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CPP/NDF-KM-Southern Mindanao: A decade of inspiration: Remembering Alvin

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 11, 2021): A decade of inspiration: Remembering Alvin


AUGUST 11, 2021

A decade of inspiration: Remembering Alvin
(November 2, 1990 – August 11, 2011)

by Ka Moses

Alvin Rey Santiago, known as Ka Purga in the revolutionary movement, joined the New People’s Army in the summer of 2010. Born to a lower petty bourgeois family, he was exposed at an early age to the hardships of completing one’s studies while struggling with finances. He enrolled in the BS Food Technology program of UP Mindanao. True to being an “Iskolar ng Bayan,” he integrated with the masses while balancing his academic duties, and excelled in both. At UP Min, we became activists together, although I was still a “newbie” when he became a student leader.

In the latter years of the Arroyo presidency, Alvin learned of society’s greater evils and their roots with a Marxist-Leninist lens, one that enabled him to see the systematic oppression not only of underprivileged students like him, but of Philippine society in general.

As a student activist, he served as councilor of the UP Mindanao University Student Council, and was later elected as its Vice-Chairperson. He never filled in the post, choosing instead to go to the countryside and serve the peasant and Lumad masses as a Red fighter in the New People’s Army in Compostela Valley (now Davao de Oro) and Davao Oriental.

Alvin’s life was perhaps a study of wonderful ironies to those who knew him. In many ways, he was the epitome of a lower class, petty-bourgeoisie who struggled to overcome his class vestiges as he navigated his way into the national democratic movement. While he frequently had to endure hunger pangs to make his meager allowance enough for the week, he was also one to splurge on 6-inch thick high heels, albeit scoured from ukay-ukay, that he would only wear once.

His memory for the lyrics of progressive and revolutionary songs is rivaled only by his mastery of Mariah Carey hits. Endeared for diffusing tensions during meetings through his humor, he would also at times be found bickering with comrades over the most petty issues. I was told that he was one of the pioneering “out” members of the Pi Sigma Fraternity who campaigned vigorously to organize members of the LGBTQ community into the fraternity.

Alvin’s life in the countryside came to me in snapshots and snippets, told and retold by comrades from his letters or else from those who integrated in the NPA. From what I gathered, it represented the aspect of the people’s war that always keeps the revolution’s edge over the fascist enemy: mass work and its young cadres’ selfless dedication to serve the people. He made use of his education to help in his unit’s literacy-numeracy program, even helping out on homework of the sons and daughters of peasants in their area. One comrade from his unit told me a story where, tired of hearing food fallacies that were rampant among comrades (sayote causes anemia; MSG is universally bad; don’t give coffee to hyperacidic comrades, give them milk instead), he asked the unit command and the medical team if he could give a short educational discussion to dispel the misconceptions. The ED was a resounding success.

He became a platoon supply officer, a medical-trainee, an instructor, but comrades say he was best at being a political guide. His background as a student activist enabled him to understand the tenets of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoism, but it was his integration with the masses that made stronger his grasp of the revolutionary movement. He understood that the people’s war would not be won by guns alone. There was the need to instill proletarian ideology among new comrades, to strengthen ties between the Red army and the masses, to build a government of the people that is competent and responsive to the needs of the people.

Even in his death, the people who had worked with Purga still recall with fondness their memories of his short stay in the countryside. One masa recounted her unforgettable experience with Alvin, who said he never thought of himself as someone to be given special treatment because he was college-educated. She was awed to see him one time drenched in sweat, naked from the waist up and trudging uphill under the noonday sun. His shirt was wrapped around several sweet potatoes he gathered from the field. She asked why he would undertake a task better suited for the elemento (new recruits), Alvin replied “para sa tanan man ni nga trabaho” (This kind of job is for everyone). The masses saw great humility and dedication from him as a leader and a servant, and I cannot but compare him to the haughty bureaucrats of the reactionary government who seem to think they are owed something.

