris Residences, Brgy Don Bosco, Parañaque City and ASG/DI-Sulu Group Member; Merhama Abdul Sawari a.k.a "Mheng", wife of Bensaudi Sali, she is identified as ASG/DI-Sulu Group Finance and Logistics Facilitator; Rasmin A Hussin a.k.a "Boscon", Security Guard at Lancris Residences, Brgy. Don Bosco; and Jamal Kalliming a.k.a "Pando", Security Guard at TyrePlus Philippines, Dr. Arcadio Santos Ave., Parañaque City

The encounter also resulted in the wounding of PCpl Ehrol Gamboa of RSOG, NCRPO. He was evacuated to the Uni-health Parañaque Hospital and Medical Center for treatment of gunshot wounds on both legs.

Crime scene investigators are thoroughly sifting through the recovered evidence at the crime scene following the latest investigative guidelines in the new normal issued by NHQ.

Gamboa has ordered a complete investigation into circumstances surrounding the presence of these known ASG-DI suspects in Metro Manila. (PNP PIO/PIA-NCR)

Team NOLCOM pledges its full support to TFBL, peace via reintegration of former rebels

From the Philippine Information Agency (Jun 27, 2020): Team NOLCOM pledges its full support to TFBL, peace via reintegration of former rebels (By DND)

Pulong para sa Kapayapaan. DND Undersecretary Reynaldo Mapagu with NOLCOM Commander, LTGEN Ramiro Manuel Rey, and representatives from 5th and 7th Infantry Divisions discussing issues and concerns raised by E-CLIP implementers in NOLCOM’s areas of responsibility. Also part of the discussion are ways to combat communist terrorist group (CTG) recruitment through various military operations.

QUEZON CITY, June 27 -- Defense Undersecretary for Civil, Veterans and Reservist Affairs, Undersecretary Reynaldo B Mapagu, in his capacity as the Chairperson of Task Force Balik-Loob and the DND's Co-Champion for the DND-DPWH Convergence Projects or Tatag ng Imprastruktura para Kapayapaan at Seguridad (TIKAS) Program, visited the Headquarters Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM), AFP on June 26, 2020 at Camp Servillano Aquino, Tarlac City, Tarlac. He was received by LtGen Ramiro Manuel Rey AFP, Commander, NOLCOM, together with BGen Arwel Oropesa AFP, Deputy Commander for Operations, BGen Ramon Evan Ruiz AFP, Deputy Commander for Administration, and concerned Unified Command Staff headed by their Chief of Staff Col Rodney Intal. Also present were representatives from the 5th Infantry Division and the 7th Infantry Division.

Task Force Balik-Loob presented updates on E-CLIP implementation while NOLCOM presented updates on the communist terrorist group (CTG) threat profile in the area including their accomplishments. Also included in their presentation is an update on the implementation of the E-CLIP within the NOLCOM's area of responsibility as well as issues and concerns raised by E-CLIP implementers in the area. LtGen Rey stated that he has recognized the key role that reintegration programs play for the weakening and eventual dismantling of CTG guerilla fronts, even in his earlier days as a young battalion commander. He further expressed Team NOLCOM’s full support of the implementation of the E-CLIP. For his part, USec Mapagu urged NOLCOM to continue its support, not only for the E-CLIP but also for the other clusters of the National Task Force to End the Local Communist Armed Conflict, especially its Joint Regional Task Forces in the areas covered by NOLCOM. 

Unite For Peace. NOLCOM Commander LTGEN Ramiro Manuel Rey presenting updates on the communist terrorist group (CTG) threat profile and E-CLIP implementation in the area, including their accomplishments. He also expressed NOLCOM’s full support on E-CLIP while recognizing the key role that reintegration programs play for the weakening and eventual dismantling of CTG guerilla fronts.

NOLCOM also presented updates on the status of the different CY 2019 and CY 2020 TIKAS Projects in Northern and Central Luzon. Mr. Emmanuel Niño Anthonie B. Gabulac, Planning Officer II from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Plans and Programs, DND apprised the attendees on the status of the Proposed CY 2021 TIKAS Projects. USec Mapagu also visited the on-going construction of the Headquarters Northern Luzon Command Extension Office and Multi-Purpose Facility in Camp Aquino, Tarlac City, both of which are funded under the CY 2020 TIKAS Program. (DND)

Claveria town:From NPA infested to tourist site

From the Philippine Information Agency (Jun 27, 2020): Claveria town:From NPA infested to tourist site (By Jasper Marie O. Rucat)

Featured Image

Claveria town Mayor Meraluna S. Abrogar talks on the journey of her town from being insurgency lair to now being one of the leading tourist attractions in region 10. (JMORucat/PIA10)

MISAMIS ORIENTAL, June 26 (PIA) - Claveria town Mayor Meraluna S. Abrogar shares that in the 80s her municipality had been notorious for communist insurgency, but now the town has been slowly coming out as a tourist destination in Misamis Oriental.

