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Rebolusyon pa more daw! NPA distributes flyers in Iloilo towns

From Politiko Visayas (Mar 30, 2019): Rebolusyon pa more daw! NPA distributes flyers in Iloilo towns

The communist New People’s Army did some campaigning of its own this week when it distributed flyers in Leon and Tigbauan towns in Iloilo province.

Printed on the flyers was a message claiming the NPA will continue with its “revolution,” along with images of what appeared to be their camp sites.

NPAs marked their 50th anniversary on Friday, March 29.

In Leon town, police recovered several of the flyers, which indicated they were from the NPA-Southern Panay’s Napoleon Tumagtang Command.

Leon head Police Lt. Sotero Paguntalan Jr. said the flyers were distributed in areas from Poblacion going to Barangays Agboy, Anonang, and Talacuan.

He said motorcycle-riding men reportedly carried and haphazardly threw the flyers around 2 a.m. Friday.

Together with Philippine Army troops, Leon cops tried to chase the motorcycle-riding men but failed to catch them.

Paguntalan said the NPA might be recruiting in hinterland barangays of Leon.

In Tigbauan, town police head Police Maj. Dennis Pamonag said they also recovered flyers and a streamer at Barangay Buyuan.

“But we didn’t get reports of other propaganda materials in other areas,” he said.

19 NPA rebels yield to gov’t in Sultan Kudarat

From the Philippine News Agency (Mar 30, 2019): 19 NPA rebels yield to gov’t in Sultan Kudarat

NPA SURRENDERERS. Sultan Kudarat Governor Pax Mangudadatu (left) hands over cash assistance to one of the 19 New People's Army (NPA) surrenderers in Sultan Kudarat on Friday (March 29, 2019). The rebels belonged to different NPA fronts operating in the provinces of North Cotabato, Davao del Sur, Sultan Kudarat, and South Cotabato. (Photo courtesy of 33rd IB)

ISULAN, Sultan Kudarat -- A total of 19 members of the communist New People’s Army (NPA) here returned to the fold of the law just as the rebel organization marked its 50th founding day on Friday.

On the same day, the NPA surrenderers were presented by military authorities to Sultan Kudarat Governor Pax Mangudadatu, who vowed to assist them in returning to their normal lives.

“This surrender indicates their desire to live normal and productive lives,” Lt. Col. Elmer Boongaling, the Army’s 33rd Infantry Battalion commander, said of the rebels who surrendered to them in Senator Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat earlier in the day.

Mangudadatu said the surrenderers would receive ample livelihood assistance, payment for the surrendered firearms, as well as housing through the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) of Sultan Kudarat, pending proper validation.

Boongaling added that the rebels yielded to the combined efforts of the local government of Sultan Kudarat, the Sultan Kudarat Provincial Police Office, and the Philippine Army’s 33rd Infantry (Makabayan) Battalion, 6th Infantry (Kampilan) Division (6ID), and 39th Infantry Battalion of the 10th Infantry (Aguila) Division.

Boongaling said the surrendering NPA batch, who belonged to different fronts operating in the provinces of North Cotabato, Davao del Sur, Sultan Kudarat, and South Cotabato, also yielded 13 high-powered firearms, explosives, and ammunition.

“Their surrender on the very day of the NPA’s supposed founding anniversary is a very clear indication that its ranks continue to decline due to the relentless efforts of the troops on the ground to hunt them down while providing space for them to peacefully surrender,” Col. Efren Baluyot, commander of the 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade, said.

Major Gen. Cirilito Sobejana, the Army’s 6ID commander, whose unit has jurisdiction over Central Mindanao, including Sultan Kudarat province, has lauded the accomplishments of the military troops on the ground for the surrender of the rebels.

“The submission of these former militants shows that the localized peace negotiation, led by the provincial government of Sultan Kudarat, is very effective,” Sobejana said.

He added that the latest NPA batch surrender is a clear manifestation that those tricked by the NPA into joining their ranks have realized that the government cares for them.

Speaking to the former rebels, Mangudadatu said they made the right decision in life, that is, to surrender and live normal lives.

“You cannot win a battle against a mighty government,” he told the former rebels in Filipino.

“Instead, it is better if you join us and become productive citizens,” he added.

The United States and European Union governments have labeled the NPA, and its political body, the Communist Party of the Philippines, as an international terror organization.

CPP/Sison: The Filipino people’s revolutionary armed struggle for national and social liberation in the past 50 years

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 28, 2019): The Filipino people’s revolutionary armed struggle for national and social liberation in the past 50 years

Communist Party of the Philippines
Jose Maria Sison
Founding Chairperson
March 28, 2019

Let me do a quick review of the Filipino people’s revolutionary struggle for national and social liberation in the past 50 years. My focus is on the development of the New People’s Army (NPA) under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) in a brief historical narrative of five segments, including the prospects as the last segment.

1. Foundational Years, 1969 – 1977

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines conceived of the New People’s Army as the main instrument for overthrowing the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system through protracted people’s war in accordance with the people’s democratic revolution against US imperialism and the local exploiting classes of big compradors and landlords.

The New People’s Army was founded by the CPP in Barrio Sta. Rita, Capas, Tarlac on March 29, 1969. It started with only 9 rifles and 26 inferior firearms for 60 Red fighters consisting of those from the old people’s army and the new recruits from Manila and Isabela who were previously given politico-military training.

The recruits from Manila were CPP and Kabataang Makabayan members who came from various regions and were intended to form the NPA in their respective regions after serving in Tarlac. The recruits from Isabela were given priority for dispatch to their province for the purpose of CPP and NPA expansion. They were provided with a senior cadre who had long experience in armed struggle and mass work in Central Luzon.

The years 1969 to 1977 may be considered as the foundational years of the NPA. They were years of ideological study for those CPP cadres assigned to the NPA, political-military training for the Red commanders and fighters and deployment of expansion teams to various regions under the direction of the CPP Central Committee.

The NPA National Operational Command was formed under the Military Commission of the Party Central Committee. The following departments were slated to be formed: political education, planning, personnel and training, intelligence, military operations, production, logistics, ordnance and medical.

The Regional Operational Commands were also to be formed under the leadership of the Regional Party Committees. Provincial and district operational commands were also slated to be formed by the leading Party territorial committees concerned.

The NPA became trained and experienced in waging guerrilla warfare and doing mass work, which included mass education, mass organizing, land reform and production, health and sanitation, cultural work, people’s self-defense, arbitration and justice, disaster relief and protection of the environment.

From 1969 to 1971, the revolutionary armed struggle developed in Tarlac, combining guerrilla tactical offensives and mass work and bringing about the level of NPA armed strength to more than 200 automatic rifles that were seized from the enemy forces through ambushes and raids.

When the CPP central leadership shifted to Isabela from late 1970 to 1972, the NPA started with only 20 automatic rifles and these increased to more than 300 by 1974. Hundreds of CPP cadres were given politico-military training for expansion to new areas in various regions. These cadres were subsequently dispatched to provinces in Cagayan Valley, Ilocos-MontaƱosa-Pangasinan, Central Luzon, Southern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

More expansion cadres became available after the 1971 suspension of the writ of habeas corpus and then the 1972 proclamation of martial law because the urban-based mass activists who were in danger of being arrested joined the NPA. Still a great number of underground cadres under the CPP General Secretariat were dispatched to various regions in 1974. The nationwide expansion of the CPP and NPA was facilitated by Kabataang Makabayan, trade unions and peasant associations.

As early as 1972, CPP regional committees and NPA regional operational commands were already established in Cagayan Valley, IMP, Central Luzon, Southern Luzon, Eastern Visayas, Central Visayas, Western Visayas and Mindanao. In subsequent years, NPA regional operational commands arose in Cagayan Valley, Cordillera and Ilocos, Southern Luzon, Western Visayas, Central Visayas and Eastern Visayas. And in 1976, the Mindanao regional Party Committee began to form several NPA regional operational commands.

In the foundational years from 1969 to 1977, the focus of the most frequent and most successful tactical offensives shifted from one region to another, depending on the successful mass work and the daring of the Red commanders and fighters. From 1969 to 1971, the focus was Tarlac; from 1972 to 1975, it was Isabela, Ifugao, Quirino, Aurora, Pampanga, Bataan, Quezon, Camarines Sur, Albay, Sorsogon, Negros and Panay provinces; and from 1975 to 1977, it was Samar and several provinces in Mindanao.

The NPA armed strength had reached the level of 1500 automatic rifles as of 1977. However the NPA in Isabela stagnated and weakened because of the error of staying too long in the unpopulated forest region from 1974 to 1976, despite the order of the central leadership to the regional Party committee in 1974 for shifting the NPA companies to Cagayan province. But the containment of the NPA in Isabela was countervailed by its growth elsewhere in Cagayan Valley, Northern Luzon and in the entire country.

2. Further Growth and Major Errors, 1978-1991

The strong foundation laid in the years 1969-77 and the preponderance of CPP and NPA rank and file who adhered to the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the general line of people’s democratic revolution and the organizational discipline of democratic centralism corresponded to the worsening socioeconomic and political crisis of the ruling system and made possible the further growth of the NPA to 3000 automatic rifles in 1981 and then to 5,600 automatic rifles in 1985.

The CPP central leadership ensured that whenever certain weaker regions needed support and assistance in terms or cadres and arms, they would get such from the stronger regions. After the NPA forces in Eastern Visayas grew strong from 1976 to 1979, the Party redeployed many of its cadres, fighters and arms to Negros and Mindanao in 1979. But the NPA in every region was always urged to practice self-reliance and grow through struggle.

The most outstanding regions in the frequency and success of tactical offensives from 1981 onward were Eastern Visayas, Mindanao, Negros, Northern Luzon, Bicol and Central Luzon. The most effective formations in combat were companies or platoons augmented by armed propaganda teams and led by commanders who were excellent at planning and were daring.

The NPA forces in the regions of Eastern Visayas, Bicol, Southern Tagalog and Cagayan Valley had a good balance of relatively concentrated force (vertical) and relatively dispersed forces (horizontal). This also meant a good balance between offensive capability and mass base. The Party, the mass organizations and the organs of political power assumed much of the work load of the NPA units to enable these to gain more time and opportunities for launching tactical offensives.