Purga met his end on the morning of August 11, 2011 during his unit‘s ambuscade against troops of the 67th IB in Sitio Magobahong, Brgy. Abejod in the town of Cateel in Davao Oriental. An M-14 bullet found its way into his left chest, damaging his heart and almost completely amputating his arm. His platoon managed to carry his body out of the frontline, but had to hurriedly bury him several kilometers away before finally withdrawing. The enemy would dig up Alvin’s remains a few days later, perhaps as they do now with the remains of other fallen Red fighters. Not out of decency or concern for the bereaved, for everyone knows the NPA and the CPP have long been able to take care of and provide for burial and other needs of their fallen comrades. With the Duterte regime’s manic campaign to appear on top of the insurgency, I know they do it simply for show.

Ten years after his death, Alvin’s life and how he chose to live it will always be a wake-up call about the ongoing armed revolution. Many of his high school and college peers never fully pictured the people’s war, until his death. With his thin build, long legs and signature split middle hairstyle, no one would have ever thought that he would choose the life in the countryside. His reputation as the “darling of the crowd,” the one whose presence was easily detected from afar by his distinct high-pitched voice and the resounding laughter that he always seemed to generate from those around him, helped demolish the trite guerilla stereotype: grim-looking men, with smug looks and barbaric tendencies.

I will always remember Alvin as the one who was one year shy of graduating cum laude at UP Min. He chose to give up his apparently short sprint toward a financially-rewarding career, and instead joined the long march in the national democratic revolution. During these times where the highly-paid state propaganda machine repeatedly claims that the revolutionary movement has lost its relevance, Alvin’s decision to be a Red fighter—along with the thousands of youth after him—is a constant reminder that the people’s war remains alive and urgent, retaining not only its appeal but the selfless loyalty among the finest of the Filipino youth.

Ka Moses was a college activist in UP Mindanao when Alvin Rey “Ka Purga” Santiago’s decided to join the NPA in 2010. “I was inspired to be part of the movement because of him.”

Still a national democratic activist, he now works professionally as a human rights advocate.

Kalinaw News: Wounded CAFGU Active Auxiliary commits to serve despite injury

Posted to Kalinaw News (Aug 11, 2021): Wounded CAFGU Active Auxiliary commits to serve despite injury

CAMP SANG-AN, Zamboanga del Sur – Almost two weeks after its recent encounter, another clash between the combined elements of the 44th, 42nd, and 97th Infantry Battalion (44IB, 42IB, and 97IB) and the communist terrorist group transpired in Brgy. Fimagas, Katipunan, Zamboanga del Norte om August 10, 2021.

One CAFGU Active Auxiliary (CAA) member suffered a gunshot wound in his left abdomen after the 15-minute firefight.

“The wounded CAA was brought to ZANORTE Medical Hospital today, August 11, at 3 in the morning and is now undergoing blood transfusion awaiting the result of his X-Ray,” said Lt. Col. Manaros Boransing, Commanding Officer, 97IB.

In recognition of the CAA’s contribution and support during the battalion’s combat operation, 97IB will facilitate the request for the Kagitingan sa Barangay Award that will be presented to the wounded CAA.

Boransing also added that the communist terrorists have no place in Zamboanga del Norte, and the Local Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (LTF ELCAC) in Zamboanga del Norte will not stop the combat operations in the province until all armed communist terrorist surrender.

After suffering an injury, the wounded CAA commits himself to serving the Philippine Army and assisting the soldiers during their combat operations. In 2020, he was also wounded during the encounter between the 44IB and the CTGs in Gutalac, Zamboanga del Norte.

According to the wounded CAA, he has seen the adverse effects of terrorism in the community, especially his family. He vows to serve the country and contribute to attaining peace.

On July 30, troops of 97IB also encountered an undetermined number of CTGs under GF-BBC and Regional leadership of the Western Mindanao Regional Party Committee (WMRPC) while conducting combat operations at So. Kumangoy, Brgy. Carupay, Katipunan, ZDN. No casualty was reported on both sides.

Brig. Gen. Leonel M. Nicolas, the 102nd Infantry Brigade Commander who has operational jurisdiction of Zamboanga Peninsula, commended the CAA’s dedication to his duty and assured him that the Army would provide him with the needed assistance.

“We are now starting to win small battles against the Communist Terrorist Cell BBC of the WMRPC who has been, for a long time, evading our forces,” Nicolas said.

Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Gene M. Ponio, the 1st Infantry Tabak Division commander and concurrent commander of JTF ZAMPELAN, enjoined the 44IB, 42IB, and 97IB to carry on with the operations until the total neutralization of the communist terrorists in the province of Zamboanga del Norte.

“Our troops on the ground have continuously been delivering significant accomplishments in degrading the armed capability of the CTGs through series of encounters,” said Ponio. “Thus, I urge everyone to continue our efforts in restoring the peace not only in Zamboanga del Norte but for the whole island of Mindanao.”

The troops of 97IB are continuously conducting pursuit operations against the fleeing CTG members.

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Kalinaw News: Sulu Task-Force ELAC turns over Infrastructure Projects to form IDPs

Posted to Kalinaw News (Aug 11, 2021): Sulu Task-Force ELAC turns over Infrastructure Projects to form IDPs

August 11, 2021-Kuta Heneral Teodulfo Bautista Jolo, Sulu- Yesterday, the Provincial Task Force in Ending Local Armed Conflict (PTF-ELAC), composed of government officials including the military, turned over Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) projects to former Internally Displaced People (IDP) of Brgy Kabbon Takas, Patikul, Sulu.

“Bago natin ibinalik ang mga bakwit ng Kabbon Takas noong Nobyembre 2020, ghost town ang lugar na ito. Ang nangyari, nagtulungan ang military at LGU sa ilalim ng PTF-ELAC kaya Ilang buwan pa lang, mayabong na ang komunidad natin. Ngayon naman – dahil sa DPWH IX sa pamumuno ni Engr Nonoy Pawaki – may kalsada tayo, covered court at solar na street lights. Lahat yan nagawa natin sa in less than a year,” said Patikul Mayor Kabir Hayudini during his speech.

To recall, residents of Brgy Kabbon Takas were forced to leave their land in 2017 due to the presence of terror group Abu Sayyaf.

“Takot na takot po kami noong panahon na ‘yon, puro barilan. Ang elementary school ho namin natad-tad ng bala at nasunog pa ang bubong. Masakit ho sa loob namin dahil pinakalat pa ng Abu Sayyaf ang video ng kung anong ginagawa nila doon sa lugar namin. Buti ho ngayon naayos na ang eskuwelahan at may kalsada, court at ilaw na rin sa barangay. Hindi na ho kami bakwit, hindi na ho kami patago-tago. Ang matatanda nakakapag-harvest na, ang mga bata naman naglalaro,” shared Brgy Chairman Ahajuli Ahajani.

For his part, 11th Infantry Division Commander MGen William N Gonzales wholeheartedly extended his gratitude towards all government units and agencies which are exerting all efforts in making Patikul communities less vulnerable to ASG influence.

“Karangalan po namin ang maging parte ng adhikaing ito at hindi po kami mapapagod na magtrabaho para sa maliwanag na kinabukasan ng Patikul. Nagpapasalamat ho kami at mapakarami naming katuwang. Ngayong nakikita natin ang mga proyekto ng gobyerno, ngayong naririto na ang opurtunidad para sa mas maunlad na buhay, ano pa ang ipinaglalaban grupong Abu Sayyaf,” MGen Gonzales said.

To note, MGen Gonzales tasked the 6th Special Forces Battalion to secure aforementioned barangay by establishing a patrol base in the area. Hence, the residents and the troops are hand in hand in resolving challenges in security and other matters.

Present during the ceremony were 1102nd Infantry Brigade Commander BGen Benjamin Batara Jr., DPWH IX Engr. Nonoy A Pawaki and Ministry of Public Works and Highways Sulu 1st District Engr. Ajan S Ajijul and 6th Special Forces Battalion Commander Ltc Rafael P Caido.

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Kalinaw News: Limang karagdagang dating miyembro ng CTG inabandona ang teroristang grupo sa Camarines Sur

Posted to Kalinaw News (Aug 11, 2021): Limang karagdagang dating miyembro ng CTG inabandona ang teroristang grupo sa Camarines Sur

CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur – Matapos iprisenta ang limampung panibagong mga surrenderers kahapon sa lungsod ng Masbate, lima na namang mga miyembro ng Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) ang sumuko ngayong araw, Agosto 11, sa pwersa ng pamahalaan sa Barangay Ibingay sa parehong syudad.

