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Opinion/Tiglao: Reds to extort P10B from candidates in 2022 polls

Opinion piece posted to the Manila Times (Jan 10, 2022): Reds to extort P10B from candidates in 2022 polls (By Rigoberto Tiglao)


DESPITE its major setbacks — the killing of several of its top leaders and attacks on its camps — as a result of President Duterte's intense campaign against the Communist Party of the Philippines and its New People's Army (CPP-NPA), the 2022 elections will likely boost the rebels' financial resources, sources in the intelligence committee as well as in the insurgency claimed.

Since 2001, the CPP-NPA has been demanding — extorting — money from candidates for what they call their permits to campaign (PTCs) and permits to win (PTWs) in areas of which the NPA claims to have control. Without a PTC, a candidate's people campaigning in an area the NPA controls are either harassed or outrightly killed by the rebel group. With the more expensive PTW, on the other hand, which are undertaken in remote areas the NPA controls, it assures the candidate's victory. (The term "permit to campaign" is derived from the widely known "permit to carry" a gun outside the owner's home.)

It's certainly ironic but emblematic of the communists' depravity that they are exploiting the most important exercise of a democracy — elections — to raise money to fund their project to destroy that democracy. It certainly worsens corruption in government, especially on the local levels, as a winning candidate would recover the money extorted from him through graft.

A scholarly paper written by former CPP central committee member Nathan Gilbert Quimpo, now a Dutch academic, a few years back explained:

No wonder they got spic-and-span uniforms. PHOTO: WWW.CPP.PH

"PTC/PTWs has been another major source of funding for the CPP. The CPP-NPA began to collect PTC more methodically in 2001, at the very same time as Bayan Muna's electoral debut. The rebels viewed the PTC as giving them three benefits: recognition of the revolutionary government's authority and power, alliance-building with politicians and financial resources. PTCs could be paid either in cash or in kind (firearms, ammunition, communication equipment, computers, etc.). Those who refused to pay up were harassed, threatened or even killed.

"High levels of electoral violence, especially among rival clans of the political elite, provided a favorable atmosphere for PTC. According to NDF spokesman Madlos, the CPP-NPA earned P40 million from PTC fees in the 2001 elections. Three years later, PTC collection went nationwide and the NPA started collecting PTW fees, too. According to a top official of the Commission on Elections, the NPA raised P1.5 billion through PTC/PTW in the 2004 elections and P2 billion in 2007. He estimated that PTC/PTW collections would be anywhere between P2 to P5 billion in 2010."

A source in the intelligence committee estimated that in the 2022 elections, the party had set at P10 billion its target of PTW and PTW collections. With its other sources of funds drying up — donations of gullible European NGOs, extortion of companies with operations in remote areas and kidnappings — the money raised through PTCs and PTWs have become its major source of funds, even if it can be undertaken only once in three years.

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Gen. Abelardo Villacorta, the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) deputy director, in a press conference in October, said that the CPP-NPA demands P2 to P4 million from candidates for gubernatorial or congressional positions, P1 to P2 million for the vice-gubernatorial position, while city mayors are asked to give P500,000 to P1 million, and councilors from P500,000 to P800,000.

In the coming 2022 elections, there are 18,100 posts up for grabs, with 47,853 candidates for some 18,000 posts, making a P10 billion target achievable.

Villacorta said 60 percent of the collections go to the CPP national organization while the remaining 40 percent will be used locally by the NPA to fund their operations. He also revealed that the CPP-NPA-NDF will sometimes use "barangay officials as their negotiators" for extortions.

A Philippine News Agency report quoted former CPP-NPA cadre and former spokesperson for the NDF-Far South Mindanao Region (NDF-FSMR) Noel "Ka Efren" Legaspi as confirming the NICA intelligence reports, saying that the communists are asking amounts based on the positions the candidates are running for and their capacity to pay, based on their investigations.

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Legaspi also revealed that the CPP-NPA-NDF have been fielding cadres as candidates every election period. He said these candidates are disguised as representatives of supposedly aggrieved sectors or mass organizations through the party-list system.

Makabayan bloc

Legaspi said the CPP-NPA cadres are from the so-called "Makabayan bloc" members in the House of Representative, such as Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Kabataan, ACT Teachers and Gabriela. "Lahat ng nominees doon ay cadre," Legaspi said, noting that the communists are also fielding their candidates at the local levels to penetrate the local governments and use their resources.

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Gullible, naïve commentators claim that the CPP-NPA has managed to survive after 53 years because poverty and oligarch-exploitation continues in the country. That is like romanticizing the Japanese crime organization Yakuza as the modern era's class of samurai.

The reality is of the kind their guru Karl Marx had been fond of pointing out: the economic base, or to very mundanely put it, the money. The CPP-NPA has managed to survive for five decades because it raised funds from different sources, especially when one source dries up, the latest being its PTCs and PTWs during elections.

