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Manaoag church under tight watch; military memo cites terror threat in N. Luzon

From ABS-CBN (Aug 10, 2019): Manaoag church under tight watch; military memo cites terror threat in N. Luzon

Security forces guard the Manaoag church in Pangasinan following a reported terror threat in several places in Northern Luzon. ABS-CBN News

MANILA—The Manaoag church in Pangasinan is under tight security amid an alleged Islamic State-linked terror threat on cities and places of worship in Northern Luzon, with the military expected to raise the red alert status starting Sunday.

An intelligence memo dated August 2 obtained by ABS-CBN News cited a "possible terror attack" in several areas under the Armed Forces of the Philippines' Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom).

The memo was issued just days before President Rodrigo Duterte spoke of his fear of ISIS attacks, saying he was praying that the country would be spared from the "brutality and cruelty" that innocents have been suffering in Iraq and Syria. 

Duterte prays: Spare us from ISIS

The Nolcom memo said information showed that "a "crusader city" with business centers and "crusader churches" in Northern Luzon [are] being targeted for terror attack."

"Crusader cities is the term used by ISIS in describing target areas to fuel what they call 'Bandar Crusade,' or war between Muslim and Christian. While 'Crusader Churches' is their generic term for all historic Catholic Churches," read the memo signed by Navy Col. Glenn Celebrado, Nolcom's assistant chief of Unified Command Staff for Intelligence.

Nolcom identified Laoag City in Ilocos Norte, Vigan City in Ilocos Sur, Tuguegarao City in Cagayan and the Manaoag church in Pangasinan as possible targets, saying "the definition fits but [is] not limited to" these places.

The Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Manaoag is a popular pilgrimage site, while Laoag and Vigan are home to historic landmarks, including major churches, that draw both local and foreign tourists.

Tuguegarao is home to an 18th-century Baroque church and is a gateway to Cagayan Valley's other adventure destinations.

The Nolcom ordered several military units, including 3 joint task forces, to "heighten intelligence monitoring" and place the areas as "high priority targets."

It also ordered the issuance of a directive for a red alert status on August 11 and 12, Sunday and Monday.

The terror alert came nearly 7 months since the suicide attack at the Jolo Cathedral on Jan. 27. The twin blasts, carried out by Indonesian suicide bombers with the aid of the Abu Sayyaf Group, left 22 people dead, including state troops, and more than a hundred hurt. 

Mass held at Jolo Cathedral nearly 6 months after deadly twin blasts

Meanwhile, last month, authorities confirmed the identity of the first known Filipino suicide bomber who was behind blasts in Indanan, Sulu, which killed 8 and wounded 22 others.

1 of 2 suicide bombers in Sulu twin blasts confirmed to be Filipino


Security forces guard the Manaoag church in Pangasinan following a reported terror threat in several places in Northern Luzon. ABS-CBN News

The memo, which has been leaked, has sown fear among residents.

In Manaoag, Fr. Anthony Eudela said there has been no bomb threat but additional security forces were deployed to guard the church.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) said additional officers were deployed in and around the church, along with soldiers and police dogs.

"Wala tayong bomb threat... pero may dagdag tayong security, andiyan ang sundalo, PNP at K-9... Finifilter natin 'yung gates... Ang dami nating gates," he said in an interview. (We don't have a bomb threat... but we have additional security, there's the military, Philippine National Police, K-9 [dogs].)

Visitor Belle Koizumi found it "nakakailang (awkward)" to have such level of security at a church, but Reynaldo Rosaupan said he felt more secure that security forces were present.

The reported threat has prompted some businesses to close shop, while for others, business has been slow.

"Matumal ngayon, walang benta dahil takot sila. Maganda 'yung maraming pulis," said vendor Romy Dizon. (Business is slow, we don't have sales because people are scared. It's good that there are many police officers here.)

At the change of command of the Philippine Army's 702nd Infantry Brigade in Manaoag town earlier this week, newly installed commander Col. Audrey Pasia said his forces are "ready with or without a threat."

In Ilocos Norte, the police and the Church called for calm and vigilance following the leak of the memo.

"Huwag masyadong mag-panic dahil mas maraming nake-create na chaos diyan," said Police Maj. Relly Layug, PNP Ilocos Norte public relations officer. (Don't panic because that creates more chaos.)

He said the province's police force is ready given security preparations set for places of convergence such as churches, markets and malls.

Layug said the police are coordinating with the Catholic Church amid the threat report.

He called on the public to immediately report to the nearest police station suspicious-looking persons or baggage.

Fr. Joey Ranjo, spokesperson for the Diocese of Laoag, said: "We have to be calm and discern what is fake or what is not. We have to trust the PNP and coordinate with them."

Resident Jun Gatiwan was confident of his safety, saying: "Magdasal na lang (Just pray)."

Think tank sees ISIS resurgence

From the Manila Standard (Aug 10, 2019): Think tank sees ISIS resurgence

A bigger problem is looming for the country’s security forces if a prediction by a Washington-based think tank becomes true.

The terror group ISIS has started a comeback that could be “more deadly than the havoc it wreaked” at the height of its power in 2014, according to a report by the Institute for the Study of War.

The jihadist organization is “resurging” in Iraq and Syria five months after US President Donald Trump declared ISIS “100 percent” defeated, the institute said as reported by Britain’s THE SUN newspaper.

This means that the Philippines will not see the last of ISIS-trained “homegrown” suicide bombers such as the ones that attacked a military camp in Sulu in June, which prompted local defense officials and military analysts to say it “raised the level of extremism” in the country.

If a new caliphate is set up in Iraq and Syria, the Washington institute said the terror group “will incite new waves of ISIS attacks across Europe” and possibly the Philippines, where ISIS-allied Abu Sayyaf forces seized and laid waste to Marawi City in 2017.

“ISIS’s next breakout success could be even more devastating than its 2014 campaign,” the report stated. “Its external provinces outside Iraq and Syria are contributing resources to its insurgency in those countries while giving the organization renewed global momentum.”

The terror group’s ability “to campaign simultaneously abroad and in Iraq and Syria gives it new opportunities,” the ISW added.

ISIS “is stronger today than its predecessor Al Qaida in Iraq was in 2011 when the US withdrew from Iraq,” the report added.

In a previous report titled “ISIS’s Second Comeback” that it published in June, ISW noted that the jihadist group sent its allies in Mindanao enough financial aid to attempt a takeover of Marawi.

“ISIS continued to pursue additional land grabs in other parts of the globe. It achieved its next major success in the Philippines in May 2017, when its fighters seized Marawi, located in the country’s south, three days before the start of Ramadan,” the June report said.

“ISIS had reportedly wired tens of thousands of dollars from Syria to the Philippines in 2016, probably to enable the attack on Marawi. The operation drew significant numbers of foreign fighters to the Philippines and propelled the ISIS expansion in Southeast Asia,” ISW said.

The group would ultimately lose control of Marawi, “but its temporary seizure of the city again demonstrated to its followers that it could continue to expand and claim terrain despite its losses in Iraq and Syria,” the think tank added.

However, the extremists tried again, as suicide bombers attacked a military camp in Indanan town in Sulu killed eight people and wounded 22 others on June 28.

The military later identified the Filipino suicide bomber as Norman Lasuca, 23, who was identified by his parents. The second bomber was described as Caucasian but was unidentified.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the blast was the third suicide attack on the country, following a July 2018 van bomb in southern Basilan island, and explosions during Sunday mass in January at a Catholic cathedral in Jolo.

All three attacks were claimed by the Islamic State group, which takes credit for the violence carried out by local affiliates such as kidnap-for-ransom group Abu Sayyaf.

The military said Lasuca was a member of the Abu Sayyaf faction led by Hajan Sawadjaan, who allegedly plotted the attack on the Jolo cathedral in January.

Abu Sayyaf has been blamed for some of the worst terror attacks in Philippine history, including frequent kidnappings of foreigners.

Members of the group have pledged allegiance to IS, including those who participated in the 2017 siege of Marawi.

Analysts at the time said suicide attacks could be taking root in the Philippines, driven by IS influence.

At the height of its power five years ago, ISIS had seized control of large parts of Syria and Iraq, declaring an Islamic “caliphate” and committing widespread atrocities.

The think tank noted ISIS is seeking to reestablish territorial control “and will succeed if the US continues to withdraw troops from Syria,” calling on the American government to support the Syrian Democratic Forces fighting the terrorists.

Trump is repeating a “critical mistake” by not capitalizing on the fragile gains made against the terror groups, the report’s authors believe.

“The US must take immediate steps to dampen ISIS’s resurgence in Iraq and Syria, including halting and reversing America’s ongoing withdrawal from Syria,” the report reads.

Bulatlat: The human cost of Oplan Kapanatagan in Quezon

Posted to the pro-Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP)/National Democratic Front (NDF) online propaganda publication Bulatlat (Aug 10. 2019): The human cost of Oplan Kapanatagan in Quezon

“They would call us, three or four at a time, sometimes to the barangay hall, sometimes to the municipal hall. The interrogations would start from 10 a.m. and end 10 p.m., no breaks.”


Malabahay is a barangay in Macalelon, a fourth class municipality in the southern part of Quezon province. It is almost 14 kilometers away from the town proper and a commute would easily take one to two hours. A jeepney ride costs as much as a hundred pesos one-way. “Sometimes, we just walk towards town,” Eliseo Batarlo, 63, told me in Filipino. “If you had 500 pesos, you’d spend most of it on the commute. You’d only end up with a kilo of fish just to have something to bring home.”

Eliseo is a coconut farmer and is intimately familiar with the small barangay, having lived there for most of his life. He served as barangay captain of Malabahay for 12 years, and people still affectionately call him Kap. He and his wife, 59 years old, are two of the evacuees from South Quezon who were forced to flee the town following intense militarization and harassment from elements of the Phippine Army’s 85th Infantry Battalion.

Life for a coconut farmer in Quezon is hard. “A ton of copra sells for P13,000. Less the deductions, that nets to around 8,000. Whole coconuts sell for three or four pesos a kilo,” Eliseo said. The production of copra, or the dried meat of a coconut, remains a small-scale business limited to individual farmers, itself an indication of the prevailing nature of farming in the country. Copra is mainly used to extract coconut oil, but its byproducts can also be used as animal feed. The Philippines, as an agricultural country, remains both a top producer and exporter of copra, and many farmers in Quezon, like Eliseo, rely on the copra market to survive.

The low selling price of coconut and copra is in stark contrast to the coconut industry, whose total exports were worth over 1.5 trillion USD in 2017. Coconut farmers are considered some of the poorest of the poor – with many of them do not have their own land. The lack of development and infrastructure to support the coconut industry forces it to remain export-oriented and its players small-scale and poor. But by far one of the most contentious aspects of the coconut industry is the Marcos-era coconut levy fund.

The coco levy fund, which was a tax applied to coconut farmers during the Marcos years, has been a constant source of contention for both farmers and the government. Recently, President Duterte urged Senate to pass a coco levy trust fund bill aimed at redistributing the now P100-billion fund during his 2019 SONA speech, a year after he vetoed previous legislation.

Coconut farmers like Eliseo, along with groups like Coco Levy Funds Ibalik sa Amin (CLAIM) Quezon and KOPRAHAN Quezon, have long called for the coco levy funds to be redistributed to its prime beneficiaries, the farmers. “We need those funds to survive, to buy equipment and chemicals and tools,” Eliseo said. “And besides, that’s money taken from the coconut farmers. It’s only right that it should be given to us.”

In March this year, elements of the 85th IBPA set up camp near the municipalities of Macalelon and nearby Lopez, ostensibly to take a census of the population. “Some of them even helped out in the farming,” Eliseo recounted. “But that was just it. By day they were friendly. By night, they would knock on our doors and ask questions.”

The questions were seemingly benign at first. “They would ask us if we knew so-and-so, then invite us to the camp to answer more questions. I always refused.”

It didn’t take long for the nature of the visits to change. “After a few days, they set up camp in the barangay hall and started handing out lists of people they wanted to call for interrogation. There were ten people on the list,” Eliseo said, “and I was one of them.”

One evening, soldiers knocked on Eliseo’s door to ask him to come for questioning, which he refused, noting that they didn’t have any document with them other than the list. He told the soldiers that they can come back in the morning, citing his age. The soldiers agreed and left.

Eliseo and his wife didn’t wait. They didn’t have the time to pack their things. By 10 p.m., they were making the trek from Malabahay, Macalelon to the Karapatan office in Catanauan, a distance of 37 kilometers.

Eliseo wasn’t the first one to be asked for questioning, nor was he the last. Slowly, reports trickled in and more people began to flee Macalelon. One farmer, also from the same barangay, recounted:

“They would call us, three or four at a time, sometimes to the barangay hall, sometimes to the municipal [Hall, in Macalelon proper]. The interrogations would start from 10 a.m. and end 10 p.m., no breaks. They would ask us, repeatedly, if we were supporters of the NPA [New People’s Army]. It was actually more of coercion. They’d tell us, ‘We already know who you are, so why don’t you just admit it?’ and they’d say a name and tell us that they were the ones who ratted us out.

This would go on for hours. They’d tell us that we could go as long as we tell them what they wanted to hear. If we don’t admit that we were NPA supporters, they said, they’d charge us with rebellion and imprison us. So it’s either we admit something we’re not, or we go to jail. And who wants to go to jail?

