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DNA samples confirm Abu Dar’s death — AFP

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Apr 14, 2019): DNA samples confirm Abu Dar’s death — AFP

Abu Dar.

MARAWI CITY, Philippines – The DNA sample that the military took from a body believed to be of a terrorist leader confirmed the death of Owayda Benito Marohomsar, also known as Abu Dar.
Colonel Romeo Brawner, commander of the Army’s 103rd Infantry Brigade based in Marawi City, confirmed this on Sunday, April 14.

The confirmation came a month after Abu Dar was killed in a military’s pursuit operation at the boundaries of Tubaran and Pagayawan towns in Lanao del Sur.

Brawner said the confirmed death of Abu Dar would also mean the end of the Dawlah Islamiya Lanao group.

“This group is leader-centric. If you remember, when the two leaders were neutralized in the last part of the Marawi siege, President Duterte declared the liberation of Marawi from the terrorist influence,” Brawner had said in an earlier interview.

The two leaders referred to by Brawner were Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute who led the the attack in Marawi City in May 2017.

Abu Dar was part of the team that planned and staged the attack but slipped out of the battleground in the early part of the siege after he was wounded, according to Brawner.

Little was known of Marohomsar except that he was a native of Pagayawan town in Lanao del Sur and was believed to be leading the Islamic State-inspired Maute group at the time of his death.

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A military intelligence report said Abu Dar tried to return to the battleground with other fighters as reinforcement but did not succeed because of the military lockdown on Marawi City.

After the five-month battle that ended in October 2017, Abu Dar started to recruit and train new fighters, targeting young ones and orphans of the Marawi siege.

“He also recruited and trained those whose family members and relatives died during the siege… But they will not be able to continue now because Abu Dar is dead and their remnants, followers and supporters have already surrendered to the military and they are with us now,” Brawner added.

The military in Marawi and Lanao del Sur that neutralized Abu Dar is awaiting a copy of the DNA result from the Philippine National Police Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) and are expecting President Rodrigo Duterte to announce it to the public.

Soldier killed, firearms recovered in Bukidnon clashes

From GMA News (Apr 13, 2019): Soldier killed, firearms recovered in Bukidnon clashes

A soldier from the Philippine Army was killed in a clash with suspected communist rebels in Bukidnon, while a number of firearms was recovered in a separate encounter in the province.

The military identified the slain soldier as Corporal Jonathan Solis, who belonged to the 88th Infantry Battalion that clashed with members of the New People's Army at Barangay Sta. Felomina in Quezon, Bukidnon last April 9.

The firefight lasted 15 minutes, according to the military.

Meanwhile, 16 firearms and two International Humanitarian Law banned landmines were retrieved by government troops in separate armed encounters in Bukidnon and nearby Arakan town in Cotabato from April 7 to 11.

On April 12, a platoon from the 3rd Infantry Battalion under Ltc Oscar Partuza recovered three M16 rifles believed to be left by fleeing communist rebels, while conducting clearing operation at Sitio Pulang Lupa at Barangay Sinuda in Kitaotao, Bukidnon.

In a firefight in Kitaotao's Brangay SInuda on April 9, the military also recovered five AK47 rifles, one International Humanitarian Law-banned improvised landmine, and landmine paraphernalia, two grenades, seven cellphones, five backpacks, and subversive documents.

The following day, the fleeing troop left two AK 47 rifle and AK 47 ammunition at Sitio Ngaran, Barangay Kipilas, Kitaotao.

AFP-CRS: Philippine Army activates 21st Scout Ranger Company

Posted to the Armed Forces of the Philippines-Civil Relations Service (AFP-CRS) Facebook page (Apr 12, 2019): Philippine Army activates 21st Scout Ranger Company

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AFP-CRS: Karapatan pays release bond of captured CPP-NPA-NDF leader Zalde Cañete alias Jinggoy

Posted to the Armed Forces of the Philippines-Civil Relations Service (AFP-CRS) Facebook page (Apr 12, 2019): Karapatan pays release bond of captured CPP-NPA-NDF leader Zalde Cañete alias Jinggoy

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AFP-CRS: CPP-NPA-NDF loses over 500 members, supporters in northern Negros

Posted to the Armed Forces of the Philippines-Civil Relations Service (AFP-CRS) Facebook page (Apr 12, 2019): CPP-NPA-NDF loses over 500 members, supporters in northern Negros

The CPP-NPA-NDF lost more than 500 members and supporters in northern Negros following a series of surrenders since February. Residents of San Carlos City, Negros Occidental denounced the CPP-NPA-NDF during an indignation rally in Bacolod City and expressed their desire for a peaceful and rebel-free community last Sunday, April 7.


Posted to the Armed Forces of the Philippines-Civil Relations Service (AFP-CRS) Facebook page (Apr 11, 2019): Junk CPP-NPA-NDF HOUSE FRONTS

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AFP-CRS: Anti-terror, Counter-insurgency operations to continue during Holy Week

Posted to the Armed Forces of the Philippines-Civil Relations Service (AFP-CRS) Facebook page (Apr 11, 2019): Anti-terror, Counter-insurgency operations to continue during Holy Week

Counter-terrorism and anti-insurgency operations will continue as the nation prepares for the annual observance of Holy Week.

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AFP-CRS: Sayyaf Terrorists Surrender

Posted to the Armed Forces of the Philippines-Civil Relations Service (AFP-CRS) Facebook page (Apr 11, 2019): Abu Sayyaf Terrorists Surrender

A trusted aide of an Abu Sayyaf leader and another member of ASG surrendered to the military and voluntarily handed over their firearms in Patikul, Sulu last Monday, April 8.

“We welcome the surrender of terrorists in Sulu, but we will sustain our pursuit and offensives against hardcore terrorists that perpetrate violence in the area.”

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CPP/KM-DATAKO: Serve the Oppressed Masses, not the Ruling Few! Join the NPA!

KM-DATAKO propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 10, 2019): Serve the Oppressed Masses, not the Ruling Few! Join the NPA!

APRIL 10, 2019

The vitality and energy of the Filipino youth is wasted if used for senseless sacrifices such as the
protection of the interest of few oligarchs and the ruling class.

In the series of tactical offensives launched by the NPA to punish the AFP and PNP last March 29, March 31 and April 2 in Bauko and Tadian, Mt. Province , it is saddening that most of those wounded and killed are young and new officers of the PNP and Philippine Army. Spouting orders from behind their positions, senior high-ranking officials send out these young police and military officers to military operations without a care for their doom. The police force has been reduced to nothing but as an underling of the AFP, at their beck and call. What does this say for the future of the youth enlisting into the service of the reactionary armed force and the national police? Without any other choice, they have to carry out the cowardly command of their superiors to man the battlefronts, who cower behind their desks shielded by their bureaucratic positions.

Medalya ng Kagitingan were conferred to those killed and wounded police officers in the recent firefights with the NPA. But is there an honor in dying to protect this system that works only to the advantage of the ruling class of big landlords and bourgeois compradors while further plunging the people into poverty? Do we call it honor serving corrupt superiors who are lapdogs of oligarchs? To blindly obey orders is not the practice of discipline, it only suppresses critical thinking and reinforces feudal oppression. Medals and salutations mean nothing when the ancestral land and culture that represent our identity as national minority Igorots is exploited and reduced to barren ashes by the same monsters we serve. And woudn’t these medals and salutations mean we have excelled in the exploitation and oppression of our own people?

The worsening socio-economic situation is pushing the youth to seek easy employment. As the Filipino youth fall victims to the US-Duterte regime’s neoliberal policies and labor export, we are being deceived by the raise in monthly salary and combat pay in the police and armed forces. We, the Cordillera youth must realize that by recruiting scores of us into their ranks, they are turning us against our own tribes and people. The massive recruitment of Igorot youth into the AFP and PNP is their counter-revolutionary tactic in dividing the Igorot people, in inflicting violence and crushing the revolutionary people’s movement that truly espouses the interest of the national minority for self-determination and democracy.

The concentration of the fascist troops in our communities and their relentless combat operations cause nothing but upheavals. The police and military who are deceptively called to “to serve and protect” are actually the perpetrators of gross human rights violations on the village people. The energetic Igorot youth should denounce and never aspire to take up the mercenary and fascist tradition of the AFP-PNP institutions and their paramilitary goons in perpetrating oppression on our tribes and of the Filipino people.

The national minority youth should devout their energy, intellect and time towards advancing the people’s struggle for the respect of their collective rights to ancestral land and self-determination. The people of Cordillera are faced with the threat of losing their lands and livelihood to large scale mining and dam constructions. Draw lessons from the fact that even with the presence of multiple high-capacity dams in the region, the ordinary Igorot still pays high monthly electric bills. The minerals mined from our mountains fall into the hands of foreign corporations and their imperialist masters and we are left with scraps.

The youth of Cordillera should continue on the historical and vital role in the national minority’s struggle in defending our ancestral domains from imperialist plunder and putting an end to national oppression, up to the revolutionary armed struggle. Let us draw pride and inspiration from the historical fact that it was the Igorot youth that opened the revolutionary fronts in the Cordillera, continuing our forefathers’ fight against the attempts of foreign colonialists to control our ancestral lands. Our rich mountains and resources should be championed for national industrialization and for the benefit of all the Filipino people. The energetic youth is the bloodline of our society and it is only in the national democratic revolution that their potentials are realized and developed to serve the purpose of achieving genuine freedom and democracy until a socialist society is built.