Money hasn't been the CPP's problem over the decades. It's been the lack of Filipinos wanting to join a discredited secular religion that has clearly failed. Fifty-three years after it was founded, its core leaders and believers still come from the radical student movement that raged from 1969 to 1970 and there isn't a second generation of intelligent chiefs emerging.

But they are dropping like flies because of old age illnesses or in firefights as their reflexes and agility slow down, as the renowned veteran Menandro Villanueva, NPA overall commander and head of the party in Mindanao did last Wednesday.

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Colonel Lelina is new army brigade commander in Samar

From the Sun Star-Tacloban (Jan 11, 2022): Colonel Lelina is new army brigade commander in Samar (By RONALD O. REYES)

SAMAR. Colonel Lenart Lelina, the new commander of Philippine Army's 801st Infantry Brigade based in Hinabangan, Samar. (Photo from Philippine Army-8ID)

COLONEL Lenart Lelina has assumed command of the Philippine Army's 801st Infantry Brigade based in Hinabangan, Samar, following his appointment by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Lelina replaced Brigadier General Camilo Ligayo, who was promoted as the deputy chief of staff for reservist and retirees affairs of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

He is an army veteran in Eastern Visayas after he was first assigned as a young 2nd Lieutenant in the 43 Infantry Battalion in Samar and Eastern Samar.

In 2019, the army official became the deputy brigade commander of the unit until his assumption to the top post.

Major General Edgardo De Leon, commander of the 8th Infantry Division, commended the “high degree of professionalism and commitment to serve” of the officers and troops of 801st Infantry Brigade during the change of command ceremony at its headquarters in Camp Eugenio Daza, Barangay Fatima in Hinabangan on January 8, 2022.

"Nawa'y lalo ninyong paigtingin ang inyong katapatan sa tungkulin at sa ating bansa nang sa ganon ay mabilis nating maisulong ang pagkamit ng kapayapaan at kaunlaran dito sa Samar," De Leon said in a statement.

Lieutenant General Robert Dauz, commander of Visayas Command, also awarded the command plaque and medal from Visayas Command to Ligayo “in recognition of his achievements as Brigade Commander.”

The outgoing commander thanked the various stakeholders and the provincial governments of Samar and Eastern Samar “for their contributions to accomplishing Brigade Mission.”

Municipality of Calinog ‘area of grave concern’

From Panay News (Jan 14, 2022): Municipality of Calinog ‘area of grave concern’ (By Ruby P. Silubrico)

In this province, the municipality of Calinog is deemed an “area of grave concern” vis-à-vis the upcoming May 2022 elections.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) came up with this assessment together with the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and Philippine National Police (PNP), among other concerned agencies.

Under the color coding scheme of the Comelec in the classification of areas of concern, Calinog is in the “red” category, according to Police Colonel Adrian Acollador, director of the Iloilo Police Provincial Office (IPPO).

“Calinog is in the red category because of the presence of New People’s Army (NPA) rebels there and election-related incidents in the town years ago,” Acollador Panay News.

Since 2019, Comelec has been using color coding in classifying election hotspots. These are green, yellow, orange, and red:

* Green – areas that do not have security concerns and are generally peaceful and orderly

* Yellow – areas of concern; these areas have histories of election-related incidents in the last two elections and intense political rivalry; these areas were previously placed under Comelec control.

* Orange – areas of immediate concern; there is serious armed threat posed by the NPA, Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), and other lawless elements.

* Red – areas of grave concern; they exhibit combined factors under the yellow and orange categories that may warrant a motu proprio (on its own) declaration of Comelec control.

Calinog police chief, Police Major Dadjie Delima confirmed the presence of NPA in his turf and election-related incidents in the past that the rebels were supposedly behind.

Just this Jan. 9, the 2nd Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army had an encounter with some 15 rebels in Barangay Marandig, Calinog. There were no casualties.

MILF: BICTO director cites importance of digital connectivity, IT to accountable & transparent governance

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front Website (Jan 14, 2022): BICTO director cites importance of digital connectivity, IT to accountable & transparent governance (By Muhammad Musa, Luwaran)

Dr. Jonathan M. Mantikayan, Executive Director of the Bangsamoro Information and Communications Technology Office (BICTO- BARMM) underscored the importance of digital connectivity and information technology in supporting transparent and accountable governance during his guesting on Tuesday (January 11) to the 36th episode of Kaunlaran sa Bangsamoro hosted by BMN.

Dr. Jonathan M. Mantikayan, Executive Director of the Bangsamoro Information and Communications Technology Office (BICTO- BARMM) underscored the importance of digital connectivity and information technology in supporting transparent and accountable governance during his guesting on Tuesday (January 11) to the 36th episode of Kaunlaran sa Bangsamoro hosted by BMN.

“The mandate of the BICTO shall be the primary policy, planning, coordinating and implementing body in BARMM for promoting, developing, and regulating the use of efficient and effective information and communication technology infrastructure, systems, facilities, and services to support sound, systematic, transparent, and accountable form of governance,” Executive Director Dr Jonathan M. Mantikayan of BICTO said.