Tatlo sa kanila ay regular na miyembro ng New People’s Army (NPA) habang ang dalawa naman ay miyembro ng Militiang Bayan (MB). Bitbit nila ang tatlong low-powered firearms at isang gamit ng light anti-tank weapon.

Nabatid na ang pagsuko ng nasabing mga Former Rebels (FRs) ay bunga ng pagtutulungan ng 903rd Infantry Brigade sa ilalim ni Col. Aldwine Almase, 2nd Infantry Battalion (2IB) sa pamumuno ni Lt. Col. Siegfried Felipe Awichen, Police Regional Office 5 (PRO 5) sa ilalim ni PBGEN JONNEL ESTOMO at ng Coast Guard District Bicol sa ilalim ni Commodore Giovanni Bergantin.

Naniniwala naman si MGEN HENRY A ROBINSON JR PA, Commander ng Joint Task Force (JTF) Bicolandia, na lalo pang bubuhos ang mga sumusukong miyembro at tagasuporta ng CTG ngayong nakikita nilang totoo ang mga benipisyo at programang nakalaan para sa mga FRs.

“Ang patuloy na paglobo ng bilang ng mga sumusukong dating rebelde sa Masbate ay hindi lamang dahil sa pagsisikap ng mga sundalo kundi ng mga counterpart natin sa PNP, PCG kabilang na ang iba’t ibang ahensya ng gobyerno gayundin ng mga MasbateƱo. Nagpapasalamat din tayo sa pamilya ng mga panibagong surrenderer na ito dahil sa pagkumbinsi ninyo sa kanilang magbalik-loob na sa pamahalaan. Sa pamamagitan ng E-CLIP at ng mga programa ng RTF-ELCAC, mas marami kayong matatanggap na benipisyo upang tuluyan na kayong makapagbagong buhay,” ani MGen. Robinson.

Sa ilalim ng Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP), makatatanggap ang sinumang FR ng cash, livelihood, educational, housing at medical assistance gayundin ng firearm remuneration para sa kanilang mga isinukong armas.

Samantala, ang Regional Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (RTF-ELCAC) naman ay may mga inilulunsad na programang maaaring makatulong sa mga FR upang makapamuhay ng maayos, masagana at mapayapa kasama ang kanilang mga pamilya.

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Kalinaw News: Army, LGU Dangcagan conduct Bahani/CVO empowerment training in Bukidnon

Posted to Kalinaw News (Aug 11, 2021): Army, LGU Dangcagan conduct Bahani/CVO empowerment training in Bukidnon

ARAKAN, COTABATO – The Local Government of Dangcagan in collaboration with 72nd Infantry “Gabay” Battalion formally opened a 3-Day Bahani and Civilian Volunteers Organization (CVO) Organizational Training and Seminars to Bahani and CVO of Barangay Miaray, Dolorosa and San Vicente all of Bukidnon held at Miaray Elementary School, Barangay Miaray, Dangcagan, Bukidnon on August 10, 2021.

This activity is part of the unit’s sustainment efforts which aims to institutionalize the creation of Bahani forces as part of the IP structure in the IP communities within the unit’s Area of Operation; to emphasize the roles and responsibilities of the Bahani as integral part of their community’s defense; and to address the issues and concerns of Bahani particularly their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as an organization.

The 3-Day Bahani/CVO Organizational Training will be steered thru series of lectures and discussions on IPRA Law; Strategies and Tactics of the Terrorist Groups in their recruitment schemes; Roles and Responsibilities of Bahani and CVO in their respective communities; and on the last day, they will be having their Immediate Action Drill (IAD).

The opening program was graced by the presence of Vice Mayor Edilberto F Ayuban; Hon. Efren Wabe, Barangay Captain of Miaray;
Miaray IPMR Bitchie Cena; LTC Jose C Regonay Jr, Commanding Officer 72IB; PEMS Niel Timtim Dangcagan MPS; Kgwd Elina G. Managkil of brgy San Vicente; Bae Gloria A Villanon IPMR of brgy Dolorosa; and other officers and staff of PNP and 72IB.