The Kabataang Makabayan – Demokratiko a Tignayan Dagiti Agtutubo iti Cordillera (KM-DATAKO) in Mt. Province calls on the youth of Cordillera to dedicate their life in genuinely serving the oppressed national minority and Filipino masses!

Lead the national democratic revolution! Join the New Peoples Army!


KM-DAKAKO propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 10, 2019): PAGSERBIAN TI MAIDADANES A MASA, SAAN A TI SUMAGMAMANO NGA AGTURAY! TUMIPON ITI NPA!

APRIL 10, 2019

Ti kinasaranta ken pigsa ti agtutubo a Pilipino ket masayang laeng nu maar-aramat iti awan-kaipapanan na a sakripisyo kas ti panangsalaknib ti interes dagiti sumagmamano a baknang ken agturay a dasig.

Iti serye ti taktikal nga opensiba nga insayangkat ti NPA tapno dusaen ti AFP ken PNP idi Marso 29, Marso 31 ken Abril 2 idiay Bauko ken Tadian, Mt. Province, makapaladingit a kaaduan kadagiti nasugatan ken natay ket agtutubo ken kabarbaro nga opisyales ti PNP ken Philippine Army. Manmandaran dagiti senior a nangangato nga opisyal dagitoy nga agtutubo nga opisyal ti pulisya ken militar kadagiti operasyon, uray maipeggad ti biag da. Ti puersa ti pulisya ket nagbalinen a natulnog a babaunen ti AFP. Ania ti masakbayan dagiti agtutubo iti panagserbi iti reaksyunaryo nga armado a puersa ken iti pulisya? Awan ti pagpilian da, nu saan nga agtungpal ti mandar a sumango ti gubatan, idinto a dagiti superyor da ket nakatugaw kadagiti burukratiko a puesto da.

Nasab-itan ti Medalya ng Kagitingan dagiti natay ken nasugatan nga opisyal ti pulisya iti naudi a labanan iti NPA. Ngem adda kadi dayaw iti matay iti panangsalaknib iti sistema nga agserserbi laeng kadagiti agtuturay a dasig ti dadakkel nga appo’t daga ken burgeya kumprador, kabayatan a ti umili ket lalo a maitentennag iti kinakurapay? Awagan tayo kadi a dayaw ti panagserbi kadagiti kurakot a superyor nga aso-so dagiti babaknang? Ti bulag a panagtungpal ti mandar ket saan a panangipakita iti disiplina. Laplapdan laeng daytoy ti kritikal a panangamiris ken patpatibkeren na ti pyudal a panangidadanes. Dagiti medalya ken pammadayaw ket awan mamaay na nu ti ansestral daga ken kultura a mangipabigbig iti identidad tayo kas nailian a minorya nga Igorot ket gamgamruden dagiti babaknang a pagserserbian tayo. Ken saan kadi a ti laeng kaipapanan dagitoy a medalya ken pammadayaw ket nagpakalaing tayo iti pananggundaway ken panangidadanes iti kailian tayo?

Ti kumarkaro a sosyo-ekonomiko a kasasaad ket mangidurduron kadagiti agtutubo nga agsapul ti nalaka a panggedan. Bayat a dagiti Pilipino nga agtutubo ket mabikbiktima kadagiti patakaran a neoliberal ken panangiluwas ti tegged ti rehimen US-Duterte, maal-allilaw tayo iti panagngato iti binulan a sueldo ken combat pay iti pulisya ken armado a puersa. Kasapulan a maamiris tayo nga agtutubo ti Cordillera a babaen ti panangrekrut da kadatayo, lablabanen tayo ti bukod tayo a tribu ken kakailian. Ti aduanan a panagrekrut kadagiti agtutubo nga Igorot iti AFP ken PNP ket isu ti kontra-rebolusyonaryo a taktika da iti panangguddua ti umili nga Igorot, iti panangranggas ken panangrebbek iti rebolusyonaryo a tignayan ti umili a pudno a mangitantandudo iti interes ti nailian a minorya para iti bukod a pangngeddeng ken demokrasya.

Ti konsentrasyon dagiti pasista a tropa kadagiti komunidad tayo ken dagiti awan-sarday nga operasyon kombat da ket awan ipapaay nu saan a riribuk. Ti pulisya ken militar a makaallilaw a maaw-awagan nga “agserbi ken mangsalaknib”, iti aktwal ket isuda ti nakaro a manglablabsing ti karbengan-tao dagiti umili iti komunidad. Rumbeng a kondenaren ken saan a kalikaguman dagiti napipigsa nga agtutubo nga Igorot a suroten ti mersenaryo ken pasista a tradisyon ti AFP-PNP ken dagiti paramilitar a grupo da iti panangidadanes kadagiti tribu tayo ken umili a Pilipino.

Rumbeng nga ipaay ti agtutubo a nailian a minorya ti pigsa, laing ken panawen da iti panangiyabante ti dangadang ti umili para iti pannakabigbig ti kolektibo a karbengan da iti ansestral a daga ken bukod a pangngeddeng. Sangsanguen ti umili ti Cordillera ti peggad iti panangagaw dagiti dadakkel a negosyo ti minas ken konstruksyon ti dam kadagiti dagdaga ken pagbiagan da. Makaadal tayo koma iti kinapudno nga uray nakapasdek dagiti nangato ti kapasidad na a dam iti rehiyon, ti ordinaryo nga Igorot ket agbaybayad latta ti nangato a kuryente iti binulan. Dagiti mineral a maminminas iti kabanbantayan tayo ket mapmapan laeng kadagiti gangannaet a kumpanya ken dagiti imperyalista nga among da, ken awan ti mabatbati kadatayo nu saan a dagiti maregmeg.

Rumbeng nga ituloy dagiti agtutubo ti Cordillera ti istorikal ken napateg a papel da iti dangadang ti nailian a minorya iti panangsalaknib ti ansestral a teritoryo manipud iti imperyalista a pananggamrud ken pananggibus iti nailian a panangidadanes, agingga iti rebolusyonaryo nga armado a dangadang. Pakadayawan ken pakaadawan tayo ti inspirasyon ti istorikal a kinapudno a dagiti agtutubo nga Igorot ti nanglukat kadagiti rebolusyonaryo a larangan iti Cordillera, a nangituloy ti dangadang dagiti kaapuan tayo iti gandat dagiti gangannaet a kolonyalista a kontrolen ti ansestral a dagdaga tayo. Ti nabaknang a rekurso dagiti kabanbantayan tayo ket kasapulan a maaywanan para iti nailian nga industrialisasyon ken pagbenepisyaran ti amin nga umili a Pilipino. Dagiti agkabanwag ket isu ti mangbibiag ti kagimongan ken babaen laeng iti nailian demokratiko a rebolusyon a dagiti potensyal da ket mapadur-as tapno agserbi iti pananggun-od ti pudno a waya-waya ken demokrasya aginga a maibangon ti sosyalista a gimong.

Aw-awagan ti Kabataang Makabayan – Demokratiko a Tignayan Dagiti Agtutubo iti Cordillera (KMDATAKO) ti Mt. Province dagiti kabataan ti Cordillera nga ipaay ti biag da iti pudno a panagserbi iti maidadanes a nailian a minorya ken masa a Pilipino!

Idauluan ti nailian demokratiko a rebolusyon! Tumipon iti New Peoples Army!

CPP/NPA-Quezon: 10 Dahilan Kung Bakit Dapat Pakamahalin Ang New People’s Arm

NPA-Quezon propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 11, 2019): 10 Dahilan Kung Bakit Dapat Pakamahalin Ang New People’s Army

APRIL 11, 2019

1. Ang NPA ay Disiplinado — magagalang, hindi nananakit o nagmumura sa masa

2. Ang NPA ay hindi kumukuha ng hindi kanila — nagbabayad nang tama para sa binili at isinasauli ang lahat ng hiniram

3. Ang NPA ay nagbabayad para sa anumang nasira — Noong 2018, sa dalawang magkahiwalay na ambus na isinagawa sa General Luna at Lopez, nadamay ang bubong ng traysikel na dumadaan at naka-ulang baka sa pinangyarihan ng ambus. Mapagpakumbabang humingi ng pasensya at nagbayad ng danyos ang NPA sa may-ari ng traysikel at baka.

4. Ang NPA ay Naglilingkod sa masa — Titser, organisador, doktor o medik ng magsasaka, barbero, dentista, tagagawa ng kubeta, nag-aayos ng bubong, taga-ula ng hayop, tumutulong at kasama ng mamamayan sa pagpapaunlad ng agrikultura.

5. Ang NPA ay hindi naninira ng pananim

6. Ang NPA ay hindi nagsasamantala sa kababaihan

7. Ang NPA ay hindi nagmamalupit sa mga bihag

8. Ang NPA ay Sumbungan ng bayan — matagal nang takbuhan ng inaapi’t mahirap ang NPA. Tinitiyak nila na mabilis, patas at makatarungan ang pagdinig sa mga kaso. Walang lagay-lagay o “palakasan.” Pinarurusahan agad ang mga mapang-abuso. Pero malawak ang pang-unawa ng NPA. Inuugat nila ang mga suliranin. Hindi tulad ng Oplan Tokhang na bumibiktima lamang ng mahihirap, sinisiguro ng NPA na ang parurusahan ay ang mga nagpapakana ng mga problema ng lipunan— mga sindikato at kanilang mga protektor sa matataas na pwesto sa AFP/PNP at sa pamahalaan.