Dr Mantikayan related that BICTO used to be under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) and had transferred under the Office of the Chief Minister based on the Administrative Code.

“This Bangsamoro Information and Communications Technology is operationalized in accordance with Chapter III, Section I, Title III, Book IV, of the Bangsamoro Administrative Code which are the primary entity to streamline, manage, coordinate, and administer the implementation of major programs, activities, services, and projects, relating to ICT within the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region,” he elaborated.

The guest speaker also shared the connection of the BICTO to the other ministries and offices citing, “We have under the Bangsamoro Economic and Development Council which we have ICT sub-committee on ICT Infrastructure under Infrastructure Development Committee.”

“The said ICT sub-committee focuses on all related to ICT in different ministries and agencies,” Dr Mantikayan added.

He also mentioned that the connection of BICTO to the different ministries are through direct or indirect connections with the IT personnel of the ministries and agencies.

“In fact we already have a meeting several times with different Information Technology officers of the different ministries and agencies,” he said.

“We have several consultations between IT officers in different ministries and agencies. The second consultation had participants from different CSO (e.g. LBO), this has a connection to the BICTO program that someday, hopefully, we’ll have our Bangsamoro E-government Master Plan, which we could call a first of its kind,” Mantikayan disclosed.

“Another thing in 2021, we have conducted a meeting for the formation of what we call Information System Strategic Plan (ISSP), which was based to the recommendation of the different IT officers of the different ministries and agencies that whatever they may aspire to implement related to e-governance won’t be realized if this ISSP won’t be in place. Because the ISSP contains the structure and without the structure the manpower for management won’t exists,” he further explained.

Dr Mantikayan added, “In the different consultations in 2021 we managed to come up with a paper that came up with the results of issues and challenges of ICT especially infrastructure in the BARMM. If we’re able to identify the issues then we’re able to come up with solution and intervention.”

“These issues are lack of access — connectivity while the intervention was the digital infrastructure. These digital infrastructure are satellite, tower, and fiber optic. These should be strengthened and be given attention,” he said.

“Number two is lack of government co-function and services. These ministries and agencies, we’ve evaluated it in the 2021, what are the status? Because if we say e-government it has something to do with website but it is still emerging. Some of the ministries doesn’t even have one. When you click it [website], it says ‘please come again’. So what’s important is for us to have an intervention of digital platform where ministries and agencies could develop database, systems and application.”

According to Dr Mantikayan the regional government shall move on to Digital Financial Services because market and efficiency, as he refers to transaction regarding financial services, is an intervention of the BICTO to the aspect of digital transaction.

“Bangsamoro Digital Transformation, this is a plan, strategy where it contains the details of all of the necessities to achieve digital transformation of the Bangsamoro. This is a step by step plan to be followed by the different ministries and agencies, hopefully,” he explained.

“This Information and Communication Technology is a huge help to the public sector. The first user of this are the private sectors…companies but through various studies and recommendations it was discovered it’s allowed to be used by the government, this utilizing of ICT.”

Dr Mantikayan added, “This is a tool to communicate, to store, disseminate. and so on. We cannot imagine removing this Information Communication Technology.”

“Through online we could convey to the public what is the movement of the government and what are its accomplishments,” he said.

[Luwaran is the official online publication of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Committee on Information, MILF Central Committee]

MILF: Kutawato Greenland Initiatives conducts Mangrove Tree Planting in Cotabato City

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front Website (Jan 11, 2022): Kutawato Greenland Initiatives conducts Mangrove Tree Planting in Cotabato City (By Muhammad Musa, Luwaran)

COTABATO CITY — The Kutawato Greenland Initiatives (KGI) successfully conducted the Mangrove Tree Planting and established the first ever Mangrove Island in the city with the theme "Nurturing Youth and Community Participation in fostering Climate Change Mitigation" was actively participated by more than 300 youth from different youth organizations, government sectors and community service organizations in the city, last December 19, 2021.

The heads and representatives of the local government unit of Mother Barangay Kalanganan headed by Hon. Bimbo A. Pasawiran, Ministry of Social Services and Development (MSSD-BARMM), Maguindanao Maritime Police Station-PNP, Philippine National Police Office 4, USAID-Youth Development Alliance, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), HWPL-International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) attended and gave their messages of support for the advocacy. The Cotabato State University-SSG, Societal Adolescent Youth Alliance (SAYA) and Millennials PH-Cotabato Chapter extended their service and lead the planting of hundreds of mangrove trees in the island.

"The Youth is the prime mover of the society in making positive and lasting impacts," said Danilo Mocsin, the Chairperson of KGI during the opening remarks. As a manifestation of the unending dedication and commitment, the guests and participants handed their signatures and hand marks in the freedom wall.

