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Australian terrorist, supposedly headed for PH, sentenced to 7 years in jail

From the Manila Bulletin (May 14, 2019): Australian terrorist, supposedly headed for PH, sentenced to 7 years in jail

An Australian national, who was planning to join the violent jihadist group Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) in Mindanao and help overthrow the government in the Philippines in 2016, has been sentenced to seven years in prison by the Victorian Supreme Court.

Philippine Immigration officers escort Robert Edward Cerantonio (C), an Australian convert to Islam who used the internet to urge people to join “jihad” in Iraq and Syria (AFP FILE PHOTO / MANILA BULLETIN)

Robert Cerantonio, 34, originally from Melbourne, was tagged as the extremist “ringleader” and “spiritual adviser” who planned a “foreign incursion” together with five other men between October 2015 and May 2016.

Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Steve Robinson said the sentencing of Cerantonio was a result of the cooperation between Manila and Melbourne.

“A would-be terrorist fighter has been jailed after trying to sail from Australia to the Philippines. This shows the importance of close Australia-Philippines cooperation,” Robinson said in a tweet on Tuesday.

Reports showed that Cerantonio and his cohorts planned to sail a tiny boat from the coast of Queensland to Indonesia where they would be joined by Filipino jihadists en route to the southern Philippines.

Initially, the men bought a boat and a four-wheel drive vehicle to tow it to Cape York, about 4,000 kilometers from the capital Melbourne.

It was added that the group also purchased survival gear as well as navigational equipment, and had drawn maps of the seas near their targeted destination.

However, Australian authorities were able to intercept the men even before they could sail to the Philippines.

During the court hearing in March, Victorian Supreme Court Justice Michael Croucher said Cerantonio, along with Paul Dacre, Antonino Granata, Shayden Thorne, Kadir Kaya and Murat Kaya “agreed to encourage acts … directed [to] … overthrow by force or violence the government of the southern Philippines” between 2015 to 2015.

In February, Cerantonio’s group members Dacre, Granata and Kadir Kaya were each sentenced to four years in prison, with a non-parole period of three years.

On the other hand, Murat Kaya was handed down with a jail sentence of three years and eight months while Thorne was meted with three years and 10 months, both with a non-parole period.

Cerantonio, who was brought up as a Christian, had converted to Islam when he was 17.

Reports from the Australian media said Cerantonio had spent a year in the Philippines before he was sent back to Australia in 2014. Since then, he had publicly preached support for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and advocated for sharia law.

Blasts, gun attacks mar Mindanao polls but midterm elections generally peaceful- PNP

From the Manila Bulletin (May 13, 2019): Blasts, gun attacks mar Mindanao polls but midterm elections generally peaceful- PNP

Bomb explosions and gun attacks hounded the midterm elections on Monday in Mindanao, with at least nine people reported wounded in Maguindanao and Sulu provinces alone.

In Cotabato City, two improvised explosive devices composed of 40mm mortar went off at a vacant lot in Purok Omar at 10 p.m. on Sunday.

This was followed by two more explosions in Datu Odin Sinsuat town of Maguindanao at around 1 a.m and 7 a.m. on Monday.

“All these incidents happened away from the polling places and so far, based on initial investigation they have no connection with the elections,” said Gen. Oscar Albayalde, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

But Maj. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana, commanding general of the 6th Infantry Division, said the explosions in Cotabato City and Maguindanao appeared to be done by supporters of erring politicians.

“The motive appears to be to scare the voters. We are investigating to identify the perpetrators,” said Sobejana.

In Sulu, at least five people were wounded when supporters of two rival candidates clashed near a voting precinct in Panglima Estino town.

Albayalde said the victims were wounded in the ensuing gun attack that occurred at around 6:30 a.m. Monday outside a voting precinct in Barangay Tiptipon.

“Two vehicles were also burned,” said Albayalde.

He identified the victims as Asiri Sadjaani, 65; Ibno Sahipa, 64; Barre Abih, 46; Omal Hasan, 57; and, Nadzra Munib, 41.

“The situation is under control and investigation is ongoing to identify the suspects,” said Albayalde.

In Datu Unsay town of Maguindanao, a 27-year old man was shot and wounded near the town public market.

Soldiers have to personally ask all the persons at the public market to protect them from the gun attack. The gunman fled.

In Shariff Aguak also in Maguindanao, a son of a Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) commander was shot and wounded near the public market of the town at around 1:30 a.m. Monday.

He was identified as Nasrudin Upam, son of Commander Rakman who is a brigade commander of the 118th MILF Base Command.

“The victim is a right-hand man of mayoralty candidate Zaharra Ampatuan,” a military report read.

At around 10 a.m. Monday, supporters of some politicians in Datu Abdullah Sangki started throwing rocks on a voting center in Barangay Old Maganoy.

The trouble was only pacified when soldiers fired warning shots.

But as the warring parties started to leave the area, an unidentified gunman fired his .45 pistol and hit two people. They were both injured.

The two injured victims, identified as Dong and Tato Ampatuan Lintang, turned out to be sons of an MILF commander assigned at the 106th Base Command.

At around 6 a.m., soldiers intercepted a group of MILF members on board vans and motorcycles at a checkpoint in Barangay Macaguiling in Sultan Kudaray town of Maguindanao.

The leader of the group told the soldiers that they are all unarmed and was just heading to Cotabato City to observe the elections.

The MILF men, however, agreed to go back to their camp after an explanation from members of the ceasefire committees of the government and the MILF that they are not allowed to assemble during elections due to security issues.


Aside from violence, police also recorded cases of vote-buying in various parts of the country.

Based on the PNP data, a total of 302 people were arrested for vote-buying.

Most of those arrested are from Metro Manila with 155 followed by Central Luzon and CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) with 31 arrested persons each.

The rest were collared in various parts of the country.

On the other hand, soldiers recovered more than P1.1 million cash which was reportedly being used to buy votes in Zamboanga del Sur.

Lt. Col. Rufino de Leon, commander of the 97th Infantry Battalion, said the assorted peso bills amounting to P1, 056,700 were recovered in Barangay Dapiwak in Dumingag town.

“Our troops found the money believed to be left by the goons of unidentified politician at the back of an abandoned house in the said barangay,” said de Leon.

He said his men were immediately deployed in the area on Saturday after receiving reports of the presence of armed men.

The armed men were reportedly engaged in vote-buying and were also allegedly harassing some residents.

On Sunday, Army troopers also recovered some P124,000 cash from five people whom they arrested for vote-buying in Barangay Bualan, Tubid, Lanao del Norte.

Brig. Gen. Roberto Ancan, commander of the military forces in Zamboanga Peninsula and Lanai provinces, said his men also seized sample ballots and other campaign materials.

“Those arrested were already turned over to the local police,” said Ancan.


A total of 973 people were arrested for liquor ban violation nationwide, most of them are also in Metro Manila.

The liquor ban took effect at 12:01 a.m. Sunday and last until 12 midnight of Monday.

Most of those arrested were engaged in drinking sessions, especially in public places.


Albayalde said that almost all the voting precincts encountered no problems during election day except for six polling precincts in Lanao del Sur.

“As of 12 noon, out of 36,831 voting centers, a total of 36,825 have already started leaving voting centers that are none operational due to defective VCMs and SD (Security Digital) cards,” said Albayalde in a press briefing past noon Monday.

Initially, there were 156 voting centers which did not start on time due to some malfunctions on VCMs and SD cards and absence of election boards.

But he said almost all of the glitches were later resolved.

For voting precincts where election boards did not show up, Albayalde said they were replaced by policemen who were earlier trained as election officers.

“A total of 1,501 PNP personnel nationwide acted as Election Boards following the absence of the teachers,” said Albayalde.

Most of the areas where the teachers did not show up are in Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Northern Mindanao, Bicol Region and CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon).


“Aside from some confusion, administrative delay and queuing during the opening hours of the elections, there were no major untoward incidents that disrupted the holding of election proper,” said Albayalde.

The peaceful assessment of elections includes the four areas earlier placed under the control of the Commission on Elections.

“The conduct of elections in these areas are very peaceful based on our monitoring,” said Albayalde.

He is referring to Cotabato City, Daraga town of Albay, Moises Padilla town of Negros Occidental and Rosario town of Agusan del Sur.

Albayalde said the focus of the election security is on the 945 election hot spots identified during the pre-election security assessment.

So far, there was no major incident recorded on Monday’s election day, according to Albayalde.

He said they are banking on the lessons learned from past elections in successfully securing this year’s midterm polls.

“The PNP has been performing election duties every three years such that every individual police officer has already developed the muscle memory and sufficient familiarization,” said Albayalde.

“And each time, the experience adds to the refinement of best practices in election law enforcement,” he added.


Albayalde said most of the 170,000 policemen and soldiers were deployed to secure the Monday polls, with a task of securing the transport of election materials and the security of polling precincts.

Separate teams were also organized to run after those who would sabotage the elections, especially partisan armed group and those who are engaging in vote-buying.

“We are confident and hopeful that the entire process will proceed smoothly and orderly. Gone are the days when elections were an exercise of body count apart from the counting of votes,” said Albayalde.

“We must shun all forms of politically -motivated and election-related violence, including vote-buying and intimidation, to completely reform the national political culture,” he added.

There were 61.8 million registered voters who are expected to troop to 36,834 voting precincts across the country.

Some 18,000 elective posts are stake with 43,500 candidates.


MILF members who want to observe Cotabato polls stopped by soldiers

From GMA News (May 13, 2019): MILF members who want to observe Cotabato polls stopped by soldiers

The military intercepted 60 members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the same province around 5:45 a.m. on Election Day.

Sixth Infantry Division spokesperson Major Arvin Encinas said the MILF members belonged to the group of Commander Mohammad Ali Abas Lintukan and were planning to travel to Cotabato City to observe the conduct of elections despite being disallowed by the government.

Encinas also reported a stone-throwing incident between supporters of cerain politicians happened in Barangay Old Maganoy in Datu Abdullah Sangki, Maguindanao around 9:40 a.m.

Encinas said troops were prompted to fire warning shots to calm the situation.

Moments after the dispersal of the crowd, Encinas said an unknown gunman fired his caliber .45 pistol at the house of barangay chairman Mohammad Ampatuan. His sons Tato and Dong were wounded in the arm and jaw, respectively.

Meanwhile, soldiers arrested two persons at a checkpoint in Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat around 8 a.m. for carrying a hand grenade and riding a motorcycle without a license plate.

Encinas said the military personnel confiscated the grenade from the individuals identified as Alinsulorin Edwin Panalingan and Ronny Mar Magtulis.


Nun turned Filipino revolutionary icon Coni Ledesma to launch women’s group GABRIELA in Vancouver

Posted to The Georgia Straight (May 13, 2019): Nun turned Filipino revolutionary icon Coni Ledesma to launch women’s group GABRIELA in Vancouver

Revolutionary figure Maria Consuelo “Coni” Kalaw Ledesma lives in exile in The Netherlands.

Revolutionary figure Maria Consuelo “Coni” Kalaw Ledesma lives in exile in The Netherlands.NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC FRONT OF THE PHILIPPINES

An iconic figure in the Philippine revolutionary movement is expected in Vancouver for the launch of a progressive women’s organization.

Maria Consuelo ‘Coni’ Kalaw Ledesma will deliver the keynote address to inaugurate a new international chapter of GABRIELA on Sunday (May 19) at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (800 East Broadway).
Based in the Philippines, GABRIELA stands for General Assembly Binding Women for Reforms, Integrity, Education, Leadership, and Action.

The organization got its name from Gabriela Silang, a Philippine version of Joan of Arc. She was the first Filipino woman revolutionary to lead an independence movement against Spanish colonialism during the 18th century.

Ledesma was cut from the same revolutionary cloth.

Born to a wealthy family in central Philippines, Ledesma was a nun when she became involved in social issues.

She went underground after martial law was declared in the Philippines in 1972. She was captured not long after, but was released after about a year in detention.

Ledesma is currently a member of a panel with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), which has been negotiating peace with the Republic of the Philippines.

The NDFP is the united front organization of different Filipino underground organizations fighting for what is described as the “completion of the national democratic revolution”.

The front’s 12-point program includes advancing the “revolutionary emancipation of women in all spheres”.

One of the NDFP’s member organizations is MAKIBAKA (Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababihan or the Free Movement of New Women), of which Ledesma is the international representative.

In a previous talk in The Netherlands, where Ledesma has been living in exile, she extolled the establishment of MAKIBAKA in 1970 as a “major landmark in the history of the women’s movement in the Philippines”.

“It articulated the oppression suffered by women and the need for women’s liberation through participation in the nationalist struggle,” Ledesma said.

For its part, GABRIELA is a grassroots-based group that addresses issues like women’s rights, gender discrimination, and violence.

As a new organization, GABRIELA B.C. is an offshoot of the women’s organizing committee of Migrante B.C., a Filipino group focused on migrant concerns.

Erie Maestro is a Vancouver librarian and chair of Migrante B.C.’s board. According to her, Ledesma is the ideal speaker for the keynote address launching GABRIELA B.C.

“The liberation of women, especially in the Philippines, has always been linked to the movement for nationalism in democracy,” Maestro told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview Monday (May 13).

GABRIELA B.C.’s launch is a whole-day event on May 19, starting at 9:30 a.m.

Bulatlat: Police distributes but denies knowledge of ‘newspaper’ slandering progressives

From the pro-Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) online propaganda publication Bulatlat (May 13, 2019): Police distributes but denies knowledge of ‘newspaper’ slandering progressives

When Bayan Muna members and Kontra Daya volunteers asked the police handing out the newspapers, the police said, “Wala kami alam d’yan, media yan. Basta pinamimigay lang namin.” (We don’t know anything about that, it’s media (sic). We just distribute these.)

MANILA — Elements of the Philippine National Police (PNP) were seen distributing copies of an issue of a tabloid-type newspaper Pulis Serbis to the voters in front of three big primary schools in Sampaloc hosting polling precincts on election day. From its front to backpage, the PNP newsletter features articles and photos that slander and call for the death of progressive people’s organizations and partylists. The PNP described these organizations as “legal fronts” and “political parties supporting the Communist Party of the Philippines/New People’s Army (CPP/NPA).”

“This is infuriating and unfair,” said Teodora M. Tañola, 85. A member of Bayan Muna Partylist, she just finished casting her vote in another precinct when she was handed a copy by a policewoman in front of the Moises Salvador Elementary School. She immediately called the attention of volunteers of Kontra Daya, which has a tent near the three adjoining elementary schools of Moises Salvador, Gen. Licerio Geronimo and Trinidad Tecson.

At the back the newspaper shows a cartoon of tombstones of CPP funding chairman Jose Maria Sison, surrounded by tombstones of partylists and organizations such as Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Kabataan Partylist, Makabayan, ACT, Courage, Kadamay, KMU, Anakbayan, Katribu, Migrante, among others.

These newspapers were also reportedly already brought inside the polling precincts in the said schools before the attention of election watchdog Kontra Daya was called. Bayan Muna members protested the distribution of the paper to voters coming in droves to the schools.

Supporters of candidates, they said, were forbidden from distributing leaflets near the schools, yet, the policemen were freely slandering progressive groups and candidates right in front of the polling precincts. The three schools serve a combined voting population of 24,503.

A copy of the newspaper identifies Police General Oscar D. Albayalde as chairman of the Editorial board. Its editorial office listed the “Police Community Relations Group.” But when Bayan Muna members and Kontra Daya volunteers asked the police handing out the newspapers, the police said, “Wala kami alam d’yan, media yan. Basta pinamimigay lang namin.” (We don’t know anything about that, it’s media. We just distribute these.)

Bayan Muna member Teodora M. Tañola complains the red baiting against progressive party-list groups. (Photo by Ipe Soco)

“Some of the policemen became angry at us and asked us why they are being stopped from distributing their newspaper,” a Bayan Muna member told Bulatlat.

Weni Marigondon of Bayan Muna said that in the 2013 and 2016 elections, Bayan Muna was also slandered but nobody handed out newspapers to voters like what happened today.

Asked why the policemen were distributing such “newspaper,” the police in the desk in front of Moises Salvador Elementary school told Bulatlat he knew nothing about it. A policeman accompanied Bulatlat to the neighboring police desk in front of the Geronimo Elementary School, where a certain Police Capt. Fuggan denied knowledge of the newspaper. He said they weren’t the source of the newspaper. He directed Bulatlat to the PNP headquarters in Camp Crame.

“Historically, Bayan Muna has a strong showing in elections here,” Tañola told Bulatlat.

Working as a vendor servicing students and teachers of these elementary schools, she said the sidewalk vendors know fully well who Bayan Muna is. “Their services for us and the people have been tried and tested.”

Rey Martinez, a PUP student and member of Concerned Students for Justice and Peace condemned the vilification being committed by the PNP. “They are trying to sink the progressive partylists which are all leading,” he said.

In the Kontra Daya national monitoring, volunteers also received reports of similar police distribution of PNP-produced tabloid newspaper in Montalban, Rizal, and in the Francisco Benitez Elementary School in Tondo.

A continuing stream of disinformation against the progressives

The volunteers of Kontra Daya directly observing the conduct of elections in the above three primary schools in Sampaloc noted other “unfair police actions” against them as they support the progressive partylists and candidates.

They pointed to their tent, which has the number 2 + 2 on its roof. Tents of other pollwatchers and volunteers lining the gates of the schools have their own number, but only Kontra Daya tent had been repeatedly visited by the police, and their volunteers questioned.

The police reportedly accused them of committing an election violation because No. 22 points to senatorial bet Neri Colmenares. The volunteers explained the tent number had not been their decision to make, and it’s not 22 but 2+2.

At some point, unlike the other pollwatchers’ tent, that of Bayan Muna had been surrounded by the police.

Even after the altercation, they noticed that the police had been dropping by their tent more frequently and all but ignoring the other tents.

“Almost all of the candidates were handing out leaflets, but only those from us were frequently under the police watch,” the women volunteers of Bayan Muna told Bulatlat.

A Bayan Muna member named Zorayda handed out leaflets to voters. She had positioned herself relatively far from the schools but the police told her off and took her pictures. On the other hand, the police ignored supporters of other candidates who were distributing leaflets close to or right in front of the polling precincts.

Even the volunteers wearing their orange shirts election “uniform” were questioned by the police, who ordered them to wear something else. But the supporters of Estrada who wore the same orange shirts minus the words “#Sulong” in front were allowed to roam the schools freely.

The result, even one of the most assertive Bayan Muna members, Marilou Ibañez, 65, admitted she had been forced to wear another shirt on top of her red shirt bearing the calls #NoToFraud, #NoToRedTagging to evade being at the crosshairs of the police. But, she proudly reverted back to her red #NoToFraud shirt as soon as she could.


CPP/Ang Bayan: The People’s Calvary

Propaganda article from the English language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (Apr 21, 2019): The People’s Calvary

The Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (KADAMAY) and Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) spearheaded the protest of hundreds of progressives at Liwasang Bonifacio in Manila on April 12. The protest action dubbed as the “Kalbaryo ng Mamamayan” (People’s Calvary) depicts issues that are shouldered by the people under the US-Duterte regime.

Among the highlights of the protest were demands for justice over the Negros 14 massacre and to junk the TRAIN law, and the people’s resistance against Duterte’s ambition to establish a fascist dictatorship. Similar protests, dubbed as “Kalbaryo sang Pumuluyong Pilipino 2019” were mounted in Iloilo City and Kabankalan City on April 11.

On April 17, members of Anakpawis held a picket in front of Camp Crame in Quezon City. They compared the cross to the widespread killings and the onerous TRAIN law which are currently shouldered by and impoverishing the people.

In Bukidnon, hundreds of Lumads and peasants launched the “Kampuhan sa Kabus batok sa Balaod Militar” (Camp of the poor against Martial Law) on April 9 in Valencia City. They intended to proceed Cagayan de Oro City where other Lumads and peasants, who were evicted from their communities due to militarization, are currently encamped. They were blocked at a checkpoint in Manolo Fortich and were barred from proceeding to their target.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: AFP uses fake encounters to cover-up crimes

Propaganda article from the English language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (Apr 21, 2019): AFP uses fake encounters to cover-up crimes

In an attempt to hide its growing crimes against the people, the AFP continues to weave lies while declaring those murdered and arrested civilians as members of the New People’s Army.

In Masbate, the AFP announced that there was an encounter between the NPA and 2nd IB, 9th ID and PNP in Barangay Buri, Mandaon last April 8. This is to cover-up the murder of their asset led by a Rolando Bajera Epil. Epil and his group were former NPA fighters who have long surrendered to the AFP.

According to the NPA-Masbate, there was no NPA unit present in the area during that time. In fact, only the 2nd IB and PNP-RMG were present in the vicinity along with Epil and six of his co-members. In this fake encounter, the military killed Epil and three of his companions.

Epil and his group have long been protected by the 2nd IB and elements of private armed group controlled by Sgt. Rico Amaro, a notorious military intelligence officer. Amaro is involved in numerous crimes against the people, including the murder of Randy Masamoc, last December 2018.

The 31st IB and Sorsogon Police Provincial Office also faked an encounter in Barangay Lajong, Juban, Sorsogon last April 1 to cover up the AFP and PNP’s salvaging of Michael Ismer, a civilian accused to be a member of NPA.

In a statement by the NPA-Sorsogon, there was no NPA unit present in the area at that period. From the NPA’s investigation, Ismer left his residence in Magallanes to attend to something important. On April 1, he was seen alighting from a white vehicle followed by a police mobile in Barangay Lajong. He was immediately shot to death by the men from the white vehicle. The police immediately retrieved his body and presented him as Red fighter killed in an encounter.

Meanwhile, police forces in San Remigio, Antique spread lies that they foiled NPA-Panay’s attack on their police station on March 31. This was belied by the Red fighters, who said that the PNP is using the lie as an excuse to further militarize civilian communities and to make it appear that the NPA is weakening.

Before this, on March 17, the AFP and PNP also announced a fake encounter in Barangay Mulangan, Igbaras, Iloilo. Soldiers of the 61st IB strafed the village. After this, three farmers were arrested and presented as members of the NPA. The 61st IB also did the same when they arrested a Tumanduk in Barangay Masaroy, Calinog on April 16.

NPA-Camarines Norte contradicted the AFP’s statement that there was an encounter between the PNP and NPA fighters in Barangay Tuaca, Basud in March 3. The NPA unit added that there was no encounter between the NPA and PNP, but instead was an encounter between police forces and armed syndicate supported by the military and involved in extortion activities in Mercedes, San Vicente, San Lorenzo, Daet and Basud towns. Killed in this armed action was Jonathan Brondia, a member of the syndicate. Brondiahad long been coming in and out of 22nd IB detachment in Barangay Guinatungan, San Lorenzo. Based on the NPA’s investigation, Brondia was killed to cover up his syndicate’s connection to the military. Residents have long complained the presence of the said syndicate which used the NPA for their criminal and anti-social activities.

Prior to this, AFP and PNP-MIMAROPA also faked an encounter to cover up the murder of Roland Sibulan, a farmer in Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro last March 1. (Read related article in Ang Bayan, April 7, 2019).

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: Fascist propaganda, an element of all-out war

Propaganda article from the English language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (Apr 21, 2019): Fascist propaganda, an element of all-out war

In line with its intensified attacks against the people and revolutionary movement, the Duterte regime has intensified fascist propaganda against the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), New People’s Army (NPA) and all revolutionary forces, as well as legal democratic forces.

The regime’s fascist propaganda drive seeks to prepare and shape public opinion to justify its suppression of the toiling masses’ legitimate struggles. This campaign particularly aims to depict the CPP and NPA as “terrorist organizations.” Open and legal progressive institutions and mass organizations are brazenly tagged as “communist fronts.”

Among the salient features of this campaign are as follows: churning out fake news of AFP-NPA encounters to cover-up widespread incidents of murder of peasants, who are then reported as NPA members; accusing Lumad schools as “NPA training schools” to stop their operations; parading civilians as NPA surrenderees; coercion by the AFP of local government units to issue “persona non grata” resolutions against the NPA; etc.

The AFP directly subsumed local government units from barangay to provincial levels in an attempt to deny the revolutionary movement its mass bases. Almost everyday, Duterte and his henchmen are peddling lies and slanderous statements against the CPP, NPA and all revolutionary forces. The AFP is utilizing both traditional and social media as platforms for its propaganda, while controlling the flow of information from areas that are being attacked by its troops. It also subjects journalists to threats and harassment to prevent them from exposing the abuses perpetrated by the military and police.

The AFP is also utilizing sustained peace and development operations (PDT or COPDs) to sow disinformation and threaten the people, and to stifle their struggles and make them passive.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP?Ang Bayan: Rampaging state terrorism in the first quarter of the year

Propaganda article from the English language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (Apr 21, 2019): Rampaging state terrorism in the first quarter of the year

This report was culled from Ang Bayan’s reportage of human rights violations perpetrated by the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police and other armed agents of the US-Duterte regime across the country in the first quarter of year 2019.

Based on the initial tally of Ang Bayan, there have been at least 772 victims (or nine per day) of various types of human rights violations from January 1 to March 31. This figure excludes the tens of thousands of individuals who evacuated due to sustained military operations and campaigns in their respective communities across the country.

On average, a victim was killed every three days while three others were illegally arrested. In addition to this, at least seven were subjected to threats, harassment and intimidation per day.

The intense first quarter offensive against the people is a direct result of the extensive implementation of the National Internal Security Program (NISP) and Oplan Kapayapaan by the regime.

Killings, frustrated killings and torture. In the past three months, there have been at least 32 civilian victims of political killings across the country. Nine (28%) were killed in Luzon, 16 (50%) in Visayas and seven (38%) in Mindanao. Meanwhile, Ang Bayan also recorded five cases each of frustrated killings and torture.

Although the total number of victims of killings this first quarter of 2019 is equivalent to a fourth of the total number of victims (106) in 2018, it is important to note that the number of victims in the Negros Island was high. As in the previous year, the region recorded the highest number of victims of killings. In Negros Oriental alone, 15 peasants were killed under SEMPO (Synchronized Enhanced Managing of Police Operations) or Oplan Sauron, the regime’s suppression campaign in the island.

Illegal arrests and arbitrary detention. There have been at least 65 victims of illegal arrests and illegal detention in the past three months. Twenty two (34%) were arrested in Luzon, 18 (28%) in Visayas and 25 (38%) in Mindanao.

The highest number of cases of illegal arrests were recorded in the Northern Mindanao Region or NMR (14 victims), Negros Island (11) and Davao Region (8). Among the starkest cases was the illegal arrest of two children, a minor and four members of the Misamis Oriental Farmers’ Association by elements of the 65th IB and PNP-CIDG on January 13.

Bombing, strafing and militarization. At least six incidents of indiscriminate bombings and strafing were reported by Ang Bayan in the same period. On top of this, 42 incidents of military occupation and attacks on communities were also reported across the country—one of which was perpetrated in Luzon, 23 (55%) in Visayas and 18 (43%) in Mindanao.

The highest number of militarization incidents reported were in Negros (13), NMR (12) and Eastern Visayas (9). The brutal military operations which are being mounted across Negros and Eastern Visayas are a result of Duterte’s Memorandum Order 32 which effectively imposed de facto martial law and directly deployed additional battalions in the said regions.

Forcible evacuation. These relentless military operations have resulted in the evacuation of about 19,936 individuals from various communities across the country. The highest number of evacuees (16,300) were recorded in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao due to the military’s indiscriminate aerial bombardment and strafing in Maguindanao and Sulu. About 1,614, evacuated in Eastern Visayas, 900 and 831 in NMR and Caraga, respectively.

Threat, harassment and intimidation. Among the victims were 646 individuals subjected to threats, harassment and intimidation. Majority of the victims were from Negros (452) and Davao Region (153).

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: The Igorots’ revolutionary struggle

Propaganda article from the English language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (Apr 21, 2019): The Igorots’ revolutionary struggle

If not for the hard and spirited struggles waged by the national minorities with the help of the people’s army to protect the ancestral land, the Cordillera would have long been gone.

Thus declared Simon Naogsan (Ka Filiw), Cordillera People’s Democratic Front (CPDF) spokesperson, on the undeniable role of the New People’s Army (NPA) in the Igorot people’s struggle for self-determination and democracy, and national liberation.

In his March 21 statement, Ka Filiw acknowledged the NPA’s painstaking mass work, social investigation and study of the particular situation of various tribes in Cordillera. In the latter part of the 70s, the revolutionary movement had already taken root in the six provinces of the Cordillera. Documents tracing the national oppression in Cordillera—the particularity of their struggle—were published.

The Chico Dam and Cellophil struggles were among the first to break the tyranny of the Marcos dictatorship. These struggles, together with the succeeding mass struggles reaching the border of Ilocos Sur, strengthened the resolve of the Igorot people to defend their ancestral land and mineral resources.

Most of the mass struggles were anti-mining, reclaiming of ancestral lands and against the destruction of the socio-political system of the Igorot people.

The revolutionary armed struggle of the Igorot people had taken its peak with the founding of the CPDF in 1989. The CPDF is the concrete form of the Igorot people’s revolutionary struggle. This is the alliance of all democratic sectors and classes in the region, and serves as the united front or NDF in the Cordillera.

The CPDF was key to the establishment of the first organs of political power up to the far-flung parts of Cordillera. With the formation of the Council of Leaders up to the municipal level, genuine democratic political power was placed in the hands of the people for the first time. This was met with intense violence by the reactionary state supported by imperialist countries with big mining interests in the mountains of the region.

The Igorot people face the challenge to carry on with the fight against destructive mining and dam and energy projects in the Cordillera. Alongside this is the intense militarization and psywar to suppress the struggle of the communities and destroy their unity. Igorot peasants and youth are coerced into enlisting as soldiers and paramilitaries, and tribal socio-political systems such as the dap-ay and bodong are being corrupted and used in “counterinsurgency.”

The fake autonomy being pushed by politicians in Cordillera also pose a challenge. Meanwhile, agricultural backwardness prevails, made even worse by government neglect. Indigenous culture and traditions are commercialized, and decadent culture is propagated to erode the militant tradition of the Cordillera people.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: 54 AFP casualties in Sultan Kudarat

Propaganda article from the English language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (Apr 21, 2019): 54 AFP casualties in Sultan Kudarat

The Marine Battalion Landing Team (MBLT)-2 and the 33rd IB suffered at least 54 casualties in five offensives by the New People’s Army (NPA) in Sultan Kudarat from January 22-March 10.

In March 10, the NPA ambushed soldiers of the 33rd IB operating in the mountains of Daguma. The soldiers were aboard a truck when they were demolished in Barangay Titulok, Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat. Twenty three AFP elements were wounded.

The ambush is part of the series of tactical offensives launched by the NPA-Sultan Kudarat to combat the enemy’s campaign in the Daguma mountain range. The MBLT-2 and 33rd IB serve as guards of DM Consunji Incorporated who grab Lumad ancestral lands for its plantations and mining operations.

The NPA started off the series of offensives in January 22 with a harassment operation against a Marine detachment in Maat, Barangay Sangay, Kalamansig where two soldiers were wounded.

This was followed with an ambush in January 24 against Marines aboard two trucks along the highway in Sitio Kabukbukan, Barangay Kipungot, Palimbang. The enemy convoy was demolished resulting to severe damage on one of the trucks. Another truck fell into a ravine after its driver lost control. No less than 20 soldiers were killed, along with some wounded.

The following day, another ambush was carried out in neighboring Barangay Paril of the same town. Two soldiers were killed and two more were wounded after the NPA exploded a bomb under the truck carrying them.

In February 3, the NPA ambushed an enemy column in Kiblis community in Barangay Hinalaan, Kalamansig where five soldiers were wounded.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: Resist US military domination and Chinese intrusions

Propaganda article from the English language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (Apr 21, 2019): Resist US military domination and Chinese intrusions

Events over the past several weeks reveal the country’s dismal state of non-independence and the necessity to struggle for national sovereignty. The country was turned into a virtual playground where big power bullies showed off their military and economic might, while the US-Duterte regime displayed slavishness and inability to uphold the country’s patrimony and sovereignty.

On the one hand, China emplaced hundreds of fishing vessels believed to be carrying armed troops around the Spratly Islands. They practically took over the fishing grounds and other resources in areas which form part of the Philippine maritime territory. In addition, they continue to ravage coral reefs in incessant land reclamation operations to build military facilities and fortify their military presence.

On the other hand, in a more direct and arrogant display of military superiority, 3,500 American troops swaggered into the country, welcomed by grovelers in the AFP. They brandished weapons such as nuclear warships, jet fighters and amphibious assault vehicles in line with the April 1-12 Balikatan exercises. Using the exercises as cover, the US military turned the country into a launchpad to sail its USS Wasp and fly F-35Bs in the vicinity of the Panatag Shoal traumatizing Filipino fishermen. This show of force aims to strengthen its military foothold in the country, and assert its hegemony in the South China Sea and the entire Pacific region.

Compared to China, the US mounts bigger and more aggressive interventionist military operations behind what it calls “freedom of navigation operations” and military treaties with the Philippines.

Big power saber-rattling increases the threat of war in the Pacific and undermines Philippine national sovereignty. These form part of the heightening struggle for military and economic superiority between the big powers. Both sides are interested only in advancing their competing aims to control trade routes, sources of raw material, cheap labor, spheres of investment, export markets, and military outposts.

The self-serving Duterte regime has acted servile and kowtowed to both sides. Seeking to further his bureaucrat capitalist and fascist interests, he has betrayed the country’s patrimony and sovereignty.

Duterte has given up the country’s maritime territory which is recognized even under the UN Convention on the Law of the Seas. He has also entered into onerous loan agreements and government contracts under which the country’s patrimony has been turned into collateral, in exchange for fat kickbacks for Duterte and his cronies.

On the other hand, with the collusion of Duterte and the AFP, US military forces are exercising all-out power. He has allowed the US to use the Philippines as base for its Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines. He has allowed the US to build secret facilities and stockpile weapons within AFP camps, mount more and more war exercises, set up radars and conduct drone surveillance, sail their warships across Philippine seas and dock them in civilian ports, and train and have operational control over AFP units. The Philippines remains bound to unequal military agreements. In exchange, the US has extended military assistance to Duterte’s all-out war supplying it with rifles, artillery, refurbished helicopters, drones, and other equipment.

These big power bullies profess friendship and alliance with the Filipino people. In fact, they only in pursue their own strategic geopolitical interests. China claims using its military might to make other countries grow. It merely covets the country’s mineral resources to feed its industries. It makes large amounts of loans to export surplus capital and make other countries buy its surplus steel.

The US claims “ironclad commitment to defend the Philippines” against “Chinese aggression.” In fact, it is the US that has long held the country in its clutches. The US maintains military dominance in the country to defend its own ultranational interests, not Philippine sovereignty.

US imperialism is not a friend, rather an enemy. It has long subjugated the country through a century of colonialism and neocolonialism, employing armed aggression and suppression. It has imposed trade agreements and economic policies which force dependence on imports, debt and foreign investments. Big American corporations have plundered and devoured the country’s forests and natural resources, grabbed vast agricultural tracts, exploited cheap labor, and siphoned super profits. It has stunted the economy, prevented it from industrializing and kept it as an exporter of cheap raw materials and semimanufactures.

Relative to the US imperialists, which have long plundered and devastated the Philippines, China is a late-comer, scraping the bottom of the country’s wealth.

The country remains under US imperialist domination. The ruling state in the Philippines is a client-state of the US, with the US-trained and -indoctrinated Philippine military serving as its strongest pillar. Duterte is its current chieftain. Armed with US-supplied weapons, the fascist regime employs and directs state violence against the Filipino people and all their patriotic and democratic forces.

These forces, including the Communist Party of the Philippines, stand firmly and militantly for the cause of national and social liberation. They demand foremost an end to US imperialist domination and condemn the subservience of the Philippine government. They clamor for the abrogation of US-RP military treaties and US military interventionism and seek to free the country from its economic and political clutches.

As patriots, they also condemn China’s bullying, military presence and occupation of Philippine maritime territory in the South China Sea and despoiliation of sea resources and denounce the failure of the Duterte regime to carry out the necessary diplomatic and political steps to assert the country’s rights. They oppose as well the onerous loans and anomalous overpriced infrastructure contracts with China.

While denouncing China’s intrusions and economic oppression, they do not lose sight of the bigger enemy and reserve the stronger condemnation to US imperialism whose military forces continue to maintain a foothold on Philippine soil, who control and arm the Philippine neocolonial state and which pose as the biggest impediment to the Filipino people’s aspiration for national and social liberation.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: NPA offensives result in 31 AFP casualties

Propaganda article from the English language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (Apr 21, 2019): NPA offensives result in 31 AFP casualties

Twenty four soldiers were killed when the New People’s Army (NPA)-Negros ambushed a unit of the 62nd IB in April 1 at Barangay Quintin Remo, Moises Padilla, Negros Oriental. On April 9, the NPA bombed the same enemy yunit in Sitio Asaran, Barangay Buenavista, Himamaylan City. Seven soldiers were wounded.

Compostela Valley. The NPA ambushed troopers of the 71st IB in Sitio Bagong Silang, Barangay Teresa, Maco last April 3 at 6:45 a.m. Four soldiers were confirmed killed. Among the wounded was the unit’s commander 1Lt. Serwin E. Matas. Prior to this, three elements of the 66th IB were killed in March 30, 9:30 a.m., in Sityo Dasuran, Barangay Golden Valley in Mabini. After these battles, AFP units relentlessly shelled and bombed the area.

Masbate. Two police personnel were sanctioned in separate partisan operations by the NPA in Barangay TR Yangco, Dimasalang and Barangay Bugang, Pio V. Corpuz. The NPA-Masbate said that the two were active in “counterinsurgency” and anti-people operations. A caliber .45 and 9mm pistol were seized from them.

Samar. Two soldiers were killed after the NPA fired at the 543rd Engineering Construction Battalion along the road connecting ba­rangays San Antonio, Aguinaldo and San Isidro in Las Navas, Northern Samar. The operation was carried out in April 15, at 11:20 a.m. while the soldiers were inspecting a road project under PAMANA.

IN ORIENTAL MINDORO, the NPA arrested Peter Delos Santos, Rocky Bueta and Remando Malupa in Barangay Malu, Bansud in April 5. Using their positions in the village, they arbitrarily arrest civilians suspected of having ties with the revolutionary movement. They also spy on the NPA’s activities in the area. Confiscated from them were a pistol, ammunition and two radios. Delos Santos and Bueta were released while Malupa remains under the NPA’s custody as a prisoner-of-war.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: Ika-35 Araw ng Cor­dil­le­ra, ipi­nag­di­wang

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (May 7, 2019): Ika-35 Araw ng Cor­dil­le­ra, ipi­nag­di­wang

Sa pamumuno ng Cor­dil­le­ra Peop­le’s Alli­ance (CPA), li­bu-li­bo ang du­ma­lo sa pag­di­ri­wang ng ika-35 Araw ng Cor­dil­le­ra mu­la Abril 23-29. Gi­nu­ni­ta ito sa pa­ma­ma­gi­tan ng mga pro­tes­ta, po­rum, kon­sye­rto at mga kul­tu­ral na pag­ta­tang­hal. Nag­kai­sa ang mga pam­ban­sang mi­nor­ya at mga ta­ga­su­por­ta sa te­mang “La­ba­nan ang ti­ra­ni­ya! Isu­long ang pu­li­ti­ka ng pag­ba­ba­go at sa­ri­ling pag­pa­pa­sya­!”

Gi­nu­ni­ta ng mga du­ma­lo ang ka­ba­ya­ni­han ni Macli­ing Du­lag, li­der ng tri­bung Ka­li­nga na lu­ma­ban sa pro­yek­tong Chico River Dam ng dik­ta­du­rang Marcos. Pi­nas­lang si Du­lag ng mga sun­da­lo noong Abril 24, 1980.

Hi­git 3,000 ang nag­martsa sa Be­ngu­et noong Abril 29. Ni­la­hu­kan ito ng mga pam­ban­sang mi­nor­ya mu­la Min­da­nao, Pa­nay, Central Luzon at Sout­hern Ta­ga­log. Du­ma­lo rin ang mga ta­ga­su­por­ta mu­la sa ibang bansa. Nag­ti­pon naman noong Abril 27 ang mga ka­sa­pi ng CPA sa Mt. Province, Apa­yao at Ifu­gao.

Pi­na­ngu­na­han rin ng CPA ang isang pro­tes­ta sa lokasyon ng Chico River Pump Irri­ga­ti­on Project sa Pi­nucoc, Pi­nuk­puk, Ka­li­nga noong Abril 23. Ki­na­bu­ka­san, 1,000 ang lu­ma­hok sa isang pro­tes­ta sa Ta­buk City pa­ra la­ba­nan ang ti­ra­ni­ya. Noon na­mang Abril 24, nag­martsa ang mga prog­re­si­bong or­ga­ni­sa­syon sa Ba­guio City at sa Ba­ngu­ed, Abra. Sa­man­ta­la, nag­di­wang noong Abril 21 ang mga ka­tu­tu­bong Igo­rot na na­ka­ba­se sa Hong­kong.

Ban­tang de­mo­li­syon sa NBP Com­po­und, ni­la­ba­nan. Nag­pi­ket sa ha­ra­pan ng De­partment of Jus­tice noong Abril 29 ang mga re­si­den­te ng New Bi­li­bid Pri­son Com­pound sa Mun­tin­lu­pa. Hi­ni­ngi ni­la kay Sec. Me­nar­do Guevar­ra na pi­gi­lan ang de­mo­li­syon sa ka­ni­lang mga ta­ha­nan, na iniu­tos ni Di­rector Ge­ne­ral Nica­nor Fael­don ng Bu­reau of Cor­recti­ons.

Pi­na­ngu­na­han ng Ka­li­pu­nan ng mga Ma­ma­ma­yan na Pi­nag­kai­sa sa New Bi­li­bid Pri­son, Inc. ang pag­ki­los. Maa­pek­tu­han ng de­mo­li­syon ang na­sa 30,000 re­si­den­te. Ang ka­ra­mi­han sa ka­ni­la ay na­ni­ni­ra­han sa lu­gar 30-40 taon na.

Sa Pa­nay, nag­pi­ket ang mga ka­sa­pi ng Ba­yan sa ha­ra­pan ng Iloi­lo City Hall noong Abril 26 pa­ra itu­lak ang lo­kal na gub­yer­no na ak­syu­nan ang ka­ku­la­ngan ng tu­big sa ka­ni­lang lu­gar.

Ika-12 taon ng pag­ka­wa­la ni Jo­nas Bur­gos, gi­nu­ni­ta. Nag­ti­pon sa ha­ra­pan ng upi­si­na ng Com­mis­si­on on Hu­man Rights sa Com­mon­we­alth Ave­nue, Quezon City ang mga ka­pa­mil­ya ni Jo­nas Bur­gos at mga ta­ga­pag­tang­gol ng ka­ra­pa­tang-tao noong Abril 26. Ito ay pag­gu­ni­ta sa ika-12 taon mu­la nang di­nu­kot si Bur­gos ng mga tau­han ng re­hi­meng US-Arro­yo. Ki­nun­de­na ni­la ang nag­pa­pa­tu­loy na ka­wa­lang-pa­na­na­gu­tan sa ban­sa at ang te­ro­ris­tang mga ata­ke ng re­hi­meng Du­ter­te sa ma­ma­ma­yan.

Sa­man­ta­la noong Abril 27, ka­sa­bay ng pag­di­nig ng ka­so ni­la Vicen­te Lad­lad at mag-asawang Alber­to at Vir­gi­nia Vil­la­mor sa Quezon City Hall of Jus­tice, nag­pi­ket ang ka­ni­lang mga ka­pa­mil­ya at mga ta­ga­pag­tang­gol ng ka­ra­pa­tang-tao pa­ra ipa­na­wa­gan ang kag­yat na pag­pa­pa­la­ya sa tatlo.

Nagpro­tes­ta rin ang mga ka­sa­pi ng Na­tio­nal Fe­de­ra­ti­on of Su­gar Wor­kers, Ki­lu­sang Mag­bu­bu­kid ng Pi­li­pi­nas at mga ta­ga­pag­tang­gol ng ka­ra­pa­tang-tao noong Abril 30 sa Northern Neg­ros.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: Mag­kai­sa upang ipag­tang­gol ang Pan­ta­ron!

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (May 7, 2019): Mag­kai­sa upang ipag­tang­gol ang Pan­ta­ron!

“Magkaisa para de­pen­sa­han ang Pan­ta­ron Ra­nge!” ang pa­na­wa­gan ng ma­ma­ma­yang Lu­mad at mga ta­ga­pag­ta­gu­yod ng ka­li­ka­san sa araw ng pag­gu­ni­ta sa Earth Day noong Abril 22. Ma­ri­in ni­lang ki­nun­de­na ang na­pi­pin­tong pan­da­ram­bong sa ya­man ng Pan­ta­ron Ra­nge sa Min­da­nao at pag­wa­sak ng ma­la­la­king dayuhang korporasyon sa pagmimina at pagtotroso sa kalikasan.
Ang Pan­ta­ron Ra­nge ay may lawak na 12,600 kwad­ra­do ki­lo­met­ro. Sa­kop ni­to ang 1.8 milyong ek­tar­yang ka­gu­ba­tan na tu­ma­ta­wid sa mga pru­bin­sya ng Davao del Nor­te, Davao del Sur, Bu­kid­non, Mi­sa­mis Ori­en­tal, Agu­san del Nor­te at Agu­san del Sur. Ma­ya­man ito sa mga mi­ne­ral at re­kur­so. Ma­yor din itong pi­nag­mu­mu­lan ng tu­big ng mga ilog ng Davao, Ta­lo­mo at Li­bo­ga­non.

Sa pa­ha­yag ng PASAKA Confe­de­ra­ti­on of Lu­mad Orga­niza­ti­ons, tat­long kum­pan­ya sa pagmimi­na ang pinahintulutan ng re­hi­men na mag-opereyt sa lugar—ang Pen­son Mi­ning Cor­po­ra­ti­on, Lianju Mi­ning Cor­po­ra­ti­on at Phi­lip­pi­ne Meng Di Mi­ning and Deve­lop­ment Cor­po­ra­ti­on. Nakatakda nilang dam­bu­ngin ang mi­ne­ral sa may 17,000 ek­tar­ya ng ka­gu­ba­tan ng Pan­ta­ron.

Dag­dag pa ni­la, upang big­yang daan ang mga kum­pan­ya ng mi­na, pi­lit na pi­na­la­la­yas ang mga Lu­mad sa ka­ni­lang mga lu­pang ni­nu­no ga­mit ang mi­li­ta­ri­sa­syo­n. Si­ni­si­ra­an at ti­na­ta­wag na te­ro­ris­ta ang mga paa­ra­lang Lu­mad para big­yang kat­wi­ran ang isinasagawa nilang mga pamamaslang at pang-aa­bu­so.

Isa sa naiulat ka­ma­kai­lan ang pag­ka­sa­wi ni Da­tu Kay­lo Bon­to­lan dulot ng pam­bo­bom­ba sa ka­bun­du­kan ng Ki­tao­tao, Bu­kid­non.

Ba­ta-ba­tal­yong mga tro­pa ng mi­li­tar ang du­mu­mog sa mga ba­yang sa­kop ng Pan­ta­ron. Mula hu­ling ba­ha­gi ng 2018 hang­gang sa ka­sa­lu­ku­yan, hin­di ba­ba­ba sa 1,400 sun­da­lo ang idi­nep­loy sa Ca­bang­la­san at San Fer­nan­do, Bu­kid­non. Si­na­la­kay at ipi­nai­la­lim ng mga ele­men­to ng 60th IB ang 12 ko­mu­ni­dad sa hang­ga­nan ng Bu­kid­non, Agu­san del Sur at Davao del Nor­te. Isa mga ko­mu­ni­dad na ito, ang Sit­yo Ta­pa­ya­non, ay lu­bos nang ipi­nai­la­lim ng AFP sa ka­ni­lang kontrol.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: Ba­ta, pa­tay sa su­ma­bog na gra­na­da ng AFP

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (May 7, 2019): Ba­ta, pa­tay sa su­ma­bog na gra­na­da ng AFP

Isang siyam na ta­ong gu­lang na ba­ta ang namatay ma­ta­pos su­ma­bog ang gra­na­dang ini­ha­gis ng isang la­sing na sun­da­lo ng 20th IB sa Ba­ra­ngay San Mi­gu­el, Las Navas noong Abril 17. Bu­mi­bi­li noon ang bik­ti­ma na si Arman­do Jay Ray­mun­de sa tin­da­han sa ta­pat ng ba­hay na ginawang kampuhan ng mga sun­da­lo.

Ma­ta­pos ang in­si­den­te, agad na nag­pa­la­bas ng pe­keng ba­li­ta ang 20th IB at ibi­nin­tang ang ka­ni­lang kri­men sa Ba­gong Huk­bong Ba­yan (BHB). Ito ay sa ka­bi­la ng pag­pa­pa­si­nu­nga­ling ng mga nakasaksing kapit­ba­hay.

Liban kay Raymunde, lima pang sibilyan ang napatay ng mga sundalo. Noong Abril 25, alas-4 ng ha­pon, pi­nag­ba­ba­ril hang­gang ma­pa­tay ng mga sun­da­lo si Apo­li­na­rio “Kap Pining” Le­bico, ka­pi­tan ng na­tu­rang ba­ra­ngay. Sa­kay ng ha­bal-ha­bal si Le­bico nang pag­ba­ba­ri­lin ng mga la­la­king na­ka­mo­tor­sik­lo ma­la­pit la­mang sa pu­nong him­pi­lan ng 20th IB sa Ba­ra­ngay San Jor­ge ng na­sa­bing ba­yan. Ma­lub­hang su­ga­tan ang kan­yang ma­nu­gang na si Du­dong Ca­poquian, ang dray­ber ng ha­bal-ha­bal. Nakita pa ni Ca­po­quian na du­mi­ret­so ang mga sa­la­rin sa loob ng kam­po militar.

Pau­wi noon si Le­bico mu­la sa sentro ng Las Navas kung saan siya nangalap ng suporta para ma­big­yan ng hus­ti­sya ang pag­ka­ma­tay ng kanyang kamag-anak na batang Ray­mun­de. Ma­ta­gal na naging ak­ti­bo si Le­bico sa pag­la­ban sa mi­li­ta­ri­sa­syon sa ka­ni­lang bar­yo at mga ka­ra­tig-lu­gar. Ilang ulit na si­yang ina­ku­sa­han ng mi­li­tar na ta­ga­su­por­ta ng BHB.

Nag­ka­kam­po ang mga pang­kat sa “peace and deve­lop­ment” ng 20th IB sa si­bil­yang mga istruk­tu­ra sa loob ng mga ba­ra­ngay sa Las Navas. Pi­na­mu­mu­nu­an si­la ni 1st Lt. Da­ni­el Salva­dor Su­ma­wang.

Ni­tong Ma­yo 6, pi­nag­ba­ba­ril hang­gang ma­pa­tay ng mga sun­da­lo ng 20th IB si Melvin Obia­do Ca­be, re­si­den­te ng Sit­yo Ino­man sa Ba­ra­ngay Ta­ga­bi­ran, kung saan may na­ka­ta­yong de­tatsment ng militar. Ma­lub­hang su­ga­tan din ang anak ni Ca­be.

Noong Abril 24, alas-9 ng ga­bi, pi­na­tay na­man si Wil­mar Ca­lu­tan, pu­nong ba­ra­ngay ng Be­ri, Cal­bi­ga. Ha­bang ipi­nag­di­ri­wang ang pista ng ba­ra­ngay, du­ma­ting ang mga lala­king nakamotorsiklo at pu­mun­ta sa ba­hay ni Ca­lu­tan. Ina­bu­tan si­ya sa loob ng ban­yo at doon pi­nag­ba­ba­ril. Na­ki­la­la ng mga re­si­den­te na mga sun­da­lo ng 46th IB ang mga sa­la­rin.

Ayon sa taum­bar­yo, ma­ta­pos ang am­bus ng BHB noong Abril 23, ipi­na­ta­wag ng mga sun­da­lo si Ca­lu­tan. Pinalayas din ng mga sun­da­lo ang mga re­si­den­te at mga bi­si­ta mu­la sa ibang bar­yo da­hil may tao umano si­lang “ka­ka­ta­yin.” Da­hil sa ta­kot, na­pi­li­tan ang ma­hi­git 370 re­si­den­te na mag­bak­wit.

Sa Neg­ros Occi­den­tal noong Abril 22, alas-4:30 ng ha­pon, pi­na­tay ng mga tau­han ng es­ta­do si Ber­nar­di­no “Ta­tay To­to” Pa­ti­gas, 72, ta­ga­pag­tang­gol ng ka­ra­pa­tang-tao at ka­sa­lu­ku­yang kon­se­hal ng Esca­lan­te City.

Sa­kay ng kan­yang mo­tor­sik­lo ang bik­ti­ma pa­pun­ta sa sentro ng syu­dad nang pa­ra­hin si­ya ng da­la­wang la­la­ki at pag­ba­ba­ri­lin.

Isa si Pa­ti­gas sa mga na­ka­lig­tas sa Esca­lan­te Mas­sacre noong pa­na­hon ng dik­ta­dur­ang Marcos. Ka­bi­lang rin si­ya sa nag­ta­yo at na­ging pa­ngu­long ta­ga­pag­ta­tag ng North Neg­ros Alli­ance of Hu­man Rights Advoca­tes. Ma­hi­git tat­long de­ka­da si­yang na­ging ak­ti­bo sa pag­ta­ta­gu­yod ng ka­ra­pa­tang-tao.

Noong Abril 30, ala-1:40 ng ha­pon, pi­na­tay sa pa­ma­ma­ril si Den­nis Espa­no, 28, re­si­den­te ng Ba­ra­ngay Ti­nam­po, Bu­lu­san, Sor­so­gon. Namamasada ang bik­ti­ma sa ka­ha­ba­an ng Ba­ra­ngay Poctol sa na­sa­bing ba­yan nang ha­ra­ngin si­la ng apat na la­la­king sa­kay ng da­la­wang mo­tor­sik­lo. Ma­la­pi­tang pi­nag­ba­ba­ril ng mga ahen­te ng es­ta­do si Espa­no na agad ni­yang iki­na­ma­tay. Ma­lub­hang na­su­ga­tan na­man ang da­la­wa ni­yang pa­sa­he­rong si­na Li­li­an Mon­teo at Zo­ren Fu­rio. Si Espa­no ay ak­ti­bong myembro ng Anak­pa­wis.

Pang­gi­gi­pit. Tat­long is­tap ng Ka­ra­pa­tan-Sor­so­gon ang si­nun­dan ng mga ahen­te sa pa­nik­tik ha­bang pau­wi mu­la sa kanilang upi­si­na noong Abril 21, ban­dang alas-10 ng ga­bi.

Iniu­lat ni­na Ryan Hu­bil­la, Elzie Aring­go at Rachel­le Duave na binuntutan sila ng isang mo­tor­sik­lo at sa­sak­yang pick-up habang pauwi mula sa kanilang upisina.

Sa Ba­ra­ngay San Isid­ro, San Jo­se Del Mon­te, Bu­lacan, pi­na­sok ng mga la­la­king na­ka­bo­net ang ba­hay ni Ma­rio Aki noong Abril 23 ng ga­bi. Ilang araw ba­go ni­to, ki­numpron­ta ng mga sun­da­lo ng 48th IB si Aki da­hil myembro siya ng sa­ma­hang mag­sa­sa­kang Pi­nag­buk­lod. Ilang ling­go nang hi­na­ha­li­haw ng mga sun­da­lo ng 48th IB ang mga ba­ra­ngay ng San Jo­se Del Mon­te.

NAMATAY SA ALTAPRESYON noong Abril 19 ang bi­lang­gong pu­li­ti­kal na si Franco Ro­me­ro­so ha­bang na­sa isang os­pi­tal sa Ba­ta­ngas City. Nag­­pa­pa­ga­mot si­ya sa sa­kit na tu­bercu­lo­sis at dia­be­tes.

Isa si Ro­me­ro­so sa tinaguriang Mo­rong 43—mga mang­ga­ga­wang pang­ka­lu­su­gan na ili­gal na ina­res­to noong 2010 at iki­nu­long nang 10 bu­wan. Mu­ling ina­res­to si Ro­me­ro­so noong Mar­so 2015 sa ga­wa-ga­wang mga ka­so. Si­ya ang ikaa­pat na bi­lang­gong pu­li­ti­kal na na­ma­tay sa ila­lim ng re­hi­meng Du­ter­te.

May 548 bi­lang­gong pu­li­ti­kal nga­yon sa ban­sa, kung saan di ba­ba­ba sa 225 ang ina­res­to sa ilalim ng ka­sa­lu­ku­yang re­hi­men.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: Mga ber­du­go ng Com­pos­te­la Val­ley

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (May 7, 2019): Mga ber­du­go ng Com­pos­te­la Val­ley

Pinatay ng mga sun­da­lo ng 71st IB noong Abril 15 si Cindy Ti­ra­do, 28, isa uma­nong li­der ng Ba­gong Huk­bong Ba­yan (BHB). Nang­ya­ri ang in­si­den­te sa Ba­ra­ngay Ca­noco­tan, Ta­gum City, Davao del Nor­te. Ayon sa ina ng bik­ti­ma, bu­hay si Ti­ra­do nang dak­pin ng mga sun­da­lo. Ma­ta­pos ang ma­tin­ding tortyur, bi­na­ril si Ti­ra­do sa ari at sa iba pang ba­ha­gi ng ka­ta­wan. Nag­la­gay ang mga sun­da­lo ng rip­le sa bang­kay ng bik­ti­ma bi­lang uma­no’y ebi­den­sya.

Ang ka­ru­mal-du­mal na pag­pa­tay kay Ti­ra­do ay dag­dag sa ma­ha­bang lis­ta­han ng mga kri­men ng 71st IB na pi­na­mu­mu­nu­an ni Lt. Col. Esteyven Ducu­sin. Tu­min­di ang mga ka­buk­tu­tan ni­to la­lu­na nang ipa­taw ni Rod­ri­go Du­ter­te ang ba­tas mi­li­tar sa Min­da­nao. Sa nag­da­ang ha­los isang de­ka­da, na­ging no­tor­yus ang ba­tal­yong ito sa mga ka­so ng pag­pa­tay, pag­du­kot at ili­gal na pag-a­res­to sa mga si­bil­yan sa Com­pos­te­la Val­ley at mga ka­ra­tig-lu­gar. Si­yam na ka­so ng pag­pa­tay, anim na ka­so ng pag­du­kot at ili­gal na pag-a­res­to ang di­rek­tang ki­na­sang­ku­tan ng yunit na ito. Gawain din ng nasabing yunit ang panliligalig sa bu­hay ng mga re­si­den­te la­lu­na sa mga ba­yan kung saan ma­tin­di ang pa­na­na­la­sa ng ma­la­la­king mi­na.

Kabilang sa tam­pok na mga ka­so sa Com­pos­te­la Val­ley ang pag­pa­tay kay Sunshi­ne Ja­bi­nez, 7, noong Set­yembre 2011 sa Pan­tu­kan. Isa pang kaso ang pa­ma­ma­ril sa tat­long ba­ta noong Abril 2013 sa Ma­bi­ni. Na­ma­tay si Roque Antivo, 8, sa­man­ta­lang ma­lub­hang na­su­ga­tan ang kan­yang ka­pa­tid na si Earl at ti­yu­hing si Jefrey Her­nan, kap­wa 13 taong gu­lang. Bi­nan­sa­gan bi­lang “ba­tal­yong ma­ma­ma­tay-ba­ta” ang 71st IB.

Kabilang din sa mga karumal-dumal na krimen ng 71st IB ang pag-a­res­to at pag­tortyur ki­na Janry Men­sis at “Jerry,” mga ma­lii­tang mi­ne­ro, noong Nob­yembre 2017 sa Ma­wab. Ma­ta­pos pa­hi­ra­pan sa loob ng si­yam na araw, di­na­la si­la sa lib­lib na lu­gar at si­ni­la­ban. Noong Marso, naibalita rin ang pa­ma­ma­ril sa tat­long ka­ba­ta­ang na­nga­nga­so sa Ma­bi­ni, Com­pos­te­la Val­ley.

Mu­la nang italaga sa Com­pos­te­la Val­ley noong 2010, nag­sil­bing pwer­sang pan­se­gu­ri­dad ang 71st IB ng ma­la­la­king kum­pan­ya sa mi­na na su­mi­si­ra sa ka­li­ka­san at ka­bu­ha­yan ng mga re­si­den­te. Si­nu­pil nito ang pag­la­ban ng mga mag­sa­sa­ka at ma­lii­tang mi­ne­ro. Li­ma sa ka­ni­lang mga bik­ti­ma ay mga myembro ng or­ga­ni­sa­syong mag­sa­sa­ka at tat­lo ay ma­lii­tang mga mi­ne­ro.

Nang lu­ma­on, na­ging mga tau­han na rin ang 71st IB ng ma­la­la­king plan­ta­syo­n, ka­bi­lang ang Mu­sa­ha­mat Farms. Ni­tong Mar­so 8, sa­pi­li­tang pi­na­pir­ma ng 71st IB ang 153 myembro ng Mu­sa­ha­mat Farm Wor­kers Uni­on upang pa­la­ba­sin na nag­bi­tiw si­la. Ka­bi­lang sa pi­na­pir­ma ang mga lider ng un­yon, na di­nu­kot at ti­nortyur ng mga sun­da­lo ng 71st IB isang ling­go ba­go ni­to. Mga elemento rin ng ba­tal­yon ang na­ma­ril sa kam­pu­hang iti­na­yo ng mga mang­ga­ga­wa noong Abril 2016.

Nag­mu­la ang 71st IB sa Central Luzon, sa ila­lim ng 7th ID. Sa pa­na­hon ng Oplan Ban­tay La­ya 2, na­ka­pai­la­lim ang na­sa­bing yu­nit sa ku­mand ng ber­du­gong si Jovi­to Pal­pa­ran.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: PEZA at TESDA, ki­na­ka­sang­ka­pan ng AFP

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (May 7, 2019): PEZA at TESDA, ki­na­ka­sang­ka­pan ng AFP

Pinapasok na rin ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ang mga engkla­bo ng pag­ga­wa o mga export proces­sing zo­ne bilang bahagi ng estra­te­hi­yang who­le-of-na­ti­on approach ng Na­tio­nal Task Force to End Com­mu­nist Insur­gency (NTF). Noong Mar­so 5, pi­nir­ma­han ng mga upi­syal ng AFP, De­partment of Na­tio­nal Defen­se at Phi­lip­pi­ne Eco­no­mic Zo­ne Aut­ho­rity (PEZA) ang isang ka­sun­du­an pa­ra sa pag­lu­lun­sad ng mga pag­sa­sa­nay mi­li­tar sa mga mang­ga­ga­wa sa mga engkla­bo.

Sa ta­bing ng pag­pa­pa­la­kas sa re­ser­bang pwer­sa ng reak­syu­nar­yong es­ta­do, ga­ga­mi­tin ng mi­li­tar ang kaa­yu­sang ito pa­ra ma­ka­pag­lun­sad ng mga ope­ra­syong si­ko­lo­hi­kal (p­syo­ps) sa loob ng mga pa­ga­wa­an at si­ra­an ang re­bo­lu­syu­nar­yong ki­lu­san sa ha­nay ng mga mang­ga­ga­wa. Ga­ga­mi­tin din ni­to ang na­tu­rang ka­sun­du­an pa­ra sa ma­la­wa­kang pa­ni­nik­tik sa mga mang­ga­ga­wa at pag­su­pil ng ka­ni­lang mga de­mok­ra­ti­kong pa­ki­ki­ba­ka.

Ki­na­ka­sa­pa­kat din ng AFP at Phi­lip­pi­ne Na­tio­nal Po­lice ang Na­tio­nal Com­mis­si­on on Indi­ge­no­us Peop­les at lo­kal na mga tang­ga­pan ng Technical Educa­ti­on and Skills Deve­lop­ment Aut­ho­rity (TESDA) sa pag­lu­lun­sad ng psyops sa mga ko­mu­ni­dad ng mag­sa­sa­ka at ka­tu­tu­bo sa ka­na­yu­nan sa ta­bing ng pag­lu­lun­sad ng bo­ka­syu­nal na mga pag­sa­sa­nay at pang­ka­bu­ha­yang mga pro­yek­to. Noong Mar­so, nag­ta­pos ang isang gru­po ng mga sun­da­lo ng kur­song konstruk­syon sa TESDA. Ipapadala ang na­tu­rang mga sun­da­lo sa liblib na mga lugar, tu­lad ng Ta­lai­ngod, pa­ra kun­wa’y mag­tu­ro ng ka­sa­na­yan sa pag­ka­kar­pin­te­ro sa mga Lu­mad. Ang mga Lu­mad at mag­sa­sa­ka ang ka­ra­ni­wang inuu­tu­san ng mga yu­nit-mi­li­tar ng AFP na mag­ta­yo ng ka­ni­lang mga de­tatsment sa loob o ma­la­pit sa mga bar­yo.

Sa­man­ta­la, ini­lun­sad ng AFP ang Ka­gi­ti­ngan Run 2019 noong Abril 7 sa loob ng kam­pus ng Univer­sity of the Phi­lip­pi­nes sa Di­li­man, Quezon City. Ipi­nag­ba­ba­wal ang pre­sen­sya ng mga sun­da­lo sa loob ng kam­pus, alin­su­nod sa Sot­to-Enri­le Accord, isang ka­sun­du­ang ipi­nag­ta­gum­pay ng mga es­tud­yan­te noong pa­na­hon ng dik­ta­du­rang Marcos.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: Hu­wad na la­ra­wan ng su­por­ta sa kampanyang kontra-­in­sur­hen­sya ng AFP

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (May 7, 2019): Hu­wad na la­ra­wan ng su­por­ta sa kampanyang kontra-­in­sur­hen­sya ng AFP

Sa nag­da­ang ilang bu­wan, pi­na­tak­bo ng Armed Forces of the Phi­lip­pi­nes (AFP) ang isang pa­la­bas sa mid­ya pa­ra lu­mik­ha ng hu­wad na la­ra­wan ng “su­por­ta” pa­ra sa bru­tal na Na­tio­nal Inter­nal Secu­rity Plan o Oplan Ka­pa­ya­pa­an na ge­rang panunupil ng re­hi­meng Du­ter­te. Ga­mit ang ka­pang­ya­ri­hang de facto mar­ti­al law, inob­li­ga ng AFP ang ilang upi­syal ng mga lo­kal na yu­nit ng gub­yer­no na mag­la­bas ng mga re­so­lu­syon na nag­de­dek­la­rang “per­so­na non gra­ta” (o mga taong di ka­tang­gap-tang­gap) ang Par­ti­do, ang BHB at ang mga ti­na­ta­gu­ri­ang “ma­ka-Ka­li­wang gru­po.”

Hung­kag. Ma­ya’t ma­ya ang pu­tak sa mid­ya ng mga tau­han ng AFP na ang mga re­so­lu­syong ito uma­no’y ebi­den­sya ng “nag­ka­kai­sang ki­lu­san ng su­por­ta” la­ban sa PKP at BHB. Mu­la Oktub­re noong na­ka­ra­ang taon, nag­la­bas ang AFP ng mga pa­ha­yag sa mid­ya na ini­lim­bag ng ahen­syang pam­ba­li­ta­an ng Ma­lacañang. Ba­tay sa mga pa­ha­yag na ito, mayroon diumanong di lalagpas sa 50 barangay, 15 bayan at 15 prubinsya ang nag­la­bas ng ga­yong mga dek­la­ra­syo­n.

Ang lahat ng mga lugar na ito ay wa­la pa sa 0.12% ng ka­buuang bi­lang ng ba­ra­ngay sa buong bansa. Ito ay 0.35% din la­mang ng la­hat ng ba­ra­ngay na na­sa­sak­law sa ope­ra­syon ng mga yu­nit ng BHB. Sa mga ba­ra­ngay na ini­lis­ta ng AFP, halos kalahati ang na­ka­kon­sentra sa pru­bin­sya ng Bu­kid­non, na may 464 na ba­ra­ngay.

Kum­pa­ra sa an­tas ba­ra­ngay, la­long wa­lang ka­bu­lu­han ang yaong ini­la­bas sa an­tas ba­yan at pru­bin­sya, na ang mga upi­syal ay pa­wang bu­ruk­ra­tang ka­kun­tsa­ba ng mga lo­kal na upi­syal mi­li­tar at pu­lis. Pe­ro ka­hit sa mga an­tas na ito, na­ga­wa lang ng AFP na ma­ka­kum­bin­se ng 3.5% ng ka­buuang bi­lang ng ba­yan at mga syu­dad at 18% la­mang ng la­hat ng pru­bin­sya na gu­ma­wa ng ga­yong re­so­lu­syo­n.

Sa ka­buuan, na­pa­ka­li­it ng mga bi­lang na ito pa­ra gawing batayan ng AFP sa mga engra­deng dek­la­ra­syong tu­lad ng “pag­sug­po sa in­sur­hen­sya sa mga ugat nito.”

Kum­pas ng AFP. Pi­na­la­la­bas na ang mga re­so­lu­syong kontra-BHB ng mga “peace and or­der council” (POC) ay sumasalamin sa sen­tim­yen­to ng ba­yan. Ang to­too, ito’y iki­num­pas ng AFP at ng De­partment of Inte­ri­or and Local Government (DILG). Inob­li­ga ni­la ang iba’t ibang ahen­sya ng gub­yer­no na “ma­ki­pag­tu­lu­ngan” sa ila­lim ng Na­tio­nal Task Force ni Du­ter­te at sa itinu­tu­lak ni­tong ka­pa­raa­nang “bu­ong ba­yan” o whole-of-nation approach. Pa­ra su­por­ta­han ang AFP, nag­la­bas ang DILG ng me­mo sir­ku­lar na “nag­ba­ba­wal su­mu­por­ta sa mga gru­pong ko­mu­nis­ta at ma­ka-Ka­li­wa.”

Ini­la­bas ang mga re­so­lu­syon sa pa­ma­ma­gi­tan ng mga “peace and or­der council” na ma­ta­gal nang nag­si­sil­bing dug­tong ng AFP pa­ra itu­lak ang ad­yen­dang kontra-­in­sur­hen­sya sa mga ahen­sya ng lo­kal na gub­yer­no. Kunwa’y du­ma­da­lo la­mang, pero ang totoo’y pinangunguluhan ng mga upi­syal ng mi­li­tar ang mga pu­long ng POC sa antas-ba­yan, pru­bin­sya o re­hi­yon. Ti­na­ta­kot ng AFP ang mga upi­syal ng lo­kal na gub­yer­no at ino­ob­li­gang su­mu­nod sa kum­pas nito sa ta­kot na ma­pa­ra­ta­ngan na ko­mu­nis­ta.

Isi­nu­nod ang mga dek­la­ra­syon sa ini­han­dang pad­ron ng AFP na sad­yang bu­lag sa ma­pang-a­pi at ma­pag­sa­man­ta­lang ka­la­ga­yang so­syo­-e­ko­no­mi­ko na na­sa ugat ng ar­ma­dong pa­ki­ki­ba­ka ng ba­yan, at sa ha­lip ay nag­la­la­ra­wan sa ar­ma­dong pag­la­ban bi­lang “te­ro­ris­mo at pang­gu­gu­lo” at “had­lang sa prog­re­so.”

Sa pa­ha­yag ng 48th IB at 84th IB, ina­min ni­lang “i­nud­yok” ni­la ang mga lo­kal na upi­syal ng Bu­lacan na ila­bas ang ga­yong mga dek­la­ra­syo­n. Sa Neg­ros Ori­en­tal, inutusan ng pi­nu­nong mga upi­syal ng 3rd ID ang POC ng pru­bin­sya na ila­bas ang re­so­lu­syon ba­tay sa bo­ra­dor na si­la mis­mo ang nag­bi­gay. Ang pu­long sa La Uni­on ng mga pampru­bin­syang POC noong Mar­so 29 ay tu­wi­rang pi­na­ngu­lu­han ng mis­mong ku­man­der ng 7th ID na si Maj. Gen. Le­nard Agus­tin.

Sa Bu­kid­non, ang inila­bas na re­so­lu­syon sa mga ba­ra­ngay ay isi­naa­yos sa ka­buuan ng 1st Special Forces Bat­ta­li­on (SFB) na nag-oo­pe­ra­syon sa pru­bin­sya. Ang 1st SFB ay ban­tog na pa­sis­tang yu­nit ng AFP na nangma­sa­ker sa li­mang mag­­sa­sa­kang Lu­mad noong Agos­to 18, 2015 sa Pa­ngan­tucan, Bu­kid­non at sa apat na mag­sa­sa­ka noong Mar­so 28, 2015 sa Ta­go­lo­an, Mi­sa­mis Ori­en­tal.

Say­war at ko­rap­syo­n. Ang mga dek­la­ra­syon la­ban sa BHB na iki­mum­pas ng AFP ay ba­ha­gi ng kam­pan­yang say­war ni­to. Isa la­mang ito sa ka­li­wa’t ka­nang gi­mik ni Du­ter­te at ng AFP. Na­ri­yan din ang pa­la­bas na mga “su­ren­der” kung saan li­bu-li­bong mga mag­sa­sa­ka at mi­nor­ya na ang ti­ni­pon sa mga ra­li na inor­ga­ni­sa ng AFP at pi­na­la­la­bas sa mid­ya na mga re­bel­de na “su­mum­pa ng ka­ta­pa­tan” sa AFP. Ma­la­mang na sa su­su­nod na mga bu­wan, isa­sa­ga­wa ng re­hi­meng Du­ter­te ang ti­na­gu­ri­ang “lo­kal na usa­pang pang­ka­pa­ya­pa­an” kung saan ka­kau­sa­pin ng mga upi­syal mi­li­tar at upi­syal ng gub­yer­no ang sa­ri­li ni­lang ani­no para makakuha ng malaking pondo ng gubyerno.

Ang kam­pan­yang say­war ng AFP ay wa­lang ka­bu­lu­hang tang­ka na mag­pa­ki­tang la­kas at pa­hi­na­in ang loob ng ba­yan na mag­pun­ya­gi sa lan­das ng ar­ma­dong pag­la­ban. Pi­nag­ta­tak­pan ni­to ang ma­lu­lub­hang prob­le­ma ng ka­wa­lan ng lu­pa, pang-aa­ga­w ng lu­pa at ya­man, na siyang na­sa ugat ng paghihirap ng ma­ma­ma­yan. Pa­ra igi­it ang presensya gub­yer­no, la­lu­na sa mga lib­lib na ko­mu­ni­dad, may mga pa­la­bas na mga “pro­yek­tong pang­ka­un­la­ran” ang re­hi­meng Du­ter­te tu­lad ng pag­ta­ta­ta­yo ng mga eskwe­la­han, pag­bi­bi­gay ng mga pag­sa­sa­nay at iba pa. Ipi­na­tu­tu­pad ito ng mga yu­nit ng AFP pa­ra ma­pa­na­ti­li ang ma­pa­nin­dak na pre­sen­sya ni­to sa mga ko­mu­ni­dad na ba­ha­gi ng bru­tal na tak­ti­ka ng pag­kontrol sa po­pu­la­syo­n.

Ang ko­rap­syon ay sa­li­gang ka­ta­ngi­an ng kontra-in­sur­hen­sya. Sa pag­lu­lun­sad ng mga pa­la­bas na kontra-BHB, na­ga­ga­wa ng mga upi­syal ng AFP, la­lu­na sa an­tas di­bi­syon pa­ba­ba, na ma­ki­ba­ha­gi sa daan-da­ang mil­yong pi­song “pon­dong pang­ka­un­la­ran” o pa­ra sa “com­mu­nity in­teg­ra­ti­on” na na­ka­la­an sa kontra-in­sur­hen­sya. Kasabwat ni­la ang mga lo­kal na upi­syal at ahen­sya, pa­ti na ang mga lo­kal na ne­go­syo, sa mga pro­yek­tong pi­na­tu­ngan ang pre­syo na hin­di du­ma­da­an sa pag­su­su­bas­ta.

Pag­su­pil sa mga ka­ra­pa­tan. La­yu­nin ng kam­pan­yang “per­so­na non gra­ta” ng AFP na su­pi­lin ang mga ka­la­ya­an ng ba­yan at had­la­ngan ang pag­ga­mit ng ka­ni­lang mga de­mok­ra­ti­kong ka­ra­pa­tan na mag-or­ga­ni­sa at mag­pa­ha­yag ng hi­na­ing. Tar­get ng mga dek­la­ra­syon ang mga “or­ga­ni­sa­syong ma­ka-Ka­li­wa” at gi­na­ga­mit para sa ma­la­wa­kang pag­ba­ban­sag na ko­mu­nis­ta upang ga­wing ili­gal ang anu­mang an­yo ng mga or­ga­ni­sa­syong mag­sa­sa­ka. Kung ipa­tu­tu­pad pa­ra pigilang ma­ka­pa­sok sa mga bar­yo ang mga ak­ti­bis­ta, or­ga­ni­sa­dor o ma­ging mga nag­bi­bi­gay ng ser­bi­syo o sak­lo­lo, ni­la­la­bag ng AFP ma­ging ang ba­ta­yang ka­ra­pa­tan ni­nu­man na mag­tu­ngo sa anu­mang ba­ha­gi ng ban­sa.

Gi­na­ga­mit ng AFP ang mga dek­la­ra­syong ito pa­ra ipi­lit na pa­na­ti­li­hin ang ar­ma­dong pre­sen­sya ni­to sa mga ko­mu­ni­dad na pa­bi­gat sa mga tao, su­mi­si­ra sa ka­pa­ya­pa­an ng ko­mu­ni­dad at bu­hay ng mga pa­mil­ya, at pag­la­bag sa mga in­ter­na­syu­nal na pro­to­kol na nag­bi­bi­gay-pro­tek­syon sa mga ko­mu­ni­dad sa pa­na­hon ng dig­ma. Sa ka­may ng AFP, ang mga dek­la­ra­syong ito ay gi­na­ga­mit pa­ra ipa­taw ang ab­so­lu­tong kontrol sa pa­ma­ma­gi­tan ng pag­tak­da kung si­no ang maaa­ri o di da­pat tang­ga­pin sa mga ko­mu­ni­dad na ka­ni­lang si­na­sa­kop.

Iwak­si ang kam­pan­ya ng AFP. Kung tu­tuu­sin, ang pa­sis­ta, ko­rap at kri­mi­nal na AFP ang totoong mga persona non grata sa mga ko­mu­ni­dad ng mag­sa­sa­ka at mi­nor­ya. Pi­na­na­na­ti­li ni­la ang kanilang pre­sen­sya sa mga ito, hin­di da­hil may su­por­ta si­la ng ma­ma­ma­yan, kun­di da­hil iti­nu­tu­tok ni­la ang ba­ril sa mga tao. Iki­nu­kub­li ni­la ang ka­ni­lang mga pa­sis­tang pa­ngil, su­ba­lit sa pi­na­ka­ma­li­it na ki­bot ng pag­la­ban, ma­bi­lis na hi­nu­hu­bad ang pag­ku­kun­wa­ri at si­na­sag­pang ng pa­sis­tang da­has ang si­nu­mang hu­ma­mon sa ka­ni­lang ab­so­lu­tong pag­ha­ha­ri.

Ang ma­li­it na por­sye­nto ng mga lo­kal na yu­nit ng gub­yer­no na nag­pa­hi­nu­hod sa pag­tu­tu­lak ng AFP na idek­la­ra ni­lang “per­so­na non gra­ta” ang BHB ay pa­tu­nay na hin­di la­hat, ka­hit sa loob ng bu­ruk­ra­sya ng reak­syu­nar­yong es­ta­do, ay ma­da­ling na­da­da­la ng AFP. Ba­tid ni­la na ang ganitong mga dek­la­ra­syon ay mag­si­sil­bi lamang sa is­ke­ma ni Du­ter­te at ng AFP na ipa­taw ang pag­ha­ha­ring mi­li­tar sa buong ban­sa. Sa harap ng pa­ni­nin­dak at mga ban­ta, hin­di la­hat ng upi­syal ng gub­yer­no ay handang maki­pag­sayaw sa du­gu­ang AFP.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: PDT ng AFP, binigwasan ng BHB sa Samar

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (May 7, 2019): PDT ng AFP, binigwasan ng BHB sa Samar

Binigwasan ng mga yu­nit ng Ba­gong Huk­bong Ba­yan (BHB) sa Sa­mar ang abusadong mga yu­nit ng Armed Forces of the Phi­lip­pi­nes na nagtatago sa likod ng umano’y “com­mu­nity or­ga­nizing for peace and deve­lop­ment” o COPD sa iba’t ibang bar­yo sa is­la. Tu­gon ito ng BHB sa ma­ra­ming rek­la­mo ng mga mag­sa­sa­ka laban sa na­tu­rang mga yu­nit-mi­li­tar. Ka­bi­lang sa kanilang mga krimen ang ar­bit­rar­yong pang­rerekisa sa mga bahay ng mga residente, pagba­ba­ban­ta at ma­li­syo­song pag-uug­nay sa mga si­bil­yan sa BHB at pag­ka­kam­po sa gitna ng mga kabahayan.

Inam­bus ng BHB-Wes­tern Sa­mar ang isang “peace and deve­lop­ment team” (PDT) ng 46th IB sa pa­gi­tan ng mga ba­ra­ngay ng Be­ri at Bu­lu­an sa Cal­bi­ga noong Abril 23, alas 3:40 ng uma­ga. Anim na sun­da­lo ang agad na na­pa­tay ha­bang si­yam ang na­su­ga­tan. Isang K3 light machi­ne gun, isang rip­leng R4 at isang pis­to­la ang na­sam­sam ng BHB sa am­bus.

Sa Northern Samar, da­la­wang ope­ra­syong ha­ras ang ini­lun­sad ng BHB la­ban sa PDT ng 20th IB na nag­ka­kam­po sa loob ng mga ko­mu­ni­dad ng Las Navas.

Noong Abril 16, isang sun­da­lo ang na­pa­tay at isa ang na­su­ga­tan nang pa­pu­tu­kan si­la ng BHB sa Ba­ra­ngay Qui­ri­no, Las Navas. Ka­sa­bay ni­to, pi­na­pu­tu­kan din ang mga sun­da­long na­ka­kam­po sa Ba­ra­ngay San Francisco sa na­tu­rang ba­yan. Isa pang sun­da­lo ang na­su­ga­tan. Da­la­wang sun­da­lo na­man ang na­pa­tay sa isi­na­ga­wang es­pe­syal na ope­ra­syon noong Abril 17 sa Barangay Ca­to­to-o­gan kung saan da­la­wang .45 ka­lib­reng pis­to­la ang na­kum­pis­ka ng BHB. Sang­kot ang mga PDT na ito sa ili­gal na mga sak­ti­bi­dad sa bar­yo ga­ya ng su­gal.

Pa­nay. Isang M16 at isang pis­to­la ang na­kum­pis­ka ng BHB-Sout­hern Pa­nay nang ata­ke­hin ni­to ang out­post ng pu­lis sa hang­ga­nan ng Ali­mo­di­an-Leon-San Mi­gu­el sa ­Ilo­i­lo noong Abril 27, alas-4:45 ng ha­pon.

North Co­ta­ba­to. Da­la­wang sun­da­lo ang na­pa­tay sa da­la­wang mag­ka­su­nod na ope­ra­syong ha­ras na isi­na­ga­wa ng isang yu­nit ng BHB-Mt. Apo Sub­re­gio­nal Com­mand la­ban sa mga ele­men­to ng 19th IB na nag-oo­pe­ra­syon sa Ba­ra­ngay Ba­dia­ngon, Ara­kan noong Abril 23. Sa ta­ran­ta ng mga sun­da­lo, wa­lang pa­tu­mang­ga si­lang nag­pa­pu­tok ng ka­ni­lang mga ba­ril at ti­na­ma­an ang ka­ni­lang ka­sa­mang ele­men­to ng CAFGU. Pa­ra pag­tak­pan ang ka­ni­lang ka­pal­pa­kan, pi­na­la­bas ng mi­li­tar na “si­bil­yan na na­da­may” ang na­tu­rang CAFGU. Isang oras ma­ta­pos ni­to, 14 beses na na­ngan­yon at nam­bom­ba mu­la sa ere ang 19th IB ma­la­pit sa mga sa­ka­han at ko­mu­ni­dad ng mag­sa­sa­ka. Da­hil di­to, na­pi­li­tang mag­bak­wit ang ilan­da­ang re­si­den­te ng Ba­dia­ngon at ka­la­pit na mga ba­ra­ngay.

Com­pos­te­la Val­ley. Tat­long tro­pa ng 71st IB ang na­pa­tay at ma­ra­mi ang na­su­ga­tan sa ope­ra­syong de­mo­li­syon ng BHB-ComVal-Davao Gulf Sub­re­gio­nal Com­mand sa Ba­ra­ngay Ca­bu­yu­an, Ma­bi­ni noong Abril 24, alas-9:45 ng uma­ga. Ang 71st IB ay no­tor­yus sa pag­pa­tay ng mga bata, brutalidad at paglapastangan sa mga Pulang man­dirigma. (Tingnan ang kaugnay na balita sa pahina 6.) Ma­ta­pos ang ope­ra­syo­n, agad ding nag­pau­lan ng bom­ba at na­ngan­yon ang 71st IB sa lu­gar.

Quezon. Da­la­wang sun­da­lo ng 80th IB ang na­pa­tay sa da­la­wang mag­ka­hi­wa­lay na ope­ra­syong ha­ras ng BHB-Quezon noong Abril 18 at Abril 19 sa Ba­ra­ngay Umi­ray, Gen. Na­kar. Ang mga ito ay hu­li sa ser­ye ng mga open­si­ba ng BHB sa lu­gar na nag­re­sul­ta sa mga kas­wal­ti ng AFP sa ba­wat pa­ki­ki­pag­sa­gu­pa­an ng mga yu­nit ni­to sa mga Pu­lang man­di­rig­ma mu­la Peb­re­ro. Ipi­nag­ka­lat naman ng AFP na nag­ka­ro­on ng engkwentro sa pa­gi­tan ng mga yu­nit ni­to at BHB sa Ca­na­way, Gen. Na­kar noong Ma­yo 1. Wa­lang ga­ni­tong engkwentro at hin­di rin to­too ang ipi­na­ha­yag ng AFP na nag­ga­pi ni­la ang isang kam­po ng BHB sa lu­gar.

Min­do­ro. Inis­nayp ng BHB-Min­do­ro ang nag-oo­pe­ra­syong tro­pa ng 203rd IBde na nang­­ha­li­haw sa San Jo­se, Occi­den­tal Min­do­ro noong Abril 29. Ga­yun­din, pi­na­la­bas ng AFP na may nag­ga­pi si­lang kam­po ng BHB sa lu­gar. Ma­ri­in itong pi­na­bu­laa­nan ng mga Pu­lang man­di­rig­ma.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


CPP/Ang Bayan: Editorial - La­ba­nan ang pa­ka­nang da­ya­in ni Du­ter­te ang elek­syon

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (May 7, 2019): Editorial - La­ba­nan ang pa­ka­nang da­ya­in ni Du­ter­te ang elek­syon

Da­pat ma­hig­pit na mag­kai­sa at mag­han­da ang ma­la­wak na ma­sa ng ma­ma­ma­yang Pi­li­pi­no, la­hat ng ka­ni­lang pat­ri­yo­ti­ko at de­mok­ra­ti­kong pwer­sa, opo­si­syong pu­li­ti­kal at iba pang sek­tor pa­ra la­ba­nan ang is­ke­ma ng pa­sis­tang re­hi­meng Du­ter­te na da­ya­in ang na­pi­pin­tong elek­syo­n.

Kai­la­ngang da­ya­in ni Du­ter­te ang da­ra­ting na elek­syon da­hil wa­lang tsan­sang ma­na­lo ang mas marami sa mga kan­di­da­to ni­ya sa pag­ka­se­na­dor sa Hug­pong ng Pag­ba­ba­go at PDP-La­ban sa isang pa­tas na elek­syo­n. Ba­sa na ang pa­pel nila da­hil sa pa­gi­ging ahen­te at tu­ta ni Du­ter­te, at da­hil ki­la­la si­la sa ko­rap­syo­n, du­gu­ang re­kord sa ma­ra­mi­hang pag­pa­tay at ba­tas mi­li­tar, pag­ka­sang­kot sa ili­gal na ben­ta­han ng dro­ga at pagtray­dor sa pat­ri­mon­ya at so­be­ran­ya ng ban­sa.

Iti­nu­tu­ring ng iba’t ibang sek­tor ang na­la­la­pit na elek­syon bi­lang pag­ka­ka­ta­on na ila­bas ang hi­na­ing ng ba­yan la­ban sa re­hi­meng Du­ter­te at dag­dag na la­ra­ngan para labanan at patalsikin ang tiranikong rehimen.

Sinisiguro ni Du­ter­te na pa­bor sa kan­ya ang re­sul­ta ng na­la­la­pit na elek­syo­n para ma­kontrol ang Senado, at sa gayo’y makontrol na ang la­hat ng sa­ngay ng reaksyunaryong gub­yer­no. Sa nakaraan, naging sagka ang Senado sa kanyang itinutulak na pakana na ba­gu­hin ang konsti­tu­syon pa­ra sa hu­wad na pe­de­ra­lis­mong pang­kub­li sa kan­yang pla­nong dik­ta­du­ra na magpapalawig sa kan­yang pag­ha­ha­ring bu­ruk­ra­tang ka­pi­ta­lis­ta,

Pa­ra pa­la­ba­sing na­ngu­ngu­na ang mga kan­di­da­to ni­ya sa elek­syo­n, ginagamit ng mga kam­pan­ya­dor ni Du­ter­te ang mga pe­keng sar­bey at bi­naba­ha ang rad­yo, te­le­bi­syo­n, mga dyar­yo at in­ter­net ng mga pa­ta­las­tas at ba­ya­rang implu­wen­sya­dor. Sa tangkang pahinain ang kanilang mga kalaban, Red-tag­ging at hu­wad na narco­list naman ang ginagamit niya la­ban sa mga oposisyon. Idi­nep­loy ng rehimen ang mga pwer­sang mi­li­tar at pu­lis sa buong ban­sa at ha­ya­gang nag­ka­kam­pan­ya la­ban sa mga pwer­sang kontra-Du­ter­te sa Min­da­nao at ti­na­gu­ri­ang mga “hotspot.” Ha­wak ni Du­ter­te ang Commission on Elections at ang sik­re­to at di lig­tas na elektro­ni­kong sis­te­ma ng pag­bi­bi­lang ng bo­to. Ina­li­san ni­to ng ka­pang­ya­ri­han ang mga ta­ga­pag­ban­tay sa elek­syo­n. Dahil dito, tiyak na magiging isa sa pi­na­ka­ma­ru­mi sa ka­say­sa­yan ng ban­sa ang darating na eleksyon.

Ang ma­la­wa­kang pan­da­ra­ya pa­bor sa mga kan­di­da­to ni Du­ter­te ay ti­yak na mag­pa­pa­sik­lab sa ma­la­wa­kang ga­lit at pro­tes­tang ma­sa. La­long pu­ma­pa­bor ang ka­la­ga­yan pa­ra lu­ma­wak, lu­ma­kas at la­long tu­ma­pang ang nag­ka­kai­sang pren­te ng iba’t ibang pwer­sang an­ti-ti­ra­ni­ya pa­ra sa pag­la­ban at pag­pa­pa­tal­sik kay Du­ter­te.

Ha­bang nag­ha­han­da sa pan­da­ra­ya si Du­ter­te, da­pat ding han­da ang mga pwer­sang ito na hi­mu­kin ang pi­na­ka­ma­ra­ming po­sib­leng gru­po at in­di­bid­wal pa­ra tu­mu­long na ilan­tad at kontra­hin ang pan­da­ra­ya, dag­dag sa mga tam­pok na is­yu la­ban kay Du­ter­te tu­lad ng di mai­pa­li­wa­nag na ya­man, am­bi­syong maging dik­ta­dor, pa­mu­mu­no at pag­ka­sang­kot sa dro­ga, ma­ra­mi­hang pag­pa­tay, pag­la­bag sa ka­ra­pa­tang-tao at bru­ta­li­dad sa to­dong ge­ra, pag­su­ko sa Chi­na at pa­nga­nga­yu­pa­pa sa mi­li­tar ng US, at iba pa.

Wa­lang awat ang ga­mit ni Du­ter­te sa pandadawit sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan, pag­ba­ban­ta at pa­ni­nin­dak, pag­pa­nga­ko ng re­por­ma, ako­mo­da­syong pu­li­ti­kal at pan­li­lin­lang upang pa­hi­na­in ang pa­sya ng ba­yan at ha­ti­in ang iba’t ibang pwer­sang na­ka­ha­nay la­ban sa kan­yang ti­ra­ni­ya at is­ke­ma para sa pagtatag ng diktadura. Da­pat si­lang mas ma­hig­pit na mag­kai­sa para pa­ngi­ba­ba­wan ang mga tak­ti­ka ni Du­ter­te na pag­hi­wa-hi­wa­la­yin ang mga pwer­sang opo­si­syo­n.

Da­pat ma­ka­pag­pa­ki­ta si­la ng nag­ka­kai­sang pa­ni­nin­di­gan upang big­yang-inspi­ra­syon at pa­la­ka­sin ang loob ng sam­ba­ya­nang Pi­li­pi­no pa­ra ma­ra­mi­hang ku­mi­los at tu­min­dig. Sa pag­pa­pa­ki­ta ng ma­la­wak na pag­ka­kai­sa, ma­ga­ga­wa ni­lang hi­mu­kin ang mas di­sen­teng mga ele­men­to sa bu­ruk­ra­sya, mi­li­tar at pu­lis pa­ra su­por­ta­han ang pa­ki­ki­ba­ka la­ban sa re­hi­meng Du­ter­te at hi­ka­ya­tin ang kan­yang im­per­ya­lis­tang amo na bi­ta­wan si­ya upang di ma­sa­ma ang ka­ni­lang estra­te­hi­kong in­te­res sa na­pi­pin­to ni­yang pag­bag­sak.

Ang lu­ma­la­lang kri­sis sa ila­lim ng re­hi­meng Du­ter­te ay nag­pa­pa­hi­na sa buong nag­ha­ha­ring sis­te­ma. Tu­ma­tam­bad ang pag­ka­bu­lok ng buong sis­te­mang ma­la­ko­lon­yal at ma­lap­yu­dal, ka­bi­lang ang reak­syu­nar­yong elek­syo­n bilang bulok na paligsahan ng naghaharing uri. Da­pat pa­tu­loy na pu­ka­win, or­ga­ni­sa­hin at pa­ki­lu­sin ng mga pwer­sang pam­ban­sa-de­mok­ra­ti­ko ang sam­ba­ya­nang Pi­li­pi­no, la­lu­na ang mga mang­ga­ga­wa at mag­sa­sa­ka, at iba pang de­mok­ra­ti­kong sek­tor.

Da­pat ubos-ka­yang isu­long ng mga ma­ka­ma­sang or­ga­ni­sa­syo­n, al­yan­sa at gru­pong party list ang mga pa­ki­ki­ba­kang ma­sang an­ti-im­per­ya­lis­ta, an­tip­yu­dal at an­ti­pa­sis­ta at tu­mu­long sa la­long pag­pa­pa­la­kas ng nag­ka­kai­sang pren­te ng ba­yan la­ban sa pa­sis­tang re­hi­meng Du­ter­te.

Da­pat mag­lun­sad ang Ba­gong Huk­bong Ba­yan ng mga tak­ti­kal na open­si­ba la­ban sa pa­sis­tang mga yu­nit mi­li­tar, la­lu­na yaong na­sa li­kod ng ma­lu­lub­hang pag-a­bu­so, mga yunit na sumasakop sa mga komunidad na nagkukubli sa mga operasyong “peace and development,” ka­bi­lang ang mga ipi­na­kat ni Du­ter­te sa buong ban­sa pa­ra da­ya­in ang na­la­la­pit na elek­syo­n. Da­pat pa­tu­loy ni­lang isu­long ang re­bo­lu­syo­nar­yong ar­ma­dong pa­ki­ki­ba­ka at sa­man­ta­la­hin ang sit­wa­syon pa­ra isagawa ang ma­la­ga­nap at maig­ting na pa­ki­ki­dig­mang ge­ril­ya at pa­tu­loy na isulong ang dig­mang ba­yan.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]