In a recent press conference at the 58th Infantry Battalion here which was attended by three former NPA rebels, Mayor Abrogar could not hide her elation over the return of those who had gone to the mountains to folds of the law after realizing that they were just being deceived.

She called out the three surrenders saying, “Hinaut nga malipayon mo og wala moy pagbasul sa inyong gihimo nga desisyon kay daku nga desisyon ang inyong pagbalik sa sabakan sa balaod (I hope you are happy and you don’t have any regret with your decision because returning to the folds of the law is one big decision).”

She expressed her gratitude to the military [for the surrender of former rebels], as she cited the achievements and accomplishmentsof the present administration especially in crafting the anti-terror bill which she strongly supports.

“Isa ako sa nag support kay ang Claveria kamolong ga develop sa tourism. Kung mu-ingon tag turismo dili ni ma-develop kung naa pa ta igsoon sa bukid kau usa sila nga kahadlokan sa atong mga turista og sa atong mga investor, mga negosyante,” she said.

(I am one of those who support this bill because Claveria is developing its tourism right now. If we talk about tourism, this cannot be developed if we still have brothers and sisters in the mountains because they are among those feared by tourists, investors and businessmen.)

Meanwhile, she said, two months ago a number of barangays in the area have been cleared from insurgency, namely, Pelaez, Lanise, Mat-i and Milalwang. These have been declared insurgency free, she reported.

Roads have been opened as well from Villanueva to Gingoog wherein any motorists can travel at any hour of given day. This is attributed to the peace situation in the area, she stressed.

Claveria continues to support the army with a yearly allocation for former rebels and for various activities conducted by the army to attain peace and order.

Some of the programs extended to the former rebels are cash for work, Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantaged / Displaced Workers (TUPAD) from Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and other livelihood assitance. The rebels also receive rice from the municipal government each month.

She shared, she could not explain her joy about the recent developments in her area as the three NPA communist rebels surrendered at the 58th Infantry Battalion based in her town.(JMORucat/PIA10)

Army intensifies operations vs fleeing NPA terrorists in Iligan

From the Philippine Information Agency (Jun 27, 2020): Army intensifies operations vs fleeing NPA terrorists in Iligan (By Tabak Division, Philippine Army)

Featured Image

ILIGAN CITY, June 27 (PIA) - The 4th Mechanized Infantry Battalion launched pursuit operations after members of the New People's Army (NPA) fired upon a Civilian Armed Auxiliary (CAA) detachment in Barangay Kalilangan, this city, on Friday morning.

During the 10-minute firefight, two CAAs were wounded and evacuated in a hospital for medical treatment.

"The five armed CTGs immediately withdrew when the troops in the detachment defend and fired back," said Lt. Col. Domingo G Dulay, 4th Mech Commander, who has operational jurisdiction of CAA detachments in Iligan.

"Pursuit operation is conducted to neutralize the fleeing NPA terrorist group," he added.

Meanwhile, Major General Generoso Ponio, lauded the CAAs for their bravery and successful defense against the terrorist group.

"We commend them for gallantly defending not only the camp but also the community that the terrorist group intends to sow terror," he said.

He also urges the locals to cooperate with the security forces to arrest or apprehend any threats in their locality.

MGen. Ponio further said that due to the declining number of its members and losing community support, the NPA Communist Terrorist Group is resorting to tactics to deceive the locals. (Tabak Division/PIA ICIC)

Kinaray-a News: Anay mga rebelde nagbalik sa sabak kang gobyerno

From the Philippine Information Agency (Jun 27, 2020): Kinaray-a News: Anay mga rebelde nagbalik sa sabak kang gobyerno (By Liez'l Marie Lamasan)

SAN JOSE, Antique, Hunyo 27 (PIA) -- Gindayaw ni Gov. Rhodora Cadiao ang desisyon kang 11 ka mga anay nga mga rebelde nga nagbalik sa sabak kang gobyerno matapos kang andang tinuig nga pagpamatuk sa gobyerno.

Suno kay Cadiao, ang kadya nga mga returnees naghimo kang mabudlay apang insakto nga desisyon sa andang tikang nga magbalik sa gobyerno.