One of the guests commented, "Without mangrove trees, the sea has no meaning". KGI strives to mandate its top vision on environmental preservation and protection while nurturing the involvement of the youth and the community.

The organization extends its utmost thanks and gratitude to all the people who worked hard and tirelessly to make the event successful. KGI encouraged the youth leaders ‘to unite and do small things with big impacts’.

[Luwaran is the official online publication of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Committee on Information, MILF Central Committee]

CPP/NDF-CPDF: CPDF: People’s opposition to mining is just and warranted Philex maneuvers to hide legacy of destruction and greed

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jan 14, 2022): CPDF: People’s opposition to mining is just and warranted Philex maneuvers to hide legacy of destruction and greed

Cordillera People's Democratic Front
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

January 14, 2022

These are indeed revolutionary times. Before 2021 ended, it was reported that the people of Mankayan rejected a mining application from the Cordillera Exploration, Inc. that would have destroyed 11,000 hectares of their ancestral territory. In their Resolution of Non-Consent, they stipulated their intention to protect their remaining environment and resources. They recognized that mining operations cause conflict and division among the people. They also cited as basis the negative experience brought about by the Lepanto Consolidated Mining Corporation.

The people are reaffirming and continuing the lessons acquired from the lives and struggles of those that came before them. Large scale mining has caused so much destruction and displacement, without the development it promised, that the experience of Benguet is now etched in the collective consciousness of the Cordillera peoples. The people have thus spoken and mining companies must take note.
True Story

Companies of extractive industries have always plundered ancestral territories with blatant disregard for the people, their homes and their livelihoods. Philex Mining Corporation itself admitted as much when it defaulted on its own plans to close the Padcal mines by the end of 2022. Instead, it will extend the operations until 2024 because world market prices of metals have ‘stabilized’ with gold and copper’s global prices on the rise. After 63 years, when it should have recognized that it has finally exploited the site to its last milligram of gold, it instead decided to search for nearby ore bodies and force a continuation to the Padcal mine life.

To hide their greed and somehow compensate for the devastation they have caused, Philex beefs up its public relations efforts. When miners initially voted to strike last December, it intentionally dismissed the workers’ reasons. It painted pictures of ingratitude and disloyalty when it commented that the miners chose to do so despite the improvements in workers’ benefits. It even went on to claim that the mines contributed greatly to the overall development of the host communities and Benguet itself.

While these supposed benefits and contribution to developments remain contested, what is clear and certain is the destruction the mines caused and the vast profits that Philex gained by it. A 2017 study by the think tank IBON Foundation observed that poverty incidence is highest in regions with mining activities. Government statistics of 2015 have indicated that four out of the top five poorest regions host the biggest mining operations. If Philex keeps on extending the mine life of an already devastated mine site and keeps on exploring ore bodies, and if other mining companies are given permits even through underhanded maneuvers, the Cordillera could well find itself among this list.

To make it worse, the Philippines is hardly gaining anything from these mining operations. In 2015, total production value in mining was at Php179.7 billion. Of this, 73 percent was exported (Php131 billion). Yet, in 2020, the industry contributed a mere 0.76 percent to the gross domestic product.
Cry Me A River

Philex is not the only one. The Duterte regime itself hides behind pronouncements but proceeds to the usual business of lifting the moratorium on new mining agreements. During the United Nations Climate Change Conference late last year, the administration had the gall to dupe the international community by committing to the transition towards low-carbon and climate-resilient society and then crafting mining and other energy policies that actually ravage the environment and the people in it.

Apologists of capitalist mining worry that shutting down the industry would cause ‘expansive poverty’ as if poverty in Philippine society is not already systemic and deep-rooted. They claim that it would affect economic growth negatively as if there is even any to speak of, or as if any growth does reach the indigenous tribes or the Filipino people in general.

False pronouncements and absurd worries cannot belie the fact that Philex has made its legacy one of destruction. It releases toxins into the air, dumps poison into the rivers and into the irrigation system, damages entire ecosystems and endangers families and communities. The people of Benguet and nearby areas must continue to be vigilant, especially against dirty maneuvers similar to what the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples did to enforce the strongly opposed dam projects in the Apayao-Abulug River.

Mining operations, construction of dams and dirty tactics to frustrate the people’s rightful opposition, coupled with criminal government neglect—these are some of the factors that validate armed struggle. Any campaign to protect indigenous rights and territories will involve an armed component. The reactionaries are aware of this and the people must guard against fascism, vilification of legal democratic groups and Red-tagging. In the face of such important struggles, big business owners and their lackeys in government are only reaffirming that an armed revolution is the only genuine solution to free the people from the shackles of capitalism, oppression and poverty. ###

Expose Philex’ lies! Continue to resist capitalist mining!
Hold erring government agencies accountable! Serve the people and not big corporations!
Advance the national democratic revolution! Fetad ingganas balligi!