9. Ang NPA ay hindi teroristang grupo — Isang pwersang nakikidigma ang NPA laban sa bulok na sistema. Pinagpapatuloy nila ang himagsikan nina Bonifacio at Katipunan sa pamamagitan ng Matagalang Digmang Bayan. Tinatanganan nila ang prinsipyong “kubkubin ang kalunsuran mula sa kanayunan.” Dagdag pa, hindi extortionist o mangingikil ang NPA.

10. Ang NPA ang tunay na sundalo magsasaka! – Isinusulong ng NPA rebolusyong agraryo para sa mga magsasaka. Sa minimum, ibaba ang upa sa lupa, at itaas ang kita ng magsasaka. Sa maksimum, libreng ipamahagi sa kanila ang mga lupang sakahan. Kaya ang uring magsasaka ang ‘di nasasaid na balon ng mga bagong Pulang mandirigma.

Ito ang mga dahilan kung bakit kinukupkop at minamahal ng mamamayan ang NPA. Itinuturing nila ang mga Pulang mandirigma bilang kanilang mga sariling kapamilya.

CPP/NPA-Mountain Province: Declare the AFP, PNP and DENR Persona non grata

NPA-Mountain Province propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 11, 2019): Declare the AFP, PNP and DENR Persona non grata

APRIL 11, 2019
After suffering from casualties on the series of tactical offensives launched by the NPA against them in Bauko and Tadian, Mt. Province last March, 29, March 31 and April 2, the AFP and PNP are out on the media and public streaming massive psywar to deceive and terrorize the people.

The AFP and PNP’s unrelenting and abominable lies and smear campaign against the NPA are sprawled on the local and national dailies, on the radio, TV and internet. These are desperate steps in covering their ignominy and pulling back the people’s sympathy on their defeat and pacifying them of their revolutionary fight against national oppression and for their self-determination and democracy.

The PNP Provincial Director of Mt. Province boasts of having mobilized the LGUs and people of Tadian and Bauko last April 9 and 10 respectively to “peace” rallies condemning the NPA’s alleged atrocities and declaring them persona non grata or intruders. Look who’s talking!

Of who should be declared persona non grata are the AFP, PNP and DENR. They are the ones intruding on the national minorities’ ancestral territories, for these to be served to the greedy capitalist mining and enegy companies and big loggers. It is the AFP that invades and encamps within the communities and sows terror and deception on the people. Their claim of “traumatized communities” in Mt. Province following the NPA’s tactical offensives emanates from the the AFP and PNP’s unbridled brutality. They force civilians to surrender as rebels, restrict their free conduct on their daily routine, fabricate trumpedup charges against innocent civilians, block the entry of their food supplies, bomb their communities and mining portals, confiscate their chainsaws, boards and hunting weapons. After the clashes, the Phil Army and PNP harassed some people of Tadian and Bauko, malevolently accusing them as NPAs.

At the back of these, it was through the overwhelming support of the people of Mt. Province that the spate of punishments delivered by the NPA on the fascist troops were made successful. On March 29, March 31 and April 2, the NPA effectively frustrated the Phil Army and PNP’s combined combat operations to coerce the people of Mt. Province on stopping their small logging and small mining activities. They only fool the public in claiming that the people declared the NPA “persona non grata” when it is the NPA whom the people relies on their fight against the oppressive policies of the reactionary government that deny and rob them of their ancestral lands and trample on their right to self-determination.

In disseminating through the media malicious intrigues such as the NPA infects water sources in Tadian and Bauko, and burn forests, fascist police and military troops only pass their filth on the People’s Army. On their operations in different parts of Cordillera, it is the Phil Army that pollutes the water, litter their wastes, bomb and burn forests.The NPA strictly adheres to and implements medical ethics, health and sanitation discipline as well as environmental protection policies which they inculcate on the masses. PRO-Cor Director Israel Dickson’s press realease that the NPA scattered its medical wastes only muddle the truth that it is them who obtained fatalities and wounds during the said firefights.

The PRO-Cor, the Phil Army and the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) in Cordillera drive the people into their ignorance by harping false information that the NPA violated Rules of War and the International Humanitarian Law in using Improvised Explosive Devices, when the Command-Detonated Explosive Devices that the NPA use in battles are not prohibited by international rules of war and humanitarian laws. In spreading falsehoods that they have recovered explosive devices, NPA cellphones, and flagrantly showing the people alleged videos and pictures of the Red fighters, the fascist troops only sow deceit and shock.

As the May 2019 polls is nearing, the AFP is fabricating “terror stories” and ridiculous lies to justify their combat operations and presence in the areas where the ruling political parties are securing their positions in the reactionary government. This is pursuant to the US-Duterte Regime’s objective in controlling this election, and ensure that its candidates and political parties would still dominate for its neoliberal policies and dictatorial agenda to persist. The military and police’s allegation that the NPA is extorting money from politicians is just an excuse for their presence in communities to conduct red-tagging and villification campaign on progressive and pro-people candidates and partylists. The AFP and PNP are out to thwart the people’s democratic movement to fight for their national democratic agenda this May 2019 elections and are aiming to prevent the progressive and pro-people candidates and partylists to have seats in the Congress and Senate.

Through the National Task Force (NTF) To End Insurgency, the AFP and PNP in Cordillera weld the RPOC and the Local Government Units and other government offices in Cordillera in implementing the ambitious campaign of the US-Duterte Regime in wiping out the CPP-NPA and the revolutionary movement, including the legal democratic people’s movement. The NTF is targeting the leaders of legal democratic people’s organizations and branding these as communist fronts for them to be subjects of terror attacts.

The US-Duterte Regime and its AFP and PNP minions in Cordillera are delusional if they think that these dirty tactics and dastardly manuevers will cow the peoples’ struggle. On the contrary, these only fuel the peoples’ anger and push them all the more to the armed revolution.

The Igorot peoples’ history is ablaze with revolutionary indignation against national oppression and the reactionary armed force’ s efforts to extinguish it with open fascism and duplicity will surely fail.#

CPP/NPA-Mountain Province: Ideklarang Persona non grata ang AFP, PNP at DENR

NPA-Mountain Province propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 11, 2019): Ideklarang Persona non grata ang AFP, PNP at DENR

APRIL 11, 2019

Pagkatapos magtamo ng mga kaswalti sa serye ng taktikal na opensiba na inilunsad ng NPA laban sa kanila sa Bauko at Tadian, Mt. Province noong Marso 29, Marso 31 at Abril 2, lantad na lantad ang AFP at PNP sa midya at publiko na nagpapalaganap ng saywar upang linlangin at sindakin ang mamamayan.

Ang tuloy-tuloy at teribleng kasinungalingan at kampanyang paninira ng AFP at PNP sa NPA ay nagkalat sa mga lokal at nasyunal na pahayagan, sa radyo, telebisyon at internet. Ito ay mga desperadong hakbang upang pagtakpan ang kanilang kahihiyan at upang hatakin ang simpatiya ng mamamayan sa kanilang pagkatalo at upang patahimikin ang kanilang rebolusyonaryong paglaban sa pambansang pang-aapi at para sa kanilang sariling pagpapasya at demokrasya.

Ipinagmamalaki ng PNP Provincial Director ng Mt. Province na napakilos nila ang mga LGU at mamamayan ng Tadian at Bauko noong Abril 9 at 10 sa mga “peace rally” na kumokondena sa dimumao’y mga karahasan ng NPA at nagdedeklara sa mga ito bilang persona non grata o mga nanghihimasok. Sino kaya ang tunay na nanghihimasok?

Kung sino ang nararapat na ideklarang persona non grata ay ang AFP, PNP at DENR. Sila ang naghihimasok sa mga ansestral na teritoryo ng pambansang minorya, upang isilbi ito sa mga sakim na kapitalistang minahan, kumpanya sa enerhiya at malalaking logger. Ang AFP ang nanghihimasok at nagkakampo sa mga komunidad at naghahasik ng teror at panlilinlang sa taumbayan. Ang paratang nilang “na-trauma ang mga komunidad” ng Mt. Province pagkatapos ng mga taktikal na opensiba ng NPA ay nagmumula sa di-mabatang brutalidad ng AFP at PNP. Puersado nilang pinapasurender bilang rebelde ang mga sibilyan, hinahadlangan ang malayang pagkilos nila sa araw-araw, humahabi ng mga gawa-gawang kaso ng mga inosenteng sibilyan, hinahadlangan ang ng kanilang suplay na pagkain, binobomba ang komunidad at maliliit na minahan, kinukumpiska ang kanilang mga chainsaw at tabla at armas sa pangangaso. Pagkatapos ng mga sagupaan, nangharas ang Phil Army at PNP ng ilang masa sa Tadian at Bauko at inakusahan silang mga NPA.