“Maximize all the learnings you will get from this seminar. May this be an eye opener to everyone of us that you, members of Bahani and CVO play an important role in maintaining peace and order in your communities.” Hon. Ayuban said in his message.

In response, LTC Jose C Regonay Jr, Commanding Officer 72IB assured that the unit in collaboration with the LGU Dangcagan will initiate various trainings and seminars to enhance their skills as peace builders of the nation.

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Kalinaw News: 4 former high-ranking CTG rebels receive cash assistance from government in Bukidnon

Posted to Kalinaw News (Aug 11, 2021): 4 former high-ranking CTG rebels receive cash assistance from government in Bukidnon

IMPASUGONG, BUKIDNON – Four (4) Former Rebels (FRs) received an initial cash assistance from the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Impasugong last August 9, 2021 at the Municipal Hall of Impasugong, Bukidnon.

Impasugong Mayor Anthony Uy personally handed the assistance to Antonio Gayento @Gab, former Commander of Front Operational Command, Guerilla Front 89, Sub-Regional Committee (SRC) 2, North Central Mindanao Regional Command (NCMRC), Cynthia Sante @Kim, former Medic, Sqd 2, Platoon PBY, Remark Letonia, former Supply Officer, Sqd 1, Platoon PBY, all of GF89, SRC 2, NCMRC, and John Mark Puntasan @Jan, Militia ng Bayan.

Gayento said, “Daghang salamat sa tabang pinansyal nga gihatag gikan sa lokal na gobyerno sa Impasugong ug pag atiman sa kasundalohan kanamong mga FRs. Isa kini ka timaan nga wala kami pasagdi sa gobyerno ug sa kasundalohan.” (Thank you very much for the financial assistance from the local government of Impasugong and thank you also to the soldiers who attend to the needs of the FRs. This is a proof that we are not neglected by the government and the soldiers.)

Mayor Uy, who is also the Chairman of the MTF-ELCAC, strongly expressed his gratitude to the FRs, “Mapasalamaton ako sa inyong pagbalik sa sabakan sa atong gobyerno. Ang lokal nga panggamhanan sa Impasugong ania kanunay andam motabang sa bisan kinsa ang gusto nga mobalik sa atong gobyerno.” (I am grateful to you for choosing to live a life of peace with the government. The local government of Impasugong is always ready to help those who want to surrender.)

LTC Edgardo Talaroc Jr, Commander of the 8th Infantry “Dependable” Battalion, said, “Ako nagapasalamat sa lokal nga panggamhanan sa Impasugong nga usa sa mga kanunay natong kaabag sa pagtabang sa mga kanhing rebelde nga mibalik na sa sabakan sa gobyerno. Hinaut nga makab-ot na nato ang malungtarong kalinaw ug kalambuan pinaagi sa panaghiusa sa tanan.”

“Kami nagatuo nga daghan pa nga mga myembro sa Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) ang makamata tungod ang armadong pakigbisog usa ka walay kalampusang binuhatan ug ang kamatuorang kalinaw maangkon lamang pinagi sa pagsuporta sa gobyerno.” (I am thankful to the local government of Impasugong for they have always been one of our active partners in helping our former rebels who chose to return to the folds of the law. We hope that we will be able to achieve long-lasting peace and sustainable development through our convergence.) (We are also expecting that more members of the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) will realize that the armed struggle will never triumph and true peace will only be achieved by supporting the government.

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Kalinaw News: 50 dating myembro ng Teroristang Komunista sumuko sa pwersa ng pamahalaan sa Masbate

Posted to Kalinaw News (Aug 11, 2021): 50 dating myembro ng Teroristang Komunista sumuko sa pwersa ng pamahalaan sa Masbate

CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur – Inabandona ng 50 miyembro ng Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) ang rebeldeng kilusan upang samahan ang gobyerno sa mas pinaigting na kampanya laban sa insurhensya.

Napagtanto nila na walang namang patutunguhang mabuti ang kanilang ipinaglalabang ideolohiya kaya’t walang pagdadalawang-isip na sila’y sumuko sa pwersa ng pamahalaan.

Ika-10:30 ng umaga Agosto 10 taong kasalukuyan, nang pormal na iprisenta ang nasabing mga surrenderers sa Rendezvous Hotel sa lungsod ng Masbate.