CPP/Sison: Tribute to Ka Menandro Villanueva

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jan 13, 2022): Tribute to Ka Menandro Villanueva

Jose Maria Sison
Founding Chairperson
Communist Party of the Philippines

January 13, 2022

Ka Menandro Villanueva (Ka Bok, Ka Jude and Ka Gipo) served the Filipino people and their new democratic revolution through protracted people’s war for five decades and rose to the rank of member of the Central Committee and Political Bureau of the Communist Party of the Philippines, National Commander of the New People’s Army and secretary of the Mindanao Commission.

He was a highly resolute, intelligent, diligent and effective cadre. At the same time, he was so humble and self-effacing that the enemy was unable to get a photo of him for a long time until his capture. His characteristics were emulated by other cadres who worked with him. Together they were honed by the revolutionary theory and practice of Marxism-Marxism-Maoism and by sessions of criticism and self-criticism to improve the style and outcome of revolutionary work.

According to a report from the CPP Mindanao Commission, Ka Menandro and Ka Sandra Reyes (Ka Kaye) were captured alive by the enemy armed forces in the same incident in Mabini, Davao del Sur on December 24-25, 2021. But Ka Sandra would be reported to the press by the reactionary military as killed in action on December 25.

On January 5, 2020, the reactionary military onesidedly fired several rounds of Howitzer artillery at Libodon, Mabini and despite no encounter with the NPA subsequently claimed on January 6 that Ka Menandro had been killed in action in the non-encounter of January 5, 2022. Obviously, he was tortured for at least ten days before he was murdered. The enemy prevented the family from claiming his body promptly as well as human rights defenders from viewing the body..

Not satisfied with violating the rights of Ka Menandro under the international law on human rights and humanitarian conduct and likewise under the GRP-NDFP Comprehensive Agreement of Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, the Duterte fascist regime and its military running dogs are gloating over the murder of Ka Menandro and boasting that his death is the beginning of the end of the revolutionary movement in Mindanao and the entire Philippines.

They overlook the fact that in his long and fruitful service to the Philippine revolution, Ka Menandro made great achievements in the recruitment, training and development of thousands upon thousands of CPP cadres and members, Red commanders and fighters of the New People’s Army and revolutionary mass activists.

These have built in five decades so many CPP branches and leading organs, units and commands of the people’s army, revolutionary mass organizations of various types, alliances under the National Democratic Front and organs of Red political power that constitute the people’s democratic government based in the countryside. These have acted as engines to generate the revolutionary successors of Ka Menandro.

Under the organizational principle of democratic centralism, the collective organs of the CPP and NPA have highly competent members and a system of deputy cadres that can automatically replace any leading cadre who falls in the course of the revolutionary struggle. Leading central cadres and Red commanders have been arrested or killed when the revolutionary forces were much smaller and weaker. But their sacrifices and martyrdom have served only to inspire the revolutionary movement.

Together with the CPP Mindanao Commission, the CPP Central Committee and the NPA National Operational Command are in the best position to sum up the ideological, political and organizational achievements of Ka Menandro as well as Ka Sarah who has been previously honored. To some extent, I have long been aware that Ka Menandro was one of the leading cadres responsible for the growth in strength and advance of the CPP, NPA, NDFP and the people’s democratic government in Mindanao among the various communities, especially the national minorities.

With his great achievements in developing the revolutionary movement in Mindanao, Ka Menandro contributed greatly to the over-all development of the entire Philippine revolution. He was among the principal cadres of Mindanao who in 2016 decided to redeploy more than a thousand CPP cadres and Red commanders and fighters from Mindanao to various regions in Luzon and Visayas. This was a great act of reciprocity for the deployment of cadres and Red commanders to Mindanao from said regions sincethe 1970s.

In view of the rapidly worsening crisis of the domestic semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system and the world capitalist system, the Filipino people and their new democratic revolution through protracted people’s war are confronting escalating conditions of oppression and exploitation and yet these conditions are driving them to fight back and are therefore favorable for their advance through perseverance and best efforts in the revolutionary struggle.

In his psychopathic anti-communist scheme to destroy the revolutionary movement, the Duterte rule of greed and terror has brought back the worst features of Marcos fascist dictatorship in less than six years, following the pseudo-democratic regimes from Cory Aquino to Noynoy Aquino. The Duterte regime is hated by the Filipino people and is notorious among the people of the world because of its brazen acts of treason, fascist terrorism, extrajudicial killings, plunder and mendacity.

Whoever becomes reactionary president of the Philippines in 2022, through electoral fraud or otherwise, will be certainly weighed down by such consequences of the Duterte regime as the aggravated mass poverty due to unemployment and inflation, criminality and militarization of the reactionary government, the use of state terrorism and the pandemic to carry out plunder, superprofit-taking by foreign monopoly capitalism, the bankruptcy of the economy due to bureaucratic and military corruption, the widening trade and budgetary deficits and the mounting debt burden.