From 1981 to 1985, the NPA in Mindanao scored the most and biggest victories in tactical offensives as it increased the number of companies to five. But the further rapid formation of ten more companies and the premature verticalization of forces were done at the expense of paying attention to mass work and strengthening the mass base. The “Left” opportunist error resulted in adverse consequences.

The CC Plenum in 1985 noted that the nationwide NPA armed strength reached the level of 5,600 automatic rifles in 1985 and further increased to 6,100 automatic rifles in 1986 and still further increased by some hundreds in 1987. NPA nationwide armed strength increased because of the correct line, competence, courage and high sense of self-sacrifice and service to the people of the CPP cadres and members and the Red fighters and commanders and by the accelerated deterioration of social conditions and the rising tide of the people’s struggle against the Marcos fascist dictatorship.

The victories were achieved despite the emergence of wrong ideas and major errors in the CPP central leadership and in certain regional Party committees. In 1979 there arose the notion in the CC of the CPP that the people’s war was already in the advanced phase. This led to the further notion that the “stage of strategic counter-offensive” was in the offing.
This notion had no basis in reality and was not realized but encouraged various “Left”opportunist currents of thinking about short-cuts to final victory.

As early as 1981, the subjective notion circulated among certain CC members that the Marcos fascist dictatorship had succeeded in making the Philippines an industrial capitalist country. It gave rise to the Right opportunist and “Left” opportunist currents.

The Right opportunist current wanted to take out the leadership of the CPP and the working class from the National Democratic Front and make the legal form of struggle principal to the armed struggle in obeisance to the anti-Marcos reactionaries. The “Left” opportunist current was initially based on the wrong notion that the NPA had reached the “advanced stage” of the strategic defensive and could carry out next the strategic counteroffensive.

The most disastrous line was that of the “Left” opportunist Red Area- White Area (RAWA) line in Mindanao, which called for people’s strikes in urban areas, intensification of armed city partisan warfare and the premature regularization of the NPA and reduction to being a purely military force.

When the line resulted in setbacks, the “Left” opportunists generated panic, blamed “deep penetration” agents for the setbacks and punished suspected cadres and mass activists without due process through Kampanyang Ahos. As a result of the “Left” opportunist errors, the mass base shrank drastically by more than 50 per cent in Mindanao and the NPA armed strength fell by more than 1000 automatic rifles.

Similar “Left” opportunist errors followed by anti-DPA witch hunts occurred in other regions but on a lesser scale at various times in Negros island, Manila-Rizal, Southern Tagalog, Cordillera and Cagayan Valley. Most of the time NPA foundational strength and the preponderance of good cadres and members continued to prevail over the “Left” opportunism and over the emergence of anti-DPA hysteria.

The central level “Left” opportunists subsequently pursued the line from 1986 to 1989 that total victory could be obtained only with military assistance from abroad; otherwise the revolution would stagnate and then be defeated. When the efforts to import weapons failed, they became demoralized and were joined by the Right opportunists in opposing the strategic line of protracted people’s war.

3. Rectification and Revitalization, 1992-2001

The Second Great Rectification Movement (SGRM) from 1992 to 1998 saved the CPP, the NPA and the entire revolutionary movement from possible self-disintegration or destruction in the hands of the enemy. The Right and “Left” opportunists were in CPP key positions and were using these to undermine and attack Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the general line of people’s democratic revolution.

The Right opportunists prated about “popular democracy” to attack the leading role of the proletariat and the CPP in the revolution. They blamed the line of protracted people’s war for the supposed failure to be part of the ascendance of the Aquino regime over the Marcos fascist dictatorship. They spouted Gorbachovite, Trotskyite, bourgeois-liberal and other petty-bourgeois currents of thinking.

The “Left” opportunists, especially the most vocal urban insurrectionists, also blamed the strategic line of protracted people’s war for the supposed failure of the NPA to take power or get a significant share of this before the Aquino party took complete power.

The “Left” opportunists in the highest positions babbled that to avert stagnation and defeat, the NPA must benefit from the importation of weapons, even if these were to be secured by considering the Soviet Union as no longer revisionist and social-imperialist. At the same time, they obscured the disastrous results of their line in Mindanao, which included the witch-hunt called Kampanyang Ahos.

Prior to the launch of the SGRM in 1992, the central leadership had already succeeded in acting against the “Left” opportunist errors and the anti-DPA witch-hunts in one region after another. But the SGRM still had to be launched and carried out in order to criticize, repudiate and rectify the errors comprehensively and thoroughly through a movement of ideological and political education. Otherwise, errors could persist to undermine and destroy the Party.

The SGRM faced difficulties because the “Left” and Right opportunists in general combined to attack the Party and take away the Party personnel and resources that they controlled. But the loyal Party cadres and members and the Red commanders and fighters prevailed. They worked hard and succeeded in recovering most of the Party personnel and mass base which had been lost through the errors, crimes and wrecking operations of the “Left” opportunists.

From 1994 to 1998, the forces in Mindanao were able to recover most of the armed strength and mass base that had been lost during the second half of the 1980s. They were able to retain some of the NPA companies in certain guerrilla fronts by a well-balanced correlation of relatively concentrated force for effectiveness in tactical offensives and relatively dispersed force to ensure a sufficiently wide and deep mass base. By 1998, the First Bagani Company had the distinct honor of capturing a brigadier general in the field.

The recovery and revitalization of the NPA occurred in various regions previously afflicted by “Left” opportunism. The NPA level of strength in 1998 exceeded the level before 1992, There were more than 110 guerrilla fronts nationwide, mostly with platoons rather than companies as the total force per front.

In the National Capital Region, the forces of the national democratic movement grew strong to the extent of generating mass protest actions that ultimately forced Estrada to flee the presidential palace and in effect resign his position. This was a crowning victory of the SGRM.

4. Growth, Conservatism and Upsurge, 2002 – 2019

This period covers the regimes of Arroyo, Aquino and Duterte which launched fierce attacks on the NPA and the entire revolutionary movement. The NPA has frustrated all the strategic operational plans aimed at destroying it. It has preserved and increased its strength despite the strategic offensives of the enemy, such as the Oplan Bantay Laya of Arroyo, Bayanihan of Aquino and Kapayapaan of Duterte.

As a result of the SGRM, NPA armed strength in high-powered rifles continued to grow and peaked in 2005 to a level surpassing the earlier 1987 peak by a few hundreds. It was a four percent growth from the 2002 level. However, from 2005, NPA strength dropped by 21.6 per cent over the course of the next four years until 2009.

The NPA armed strength in automatic rifles increased again but by only a few hundreds or around 11 per cent accumulated growth in the next seven years, 2009-2016 but remained below the 12.6 per cent below the 2006 peak. The NPA strength further grew by 9 per cent in the second half of 2016 but remained at 4 per cent below the 2005 peak From end 2016 to August 2017, the NPA grew more than 8 per cent and surpassed the previous 2005 peak by 3 per cent.

Despite the all-out war of the Duterte regime from its continuation of Aquino’s Bayanihan to its adoption of its own US-designed Oplan Kapayapaan, the NPA is growing in strength. The NPA in Mindanao remains the most outstanding in people’s war notwithstanding the prolonged imposition of martial law in the region and the wanton use of bombings and extrajudicial killings to suppress the armed revolution.

The CPP was able to hold its Second Congress successfully. It was able to identify the error of conservatism and over dispersal of small NPA units over a wide area as the principal error that has caused the stagnation and erosion of NPA and mass strength in Luzon and the Visayas. It is an error diametrically opposite the error of “Left” opportunism that had emerged in the years 1981-83 and grew in various regions until 1992.

The error starts with the good motivation of widening and deepening the mass base and developing all political prerequisites. And the erroneous tendency has been to over-disperse small units for mass work and neglect the main NPA task, which is to launch tactical offensives in order to seize weapons from the enemy and strengthen the NPA.

The force deployment with no relatively concentrated force for launching tactical offensives, and with the over-dispersal of small NPA units results in roving or floating units that are easy prey to the enemy and vulnerable to being put in purely defensive actions. When these small units are squashed by the enemy, the mass base that they have created eventually disappears, although available for recovery in the future. Conservatism amounts to abstinence from tactical offensives, which has played into the enemy campaign plans like those of Oplan Bantay Laya of the Arroyo regime, during which the NPA suffered a decrease in strength from 2005 onwards..

At first, the NPA in Mindanao had difficulties of countering enemy offensives under Oplan Bantay Laya and then Bayanihan. But eventually they were able to prevail against the enemy with the effective use of the basic tactics of guerrilla warfare and master the art and science of the tactics of counter encirclement against the enemy encirclements that were bigger but had wider gaps. The Red commanders and fighters had the wisdom to avail of a combination of mass base and rough terrain and the daring to launch tactical offensives against weak points of the enemy.

In the same way that they benefited from the experience and revolutionary cadres and commanders that came from Eastern Visayas in the 1980s, the CPP and NPA in Mindanao have been sharing the fruits of their victories with their comrades in Luzon and the Visayas their experience and battle-tested cadres and commanders by their redeployment to the regions of Luzon and the Visayas. Since 2017, they have been able to counter and prevail over the escalation of enemy attacks under the conditions of martial law.

A strong nationwide basis for the further advance of the people’s war has been established. It is now possible to launch more frequent and more daring tactical offensives on a national scale against the weak points of the enemy. These weak points are in far more areas than the enemy can reinforce and even where the enemy force is focused it exposes its weak points as soon as it is deployed.

Since the last quarter of 2017, there has been a significant increase of NPA tactical offensives on a nationwide scale than a long while before. After concentrating 75 per cent of their strength in Mindanao, the enemy armed forces have sent back more than 10 per cent of their strength to the Visayas and Luzon because of the intensified armed resistance here.

5. Prospects of the NPA

The current 5-year plan (2017-2021) of the Central Committee aims to carry forward the antifascist, antifeudal and anti-imperialist movement and overthrow the tyrannical US-Duterte regime, and bring the protracted people’s war to the advanced phase of the strategic defensive, in order to reach the threshold of the strategic stalemate.

The program calls for intensifying anti-fascist agitation, propaganda, organizational work and mobilization against the mass murders and other atrocities of state terrorism, and the scheme to establish a fascist dictatorship through charter change for a bogus kind of federalism. Building the broadest united front and mobilizing the people in their millions is the key to defeating the regime of terror and greed.

First, the program calls for resolving the imbalance of strength, spread and advance of guerrilla warfare between the relatively more advanced regions in Mindanao and those in Luzon and Visayas, and attain effective cooperation and coordination in advancing guerrilla warfare nationwide. The program seeks to develop 7-10 advanced regions, each with more or less 2,000 full-time Red fighters spread throughout Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Secondly, it calls on the advanced regions to develop sub-regions with three to five interlocking company-sized guerrilla fronts, to serve as anchors and rallying points for inter-regional and national advance. The program estimates that we can effectively combat the sustained large-scale enemy operations in the advanced sub-regions with one or two full or undersized companies with nine to fifteen horizontal platoons in interlocking or adjacent guerrilla fronts, in addition to units of the people’s militias spread over several hundred villages.

Thirdly, the program aims to strengthen the NPA several times over and raise its capability in annihilating enemy teams and squads, and later, platoons. Every region and sub-region must have a company as vertical force following the ratio of one vertical company to every nine horizontal platoons (or 1:3). There must be recruitment campaigns to increase the NPA guerrilla units and people’s militia units and campaigns to generate material and other forms of support.

The NPA must be strengthened through ideological building, strengthening absolute Party leadership, systematic politico-military training and raising its combat capability, in terms of weaponry and technique, active political work to raise the political consciousness, the will to fight and offensive spirit of the Red fighters, strengthen their iron discipline and their close links with the masses.

It calls for building the NPA operational command at the national level down to the sub-regional level to develop planning, coordination and leadership of the NPA work. It also calls for the recruitment of cadres from workers and the educated youth and for developing, training and promotion of military cadres. It calls for further expansion and training of units of people’s militias, self-defense units of mass organizations to develop their capability in waging mass guerrilla warfare. It calls for building partisan units.

Fourthly, the program calls for intensifying guerrilla warfare nationwide and waging all-out resistance against the enemy’s all-out war, gradual constriction and win-hold-win and TRIAD campaigns. It calls for carrying out annihilative basic tactical offensives to deliver solid blows against the enemy, punish the worst fascist criminals, weaken the enemy, seize his weapons, strengthen the people’s army, advance the masses’ anti-feudal and other struggles and expand the democratic people’s power.

The program calls for firmly opposing military conservatism and repudiating the wrong ideas that bring about such weaknesses such as overestimating the strength of the enemy and underestimating the strength of the people and their army; fear of sacrifices and aspiring for comforts and failure to grasp the crucial necessity of intensifying guerrilla warfare in advancing other military and political tasks, locally and in general; lack of attention of leading Party committees on military work; overconfidence, passivity, over-dispersal of forces and so on. The program calls for maximizing NPA armed strength and its deep and wide mass support it enjoys in order to deliver bigger and more frequent blows against the enemy.

The program calls for strengthening vertical forces as the NPA leading force in mounting tactical offensives. Compared to horizontal forces, vertical forces are more concentrated in order for them to move quickly, by itself or together with horizontal units, when necessary to hit at the isolated and vulnerable enemy units. However, they should also make use of every opportunity to arouse, organize and mobilize the masses, help in waging mass campaigns and struggles, participate in production and conduct training, education and political work in between battles.

The horizontal or front guerrilla forces, on the other hand, ensure widespread and intensive guerrilla warfare by all-sidedly developing guerrilla fronts in the military, political, economic, organizational and cultural fields. At every given time, the optimum is for 60 per cent of the NPA units to engage in mass work and political work and 40 per cent to carry out tactical offensives.

The program clarifies that mass work in guerrilla fronts is armed propaganda-type, that is, military work, tactical offensives, combating enemy attacks and operations and raising the military capability of the army and the people. Local guerrilla forces serve as centers of gravity of people’s militia units and village self-defense units. There must be a principal front guerrilla unit to serve as anchor and rallying point of all combat maneuvers and resistance.

Mass work should result in building local Party branches and groups, section committees, mass organizations and organs of political power, in addition to people’s militia and self-defense forces. The capacity of local revolutionary forces must be raised to carry out their tasks on their own in order to unburden the local armed units with details of daily administrative work and allow them to concentrate on various aspects of military work.

The program calls for mounting well-planned tactical offensives with the aim of annihilating enemy units and seizing their weapons. The general guidelines and the tactics include the following: Concentrate a bigger force to mount surprise attacks against weaker, smaller and isolated enemy units. Combine numerous body blows with occasional head blows.

Develop inter-front, regional, inter-regional and national planning and coordination of campaigns and operations to boldly intensify guerrilla warfare by taking hold of the entire strength of the people’s army and carrying out direct and indirect coordination of various guerrilla forces. Raise the capacity for intelligence work at all levels. Carry out partisan operations in order to punish the enemy in the cities and in their main lines of communication and transportation.

The NPA has already spread nationwide and is deeply rooted among the toiling masses. It occupies most of the terrains favorable for guerrilla warfare. It takes full advantage of the strategic line of encircling the cities from the countryside as well as orchestrating tactical offensives in an archipelago according to the principle of centralized leadership and decentralized operations. The NPA is now in a position to deliver lethal blows to the enemy forces anywhere in the archipelago and thereby raise the level of its armed strength.

The Filipino people and all their revolutionary forces are confident that they will make great strides towards total victory in the revolutionary war for the people’s democratic revolution because they are gaining political and armed strength as the crisis of both the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system and that of the world capitalist system are simultaneously worsening at an accelerated rate.

The inter-imperialist contradictions are sharpening and resulting in worse forms of exploitation and oppression, unprecedented crisis of global proportions, widespread state terrorism and wars of aggression. These are signals for the further rise and eventual victory of the people’s democratic revolution in the Philippines and the resurgence of the anti-imperialist movements and the world proletarian revolution.

CPP/NPA-Eastern Visayas: Samar residents evacuating because of rights violations including election-related violence by AFP troops

NPA-Eastern Visayas (EV) propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 28, 2019): Samar residents evacuating because of rights violations including election-related violence by AFP troops

Karlos Manuel
NPA-Eastern Visayas (Efren Martires Command)
New People's Army
March 28, 2019

“It is the spate of human rights violations and election-related violence by troops of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that are terrorizing residents of San Jose de Buan, Samar and forcing them to evacuate their communities – not the New People’s Army (NPA),” said Ka Karlos Manuel, spokesperson for the Efren Martires Command of the NPA-Eastern Visayas, today in a statement. “Captain Reynaldo Aragones of the 8th Infantry Division-Philippine Army only shows his heartlessness for discrediting the legitimate protest of the people against the soldiers’ occupation of civilian communities, forced election surveys, outright campaigning for politicians, hamletting, surveillance and harassment.”

Last March 18, residents of Brgy. Hagbay were forced to leave their homes after elements of the 87th Infantry Battalion insisted on camping in their community to illegally dabble in the electoral campaign. “The residents of Brgy. Hagbay have long complained of how soldiers mix with the civilians. The soldiers even wake them up in the middle of the night to answer election-related surveys, intimidating them to vote for electoral bets supported by the military, as well as to vote against progressive party-lists and candidates,” Manuel commented. “Such election-related violence is what is driving families out of their communities and depriving them of peace and livelihood.”

Manuel noted that recent harassment operations carried out by the NPA against the 87th IB in San Jose de Buan, such as last March 17 in Brgy. Can-aponte, have been in response to the residents’ intensified clamor for the soldiers to stop their combat operations misleadingly named as “community support programs.” “According to the residents, the troops sleep in the residents’ homes, school and clinic, use them as human shields and take their pictures without consent in violation of the CARHRIHL and international humanitarian law,” he added.

“We commend the people for standing up for their rights and uniting in the call to end the militarization of their communities. Meanwhile, they can rest assured that their true army, the New People’s Army, will serve justice against their transgressors by intensified tactical offensives versus the AFP, as it has for 50 years, and will carry forward the people’s war to end the fascist US-Duterte regime once and for all,” Manuel ended.#



CPP/NPA-EV: ‘The NPA does not target civilians’: Regional NPA command denies bomb threat in Baybay university

NPA-Eastern Visayas (EV) propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 28, 2019): ‘The NPA does not target civilians’: Regional NPA command denies bomb threat in Baybay university

Karlos Manuel
NPA-Eastern Visayas (Efren Martires Command)
New People's Army            
March 28, 2019
The Efren Martires Command of the New People’s Army-Eastern Visayas today denied NPA involvement in a bomb threat at the Visayas State University campus in Baybay City, Leyte as claimed by the Philippine National Police in a radio news report today, March 28. “The NPA does not target civilians and will never be involved in any real or threatened bombing of civilians,” said Efren Martires Command spokesperson Ka Karlos Manuel. “It is possible the PNP or the Armed Forces of the Philippines are behind this bomb threat to sow fear among the people and to smear the NPA on its 50th anniversary this March 29.”

Ka Karlos Manuel said bombing or harming civilians in any way are against the principles of the NPA. “The NPA has revolutionary principles and strict discipline outlined in its Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points of Attention. Furthermore, the NPA adheres to the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law signed by the GRP and NDFP, as well as other basic standards of human rights and international humanitarian law.”

The Efren Martires Command also clarified, “Those considered legitimate targets by the NPA are: the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, paramilitary and their intelligence services.

“We call on the public to give information on those who are really behind the bomb threat in Baybay City. Whoever they are, for terrorizing the people they are answerable to the People’s Democratic Government and its People’s Court.”

CPP/NPA-Northern Negros: RJPC-NPA seizes arms from RPA/SCAA group in Don Salvador Benedicto

NPA-Northern Negros propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 28, 2019): RJPC-NPA seizes arms from RPA/SCAA group in Don Salvador Benedicto

Cecil Estrella
NPA-Northern Negros (Roselyn Pelle Command)
New People's Army
March 28, 2019

The Roselyn Jean Pelle Command of New People’s Army (RJPC-NPA) responded to the people’s clamor in Don Salvador Benedicto to warn and disarm elements of the paramilitary SCAA or Special CAFGU Active Auxilliary supervised by their ringleaders with ties to the bandit RPA.

The operation was carried out on March 21, 2019, 5:20 in the morning at Sityo Mayana, Brgy. Bago, Don Salvador Benedicto. During the actual incident, the group did not heed the NPA team’s summons that the people’s army intends only to seize their firearms. The group fought it out with NPA using their firearms, prompting the operatives to defend themselves. RPA/ SCAA members Lucio and Domingo Agravante were hit and killed in the process. The RJPC-NPA is wholly responsible for the incident and civilians should not be incriminated by authorities.

The NPA confiscated 3 calibre .357 revolvers, a calibre .38 revolver, and a calibre .45 pistol, bullets and 2 cellphone units from the RPA/SCAA group.

This particular RPA/SCAA group in DSB is facing charges of espionage for surveilling the movement of the NPA as assets of the AFP based in the military detachment in Brgy. Marcelo, Calatrava; theft and landgrabbing depriving tumandok folk of the land they till, harvesting other farmers’ crops for their own, and destruction of the locals’ crops. This RPA/SCAA group has been commiting these crimes since 2014 that even leaders of the local barangay unit of the reactionary government have received complaints against them from the people.

This group is actively supervised by the RPA in Balasyang, Bagonbon led by Natan Bayog-ang Bagonbon along with Meliton and Oding Boli-Boli who have links and are supported by the DSB Vice-Mayor Nehemias Dela Cruz Jr.

It is not true that operatives of the RJPC-NPA seized P70,000 in cash as alleged by a certain“Roldan” who is also a member of the RPA. NPA operatives observe strict discipline and we account for everything we seize in operations. This RPA/SCAA group, however, are thieves who feed on stolen crops from the people. The people have long been compaining against their thievery and threats in the area, promting the NPA to caution them. They did not heed this and became even more active instead emboldened by the support of rotten, counter-revolutionary political dynasty of the Dela Cruz clan in DSB.

In adherence to International Humanitarian Law o IHL, the RJPC-NPA did not violate anything in bringing the RPA/SCAA to answer to revolutionary justice. The NPA followed the process in implementing the operation and enganging the said group. They did not cooperate with the disarming and arrest, resulting in casualties within their group.

As notice to the public, and to counter-revolutionary and criminal elements who let themselves be used by rotten politicians, or as mercenaries of big landlords and commiting crimes against the people: the RJPC-NPA expresses its resolve to decisively carry out revolutionary justice. The RJPC calls on those accused of crimes against the people to cooperate and truthfully communicate with the NPA to resolve the complaints lodged against them.

CPP/NPA-Northern Negros: “NPA month” marked by the Roselyn Pelle Command through successive military actions

NPA-Northern Negros propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 28, 2019): “NPA month” marked by the Roselyn Pelle Command through successive military actions

 Cecil Estrella
NPA-Northern Negros (Roselyn Pelle Command)
New People's Army
March 28, 2019

The Roselyn Jean Pelle Command – New People’s Army Northern Negros Guerilla Front (RJPC-NPA) marked “NPA month” this March through successive military actions against the fascist enemy, particularly the 79th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army and its paramilitary elements in the RPA/SCAA and CAFGU.

The NPA was founded on March 29, 1969 and the month of March was declared by the revolutionary masses as “NPA month” to mark the golden anniversary of their beloved people’s army.

The 79th IB has brought great harm to the people of North Negros due to intense militarization in the local city centers and upland areas resulting in the dislocation and forced evacuation of residents. The killings, arrests, mauling, ransacking of homes of civilians and ordinary peasants continue. The RJPC-NPA responded to the people’s call for justice for the victims and their demand to drive out the military and stop intense militarization of their communities.

Here are some details of military actions carried out by the RJPC this “NPA month:”

On March 19, a team of the RJPC-NPA launched a successful harassment operation against the 12th IB CAFGU detachtment in Sityo Pulupangyan, Brgy. Bug-ang, Toboso, around 11:38 in the evening. The military’s local assets in parts of Don Salvador Benedicto, San Carlos, Calatrava and Toboso areas always stay and report in this particular detachment.

On March 21, at Sityo Mayana, Brgy. Bago, Don Salvador Benedicto, around 5:20 in the morning, a team of the RJPC-NPA carried out the decision to disarm a group of RPA/SCAA elements who also serve as local assets of the AFP. The targets of the disarming operation fought it out with the NPA, prompting the RJPC team to defend itself. The operation resulted in the death of Lucio and Domingo Agravante, both members of the RPA/SCAA. The RJPC confiscated 3 calibre .357 revolvers, a calibre .38 revolver, a calibre .45 pistol, bullets and 2 cellphone units.

On the same day, March 21, around 7:20 in the evening, a team of the RJPC-NPA launched another harassment operation in Sityo Fuentes, Brgy. Mabini, Escalante City, against an abusive “Peace and Development Team” (PDT) of the 79th IB which has been conducting combat operations in several other barangays in the same city since last year. Operatives of the RJPC-NPA quickly withdrew from the site safely.

LIES: Col. Benedict Arevalo of the 303rd Brigade, Lt. Col. Emelito Thaddeus Logan of the 79th IB and Maj. Win Love Bag-ao of the 33rd CMO coy lied when they said that an “encounter” ensued because they received reports on the presence of the NPA from the people. The truth is, the military was not prepared to fight and was forced to come up with a so-called “QRT” in the area to cover up their shameful blunder.

MORE LIES: The military lied when they said that there was a surenderee and even wounded NPAs as result of the “encounter.” The military lied when they said that they confiscated medicines and canned goods worth P300,000 from this “encounter.” In the incident in Sityo Fuentes, the NPA held the initiative and there is no truth to the claim that the people’s army was put in the defensive.

To the people of North Negros, let us continue the struggle and be not afraid to stand in defense of our lives and rights. Let us brace for more of the lies, abuses and atrocities of the AFP and the fascist US-Duterte regime under MO 32 or de facto Martial Law. Let us continue to strengthen our revolutionary organizations, launch agrarian revolution to truly improve the people’s livelihood, wage armed struggle and support the New People’s Army.

The RJPC-NPA welcomes the people who wish to join in heightening the armed struggle that will defend the people and respond to the call to bring the people’s war towards the advanced substage of strategic defensive and complete victory!

CPP/Sison: Why and how the New People’s Army has preserved itself and grown in strength

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 29, 2019): Why and how the New People’s Army has preserved itself and grown in strength

Communist Party of the Philippines
Jose Maria Sison
Founding Chairperson
March 29, 2019

Academic researchers and journalists often ask me why and how the New People’s Army (NPA) has preserved itself and grown in strength in the last 50 years. I share with you my answers to their questions.

The NPA has a just revolutionary cause, which makes it invincible. It is fighting for the national and social liberation of the Filipino people, mainly the toiling masses of workers and peasants, against the three evil forces of foreign monopoly capitalism, domestic feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. The revolutionary struggle becomes even more just when it confronts a brazenly treasonous, tyrannical, brutal and corrupt regime like that of Marcor or Duterte.

The NPA is led by the Communist Party of the Philippines. This revolutionary party of the working class has defined the general line of people’s democratic revolution and the strategic line of protracted people’s war, which allows the NPA to avail of the wide countryside and the support of the peasant masses to grow from small and weak to big and strong .

The reactionary armed forces, police, and paramilitary auxiliaries are on the losing side because they are instruments for oppressing the people and preserving the daily violence of exploitation under the rule of the big compradors, landlords and corrupt government officials in the service of US imperialism.

The broad masses of the people understand that they have no way to change the oppressive and exploitative ruling system but to wage people’s war because elections controlled by the exploiting classes always result mainly in the rotation of their political agents.

The underdevelopment of the economy, high rate of unemployment and widespread poverty will remain and grow worse so long as the exploiting classes and their imperialist masters take superprofits and press down the subsistence level of the toiling masses.

The strategic line of protracted people’s war has been successful in the last 50 years in allowing the NPA to occupy strategic areas all over the countryside in the archipelago; and to use these for guerrilla warfare in the stage of strategic defensive. The NPA now has 110 guerrilla fronts in 73 out of 81 Philippine provinces. It is now developing the advanced phase of the stage of strategic defensive, in which the tactical offensives of NPA platoons and companies can become more frequent and successful against weak points of the enemy forces.

The time will soon come that the stage of strategic stalemate will be reached when NPA companies and then battalions will be able to wage regular mobile warfare and launch tactical offensives that can wipe out larger enemy formations piece by piece and liberate entire towns and provinces. The strategic stalemate shall be far shorter than the stage of strategic defensive.

By the time that conditions are ripe for the stage of the strategic offensive, it shall be the turn of the enemy to be on the strategic defensive. The NPA shall have acquired the capability to mobilize battalions and regiments for knocking out the final strongholds of the enemy and for seizing the cities.

There are those who think that an armed revolution is successful only after it overthrows the city-based government and seizes the presidential palace. But the armed revolution is already establishing the people’s democratic government in the countryside.

This revolutionary government of workers and peasants is in charge of public education, mass organizing, land reform, production, health and sanitation, self-defense, administration of justice and arbitration, cultural work , disaster relief and environmental protection in the guerrilla fronts.

At present in the stage of the strategic defensive, what are the weak points of the enemy that the NPA can at will target in tactical offensives? What else can the NPA do?

1. When the enemy forces concentrate to launch an offensive in superior strength, the NPA can retreat or shift position and observe what weak points appear in the deployment and operations of the enemy side. As sure as the sun rises and sets, the NPA and the people are able to see the wide gaps between enemy points and the lines of supply and patrols, and can proceed to wipe out the enemy forces part by part.

2. Even when the overall armed strength of the enemy is far larger than that of the NPA, the enemy forces are limited and cannot cover more than 10 percent of Philippine population and territory at any given time. The enemy forces can concentrate anywhere but so can the NPA elsewhere to target weak points of the enemy forces, such as small army detachments, police stations, security forces of unfriendly business enterprises and plantations, and bodyguards of hostile politicians, warlords, and crime lords.

3. The reactionary armed forces and police have their own ways of reducing their personnel for combat: they take over civilian functions and use too many patrols and too many checkpoints for the purpose of mass intimidation and extortion. In addition, the NPA can compel the enemy to defensive positions by putting them under a cloud of harassments and by destroying facilities of mining, logging, and plantation companies on the just ground that these are instruments of extreme exploitation of the working people and destruction of the environment and agriculture.

4. Whenever the NPA takes full initiative in launching a tactical offensive against a certain enemy target, it can also prepare an extra force to ambush the reinforcing or pursuing enemy force. On a larger scale, if it has sufficient forces for the purpose, the NPA can deliberately lure in the enemy for annihilation in a series of battles within a certain area. Furthermore it can create the opportunity for other NPA units to launch their tactical offensives elsewhere.

5. The CPP has announced recently that it has laid stress on further developing extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare on the basis of a widening and deepening mass base and delivering headblows to the enemy. More than ever, the NPA has the capability to deliver head blows to enemy command posts or to the urban dens of the most despicable bosses of the regime with rural-based commando teams as well as with armed city partisans.

6. The high-tech equipment of the enemy can be countered. Air planes and helicopters are noisy. The most silent drones cannot distinguish the NPA fighters from the masses. It is not the style of the NPA to make permanent large encampments in isolated areas. It uses only temporary camps in connection with politico-military training and preparing for certain tactical offensives. As regards computers and cellphones, the NPA communications personnel have learned to use codes and delete or store away data.

There is no limit to the kinds of tactical offensives that the NPA forces can launch on its own initiative so long as they have the elements of people’s support, precise intelligence, meticulous planning, training and discipline of the rank and file, and the daring of commanders.

But the NPA has simple overall rules for it to be able to preserve itself and gain further strength: always launch only tactical offensives that it is sure of winning and avoid any decisive engagement that puts at risk the very life of the NPA in any guerrilla front. Thus, the enemy has failed to destroy any guerrilla front, except in its press releases for psy-war.

The propaganda of the US-Duterte regime and its armed minions is that the NPA is on the way to being destroyed. For the purpose, the regime is in a frenzy of faking surrenders and encounters, community support, development projects, and localized peace talks, while they carry out real mass arrests, massacres, artillery shelling, bombings, forced mass evacuations, and landgrabbing to gain the people’s wrath. It has formed a national task force to carry out all these tactics systematically and to prepare for the imposition of fascist dictatorship on the people.

It is absolutely necessary to expose the truth about the crimes of the US-Duterte regime and its armed minions by all means of information. At the same time, the broad masses of the people are calling on the NPA to intensify their tactical offensives, broadcast their fighting victories, and demonstrate that the regime and its armed minions cannot go on committing their grave crimes with impunity. The NPA enjoys the support of the people and the people expect more brilliant victories than ever in the people’s war for national liberation and democracy.

CPP/NPA-Northern Negros: Celebrate the golden year of the NPA! Frustrate Duterte’s de facto Martial Law and advance the people’s war to victory!

NPA-Northern Negros propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 29, 2019): Celebrate the golden year of the NPA! Frustrate Duterte’s de facto Martial Law and advance the people’s war to victory!

Cecil Estrella
NPA-Northern Negros (Roselyn Pelle Command)
New People's Army
March 29, 2019

On the 50th anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA), today, March 29, 2019, the Red fighters and commanders of the Roselyn Jean Pelle Command (RJPC), Northern Negros guerilla front are one with our Party, the entire nation and the mass membership of revolutionary organizations in celebrating this ocassion.

The RJPC gives its highest salute to our revolutionary martyrs especially the Red fighters and commanders who gave their life for the people’s war during the past 50 years.

The fascist troops of the US-Duterte regime, meanwhile, are ridiculous indeed in showing-off their desperation in arresting a peace consultant and spokesperson of the National Democratic Front (NDF) in Negros Island, Fr. Francisco “Ka Frank” Fernandez along with his wife, comrade Cleofe Lagtapon, around 5:00 in the morning of March 24, 2019, despite their old age and frail health. The military is truly hoggish in surveilling and tailing Ka Frank and his companions.

The people of Negros who cherish Ka Frank and Ka Cleofe cannot but feel heavy-hearted and dismayed with the fascists’ latest move. Ka Frank has been known to serve and look after the interests of ordinary people since the Marcos Martial Law era as a priest of the Catholic Church, until he decided to embrace the armed struggle to defend the masses of workers and peasants.

This shows that the US-Duterte regime was never serious with the peace talks and in resolving the roots of the armed conflict. This only teaches the people that there is no other way to achieve genuine national freedom and democracy but through armed struggle.

Despite intensifying militarization and abuses of the fascist AFP and PNP here in Negros, the NPA, particularyly the Red Fighters and commanders of its Negros Island operational command, the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command (AGC), continue to gain strength and numbers severalfold, as its revolutionary mass base continues to grow to hundreds of thousands in its areas of responsibility.

The class enemies have failed in their attempt to crush the revolutionary movement in North Negros as the fascist troops of the reactionary government were only made blind and deaf as to revolutionary activities in the guerilla zones. Guerilla units of the RJPC, along with the massess in their thousands, continue to joyously celebrate the momentous 50th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the NPA through continuous political education, organizing and strengthening of armed struggle and the whole revolutionary movement. Frustrate the brutal counter-revolutionary war of the US-Duterte regime!

NPA units across the country have launched successive tactical offensives through intensive and extensive guerilla warfare based on an ever-widening and deepening mass base. It continues to exert full effort to respond to the call of the people for justice through annihilative, attritive and other punitive actions against abusive military and paramilitary troops of the US-Duterte regime, counterrevolutionaries, and other rotten criminal elements that harm the people.

In our Red salute to the 50th anniversary of the NPA, we also remember the martyrdom of the victims of political killings perpetrated by this fascist regime: the workers and peasants who rose in struggle, particularly the Sagay 9.

The barbaric killing of 9 farmworkers in Hacienda Barbara, Brgy. Bulanon, Sagay City on October 20, 2018, was preposteously blamed on the NPA in order to silence the people and cover up the tracks of landlords and rotten politicians who were actually involved in the massacre. Memorandum Order 32 was enforced in Negros Island in order to facilitate more killings, harassment and militarization of communities. Lies were deliberately propagated by the fascists as they deny the truth that the NPA is the one true defender of the masses, for without the people’s army, the people have nothing.

The sower of lies and the newly-promoted general liar Benedict Arevalo of the 303rd Brigade along with his minion Emelito Thaddeus Logan of the 79th Infantry Battalion, those who tell their victims that they are from the 11th IB PA although this unit has not yet returned to the island; their paramilitary forces and mercenary groups such as the SCAA/CAA, CAFGU, the RPA bandit group and private goons of landlords; elements of the Special Action Force (SAF), Regional Mobile Force (RMF) and regional public safety coy of the Philippine National Police (PNP) — they are the actual terrorists who sow much fear and terror in Negros as they pretend to serve the people.

It must be recalled that the military circulated the shameful lie about a fake encounter in Brgy. Washington, Escalante City, which brought casualties upon their own ranks. They concocted fake surrenders of fake commanders and fake fighters of the NPA here in North Negros. All of these are pure lies and desperate illusions, nothing but the stinking modus of the military’s fascist troops.

The people of North Negros bore witness to desperate moves of the money-greedy Arevalo and Logan in bannering the senseless Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integrated Program or E-CLIP where large-scale corruption in the reactionary government is coursed through due to the millions of pesos of funds allocated for this. This is the reason why they coerce and threaten ordinary farmers and civilians to “surrender” through their Civil Military Operations (CMO) and Peace and Development Teams (PDT) that occupy the barangays for several months.

They claim as victories their own lies and falsifications that fool only themselves and the reactionary government!

The imposition of Memorandum Order 32 or the US-Duterte regime’s de facto Martial Law here in Negros Island has greatly harmed civilians, the workers and peasants here in North Negros. Heightened militarization in the cities and the countryside violate the rights of civilians.

‘The RJPC will launch tactical offensives while constantly improving its military capacity and the ideological foundation of Red commanders and fighters in order to steel their resolve in engaging the enemy. The people’s army will contine to organize, educate and mobilize the masses for the armed struggle, establishment of organs of Red political power and advancement of the agrarian revolution which responds to the demands of the impoverished toiling masses.

The RJPC calls on the entire people to fight de facto martial law in Negros Island, and courageously their defend and lives and livelihood. The RJPC also calls on the people to join the armed struggle advanced by the New People’s Army.

VIVA NPA @ 50!



CPP/NPA-Northern Negros: Saulogon ang bulawanong tuig sang BHB! Paslawon ang de facto Martial Law ni Duterte kag isulong ang inaway banwa hasta sa kadalag-an!

NPA-Northern Negros propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 29, 2019): Saulogon ang bulawanong tuig sang BHB! Paslawon ang de facto Martial Law ni Duterte kag isulong ang inaway banwa hasta sa kadalag-an!

Cecil Estrella
NPA-Northern Negros (Roselyn Pelle Command)
New People's Army
March 29, 2019
Sa ika-50 nga anibersaryo sang Bag-ong Hangaway sang Banwa (BHB) karon nga adlaw Marso 29, 2019, ang mga Pulang hangaway kag kumander sang Roselyn Jean Pelle Command (RJPC), sa larangang gerilya sa norte nga bahin sang Negros, nagahiusa sa aton Partido, sa bug-os nga pumuluyo upod ang masang katapuan sang rebolusyonaryong organisasyon sa pagsaulog sini.

Ang RJPC nagahatag sang mataas nga pagsaludar sa aton mga rebolusyonaryong martir ilabi na sa mga Pulang hangaway kag kumander nga naghalad sang ila kinabuhi para sa inaway banwa sa nagligad nga 50 ka tuig.

Samtang, kaladlawan naman ang desperado nga tikang sang pasistang tropa sang rehimeng US-Duterte sa pagdakop sa tagapamaba sang National Democratic Front (NDF) kag peace consultant sa isla sang Negros nga si Fr. Francisco “Ka Frank” Fernandez upod sang iya nga tiayon nga si Ka Cleofe Lagtapon, sadtong Marso 24, 2019 alas-5:00 sang kaagahon sa Laguna sa pihak sang ila katigulangon kag pagkamasakiton. Gindaginot pa sang militar ang pagmanman kag pagsunod-sunod kanday Ka Frank.

Gani amo na lang ang kasubo kag pagkadismaya sang pumuluyo sa Negros sa tikang sang pasistang tropa ka militar, bangud sang ila pagpalangga sa kay Ka Frank kag Ka Cleofe. Si Ka Frank dugay na nga nagabulig kag nagaulikid sa interes sang ordinaryo nga pumuluyo halin pa sa panahon sang Martial Law ni Marcos, bilang isa ka pari sang Simbahang Katoliko nga nagdesisyon nga mag-upod sa armadong paghimakas agud depensahan ang masa ilabe na ang mga mangunguma kag mamumugon.

Ginapakita lang nga indi seryoso ang rehimeng US-Duterte sa sugilanon pangkalinong kag pagresolba sa mga ugat sang armadong konplikto sa katilingban, kag ginatudloan sini ang pumuluyo nga wala na sang lain nga alagyan pakadto sa tunay nga kahilwayan kag demokrasya sa pungsod kundi paagi sang armadong paghimakas.

Sa pihak sang nagasingki nga militarisasyon kag abuso sang pasistang AFP kag PNP diri sa Negros, ang BHB ilabe na ang mga pulang hangaway kag kumander sang Apolinario Gatmaitan Command nga kumand sa operasyon sang BHB sa tibuok isla, nagabaskog kag padayon nagadamo nga naglab-ot na sang pila ka pilo, rason nga padayon nga nagalapad ang baseng masa sa gatosan ka liboan sulod sa iyang nasakpan nga erya.

Napaslawan ang mga kaaway sa sahi sa pagtinguha nga wasakon ang rebolusyonaryong kahublagan sa norte ka Negros kag nahimo lang nga bulag kag bungol ang pasistang tropa sa reaksyonaryong gobyerno sa mga rebolusyonaryong aktibidad sa mga sonang gerilya. Malipayon nga ginasaulog sang mga yunit gerilya sang RJPC, upod ang libohan ka pumuluyo, ang ika-50 nga anibersaryo sa mahalalong Partido Komunista sa Pilipinas kag BHB paagi sa padayon nga pagtuon, pag-organisa, kag pagpabaskog sa

armadong paghimakas kag bilog nga rebolusyonaryong kahublagan. Paslawon ang brutal nga kontra-rebolusyonaryong gyera sang rehimeng US-Duterte!

Gani, nakalunsar ang BHB sa tibuok pungsod sang sunod-sunod nga taktikal nga opensiba pinaagi sa sinsin kag lapnagon nga inaway gerilya base sa nagalapad kag nagadalom nga baseng masa kag padayon sini nga ginatinguha nga makasabat sa panawagan sang masa para sa hustisya paagi sa mga anihilatibo, atritibo kag aksyong pagsilot sa mga abusadong tropa sang militar kag paramilitar sang rehimeng US-Duterte, mga kontra-rebolusyonaryo kag malaing elemento nga nakahalit na sa pumuluyo.

Sa aton Pulang pagsaludar sa ika-50 nga anibersaryo sang BHB, ginahinumdum naton ang kabaganihan sang mga biktima sang pulitikal nga pagpamatay sang pasistang rehimen, ang mga nagahimaks nga mangunguma kg mamumugon, ilabi na ang Sagay 9.

Ang makasilidhi nga pagpatay sa 9 ka mangunguma sa Hacienda Barbara, Brgy. Bulanon, syudad sang Sagay sadtong Oktubre 20, pilit ginpasibangud sa NPA agud pahipuson ang pumuluyo kag para nga taguon ang mga agalon may duta (AMD) kag dunot nga pulitiko nga may kaangtanan sa amo nga masaker. Ginpatuman ang Memorandum Order 32 sa Isla sang Negros agud magpadayon ang ila pagpamatay, pagpamahog kag militarisasyon sa mga komunidad. Ila ginsabwag ang kabutigan kag ginapanginwala nila ang kamatuoran nga ang BHB amo ang tunay nga nagadepensa sa masa, kag kung wala ang hukbo sang banwa, wala bisan ano man ang pumuluyo.

Ang tigsabwag sang kabutigan kag bag-o lang nga na-promote nga butigong heneral Benedict Arevalo sang 303rd Brigade upod sang iya suluguon nga si Emelito Thaddeus Logan sang 79th Infantry Battalion, ang mga nagpakilala sa ila mga biktima nga katapo sa 11th IBPA biskan wala pa sang yunit sini sa isla; kg gamit ang mga paramilitar nga bayarang grupo pareho sang SCAA/CAA, CAFGU, bandidong grupo sang RPA kag mga pribadong goons sang AMD, ang mga katapo sa Special Action Force (SAF), Regional Mobile Force (RMF) kag regional public safety coy sang Philippine National Police (PNP) — amo ang mga teroristang nagsabwag sang kakugmat sa Negros kag mga peke man nga naga-alagad sa pumuluyo.

Mahinumduman nga may ara sang makahuluya nga peke nga engkwentro nga ginpalapta ang militar sa Brgy. Washington syudad sang Escalante nga nakahilit mismo sa ila nga hanay. May mga peke man nga pagsurender sang mga pekeng kumander kag hangaway sang NPA diri sa North Negros. Ini tanan lunsay kabutigan kag desperado nga ilusyon sa pan-us nga mga estilo sang pasistang tropa ka militar.

Nasaksihan sang mga pumuluyo sa norte nga bahin sang Negros ang mga desperado nga tikang sang mga nawong pilak nga si Arevalo kag Logan ilabe na sa pagbandera sang walay pulos nga programa sang rehimeng US-Duterte nga Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integrated Program o E-CLIP nga amo ang alagyan sang dako sini nga korapsyon sa reaksyonaryong gobyerno bangud sang minilyon nga pundo sini. Gani ila nga ginapilit ang pagpasurender sa mga mangunguma kag sibilyan nga ila ginapahog pinaagi sang ila Civil Military Operations (CMO) kag Peace and Development Teams (PDT) nga pila ka bulan nga nagatener sa kabarangayan.

Ginakabig nila nga kadalag-an ang ila nga mga kabutigan kag pagpang-into mismo sa ila kaugalingon kag sa reaksyonaryong gobyerno!

Sa pagpatuman sang Memorandum Order 32 ukon de facto Martial Law sang rehimeng US-Duterte sa isla sang Negros, dako ang nahalit sa mga sibilyan, mga mangunguma kag mamumugon diri sa norte ka Negros. Ang pagpasingki sang militarisasyon sa kasyudaran kag kaumhan, nagalapak sa kinamatarong sang mga sibilyan.

Ang RJPC magalunsar sang mga taktikal nga opensiba samtang padayon nga nagahanas sa katakus-militar kag sa pundasyon sa ideolohiya sang mga Pulang kumander kag hangaway sini para pabakuron ang kaugalingon sa pag-atubang sa kaaway. Ang hukbo, padayon sa pag-organisa, pagpamuklat kag pagpahulag sa masa para sa armadong paghimakas, pagtukod sang mga organo sang Pulang gahum pampulitika kag pagsulong sang agraryong rebolusyon nga sabat sa kapigaduhon sang masang anakbalhas.

Ang RJPC nagapanugyan sa tanan nga pumuluyo nga pamatukan ang de facto martial law sa isla sang Negros kag indi magkahadlok sa pagdepensa sa kabuhi kag palangabuhian. Nagapanawagan man ang RJPC sa pumuluyo nga makigbahin sa armadong paghimakas nga gilunsar sa Bagong Hangaway sang Banwa!

VIVA NPA @ 50!



CPP/CPP-Cagayan Valley RPC: Para sa ika-limampung taong anibersaryo ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan

CPP-Cagayan Valley Regional Party Committee propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 29, 2019): Para sa ika-limampung taong anibersaryo ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan

Communist Party of the Philippines
Komiteng Rehiyon
Cagayan Valley
March 29, 2019

Ang Komiteng Rehiyon Sa Cagayan Valley ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas, kasama ang pinamumunuan nitong Pangrehiyong Kumand sa Operasyon ng New People’s Army at buong mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa sa rehiyon, ay nakikiisa at bumabati sa lahat ng mga Pulang kumander at mandirigma ng NPA sa pagdiriwang sa ginintuang anibersaryo ng pagkakatatag nito.

Lipos sa kagalakan nating ginugunita, na mula sa iilampung kumander at kawal na armado ng mahihinang-klaseng baril nang itatag ito sa Tarlac noong Marso 29, 1969, ang New People’s Army ay lumaki at lumakas nang may libu-libong mga opisyal at mandirigmang nasasandatahan ng matataas-na-kalibreng baril. Ang digmang bayang inilulunsad nito para sa pambansang pagsasarili at tunay na demokrasya ay sumasaklaw na sa ilan-libong mga munisipalidad at ilampung-libong mga baryo sa karamihang mga probinsya, na suportado ng ilang milyong baseng masang nakapaloob sa mga rebolusyonaryong organo ng kapangyarihang pampulitika at organisasyong masa sa malawak na kanayunan ng buong bansa.

Ang rebolusyonaryong hukbong ito ang tagapagpatuloy sa di-natapos na Rebolusyong 1896 na sinimulan ng rebolusyonaryong hukbong Katipunan sa pamumuno ni Andres Bonifacio upang ibagsak ang paghaharing kolonyal ng Espanya at kamtin ang pambansang kalayaan at demokrasya; sa Gyerang Pilipino-Amerikano ng 1899 laban sa pananakop ng imperyalismong United States na nagpatuloy sa kabila ng pakikipagsabwatan ng pangkating Emilio Aguinaldo sa US; sa digma ng pagtatanggol laban sa Hapones noong 1940s; at sa digmang bayan laban sa estadong neokolonyal noong 1950s.

Sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas, nahigitan na ng New People’s Army ang inabot na laki at lakas ng mga naunang rebolusyonaryong hukbo. Ito ay sa kabila ng kalahating siglo nang pagbubuhos ng lakas-pandigma at iba pang ayuda ng imperyalismong US sa mga papet nitong rehimen mula pa kay Marcos hanggang kay Duterte.

Sinasatsat ng rehimeng Duterte na ang digmang bayan para sa pambansang pagpapalaya sa Pilipinas ay isang “nabigong rebelyon.” Ito ay upang pilit pagtakpan na sa nakaraang 50 taon ay nabigong gapiin ng US, ang pinakamalakas na imperyalistang kapangyarihan sa daigdig, at pitong magkakasunod na mababangis na papet na rehimen ang New People’s Army at buong rebolusyonaryong kilusan.

Sinasatsat ng Armed Forces of the Philippines na ito ang tagapagpatuloy sa tradisyon ng anti-kolonyal at anti-imperyalistang rebolusyonaryong hukbong Katipunan. Ito ay upang pilit pagtakpan na ang AFP ay pagpapatuloy lamang ng imperyalismong US sa itinayo nitong papet na Philippine Constabulary noong pagpasok ng ika-20 siglo para supilin ang mga rebolusyonaryong nagpatuloy sa gyerang anti-imperyalista hanggang 1913.

Karangalan ng mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa sa rehiyon na ang Cagayan Valley ang isa sa mga unang pinagpunlaan at pinagpatatagan ng New People’s Army sa umpisa ng pagkakabuo nito noong Marso 1969. Mula Abril sa taon iyong, ang magubat na rehiyon ng Isabela, at kinalaunan ay ang mga probinsya rin ng Quirino at Nueva Vizcaya, ay naging paborableng panlipunan at pisikal na terrain upang mapalaki at mapalakas ang maliit at mahinang hukbong gerilya sa batayan ng lumalawak at lumalalim na suportang masa.

Mula 1971, nakaabot at nakapagpalakas na rin ang NPA sa Cagayan.

Sa mga unang taon ng batas militar na ipinataw ni Marcos noong Setyembre 21, 1972, ang mga taktikal na opensiba ng NPA sa Isabela ang naging tagapamandila ng armadong paglaban ng sambayanang Pilipino sa pasistang diktadura.

Sa daloy ng Rebolusyong Pilipino mula dekadang 1970 pataas, ang NPA at buong rebolusyonaryong pwersa sa Cagayan Valley, sa pamumuno ng Partido ay nagkamit ng marami at malalaking tagumpay sa larangang pulitikal, militar, ekonomya, kultura at organisasyon. Pangunahin sa lahat ang malawak at malalim na suporta ng mamamayan laluna ang masang magsasaka, na siyang solidong tuntungan kung bakit hindi nagapi sa nagdaang 50 taon at patuloy na di-magagapi ang Pulang hukbo.

Patuloy na nagtatamasa ang hukbong bayan ng masang suporta dahil nakatuntong ang paglaban nito sa mga pambansa at demokratikong adhikain ng sambayanan. Niyayakap ito ng masang magsasakang bumubuo sa 75 porsyento ng populasyon ng buong bayan dahil tapat at masigasig nitong hinaharap at hakbang-hakbang na nilulutas ang suliranin sa lupa at winawakasan ang mga pyudal at malapyudal na anyo ng pagsasamantala sa kanayunan.

Sa daloy ng lubhang malupit at masalimuot na pakikidigma, ang New People’s Army at mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa ay di-sinasadyang nakagawa ng mga pagkakamali at pagkukulang. Ngunit dahil taimtim sa hangaring palayain ang sambayanan mula sa dayuhang panghihimasok at kamtin ang demokrasya para sa nakararami, maagap itong nagsasagawa ng mga pagpuna-sa-sarili at pagwawasto sa gabay ng mga rebolusyonaryong prinsipyo.

Sa pagtatapos ng 2018, ang New People’s Army sa Cagayan Valley ay kumikilos sa halos 500 baryo sa 60 bayan sa anim na lalawigan. Sa nagdaang dalawang taon ay tuluy-tuloy na lumaki ang lakas-tauhan nito. Niloloko ng 5th IDPA ang sarili nito sa pagsasabing lumiit at humina na ang pwersa ng NPA sa harap ng “maramihang pagsurender.”

Sa nakalipas na mahigit dalawang taon, nailunsad ng New People’s Army sa rehiyon ang 52 na taktikal na opensiba, na ang mahigit sampu rito ay mga reyd at ambush, na kung saan nasamsam ng isang K3 machine-gun, 17 high-powered rifles at mas marami pang mga low-powered rifles at pistol; at nasawi ang kabuuang 168 kaaway. Marami pang nailunsad na mga aksyong pamamarusa sa mga ahente ng paniktik ng kaaway, masasamang elementong may utang-na-dugo sa mamamayan at mga lumalabag sa mga batas sa saklaw ng mga rebolusyonaryong teritoryo.

Umaabot ang baseng masa sa mga larangang gerilya ng mahigit 700,000; ang organisadong masa ng mahigit 36,000; at napaparami ang mga rebolusyonaryong organo ng kapangyarihang pampulitika ng mamamayan. Ang mga nagbenepisyo sa mga kampanya sa rebolusyong agraryo sa nakalipas na 20 taon ay umaabot sa 600,000 magsasaka, na ang ilandaang pamilya sa mga ito ay libreng nabahaginan ng lupa.

Makaraan ang 50 taon, sa saligan ay walang nabago, bagus ay sumahol pa ang busabos na kalagayan ng sambayanang Pilipino sa ilalim ng sistemang malakolonyal at malapyudal, na siyang pinagbatayan ng muling-pagsisimula at mabilis na paglaganap ng armadong rebolusyonaryong pakikibaka.

Mataas ang determinasyon ng mga Pulang opisyal at mandirigma ng New People’s Army at buong mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa sa Cagayan Valley na lumaban sa ilalim ng panawagan ng Komite Sentral ng Partido na kamtin ang abanteng antas ng pakikidigmang gerilya sa mga susunod na taon.

CPP/NPA-Mountain Province: Intensify the attacks against the State’s fascist machinery! Celebrate the NPA’s ambush against the RPSB in Mt. Province!

NPA-Mountain Province propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 29, 2019): Intensify the attacks against the State’s fascist machinery! Celebrate the NPA’s ambush against the RPSB in Mt. Province!

Magno Udyaw
NPA-Mountain Province (Leonardo Pacsi Command)
New People's Army
March 29, 2019

The Leonardo Pacsi Command (NPA – Mountain Province) engaged a unit of the Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB) on March 29, 9:45am at Bauko. In the 15 minute firefight, at least one state force is confirmed wounded. The said tactical offensive is a response to the directive of the National Operations Command of the New People’s Army to launch military actions nationwide as part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the NPA.

The RPSB is a unit of the Philippine National Police (PNP) specifically intended for counterinsurgency. Through combat operations, its troops work alongside the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). As a counterrevolutionary instrument of the ruling class, it serves as a machinery to silence the people’s resistance and also enforce national oppression on the national minorities including the Igorots of the Cordillera.

In Mt. Province, the RPSB carries this mission in the guise of protecting the environment and national interest. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in cahoots with these mercenary troops have been enforcing a total log ban policy and the crackdown on small-scale mines. On the other hand, they protect plunderous large-scale mines, logging, and energy businesses.

The indigenous people have inherent rights to their ancestral lands and its resources including the trees, the minerals, and the waters. Abusive use of these can be sanctioned through customary laws still being practiced by communities – through self-regulation.

During operations of the DENR and PNP, numerous cases of human rights violations are being committed, such as harassments, indiscriminate pointing and firing of rifles, and confiscation of lumber intended for housing and community use. Corruption is also rampant as DENR and police officials sell or take for personal use whatever they have sequestered from the locals.

Complementary to the Rodrigo Duterte government’s Oplan Kapayapaan to counter the national-democratic revolution is the IP-centric approach wherein kailians recruited as police or soldiers are being deployed to conduct these anti-people policies. The youth are being swayed to take up Criminology, as a greater number of scholarships have been offered for the said course. Students are being taught and remoulded in the fascist and corrupt practices of the PNP. Later on they will be employed to exploit and oppress their own people.

Armed units of the State such as the AFP, PNP, and Citizen Auxiliary Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) were created precisely to repress the masses and maintain the status quo for imperialists, big bourgeois compradors, and landlords – the very kind of peace saboteurs to whom the Duterte government is subservient.

In light of the Duterte government’s permanent withdrawal from peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), the LPC will incessantly mount tactical offensives to continue the NPA’s mandate of seizing political power from the corrupt and fascist ruling classes and dismantling its fascist machinery, towards building a just, peaceful, and democratic government for the people.

Under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the LPC will carry on this mandate to advance the People’s War and gain greater victories for the Filipino people, up until genuine democracy, justice, peace, and freedom are attained!

CPP/NDF-EV: NDF-EV condemns martial law in San Jose de Buan, slams Samar Governor Sharee Ann Tan for letting the military trample civilians under their boots

NDF-Eastern Visayas (EV) propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 29, 2019): NDF-EV condemns martial law in San Jose de Buan, slams Samar Governor Sharee Ann Tan for letting the military trample civilians under their boots

Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
March 29, 2019

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas challenged today the sincerity of Samar governor Sharee Ann Tan in protecting the lives and livelihood of peasants from San Jose de Buan town in the province, after more than a thousand residents from Brgy. Hagbay, Brgy. San Nicolas, Brgy. Can-aponte and Sitio San Pedro fled for their lives after elements from the 87th Infantry Battalion insisted on using their homes as military barracks. The 87th IB has gained notoriety over the years for using civilian communities as their barracks, thus prompting mass evacuations in the towns of Samar.

NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas condemned Gov. Tan who made a no-show at the evacuation center despite the fervent appeal of evacuees for the governor to intervene. “More than 250 families have already left their homes since March 17 and taken refuge at the evacuation center, covered court and the town market. While the residents along with their local officials demanded that the 87th IB vacate their communities and stop using civilians as human shields, soldiers in full battle gear from the said battalion encircled the evacuees and harassed them non-stop. And to prove their supremacy over civilians, the soldiers even threw expletives and scolded the barangay captains in front of their constituents, forcing them to attend a ‘peace rally’ that is nothing but a malicious tactic to coerce the evacuees into declaring themselves as surrenderers.”

Fr. Salas supported the people for scoring Tan, who as governor and Regional Peace and Order (RPOC) chair should secure the lives and defend the rights of her constituents. “Gov. Tan should do better in understanding the plight of our poor peasants. The peasants fear that since the planting season has already begun, prolonged military operations will hinder their farming and will result to higher hunger incidence this year. They are on the brink of famine should Gov. Tan continue to disregard their appeals. The demand of the peasant evacuees is simple, for the military to stop using their homes as camps and causing fear should a possible armed encounter arise, and to set up their camps 500 meters away from the last house in the community as stipulated in the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.”

Fr. Salas also condemned the intensified military occupation of civilian communities in the hinterland barangays of San Jose de Buan as having the backing of the provincial government so as to secure votes. “The people’s revolutionary government is currently investigating the alleged involvement of Gov. Tan in the deployment of soldiers since February this year and the subsequent electoral surveys conducted by the military that blatantly campaigned against progressive party-lists and local politicians who uphold the people’s agenda. Furthermore, these surveys obviously favor the incumbent gubernatorial and congressional candidates.

“The people can thus make this election season an electoral struggle. They can support the candidates who uphold the people’s agenda for land, jobs, education, health and social justice. They can campaign against those who are supporting this state-sanctioned oppression and martial law imposition. In the final analysis, the cheating and state terrorism in the reactionary elections only enhance that revolution is the real solution to the people’s problems.”

CPP/NDF-CNL: Utmost salutations to the New People’s Army on its 50th anniversary in waging the protracted people’s war!

NDF-Christians for National Liberation (CNL) propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Mar 29, 2019): Utmost salutations to the New People’s Army on its 50th anniversary in waging the protracted people’s war!

National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Rev. Fr. Neo Padre Aglipay
CNL-Northern Luzon
March 29, 2019

On this golden anniversary of the NPA, we – in the Father Nilo Valerio Unit (FNVU), a segment of the Christians for National Liberation here in Northern Luzon (CNL-NL) – and all the progressives and sympathizers of the CNL among Christians and their Churches, extend our heartiest and utmost salutations to the Red commanders and fighters of the NPA. And as we celebrate the NPA’s 50 years of armed struggle, we deeply honor to the highest degree the martyrs and heroes of the Filipino people, including those from the Church sector, who have offered their lives in carrying out and intensifying the Protracted People’s War for the advancement of the National Democratic Revolution. With the cumulative revolutionary victories, gained in the past five decades, and alongside the continuing and worsening chronic crisis of global capitalism and the domestic landlord-comprador system in Philippine society, being preserved and safeguarded by the reactionary AFP and PNP under the present command of the US-Duterte tyrannical regime, CNL and the entire exploited and oppressed Filipino people firmly believe and are very confident that the NPA with the absolute leadership of the CPP, supported by regiments of the armed Filipino masses, would certainly be able to raise to higher levels in the coming years the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) through the Protracted People’s War (PPW), until national liberation and people’s democracy shall triumph throughout the entire country.

On the other hand, with their “Whole-of-Nation Approach” the US-Duterte tyrannical regime and its fascist AFP and PNP commanders have declared boastfully to end the Filipino people’s armed revolution by 2022. But tyrant Duterte’s daydream will totally fail because his “12 pillars” and “National Task Force” do not address but only reinforce daily the root causes of the armed conflict, which are US imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism that have buried the exploited and oppressed Filipino masses into increasing poverty and impoverishment. In reality, tyrant Duterte’s “Whole-of-Nation Approach” is itself a state fascism that continues to slaughter the struggling workers, urban poor, peasants, national minorities, women, youth, lawyers, media people, human rights defenders, Church people, and including the political oppositionists of killer Duterte. In fact, the “12 Pillars” of tyrant Duterte are aggravating the deteriorating socio-economic conditions of the Filipino masses through high taxes and TRAIN law, excessive foreign loans for his “Build, Build, Build” projects, high prices/inflation, contractualization, depressed wages, corruption and promoting shabu smuggling and trade in the guise of “anti-drug war”. And to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of his “Whole-of-Nation Approach”, killer Duterte has commanded his pro-US imperialist AFP and PNP to control and use the “National Task Force” in order to militarize the whole national and local bureaucracy, and has de facto put the entire nation to martial law.

Concurrently, killer Duterte has positioned ex-military officials to various agencies of government, and has directed the military and police to meddle in the coming elections to have his agents sit in congress and local governments. Through his fascist military and police, satanic Duterte has stepped up further various surveillances, baseless arrests, red-tagging and has repetitively charged trumped-up criminal cases against the legal democratic forces and all critics and political oppositionists, including members of the NDPF peace negotiation panelists and consultants. And after terminating through Proclamation No. 360 the peace negotiations between the GRP and the NDFP, tyrant

Duterte and his fascist army and police have been and are coercing all government agencies to implement localized peace negotiations that are nationally directed and supervised a priori. But the fact remains that localized peace negotiations will neither solve the root causes of the Protracted People’s War being waged by the NPA and the Filipino armed masses, nor respond to the Filipino people’s aspiration for a just and lasting peace.

In the final analysis, killer Duterte’s “Whole-of-Nation Approach”, his “12 Pillars” and “National Task Force” can and will neither end the armed conflict nor defeat the NPA. In reality, the NPA Red commanders and guerrilla forces are jubilant as tyrant Duterte and his pro-US imperialist armed forces and police have actually become the best recruiters for the NPA, and are daily compelling the Filipino masses to take up arms and join the NPA in waging the Protracted People’s War for national liberation and democracy. By terminating the peace negotiations between the GRP and the NDFP, killer Duterte and his reactionary AFP and PNP are forcing the masses to wage the Protracted People’s War in order to advance the National Democratic Revolution, continue building the Filipino people’s revolutionary democratic government, pursue the agrarian revolution and national industrialization, and at all times stand for national sovereignty and democracy as well as social justice. This whole revolutionary process, up to the appropriate stage that national victory shall have been achieved, shall surely terminate the class dictatorship of big landlords and big comprador bourgeoisie, and thoroughly end the unbridled pro-US imperialist puppetry, neo-liberalism, fascism, corruption, economic plunder, repression and abuses, poverty and impoverishment of the Filipino people, for socialist construction to finally commence nation-wide.

Long live the New People’s Army!
Join the New People’s Army and the People’s War!
Advance the People’s War to higher stages up to final nation-wide victory!

NDF/NPA Efren Martires Command: NPA AT 50 | Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the New People’s Army, intensify and widen guerrilla warfare to hasten the ouster of the fascist terrorist US-Duterte regime

NPA Efren Martires Command propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front Philippines (NDFP or NDF) Website (Mar 30, 2019): NPA AT 50 | Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the New People’s Army, intensify and widen guerrilla warfare to hasten the ouster of the fascist terrorist US-Duterte regime

Karlos Manuel
Efren Martires Command
March 29, 2019
The toiling masses and their supporters today celebrate in wide swathes of the Eastern Visayas countryside the 50th anniversary of the founding of the New People’s Army under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines. They salute the Red fighters who gallantly laid down their lives in the tactical offensive yesterday, March 28, in Victoria, Northern Samar, and all other martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice in five decades of the just war for national and social liberation. The NPA was founded fifty years ago with a few dozen Red fighters and inferior weapons against the rising fascist dictatorship of Marcos and prevailed over all attempts in the ensuing years to nip it in the bud and ground it into the dust.

Today the NPA has thousands of Red fighters with high-powered rifles nationwide and is far more ready to bleed and defeat another rising fascist dictatorship in the US-Duterte regime that is already steeped in mass murder, war crimes, corruption, treason, narcopolitics and wholesale state terrorism.

The people are thus ever more emboldened to wage armed revolution because of the lack of fundamental changes and because they have a powerful weapon in the NPA that is deeply rooted among them and that they cherish.

Under the US-Duterte regime, the people remain afflicted more than ever by socioeconomic ills such as mass landlessness and mass unemployment, declining prices of agricultural products, rising costs of basic commodities, high taxation, and emaciated social services while military and police forces are fattened.

Furthermore, the people hate the US-Duterte regime for its mass murder and other gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in its “war on drugs” and state repression through the “counterinsurgency” and anti-Moro wars. At least 545 barangays are affected by militarization in Eastern Visayas. In 2018, there were 15 victims of extrajudicial killings in the region, while mass evacuations because of intensified military operations have occurred in Samar and Leyte, most recently in San Jorge and San Jose de Buan towns in Western Samar. The soldiers of the 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army violate international humanitarian law by camping in civilian communities and using civilians as human shields, illegally intervening in the election campaign as well as harassing those whom they accuse of supporting the NPA.

Thus the NPA can take confidence in having established itself in the region and is poised to intensify and widen guerrilla warfare according to capabilities. To do this, it carries out the integral tasks of armed struggle, agrarian revolution and mass base building. The NPA wins over the peasants by helping carry out the agrarian revolution from lowering land rent, eradicating usury and other minimum demands to the maximum program of confiscating and redistributing the land to the landless. The mass organizations, Party branches and organs of political power are also built in the countryside towards founding the people’s democratic government.

It is the principal task of the NPA to carry out tactical offensives in the duration of the May 2019 election period and beyond. This is the correct response to the heightened counterrevolutionary war and state terrorism of the US-Duterte regime. Moreover, the guerrilla offensives further weaken the rule of the dictatorial US-Duterte regime and register that revolution and not the bourgeois election is the real solution to the Philippine crisis.

The NPA carries out annihilative tactical offensives to confiscate more firearms and further strengthen itself. It also carries out attritive tactical offensives along with the people’s militia to wear out the enemy. It must carry out special operations to punish the worst human rights violators, plunderers and other criminals among legitimate military targets and the worst minions of the US-Duterte regime sentenced by the people’s court. This serves notice to them that they cannot go on without being punished for their crimes against the people.

The NPA looks forward to widening and intensifying offensives and raising the level of people’s war in the next few years. The US-Duterte regime is daydreaming that it can finish off the NPA and the revolutionary movement during Duterte’s term. It is Duterte who is bound to be overthrown by a convergence of the broad united front and further hastened by the sound and fury of the people’s war in the countryside.