Lima sa kanila ay mga aktibong New People’s Army (NPA), sampung miyembro ng Sangay ng Partido sa Lokalidad (SPL) at 35 miyembro ng Militiang Bayan (MB).

Isinuko rin ng mga ito ang sampung armas na kinabibilangan ng dalawang kalibre .45, apat na revolvers, dalawang shotgun at dalawang hand grenade.

Sa naturang seremonya, nakatanggap ang ang mga dating rebelde o Former Rebels (FRs) ng food packs. Nagbigay din ang 9th Infantry (SPEAR) Division at Police Regional Office-5 (PRO-5) ng dagdag na tulong pinansyal.

Laking pasasalamat naman ng mga FRs sa pwersa ng pamahalaan lalong lalo na sa 2nd Infantry Battalion (2IB) sa pamumuno ni Lt. Col. Siegfried Felipe Awichen na siyang tumulong sa kanila upang makauwi ng ligtas sa kani-kanilang mga pamilya.

Ipinangako din nga mga FRs na hindi nila sasayangin ang pagkakataong ito na makapagbagong buhay kasabay ng panawagan sa kanilang mga dating kasamahan na sumuko na rin at huwag sayangin ang kanilang buhay sa loob ng teroristang grupo na pawang karahasan lamang ang inihahasik.

Pinuri rin ni Lt. Col. Awichen ang mga FRs sa kanilang paglalakas-loob na talikuran ang CTG at piliin ang payapa at maunlad na pamumuhay kasama ang kanilang mga pamilya.

“Sila ay i-eenroll natin sa Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) upang makatanggap ng benepisyo na magagamit nila sa pagsisimula ng panibagong buhay. Sa E-CLIP, mabibigyan sila ng cash, livelihood, educational, medical at housing assistance, maliban pa pa sa firearm remuneration para sa mga nagsuko ng armas,” ani Lt. Col. Awichen.

Maliban sa mga benipisyong ito, binigyang diin ni Col. Aldwine Almase, Commander ng 903rd Infantry Brigade, na walang katumbas ang buhay ng mga 50 FRs na ngayon ay nailayo na sa kapahamakan.

“Kung patuloy silang mabubuhay sa kabundukan at makikipaglaban sa mga pulis at sundalo, hindi imposibleng matulad sila sa napakarami ng mga komunistang terorista na napaslang sa mga engkwentro. Hindi karapat-dapat na ibuwis ng mga ito ang kanilang buhay sa isang teroristang grupo na walang awang pumapatay ng mga inosenteng buhay lalo na ng mga sibilyan at mga walang kamuwang-muwang na kabataan,” ani Col. Almase.

Ayon naman kay PBGen. Jonnel C. Estomo, Regional Director ng PRO-5, tiyak na mas marami pang mga miyembro at tagasuporta ng CTG ang magbabalik-loob sa pamahalaan lalo na at nakikita ng mga ito na may mabuting bukas na naghihintay sa kanila at sa kanilang pamilya sa labas ng kilusan.

“Hindi po drawing ang mga pangako natin sa kanila na kapag sumuko sila ay tutulungan natin silang mapabuti ang kanilang buhay. Hindi lang po PNP at AFP ang magkatuwang sa programang ito para sa mga FRs kundi lahat ng mga ahensya ng pamahalaan,” dagdag pa ni PBGen. Estomo.

Muli namang pinasalamatan ni MGen. Henry A. Robinson Jr. PA, Commander ng Joint Task Force (JTF) Bicolandia at 9ID, ang mga MasbateƱo sa kanilang walang sawang pagsuporta sa mga programang pangkapayapaan ng gobyerno.

“Alam namin na pagod na rin ang ating mga kapatid na magtago sa mga kabundukan at ayaw na rin naming mayroon pang magbuwis ng buhay sa mga labanan. Kaya sana huwag na ninyong sayangin ang pagkakataon na ito na ibinibigay ng ating gobyerno. Hindi kailanman magiging sagot sa kahirapan at sa pagbabago ang pagpasok sa kilusan, pagdadala ng armas at paglaban sa gobyerno. Ang tunay na pagbabago ay makakamit lamang kung tayo ay magkakaisa,” ani MGen. Robinson.