Any regime that wishes to continue the devil’s work of Duterte will generate the conditions that will further drive the Filipino people to resist and to strengthen and advance the new democratic revolution with a socialist perspective. The best way to honor the revolutionary martyrs like Ka Menandro Villanueva and Ka Sandra Reyes is to draw inspiration from their revolutionary life and deeds and to continue the people’s democratic democratic revolution and proceed to the socialist revolution.

Long live Ka Menandro Villanueva and Ka Sandra Reyes!
Onward with the people’s democratic revolution with the socialist perspective!
Long live the Filipino people and the Philippine revolution!

CPP/CIO: Ka Bok was captured alive, tortured and subsequently murdered by fascists

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Jan 13, 2022): Ka Bok was captured alive, tortured and subsequently murdered by fascists

Marco Valbuena
Chief Information Officer
Communist Party of the Philippines

January 13, 2022

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns in the strongest terms the cold-blooded murder of Ka Menandro Villanueva (Ka Bok), commander of the New People’s Army (NPA).

According to intelligence information gathered by the Mindanao Commission, Ka Bok was captured alive together with Ka Sandra Reyes (Ka Kaye) on December 24, 2021 in a gunbattle in Mabini town, Davao de Oro. The following day, the 10th ID publicly declared that Ka Kaye was killed in that firefight, but made no mention of Ka Bok.

In the following days, the 10th ID repeatedly issued press releases claiming that they are about to capture Villanueva and other leaders of the NPA in the Southern Mindanao region and distributed “wanted posters” with a digital cartographic of Ka Bok’s face and photos of other NPA personnel. On January 5, it repeatedly fired 105mm Howitzers although there was no gunbattle between the AFP and NPA.

On January 6, the 10th ID falsely claimed that Ka Bok was killed in gunbattle on January 5, 2022. This means Ka Bok or his body, was in the custody of the fascist AFP for around 12 days. He was likely subjected to torture before summarily executed.

We are still verifying reports that others may have been captured and remain in the custody of the AFP.

The cold-blooded murder of Ka Bok and Ka Kaye are brazen violations of international humanitarian law which guarantees the right to life of combatants captured or rendered incapable of fighting (hors de combat). The officers of the 10th ID and the entire AFP are a bunch of liars and murderers. Those responsible for the torture and murder of Ka Bok must be made to answer for their crimes. We hold the fascist murderer Rodrigo Duterte as the mastermind who gave the final order to execute Ka Bok while under custody.

The murder of Ka Bok after capture follows the similar crime perpetrated by the 4th ID against Ka Oris (Jorge Madlos) on October 29, 2021. Ka Oris, together with NPA medic Ka Pika, was traveling on motorcycle in Impasug-ong town, Bukidnon en route to a medical facility when waylaid by fascist troops and subsequently murdered.

Kalinaw News: 9ID Gains Excellent Trust and Satisfaction Rating from Bicolanos

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jan 14, 2022): 9ID Gains Excellent Trust and Satisfaction Rating from Bicolanos

CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur-The 9th Infantry (SPEAR) Division’s quest towards a safer and more progressive Bicolandia continues to gain not just the support but also the trust of the Bicolanos.

In a recent survey conducted by Bicol University for the year 2021, 9ID garnered a +91.80 overall satisfaction rating and a trust rating of +85.5, all within the excellent category.

The result is attributed by the Army’s ‘fighting’ unit to the various innovations undertaken by the Spear Division and its subordinate units, the peace and reconciliation efforts of the government as well as its collaboration with LGUs and the private sectors in the full-blown implementation of the Whole-of-Nation Approach (WONA).

In the survey, 9ID also gained the highest rating in community building at +97.9. This refers to various development activities that the unit endeavored for the past years.

MGEN ALEX DC LUNA, Commander of 9ID, expressed his gratitude to the Bicolanos for their support, trust, and appreciation of the Spear Division’s unyielding determination and dedication to usher them in a more peaceful and progressive Bicol.

“This only proves that our labor, especially of the previous Commanders of 9ID, is never in vain. Napakahalaga po sa amin ang suporta at tiwala ninyo, mga minamahal naming mga Bicolano dahil lahat ng aming pagsisikap upang protektahan kayo laban sa sinumang may planong maghasik ng karahasan sa inyo at sa inyong komunidad ay walang saysay kung hindi namin kayo kasama sa bawat labang aming naipapanalo. This 2022, we will strive harder knowing that you are with us in this fight,” MGen. Luna said.

[Kalinaw News is the official online source of information on the pursuit for peace in the Philippines This website is a property of the Civil-Military Operations Regiment, Philippine Army located at Lawton Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City Contact us:]

Kalinaw News: Army-NPA clash, high-powered firearms capture

Posted to Kalinaw News (Jan 14, 2022): Army-NPA clash, high-powered firearms capture

SAN LUIS, Agusan del Sur – Three (3) assorted high powered and low-powered firearms with ammunitions were captured by the troops of the 26th Infantry (Ever Onward) Battalion under the operational control of 403rd Infantry (Peacemaker) Brigade, 4th Infantry (Diamond) Division, Philippine Army during an encounter while conducting focused military operations at the hinterlands of Sitio Damming, Brgy Zillovia, Talacogon, ADS on January 12, 2022.