When [the farmers being interrogated] end up admitting, they have to name other people as well, whether it’s true or not, before they could be let go. Then, the military will say that they have your confession on record. You have to stay in your barangay, or else they’ll file a case against you.”

In Malabahay alone, the list went from 10 people to over 100. “If this was list of suspects,” Eliseo said with sarcasm, “then they have the entire barangay on it. We’re a barangay full of NPAs.”

The situation is the same in other barangays in Macalelon and in other towns as well.


One farmer from nearby Lopez was also called into questioning: “One evening, three people knocked at my door. I was already asleep, but my children were watching television, so they woke me up. They introduced themselves to me as NPA fighters, and even tried to shake my hand, but I didn’t want to. I never shake hands with strangers. He introduced himself as ‘Ka Marco’, and he asked me a bunch of questions about the area.

He used a lot of words I didn’t really understand, but it was clear that he was trying to bait me. He told me, ‘You don’t have to play dumb, we already know you’re a comrade,’ and he told me that so-and-so told them about me. I replied, ‘I don’t know that person’. Eventually, his mood changed and he left. I saw them ride away on motorcycles.

The next day, more people came knocking. Soldiers in uniform. A man who introduced himself as Sgt. Marciano was demanding that I come with him for questioning. He was shaking with anger, like a snarling dog. He kept on insisting I was an NPA supporter. He said a bunch of names and told me that they were the ones who informed on me. Then he showed me a picture of my son, with a hammer and sickle. ‘Your son was a rebel, so why don’t you just admit that you are too?’ he asked me.

He kept threatening me if I didn’t cooperate. He didn’t have any weapons but the soldiers around the corner had rifles. I asked them if they had any warrants, but they refused to give me an answer. I refused to go with them to the camp, and eventually they left.

They didn’t come a third time. But the next day, I heard a loud crash on my roof, and I saw somebody throwing a rock. When I opened the door, there was a note on the floor, and it read, ‘Your days are numbered.’

I didn’t wait for them to come back a third time. Their camp was near our barangay and they could just come and go whenever they want. So that evening, I left.”

Sometimes, the insinuations would turn into threats. On August 8 in Catanauan, Karapatan-Quezon reported that soldiers from the 85th IBPA harassed children and threatened to behead them should they “find them in the jungle”.

Not a new story

Cases of militarization aren’t new to the residents of these towns. Eliseo’s first encounter with soldiers dates back in 2008, during the tail end of the Arroyo administration. “It was Labor Day, and they asked me to come to their camp for questioning. I didn’t want to go,” he said. There was a time in 2011, during the Aquino administration, that they were forced to flee from Macalelon for a time.

For Eliseo, it’s clear that the military’s true reason for harassing them isn’t tied with the communists. “They’ve been doing this for as long as we’ve fought for the coco levy funds,” he said. “This is nothing new. Now, they’re starting this [irrigation project] that’s threatening to sink an entire barangay, and this is how they respond to our protests.”

Last July 31, the National Irrigation Authority launched a P775-million irrigation project in Macalelon, which includes a dam and irrigation works. Eliseo and other farmers from Macalelon and Lopez oppose the dam project, which they say will submerge nearly a hundred hectares of land and displace an entire barangay.

That same day, elements of the 2nd Infantry Division tried to enter the Karapatan office in Lucena, where Eliseo and the other evacuees had been staying after fleeing their homes. They had stayed in Catanauan for a time, but were again harassed by soldiers of the 85th IB. Fearing for their lives, the farmers were moved to Lucena, but it seemed as if there was no escape from the military.

Anger, hope

The mood shifted as the conversations went on. “If you ask me how life was before the military arrived there, I’ll tell you that it was great,” one of the farmers from Macalelon said. “Things were peaceful, and we could sleep soundly at night. It’s when the soldiers came that things became scary. But shouldn’t it be the opposite?”

Eliseo said, “Life is already hard enough as it is, and we’re only barely trying to get by. Then they come in and treat us like criminals. Putang ina nila.”

And who wouldn’t be angry? In one incident, the military took a farmer into questioning and subsequently detained him after in the barangay hall. Friends and family visited him every day to ensure his safety, until one day, they were told that he was being brought to a hospital to get a check-up.

When he returned, he had bruises all over his arm, and he could barely speak. Eventually, he managed to relay what happened: they went to a clinic to get a medical certificate before going to the camp outside Macalelon, where they had him drink something “which paralyzed him” and beat him.

But anger also comes with action. Last July 23, the evacuees filed a complaint with the Commission of Human Rights to hold the 85 IB accountable for human rights abuses. An investigation by the Commission is set for August 9.

Karapatan and Defend Southern Tagalog, the human rights organizations assisting the farmers, are similarly hopeful. “Justice always prevails in the end,” said Pastor Sam of Defend-ST. “What’s important right now is that people learn what’s happening in Quezon. This isn’t an isolated case, or even that unique to Quezon. This is systemic repression that we’re seeing as effects of Oplan Kapanatagan. The best thing we can do is expose these injustices.”

“We just want the coco levy funds returned to us,” a farmer said, “and to be able to return to our homes. That’s all.”

Persons interested in donating cash and in kind can contact Pastor Sam of Defend Southern Tagalog at 09308901165.

Opinion: We are young and we choose to fight back

Posted to Rappler (Aug 10, 2019): [OPINION] We are young and we choose to fight back (By Daryl Angelo Baybado)

'This is why the youth’s patriotism will never be quelled for we continue to embrace the struggle of workers, peasants and other sectors of the society,' asserts youth activist Daryl Angelo Baybado

After declaring the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) as terrorist organizations last year, the Philippine government is now going after youth organizations. They are brandishing terror to families and their children, taking the spotlight in “reuniting families” when they are the ones destroying it.

On August 7, Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa vowed to “clamp down” on all leftist groups recruiting minors to be part of their activities and as members and fighters. They narrowed this down to Anakbayan, League of Filipino Students and Kabataan Party list.

Dela Rosa now chairs the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs. It is not only ironic but is also utterly disgusting and downright preposterous.
In his words, minors joining so-called leftist groups are worse than drug addicts. Dela Rosa says that drug addicts can be rehabilitated. Is he just a complete idiot or do the Filipino people need to remind him that he is the architect behind the death of more than 30,000 lives?

Dela Rosa says that he wants “to know the real score in order to ferret out the truth.” Well here’s the truth: the tyrannical and murderous regime is the one creating its enemies. The real score is in the blood on your hands.

The military and the police preyed upon problems faced between youth activists and their families. While these are serious concerns, they ensured that this will prosper and develop following President Rodrigo Duterte’s Executive Order No. 70 in 2018 establishing a whole of nation approach in ending the local communist armed conflict through a national task force.

We will never forget the names Karen Empeno and Sherlyn Cadapan, and their mothers Concepcion and Erlinda, who fought for their daughters until the end. Army officials were found guilty of kidnapping and serious illegal detention over the two students' enforced disappearance. Karen and Sherlyn were also accused as members of the CPP. This government tore their families and they didn’t even have an ounce of regret.

We also need to retell the story of Mark Welson Chua’s murder by his fellow cadet officers which sprung from the mercenary traditions of the Philippine military taught under the Reserve Officers’ Training Program.

From these instances, it is clear that the police and the military are not interested in reuniting Filipino families. It is clear that they are the ones destroying it. They are digging deep for their reputation that can never be found. They were tasked to control the insurgencies but hasn’t won a single war against the NPA and foreign nations posing external threats like China.

Of course, Dela Rosa will support intensified visits of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in schools and universities. Regular monitoring and military and police presence in schools and universities will lead to heightened attacks against the democratic rights of students. This is a no-brainer. For him, protecting them means outright suppression to stifle the ever-strengthening patriotic movement of the youth.

In October 2018, the military through AFP assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Brigadier General Antonio Parlade released a list of universitieswhere the CPP-NPA allegedly recruits students. They paraded their imbecility by including the non-existent Caloocan City College and failing to provide evidence.

Just this July, two youth volunteers from Katipunan ng Samahang Magbubukid ng Timog Katagalugan and National Network of Agrarian Reform Advocates Youth were abducted by elements of the 76th Infantry Battalion.

Nadaline Fabon and Ray Malaborbor were charged with illegal possession of firearms and explosives and are currently detained at Sta. Cruz Police Station in Laguna. Fabon and Malaborbor were helping peasants in Occidental Mindoro as a state of calamity was declared in the area because of drought.

What needs to be addressed is why thousands and thousands of youth find the path of activism justified. But the military, the police, and the government will never address this because they are the purveyor of the economic and human rights crisis in the country.

They waged war against the poor and claimed thousands of innocent lives, they reformed the tax law and put the burden to millions of low earning families. They cry for nationalism but do not have the courage to defend our patrimony and sovereignty. They are the ones stealing hectares of land from farmers and indigenous people, selling it to foreign corporations.

This is why the youth’s patriotism will never be quelled for we continue to embrace the struggle of workers, peasants and other sectors of the society. Outside learning institutions, we have learned to relate our struggle to the struggle of the exploited masses, especially the workers and peasants.

And through time we have made the streets, factories, farmlands, and organizations devoted to a patriotic and democratic cause our sanctuary and a place for learning. This is something that Dela Rosa and this fascist government can never take away from the youth.

The Duterte regime needs incessant reminding that rebellion and resistance are in the Filipino people’s DNA. It is not the critical mass that encourages rebellion, it is this government and its inability to solve basic problems like hunger and employment that pushes people to tread the armed revolution—a reality demonized by those in power perpetuating a corrupt, murderous and poverty-plagued society. –

[Daryl Angelo Baybado is a graduate of Journalism from the University of Santo Tomas (UST). He was a former Associate Editor of The Varsitarian, UST's official student publication. He is currently the National President of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines, the broadest and oldest alliance of student publications in South East Asia.]

IDP Protection Assessment Report - Displacement in Lumba Bayabao, Lanao del Sur (AFP vs NPA) (IDPPAR No. 11, Issue No. 01, 2019)

Posted to the Relief Web (Aug 9, 2019): IDP Protection Assessment Report - Displacement in Lumba Bayabao, Lanao del Sur (AFP vs NPA) (IDPPAR No. 11, Issue No. 01, 2019)

REPORT from UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Protection Cluster
Published on 09 Aug 2019 —View Original

Download PDF (966.95 KB)


On July 26, 2019, the 55th Infantry Batallion (IB) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) launched military operations in the outskirts of the municipality of Lumba Bayabao, Lanao del Sur, which is believe to be where a group of New People's Army (NPA) were sighted. At around 2:00 in the morning the military launched a ground attack to suppress the presence of the said armed group. Series of artillery shellings were directed to the alleged location of the NPA. The artillery are pre-positioned in Barangay Ragayan in Poona Bayabao, firing towards the direction of Lumba Bayabao where the target, 7kms away, is said to be located. Around 20 families residing in the in the upper portions of barangay Ragayan were advised to come down to the lower part of the barangay for their safety, given that military forces are on the ground. In Lumba Bayabao, 162 families from barangays are Gambai, Gadongan and Lubo-Basara evacuated and sought safer grounds in Barangay Golingan, Cabasaran and Mapantao in Lumba Bayabao.

Allegedly, the military suffered one casualty in the firefight (to be validated).


In Lumba Bayabao, most displaced families are reported to have returned to their places of origin, except for 5 families staying in Barangay Gambai who have not returned yet to Barangay Gadongan due to fear. The Mayor of Lumba Bayabao had circulated text messages announcing that the security alert has been lifted and the situation has returned to normal. Gun fires have stopped as of the reporting period.

In Poona Bayabao, the 20 families displaced from the upper areas of Brgy Ragayan are still staying with their relatives in the lower parts of the barangay.

The military is still conducting continuous ground patrol in the said areas of concern. It was reported also that Marine forces had replaced the 55th Infantry Battalion to continue the pursuit of the said NPA members.

CPP/Ang Bayan: Bu­ruk­ra­ta-ka­pi­ta­lis­tang pan­da­ram­bong ng mga Vil­lar

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): Bu­ruk­ra­ta-ka­pi­ta­lis­tang pan­da­ram­bong ng mga Vil­lar

Ang mag-a­sa­wang Manny at Cynthia Vil­lar, kilala bilang lokal na dinastiya ng Las Pinas, kongresista at kasalukuyang se­na­dor ng reak­syu­nar­yong gub­yer­no, ang may-a­ri ng Vis­ta Land & Lifesca­pes na no­tor­yus sa pang-aa­gaw at pag­pa­pa­lit-ga­mit ng li­bu-li­bong ek­tar­yang mga sa­ka­han tu­ngong mga sub­di­bi­syon (Ca­mel­la Ho­mes, Lu­mi­na Ho­mes) at ma­la­la­king mall (Star­malls at Vis­ta Malls).

Noong 2008, naimbwel­to si Cynthia Vil­lar sa pa­nga­ngam­kam ng lu­pa ng mga mag­sa­sa­ka sa Norza­ga­ray, Bu­lacan. Na­sang­kot na­man si Manny Vil­lar sa pan­da­ram­bong noong 2010 ma­ta­pos ni­yang ipa­nu­ka­la na ba­gu­hin ang ru­ta ng C-5 Exten­si­on Project pa­bor sa lo­ka­syon ng kan­yang mga ne­go­syo. Na­lan­tad din na nag­ti­rik si­na Vil­lar ng mga sub­di­syon sa mga sa­ka­hang may iri­ga­syon sa Pavia, Iloi­lo City noong 2010 at sa Pla­ri­del Bu­lacan noong 2014.

Ki­la­la ang pa­mil­yang Vil­lar bi­lang ta­ga­su­por­ta ni Du­ter­te. Mag­ka­al­ya­do rin ang par­ti­do pu­li­ti­kal ni Vil­lar na Nacio­na­lis­ta at ang PDP-La­ban ni Du­ter­te.

Sa ila­lim ni Du­ter­te, lu­mo­bo ang ya­man ni Manny Vil­lar mu­la US$1.5 bil­yon (o P75.4 bil­yon) noong Mar­so 2017 tu­ngong US$5.5 bil­yon (o Php288.3 bil­yon) ni­tong Mar­so 2019. Mu­la ika-12, si­ya na nga­yon ang pi­na­ka­ma­ya­mang in­di­bid­wal sa buong ban­sa. Sa­man­ta­la, si Cynthia Vil­lar ay na­ka­pag­ta­la ng P3.7 bil­yon at ti­na­gu­ri­ang pi­na­ka­ma­ya­mang Se­na­dor, ha­bang ang ka­ni­lang anak na si Mark Vil­lar, ka­li­him ng De­partment of Pub­lic Work and Highways, ay na­ka­pag­ta­la na­man ng P1.4 bil­yon at ti­na­gu­ri­ang pi­na­ka­ma­ya­mang upi­syal sa ga­bi­ne­te ni Du­ter­te.

Ka­pan­sin-pan­sin ang pa­ki­na­bang ng pa­mil­yang Vil­lar sa prog­ra­mang pa­ngimprastruk­tu­ra ng re­hi­men. Ang ka­ni­lang kum­pan­ya ang pi­na­ka­hu­ling nag­pa­sa ng ap­li­ka­syon pa­ra sa pag­ta­ta­yo ng pa­su­ga­lan ba­go iba­ba ni Du­ter­te ang mo­ra­tor­yum sa pag­tang­gap ng ap­li­ka­syon pa­ra sa pag­ta­ta­yo ng mga ito noong Ene­ro 2018. Bu­kod sa iti­na­ta­yong re­sort at pa­su­ga­lan sa 1,000 ek­tar­yang lu­pa­in sa Das­ma­riñas, Cavi­te, naiu­lat din na pla­no ni­lang mag­ta­yo ng pa­re­hong imprastruk­tu­ra sa Las Piñas.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippinesand is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

CPP/Ang Bayan: Na­tio­nal Land Use Act, pakanang neo­li­be­ral

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): Na­tio­nal Land Use Act, pakanang neo­li­be­ral

Sa ikat­long pag­ka­ka­ta­on, mu­ling ti­nu­koy ni Rod­ri­go Du­ter­te ang Na­tio­nal Land Use Act (NLUA o ba­tas sa pam­ban­sang pag­ga­mit ng lu­pa) bi­lang prayoridad na panukala ng kan­yang rehimen sa kan­yang Sta­te of the Na­ti­on Address (SONA) noong Hul­yo 22.

Igi­ni­it ni­ Duterte na ki­na­kai­la­ngan na itong kagyat na ipa­sa ng Kong­re­so ba­go ma­ta­pos ang taon pa­ra ma­ka­pag­la­tag uma­no ng isang pam­ban­sa at kompre­hen­si­bong pla­no sa pag­ga­mit ng lu­pa pa­ra “ma­tu­gu­nan ang de­mand ng da­yu­hang mga ma­mu­mu­hu­nan.”

Pa­ngu­na­hing la­yu­nin mg NLUA pa­bi­li­sin ang pro­se­so ng ma­la­wa­kang kum­ber­syon ng mga lu­pang ag­ri­kul­tu­ral at ni­nu­no tu­ngong re­si­den­sya­l, ko­mer­syal at in­dustri­yal na ga­mit pa­ra kag­yat na mai­ben­ta sa mga da­yu­hang ma­mu­mu­hu­nan at ka­ni­lang ka­so­syong mga bur­ge­sya kumpra­dor. Ga­ga­mi­tin ito pa­ra pa­la­ya­sin ang mga mag­sa­sa­ka at ka­tu­tu­bo sa mga lu­pang tar­get na ta­yu­an ng dam­bu­ha­lang mga imprastruk­tu­ra sa ila­lim ng prog­ra­mang “Build, Build, Build.” Pasiuna nang ipinapatupad ito ngayon ng rehimen sa pamamagitan ng serye ng mga kautusang administratibo na inilabas ng Departmetn of Agrarian Reform noong Pebrero.

Sa ilalim ng NLUA, ita­ta­tag ang Na­tio­nal Land Use Com­mis­si­on (NLUC) na ma­nga­nga­si­wa sa rek­la­si­pi­ka­syon at kum­bersyon ng mga re­kur­song lu­pa sa buong ban­sa at mag­ba­ba­lang­kas ng pam­ban­sang pla­no pa­ra ri­to ka­da sam­pung taon alin­su­nod sa pa­nga­ngai­la­ngan ng mga ka­pi­ta­lis­ta. Ito ang mag­ta­tak­da kung alin la­mang ang mga lu­pa­in na maaa­ring bung­ka­lin at kung alin ang maaa­ring pag­ti­ri­kan ng mga imprastruk­tu­ra at ka­ba­ha­yan.

Ipag­ba­ba­wal ng NLUC ang pag­sa­sa­ka sa mga pam­pub­li­kong lu­pa­in na ide­dek­la­rang ka­gu­ba­tan, ka­bi­lang ang mga lu­pang hi­na­wan na ng ma­li­li­it na mag­sa­sa­ka. Ga­ga­win ni­tong mas sis­te­ma­ti­ko ang mga prog­ra­mang ga­ya ng Na­tio­nal Gree­ning Prog­ram na nag­pa­pa­la­yas sa ma­li­li­it na kai­nge­ro sa ka­ni­lang mga sa­ka­han pa­ra ma­ga­mit ang mga ito sa ma­la­la­wak na plan­ta­syon ng ko­mer­syal na ka­hoy.

Ma­ta­gal nang na­ka­bin­bin sa Kong­re­so ang NLUA. Una itong iti­nu­lak ng re­hi­meng Co­razon Aqui­no ka­sa­bay ng iba pang mga neo­li­be­ral na re­por­mang dik­ta ng World Bank. Sa na­ka­ra­an, gi­na­wa itong kun­di­syon ka­pa­lit ng bil­yun-bil­yong pau­tang. Pa­tu­loy itong ipi­na­nu­ka­la at ti­nu­koy na su­sing le­his­la­ti­bong hak­ba­ngin ng mag­ka­ka­su­nod na re­hi­men su­ba­lit hin­di ito umu­sad sa loob ng ma­hi­git da­la­wang de­ka­da.

Ni­tong nag­da­ang mga taon, gi­na­mit ng Ame­rican Cham­ber of Com­merce, ka­sa­pa­kat ng ahen­syang USAID, ang The Arang­ka­da Phi­lip­pi­nes Project pa­ra ag­re­si­bong itu­lak ang mga re­hi­meng Aqui­no at Du­ter­te na ipag­pa­tu­loy ang pag­-lo­bby ng ba­tas na ito sa Kong­re­so. Ta­ha­sang pa­nga­nga­yu­pa­pa ang ipi­na­ma­las ng re­hi­meng Du­ter­te nang ilu­sot ni­to sa Kongreso sa ikat­long pag­ba­sa ang pa­nu­ka­la ba­go mag­sa­ra ang sesyon nito noong Hun­yo 3.

Sa da­ra­ting na mga bu­wan, na­ka­tak­da nang ta­la­ka­yin ang pa­nu­ka­la sa Senado sa pa­ngu­ngu­na ni Se­n. Cynthia Vil­lar, ta­ga­pa­ngu­lo ng ko­mi­te ni­to sa ka­li­ka­san at li­kas na mga re­kur­so. Sa ka­bi­la ng pa­gi­ging al­ya­do ni Du­ter­te, ma­ri­in ang pag­tu­tol ni­ya sa pag­sa­sa­ba­tas ng NLUA sa­pag­kat ta­tang­ga­lin ni­to ang ka­pang­ya­ri­han ng mga lo­kal na gub­yer­no na mag­rek­la­si­pi­ka ng mga lu­pa­ing ka­ni­lang si­na­sak­law at mag­tak­da ng sa­ri­ling pla­no sa pag­ga­mit ng mga ito. Ka­pag nai­sa­ba­tas ang NLUA, ipa­pa­sa ang mga ka­pang­ya­ri­hang ito sa NLUC na di­rek­tang na­ka­pai­la­lim sa pam­ban­sang gub­yer­no.

Ma­li­naw na pi­na­ki­na­ba­ngan ng mga Vil­lar ang lu­mang kaa­yu­san sa pag­pa­pa­lit-ga­mit ng lu­pa la­lu­pa’t mas ma­da­li pa­ra sa ka­ni­la na su­hu­lan ang lo­kal na mga gub­yer­no pa­ra ilu­sot ang ka­ni­lang mga ne­go­syong pa­ba­hay.

Sa ha­rap ng ban­tang mu­ling ibin­bin ang pa­nu­ka­la, ipi­na­tu­pad ng re­hi­men ang Joint De­partment of Agra­ri­an Reform-De­partment of Jus­tice Order 75 noong Ma­yo 31 na mag-iinsti­tu­syo­na­li­sa sa prog­ra­ma ni Du­ter­te sa pag­ga­mit ng lu­pa ka­hit hin­di pa nai­sa­sa­ba­tas ang NLUA.
Ayon sa kon­ser­ba­ti­bong ta­ya ng re­hi­men na ini­la­bas ni­to noong Ene­ro, lu­mi­it nang 25% ang ka­buuang er­ya ng lu­pang ag­ri­kul­tu­ral sa ban­sa mu­la 9.7 mil­yong ek­tar­ya noong 1980 tu­ngong 7.3 mil­yon noong 2012, pa­ngu­na­hin da­hil sa ma­la­wa­kang kum­ber­syon ng mga ito at la­ga­nap na pang-aa­gaw ng lu­pa sa buong ban­sa.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippinesand is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

CPP/Ang Bayan: SONA ng Ba­yan la­ban sa pam­ban­sang tray­dor

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): SONA ng Ba­yan la­ban sa pam­ban­sang tray­dor

Sa ikaa­pat na Sta­te of the Na­ti­on Address (SONA) ni Rod­ri­go Du­ter­te noong Hul­yo 22, naiulat na uma­bot sa 50,000 ang lumahok sa mga rali laban sa kanya sa mga sentrong lun­sod sa buong ban­sa. Kinundena ng mga raliyista ang suk­du­lang pagtataksil ni Duterte at ipinanawagan ang pagpapatalsik sa kanya da­hil sa kan­yang pag­su­ko sa Chi­na ng mga ka­ra­pa­tan ng mga Pilipino sa West Phi­lip­pi­ne Sea. Bi­na­ti­kos ni­la ang kanyang pa­sis­mo at pag­pa­pa­tu­pad ng kontra-ma­ma­ma­yang mga pa­ta­ka­ran na hi­git pang nagsa­sad­lak sa sam­ba­ya­nan sa ka­hi­ra­pan.

Sa pam­ban­sang ka­bi­se­ra, inu­lat ng mga or­ga­ni­sa­dor na may 40,000 ang nag­martsa sa ka­ha­ba­an ng Com­mon­we­alth Ave­nue sa Quezon City upang ipa­muk­ha sa pam­ban­sang tray­dor ng Pi­li­pi­nas na si Du­ter­te na “a­tin ang Pi­nas!” Na­na­wa­gan si­la na pa­la­ya­sin ang Chi­na sa ki­na­kam­kam ni­tong te­ri­tor­yong da­gat ng ban­sa. Pi­na­ngu­na­han ang pro­tes­ta ng Ba­gong Alyan­sang Ma­ka­ba­yan (Ba­yan) at ni­la­hu­kan ng iba’t ibang or­ga­ni­sa­syon bit­bit ang ka­ni-ka­ni­lang mga sek­to­ral na pa­na­wa­gan.

Luzon. Nagpro­tes­ta ang ma­hi­git 600 mag­sa­sa­ka, ma­ngi­ngis­da at ka­tu­tu­bo sa Au­ro­ra Park, Laoag City pa­ra ba­ti­ku­sin ang pa­tu­loy na pan­da­ra­has ng mi­li­tar sa ka­ni­lang ha­nay, pag­si­rit ng pre­syo ng mga bi­li­hin du­lot ng Tax Reform for Acce­le­ra­ti­on and Inclu­si­on (TRAIN), at ang ka­wa­lan ng sub­sid­yo pa­ra sa ka­ni­lang sek­tor. Du­ma­lo na­man ang ma­hi­git 200 sa po­rum na ini­lun­sad ng Tong­to­ngan Ti Umi­li-Cor­dil­le­ra Peop­les Alli­ance hing­gil sa SONA ni Du­ter­te sa Ca­thed­ral of the Re­sur­recti­on, Mag­say­say Ave­nue sa Ba­guio City.

Ma­hi­git 500 ang nagpro­tes­ta sa Peña­ran­da Park, Le­gazpi City pa­ra kun­de­na­hin ang ma­la­wa­kang extra­hu­di­syal na pa­ma­mas­lang sa re­hi­yon. Nag­lun­sad din ng pag­ki­los ang mga ak­ti­bis­ta sa Na­ga, Sor­so­gon at Mas­ba­te pa­ra ipi­na­wa­gan ang pag­pa­pa­tal­sik kay Du­ter­te at ba­ti­ku­sin ang kan­yang pa­nga­nga­yu­pa­pa sa Chi­na.

Vi­sa­yas. Lu­ma­hok ang ma­hi­git 4,000 aktibista sa mag­ka­ka­hi­wa­lay na pro­tes­ta sa apat na sentrong ur­ban ng is­la ng Pa­nay. Nagpro­tes­ta ang ma­hi­git 3,000 sa pam­pub­li­kong li­wa­san ng Baco­lod City bit­bit ang pa­na­wa­gang wa­ka­san na ang ar­bit­rar­yong pa­ma­mas­lang at ma­sa­ker la­ban sa ma­ma­ma­yan ng Neg­ros. Hin­di ba­ba­ba sa 400 ak­ti­bis­ta ang nagpro­tes­ta sa Bo­hol upang kun­de­na­hin ang pa­tu­loy na pang­gi­gi­pit at pa­ma­mas­lang sa mga mag­sa­sa­ka at iba pang pag­la­bag sa ka­ra­pa­tang-tao. Pi­na­ngu­na­han na­man ng Ba­yan-Central Vi­sa­yas ang martsa ng ma­hi­git 300 ak­ti­bis­ta mu­la Fuen­te Osmeña Circle tu­ngong Co­lon Stre­et sa Ce­bu City.

Min­da­nao. Nagpro­tes­ta ang mga ak­ti­bis­ta at Lu­mad sa Ca­ga­yan de Oro at Davao City bit­bit ang pa­na­wa­gang wa­ka­san na ang ba­tas mi­li­tar sa Min­da­nao. Bi­na­ti­kos din ni­la ang pag­pa­pa­sa­ra ng re­hi­men sa mga eskwe­la­hang Lu­mad. Nag­lun­sad ang mga re­si­den­te ng Ma­ra­wi ng ka­ni­lang ber­syon ng SONA na ti­na­wag ni­lang Sta­te of Ma­ra­wi Bak­wit (Som­bak) sa Min­da­nao Sta­te Univer­sity.

Iba­yong da­gat. Ma­hi­git 100 ang nagpro­tes­ta sa ta­pat ng Phi­lip­pi­ne Con­su­la­te Ge­ne­ral sa New York City sa pa­ngu­ngu­na ng Ma­la­ya Move­ment. Nag­lun­sad din ng pro­tes­ta ang mga mig­ran­teng Pi­li­pi­no sa mga sentrong lun­sod sa Austra­lia, Ca­na­da, France, Hong­kong, Italy, Ja­pan, The Net­her­lands, New Zea­land, Sau­di Ara­bia, South Ko­rea at Uni­ted King­dom.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippinesand is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

CPP/Ang Bayan: Hu­wad na re­por­mang ag­rar­yo sa Bo­racay

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): Hu­wad na re­por­mang ag­rar­yo sa Bo­racay

Taliwas sa ipinagmamayabang ni Pre­si­dent Rod­ri­go Du­ter­te sa kan­yang ikaa­pat na Sta­te of the Na­ti­on Address, hin­di to­to­ong nai­sa­ka­tu­pa­ran na ang re­por­mang ag­rar­yo sa is­la ng Bo­racay sa Aklan.

Ang to­too, hang­gang sa ka­sa­lu­ku­yan ay hin­di pa rin nai­pa­pa­ma­ha­gi ang 18 ek­tar­yang lu­pa­in na isi­nai­la­lim sa re­por­mang ag­rar­yo sa mga be­ne­pi­sya­ryo ni­to. Ayon kay De­partment of Agra­ri­an Reform (DAR)-Wes­tern Vi­sa­yas Di­rector Step­hen Leo­ni­das, ipa­ma­ma­ha­gi pa lang ito sa mga ka­tu­tu­bong set­ler na hin­di ka­bi­lang sa tri­bung Ati ng Bo­racay.

Noong Nob­yembre 2018, 3.2 ek­tar­yang lu­pa la­mang (wa­la pa isang por­sye­nto ng 1,032-ek­tar­yang is­la) ang ka­buuang ipi­na­ma­ha­gi sa 44 pa­mil­yang ka­sa­pi ng Bo­racay Ati Tri­bal Orga­niza­ti­on.

Ayon sa mga pa­na­na­lik­sik sa antro­po­lo­hi­ya, ang Ati ang mga ka­tu­tu­bong na­ni­ra­han sa Bo­racay ba­go pa du­ma­ting ang mga Bi­sa­yan at mga ko­lon­ya­lis­tang Espan­yol. Ngu­nit ito ay pi­na­si­si­nu­nga­lingan ng ibang mga ka­tu­tu­bong set­ler (di-Ati) na nag­gi­gi­it ng ka­ni­lang ka­ra­pa­tan sa lu­pang na­ka­tak­dang ipa­ma­ha­gi.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippinesand is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

CPP/Ang Bayan: Editorial - Wa­ka­san ang la­gim ni Duter­te sa Neg­ros at buong Pi­li­pi­nas

Propaganda editorial from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): Wa­ka­san ang la­gim ni Duter­te sa Neg­ros at buong Pi­li­pi­nas

Li­ma­hid sa du­go ang isla ng Neg­ros. Wa­lang tigil na bu­mubu­ga ng lak­sang pung­lo si Rodrigo Du­ter­te laban sa mga wa­lang ka­la­ban-labang mamamayan.

Muling naglunsad ang kanyang mga death squad sa isla ng sunud-sunod na pagpatay ng karaniwang mamamayan sa nakaraang buwan. HIndi ba­ba­ba sa 16 ang pi­nas­lang, kabilang ang isang dating meyor, isang halal na konsehal, isang prinsipal ng eskwelahan at iba pang may mga katungkulan sa burukrasyang sibil. Wala ring patid ang pamamaslang sa ordinaryong mga sibilyan. Ka­ra­mi­han sa ka­ni­la’y wa­lang ba­se­hang pi­na­ra­ta­ngang su­mu­su­por­ta sa re­bo­lu­syo­nar­yong ki­lu­san.

Wa­lang ibang na­sa li­kod sa mga pag­pa­tay na ito kun­di ang ha­li­maw na si Du­ter­te. Matindi ang kanyang pag-aal­bu­ru­to sa pag­ka­puk­sa ng kan­yang mga ar­ma­dong tau­han noong Hul­yo 18 nang ambusin sila ng isang yu­nit ng Ba­gong Huk­bong Ba­yan (BHB) sa ba­yan ng Ayu­ngon, Neg­ros Ori­en­tal. Dahil dito, inud­yu­kan ni­ya ang kan­yang mga ali­pu­res na higit pang mag­ha­sik ng pa­sis­tang la­gim at pagbuntunan ng galit ang mga di ar­ma­dong sibilyan.

Si­mu­la sa ma­sa­ker sa Sa­gay noong Oktub­re 2018, a­pat na serye nang kon­sentra­dong bi­nig­wa­san ng karahasan ng rehimeng Duterte ang Neg­ros. Ha­law sa es­ti­lo ng sa­bay-sa­bay na pag-a­ta­ke at pa­ma­mas­lang ng mga pu­lis at sun­da­lo sa mga ko­mu­ni­dad sa ila­lim ng ti­na­gu­ri­ang Oplan Sau­ron, isi­na­ga­wa ng ar­ma­dong mga ahen­te ng AFP at PNP ang pa­ma­mas­lang sa masinsin at magkakasunod na para­an. Imbing ha­ngad ni­to na lam­bu­ngan ng ta­kot ang ma­ma­ma­yan ng Neg­ros at lum­pu­hin ang ka­ni­lang pag­la­ban sa pa­sis­tang re­hi­men.

Isa ang is­la ng Neg­ros sa du­ma­ra­nas ng pi­na­ka­ma­tin­ding ka­wa­lan ng lu­pa sa bu­ong Pi­li­pi­nas. Ma­ting­kad na ma­ki­ki­ta rito ang katangiang hu­wad ng “re­por­ma sa lu­pa” ng reak­syu­nar­yong es­ta­do. Pa­tu­loy na nag­ha­ha­ri sa Neg­ros ang ma­la­la­king asen­de­ro na tu­luy-tu­loy na nag­pa­pa­ka­sa­sa sa li­bu-li­bong ek­tar­yang tu­bu­han. Kasabay nito, pinaglalawayan ng malalaking kumpanya sa mina ang ya­mang mineral sa isla.

Na­pa­ka­sid­hi ng pang-aa­pi at pag­sa­sa­man­ta­la sa ma­sang mag­sa­sa­ka at manggagawang bukid sa mga tubuhan sa Neg­ros. Gu­tom ang araw-a­raw nilang ki­na­ka­ha­rap. Umaa­li­ngaw­ngaw ang ka­ni­lang si­gaw pa­ra sa ka­ta­ru­ngang pan­li­pu­nan at tu­nay na re­por­ma sa lu­pa bi­lang so­lu­syon sa ka­ni­lang pag­ka­lug­mok sa ka­hi­ra­pan. Tu­luy-tu­loy na su­mi­sig­la sa Neg­ros ang ar­ma­dong re­bo­lu­syon da­hil sa ma­la­lim at ma­la­wak na su­por­ta ng ma­sang anak­pa­wis na nag­ha­ha­ngad wa­ka­san ang dan­ta­ong sis­te­mang umaa­pi sa ka­ni­la.

Pi­no­pon­do­han ng ma­la­la­king pa­ngi­no­ong may­lu­pa ang mga sun­da­lo at pu­lis, pa­ti na ang mga pa­ra­mi­li­tar na “de­ath squad” sa Neg­ros. Sa in­te­res ng mga asen­de­ro, gi­na­ga­mit ng re­hi­meng US-Du­ter­te ang mga ar­ma­dong tau­hang ito pa­ra bu­sa­lan ang ma­sang mag­sa­sa­ka at su­pi­lin ang ka­ni­lang mga pa­ki­ki­ba­ka. Sa nag­da­ang mga bu­wan, ma­sa­ker, pa­ma­mas­lang, pag-aa­res­to at pag­ku­ku­long ang sa­got ni Du­ter­te sa mga mag­sa­sa­kang lu­ma­la­ban sa Neg­ros.

Sa pa­ma­ma­gi­tan ng Me­mo­ran­dum Order No. 32 na ini­la­bas ni Du­ter­te noong Oktub­re 2018, inang­kin ni­ya ang ka­rag­da­gang ka­pang­ya­ri­hang ipa­taw ang pag­ha­ha­ring mi­li­tar at pu­lis sa nga­lan ng “pag­sug­po sa ka­ra­ha­san.” Ka­bi­lang sa si­na­kop ni­to ang Neg­ros na isi­nai­la­lim sa di dek­la­ra­dong ba­tas mi­li­tar. Ma­ta­pos ang su­nud-su­nod na pag­pa­tay noong Hul­yo, ipi­nag-u­tos ang pag­da­rag­dag ng 300 pang ar­ma­dong tau­han ng Special Acti­on Force sa isla. Lalo nitong pahihigpitin ng ar­ma­dong pag­si­kil sa mamamayan sa isla.

Ang la­gim na ku­mu­ku­ba­baw sa Neg­ros ay si­ya ring bu­ma­ba­lot sa ma­ra­ming lu­gar sa ka­na­yu­nan sa buong ban­sa. Pi­na­ka­ma­la­la ang ka­la­ga­yan sa mga pru­bin­sya sa Min­da­nao na ma­hi­git da­la­wang taon nang na­sa ila­lim ng ba­tas mi­li­tar. Dag­dag sa Neg­ros, isi­nai­la­lim din sa di dek­la­ra­dong ba­tas mi­li­tar ang Bicol at Sa­mar.

Sa ka­na­yu­nan at mga lib­lib na lu­gar sa buong ban­sa, ang militar ang na­ka­pang­ya­ya­ri at wa­lang ba­tas na mas ma­ta­as kay­sa sa pa­sya nito. Sa ila­lim ng Na­tio­nal Task Force (NTF) at doktri­na ni­tong “kontra­-in­sur­hen­sya­,” ang buong bu­ruk­ra­sya ng gub­yer­nong Du­ter­te ay na­sa ila­lim ng tu­wi­ran at di tu­wi­rang kontrol ng mi­li­tar. Ang la­hat ng ahen­syang si­bil ay gi­na­ga­mit na san­da­ta pa­ra sa dig­mang pa­nu­nu­pil.

Sa buong ban­sa, wa­lang-a­wat ang mga pa­ma­mas­lang at pag-a­bu­so ng mi­li­tar sa ka­pang­ya­ri­han. Gi­na­ga­mit ang pa­sis­tang ka­ra­ha­san ng es­ta­do upang pa­ta­hi­mi­kin ang si­gaw pa­ra sa tu­nay na re­por­ma sa lu­pa at su­pi­lin ang ka­ni­lang pag­tu­tol sa pag­pa­sok ng mga da­yong kum­pan­ya sa pag­mi­mi­na, mga plan­ta­syon at mga pro­yek­tong pang-imprastruk­tu­ra sa ila­lim ng “Build, Build, Build” ng rehimen. Ka­kam­bal ng pa­sis­mo ang bu­ruk­ra­ta-ka­pi­ta­lis­tang pan­da­ram­bong ni Du­ter­te at ng kanyang pamilya.

Ma­lu­pit man at wa­lang pa­kun­da­ngan, maling isi­ping hin­di ma­ga­ga­pi ang halimaw na si Duterte. Ang kanyang ka­ba­ngi­san ay tan­da hin­di ng la­kas, kundi ng kahinaan at kawalang ka­ka­ya­han niyang mamayani nang walang lumalaban sa kanyang kabuktutan.
Bat­bat sa kri­sis ang pun­da­syon ng kan­yang pag­ha­ha­ri. Sa li­kod ng kan­yang ba­ngis at as­tang wa­lang ki­na­ta­ta­ku­tan, la­bis na na­nga­ngam­ba si Du­ter­te na sa­ma-sa­mang mag­­ba­ngon ang sam­­ba­ya­nang Pi­li­pi­no pa­ra sa­bay-sa­bay si­yang itum­­ba sa kan­yang po­der at papa­na­gu­tin sa kan­yang mga kri­men at ko­rap­syo­n.

Tu­luy-tu­loy na nag­ba­ba­ngon ang ma­ma­ma­yan ng Neg­ros at ang buong sam­ba­ya­nang Pi­li­pi­no. Si­gaw ni­lang wa­ka­san ang ma­lu­pit na pag­ha­ha­ri ni Du­ter­te. Pa­tu­loy si­lang su­mu­sulong sa lan­das ng pag­la­ban. Da­pat ma­hig­pit na mag­kai­sa at iba­yong pa­la­ka­sin ang ka­ni­lang mga or­ga­ni­sa­syon bi­lang san­da­ta pa­ra igi­it ang ka­ni­lang mga ka­ra­pa­tan at hi­na­ha­ngad na ka­ta­ru­ngan. Dapat itaas ang kamulatan ng lahat at patatagin ang determina­syon at tapang na lumaban.

Lu­bos na pi­na­ta­ta­tag ang Par­ti­do at ang la­hat ng re­bo­lu­syo­nar­yong pwer­sa. Si­la ang na­sa gu­lu­god at una­han ng pa­ki­ki­ba­ka ng buong sam­ba­ya­nan. Pi­na­mu­mu­nu­an ng Par­ti­do ang BHB upang bigwasan si Du­ter­te at ba­sa­gin ang kanyang pa­sis­tang pa­ngil. Hi­ni­hi­ka­yat ng Par­ti­do ang buong sam­ba­ya­nan na ma­ki­ba­ka at ta­pu­sin ang la­hat ng ka­bu­hu­ngan ni Du­ter­te at isu­long ang re­bo­lu­syo­nar­yong pa­ki­ki­ba­ka pa­ra ita­tag ang ba­gong sis­te­mang pan­li­pu­nan sa Pi­li­pi­nas.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippinesand is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

CPP/Ang Bayan: Pag­da­nak ng du­go sa Neg­ros

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): Pag­da­nak ng du­go sa Neg­ros

Noong ga­bi ng Hul­yo 25, pi­na­sok ng ar­ma­dong ka­la­la­ki­han ang ku­bo ng pa­mil­yang Ocam­po sa Barangay San Jo­se, Sta. Ca­ta­li­na, Negros Oriental. Bi­na­ril at pi­na­tay ni­la ang isang taong gu­lang na si Marjon at ang kan­yang ama na si Mar­lon Ocam­po na inaa­ku­sa­han ni­lang sumusuporta sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan (BHB). Nasugatan dito ang asawa ni Marlon. Saksi sa krimen ang dalawa pang batang Ocampo. Ang mag-a­mang Ocam­po ang pi­na­ka­hu­li sa 87 bik­ti­ma ng ekstra­hu­di­syal na pa­ma­mas­lang sa Neg­ros mu­la nang mau­po ang halimaw na si Rodrigo Duter­te.

Sa Gui­hul­ngan, bi­na­ril at pi­na­tay si Atty. Anthony Tri­ni­dad noong Hul­yo 23. Isa si­ya sa mga abu­ga­dong ma­li­syo­song ini­ug­nay ng gru­pong Kaw­sa Gui­hul­nga­non Ba­tok Ko­mu­nis­ta sa re­bo­lu­syo­nar­yong ki­lu­san. Ang na­tu­rang gru­po ay pi­non­do­han at pi­na­ta­tak­bo bilang death squad ng Philippine National Police. Na­su­ga­tan ang asa­wa ni Tri­ni­dad na si Novie Ma­rie at isa pang dray­ber ng pe­dikab sa in­si­den­te. Noong Hul­yo 25, pi­na­tay ang mag­ka­pa­tid na si­na Arthur Ba­ya­wa, prin­si­pal ng Gui­hul­ngan Science High Scho­ol at Arda­le Ba­ya­wa, he­pe ng Gui­hul­ngan City Divi­si­on ng Department of Education sa Ba­ra­ngay Hi­bai­yo. Sa pa­re­hong araw, bi­na­ril na­man ang mag­sa­sa­kang si Ro­meo Ali­pan, kapitan ng Ba­ra­ngay Bue­navis­ta. Lahat ng mga biktima ay pinalalabas na pinatay ng BHB, kahit pa una na silang binansagan ng AFP na mga tagasuporta o myembro ng BHB.

Bi­na­ril na­man ang da­ting me­yor ng Ayungon na si Edcel Enar­deci­do at pin­san ni­yang si Leo Enar­deci­do noong Hul­yo 27. Ba­go ni­to, naiu­lat na na­ma­tay si Sunny Cal­de­ra, ka­pi­tan ng Ba­ra­ngay Ma­ba­to sa naturang bayan ma­ta­pos uma­nong ma­kai­nom ng pes­ti­sid­yo noong Hul­yo 25. Isa pang mag­sa­sa­ka, si Re­den Eleu­te­rio, ang bi­na­ril sa Barangay Tam­pocon II. Ang mga ata­keng ito ang du­wag na gan­ti ng re­hi­meng Du­ter­te sa le­hi­ti­mong am­bus ng mga Pu­lang man­di­rig­ma sa apat na pu­lis sa Ayu­ngon noong Hulyo 18.

Noong Hul­yo 26, pi­na­tay si Fe­de­rico Sa­bejon sa Ba­ra­ngay 3, Sia­ton. Sa Can­la­on City, pi­nas­lang naman ang ka­pi­tan ng Pa­nu­bi­gan na si Ernes­to Po­sa­das at kon­se­hal ng syudad na si Ra­mon Ja­lan­do­ni. Pa­tay din si Anacianci­no Ro­sa­li­ta, ta­nod ng Ba­ra­ngay Buca­lan noong Hul­yo 28. Binaril siya ng mga pwersa ng death squad ni Duterte sa Oval Pub­lic Mar­ket sa katabing barangay.

Da­la­wang mag­sa­sa­ka, si­na Wenny Aleg­re at Fe­li­mi­no Ja­na­yan, pa­ngu­lo ng Uni­ted Ca­la­ngo Far­mers Associa­ti­on sa Zam­boa­ngui­ta, Neg­ros Ori­en­tal ang bi­na­ril at pi­nas­lang noong Hul­yo 24. Nag­pang­gap ang mga sa­la­rin na mga Pu­lang man­di­rig­ma sa tang­kang si­ra­an ang re­bo­lu­syo­nar­yong kil­usan.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippinesand is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

CPP/Ang Bayan: Lt. Gen. Noel Cle­ment, ber­du­gong ani­no ni Pal­pa­ran

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): Lt. Gen. Noel Cle­ment, ber­du­gong ani­no ni Pal­pa­ran

Karugtong ang ka­ma­kai­lang ma­ra­mi­hang pag­pa­tay sa Neg­ros ng malagim na Oplan Sau­ron na nag­ha­sik ng te­ror sa is­la mu­la pa Di­sye­mbre 2018. Mu­la nang ipa­tu­pad ito, ma­hi­git 40 si­bil­yan na ang bik­ti­ma ng ekstrahudisyal na pamamaslang. Ma­li­ban sa mga pinatay, puu-puo ring mga si­bil­yan ang ili­gal na ina­res­to at si­nam­pa­han ng ga­wa-ga­wang mga ka­so.

Ang pag­pa­pa­tu­pad ng Oplan Sau­ron ay pi­na­ngu­ngu­na­han ng Armed Forces of the Phi­lip­pi­nes Central Com­mand (AFP Centcom) sa ila­lim ni Lt. Gen. Noel Cle­ment. No­tor­yus si Cle­ment bi­lang isa sa mga na­ka­ba­ba­bang upi­syal na si­na­nay noon ni Jovi­to Pal­pa­ran sa pag­sa­ga­wa ng mga kri­men ng Oplan Ban­tay La­ya 1 at 2. Saanman noon naghahasik ng lagim si Pal­pa­ran, na­ka­bun­tot sa kan­ya si Cle­ment bi­lang ma­ta­pat na ala­gad. Tulad ng kanyang idolo, bu­kam­bi­big ni Clement ang pag­ba­ban­sag na ko­mu­nis­ta sa mga tu­mu­tu­lig­sa sa reak­syu­nar­yong gub­yer­no. Matapat niyang ipi­na­­tu­pad ang mga utos ng pa­ma­mas­lang at iba pang pag­la­bag sa ka­ra­pa­tang-tao.

Na­ka­pai­la­lim si Cle­ment sa 204th Bri­ga­de nang du­ku­tin at pa­ta­yin ng naturang yunit-militar ang mga ta­ga­pag­ta­gu­yod ng ka­ra­pa­tang-tao na si­na Eden Marcel­la­na at Eddie Gu­ma­noy noong 2003 sa Min­do­ro Ori­en­tal. Pi­nu­no noon ng na­tu­rang bri­ga­da si Pal­pa­ran.

Nang mai­li­pat si Pal­pa­ran sa 7th ID sa Central Luzon noong 2005, mag­ka­sa­ma si­la ni Cle­ment sa pag­ha­ha­sik ng ka­ra­ha­san sa re­hi­yon. Noong 2006, sa loob la­mang ng Ene­ro hang­gang Peb­re­ro, 25 ka­tao ang bik­ti­ma ng pag­pa­tay, pag­du­kot, pag­tortyur, pam­bu­bug­bog, pa­na­na­kot, ma­sa­ker, in­te­ro­ga­syon at ili­gal na detensyon. Namuno na noon si Cle­ment sa 56th IB, ang nangungunang abusadong yunit-militar sa rehiyon. Isa rin si­ya sa mga nagpla­no at nag­pa­tu­pad sa pag­du­kot sa ak­ti­bis­tang si Jo­nas Bur­gos noong 2007.

Ma­la­wa­kang pin­sa­la naman ang ibi­nu­nga ng mga ope­ra­syong pi­na­mu­nu­an ni Cle­ment sa Mindanao. Bi­lang ku­man­der ng 602nd Bri­ga­de noong 2015 hang­gang 2016, na­ki­la­la si Cle­ment ng mga re­si­den­teng Mo­ro sa North Co­ta­ba­to sa kan­yang pa­nga­ngan­yon sa mga ko­mu­ni­dad.

Ilang araw la­mang ma­ta­pos idek­la­ra ni Du­ter­te ang ba­tas mi­li­tar sa Min­da­nao noong Ma­yo 2017, iti­na­la­ga ng AFP si Cle­ment bi­lang pi­nu­no ng 10th ID. Sak­law ng ope­ra­syon ni­to ang buong re­hi­yon ng Davao, at ang mga hang­ga­nan ni­to sa mga pru­bin­sya ng Su­ri­gao del Sur, Agu­san del Sur at Bu­kid­non. Na­na­la­sa si Cle­ment at ang kan­yang mga tau­han sa lugar. Sa loob la­mang ng 19 bu­wan, umaa­bot sa 50 si­bil­yan ang pi­na­tay ng mga tau­han ni Cle­ment, ka­bi­lang ang da­la­wang ba­ta. Li­bu-li­bo rin ang sa­pi­li­tang lu­mi­kas da­hil sa mga pam­bo­bom­ba at pang­ga­ga­lu­gad ng mga sun­da­lo sa mga ko­mu­ni­dad.

Isa sa ka­ru­mal-du­mal na mga kri­men ni Cle­ment bi­lang ku­man­der ng 10th ID ang pag­ma­sa­ker sa pi­tong Lu­mad noong Di­sye­mbre 3, 2017 sa La­ke Se­bu, South Co­ta­ba­to. Da­la­wang iba pa ang su­ga­tan sa na­tu­rang in­si­den­te. Pa­tung-pa­tong na ka­so ang isi­nam­pa la­ban kay Cle­ment, at ki­na Lt. Col. Ha­rold Ca­bu­noc ng 33rd IB at Lt. Col. Benja­min Lean­der ng 27th IB. Mga tau­han din ni Cle­ment ang du­mu­kot, nag­tortyur at nagtangkang sumilab sa dalawang kabataang minero noong Nobyembre 2017 sa Compostela Valley.

Pa­mu­mu­no sa CENTCOM

Ina­lis si Cle­ment sa 10th ID at ini­li­pat sa Centcom noong Nob­yembre 2018. Sak­law ng ope­ra­syon ng Centcom ang buong Vi­sa­yas. Na­sa ila­lim ni­to ang da­la­wang di­bi­syon ng Army (8th ID sa Eas­tern Vi­sa­yas at 3rd ID sa Central at Wes­tern Vi­sa­yas), ang 2nd Tactical Ope­ra­ti­ons Wing ng Air Force, at ang buong pwer­sang na­bal sa Vi­sa­yas.

Wa­la pang isang bu­wan ma­ta­pos ili­pat sa Centcom, agad ni­yang ipi­na­tu­pad ang Oplan Sau­ron sa Neg­ros alin­su­nod sa Me­mo­ran­dum Order No. 32 ni Rod­ri­go Du­ter­te. Na­ka­tu­tok nga­yon sa is­la ang to­do-ge­ra ng Centcom kung saan may li­mang ba­tal­yong pangkombat ang na­ka­pa­kat, ma­li­ban pa sa mga pwer­sa ng PNP.

Ma­li­ban sa pa­na­na­la­sa sa Central Vi­sa­yas, pag­pas­lang at pa­mi­min­sa­la rin sa mga ko­mu­ni­dad sa Eas­tern Vi­sa­yas ang man­do ni Cle­ment. Sa is­la ng Sa­mar, tu­min­di ang mga pag­pa­tay sa mga si­bil­yan mu­la Mar­so 2019. Sa bu­ngad ng taon, 545 ba­ra­ngay ang naiu­lat na mi­li­ta­ri­sa­do, kung saan 250 sa mga ito ang oku­pa­do ng mga sun­da­lo. Ma­hi­git 300 pa­mil­ya na ang na­pa­la­yas sa ka­ni­lang mga ta­ha­nan da­hil sa pag­sa­kop ng mga sun­da­lo ng 8th ID sa ka­ni­lang mga ko­mu­ni­dad.

Sa­man­ta­la, tu­mam­pok ang say­war ng Centcom sa Wes­tern Vi­sa­yas. Noong Mar­so, su­nud-su­nod na nag­pa­ka­lat ng mga ba­li­ta ng pe­keng engkwentro ang 61st IB sa Pa­nay upang pag­tak­pan ang mga ka­so ng ili­gal na pag-a­res­to sa mga mag­sa­sa­ka at ka­tu­tu­bong Tu­man­duk. Li­ban di­to, nag­pa­la­bas din ng pe­keng pagsurender ng isang menor de edad na umano’y Pulang man­di­rigma.

Ipi­nai­la­lim din ni Cle­ment ang mga pwer­sa ng Centcom upang ma­ging tau-tau­han ng mi­li­tar ng US. Sa gi­na­nap na Pacific Partnership noong Mar­so, di­na­la ng US sa Vi­sa­yas ang mga pa­pet at kaal­ya­dong huk­bo ni­to upang sa­na­yin sa ila­lim ng ku­mand ng mi­li­tar ng US ang mga pwer­sang mi­li­tar ng mga ban­sa sa Indo-Pacific.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippinesand is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

CPP/Ang Bayan: Aktibistang magsasaka, binaril

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): Aktibistang magsasaka, binaril

Bi­na­ril ng mga pwer­sang pan­se­gu­ri­dad ng re­hi­meng Du­ter­te ang mag-asa­wang ka­sa­pi ng or­ga­ni­sa­syon ng mga mag­sa­sak­a sa loob ng ka­ni­lang tin­da­han sa Sit­yo Ka­si­la­an, Barangay Ha­la­pi­tan, San Fer­nan­do, Bu­kid­non noong Agos­to 2. Agad na na­ma­tay si Guil­ler­mo Ca­sas ha­bang na­su­ga­tan ang kan­yang asa­wa na si Jocelyn.

Ika-sampung bik­ti­ma na ng ekstra­hu­di­syal na pa­ma­mas­lang si Guil­ler­mo sa Bu­kid­non nga­yong taon.

Sa pa­re­hong araw, bi­na­ril at pi­na­tay din si Ernes­to Estrel­la sa Anti­pas, North Co­ta­ba­to. Si Estrel­la ay da­ting pas­tor ng Uni­ted Church of Christ in the Phi­lip­pi­nes.

Noon na­mang Hul­yo 25, na­pa­tay si Mis­ba Mas­la, 60, nang bom­ba­hin ng mga erop­la­nong pan­dig­ma ng AFP ang Sit­yo Bu­ti­lin, Ka­ba­la­san, Pi­kit sa North Co­ta­ba­to. Pi­na­la­bas ng 6th IB, sa pa­ma­ma­gi­tan ng ku­man­der ng AFP-Joint Task Force Central na si Maj. Gen. Dios­da­do Car­re­on, na may sumabog na bom­ba sa loob ng ba­hay ng mga Mas­la kung ka­ya na­ma­tay ang bik­ti­ma. Mis­mong ang AFP, sa pa­ma­ma­gi­tan ng ku­man­der ng 603rd IBde na si Brig. Gen. Alfre­do Ro­sa­rio, ang uma­ming ti­na­ma­an ang ba­hay ng mga Mas­la nang mam­bom­ba ang AFP sa lu­gar ban­dang alas-3 ng ma­da­ling araw. Da­hi­lan ng AFP, ti­nu­tu­gis u­ma­no ni­la ang isang gru­po ng Bang­sa­mo­ro Isla­mic Free­dom Fighters (BIFF) na ayon sa ulat ng ka­ni­lang ope­ra­syong pa­nik­tik ay na­sa lu­gar.

Inaa­ku­sa­han ng AFP ang asa­wa ni Mis­ba na si Ali Mas­la, 62, na myembro ng BIFF. Su­ga­tan si Ali at ang kan­yang apong si Edwin Mas­la sa pam­bo­bom­ba. Pi­na­si­nu­nga­li­ngan ng BIFF na may pre­sen­sya si­la sa lu­gar sa pa­na­hong iyon. Ki­nun­de­na ni Abu Misri Ma­ma, ta­ga­pag­sa­li­ta ng gru­po, ang pa­ma­mas­lang. Ani­ya, ma­la­king ka­si­nu­nga­li­ngan ang si­na­sa­bi ng AFP na pi­nup­ro­tek­ta­han ni­la ang mga si­bil­yan ga­yong si­la mis­mo ang nam­bom­ba sa ba­hay ng ma­ta­tan­da.

Noong Agos­to 6, bi­na­ril na­man si Bran­don Lee, myembro ng Ifu­gao Pea­sant Move­ment (IPM), sa La­ga­we, Ifu­gao. Nag­su­su­lat din si­ya pa­ra sa Northern Dis­patch. Hang­gang sa ka­sa­lu­ku­yan, hin­di pa si­ya nag­ka­ka­ma­lay. Akti­bong ni­la­la­ba­nan ng IPM ang pag­ta­ta­yo ng dam­bu­ha­lang dam sa Chico River na sa­sa­ga­sa sa ka­ni­lang lu­pang ni­nu­no.

Pang­gi­gi­pit sa mga ak­ti­bis­ta at mag­sa­sa­ka

Tu­luy-tu­loy pa rin ang ma­la­wa­kang in­ti­mi­da­syon ng re­hi­men sa mga ak­ti­bis­ta at mag­sa­sa­ka. Sa Quezon, bi­nu­la­bog ng isang yu­nit ng 2nd IB ang Ba­ra­ngay 1, Luce­na City noong Hul­yo 30. Nag­lun­sad ng ope­ra­syong pa­nik­tik ang mga sun­da­lo sa ta­bing ng pag­sasar­bey pa­ra sa prog­ra­mang 4Ps at pag­ha­ha­nap ng mauu­pa­hang ba­hay.

Da­la­wang be­ses na­man na nag­pa­ta­wag ng pu­long ang tro­pa ng 95th IB sa Barangay Sta. Isa­bel Sur, Isa­be­la noong Agos­to 3 kung saan ina­ku­sa­han ni­lang ta­ga­su­por­ta ng BHB ang mga myembro ng Da­ga­mi, lo­kal na or­ga­ni­sa­syong mag­sa­sa­ka. Ku­sang nag­sia­li­san ang mga re­si­den­te sa unang pag­pu­pu­long at igi­ni­it ang ka­ni­lang de­mok­ra­ti­kong ka­ra­pa­tan. Ki­nontra rin ni­la ang pag­pa­pa­su­ren­der sa ka­ni­la bi­lang mga Pu­lang man­di­rig­ma ka­pa­lit ng pe­ra.

Sa Ce­bu, ti­nang­kang ta­ku­tin ng pu­lis ang mga ka­sa­pi ng lo­kal na ba­la­ngay ng Ka­ba­ta­an Partylist noong Hul­yo 27. Sa Bu­kid­non, ti­nang­ka ring ta­ku­tin at “i­pa­su­ren­der” ng 1st Special Forces Bat­ta­li­on si Kris­tin Lim, da­ting na­ma­ma­ha­la sa Rad­yo Lu­mad, sa Du­mi­lag, Ma­no­lo For­tich noong Agos­to 3.

Sa­man­ta­la, da­la­wang ka­sa­pi ng KASAMA-TK ang ina­res­to ng 76th IB noong Hul­yo 27 sa Sab­la­yan-Sta. Cruz, Occi­den­tal Min­do­ro. Kinilala ang mga biktima na sina Nadeline Fabon at Reynaldo Malaborbor na noo’y tumutulong sa mga magsasaka sa lugar na labis na naapektuhan ng tagtuyot.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippinesand is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

CPP/Ang Bayan: Pi­li­pi­nas, pi­na­ka­de­li­ka­dong ban­sa

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): Pi­li­pi­nas, pi­na­ka­de­li­ka­dong ban­sa

NALAGAY SA PANDAIGDIGANG pan­sin ang Pi­li­pi­nas ni­tong nag­da­ang mga bu­wan ma­ta­pos ma­ilis­ta bi­lang pi­na­ka­de­li­ka­dong ban­sa pa­ra sa mga ak­ti­bis­tang pang­ka­li­ka­san at pang-a­pat pa­ra sa mga si­bil­yan.

Sa ulat na ini­la­bas noong Hul­yo 30 ng Glo­bal Wit­ness, isang in­de­pendyen­teng gru­pong na­ka­ba­se sa Lon­don, inu­ngu­san ng Pi­li­pi­nas ang Brazil bi­lang nu­me­ro unong ban­sa sa da­mi ng pi­nas­lang na mga ak­ti­bis­tang pang­ka­li­ka­san. Alin­su­nod sa ulat ng gru­po, may­ro­ong 30 ta­ga­pag­tang­gol ng lu­pa at ka­li­ka­san ang pi­na­tay noong 2018 (48 noong 2017), pi­na­ka­ma­ta­as na nai­ta­la sa Asia. Sang­kat­lo ng mga bik­ti­ma ay mu­la sa Min­da­nao kung saan pla­nong mag­ta­yo ni Du­ter­te ng mga plan­ta­syon na sa­sak­law ng 1.6 milyong ek­tar­yang lu­pa­in. Ka­lak­han sa mga ito ay lu­pang ni­nu­no ng mga Lu­mad. Ka­la­ha­ti sa mga naiu­lat na ka­so ng pa­ma­mas­lang ay may kaug­na­yan sa ag­ri­bis­nes.

Noong Hun­yo, ini­lis­ta rin ng Armed Conflict Loca­ti­on and Event Project (Acled), isang gru­pong na­ka­ba­se sa Uni­ted Sta­tes, ang Pi­li­pi­nas bi­lang pang-a­pat na pi­na­ka­pe­lig­ro­so pa­ra sa mga si­bil­yan. Sang­kat­lo sa mga bik­ti­ma ay pi­nas­lang sa ta­bing ng “ge­ra kontra-dro­ga” ni Du­ter­te. Tar­get din ng pa­ma­mas­lang ang mga ka­ri­bal sa pu­li­ti­ka, mga ka­sa­pi ng mga par­ti­dong pam­pu­li­ti­ka at prog­re­si­bong mga or­ga­ni­sa­syo­n, mga ak­ti­bis­ta, mag­sa­sa­ka, abu­ga­do at hu­wes. Ayon sa pa­na­na­lik­sik ng grupo, nag­re­sul­ta ang mga pa­ta­ka­ran ng re­hi­men sa di­rek­tang mga pang-aa­ta­ke at pag­pas­lang sa ha­los 490 si­bil­yan nga­yong 2019.

Umaa­bot sa 450 ang di­rek­tang pi­nas­lang ng mga pwer­sa ng es­ta­do. Pi­na­ka­ma­ra­mi ang pi­nas­lang sa Central Luzon (23%), Ca­la­barzon (22%) at sa Na­tio­nal Ca­pi­tal Re­gi­on (10%).

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippinesand is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

CPP/Ang Bayan: Mga pa­nu­ka­lang batas pa­ra sa mga mag­sa­sa­ka

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): Mga pa­nu­ka­lang batas pa­ra sa mga mag­sa­sa­ka

Walang awat na iti­nu­tu­lak ng re­hi­meng Du­ter­te ang pag­bu­bu­kas ng sek­tor ng ag­ri­kul­tu­ra, ka­bi­lang ang mga lu­pang ag­ri­kul­tu­ral, sa da­yu­hang pag­ma­may-a­ri at pan­da­ram­bong. Sa ka­bi­la ni­to, pa­tu­loy na isi­nu­su­long ng mga prog­re­si­bong ki­na­ta­wan sa kong­re­so ang mga re­por­mang pa­ki­ki­na­ba­ngan ng mga mag­sa­sa­ka.

Ang mga re­por­mang ito ay ka­rug­tong ng mga pa­ki­ki­ba­ka na ma­ta­gal nang isi­nu­su­long ng mga or­ga­ni­sa­syong mag­sa­sa­ka. Laman din ang mga ito ng Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms o CASER na nabuo noong 2016 sa negosasyong pangkapa­yapaan sa pagitan ng Gubyerno ng Pilipinas at National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

La­long na­gi­ging ma­ha­la­ga ang mga repormang agraryo sa ha­rap ng la­ha­tang-pa­nig na mga ata­ke sa ka­ni­lang sek­tor—mu­la sa to­do-to­dong li­be­ra­li­sa­syon ng bi­gas hang­gang sa wa­lang awat na pa­ma­mas­lang sa mga mag­sa­sa­kang nakikibaka pa­ra sa ka­ni­lang ka­ra­pa­tan sa lu­pa.

Mu­ling isi­nu­mi­te ng ng mga progresibong partido sa ilalim ng Ma­ka­ba­yan ang Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill (GARB) sa Mababang Kapulungan. Ang GARB ay isang panukalang nag­la­la­tag ng komprehensibong ba­langkas para sa tunay na reporma sa lupa. La­yu­nin nito na bu­wa­gin ang mo­no­pol­yo sa lu­pa at magpa­tu­pad ng lib­re, pa­tas, at ma­ka­ta­ru­ngang pa­ma­ma­ha­gi ng lu­pa sa loob ng li­mang taon. Sa­sa­k­la­win ni­to ang la­hat ng pri­ba­dong lu­pang ag­ri­kul­tu­ral, la­hat ng lu­pang pi­na­ta­tak­bo ng mga plan­ta­syong agri­bisnes, mga lu­pang bi­nu­bung­kal ng mga mag­sa­sa­ka na ki­nu­ha ng gub­yer­no, mga pa­ngi­no­ong may­lu­pa o mga da­yu­hang insti­tu­syon at iba pang mga lu­pang ag­ri­kul­tu­ral na pub­li­ko.

Iti­nu­tu­lak din ni­to ang pag­bi­bi­gay ng kompre­hen­si­bong su­por­ta sa mga mag­sa­sa­ka at pag­bi­bi­gay ng sa­pat na sub­sid­yo. Hi­hi­ka­ya­tin ang mga mag­sa­sa­ka na bu­muo o pu­ma­lo­ob sa mga koo­pe­ra­ti­ba pa­ra paun­la­rin ang pro­duk­syo­n. Ga­yun­din, bu­buo ito ng me­ka­nis­mo pa­ra hin­di mu­ling ma­wa­la ang lu­pa ng mga be­ni­pi­sya­rong mag­sa­sa­ka.

Sa nga­yon, la­bis na pi­na­hi­hi­ra­pan ang mga mag­sa­sa­kang nag­gi­gi­it sa ka­ni­lang ka­ra­pa­tan sa lu­pa, ka­bi­lang yaong na­big­yan na ng mga Cer­tifica­te of Land Ownership. Ma­ra­mi sa ka­ni­la ang hin­di na­ka­pag­ba­yad ng ma­hal na amor­ti­sa­syon ka­ya ma­da­ling nababawi ang kanilang mga lupa. Kaug­nay ni­to,ipinapanukala rin na iabswelto ang mga magsasaka mula sa ka­ni­lang obligasyon na magbayad ng u­tang na amortisasyon nang sa gayon ay maigawad na sa kanila ang lu­pang kanilang binubungkal.

Inihapag din ng Ma­ka­ba­yan ang pa­nu­ka­lang Rice Industry Deve­lop­ment. Nakasaad dito na ipagbabawal ang paniningil ng upa sa lupa kung lalampas ang halaga sa 10% abereyds na netong ani ng magsasaka sa kada ektaryang sinasaka sa nakalipas na tatlong taon.

Sa­man­ta­la, nag­su­mi­te rin ang ibang ki­na­ta­wan ng mga panukalang magbibigay ng se­gu­ro sa mga be­ne­pi­sya­ryo ng hu­wad na Compre­hen­sive Agra­ri­an Reform Prog­ram at mag­pa­pa­ta­yo ng mga pro­yek­to tulad ng mga ko­mu­nal na iri­ga­syon na pa­ba­ba­ya­ran ang ka­la­ha­ti ng ha­la­ga sa mga mag­sa­sa­kang be­ni­pi­sya­ryo sa isang tak­dang pa­na­hon.

Iti­nu­lak din di­to ang pag­ta­ta­yo ng mga bo­de­ga at mga gi­li­ngan ng pa­lay sa ba­wat mu­ni­sip­yo at lungsod na nag­pop­rod­yus ng bi­gas. Su­su­por­ta­han din ni­to ang la­hat ng pa­nga­ngai­la­ngan sa transpor­ta­syo­n. Pa­ba­ba­ya­ran ito sa isang tak­dang ha­la­ga sa loob ng 25 taon.

Sa Se­na­do, mu­ling isi­nu­mi­te ni Sen. Ralph Recto ang ilang pa­nu­ka­la ng pag­pup­wes­to ng sis­te­ma ng “tim­ba­ngan ng ba­yan” sa mga sentrong pa­mi­li­han pa­ra mai­wa­san ang pag­ma­ma­ni­pu­la sa tim­bang ng mga pro­duk­to. Iti­nu­tu­lak ni­ya rin ang pag­ta­ta­yo ng mga kal­sa­dang mag­du­dug­tong sa mga sa­ka­han at pa­leng­ke hin­di la­mang sa mga pi­ling lu­gar kun­di pan­tay-pan­tay na pag­ba­ba­ha­gi sa buong ban­sa.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippinesand is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

CPP/Ang Bayan: AFP at PNP, nagtamo ng 43 kaswal­ti sa Neg­ros

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of Ang Bayan posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): AFP at PNP, nagtamo ng 43 kaswal­ti sa Neg­ros

APAT NA PULIS na nag­pang­gap na mga empleyado ng Department of Environment and Natural Resources ang ti­nam­ba­ngan ng mga Pulang mandirigma sa Sit­yo Ya­mot, Ba­ra­ngay Ma­ba­to, Ayu­ngon, Negros Oriental noong Hul­yo 18. Agad na namatay ang apat sa ar­ma­dong sa­gu­pa­an, ta­li­was sa pi­na­la­bas ni Rod­ri­go Du­ter­te na sila’y ti­nortyur. Na­­kum­pis­ka ng BHB ang apat na pis­to­lang 9mm., si­yam na ma­ga­sin at mga ba­la.

Noong Hunyo 22, pinasabugan ng BHB ng command­­-detonated explosive (CDX) ang tropa ng 704th Regional Mobile Force Battalion sa Sityo Cambugtong, Manjuyod, Negros Orien­tal. Ma­hi­git 20 ang na­ma­tay at da­la­wa ang na­su­ga­tan sa ha­nay ng kaa­way. Ba­go ni­to, inis­nayp ng hukong bayan ang mga sun­da­lo ng 94th IB sa Sit­yo Bu­lo. Nag­re­sul­ta sa tat­long kas­wal­ti sa hanay ng mga sundalo ang operasyon.

Noong Hul­yo 2, alas-4:30 ng uma­ga, bi­ni­go ng mga Pulang mandirigma ang tang­kang pag­sa­la­kay ng 11th IB sa isang yu­nit ng BHB sa Sit­yo Small Sa­mac, Ba­ra­ngay Na­lun­dan, sa Bin­doy. Li­ma ang na­pa­tay at anim ang na­su­ga­tan sa mga sun­da­lo.

Sor­so­gon. Pi­na­sa­bu­gan ng BHB-Sor­so­gon ang mga nag-oo­pe­ra­syong tro­pa ng PNP Special Acti­on Force (SAF) sa Ba­ra­ngay Tu­la­tu­la Sur sa ba­yan ng Ma­gal­la­nes noong Hul­yo 30, alas-3 ng ha­pon. Sam­pu ang nai­ta­lang pa­tay sa ha­nay ng SAF.

Agu­san del Norte. Pi­na­sa­bu­gan ng BHB ang mga tro­pa ng 23rd IB sa Sit­yo Hi­nan­da­yan, Ba­ra­ngay Ca­ma­gong, Na­si­pit, Agu­san del Nor­te noong Hul­yo 12, alas-9:40 ng uma­ga. Li­ma ang nai­ta­lang na­pa­tay sa tro­pa ng militar ha­bang li­ma rin ang na­su­ga­tan.

Quezon. Tat­long mag­ka­ka­su­nod na ope­ra­syong ha­ras ang ini­lun­sad ng BHB-Quezon la­ban sa pi­nag­sa­nib na pwer­sa ng 80th IB at PNP Re­gio­nal Mo­bi­le Force Bat­ta­li­on sa Si­tyo Lag­mak, Pag­sa­nga­han, Gen. Na­kar noong Hul­yo 28-30. Isa ang pa­tay at da­la­wa ang nasu­ga­tan sa mga sundalo.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippinesand is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

CPP/NPA-Sorsogon: Kahihiyan ang inani ng SAF sa kanilang test mission sa Sorsogon

NPA-Sorsogon propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 6, 2019): Kahihiyan ang inani ng SAF sa kanilang test mission sa Sorsogon

AUGUST 06, 2019

Hindi kukulangin sa sampung bagong sanay na tauhan ng PNP Special Action Force (SAF) ang napatay nang makasagupa ng isang yunit ng NPA sa Barangay Tulatula Sur, Magallanes, Sorsogon nitong Hulyo 30. Ito ang kahiya-hiyang naging katapusan ng test mission ng mga bagong SAF commando na isang buwang gumalugad sa kabundukan ng Magallanes, Irosin at Bulan.

Mag-aalas-3:00 ng hapon nang walang kamalay-malay na makabuslo ang mga sundalo sa pusisyon ng mga Pulang mandirigma na nagpapahinga noon sa isang gulod. Sinalubong ng putok ng mga nakaalertong gerilya ang mga kalaban at pinasabugan ng command-detonated explosives. Hindi na halos nakapanlaban ang mga elemento ng SAF hanggang makaatras ang mga gerilya mula sa pinaglabanan.

Mga sibilyan naman ang pinagbalingan ng tropa ng SAF bago nila lisanin ang erya kinabukasan. Apat na bahay at isang koprahan na malapit sa pinangyarihan ang sinunog ng mga bagong sanay na pasista. Pinagtataga pa nila ang dalawang tubong daluyan ng suplay ng tubig ng Barangay Cadandanan, Bulan.

Nalantad sa pangyayaring ito kung ano nga ba ang itinuturo sa treyning ng SAF at iba pang armadong pwersa ng reaksyunaryong gubyerno–higit sa anupaman, nagpapakadalubhasa sila sa pamemerwisyo sa mamamayan.

Masaya marahil ang SAF sa iniwan nilang perwisyo. Pero hindi mapasusubalian na umuwing talunan ang mga duwag.

CPP/NPA-Bicol: Hinggil sa pangingikil ng mga impostor sa Villa Karanghan, San Felipe, Naga City

NPA-Bicol propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): Hinggil sa pangingikil ng mga impostor sa Villa Karanghan, San Felipe, Naga City

AUGUST 07, 2019

Mga impostor ng BHB ang may kagagawan ng pangingikil sa Villa Karanghan, San Felipe, Naga City. Walang ibang layunin ang ganitong modus kung hindi manghuthot ng pera mula sa masa at takutin sila habang sinisiraan ang pangalan ng BHB.

Makatarungan at nakabatay sa pagsusuri sa uri ang pagpapatupad ng rebolusyonaryong pagbubuwis. Tinitiyak ng mga kasamang pormal na makakausap ang mga nagbabayad ng rebolusyonaryong buwis nang sa gayon ay maipaunawa ang gubyernong bayan. Hindi ito idinadaan sa pakikipag-ugnayan sa text, Smart padala at iba pang kahalintulad na impormal na pamamaraan. Gayundin, palaging tinitiyak ng mga kasama ang seguridad ng mga entidad na inuugnayan nito.

CPP/NPA-Quezon: Isa ang patay at dalawa ang sugatan sa hanay ng kasundaluhan sa pagbigo ng NPA-Quezon sa atake ng AFP-PNP

NPA-Quezon propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 7, 2019): Isa ang patay at dalawa ang sugatan sa hanay ng kasundaluhan sa pagbigo ng NPA-Quezon sa atake ng AFP-PNP

AUGUST 07, 2019

Matagumpay na binigo sa serye ng mga labanan ng mga pwersa ng Apolonio Mendoza Command (AMC-NPA-Quezon) ang atake ng mahigit 100 magkasanib na tropa ng 80th IB-PA at PNP Regional Mobile Force Battalion noong Hulyo 28 hanggang Hulyo 30, 2019. Naganap ang unang labanan noong Hulyo 28 ng hapon sa ganap na 4:30pm na nagresulta sa 1 malubhang sugatan sa panig ng AFP-PNP. Ang ikalawang labanan ay naganap noong Hulyo 29 ng hapon na nagresulta sa isang malubhang sugatan sa AFP-PNP at ang ikatlong labanan ay naganap kinaumagahan ng Hulyo 30 na nagresulta sa isang patay na sundalo. habang wala ni isa mang kaswalti sa hanay ng BHB. Ang mga labanang ito ay inilunsad ng isang iskwad ng NPA-Quezon para idepensa ang sarili laban sa sumasalakay na mahigit na 100 tropa ng AFP-PNP. Ang nasabing pwersa ng NPA na magiting na lumaban sa mas superyor na pwersa ng AFP-PNP ay naglulunsad ng gawaing masa at gawaing produksyon sa Sitio Lagmak, Pagsangahan, Hen. Nakar, Quezon.

Ang nasabing mga tropa ng AFP-PNP ay bahagi ng laking batalyon ng pinagsanib na tropa ng RPMFB-PNP at 80th IB-PA na dalawang linggo nang naglulunsad ng kontra-insurhensyang operasyon para diumanoy durugin ang NPA sa ilalim ng pakana ng rehimeng US-Duterte na National Task Force to End Communist Insurgency at upang pigilin at takutin ang mga magsasaka, mga katutubong Dumagat at Remontado at mamamayan ng Infanta at Hen. Nakar, Quezon na tumututol sa mapanira, kontra-kalikasan at kontra-mamamayang KALIWA DAM na planong itayo sa Barangay Magsaysay, Infanta-Quezon at Barangay Pagsangahan, Hen. Nakar, Quezon. Ang mga pwersang ito ng PNP at 80th IB-PA ang tumatayong protektor ng mga dayuhan kapitalistang Tsino at lokal na malalaking kapitalista na kumikita ng limpak-limpak na tubo sa nasabing proyekto sa kapariwaraan ng mga mamamayan at katutubo sa nasabing lugar.

Ang tagumpay ng aksyon ng NPA na aktibong lumaban para ipagtanggol ang sarili at ipagtanggol ang interes ng mamamayan ay patunay na kakayanin ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan na aktibong labanan at biguin ang layunin ng Rehimeng US-Duterte na durugin ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa taong 2019 at hanggang sa mga susunod na panahon.

Patuloy na susuportahan ng mamamayang Pilipino ang CPP-NPA-NDFP habang tuloy-tuloy na kamumuhian nila ang Rehimeng US-Duterte dahilan sa mga kasalanan nito sa mamamayang Pilipino tulad ng tuloy-tuloy at malawakang pagpatay sa mahihirap sa tabing ng kanyang kontra-drogang kampanya, patuloy na pagpapahirap sa mamamayan at mabigat na pasaning buwis dulot ng isinabatas ng TRAIN Law, pagbebenta ng soberanya ng Pilipinas at pagkatuta sa Tsina at sa Imperyalistang US, malaganap na paglabag sa karapatang pantao sa ilalim ng Martial Law sa Mindanao at de facto Martial Law sa Negros, Samar, Bicol at sa buong bansa at tuloy-tuloy na atake sa buhay at kabuhayan ng mga mahihirap, habang lubos na itinataguyod at sinusuportahan ang interes ng mga panginoong maylupa, malalaking burgesyang komprador, mga oligarkiya sa Pilipinas, at mga dayuhang monopolyong kapitalista.

Ang tiyak, mawawala sa kapangyarihan ang rehimeng US-Duterte subalit mananatili ang CPP-NPA-NDFP at patuloy itong maglilingkod ng lubos sa sambayanang Pilipino. Patuloy itong maglulusad ng digmang bayan hanggang sa tagumpay!


CPP: Despite public clamor, peace talks resumption under Duterte is doubtful

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 8, 2019): Despite public clamor, peace talks resumption under Duterte is doubtful

The NDFP, together with its allied revolutionary forces, including the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) maintain the policy of keeping its doors always open to peace negotiations. The NDFP is ever heedful of the clamor of various sectors for the resumption of peace negotiations amid Duterte’s all-out war.

However, the CPP and the NDFP is keenly aware that the prevailing political environment under the Duterte regime is not conducive to resuming peace negotiations. Peace talks cannot be resumed as long as Duterte’s 2017 proclamation terminating peace negotiations remains in place. The situation is made worse by widespread killings by Duterte’s agents in Negros and across the country, continuing incarceration of leading NDFP consultants as well as the recent arrest and detention of two members of the NDFP peace staff.

This is in response to:

CPP: To Bato and the rest of his ilk, let us declare: Long live the Filipino student activists and their parents!

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Aug 9, 2019): To Bato and the rest of his ilk, let us declare: Long live the Filipino student activists and their parents!

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) denounces the anti-activist witch-hunt by Sen. Bato dela Rosa and the PNP against Anakbayan and other student organizations.

Dela Rosa, who a few weeks ago declared “shit happens” after police shot dead a 3-year old girl in a bungled operation, now paints himself as “concerned” with the completely made-up stories of “missing minors.” He has shamelessly exploited private family problems to drive a wedge between some parents and their activist children with the aim of maligning activism and radicalism.

Dela Rosa’s anti-activist attack, however, has backfired, as the so-called missing students have revealed themselves as highly intellectual, articulate and mature individuals as opposed to his caricature of activist “brainwashing.” Dela Rosa has succeeded only in making himself look foolish.

The CPP also denounces PNP chief Albayalde who depicted recruitment of activists as a crime after issuing veiled threats against progressive university professors. He is now calling for a recall of past agreements between universities and the Department of National Defense which prohibits the presence of military and police forces from school campuses.

Albayalde’s proposal will surely be met with firm and united resistance by academic communities of various universities who understand that military and police presence in campuses is incongruent with academic freedom.

Student activism and radicalism is a force for change, progress, social justice and democracy. Student activists of the national democratic movement were among the most resilient in the fight against the Marcos dictatorship in the darkest days of martial law. They were among the prime movers in the uprising against the corrupt Estrada regime. They have consistently fought for the interests of the Filipino people despite the threats to life under the Duterte regime.

Without student activism, as well as activism among workers, peasants and other sectors, the Filipino people would be in a far worse situation than they are now. The toiling masses would be experiencing even worse oppression and exploitation. The Filipino people are deeply grateful for the student activists, as well as to their parents for having nurtured in their hearts a profound love for the people.

Furtheron, by waving the red banner of national democracy, these student activists have kept the flames of Bonifacio, Sakay and Recto’s nationalism burning to inspire the Filipino people in their struggle to assert the country’s sovereignty. The student activists remain among the stalwarts of Filipino patriotism and continue to be at the center of the country’s fight for genuine freedom, especially amid China’s economic and military intrusions and the regime’s treachery and sell-out.

Thus, to Bato and Duterte’s minions, let us declare: “Long live the Filipino student activists and their parents!”

NDF/Jalandoni: NDFP Most Vigorously Condemns Trump Regime for Total Blockade of Venezuela

Luis Jalandoni propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front Philippines (NDFP or NDF) Website (Aug 9, 2019): NDFP Most Vigorously Condemns Trump Regime for Total Blockade of Venezuela

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines most vigorously condemns the U.S. Trump regime for its total blockade of Venezuela in flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic and the fundamental rights of the more than 30 million Venezuelans.

The revolutionary Filipino people join the 102 organizations and parties from more than 70 countries who participated in the XXV Sao Paulo Forum in Caracas last July 25-28, 2019, in pledging our firm solidarity with the heroic Venezuelan people, President Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan Armed Forces and Militia in resolutely upholding and defending their independence and sovereignty against the US imperialist economic and political aggression.

This latest flagrant criminal act of the Trump regime causes further extreme suffering on the Venezuelan population, causing even more denial of essential food and medicines urgently needed by the people. Under these dire circumstances, President Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan people and the Venuzuelan Armed Forces and Militia stand firm. They are inspired by the spirit and inspiring legacy of the Great Liberator Simon Bolivar and Comandante Hugo Chavez Frias. “Chavez vive! La lucha sigue!”

As President Maduro declared to the Venezuelan people, the Venezuelan Armed Forces and Militia, and to thousands of supporters in Latin America, the Carribean, and the rest of the world: “Juntos, todo es posible! Together, everything is possible!” Anti-imperialist forces throughout the world, united in struggle for sovereignty, independence, democracy and just peace can defeat the attacks of US imperialism.

Long live the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela!
Long live President Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan people!
Long live international solidarity!

Luis G. Jalandoni
Chief International Representative
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
National Executive Committee

NDF/Sison: Official and criminal connections of Duterte ruling clique to China

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front Philippines (NDFP or NDF) Website (Aug 8, 2019): Official and criminal connections of Duterte ruling clique to China

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
August 8, 2019

The Duterte ruling clique benefits from two kinds of relations. First are the official relations to the Chinese government, the banks and corporations. Second are the criminal relations with the Chinese triads and the smuggling and gambling syndicates.

At the official level, the biggest deals involve commissions and other payoffs for high interest loans, overpriced infrastructure projects, private construction, mining, plantations, oil and gas exploration and exploitation and the third telco which is in connection with China Telcom and Huawei and which is regarded by the US and the Filipino people as a big breach on the national security of the Philippines and the US.

At the criminal level, the Duterte ruling clique has connived with Chinese triads in expanding the smuggling and distribution of illegal drugs, rice and other commodities and in the proliferation of Chinese casinos. The inflow of more than 3 million Chinese in the Philippines since 2016 are related to both official infrastructure projects and the criminal drug and gambling operations.

Kalinaw News: 29 former BIFF rebels receive livelihood aid from government

Posted to Kalinaw News (Aug 10, 2019): 29 former BIFF rebels receive livelihood aid from government

CAMP SIONGCO, Maguindanao – Twenty-nine Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) former rebels received livelihood package from the provincial government of Maguindanao last Monday (August 5, 2019).

The ceremony was held at the Provincial Capitol in Buluan, Maguindanao witnessed by actor and peace advocate Robin Padilla, Maguindanao town Mayors Rafsanjani P. Ali of General Salipada K. Pendatun and Abdulkarim Langkuno of Paglat, 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade Commander Col. Efren P. Baluyot, 40th Infantry Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Rogelio S. Gabi, Maguindanao Police Provincial Director Police Colonel Arnold C. Santiago, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources-BARMM Director Janice Musali, and Department of Agriculture-BARMM Director Datun M. Nur

The rebels previously surrendered to 33rd Infantry Battalion under Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc on May 09, 2018 with the help of the local officials and their families in hope that they will be given appropriate assistance to help them re-integrate and start their new lives in the communities.

More than a year after they laid down their arms, the livelihood assistance were given as promised by the government through the effort of 40th Infantry Battalion who just assumed operational jurisdiction of the municipalities of GSKP, Paglat, Paglas, Pandag, Buluan, Mangudadatu, and Sultan Sabarongis (5 barangays) all of Maguindanao, and Lutayan and President Quirino of Sultan Kudarat.

Lt. Col Gabi sought the help of the newly-elected Maguindanao Governor Bai Mariam Sangki-Mangudadatu in providing livelihood assistance to the former rebels to help them live their normal lives.

The BIFF surrenderees received 20 units of agricultural machineries, 20 sacks of rice seedlings, 13 fishing boats, fishnets, and 60 packs of assorted groceries.

The two mayors from GSKP and Paglat towns, where the former rebels hailed from, expressed their gratitude to the governor for providing the assistance to the former rebels. They also recognized the efforts of the 40th Infantry Battalion for the initiative and efforts for the surrenderees .

“Programs like these provide a forum where all stakeholders can be brought together to address peace and security challenges in Mindanao with the hope that more extremist fighters will lay down their arms and return to the folds of the law,” said Governor Sangki-Mangudadatu.

The Governor also encouraged the former rebels to discourage their friends and relatives from joining the extremist groups for the sake of their families

Mr. Padilla, in his message, inspired the former rebels with stories of his own experiences as an actor that personifies freedom fighters in his movies that fought for the oppressed people and shared his advocacy of helping alleviate the plight of the moro people.

Col. Baluyot stressed that the activity showcased the convergence of the local government units, government agencies, and other stakeholders in promoting peace in the communities in a classic example of the whole of nation approach in nurturing an environment conducive for sustainable development.

He also emphasized that resorting to violent means is not the solution to the social problems in Maguindanao because it will only bring more problems and further hamper the development of Maguindanao.

Meanwhile, the Commander of 6th Infantry Division, Maj. Gen. Diosdado C. Carreon, commended the efforts of the military, the governments units and the governments agencies involved to provide livelihood assistance to the former rebels as part of the government’ Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).

“We are hoping that the assistance of the government will bring betterment in their lives and will set an example to their former group to go back to mainstream society,” Maj. Gen. Carreon said.

Division Public Affairs Office 6th Infantry Division Philippine Army
Maj Arvin G Encinas
Chief, Public Affairs Office, 6ID, PA
Camp Siongco, Awang, Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao

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