Sa likod ng mga kasinungalingang ito, matagumpay na naipatupad ng NPA ang sunod-sunod na pamamarusa sa mga pasistang tropa dahil sa malaking suporta ng mamamayang ng Mt. Province. Noong Marso 29, Marso 31 at Abril 2, epektibong nabigo ng NPA ang pinagkumbinang operasyong kombat ng Phil Army at PNP upang puersahin ang mga mamamayan ng Mt. Province na itigil ang kanilang maliitang pangangahoy at pagmimina. Linoloko lamang nila ang publiko sa pagmamayabang na idineklara ng mamamayan ang NPA bilang “persona non grata”, gayong tanging ang NPA ang kanilang nasasandigan sa kanilang paglaban sa mga mapang-aping patakaran ng reaksyunaryong gobyerno na nagkakait at nang-aagaw sa kanilang ansestral na lupain at nangyuyurak sa kanilang karapatan sa sariling pagpapasya.

Sa pagpapalaganap sa midya ng mga malisyosong intriga gaya ng pagdudumi ng NPA sa rekursong tubig ng Tadian at Bauko, at panununog ng kagubatan, ipinapasa lamang ng pasistang pulisya at militar ang kanilang dumi sa Hukbong Bayan. Sa kanilang mga operasyon sa iba’t ibang bahagi ng Cordillera, ang Phil Army ang dumudumi sa katubigan, nagkakalat ng kanilang basura, nambobomba at nanununog ng kagubatan. Istriktong sumusunod at nagpapatupad ang NPA ng mga patakaran at etikang medikal, disiplina sa kalusugan at sanitasyon gayundin ng pangangalaga sa kapaligiran at itinuturo ang mga ito sa masa. Ang pahayag sa midya ni PRO-Cor Director Israel Dickson na ikinalat ng NPA ang kanilang basurang medikal ay nagpapalabo lamang sa katotohanan na sila ang namatayan at nasugatan.

Sa pagsisiwalat ng maling impormasyon na lumabag sa Rules of War at International Humanitarian Law ang NPA sa paggamit ng mga Improvised Explosive Devices, idinadamay lamang ng PRO-Cor, Phil Army at Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) sa Cordillera ang mamamayan sa kanilang ignoransya, gayong ang mga Command-Detonated Explosive Devices na ginagamit ng NPA sa mga digmaan ay hindi ipinagbabawal ng mga internasyunal na patakaran sa digmaan at internasyunal na makataong batas. Sa pagpapakalat ng mga kasinungalingang nakarekober sila ng ng mga eksplosibo, mga selpon ng NPA at pagpapalabas ng mga bidyo at mga larawan ng mga Pulang mandirigma, nananakot at nanlilinlang lamang ang mga pasistang tropa sa taumbayan.

Sa nalalapit na eleksyon ng Mayo 2019, naglulubid ang AFP ng mga “kahindik-hindik na istorya” at kakatwang kasinungalingan upang bigyang-katwiran ang kanilang mga operasyong kombat at presensya sa mga lugar kung saan ang mga naghaharing partidong pulitikal ay nagpapatatag ng kanilang posisyon sa reaksyunaryong gobyerno. Umaayon ito sa layunin ng rehimeng US-Duterte na kontrolin ang eleksyon at isiguradong mananaig ang kanyang mga kandidato at partido upang magpatuloy pa rin ang kanyang mga neoliberal na patakaran at diktadura. Ang paratang ng militar at pulisya na nagingikil ang NPA sa mga pulitiko ay rason na lamang nila upang maisagawa ang kanilang red-tagging o komunistang pamamaratang at kampanyang paninira sa mga progresibo at makamasang kandidato at partylist. Hahadlangan ng AFP at PNP ang demokratikong kilusan ng mamamayan na ipaglaban ang kanilang pambansa demokratikong adyenda ngayong eleksyon ng Mayo 2019 at layon nilang hindi paupuin ang mga progresibo at makabayang kandidato at partylist sa Kongreso at Senado.

Sa pamamagitan ng National Task Force (NTF) To End Insurgency, mahigpit na pinagkakaisa ng AFP at PNP ng Cordillera ang RPOC, ang mga lokal na gobyerno at iba pang ahensya ng gobyerno sa pagpapatupad ng ambisyosong kampanya ng Rehimeng US-Duterte na pawiin ang CPP-NPA at ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan, kabilang ang ligal na demokratikong kilusan ng mamamayan. Pinupuntirya ng NTF ang mga namumuno sa mga ligal na demokratikong organisasyon ng mamamayan at binabansagan ang mga itong komunistang prente upang gawing target ang mga ito ng teroristang atake.

Nananaginip ang Rehimeng US-Duterte at ang kanyang mga tutang AFP at PNP sa Cordillera, kung iniisip nilang ang ganitong mga maruruming taktika at maniobra nila ay makakahadlang sa pakikibaka ng mamamayan. Kabaliktaran nito, lalo lamang nagagatungan ang galit ng mamamayan at naitutulak sila sa armadong rebolusyon.

Naglalagablab ang kasaysayan ng mamamayang Igorot sa rebolusyonaryong paglaban sa pambansang pang-aapi, at lahat ng mga pagsisikap ng reaksyonaryong armadong puersa na apulahin ito sa pamamagitan ng lantad na pasismo at panlilinlang ay tiyak na mabibigo.#

CPP/NPA-Northern Negros: Military abuses in Escalante lie behind the false claims and pomposity of the 79th IBPA

NPA-Northern Negros propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 11, 2019): Military abuses in Escalante lie behind the false claims and pomposity of the 79th IBPA

APRIL 11, 2019

Fascist attacks by elements of the 79th IB Philippine Army, PNP-SAF and RMF continue against the peasants, fishermen, and civilians of North Negros. Their so-called victories against the revolutionary movement are nothing but shameless pomp, along with the false claims they report as “accomplishments” in their fascist operations.

The arrest of two fishermen in Escalante City last April 5 is again paraded as an “accomplishment” by the AFP. Fabricated charges were filed against Francisco Laza, the chairman of the Danao River Fishermen Association (DARIFA), after the 79th IB planted a gun and grenade and tagged these ordinary folk as NPAs. The soldiers’ brazen tactic of planting falsified “NPA anniversary banners” on Laza has reached the attention of the Roselyn Jean Pelle Command (RJPC). This truly is a shameless, shameless justification for Laza’s warantless and baseless arrest.

The 79th IBPA, PNP-SAF and RMF have spread these stinking lies to whitewash the grave human rights abuses against the residents, fisherfolk and civilians whose homes were ransacked by government troopers in Hacienda Gaylan, Barangay Langub, Escalante City on April 5, 2019.

Based on the investigation of the RJPC-NPA, these lying fascist elements of the 79th IB, PNP-SAF and RMF boast that they captured Laza in a COMELEC checkpoint in the same barangay. In addition to our close investigation, it was known that the PNP-Escalante led by its OIC, PLtCol Nacerato Sabando Jr collaborated with the soldiers and special police forces in inventing the scenario that would justify Laza’s illegal arrest. After having gobbled their fill of dried fish and chickens that they stole from the masses, and for them to cover their humiliating abuses of ranscaking homes in Hacienda Gaylan from the public eye, Sabando collaborated with these government troopers in conjuring this drama of a checkpoint by the 79th IB, PNP-SAF and RMF, led by their platoon leader PLt John Paul Tabujara and their intel operative minion 1st Lt Paul Ryan Aceboque. Shameless lying thieves! The people will never forget your crimes and abuses.

Also, the 79th IB constantly brags of the so-called NPAs, so-called unit militia members, and the ordinary folk they tag as supporters of the revolutionary movement that have “surrendered” to the government. They parade these “surrenderees” every week at their HQ in Barangay Bato, Sagay City, the latest of which, 20 civilians were again made to “surrender” on Marso 30, 2019. The attacks against civilians and communities are intensifying along with their money-making schemes under the Enhanced Local Integration Program or E-CLIP corruption racket of the military and the fascist US-Duterte regime.

The RJPC and the whole revolutionary movement in Negros warn these anti-people, rotten elements in the reactionary government that we shall not think twice in heeding the people’s demand to grant revolutionary justice for victims of military abuses and for the oppressed and exploited masses.

The RJPC-NPA calls on the people to stand their ground and defy the treacherous campaign of the military in coercing them to “surrender”or “clear their names.” Ordinary civilians have no reason to “clear their names” with this rotten and criminal Duterte government. This deceptive modus can be used against them in the course of Duterte’s barbarous attacks against the people. Instead, Duterte, Arevalo, Bulalacao, Sinas and other fascist criminals must face the people and answer for their crimes of EJK, tokhang and massacres here in Negros.

The people must forward their complaints to the genuine people’s democratic government in the guerilla zones because your beloved people’s army, the New People’s Army, is ever ready to defend the people against the abusive fascist criminals here in Negros.

CPP/NPA-Sorsogon: Pagnanakaw at pananakot ng 31st IB PA sa Sorsogon

NPA-Sorsogon propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 13, 2019): Pagnanakaw at pananakot ng 31st IB PA sa Sorsogon

APRIL 12, 2019

Mariing naming kinukundena ang pinakabagong paglabag sa karapatang tao na ginawa ng mga ahente ng estado laban sa mga residente ng Brgy. San Juan Daan, Bulan, Sorsogon.

Bandang 5:30 ng hapon nitong Abril 8 nang dumating sa sentro ng baryo ang mga armadong kalalakihang sakay ng 2 van, 2 truck at ilang motorsiklo.

Pwersahan nilang pinasok ang mga bahay nina Rogelio Gueta, Cadit Bandola, Lodjuena Magtibay, Josie Gibaga, Rosana Gojo, Teresita Gueta, Erlinda Gueta, at Agnes Hernandez. Ikinulong ang mga residente sa kanilang mga bahay at tinutukan ng baril habang naghahalughog. Tinangay ng mga sundalo ang ilang alahas at aabot sa P800,000 halaga ng pera mula sa mga biktima. Pinasok din ang bahay ng mag-amang Juan at Jonathan Geocado at ginapos sila ng mga sundalo at ninakaw ang isang itak na gamit nila sa hanapbuhay.

Matapos ang panghahalughog ay nagpaputok ng mga baril ang mga salarin at agad na umalis sa baryo.

Ang garapalang paglabag na ito ay ginawa ng mga pasistang sundalo ng 31st IBPA sa ngalan ng Oplan Kapayapaan at Memorandum Order No. 32 ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Mga sibilyan ang kanilang ginigipit at pinagnanakawan sa harap ng kabiguan nilang pigilin ang paglakas ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa Sorsogon at iba pang panig ng bansa.

CPP/NPA-Northern Negros: Abuso militar sa Escalante ang sa likod sang kabutigan kag pagtinikal sang 79th IBPA

NPA-Northern Negros propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 13, 2019): Abuso militar sa Escalante ang sa likod sang kabutigan kag pagtinikal sang 79th IBPA

APRIL 13, 2019

Nagapadayon ang pasistang pag-atake sang mga katapu sang 79th IB Philippine Army, PNP-SAF kag RMF batok sa mga mangunguma, mangingisda kag sibilyan sa Norte ka Negros. Makahuluya nga mga pagtinikal ang ila kuno mga “kadaugan batok sa rebolusyonaryong hublag” kag ang ila mga kabutigan nga resulta sang ila operasyon.

Ginhimo na gihapon “accomplishment” sang AFP ang pagdakop sa duha ka mangingisda sa Escalante City sadtong Abril 5, kag pagpasaka sang pato-pato nga kaso kay Francisco Laza, Chairman sang Danao River Fishermen Association (DARIFA) nga ginplanteran sang armas kag granada agud ila matatakan ang ordinaryo nga pumuluyo nga mga “NPA” kuno. Nakalab-ot sa igtalupangud sang Roselyn Jean Pelle Command (RJPC) ang makahuluya nga ginhimo nga taktika sang mga sundalo nga pagtanum sang mga NPA anniversary banner kay Laza agud hatagan rason ang pagpang-aresto nga wala sang basehan.

Nagaalingasaw ang kabutigan sang joint operation ka 79th IBPA, PNP-SAF kag RMF agud tabunan ang dako nga paglapas sa tawhanong kinamatarong sang pumuluyo kag mga sibilyan sa ila pagpangransak sa mga panimalay sang mga mangingisda sa Hacienda Gaylan, Barangay Langub, Escalante City sadtong Abril 5, 2019.

Base sa pag-inbistigar sang RJPC-NPA, ang mga pasista kag butigon nga mga katapu sang 79th IB, PNP-SAF kag RMF nga nagapanikal sang ila nga operasyon nga nadakpan kuno si Laza sa isa ka COMELEC checkpoint sa nasambit nga barangay. Dugang pa sa amon nga maid-id nga inbistigasyon, may kolaborasyon ang PNP-Escalante sa pagpanguna sang OIC sini nga si PLtCol Nacerato Sabando Jr sa paghimo-himo sang eksena agud hatagan rason ang ilegal nga pagdakop kay Laza. Pagkatapos magpakabusog sa kinawatan nga oga kag manok sang masa kag para nga indi sila mahuy-an sa publiko sa ila abusado nga pagpangransak sa mga panimalay sa Hacienda Gaylan, naki-kolaborar pa si Sabando sa paghimo sang drama-drama nga checkpoint sang 79th IB, PNP-SAF kag RMF, sa pagpamuno sang platoon leader sini nga si PLT John Paul Tabujara upod ila nga suluguon nga intel operatives nga si 1st Lt Paul Ryan Aceboque. Mga makahuluya nga butigon kag kawatan. Indi malipatan sang pumuluyo ang inyo mga krimen kag abuso.

Amo man ang pagtinikal sang 79th IB sa ginahimo nila na pagpa-“surender” sa mga NPA kuno, mga yunit milisya kuno kag mga ordinaryo nga sibilyan nga suporter kuno sang rebolusyonaryong hublag. Kada semana na lang nga ginapatalang nila ang ila kaugalingon sa pagpresentar sang mga “nagasurender” sa ila HQ sa Barangay Bato, Sagay City, ang pinakaulihi may ara 20 sibilyan nga ila ginpasurender sadtong Marso 30, 2019. Nagalala ang ila nga mga atake sa mga sibilyan nga kumunidad kag pagpangwarta sa pumuluyo pinaagi sang Enhanced Local Integration Program ukon E-CLIP nga amu ang dako nga alagyan sang korapsyon sang militar kag pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte.

Gani ang RJPC kag ang bilog rebolusyonaryong hublag sa Negros, nagapaandam sa mga kontra-pumuluyo kag mga malain nga elemento sang reaksyonaryo nga gobyerno nga indi kami magpangduha-duha nga magsabat sa panawagan sang pumuluyo kag ipapanaug ang rebolusyonaryong hustisya para sa mga biktima sang abuso militar, para sa mga ginahimuslan kag ginapigos.

Ang RJPC-NPA nagapanawagan sa pumuluyo nga indi magkahadlok, indi magpadala sa kampanya sang traydor nga militar sa pagpa-“surender” kag pagpa-“clear” sang mga pangalan sang mga sibilyan nga wala man dapat nga ipa-“clear” sa dunot kag kriminal nga gobyerno ni Duterte. Ini tanan mga pagpatalang kag modus lang para magamit gihapon para sa ila pagpanghalit sa pumuluyo. Sanday Duterte, Arevalo, Bulalacao, Sinas kag iban pa ang dapat mag-atubang sa pumuluyo para sa ila mga krimen, labi na sa ginhimo nila nga mga EJK, pagpangtokhang kag masaker sa Negros. Ang pumuluyo indi dapat magpangduha-duha nga magsang-at sang mga reklamo sa matuod-tuod nga gobyerno sang katawhan bangud nga andam ang inyo pinalangga nga Bag-ong Hangaway sang Banwa o BHB para idepensa ang katawhan batok sa mga abusadong pasistang kriminal diri sa Negros.

NDF/Sison: Duterte prepares to rig the May 13 elections with propaganda and secret orders

Jose Maria Sison press/propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front Philippines (NDFP or NDF) Website (Apr 13, 2019): Duterte prepares to rig the May 13 elections with propaganda and secret orders

Press Statement by Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
April 13, 2019

In a full month before the May 13, 2019 elections, we can expect an avalanche of propaganda from the Duterte regime to conjure the illusion of Duterte’s perpetual popularity, foretell the “victory” of its senatorial and local executive candidates and cover his secret orders to the Commission on Elections and the military to rig the elections.

The propaganda drive of the regime to spread lies involves the frenzied use of government agencies and resources, paid opinion poll surveys, red-tagging of opposition candidates and parties, planted news stories and columns, TV and radio broadcasts, the troll armies in the social media, tarpaulins and posters, herded paid crowds, and so on.

The Duterte regime is overspending public and private resources and over-exerting itself in trying to create the false illusion of popular support in order to pave the way for election rigging in favor of the regime’s candidates and for the charter change to a bogus kind of federalism by which absolute powers are concentrated in the hands of Duterte as fascist dictator on top of his regional and provincial agents among his fellow oligarchs, dynasts and warlords.

The Duterte ruling clique intends to draw attention away from the widespread indignation of the people over the regime’s tyrannical, treasonous, mass murdering, plundering and inflationary policies and acts; and to overshadow the groundswell of support for the opposition candidates from Catholic and other Christian voters, the patriotic and progressive organizations and other people offended by the crimes of the regime.

The broad united front of patriotic and progressive forces and all other opposition forces are therefore challenged to do do their best to arouse, organize and mobilize the broad masses of the people for the electoral struggle to defeat the anti-national and anti-democratic Duterte regime and make evident their victory with far larger electoral rallies and mass protest actions than the meetings of the paid and herded crowds of the regime.

Unless he steps back from his evil scheme to rig the elections and ensure charter change to bogus federalism, Duterte unwittingly prepares for his overthrow in the same manner that Marcos was overthrown by urban mass uprising after his fake electoral victory in 1986 or creates the combustible conditions for an unprecedented nationwide intensification of people’s war to counter the escalation of fascist attacks on the people.

SOLCOM: Congratulations to all the contingents of Balikatan 2019

Posted to the Southern Luzon Command (SOLCOM) Facebook page (Apr 11, 2019): Congratulations to all the contingents of Balikatan 2019

Congratulations to all the contingents of Balikatan 2019, LTGEN GILBERT I GAPAY AFP Force Commander, for the success of this year's exercises with US and Australian Defense Forces. 