Lt. Col. Reynald Romel A. Goce, Commanding Officer of 26IB said the encounter transpired at around 6 o’clock in the morning and the fierce firefight lasted for seven (7) minutes that resulted in the capture of two (2) high powered and one (1) low-powered firearms which consisted of one (1) Caliber .30 (Garrand) rifle, one (1) Caliber .30 Carbine Rifle and one (1) Caliber .22 Rifle. Various war paraphernalia was also captured such as three (3) cellular phones, subversive documents, and other belongings.

The presence of the armed group was compromised by a concerned citizen confirming their location which was immediately responded to by the military forces through conducting intensified military operations in order to suppress their planned atrocities in the area.

The group was believed to be members of HQS LOADER, SRC2 of the North Central Mindanao Regional Committee.

“It is indeed that the terrorists were desperate to conduct terrorist attacks to harass the community despite the pandemic. Thank you to the residents of Brgy. Zillovia, through your active support and cooperation with us, we were able to immediately disrupt their planned atrocities. We will not allow these lawless elements to extort all that you have,” he said.

“With the capture of these firearms, we believe that the NPA in our Area of Operations was demoralized and we will continue to pursue them aggressively under the rule of law until they abandon this futile armed struggle. Once again, we are encouraging the remaining NPA to peacefully lay down your arms, surrender and start a more peaceful and meaningful life with your family or you have to prepare to face the consequences,” Lt. Col. Goce added.

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Cops eye Al-Khobar extortion gang in Mindanao bus bombing

From the Philippine News Agency (Jam 14, 2022): Cops eye Al-Khobar extortion gang in Mindanao bus bombing (By Edwin Fernandez)

File photo of the ill-fated passenger bus. ((Photos courtesy of Mhen Maslamama/Jess Ali)

ALEOSAN, North Cotabato – Police authorities are hunting down a local terrorist group believed to be behind the bombing here of a Mindanao Star Bus (MSB) that left one child dead and six others wounded.

Lt. Colonel Bernard Tayong, North Cotabato police spokesperson, said police probers and the Special Investigation Task Force (STIG) are zeroing in on the “Al-Khobar” extortion gang, which is said to be behind the January 11 bus bombing in Barangay San Mateo of this town.

Tayong, also deputy police provincial director, said there were pieces of evidence showing that the bombing was the handiwork of extortion groups preying on the bus firm.

He said the style of attack and the explosive used showed some “signatures” of Al-Khobar, a local extortion group that also prey on multi-national firms operating in Maguindanao and North Cotabato.

Al-Khobar was blamed for the series of bus bombings in the Soccsksargen region for the past several years.

Tayong, meanwhile, downplayed speculations that the bus bombing was a retaliatory attack on the recent police raid in Barangay Gokutan of Pikit town in the same province that resulted in the death of six persons suspected to be members of carnapping syndicate.

About 440 “carnapped” motorbikes were recovered by police in the raid that took place on Dec. 29, 2021.

“No links between the two incidents,” Tayong said in a phone interview. “In all likelihood, the bus bombing was due to extortion,” he added.

The police have been coordinating with the bus company management to determine how the extortion demand was sent to them.

Probers are also closely studying the closed-circuit television footage taken from a man who boarded the bus at the terminal in Kabacan but alighted in Pikit town, some 15 kilometers from the blast site.

The man was carrying a backpack when he boarded the bus and sat at the rear portion of the targeted MSB unit.

Tayong said other groups, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters included, are also considered suspects.

Ex-rebel surrenders to gov't troops in Nueva Ecija

From the Philippine News Agency (Jam 14, 2022): Ex-rebel surrenders to gov't troops in Nueva Ecija (By Jason De Asis)

TURNED OVER. Photo shows the handgun with live ammunition and hand grenade surrendered by a former member of the communist terrorist group in Nueva Ecija on Friday (Jan. 14, 2022). The surrenderer operated under the remnants of the rebel group's Komiteng Larangang Guerilla-Sierra Madre. (Photo courtesy of the Army's 91IB)

A former member of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) surrendered to government troops in Bongabon, Nueva Ecija on Friday.

Lt. Col. Reandrew P. Rubio, commanding officer of the 91st Infantry “Sinagtala” Battalion, Philippine Army, said the surrender of Ronie Cortel was the result of the joint efforts of the Alpha Company of the 91IB, 7th Infantry Division; 1st Provincial Mobile Force Company (1PMFC) of Nueva Ecija Police Provincial Office (NEPPO); other security forces and the local officials of the town's Barangay Tugatog.

Cortel, who operated under the remnants of Komiteng Larangang Guerilla Sierra Madre (KLG-SM), is a native of Agusan del Norte, and residing in Barangay Tugatog, Bongabon.