Ginpasiguro kang gobernadora nga ang anang administrasyon kaupod ni House Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda kag mga alkalde ang magahimo kang labing maayo nga tikang agud mapalapit ang serbisyo kang gobyerno sa mga katawhan.

Sa bahin kang Philippine Army, ginpahayag ni 61IB Commanding Officer Colonel Joel Benedict Batara nga ang Provincial Task Force to End Local Communist and Armed Conflict (PTF-ELCAC) rugya sa Antique nagapaninguha kang malinong kag padayon nga kauswagan kang probinsya.

Dugang pa, ang pag-sungka kang mga former rebel nagapakita lamang nga wara dun tanda nagatugro kang suporta sa mga kawsa kang New People’s Army tungod sa mga terorista nga pang-gawi kag pagbinutig nga ginhimo kang andang mga lideres.

Nagpasiguro man si Batara nga magapatigayon kang Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) ang gobyerno sa mga former rebels agud makasugod sanda kang bag-o nga pagpangabuhi.

Sangka comprehensibo nga programa ang E-CLIP kun sa diin gina-tipon ang serbisyo kang gobyerno agud makatugro kang bulig sa mga anay nga rebelde.

Sa pihak nga bahin, magapaidalom naman sa proseso kang “deradicalization” ang mga anay nga rebelde agud makabalik liwan sa andang pamilya kag komonidad.

Suno naman sa pahayag ni Peace and Order and Public Safety Consultant Margie Gadian, ana nga ginpasigurado nga ang gobyerno probinsyal sinsero sa pagsuporta kananda.

Magatugro kang pinansyal nga bulig ang gobyerno probinsyal kaupod ni Legarda sa mga returnees pinaagi sa Aid to Individual in Crisis Situation (AICS).

Nalakip man sa mga ahensya kang gobyerno nga may programa angot kananda amo ang Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), kag Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). (JSC/LML/PIA6 Antique)

PTF-ELCAC sets community-based enterprise dev project in Tinoc

From the Philippine Information Agency (Jun 27, 2020): PTF-ELCAC sets community-based enterprise dev project in Tinoc (By Marcelo B. Lihgawon)

Featured Image

TINOC, Ifugao, June 27(PIA) - - Members of the Provincial Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (PTF-ELCAC) will implement here a seven-month training that will benefit the community and other special clients in support to Executive Order 70 or Whole of Nation Approach to end Local communist armed conflicts.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) will lead the activity dubbed project IFUGAO (Intensifying the new Framework on skills Upgrading for Greater Access) for the conduct of a community based enterprise development on mushroom and taro production and processing with former rebels and other individuals in the community as trainees.

Tinoc Mayor Samsom Benito assures his support to the programs and activities of the Provincial Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (PTF-ELCAC). (MBL, PIA CAR, Ifugao)

Melita Pinic of TESDA Ifugao said the training will be jointly implemented by their office, the provincial government, local government unit of Tinoc, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Public Works and Highways and other concerned member- agencies of the PTF-ELCAC.

“This is anchored on the whole of nation approach/value chain approach to contribute to the nation’s food, health and job security and to develop the sustainable and resilient communities, “Pinic said.

The phase one is establishment of production and processing area while phase two is food production, processing, packaging and labelling.

The expected outputs are production/processing facility, raw materials on mushroom and taro, processed foods from mushroom and taro, marketing facility and outlet for sustainable livelihood entrepreneurship and establishment of small and medium enterprises in the community.

The project IFUGAO is an enhancement of the earlier oyster mushroom production training identified by the National TF-ELCAC in support to the implementation of the EO 70 under the Poverty Reduction, Livelihood And Employment Cluster in partnership with training providers and the PTF-ELCAC. (JDP/MBL-PIA CAR, Ifugao)

More CTG terrorists yield in South Cotabato

From the Philippine Information Agency (Jun 27, 2020): More CTG terrorists yield in South Cotabato (By DPAO-6ID)

Featured Image

CAMP SIONGCO, Maguindanao, June 27- Another 6 members of the communist terrorist group (CTG) operating in South Cotabato have yielded to the police and army on June 19, 2020.

The returnees voluntarily surrendered along with their firearms at hinterlands of Barangays Kalkam and Lunen in Tupi, South Cotabato. They belonged to Guerilla Front 73 of Far South Mindanao Region.

They surrendered to South Cotabato Police Mobile Force Company (SCPMFC), Regional Mobile Force Battalion (RMFB)-12, 42nd Special Action Company, maneuver Company of Regional Mobile Force Battalion-12, 5th Special Forces Battalion, and 40th Infantry Battalion at the hinterlands of Brgys. Kalkam and Lunen both of Tupi Municipality in South Cotabato with the support of Municipal Task Force-Tupi to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (MTF-ELCAC).

They turned in 2 homemade 12-gauge shotguns, 1 homemade shotgun, 1 improvised M79 grenade launcher, 1 caliber .38 revolver, 1 fragmentation grenade with magazines and ammunition.

The surrenderers were given 52 food packs through the initiative of the local government of Tupi headed by Mayor Romeo Tamayo during the conduct of Joint Intel Driven Internal Security Operation through a lecture about National Task Force- End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) and the benefits of Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).

Further, the surrenderers were brought to Tupi MPS for profiling and validation by concerned agencies for them to be enrolled to E-CLIP and other programs of the government.

"The intercession of the local officials, the military, the police and the MTF-ELCAC have been a great help with increasing numbers of rebel returnees and addressed the communist insurgencies in the region," said Joint Task Force Central Commander Maj. Gen. Diosdado C. Carreon.

Last June 12 on the commemoration of Independence Day, 34 former CTG members surrendered to government in Norala, South Cotabato. (DPAO-6ID)

2 wounded militiamen in Iligan get aid from Army

From the Philippine News Agency (Jun 27, 2020): 2 wounded militiamen in Iligan get aid from Army (By Divina Suson)

Google map of Iligan City.
ILIGAN CITY – Two members of the Civilian Active Auxiliary (CAA), who were wounded when their detachment was harassed by suspected fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA), received assistance from the Philippine Army on Saturday.

Lt. Liza Mira, civil-military operations officer of the Army's 4th Mechanized Infantry Battalion, said the militiamen – whose identities had not been released – are in stable condition in a hospital
after the raid on their outpost in Barangay Kalilangan here Friday.

Minutes after the attack, she said the military received a text message from a certain “Roxanne”, who identified herself as a media liaison officer for the NPA - North Central Mindanao Region (NCMR) and claimed that “a team of NPA sniped and harassed a detachment in Barangay Dulag... one killed, one wounded.”

Mira denied the claim, saying no one died on the government side during the incident.

Lt. Col. Domingo Dulay, 4MIB commanding officer, said a pursuit operation was ongoing against the suspect, adding that two armored vehicles were deployed to the harassed militia detachment.

Sultan Kudarat IPs slam NPA; support gov’t peace initiatives

From the Philippine News Agency (Jun 27, 2020): Sultan Kudarat IPs slam NPA; support gov’t peace initiatives (By Edwin Fernandez)

COMMITMENT OF SUPPORT. Members of the indigenous Manobo-Dulangan community (in blue shirts) and other community stakeholders sign the commitment of peace tarpaulin following a gathering of the Municipal Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict in Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat on Friday (June 26, 2020). The IP leaders denounced the communist New Peoples’ Army and vowed to support all peace and development programs of the government. (Photo courtesy of 37IB)

Tribal leaders in the Sultan Kudarat town of Kalamansig have denounced the presence of the communist New People’s Army (NPA) in their communities.

During a dialogue with military and local officials Friday, leaders of the indigenous peoples (IPs) from the villages of Ginalaan and Nalilidan said they want to attain peace in their tribal lands by eradicating the influence of communist rebels in Kalamansig.

Led by the Municipal Task Force (MTF) to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (ELCAC), the dialogue was attended by tribal leaders under Indigenous Political Structure (IPS) and Indigenous People Mandatory Representatives (IPMRs) of the Dulangan-Manobo tribe.

The Army’s 37th Infantry Battalion (IB) led by acting commander Lt. Col. Allen Van Estrera, and Capt. Sanny Lorenzo, a company commander stationed in Kalamansig, also attended the meeting.

“The gathering primarily aims to solicit the commitment of tribal leaders in denouncing the NPAs in their communities, and encourage their support towards the government's thrust in peace and sustainable economic development in Kalamansig,” Lorenzo said in a statement on Saturday.

Lorenzo noted that in the past several years, the Manobo-Dulangan tribe has been a victim of aggressive recruitment by the NPA.

During the meeting, he said government officials assured that livelihood packages and other incentives under the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP) will be provided to rebel returnees.

Meanwhile, the tribe also sought government help in resolving local ancestral land issues, with some elders saying land conflict remains one of the root causes of insurgency in the upland areas.

Mateg Delag, one of the Manobo leaders, assured the tribe will cooperate with the government to bring lasting peace in their ancestral lands.

“We do not want the NPAs in our lands anymore,” Delag said.

The NPA is listed as a terrorist organization by the United Kingdom, the European Union, the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Army brigade extends AOR to NorMin provinces

From the Philippine News Agency (Jun 27, 2020): Army brigade extends AOR to NorMin provinces (By Alexander Lopez)

Brig. Gen. Maurito L. Licudine, commander of the Army's 402nd Infantry Brigade based in Butuan City. (PNA file photo by Alexander Lopez)

The Army's 402nd Infantry Brigade (402Bde) based here has extended its areas of operation (AOR) to provinces in Northern Mindanao, while relinquishing two battalions to the newly-assigned Army brigade in Caraga Region.

Brig. Gen. Maurito Licudine, 402Bde commander, said the brigade has already assumed operational control and jurisdiction over the 58th Infantry Battalion based in the town of Claveria, Misamis Oriental.

With the extended AOR, Licudine said the brigade now has operational control over the Army units in parts of Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon and Camiguin.

To further boost its operational effectiveness, Licudine said 402Bde relinquished its control over the Army's 29th Infantry Battalion that covers the northern part of Agusan del Norte, and the Army's 30th Infantry Battalion that covers the whole province of Surigao del Norte and the Province of Dinagat Islands, to the newly-assigned 901st Infantry Brigade (901Bde) in Caraga.
“The realignment of forces in the whole 4th Infantry Division (4ID) was out of necessity in the changing operational environment in order to focus its forces against confronted threats,” Licudine said in a statement Friday.

Meanwhile, the 402Bde continues to hold jurisdiction over the Army's 23rd Infantry Battalion that covers part of Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, and Misamis Oriental, while assuming operational control over the Army's 26th Infantry Battalion from the 401st Brigade (401Bde) that covers Agusan del Sur.

The 58IB is headed by Lt. Col. Ricky Canatoy; the 23IB is headed by Lt. Col. Julius Cesar Paulo; the 26IB is led by Lt. Col. Reynald Romel Goce.

The Army's 36th Infantry Battalion that covers the first congressional district of Surigao del Sur was also transferred from 402Bde to 401Bde.

Licudine said with the support mechanism provided by the Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (TF-ELCAC) through different clusters, the Army will “unleash the final blow to defeat the remnants of communist terrorist groups (CTGs) and end the insurgency in the brigade’s AOR in Northern Mindanao and Caraga.

Maj. Francisco Garello Jr., 402Bde civil-military operations officer, said Licudine already paid a visit to the headquarters of 58IB in Sitio Migbanday, Poblacion, Claveria, Misamis Oriental on June 24.

During the visit, Garello said Licudine met a high-ranking New People’s Army leader who surrendered to the unit last week.

Garello identified the NPA leader as “Dino”, subleader under the NPA's North Central Mindanao Regional Committee.

“Alias Dino, upon his surrender, led the 58IB troopers to their hideout that resulted in the recovery of high-power firearms, assorted ammunition, and personal belongings of NPA rebels,” Garello said.

Licudine reiterated the full support of 402Bde to the former rebels through the government’s Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program that provides remuneration of surrendered firearms, cash, and livelihood assistance.

“We need to amplify and echo the sentiments of the former rebels so that many would understand the deceptive nature of the CTGs and eventually resolve this insurgency problem in an environment of peace and without bloodshed,” Licudine said.

Cache of firearms, ammunition found in Sorsogon

From the Philippine News Agency (Jun 27, 2020): Cache of firearms, ammunition found in Sorsogon (By Mar Serrano)

A cache of firearms and ammunition was discovered by a civilian on Saturday noon at an abandoned house in a remote village in Bulan town in Sorsogon, a top police official in Bicol said.

Brig. Gen. Anthony Alcañeses, Bicol regional director, said
the recovered cache of firearms and ammunition consists of 10 M-16 rifles, 64 boxes each containing 40 pieces of 7.62mm ammunition used for AK-47 rifles, and 21 boxes of M-16 ammo GA556100.

Alcañeses said a civilian reported to the Bulan police station the discovery of the arms cache hidden at an abandoned house in Sitio Angas, Barangay Otavi at around 10 a.m.

The town police station coordinated with the Philippine Army and immediately dispatched a composite team where they found the hoard of firearms and ammunition.

The recovered arms caches were turned over to the town police station.

Police investigators could not yet say whether the arms cache was a government issue or it belonged to a group of suspected New People’s Army (NPA) or a criminal group operating in the province.