Dumalo rin sa aktibidad sina Commodore Giovanni Bergantin ng Coast Guard District Bicol; Dir. Vert Chavez ng National Intelligence and Coordinating Agency 5 (NICA-5), PCol. Joriz Cantoria, Provincial Director ng Masbate Police Provincial Office; at mga kinatawan ng Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), lokal na pamahalaan at iba pang tanggapan ng gobyerno.

Magugunitang mula noong buwan ng Hunyo, matapos ang walang awang pamamaslang ng CTG sa mga inosenteng sibilyan sa Masbate, mahigit 500 na ang mga sumuko at patuloy pa ang paglobo ng bilang na ito hanggang ngayon hindi lamang sa nasabing islang probinsya kundi maging sa iba pang lalawigan sa Bicol.

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Kalinaw News: 124 aspiring soldiers start military training at 3ID

Posted to Kalinaw News (Aug 11, 2021): 124 aspiring soldiers start military training at 3ID

CAMP PERALTA, Jamindan, Capiz – A total of 124 candidate soldiers were received by the Army’s 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division through an Opening Ceremony and reception rites on Tuesday, August 10, 2021.

MGen Eric Vinoya, Commander, 3ID, led the opening of the training of aspiring soldiers who composed the Candidate Soldier Course (CSC) Class 668 – 2021.

The aspirants will undergo 3 months rigid Candidate Soldier Course (CSC) and another 3 months Infantry Operations Course (INFOC) that will be handled by the training staff of the 3rd Division Training School (3DTS).

The training will instill discipline among candidate soldiers and make them adept in military doctrines, policies, and Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs). They will also learn basic weapons and Army Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs) to prepare them to perform duties in the Infantry Squad. The training will also transform them into reliable, responsive, and committed enlisted personnel of the Philippine Army.

These selected aspirants successfully passed the strict and meticulous selection processing standard set by the Philippine Army. They went through competitive Physical, Medical, Neurological and Psychological examinations.

In his message, MGen Vinoya congratulated the CSC Class 668- 2021 for their first success – passing the rigorous military selection process.

MGen Vinoya likewise reminded them to expect challenges that will test their limits in the next 6 months.

“This training will be difficult and rigorous; however, you must bear in mind that you have chosen this path for a reason. In times of uncertainties and doubts, always go back to that reason and live one day at a time,” MGen Vinoya said.

Moreover, the 3ID Commander challenged the aspirants to uphold their oath to serve the country and people.

“Uphold that oath, start strong, and finish strong! Emerge as soldiers embodying Excellence, Commitment, and Victory, and you will become genuine Spearhead Troopers, ready to serve our people in Western and Central Visayas,” Vinoya added.

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Kalinaw News: 200 families in Zamboanga City far-flung community receive aid

Posted to Kalinaw News (Aug 11, 2021): 200 families in Zamboanga City far-flung community receive aid

Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City – August 11, 2021

More or less 200 families from Barangay Sinubong, this city benefited from the outreach program conducted by the military troops and other civilian volunteers on August 10, 2021.

The Western Mindanao Command’s Office of the Assistant Chief of Unified Command Staff for Civil-Military Operations, in coordination with the 4th Civil Relations Group, Joint Task Force Zamboanga, and the barangay officials of Sinubong facilitated the conduct of the outreach program held at Mt. View Sinubong Elementary School.

In her remarks, Ms. Raponzel Manalo, School Head of Mt. View Sinubong Elementary School said, “Your presence is a manifestation of your support to the less fortunate. We are very happy about that. My heart is filled with gratitude, with happiness because you chose Mt. View to help the community. Thank you for making our learners and their parents who are the ultimate beneficiaries of this activity happy”.

Dubbed as “Tulong Bayanihan Para sa Katauhan”, the activity aimed to uplift the morale and ensure the well-being of the populace amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the activity, the team distributed a total of 200 hygiene kits and food packs and offered medical services to the residents of Sinubong. Additionally, 59 locals availed themselves of the eye examination and received free eyeglasses while 50 others were given a new haircut.

In a short message, Chairman Enricleto Casepe of Barangay Sinubong expressed his gratitude to all facilitators for choosing his constituents as the beneficiaries of the outreach program.

Meanwhile, Western Mindanao Command Chief Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan, Jr. through Joint Task Force Zamboanga Commander, Col. Randolph Rojas said more than fighting against the terrorists, the military is here to serve and help the people.

“We are here to lend our helping hand to the needy. This is also our little way of expressing our gratitude to all the peace-loving people who genuinely support us in our campaign against terrorism and lawlessness,” Lt. Gen. Vinluan, Jr. said in the message read by Col. Rojas.

“Rest assured that the armed forces will remain steadfast in sustaining the peace in your community,” the commander addressed the residents of Sinubong.

The successful conduct of the outreach program was made possible through the support provided by the Junior Chamber International (JCI), Zamboanga City El Animo Eagles Club, Zamboanga City Peacemakers Eagles Club, Zamboanga City Medical Center, Department of Health-Region 9, Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council IX, City Health Office, Languyan Mining Corporation, Department of Social Welfare and Development IX, Office of Civil Defense 9, Zamboanga City Interagency Task Force, Crystal Vision Optical, SOPHIL, YL Fishing, and other participating agencies.

The Western Mindanao Command continuously conducts outreach programs as part of its civil-military operations to be able to reach out to ordinary citizens and win their trust.

Kalinaw News: Nine Abu Sayyaf members surrendered in Sulu

Posted to Kalinaw News (Aug 11, 2021): Nine Abu Sayyaf members surrendered in Sulu

Kuta Heneral Teodulfo Bautista Jolo, Sulu – Last Monday, nine Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) members formally surrendered to military units in Sulu under at 1102nd Infantry Brigade Headquarters in Brgy Tagbak, Indanan, Sulu.

According to Joint Task Force – Sulu and 11th Infantry Division Commander MGen William N Gonzales, the ASG bandits yielded their firearms. “These people have once gone astray. We are glad that they choose a life of peace instead of hiding. They surrendered firearms including three (3) Cal .30, M1 rifle, one M1 Garand with one clip and eight rounds of cal 30 ammunitions, one Uzi Sub Machine Gun, one US Carbine Cal 30 M1 and a KG9 Cal 9mm.”

MGen Gonzales personally received the surrenderors after 1102nd Bde Commander BGen Benjamin G Batara Jr presented the nine to him. BGen Batara identified the former bandits as alias Mannan Abdul, Aldaser Bingkal, alias Tisoy and alias Madz, all affiliated to sub-leader Basaron Arok; Takiyo Imdan and Totoh Engal under late leader Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan; Ahamad H Hadjilani under senior leader Radullan Sahiron; alias Abu Jundi under sub-leader Yasser Igasan, alias Ramon under the group of sub-leader Idang Susukan and Alabsi Bisaya.

Their surrender was facilitated by the 6th Special Forces, 21st Infantry Battalion and 45th Infantry Battalion.

In an interview, surrenderor Engal admitted his involvement in the Sipadan kidnappings. He also shared that he joined terror group when he was 25 years old and that he was once wounded in an encounter with the military.

“Iniwan ko yung anak kong panganay na two years old palang noong sumama ako sa grupo. Lakad lang kami ng lakad sa bundok hanggang sa natamaan po ako ng bala noong kasagsagan ng gyera dito sa Sulu. Siguro mga limang bala ang tumama sa kaliwa kong balikat. Pangalawang buhay ko na ito at nagpapasalamat ako na nabigyan ako ng pagkakataon na bumalik sa pamilya ko at hindi na yung magtago pa,” said Enggal.

In his speech, MGen Gonzales lauded the continuous efforts of all units under JTF-Sulu and assured that surrenderors will get the assistance that they need. “Nagpapasalamat ako sa mga tropa natin na ginagawan ng pagkakataon na makabalik itong siyam sa payapang buhay. Sa ganitong paraan, nababawasan tayo ng kalaban at nagkakaroon tayo ng kakampi. Ituring niyo rin kaming kakampi at sabay naging pagsikapan na magkaroon ng oportunidad ang lahat ng taga Sulu, kasama na kayo, sa isang tahimik at maunlad na buhay.”

Also present was Patikul Mayor Kabir Hayudini who also pledged assistance to the surrenderors.

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