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Abu Sayyaf members surrender in Tawi-Tawi

From The Manila Times (Dec 6, 2020): Abu Sayyaf members surrender in Tawi-Tawi (ByAl Jacinto) 

Three pro-Islamic State (IS) militants one of them involved in the kidnapping of foreigners and the beheading of a Canadian mining executive ‒ surrendered to the Philippine military in the southern province of Tawi-Tawi.

This was also confirmed by Army Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan Jr, chief of the Western Mindanao Command, who identified the terrorists as Alsadi Hanain, Bennaser Pae and Ugali Alimudin.

Officials said the trio, who surrendered separately, yielded weapons and are being debriefed by soldiers before they are handed over to the custody of the local government.

He said Hanain surrendered to the Second Marine Brigade in the capital town of Bongao and is being linked to the Sept. 21, 2015 kidnapping of Canadians John Ridsdel, chief operating officer of TVI Resource Development Philippines Inc., and Robert Hall, a businessman, as well as Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad, the resort’s manager, and Filipina Maritess Flor.

Ridsdel was eventually beheaded on April 25, 2016 after his family failed to pay the P300 million ransom, demanded by the Abu Sayyaf. The other three hostages were freed unharmed.

Hanain was also involved in the ransoming of Italian national Rolando del Torchio on Oct. 7, 2014; European birdwatcher Ewold Horn, who was killed in May 2019 during a firefight between militants and soldiers; and Chinese citizens Jin Hua Chen and Yahong Chen.

Vinluan said Hanain, who was under terrorist leader Hajan Sawadjaan, was also involved in deadly attacks on security forces in the provinces of Basilan and Sulu. He said Pae and Alimudin also yielded to the Philippine Marines.

“The windfall of surrender demonstrates success in our efforts to end terrorism and lawlessness. We hope that more terror-group members will decide to surrender and join us in achieving peace without killing each other,” Vinluan said.

Close to a hundred Abu Sayyaf militants surrendered in the past years to avail of the government’s peace program in exchange for financial assistance and livelihood aid. Most of these terrorists opted to surrender and availed of the program to escape criminal liability.

Since 1995, hundreds and perhaps thousands of Abu Sayyaf fighters and New People’s Army and Moro rebels surrendered to the government through various programs from the Up, Up (United for Peace, United for Progress) Mindanao and Balik-Baril Program to the Comprehensive Local Integration Program, which is now called the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program, and other similar undertakings to lure rebels and terrorists to surrender peacefully.

Cops arrest 2 NPA members in separate operations

From GMA News Online (Dec 6, 2020): Cops arrest 2 NPA members in separate operations

The Philippine National Police said Sunday that two ranking members of the New People's Army were arrested in separate police operations on Saturday in Laguna province and in Quezon City.

In a statement, the PNP said that both suspects were wanted for a string of criminal cases, including murder.

Police identified the suspects as Romeo Aytona Jr., a.ka. Alon, 45; and Joenel Lazo alias Joenel Gallardo, "Ka Sendo."

National Capital Region police operatives arrested Aytona at corner EDSA-Kamias Road, Quezon City at 6:20 p.m. on Saturday.

He was the subject of an arrest warrant issued by Hon. Francisco S. Donato, Presiding Judge of RTC Br. 33 of Ballesteros, Cagayan.

He is accused for three separate criminal cases -- Arson, Murder, and violation of Human Security Act.

Aytona is identified in police records as Squad Leader of West Committee, Danilo Command Northern Front operating in Cagayan.

On the other hand, Lazo was arrested earlier on same day at 5:10 p.m. in Barangay Sto. Tomas, Biñan City in Laguna.

Lazo was listed as most wanted person of Cagayan Valley in Region 2, and accused for the crime of 10 counts of Murder, 10 counts of Attempted Murder, Rebellion, Arson, Illegal Possession of Explosives/Ammunitions, and Grave Coercion.

Opinion: ‘If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it must be a duck

Opinion piece posted to the Philippine Star (Dec 6, 2020): ‘If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it must be a duck’ (By Ambassado B. Romualdez)

For over five decades now, the Communist Party of the Philippines has been waging a rebellion with only one thing in mind: the violent overthrow of the government.

Tens of thousands of lives have been wasted while billions have been spent for Asia’s longest-running communist insurgency that may have started out espousing an ideology but over the years has become an excuse for criminality and terrorism that have exacerbated the misery of the very people they claim to fight for.

The history of communism in the Philippines began in 1930 with the birth of the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP) – the first and original Communist Party of the Philippines – that partnered with the Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon or Hukbalahap, the front army against the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.

Despite its early successes, the Hukbalahap gained infamy after the Liberation due to atrocities, among them the assassination in 1949 of Doña Aurora Aragon Quezon – widow of President Manuel Quezon – who was traveling from Nueva Ecija to Baler for the inauguration of the Quezon Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Quezon had been warned against the presence of the Huks in the countryside but believed they would respect her age, saying “(Huk Supremo Luis) Taruc knows my white hair; he will not hurt me.”

Despite knowing that the revered former First Lady was in the lead vehicle, the armed men, numbering over a hundred, rained bullets on the convoy, killing Mrs. Quezon, her daughter, son-in-law and other members of her party. Following the incident, the PKP reorganized the Hukbalahap into a “People’s Liberation Army” fashioned after the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Jesus Lava – who served as secretary general of the PKP and whom I knew personally – recruited Jose Maria Sison in 1962. Pretty soon, ideological, political and organizational differences emerged, leading to a schism that saw Joma Sison establishing the “new” Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) in December 1968. In March 1969, Sison and Bernabe Buscayno (the leader of a Huk faction) formed the New People’s Army, the armed wing of the CPP.

Over the years, the strength of the CPP-NPA has waxed and waned, with the communists also racked by infighting and power struggle, for instance the Tiamzon couple Benito and Wilma who felt that Sison could not effectively lead the organization while exiled in the Netherlands.