He opted to lay low from the rebel movement sometime last year.

During his surrender, Cortel turned over his 9mm pistol (serial no. T91161764) with seven live ammunition and a hand grenade to authorities.

The former rebel, firearm, and explosive are now in the custody of 1PMFC, NEPPO for proper documentation and disposition.

Rubio said the decision of Cortel to return to the fold of the law is a response to the call of the local government unit (LGU) of Bongabon to end the local communist armed conflict.

“We are also expecting that more NPA leaders and members will heed the call of the government to return to the fold of the law,” he said in an interview.

He added that the continuous community support program that brings to villages the programs and projects of the government convinced Cortel to surrender.

Rubio assured that all rebels who will surrender will be provided the needed assistance.

The CPP-NPA is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

The Anti-Terrorism Council also formally designated the National Democratic Front as a terrorist organization on June 23, 2021, citing it as “an integral and separate part” of the CPP-NPA that was created in April 1973.

PH Army aids in 'Odette' rehab efforts

From the Philippine News Agency (Jam 14, 2022): PH Army aids in 'Odette' rehab efforts (By Priam Nepomuceno)

Photo courtesy of Philippine Army

The Philippine Army (PA) announced that its Cebu-based 53rd Engineer Brigade (53EBde) has deployed several units to help in the ongoing relief and rehabilitation efforts in communities in the Visayas battered by Typhoon Odette last month.

"A total of 32 teams composed of 224 Army personnel from the brigade are currently deployed to assist in clearing, rehabilitation, and delivery and distribution of relief goods in Cebu City and nearby provinces, Bohol, Negros Occidental, Northern Samar, and Southern Leyte,"
the PA said in a Facebook post on Thursday night.

In line with this, Army commander Lt. Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr. hailed the efforts of 53EBde for their efforts in helping Filipino people and communities affected by "Odette".

This, he said, exemplified best "Bayanihan" or the spirit of communal unity or helping without expecting something in return.

"The spirit of ‘Bayanihan’ remains very much alive. Rest assured that the Philippine Army, hand in hand with national government agencies, local government units, and private sector partners, will continue to help our typhoon-stricken countrymen get back on their feet," he added.

Earlier, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said around 7,493 soldiers were deployed in Mimaropa, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, Northern Mindanao and Caraga to help in relief efforts for "Odette". Also deployed are 769 land transport which includes 6x6 trucks, 28 aircraft including C-130 and C-295 transport planes, helicopters, and 27 ships.

DOJ files rape charges vs. NPA leader

From the Philippine News Agency (Jam 14, 2022): DOJ files rape charges vs. NPA leader (By Benjamin Pulta)

CHILD ABUSE. Former New People’s Army child warrior “Ka Shane” (2nd from left) files rape charges against her former platoon leader, Paterno Opo, in Calubian, Leyte on Oct. 29. 2020. On Friday (Jan. 14, 2022), the Department of Justice filed two more counts of rape against another NPA leader whom Shane also accused of sexually abusing her when she was still a minor. (Photo courtesy of Philippine Army)

Prosecutors lodged multiple rape charges against a New People's Army (NPA) rebel who was accused of sexually abusing a former comrade when she was just a teenager.

In a statement Friday, Department of Justice (DOJ) Undersecretary and spokesperson Emmeline Villar said that upon the findings of probable cause, two counts of rape were filed against Rey Dela Peña (a.k.a. Reynaldo Santos).

The DOJ said the incidents happened on April 2016 in Barangay Mangayang, Dupax Del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya and on June 2016 in Barangay Minuli, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija against “Ka Shane” who was then an active member of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) - NPA assigned at the Caraballo Guerilla Front in Nueva Ecija.

She was alleged to have been lured by militant group Anakbayan in May 2011 into joining the Kabataang Makabayan and was sworn in as a cadre of the Youth Communist League in November 2011.

In January 2015, Shane became a part of the Rifle Formation of the Caraballo Guerilla Front and by the following month, promoted to a full-fledged member of the CCP.

Dela Peña was her squad leader and the vice commander of their platoon.

A witness, Francisco Cortez Baesa Jr., a staff of the Regional Operational Command of the NPA - Central Luzon from 2007 to 2018, said their platoon and squad leaders raped their female members.

On Oct. 29, 2020, Shane, then 17, also filed a rape complaint in Calubian, Leyte against Paterno Opo (alias Dodong), commander of the NPA sub-regional committee operating in Leyte and Biliran provinces.

“I suffered in the hands of our supposed superior when I was only 15 years old in the mountains of Calubian, Leyte in July 2018. This incident continues to haunt me until today and I want to seek justice,” Shane said during a press conference at the Calubian town hall that day.

Shane and her older sister, Ruffa, surrendered on June 12, 2020, to the Army's 14th Infantry Battalion based in Kananga, Leyte.

The CPP - NPA is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines.