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CPP/CIO: On AFP’s declaration of Davao Occidental as “insurgency free”

CPP propaganda statement posted to the Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC) Newsroom (Aug 21, 2022): On AFP’s declaration of Davao Occidental as “insurgency free”

Marco L. Valbuena
Chief Information Officer
Communist Party of the Philippines

August 21, 2022


A few days ago, Sen. Bato dela Rosa (former police chief, who is among those charged for crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court), together with officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), declared that Davao Occidental is now “insurgency free.”

Well, they can believe and declare all they want. For 50 years, nothing stopped them from making such grand pronouncements even if they had to eat their words later. And I am certain that they will again eat their words sooner or later.

The Lumad people, the local peasants, and inland and coastal fisherfolk in Davao Occidental are among the poorest and most oppressed in the country. They suffer slave-like conditions and forms of oppression and punishment by local warlords. They suffered gross human rights violations perpetrated by the AFP’s 73rd IB in the course of its scorched earth tactics in the past few years.

The masses of Davao Occidental are proud of their long history of resistance. They strongly desire revolutionary change and continue to keep in touch with units of the NPA.

I will not reveal exact details of the NPA’s presence and movement in the area. But we have been informed that the local NPA units are aware how eager the masses of Davao Occidental are to continue waging resistance against the oppressive landlords and land-grabbing mining companies and big businesses, especially now amid the severe economic crisis.


To understand the significance (or insignificance) of the AFP’s declaration, we must point out that Davao Occidental is a very small province (composed of five towns) carved out of Davao del Sur in 2012 to accommodate local political interests.

The province is ruled by the Joyce and Bautista local big warlord families. They are big landlords who maintain private armies and are in collusion with big American mining companies in the area.

The Bautistas, in particular, were installed by Marcos Sr in the 1970s to facilitate the entry of business operations of Danding Cojuangco. San Miguel Corporation is responsible for driving away the B’laans and Kaolo lumad masses from their lands to establish their plantations and energy projects.

The province also serves as a backdoor for the entry and transhipment of illegal drugs and other contraband. The warlords also maintain marijuana plantations, all with the full knowledge of the military and police.

CPP/CIO: Sham “surrender” and “amnesty” under Marcos

CPP propaganda statement posted to the Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC) Newsroom (Aug 21, 2022: Sham “surrender” and “amnesty” under Marcos

Marco L. Valbuena
Chief Information Officer
Communist Party of the Philippines

August 21, 2022

Based on the announcement a few days ago by Gen. Carlito Galvez, Marcos’s so-called peace adviser, the supposed plan to declare amnesty is just a lot of nonsense. This will end up a mere extension of the fake “surrender” drive and anomalous construction of roads under the “barangay development” of the National Task Force (NTF)-Elcac.

This sham starts with fake numbers. Government officials claim that 26,414 NPA “surrenderees” will be included in the amnesty. This number, of course, is a big hoax considering that n 2017, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) claimed that the NPA was only 4,000-strong, and supposedly, is now down to 2,000. We all know that most of these “surrenderees” are, in fact, peasant masses who were subjected to the worse forms of intimidation and forced to “admit” being NPA members.

But, according to Gen. Galvez, only 1-2 thousand of all “surrenderees” have been charged. This is practically a confession that a large majority (93%) of AFP’s “surrenderees” face no crime in any court under the laws of the reactionary government. The question is: on what basis were they made to “surrender” by the AFP.

If the AFP says that these people “surrendered” because they are supporting the NPA, then they admit to having committed a major crime under international humanitarian law, which explicitly prohibits forcing civilians to change their allegiance even if they are in the territory of one’s belligerent adversary.
The talk of amnesty is all a big farce when this government refuses to release approximately 800 political prisoners, mostly charged with fabricated criminal cases to make them rot in jail. Or when it continues to persecute legal democratic organizations that promote the people’s aspirations for national and social liberation.

This amnesty program being pushed by Gen. Galvez again reeks of corruption. As vaccine czar of the Duterte government, he has yet to account for the billions upon billions of pesos spent for anomalous secret contracts to purchase vaccines from China vaccine.

The Filipino people will not be deceived by Galvez/Marcos/ELCAC’s “amnesty,” just as they are not deceived by the fake “localized peace talks” that do not solve the root causes of their misery and hunger, and merely serve as smokescreen for widespread land-grabbing by foreign multinationals and their local big business partners.

CPP/NDF-CPDF: Filipinos ready to shed blood in war vs tyrants//Ninoy Aquino’s death disproves myth of ‘peaceful’ uprising

CPDF propaganda statement posted to the Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC) Newsroom (Aug 21, 2022): Filipinos ready to shed blood in war vs tyrants//Ninoy Aquino’s death disproves myth of ‘peaceful’ uprising

Cordillera People’s Democratic Front
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

August 21, 2022

August 21st is a sobering reminder that the People Power was never a peaceful revolution as many interested parties would like to paint it to be. Before its culmination in 1986, the Marcoses were already spilling blood left and right. In 1983, dictator Ferdinand Marcos had his rival Ninoy Aquino assassinated at the airport as the latter tried to return from exile. Before that, in 1971, he had the campaign rally in Plaza Miranda bombed to justify the declaration of Martial Law. Nine were killed.

The violence and bloodshed of these dates are just tips of the proverbial iceberg. The Marcos family caused more than 3,257 deaths with 35,000 more tortured and 70,000 more illegally imprisoned. Of the number of murders, 77 percent or 2,520 were salvage incidents. In the Cordilleras, state forces murdered Macliing Dulag in his own home in 1980 for leading the people’s opposition to the Chico Dam. The path that led to the ouster and expulsion of the Marcos family is paved with blood and grief of millions of Filipinos.

The myth of a ‘peaceful’ revolution does not serve the Filipino people who are the main victims of the dictatorship. On the contrary, it served Marcos’ enablers and cronies who jumped ship at the last minute when it became obvious that he was then unpopular beyond redemption. His generals, like Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos, used this card to negotiate absolution for themselves. It served both traditional and incipient politicians who needed a pacified population so that they could divide the spoils amongst themselves and then vie for recently vacated positions of power. It served imperialist powers like the US who protected dictators and despots while ensuring that nothing much more radical than a ‘peaceful’ uprising happens under its watch.

But a revolution is not something that can be avoided in a system that is chockful with class contradictions. Landlords, big businesses and bureaucrat capitalists cause inescapable oppression and poverty amongst the people. But despite their chains, the people fight back. And despite the fascist repressive measures, they recognize the need for a revolution when the indignities become insufferable.

By all indications, the administration of Bongbong Marcos will be just as repressive as his father’s, if not even more so considering he has at his disposal the Anti-Terror Law, the NTF-ELCAC and an established machinery for widespread disinformation. His minions in Senate and in Congress are preoccupied with absurd bills that target dissent and critical thought. Even academic institutions make the mistaken effort of censoring their own materials for ‘anti-government’ propaganda. Recently, opposition leaders and the religious sector are among the targets of the Marcos II regime.

Marcos Jr. might wield these instruments of terror but the people’s democratic revolution has already been proven wholly effective against tyrannical regimes. His own father’s dictatorship is the best example. Fascism pushed seasoned activists to head to the countryside while thousands more continued the parliamentary struggle in urban centers. The national democratic movement grew strong in all fronts.

The Filipino people’s history shows that all revolutions require blood and sacrifice. But even these could not stop the masses from launching a protracted war against their oppressors. Marcos Jr. can be certain that a revolution against the enemies of the people is both just and necessary and the fate of his father could be his own. ###



Long live the memories of Martial Law martyrs! Justice for all Martial Law victims!

Continue holding the Marcoses accountable for their crimes against the people!

Advance the people’s war and weaken Marcos II’s illegitimate regime!