This year's exercises focused on the joint and combined capabilities of participating nations in responding to foreseen challenges brought by natural calamities and terrorism. 

Simulated emergency responses had trained our troops on "real time" scenarios, employing TTPs learned through experiences and advancing technology that maximizes the capabilities to effectively save more lives and provide immediate relief to those affected. 

Likewise, the engineering projects saw the construction and repairs of school buildings, water systems and care for nature whose effect will be felt even after this year's BALIKATAN. 

The AFP you can TRUST, had just sharpen the tools together with our allies, to ensure that when we are needed will be there and will do the job the best way we can.

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Anti-communism symposium for youth held in Palawan

From the Palawan News (Apr 10, 2019): Anti-communism symposium for youth held in Palawan

Capt. Jordan Mijares of 3rd Marine Brigade holds a series of anti-communism symposia for the youth in different public schools in Puerto Princesa City. (Photo courtesy of 3rd Marine Brigade)

A series of anti-communism symposia for the youth is being conducted by the 3rd Marine Brigade (3MBde) in different public schools in Puerto Princesa City.

Captain Jordan Mijares, 3MBde civil military operations officer, said Tuesday they are focusing their efforts on the youth because they are vulnerable to the recruitment of the communist movement.

“Kasi sila ang papasok sa college, sila ang magiging vulnerable sa mga left-leaning organizations kaya ngayon palang kailangan ma-equip na sila ng kaalaman upang malabanan nila ang mga matatamis na sasabihin sa kanila ng mga grupo na ito,” he said.

Mijares said students should be aware of what left-leaning organizations they will encounter during their college years.

Students participating in the discussion

“Yan ang process ng recruitment, nagmumula sa school dahil ire-recruit ka at io-organize kayo capitalizing ‘yong mga certain issues. I-stir ‘yong damdaming makabayan mo dahil makabayan daw sila. Magra-rally kayo dahil sa mga problema ng paaralan nila o ng bansa, and then kunwari mag-e-immersion kayo sa isang lugar at pag-gising mo isang araw part ka na ng New People’s Army (NPA). Through that nado-doktrinahan ka na ng communist idealism nagiging radical ‘yong bata,” he said.

“Unknowingly, ang mga magulang na naghihirap mag-trabaho para magkaroon ng magandang kinabukasan ang mga anak nila walang nalalaman sa kung ano ang nangyayari sa mga anak nila. Ang mga bata akala nila rally-rally lang part lang ng pagiging college nila pero nara-radicalize na sila hanggang sa dahan-dahan hanggang huli na ang lahat,” Mijares added.

Other Marine units are also conducting the same symposium in the southern and northern areas of the province, he also said.

Mijares said the military will not allow terrorists to destroy the image of Palawan as “the country’s last frontier and the best tourism destination in the world”.

“That is why it is deceptive recruitment. And it must be stopped. It must. Let’s save our youth. Kaya nag-e-effort kami na mag-ikot sa buong probinsya para sa level pa lang nila as senior high school ay ma-equip na sila ng kaalaman para labanan ang mga matatamis na panghihikayat na maaari nila madatnan pagtungtong sa kolehiyo,” Mijares added.

He also called on members of the NPA to surrender and return to the mainstream society.

Rebel returnees will get benefits packages from the government under its Enhanced-Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).

“Sa Enhanced-Comprehensive Local Integration Program ng ating pamahalaan ay may pagkakataon na maka-avail ng pabahay ang ating mga kababayan na naloko ng teroristang grupo na ito, may livelihood program para sa kanila. Hindi po namin gusto na magkikita kami sa taas ng bundok at mag-patayan. Kaya kami po ay nananawagan sa mga natitira pa na huwag matakot at magbalik loob na sa pamahalan. Nandito po ang pamahalaan at ang inyong AFP para tumulong sa inyo,” Mijares said.

EASTMINCOM: Successive Encounters: 16 Firearms captured

Posted to the Eastern Mindanao Command (EASTMINCOM) Website (Apr 13, 2019): Successive Encounters: 16 Firearms captured

NSFA, Panacan, Davao City - Sixteen Fire Arms and two International Humanitarian Law banned landmines were captured by the government troops after successive encounters transpired when Community information led the pursuing troops to track the fleeing members of the CPP-NPA Terrorist Group (CNTG) in Bukidnon Province and in nearby Arakan Municipality of Arakan from April 7 to 11, 2019.

Lately on April 12 , 2019 a platoon of 3rd Infantry Battalion (3IB) under Ltc Oscar Partuza while conducting clearing in the vicinity of Sitio Pulang Lupa, Brgy Sinuda, Kitaotao, Bukidnon, captured three M16 rifles believed to be left by the fleeing CNTGs encountered earlier.

It can be recalled that the troops of same unit encountered in two instances an undetermined number of CPP-NPA Terrorist Group (CNTG) in the hinterland of Sitio Ngaran, Barangay Kipilas, Kitaotao, Bukidnon in the morning of April 7, 2019.

The CNTG left one NPA killed; one AK47 rifle; one M653 rifle; one M16 rifle; 3 cal 45 pistols; one International Humanitarian Law banned landmine; one combat pack; personal belongings and subversive documents after they scampered to a different direction.

Community information led to another encounter on April 9, 2019, by the same Battalion with the CNTG believed to be the same group in the periphery of Purok 11, Sitio Pulang Lupa, Barangay Sinuda, Kitaotao, Bukidnon in the morning and afternoon of April 9, 2019.

The firefight resulted in the capture of five AK47 rifles, one International Humanitarian Law-banned improvised landmine and landmine paraphernalia, two grenades, seven cellphones, five backpacks, and subversive documents.

There was no reported casualty on the engaging troops while undetermined on the side on the CNTG.

Pursuing troops were able to track the fleeing CNTG and again engaged them in an encounter in Sitio Ngaran, Barangay Kipilas, Kitaotao, Bukidnon in the morning of April 10, 2019. The fleeing troop left two AK 47 rifle and AK 47 ammunition.
On a separate occasion, the troops from the 88th Infantry Battalion encountered another group of CPP-NPA Terrorist at Sta. Felomina, Quezon, Bukidnon, noon of April 9, 2019.

The 15-minute firefight caused the life of one soldier identified as Pfc Jonathan Solis.

In the periphery of Barangay Balete, Arakan, North Cotabato troops from 901st Infantry Brigade engaged in a brief encounter undetermined number of CNTG after the troops responded to the information of armed men thereat in the morning of April 12, 2019. No reported casualty on bothsides after the brief encounter.

Since April 1, 2019 there are 19 community information led encounters against CNTG transpired in the whole area of Easmincom that led to the recovery of 21 Firearms and seven IHL banned landmine. Further, three CNTG members were reported killed while two surrendered after a fierce fight.

Lt. Gen. Santos Jr. express appreciation on the cooperation of the communities and vows to use the might of the military to stop the CNTGs from their evil activities against the communities.

We again express our appreciation to the cooperation of the communities as they help the security force by reducing the maneuver space of the terrorist. To those who continue to disregard the call of the communities of a peaceful environment, we will use the full might of the military to go after them without disregarding the International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights," Lt. Gen. Santos said.

Source: Public Information Office, Eastern Mindanao Command

Spratlys part of China territory? Malacañang reminds Beijing of Hague ruling

From Rappler (Apr 13): Spratlys part of China territory? Malacañang reminds Beijing of Hague ruling

'China should avoid performing acts that will place at risk the Filipino fishermen fishing in the disputed areas,' says Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo

STANDING UP FOR PAG-ASA. Here is an image of Pag-asa Island, the seat of power in the Kalayaan Group of Islands (Spratlys). Image from CSIS/AMTI

STANDING UP FOR PAG-ASA. Here is an image of Pag-asa Island, the seat of power in the Kalayaan Group of Islands (Spratlys). Image from CSIS/AMTI

Malacañang reminded China of the Philippines' 2016 international court victory against Beijing's claim to the West Philippine Sea in response to its government's claim that the Spratlys or Kalayaan Group of Islands is part of China's territory.

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, in the latest of a series of strongly-worded statements, mentioned the historic Hague ruling in his response to the claim of China's foreign ministry that the Kalayaan Group of Islands, also known as the Spratlys, are within Chinese territory.

"The arbitral ruling however has already been rendered and we remain steadfast in maintaining our claims with respect to our territory and exclusive economic zones pursuant, not only to the said arbitral judgment based on accepted principles of public international law, but consistent with the directives of our Constitution and the aspirations of the Filipino people," Panelo said on Friday, April 12.

He prefaced this declaration, however, with the Philippines' concurrence that the maritime dispute will "be best threshed out through peaceful negotiation and consultation between the two countries."

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On Thursday, April 11, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang saidthe Spratlys, which the Chinese call Nansha Islands "are China's territory" and that Beijing's claim "is backed by sufficient historical and jurisprudential evidence."

He was responding to assertions by Filipino officials, led by President Rodrigo Duterte himself, that Pag-asa Island, part of the Kalayaan Group of Islands, belongs to Filipinos.

Don't endanger Filipino fishermen

The Palace told China not to endanger the lives of Filipino fishermen in the West Philippine Sea.

"Irritants," Panelo said, could also derail progress being made in bilateral talks between the two countries in the sea row.

"China should avoid performing acts that will place at risk the Filipino fishermen fishing in the disputed areas," the Duterte spokesperson said.

Duterte himself has made clear that his red line is if China kills or arrests Filipinos in the West Philippine Sea, part of the Philippines' exclusive economic zone.

The Philippine President, who flaunts his "friendship" with Chinese President Xi Jinping, had previously told China to "lay off" Pag-asa Island and promised to never allow the Chinese to occupy the island.

The Philippines' Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has also said the presence of Chinese militia vessels near the island is "illegal." The Philippines has filed a diplomatic protest which Panelo expects Beijing to respond to "soon."

Panelo began making strong statements against China's claims after the DFA filed its protest.

Mga sibilyan takot maiipit sa labanan sa North Cotabato

From the Mindanao Examiner (Apr 13, 2019): Mga sibilyan takot maiipit sa labanan sa North Cotabato

Balot umano sa takot ang mga residente sa bayan ng Magpet sa North Cotabato province dahil sa sunod-sunod na sagupaan ng mga sundalo at rebeldeng komunista.

Nangangamba ang mga taga-Barangay Balite at Mahongkog na baka sila ang maipit sa sagupaan o kaya ay gawing hostage ng mga rebelde o mapagkamalang mga rebelde. Ito ay matapos na 3 sibilyan ang inulat na nawawala ng maipit sa labanan ng dalawang grupo.

Sinabi ni Barangay Balite Chairman Edgar Hantoc na takot na takot ang mga magsasaka na pumunta sa kanilang sakahan dahil sa mga sundalo at baka muling makasagupa doon at sila ay madamay. May mga impormasyon na nagagawi umano sa mga barangay ang grupo ng mga New People’s Army dahil sa presensya ng mga sundalo doon.

Hinihingian na rin ng mga identification cards ng militar ang mga residente sa nasabing mga barangay upang makasigurong hindi kalaban ang mga ito.

Kinumpirma naman ito ni Lt. Col. Rey Alvarado, commander ng 72nd Infantry Battalion. Ayon kay Alvarado, nagpapatrulya ang mga tropa sa naturang bayan dahil sa mga ulat na may mga rebelde sa mga barangay. Seguridad umano ng mga sibilyan ang pino-protektahan ng mga sundalo.

Troops comb Sulu’s jungles, islands in Sayyaf hun

From the Mindanao Examiner (Apr 13, 2019): Troops comb Sulu’s jungles, islands in Sayyaf hunt

Government troops continue their assault on Abu Sayyaf lairs where security forces have been combing the hinterlands and islands in the southern province of Sulu.

Just recently, soldiers killed 2 pro-ISIS militants, but three infantrymen were also wounded in the clashes in Bangkal village in Patikul town. The military said one of those killed, known only by his alias Barak Ingog, allegedly helped carry out a twin suicide attacks by an Indonesian couple on a Catholic church in the capital town of Jolo in January this year that killed and wounded dozens of people, mostly civilians and soldiers.

The other slain militant, Nasser Sawadjaan, was a nephew of Abu Sayyaf leader Hajan Sawadajaan. The military did not say whether soldiers recovered the bodies of the slain militants, although it reported that troops recovered an M16 rifle in the area.

It said Ingog was one of the facilitators of the bombing of the Cathedral in Jolo town on January 27 this year while Sawadjaan was a nephew of Abu Sayyaf leader Hajan Sawadjaan.

There were no reports of civilian casualties, but Governor Toto Tan has deployed social workers and dispatched food aid since March to assist villagers who were affected by the military campaign. It was unknown whether the regional government had sent aid to Sulu, one of 5 provinces under the newly-created Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

Murad urged to surrender followers in SAF 44 killings

From the Mindanao Examiner (Apr 13, 2019): Murad urged to surrender followers in SAF 44 killings

Kin of police commandos who were killed by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebels and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters demanded that rebel leader Murad Ebrahim, now Chief Minister of the Muslim autonomous region, to surrender those behind the gruesome murders of 44 members of the Special Action Force in Maguindanao’s Mamasapano town.

President Benigno Aquino speaks with MILF rebel chieftain Murad Ebrahim in this 2014 government photo.

The commandos were on a clandestine mission deep inside MILF territory to capture Malaysian bomber Zulkifli bin Hir, who was eventually killed in the operation in Tukanalipao village on January 25, 2015.

Police commandos were on their way to re-join their more than 300 SAF members after killing Zulkifli and cutting off his finger for DNA analysis when MILF forces, aided by BIFF militants, attacked them and sparking daylong clashes. At least 18 MILF and five BIFF were killed in the fierce fighting that the Aquino government claimed was a mis-encounter.

Barely a month later, the MILF which signed an interim peace deal with Manila, surrendered at least 16 weapons it took from slain police commandos. The surrender of the weapons further bolstered accusations by lawmakers and human rights groups that MILF rebels had finished off wounded commandos and collected their guns, among others.

The weapons were handed over to the police, but SAF sources claimed the weapons had been tampered and that many of its parts were either taken out or replaced with defective mechanism. Because of the killings, lawmakers shelved the Bangasamoro Basic Law (BBL) until investigations into the deadly clashes between SAF and MILF is completed.

The BBL was eventually passed in the current administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, but families of the slain commandos were still crying out for justice. The MILF said it will not surrender those involved in the slayings.

Just recently, police forces killed 3 of Ebrahim’s rebels who were accused of murder after they engaged the lawmen in a firefight in Lanao del Sur’s Madamba town. More rebels engaged police in a gun battle in the villages of Tabaran and Illian.

Four policemen and two civilians were wounded in the clashes, the Western Mindanao Command said. “Three MILF elements with warrants of arrest for murder were slain during the law enforcement operations conducted by the Philippine National Police in the villages of Illian and Tabaran, all in Madamba in Lanao del Sur at 10 a.m. today. The PNP troops were to serve warrants of arrest when they engaged in a firefight with MILF elements led by a certain Abu Hanif.”

“Four PNP personnel and two civilians were wounded in the encounter, based on information received from army units in the area. They are now recuperating in the hospital,” the military said. Ebrahim’s group signed an interim peace deal with Manila in 2014 and the rebel leader became the chief minister of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao following a plebiscite early this year.

AFP Chief honors Malaysian Chief of Defense Force

From the Philippine Information Agency (Apr 12, 2019): AFP Chief honors Malaysian Chief of Defense Force

General Benjamin Madrigal Jr (right), Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) welcomes General Tan Sri Zulkifli Zainal Abidin (left), Chief of Defense Force of the Malaysian Armed Forces at the AFP General Headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. Photo by SN1 Donald Viluan PN/PAOAFP
CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City -- For his dedication in maintaining the strong military ties of the Philippines and Malaysia, General Tan Sri Zulkifli Zainal Abidin, Chief of Defense Force of the Malaysian Armed Forces was honored in a ceremony led by General Benjamin Madrigal Jr, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Thursday night in Makati.

“I am truly honored to have this special opportunity to celebrate the significant contributions of General Zulfikli who has dedicated his time and effort in ensuring that the Philippines and the Malaysian armed forces maintain an enduring and more strengthened relationship,” General Madrigal said.

The AFP Chief hosted a dinner in honor of the Malaysian Chief of Defense Force at the Makati Shangri-La, Manila. Prior to this, General Zulkifli visited the AFP’s General Headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City where he was given full military honors. He then paid a courtesy call to General Madrigal at the Balangiga Hall, General Headquarters Building.

The Philippines and Malaysia have established an agreement concerning defense cooperation since 1994.

“Our countries’ enduring friendship that spans more than six decades of bilateral relations has been instrumental in the various engagements and activities that support our mutual security interests,” General Madrigal said.

General Zulkifli and his party arrived in Manila on April 10 as part of a three-day official visit. Before meeting with General Madrigal, he received the 2019 Alumni Achievement Award at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati where he holds a Master’s Degree in Management.

He was appointed as the 20th Chief of Defence Forces on June 20, 2018 after serving as Chief of the Malaysian Army since June 15, 2011. (AFP)

Eastmincom, PNP strengthen cooperation on internal security ops

From the Philippine News Agency (Apr 13, 2019): Eastmincom, PNP strengthen cooperation on internal security ops

COLLABORATION. (L-R) Lt. Gen Felimon T. Santos Jr., the commander of the Eastern Mindanao Command (Eastmincom) and Police Major Gen. Alfredo Valdez, the Director of the Directorate for Integrated Police Operations -Eastern Mindanao on Friday sign two directives strengthening the cooperation and interoperability of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police in Eastern Mindanao. (Lilian Mellijor)

The Eastern Mindanao Command (Eastmincom) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) on Friday signed two joint letter directives updating the Internal Security Operations (ISO) for the upcoming May elections and the campaign against armed groups.

Major Gen. Alfredo Valdez, head of the Directorate for Integrated Police Operations -Eastern Mindanao (DIPO-EM), said the JLDs seek to strengthen the cooperation and interoperability of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) between Eastmincom and the PNP.

Valdez said the police will take the lead in implementing the security plan for the May elections and other law enforcement-related activities, with the Eastmincom providing the support.

“We are complementing all our efforts,” Valdez said of the government's campaign against insurgency and terrorism in an interview on the sidelines of the Joint Peace and Security Coordinating Center Conference on Friday here.

Lt. Gen Felimon Santos Jr., Eastmincom commander, said the first of the two signed AFP-PNP JLDs will update the existing coordinating mechanism between the two organizations and aims to synchronize and converge their efforts relative to the peace and security of different communities in Eastern Mindanao.

Santos explained the need to update the directives considering there are already many areas that have been cleared of insurgency.

"The collaboration and interoperability of the two organizations are important in order to optimize the government security capability in carrying out the primary mandate of securing the people,” Santos said.

Soldiers, Reds clash in Iloilo

From the Philippine News Agency (Apr 13, 2019): Soldiers, Reds clash in Iloilo

LEFT BEHIND. Land mines and firearms recovered after the encounter with New People's Army are inventoried by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Some 20 communist rebels engaged government soldiers in a 20-minute gunfight in Leon town, Iloilo on Friday morning (April 12, 2019) (Photo courtesy of AFP)

ILOILO CITY -- Army Soldiers clashed with New People’s Army (NPA) rebels for 20 minutes in Leon town, Iloilo on Friday morning.

Lt. Col. Joel Benedict Batara, 61st Infantry Battalion (IB) commander, said the government troops encountered about 20 armed rebels in Nalbang village, Leon.

“The locals were courageous enough to report to us on Thursday the sightings of these rebels, which prompted us to respond immediately,” Batara said in a phone interview Friday.

Citing the report of the public, Batara said the rebels were carrying Anti-Personnel Mines (APC) and land mines, which he suspected to have been “used by rebels in harassing the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Army in the area.”

The government troops headed to the site early morning and prevented the rebels from conducting any ambush.

After an estimated 20-minute crossfire, the NPA rebels dispersed and withdrew towards Agta village in the northern direction, Batara said.

Blood marks were seen at the encounter site, indicating that some of the rebels were wounded. No casualty was reported on the government’s side.

Upon searching the clash scene, the troops found bags, two APCs, two magazine of a caliber .45 gun, one magazine of 7.62 mm. M14 with live ammunition, subversive documents, and medical paraphernalia.

Despite the encounter, Batara assured the public of a safe observance of the Holy Week.

He said tourists are expected to visit mountain spots for religious activities.

Batara advised tourists who plan to visit mountain areas to coordinate with the local government unit, not just in Leon town but in other areas of Panay as well.

“Tourists should coordinate first for them to be guided on their limitations on places they want to visit. We will monitor them because the rebels might have planted landmine(s) and IEDs (improvised explosive devices),” he said.

Batara assured that the AFP is coordinating with the PNP for the conduct of security operations.

The Communist Party of the Philippines - New People’s Army is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Albayalde vows to 'crush' criminal, terror groups as poll nears

From the Philippine News Agency (Apr 13, 2019): Albayalde vows to 'crush' criminal, terror groups as poll nears

CAMP GEN. VICENTE LIM, Calamba City – Philippine National Police (PNP) chief General Oscar D. Albayalde vowed on Friday to “crush” all communist terrorist groups (CTGs), private armed syndicates (PAGs) and drug rings that are still operating in the Calabarzon Region, some of whom are allegedly supporting local political candidates for the May 13 mid-term polls.

Albayalde visited the Calabarzon regional police command headquarters here for a command conference on security briefings and election preparations where he also inspected around 1,710 assorted short, long and high-powered firearms that are now under this command’s custody for safekeeping and proper disposition.

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief General Oscar D. Albayalde (at center table) with Calabarzon Regional Police Director Brig. Gen. Edward E. Carranza (to his left), presides over a command conference on security briefings and election preparations of the Calabarzon Regional Police Office (PRO4A) for the May 13 mid-term polls, at the regional police headquarters in Camp Gen. Vicente Lim, Calamba City on April 12, 2019. (Photo by Saul E. Pa-a)

In a press conference, Albayalde confirmed the existence of armed syndicates and drug groups that have gone as far as supporting or harassing local poll bets on their extortion activities and permit to campaign especially in the region’s remote areas.

“We are validating the reports from our intelligence units,” the PNP chief said, pointing to around 314 of the 1,710 firearms were already seized from the private armed groups during intensified police operations against loose firearms and criminality and as part of the Commission on Elections gun ban.

He said PAGs and New People’s Army (NPA) communist terrorists persist in some areas in the region and these are closely being monitored as these are potential threats during the elections.

The PNP also intensified the surveillance and special operations on criminal gangs where three are identified in Cavite; six in Laguna; one in Batangas; and two in Rizal while the gun-for-hire groups has one in Cavite; two in Laguna; 11 in Batangas; and two in Quezon.

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief General Oscar D. Albayalde presides over a media conference where he vowed to "crush" communist terrorist groups, private armed syndicates and criminal gangs that are still operating in the Calabarzon Region, during his visit to the Calabarzon Regional Police Office (PRO4A) headquarters at Camp Gen. Vicente Lim, Calamba City on April 12, 2019. (Photo by Saul E. Pa-a)

In Batangas, two risk factors include the Fajardo Group in Tanauan City and the NPA’s Platoon Galaxy Sub-Regional Military Area in Lemery town, while Laguna has the Amante Drug Group in San Pablo City.

Local estimates on the loose firearms according to the regional police command also revealed that the CTGs have 185; CGs with 134; wanted persons with 337; and PAGs with 90, or a total of 746.

The command headquarters also reported on its assessment on security risk factors where some six PAGs members have been arrested so far from June 2018 to April this year, and around 37 gun-for-hire members were nabbed during the same period.

At least 47 criminal gang members were also rounded up, 67 most wanted persons and 6,471 other wanted persons arrested, which resulted in the confiscation of around 314 firearms.

On intense political rivalry, two mayoralty bets are reported in Cavite; one in Laguna; three in Batangas; and four in Quezon.

Of the 142 towns and cities across Calabarzon Region, only Quezon has one risk factor under the police's red code, which assesses a series of election-related violent incidents during the previous and present elections and presence of threat groups, NPA) and PAGs.

Around 114 from the 142 local government units (LGUs) are green, which means the police expects no problem and cause for concern while eight LGUs have been placed under the yellow code with two in Cavite; one in Laguna; four in Batangas; one in Quezon. Yellow code means one of the factors under the red code like a history of political unrest and presence of NPAs or PAGs exists.

Around 19 LGUs are placed under the orange code with two in Cavite; two in Laguna; five in Batangas; four in Rizal; and six in Quezon -6. Orange code means there are two security risk factors in the red code and presence of NPA.

Albayalde assured that the PNP would strictly observe neutrality and transparency in the conduct of the investigations on erring cops, especially in the ongoing investigation on the killing of the son of the mayor of Sariaya, Quezon and the recent kidnapping of businessman Allan Fajardo at Nuvali hotel in Sta. Rosa City.

Marawi ex-mayor not arrested but 'invited': AFP

From the Philippine News Agency (Apr 13, 2019): Marawi ex-mayor not arrested but 'invited': AFP

A former Marawi City mayor and now a mayoralty candidate was "invited" to a military camp here after the proclamation rally Friday (April 12) of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas Ng Bayan (PDP Laban), an Army official said.

Lt. Col. Jake Jumawan, commander of the Army's 82nd Infantry Battalion, said former mayor Omar Solitario Ali was not arrested but was only "invited" inside the Kampo Ranao--headquarters of the Army's 103rd Infantry Brigade.

"He was invited... he was never arrested. Kasi kung arestuhin dapat may warrant of arrest. Nagkwentuhan lang kami with brigade commander (Col. Romeo Brawner, 103rd Infantry Brigade)," Jumawan said in an interview.

Jumawan said Ali was allowed to go home after 30 minutes.

"We treated him humanely because the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) is a human rights observer," Jumawan said.

Ali has been in hiding after he was included in the arrest order issued by the Department of National Defense, following the declaration of President Duterte putting the entire Mindanao under Martial Law when the Marawi siege broke out in May 23, 2017.

Ali allegedly has links with the ISIS-inspired Maute group that led the Marawi attack and is facing rebellion charges.

His brother, also Marawi former mayor Fahad Salic, was also included in the arrest order because of the latter's support for the Mautes. Salic was arrested in a checkpoint in Misamis Oriental in June 2017.

Ali's son, incumbent Marawi vice mayor Arafat Salic--who was in hiding because he was also included in the DND's arrest order--was released by the Department of Justice after finding the arrest order to be invalid as it was not issued by courts.

On August 16 of 2017, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana removed Ali from the list of persons ordered arrested under Martial Law rebellion.

He was given the "conditional clearance on the recommendation of former OPAPP (Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, former) Sec. Jesus Dureza."

Despite being in hiding, Ali was able to file his certificate of candidacy for mayor in the May 13 elections. He was one of the mayoralty candidates in Marawi City who attended the event, hoping to get an endorsement from President Rodrigo Duterte.

President Duterte was not able to make it to the event because of bad weather, according to a statement from Malacañang.

In an earlier interview, Ali vehemently denied involvement in a rebellion.

"The affinity of my brother to the Mautes doesn't mean I have involvement and knowledge of their activities," Ali said.

Meanwhile, Friday's proclamation rally of the local PDP-Laban party pushed through despite Duterte's absence.