In all my years being in media, no other president has ever gone out of his way as President Duterte had in pushing for peace. The President has undoubtedly gone the extra mile, so to speak, in reaching out to them, even appointing leftists to his Cabinet, understanding the ideology they espouse.

Stretching the President’s patience in extending the hand of peace, the attempts have proven to be futile, with President Duterte expressing frustration at the duplicity and insincerity of the insurgents and their political leaders despite numerous concessions that have been given them.

Truce violations committed by the CPP-NPA are well documented, using the cessation of hostilities as an opportunity to recruit members – many of them minors younger than 15 – and attack the police and military. Clearly, the communists are losing support as seen in the growing ranks of rebel returnees and the protests organized by the local populace who are growing resentful because they are forced to give their food to the rebels whenever they come down from the mountains. In fact, the communists are turning out to be nothing more than thugs and criminals, engaging in robbery and extortion, demanding revolutionary tax from legitimate businessmen who have no choice but to pay up because expensive equipment would be burnt or destroyed. Among the victims are telcos whose towers and cell sites have been blown up.

Contrary to accusations, there is no “red tagging” because what the government is doing is simply unmasking party-list groups for what they are: legal fronts for the CPP-NPA whose objective is, and has always been, the violent overthrow of any legitimate and democratically elected government. No less than Jose Maria Sison publicly admitted that these party-list groups are affiliated with the CPP-NPA-NDF.

Another dimension to our job here in the United States is to discuss the so-called “red tagging” and explain the Anti-Terrorist Bill to US legislators. The other day, I had a telecon meeting with Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, an outspoken critic of President Duterte, to discuss the government’s alleged human rights violations, “red tagging” and supposed extrajudicial killings. I informed him that from all indications, these criminal activities are being committed by the communist terrorist group whose members are also engaged in illegal drug trafficking as a form of fundraising activity. I made it very clear to the senator that many left-leaning groups in the United States are bent on throwing a monkey wrench between our two countries.

When the National Task Force to End the Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) was created through Executive Order 70, its aim was to expose to the public these individuals and organizations with verifiable links to the CPP-NDF-NPA and prevent the people from ideological exploitation by the CPP-NDF-NPA. We need to face the reality that all these organizations are pure fronts. They don’t want peace. They will never accept anything less than the overthrow of our government – reminding me of what my late friend Max Soliven told me: “Once a red, always a red. If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, then it must be a duck.”

NPA disowns military ‘whistleblower’ Jeffrey Celiz

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Dec 5, 2020): NPA disowns military ‘whistleblower’ Jeffrey Celiz (By: Jigger J. Jerusalem)

Jeffrey Celiz, who claims to be a former member of the national operational command of the New People’s Army (NPA) physically appears before the Senate Committee on National Defense and Security, Peace, Unification and Reconciliation hybrid inquiry on red-tagging/red-baiting of certain celebrities, personalities, institutions and organizations Tuesday, November 3, 2020. (Joseph Vidal/Senate PRIB)

The communist New People’s Army (NPA) has joined the fray in the word war between officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and progressive groups belonging to the Makabayan coalition.

Ka Oris, or Jorge Madlos, spokesperson of the NPA National Operational Command (NOC), said in a statement that the military’s star witness in the Senate hearings on Red-tagging, Jeffrey Celiz, is not one of their own.

Celiz, a former activist who, at one time, became the face of the militant Bagong Alyansang Makabayan in Iloilo, has claimed to be a cadre of the NPA.

On the basis of this claim, he has pointed to Makabayan organizations as fronts of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its armed wing, the NPA. He also pointed to the personalities identified with Makabayan as CPP members.

“Jeffrey Celiz is a liar. His inconsistent stories, fabricated facts and questionable track record as a drug personality and suspected mastermind in the extrajudicial killings of Leftist personalities make him a fake government ‘whistleblower’,” said Madlos.

“Among Celiz’ lies, he says he was a member of the New People Army’s National Operational Command from 2002 until March 2015. This is not only a blatant lie but downright impossible,” Madlos added.

The rebel leader explained that the NPA’s military structure prior to 2016 is entirely different “there was no NOC yet.”

“How can Celiz be a member of an entity that has not yet existed during the time period he claims?” Madlos said.

He added that had the military “used their intelligence,” they “could not have overlooked this fact” and not have Celiz put out an “incredible claim.”

Madlos also belied another claim by Celiz that he met the rebel leader in a plenum of the NOC in Surigao del Sur and Compostela Valley in 2006 or 2007.

“No such meeting of the NOC took place. Nonetheless, for the record, I will categorically stress that I have never met or seen this guy in any guerrilla zone,” Madlos emphasized.

He added that this is only the first time that he heard his name or his supposed nom de guerre Eric Almendras.

Madlos called on Sen. Panfilo Lacson, who presided over the hearings, “to not easily trust so-called whistleblowers presented by Duterte’s military junta.”

Madlos said “these operators will do anything to proscribe the CPP and NPA and vilify activists and progressives, regardless of repercussions.”

The CPP, through its political arm, the National Democratic Front, has been engaged in on-and-off peace talks with the government since 1987.

The peace process looked bright at the start of President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration in 2016 but it eventually collapsed in 2017 after supposedly making hurdles on hard issues in the political negotiation.

As the talks collapsed, the government has also sought the declaration by the court of the CPP and NPA as terrorist organizations.

Madlos further belied Celiz claim the NPA is out to kill him. “We have no interest whatsoever in him. He is inconsequential to the revolutionary movement.”

Police say arrested labor leader a ranking NPA officer

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Dec 6, 2020): Police say arrested labor leader a ranking NPA officer (By: Tonette Orejas)

CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga, Philippines —The police on Saturday said labor organizer Jose Bernardino, who was arrested a day earlier, was a high-ranking officer of the New People’s Army (NPA) wanted for rebellion and carried a P4.8-million bounty on his head.

Brig. Gen. Valeriano de Leon, Central Luzon police chief, said Bernardino, 58, was secretary of the region’s white area committee of the NPA.

He said Bernardino was carrying a pistol and a grenade when he was arrested on Friday at Barangay Sapang Maisac in Mexico town by a team from the police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) and the military.

P4.8-M REWARD Jose Bernardino was shown briefly to reporters at Camp Olivas on Saturday, a day after his arrest in Mexico town, Pampanga province. —TONETTE OREJAS

With Piston members

Police Col. Amante Daro, CIDG regional director, said a warrant of arrest for Bernardino was issued in 2018 by Judge Paul Attolba Jr. of the Regional Trial Court Branch 30 in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya province.

Bernardino was charged with rebellion in connection with the killing of four soldiers in an encounter in Kasibu town in Nueva Vizcaya in 2017.

In 2006, Bernardino, an organizer of labor unions and transport groups, was arrested with six members of transport federation Pinagkaisang Samahan ng mga Tsuper at Operator Nationwide (Piston) on a charge of illegal possession of explosives.

Some of his former colleagues now working with the government provided information on his whereabouts and activities, Daro said.

The P4.8-million reward would be given to the informers and “action agents,” the police said.

Bernardino is also on a list of wanted persons issued by the Department of National Defense and the Department of the Interior and Local Government.

‘Ka Bo’

Daro said the arrest was carried out “with regularity” and that medical attention would be given to Bernardino, who had undergone a quadruple heart bypass.

De Leon also announced the death of Fernando Poblacio Jr., an NPA officer who was also known as “Ka Bo” and “Bert,” in an encounter with policemen serving the warrant for his arrest at Barangay Moriones in San Jose, Tarlac province, on Friday night.

Poblacio was allegedly the NPA finance officer in Tarlac and Zambales provinces, according to Maj. Gen. Alfredo Rosario, head of the military’s Northern Luzon Command.

The police and the military are now searching for the four men who were seen with Poblacio on Dec. 2 at Barangay Labney in Mayantoc town, also in Tarlac, Rosario said.

More security personnel deployed to Datu Piang after BIFF attack

From the Philippine News Agency (Dec 6, 2020): More security personnel deployed to Datu Piang after BIFF attack (By Christopher Lloyd Caliwan)

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Debold Sinas (File photo)

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Debold Sinas said additional security personnel have been deployed in Datu Piang town, Maguindanao to prevent a repeat of Thursday's attack of suspected Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) terrorists.

In a statement late Saturday, Sinas said reinforcements are composed of 70 personnel from the Regional Mobile Force Battalion-14 under Lt. Col. Jeff Uy, and one section of 4th Special Action Battalion, PNP- Special Action Force (SAF) under Lt. Ian Rey Diolanto and Lt. Brett Allen Alde with 17 members.

He said units from 34th Infantry Battalion, and 6th Infantry Battalion of 6th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army were also sent to Datu Piang “to maintain peace and order and established normalcy in the area.”

Sinas said all other nearby municipal police stations in the province were also alerted against similar incidents of armed harassment on civilian communities.

He added that he had already informed Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Eduardo Año that Special Investigation Task Group (SITG) is now closely putting together all facts and evidence “to establish the circumstances surrounding these cases of attempted murder, arson, damage to property, indiscriminate firing, grave threats and intimidation.”

Authorities are looking at political rivalry among local executives of Datu Piang, particularly between the mayor and vice mayor over certain political issues as one of three possible motives behind the attack.

Vengeance for the death of BIFF member Abu Suffian in a police operation in Cotabato City on Dec. 1, and personal grudge of some BIFF members against the chief of police of Datu Piang for the recent arrest of two members on drugs and firearms charges are two other possible reasons.

Sinas said the personal grudge is most likely the motive because the chief of police was sought out by the armed men over the earlier arrest of two BIFF members who are relatives of the vice mayor.

Police earlier identified Salahudin Hasan alias "Salah" and Muhiden Animbang Indong alias "Commander Karialan" as the leaders of 50 men who stormed the poblacion of Datu Piang nighttime on Dec. 3.

Aside from the minor damages, no casualties were reported when some 50 armed men attacked Datu Piang town, according to the police.

CPP/CIO: Addicted to war and profits, Duterte and his generals oppose peace

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Dec 4, 2020): Addicted to war and profits, Duterte and his generals oppose peace


DECEMBER 05, 2020

The recommendation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to not go on ceasefire this holiday seasons does not come as a surprise. We also wager that Duterte will readily approve this plan.

All these years, the AFP has opposed any act that serves the end of peace. They have never abided by their own ceasefire declarations.

Recall that in March to April, just as the Covid-19 pandemic hit the Philippines and in the middle of the Duterte-declared ceasefire, the AFP launched a nationwide offensive against the people and NPA. These offensives continue to be mounted by the AFP.

The war-and-profit-addicted generals of the AFP are the biggest stumbling blocks to peace and national unity. They dominate policy-making of the Duterte regime and is at its helm through the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC).

Military generals, who all sit comfortably in their high-end offices, are bureaucrat capitalists who are in connivance with the US military industry. They are driven by their class hatred against the toiling masses of workers and peasants. They wallow in an endless stream of counterinsurgency war profit.

Military generals are obsessed with the notion that they can defeat the revolutionary armed revolution through the sheer force of arms, turning a blind eye to the deep socioeconomic roots of the civil war.

Under the Duterte regime, terrorist-labelling the CPP and NPA has become central state policy and tactic to obfuscate the demands of the broad masses that are the basis for waging people’s war.

By terrorist-labelling the CPP and NPA and opposing peace talks, Duterte and his AFP generals aim to condemn the country to a perpetual state of war.

CPP: Amanda Echanis was arrested to silence the people

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Dec 4, 2020): Amanda Echanis was arrested to silence the people

DECEMBER 05, 2020

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and all revolutionary forces are one with the rest of the democratic sectors in condemning the unlawful arrest of peasant activist Amanda Echanis with her month-old child Randall Emmanuel.

Amanda is the 32-year old daughter of Randall Echanis, National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) peace consultant, who was brutally murdered by state agents last August.

She was arrested in Barangay Carupian, Baggao town, Cagayan, where she was serving the peasant masses who suffered grave losses due to the massive floods and state neglect in the wake of typhoon Ulysses.

Like all activists being arrested by the regime, she has been slapped with trumped-up charges of illegal possession of firearms and explosives to cause her prolonged detention.

The CPP supports calls for the immediate release of Amanda and the rest of the more than 650 political prisoners.

The arrest of Amanda is part of the continuing suppression drive against the legal national democratic and other progressive and patriotic forces who have been subjected to relentless persecution, surveillance and extrajudicial killings.

The aim of this campaign is to disrupt the work of mass-based organizations in order to prevent them from exposing the people’s plight and expressing their grievances and demands amid the pandemic and disasters.

The fascists behind this campaign seek to create an artificial image of broad support and stability for the regime.

Amid the arrests and killings, mass-based organizations must continue to persevere in giving voice to the urgent demands of the people, even as they fight back to defend their rights and lives.

CPP/NDF-Negros: NDF-Negros calls on all freedom-loving Negrosanon to collectively fight Executive Order 70!

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Dec 4, 2020): NDF-Negros calls on all freedom-loving Negrosanon to collectively fight Executive Order 70!


DECEMBER 05, 2020

On December 4, 2018, fascist Duterte signed Executive Order 70 (EO 70) which institutionalized the “whole-of-nation” approach to counter-insurgency. Through EO 70, the anti-people National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) was created.

Through the NTF, civilian authority of the reactionary government is under the authority, control and meddling of the military. EO70 transformed the different agencies of the reactionary government as one big machinery for surveillance against the revolutionary movement, including democratic organizations red tagged in counter-insurgency.

They want to project that the national task force and its local counterpart is supported by the people. What they fail to understand is that no amount of token programs can solve the armed conflict. As long as they continue to neglect to address the root cause of armed revolution, the national task force and all other counter-insurgency program is doomed to fail.

Duterte’s war against the revolutionary movement is in fact a war against the people. As part of the whole-of-nation approach, the military and police synchronized their combat operations which resulted to a bloodbath of civilians, mostly farmers, human rights defenders and activists. Concurrently, EO70 aggressively red-tags progressive organizations and individuals in order to invalidate the legal democratic movement and silence dissenters.

Duterte’s war against the people gets dirtier and bloodier each day. Politically motivated extra-judicial killings is now at 353, of which 290 are farmers. Victims of frustrated extra-judicial killings is at 488 while there are 18 victims of enforced disappearances. Victims of illegal arrest with detention is at 1,001 while 2,613 are victims of illegal arrest without detention. Add to that the thousands more killed in the name of the war on drugs.

In Negros, 94 fell victim to extra-judicial killings, 52 of which were killed when MO 32 and EO70 took effect. The number of political prisoners in Negros also increased exponentially under the Duterte regime. There were only 5 political prisoners when Duterte assumed power in 2016 but four years into Duterte’s fascist rule and political prisoners in Negros now counts to more than 120.

Duterte benefits the most from the NTF-ELCAC. As commander of the NTF, he makes sure that all the State’s machinery and resources are servile to his interests. All agencies of the government from the national-level down to the local units are at his command in order to crush whoever dares to challenge his tyrannical rule.

The 19 billion allocation for NTF will be used to quell democratic organizations who incessantly criticize and fight every Duterte’s fascist maneuvers. AFP/PNP Generals and other high-ranking officials gets to heavily pocket from the 19B allocation. Imperialist US is also too happy that Duterte prioritizes counter-insurgency as they profit from the sale of their surplus and worn-out military equipment. It is only right for the people to demand for the defunding of the NTF and to clamor for its abolishment.

The sustained focus military operations only proves that the AFP are armed mercenaries subservient to despotic landlords, big comprador bourgeoisie and foreign imperialists against the just struggle of the peasant masses and exploited people.

Duterte’s fascist ambition which heavily relies on his armed mercenaries in the AFP/PNP to quell the ever growing democratic movement and struggles of the people is doomed to fail. Just like all other counter-insurgency campaigns, the Filipino people will emerge victorious against Duterte’s tyrannical move.

The people is waging the right and just cause of national democratic revolution that is gaining momentum against Duterte’s tyrannical rule. Duterte keeps losing ground because he wishes to preserve the oppressive and exploitative system.

As EO 70 and the NTF is Duterte’s machinery for his fascist reign, it is just and necessary for the broad masses of the people to collectively fight against it in all fronts. EO 70 can be overcome, as well as Duterte, through the unity of the people against Duterte’s fascist schemes.

Democratic organizations and the struggles of different sectors must be strengthened especially that of the workers and peasants who are most vulnerable to Duterte’s tyranny. From the countrysides to the urban centers, the broad masses of the people must support each other and fortify their ranks against the attacks on their livelihood and rights. It is important to assert the legal and democratic rights of the Filipino people as enshrined in the 1987 Constitution.

But the most effective way to fight the fascist conquest of Duterte and his NTF is by waging armed struggle. All units of the NPA, Yunit Militia and all armed revolutionary forces must be broadened and strengthened. The NPA will launch tactical offensives against units of the AFP/PNP victimizing the peasant masses. The people’s war will advance and will make Duterte pay for his crimes against the people.

The exploited and oppressed masses are the creators of history and will smash the semi-feudal and semi-colonial system in order to attain national democracy that will free us from the shackles of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.###

CPP/NPA-Palawan/NPA-ST ROC: Paglilinaw Hingil sa Pagpaslang Kay Atty. Eric Jay Magcamit at Engr. Gregorio Baluyot

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Dec 4, 2020): Paglilinaw Hingil sa Pagpaslang Kay Atty. Eric Jay Magcamit at Engr. Gregorio Baluyot


DECEMBER 04, 2020

Nais ipaabot ng Bienvenido Vallever Command – New People’s Army sa Palawan sa masang Palaweno ang paglilinaw sa balitang lumabas sa social media at radio kaugnay sa dalawang magkahiwalay na pagpatay kay Atty. Eric Jay Magcamit at kay Engr. Gregorio Baluyot. Ipinagbibigay alam namin sa madlang Palaweño laluna sa pamilya at mga kaibigan ng mga biktima na wala ni anumang pahayag ang BVC at ang sinumang malisyosong nagsasangkot sa NPA sa pagpaslang sa dalawa ay walang ibang layunin kundi sirain ang imahen ng BVC. Peke at walang katotohanan ang nasabing pahayag. Tiyak na pakana ng PTF-ELCAC at mga galamay ng AFP at PNP ang pagpapakalat ng peke at malisyosong pagbabalitang ito.

Kasabay ng aming paglilinaw ay nais din naming ipaabot sa pamilya at mga kaibigan ni Atty. Eric Jay Magcamit na wala itong anumang kasong nakasampa sa Hukumang Bayan at walang dahilan ang NPA-Palawan para hatulan ng kamatayan. Katunayan siya ay isang abogadong nagtatanggol sa interes ng masang magsasaka at ng kanilang karapatan sa lupa. Gagawa ang BVC ng sariling imbestigasyon upang magkaroon ng hustisya si Atty. Magcamit.. Ngayon mas interesado kaming malaman ang tunay na salarin sa likod ng kanyang pagkakapaslang.

Gayundin, tahasan naming pinasusubalian ang paratang na may kinalaman ang NPA sa pagpatay kay Engr. Gregorio Baluyot, ang dating Municipal Planning and Development Officer ng bayan ng Rizal. Tulad ni Atty. Magcamit, walang pormal na naisampang kaso o reklamo sa kanya sa Hukumang Bayan ng Demokratikong Gubyernong Bayan. Walang kautusan ang korte ng rebolusyonaryong kilusan para siya’y hatulan ng kamatayan ng New People’s Army. Hindi ang NPA ang nagsagawa ng pagpatay kay Engr. Baluyot. Ginagamit ng PTF-ELCAC ang mga krimen na ito upang sirain ang NPA sa mata ng mamamayan at mga kapamilya ng mga biktima. Malinaw rin ang pagtatakip ni P/Col. Nicolas Torre sa mga tunay na salarin sa automatikong pagpaparatang nito sa NPA kahit wala pa silang hawak na ebidensya at sa mismong pahayag niya ay mangangalap pa nga lamang sila ng ebidensya na magpapatunay sa kanilang alegasyon.

Tahasang kinokondena ng BVC ang sunod-sunod na pamamaslang sa lalawigan. Pagpapakita ito ng inutil na pagharap ng pamahalaang panlalawigan sa peace and order ng Palawan. Kung sabagay, ano ang aasahan ng mamamayan kung ang mga nasasangkot na pangalan sa pangyayari ay mga miyembro ng PNP at opisyal ng gubyerno.

Katawa-tawa naman ang pagngangakngak ni Winston Garcia, ang PIO at mismong tagapagsalita ng Palawan Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict na kahit hindi ito tiyak na totoo ang inilabas na pekeng pahayag, aniya ay propaganda lamang ng NPA ito. Animo’y asong hinihimod ang dumi upang malinis ang mga ebidensyang nagtuturo sa mga tunay na salarin at kumakahol para iabswelto ang pangalan ng amo niyang si Alvarez.

Milyong piso ang inuubos ng gubyerno para sa pagpapasuko, para sa E-CLIP at bounty hunting para sa sinsabing mga lider ng NPA. Araw-araw may mga media ads para sa programang inilalako para diumano tigilan ang pagsuporta at pagsapi sa NPA. Ito ang katunayan na may malaking kabiguan ang reaksyunaryong gubyernong Duterte-Alvarez na resolbahin ang kahirapan at inhustisya na siyang ugat ng armadong tunggalian. Ang mga ito mismo ang dahilan ng tuloy-tuloy na pagsuporta at pagkapit ng mamamayang Palaweño sa rebolusyon at armadong pakikibaka.

Digmang Bayan, Sagot sa Kahirapan!

Sumapi sa New People’s Army !

Mabuhay ang CPP-NPA-NDFP!

Mabuhay ang Rebolusyon!

CPP/NPA-Negros: CentCom chief’s pipe dream

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Dec 4, 2020): CentCom chief’s pipe dream


DECEMBER 04, 2020

In a recent visit to its headquarters last Nov. 26, 2020, Lt. Gen. Roberto Ancan of AFP-Central Command congratulated the 11th IB for successfully “dismantling the Southeast Negros Front of the CPP-NPA”.

The congratulatory remark ironically came barely a month after the failure of the last round of focused military operation (FMO) in Sta. Catalina and other adjoining places on September 28 to October 27, 2020.

From January to October, the 11th IB along with police mobile units and paramilitary forces launched five rounds of FMOs covering 195 sitios, 26 barangays and 5 towns in the Third District of Negros Oriental.

But all of these failed even to strike or wipe out any unit of the NPA in Southeast Negros under the Rachelle Mae Palang Command (RMPC). Not even one recent encampment seized nor cadres nor red commanders captured.

In the face of a militarily preponderant enemy, RMPC units successfully employed guerilla tactics to elude decisive engagements and purely military situations and launched appropriate actions according to capacity.

RMPC units, amid the series of FMOs, were able to conduct 3 punitive actions against notorious intelligence operatives and counter-revolutionary elements serving as military guides during combat operations, as well as, death squads targeting red-tagged civilians in the military hit list.

FMOs did not deter the revolutionary forces under the leadership of the Party in advancing its work in the ideological, political and organizational fields.

While the FMOs were raging, 5 batches of Basic Party Courses (BPC) attended by more than 50 new Party recruits were clandestinely held, even in some areas where the enemy’s operating columns were nearby.

Aside from these, 2 batches of PADEPA instructors’ trainings and other political trainings attended by more than 30 revolutionary activists were also held. The membership of the revolutionary mass organizations expanded by about 10%, and scores of new mass organizations established.

Party membership expanded by around 7%, and grounds for the establishment of new Party branches laid down.

Various units of the RMPC expanded in membership and enhanced its politico-military capacity through trainings, study sessions and conferences.

To claim success when concrete data and indicators read failure is delusory. Lt. Gen. Roberto Ancan must be hallucinating like an addict high on hallucinogenic substances. His pipe dream of dismantling and destroying the revolutionary movement is just that — a dream, a fantasy.

The destitute condition of the people and state terrorism under the monstrous US-Duterte regime are driving the people towards the path of armed revolution. ###

Kalinaw News: Kuta ng rebeldeng NPA sa Rizal, Cagayan nadiskubre; mga pampasabog

Posted to Kalinaw News (Dec 5, 2020): Kuta ng rebeldeng NPA sa Rizal, Cagayan nadiskubre; mga pampasabog (By Jamaiela Ellaine)

CAMP MELCHOR F DELA CRUZ, Upi, Gamu, Isabela- Nakumspiska ng
tropa ng 17th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army ang ilang mga pampasabog sa
nadiskubreng kuta ng mga rebeldeng New People’s Army (NPA) matapos ang
nangyaring sagupaan sa pagitan ng kasundaluhan at ng NPA sa Barangay Bural,
Zinundungan Valley, Rizal, Cagayan noong ika-5 nang Disyembre taong

Nakasagupa ng 17IB ang nasa tinatayang 20 na mga miyembro ng
teroristang NPA ng West Front, Komiteng Probinsya Cagayan na pinamumunuan ng
isang Ka Simoy. Tumagal ng dalawampung minuto ang nangyaring engkwentro
matapos na nagkasa ng operasyon ang 501 Infantry Brigade na pinagsanib-pwersa
ng kasundaluhan at kapulisan sa nasabing lugar dahil na rin sa ulat ng mga
residente ukol sa presensya ng mga rebeldeng NPA.

Nakumpiska sa pinangyarihan ng engkwentro ang mga naiwang gamit ng
mga teroristang NPA na kinabibilangan ng siyam na jungle packs, walong
Improvised Explosive Devices, dalawang rifle grenades, tatlong boxes ng detonating

cords, pitong cellphones, iba’t-ibang uri ng mga bala (10 bala ng M16, 15 bala ng
AK47, 3 bala ng cal .45 at 2 bala ng Shot gun) at mga subersibong dokumento.

Wala namang naipaulat na sugatan sa panig ng pamahalaan at patuloy ang
pagtugis nila sa mga nakatakas na miyembro ng rebeldeng grupo. Posibleng
marami ang natamaan sa mga rebeldeng NPA kaya di nila nagawang dalhin lahat ng
kanilang mga kagamitan.

Sinabi ni MGen Laurence E Mina PA, Commander ng 5th Infantry Division,
Philippine Army na malaking dagok sa panig ng mga rebeldeng NPA ang nangyaring
pagkakadiskubre ng kanilang kuta maging ang pagkakakumpiska ng kanilang gamit
at mga pampasabog. Aniya, maaaring gamitin nila ang mga ito laban sa pwersa ng
pamahalaan at mga inosenteng mamamayan bilang bahagi ng kanilang nalalapit na
anibersaryo ngayong buwan ng Disyembre. “Muli akong umaapela sa mga
miyembro ng NPA na sumuko at magbalik-loob sa ating pamahalaan imbes na
mamalagi at magtago sa kabundukan. Batid namin ang inyong kaawa-awang
kalagayan sa loob ng inyong kilusan. Mananatiling bukas ang pinto ng aming mga
himpilan upang kayo ay tanggapin sa inyong pagbabalik-loob at para makasama nyo
ang inyong buong pamilya ngayong nalalapit na kapaskuhan.”

Dagdag pa ng heneral na ang ginawang pagbibigay ng impormasyon ng mga
residente tungkol sa kinaroroonan ng mga rebeldeng NPA ay pahiwatig lamang ng
kanilang kagustuhan na mawakasan na ang panggugulo ng mga teroristang NPA sa
kanilang lugar. “Lumiliit na ang lugar ng mga teroristang NPA sa probinsya ng
Cagayan dahil mismong mga residente na ang umaayaw sa kanila.”

“Sa ating mga kababayan, hangad ng inyong kasundaluhan na maging
maayos at mapayapa ang inyong pagdiriwang ng pasko, kung kaya, asahan ninyo
na handa at nakabantay ang mga sundalo sa anumang oras upang kayo ay
proteksyunan laban sa mga teroristang NPA.” Saad ni MGen Mina.

Samantala, kasama rin sa ikinasang operasyon ang 77th Infantry Battalion,
Marine Battalion Landing Team 10 at ang Cagayan PNP.

Kalinaw News: “NPA Brings No Future But Death” Former Rebels Say Laak, Davao De Oro

Posted to Kalinaw News (Dec 5, 2020): “NPA Brings No Future But Death” Former Rebels Say Laak, Davao De Oro

Camp General Manuel T Yan Sr, Mawab, Davao de Oro – “During the peace talks, armed NPA members went to our home and asked my father to organize a meeting to reorganize the people, my father cannot refuse their request because they were armed and he was also afraid because the NPA also killed his parents,” an emotional former rebel sharing her testimony during the culmination of the 4-day Peace Building Seminar in Laak, Davao De Oro, on December 5, 2020.

80 underground mass organization members (UGMO) and former rebels (FRs) from Brgy. Amor Cruz, Brgy. Bagong Silang, and Brgy Ceboleda, in Laak, Davao De Oro joined the 4-day seminar organized by the 60th Infantry “Mediator” Battalion led by Lt. Col. Ronaldo Sarmiento (GSC) PA, held at Amor Cruz Elementary School.

During the seminar, the government’s basic services were discussed to the participants as well as the conduct of livelihood and technical training that resulted in the formulation of a one-year action plan from each participating barangay from the different people’s organization formed by the Community Support Program (CSP) team and the induction of its officers.

Meanwhile, alias Juny, a former rebel working as finance collector in Brgy Amor Cruz warned his fellow participants not to be deceived again as NPA only brings death.

“I urge my fellow participants not to be deceived again, let us work legally instead of joining them because we don’t have a future with them,” Juny said.

While, alias Pompey, a former rebel for nine years and vice commanding officer for guerrilla front 33 said he feels guilty in recruiting several people for the NPA knowing all they did before was based on a mere theory and a lie.

“During my time with the NPA, we never gave even a single sack of gravel for the road repairs and a sack of rice for the people to eat. But when I got out from the movement, I discovered the true democracy and I am thankful for this seminar for presenting the different government services I thought before that never existed,” alias Pompey said.

On the other hand, Municipality of Laak, Mayor Antonio Libuangan, represented by his Municipal Administrator Mr. Noel Capon said in his speech that the local government of Laak allocated a huge budget for the programs backing the community support programs of the Philippine Army. He added that they will support the people’s organization’s action plans.
Also, Mediator Battalion Commander Lt. Col Ronaldo Sarmiento pointed out the benefits of executive order 70 (EO70) towards the residents and the deceitful acts of the terrorist group.

“Inside the CPP-NPA-NDF, you don’t have freedom of choice. You are lucky with the implementation of EO 70 as it unites the government agencies in addressing issues in the communities and we can see projects that benefit the community being done. The NPA does not want those projects to finish so that you still have issues with us that will be used during rallies,” Lt. Col. Sarmiento added.

Moreover, 10th Infantry “Agila” Division Commander MGen Reuben Basiao in a message delivered by Assistant Division Commander for Reservist and Retirees Affairs Col. Febie Lamerez said that “development of conflict-resilient communities is the primary purpose of the Division’s Campaign. These are communities that will be able to resist by their own the recovery efforts of the NPA using under development in these areas as their propaganda. These communities are now well-organized with fully functioning Brgy Based Institutions, that effectively delivers services focused on health, education, livelihood among others. These are communities that could also fully decide and manage their own forest and land resource for their disaster resiliency programs.

“Ang pag-unlad ng ganitong klaseng komunidad ay bawal at hindi pinapayagan ng anumang yunit ng NPA kaya dito sila nabubuhay sa kahirapan-ang pagkukulang ng serbisyo sa isang lugar. Ang sitwasyun ng ganitong komunidad ay ang basehan ng NPA sa kanilang pangre-recruit at pag-organisa ng mga komunidad. Limang dekada na dahil sa ganitong paraan ang mga komunidad natin sa GIDAs ay wala man lang asenso. Salamat sa pagbabagong-loob at paggising sa katotohanan ng mga komunidad,” MGen Basiao added.

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Kalinaw News: Former NPA mass supporters, continues to denounce CPP-NPA-NDF amidst Pandemic

Posted to Kalinaw News (Dec 5, 2020): Former NPA mass supporters, continues to denounce CPP-NPA-NDF amidst Pandemic

New Corella, Davao del Norte- 87 Former Mass Supporters and Regular NPA members in three barangays of New Corella, Davao del Norte namely: Mambing, Cabidianan and Sta. Fe continued to denounce and hold an indignation rally against CPP-NPA-NDF in their barangays following the COVID 19 protocols yesterday, 02 December 2020.

In line with COVID 19 protocols of the province that limits the number of participants in mass gatherings, this unit were able to continue the Peace Building Seminar in their barangays for three days, 30 November to 02 December.
Despite of the protocols that must be followed strictly to defeat this COVID 19 virus, this unit still prioritizes to eliminate and defeat a more dangerous virus or “cancer” either that already existed for 51 years now, the wrong ideologies, deception and recruitment of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

This activity aims to help the affected community of the three barangays, for them to open their minds to what wrong they have done in supporting the NPA Armed Group, and accept them again by the Government through helping them by giving livelihood, addressing their issues and concerns and giving them the chance to return to the folds of the law. And also to isolate these barangays from CNN Infiltration, declaration of Persona Non Grata to CPP-NPA-NDF in the barangays were also conducted. This unit will continue clearing affected barangays and help the people to live in a peaceful and conflict-resilient community.

“Unsaon pa nila nga motabang sa atoa, basig tong mga baligya didto sa tindahan pangayuon nila, asa pa sila manguha ug ipanghatag nila sa atoa. Kaya dili na ta mosuporta ug dili na nato sila pabalikon dria sa atong barangay”, a former NPA supporter said.

“Recently a former NPA have surrendered to this unit and it clearly manifests their weakened manpower. The most significant thing you could do is to strengthen your Barangay Defense System and you must not allow the CPP-NPA-NDF to infiltrate again your area.” LTC ASNAWI INF (GSC) PA, Battalion Commander of this unit said.

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Kalinaw News: Army’s 3ID ensures decent burial for summarily executed NPA in Negros

Posted to Kalinaw News (Dec 5, 2020): Army’s 3ID ensures decent burial for summarily executed NPA in Negros

CAMP PERALTA, Jamindan Capiz –The 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division will provide a decent burial to a summarily executed member of New People’s Army whose skeletal remains was found in a shallow grave in Barangay Riverside, Isabela, Negros Occidental on Wednesday, December 02, 2020.

The remains of Randy Garsola, a resident of Purok Malibog, Sitio Mahupaho, Barangay San Agustin, Isabela was unearthed by the members of PNP and 62nd Infantry Battalion after Ka Ray, a rebel surrenderee, told the government forces where his body was buried.

Ka Ray disclosed that Garsola was summarily executed following the order of Adidas Acero alias Baldo, his platoon leader, in Barangay La Libertad and buried his body in Barangay Riverside.
Ka Ray further revealed, that Garsola was killed after wishing to surrender due to extreme hunger and longing to see his family. Acero didn’t grant the desire of Garsola and ordered his comrades to kill the victim.

Acero who has seven warrants of arrest for various crimes was arrested by 62IB and PNP in Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental on September 19, 2020. Major General Eric Vinoya, the Commander of the Army’s 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division said, Garsola deserves to have a decent burial despite joining the communist-terrorist organization. “He is just a victim of NPA’s lies and deceptions. A Negrense who also valued family but deprived of liberty to visit his loved ones by his own comrade.” MGen Vinoya further said.

“What happened to Garsola is an eye-opener to all NPA members who are still hiding in the mountains. You still have time to change your fate. Come down, return to the folds of the law, and avail government’s integration program to start a normal and productive life together with your family,” said Mgen Vinoya.

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Kalinaw News: Solon, PTF and CTF ELCAC facilitates peace dialogue in Bukidnon

Posted to Kalinaw News (Dec 4, 2020): Solon, PTF and CTF ELCAC facilitates peace dialogue in Bukidnon

IMPASUGONG, BUKIDNON – A Solon and members of the Provincial and City Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (PTF and CTF-ELCAC), initiated a peace dialogue between two (2) families which have been involved in decades of conflict at Barangay Silae, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon on November 28, 2020.

Dela Mance and Goaynon Clans were known in Bukidnon for their decades of conflict which resulted in numerous lives sacrificed. Through the efforts of Hon. Jonathan Kieth T. Flores, Representative of the 2nd District of Bukidnon, PTF and CTF-ELCAC, the conflict resolution was conducted to resolve the long-standing conflict between the clan that has seriously affected the lives of the two (2) families and many others.

The settlement of the two (2) clans was made possible through the efforts of Hon. Flores, who was represented by Mr. Manuel I. Sicalan III during the customary settlement, Mr. Efren Neri, a representative from the Governor’s office; Datu Richard “Laglagengan” Macas, Indigenous People Mandatory Representative (IPMR) in the province of Bukidnon; Hon .Cromwell Kiril Dinlayan, Malaybalay City Councilor, Datu Renato S. Sumbongan, Malaybalay City IPMR; Col. Jose Arn M. Real, Deputy Brigade Commander of 403rd Brigade; Lt. Col. Edgardo V. Talaroc Jr., Commanding Officer of the 8th Infantry Battalion (8IB); PLT Jules King Litanon, Police Community Relation Officer; and representatives from the two (2) conflicting families.

“Mapasalamaton ako sa atong gobyerno sa ilang paningkamot sa pagpadali sa pagpahiuli sa among maayong kalabotan ngadto sa pamilyang Goaynon. Atong undangon ang atong panagbangi alang-alang sa atong umaabot nga generasyon.” Datu Balinong, an elder from the Dela Mance family, thankfully stated. (I am grateful to our government for their efforts in facilitating the restoration of our affinity towards Goaynon family. Let us stop our conflict for the sake of our future generation.)

Datu Elloren Goaynon, one of the Goaynon elders emotionally said, “Ako nagapasalamat niadtong mga nibarog sa panag-uli sa duha ka nagkabangi nga pamilya. Manghianaot ako sa umaabot magapadayon na kining maayong relasyon para kami hingpit na nga makalimot sa mga kagubot ug kasakit nga among nasinati tungod nianing panagbangi.” (I thank those who facilitated for the reconciliation of these two (2) conflicting families. I hope in the future that this good relationship will continue so that we can now totally forget all the troubles and pain we’ve experienced due to this conflict.)

Lt. Col. Edgardo V. Talaroc Jr., Commanding Officer of the 8th Infantry Battalion gratefuly said, “Mapasalamaton ako sa 2 ka pamilya, pamilyang Dela Mance ug pamilyang Goaynon nga gipili nila ang kalinaw kaysa kagubot. Sigurado gyud nga kini nga yunit kauban ang PTF ug CTF-ELCAC maningkamot para hatagan kamo sa maayo og malinawon nga kinabuhi .” Talaroc said. (I am thankful to the two (2) families, Dela Mance family, and Goaynon family, for choosing peace than violence. Rest assured that this unit together with the PTF and CTF-ELCAC will work hard to give you a better and peaceful life.

“Nalipay ako tungod sa kadugayon nga panahon naka desisyon kamo nga tapuson na ninyo ang inyong panagbangi og ibalik ang maayong relasyon. Ang inyong army kauban ang among mga kaabag sa pagpanday og kalinaw ug kalamboan diri sa probinsya sa Bukidnon andam motabang ug magsuporta para sa kaayohan sa duha ka clans.” Col. Jose Arn M. Real, Deputy Brigade Commander of 403rd Infantry Brigade said. (I am happy that for the longest time you have now decided to end your conflict and restore your good relationship. Your army along with our partners in peace-building and development here in the province of Bukidnon are ready to help and support for the good of both clans.)

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Kalinaw News: JTF Sulu Commander and Commodore Adaci of NFWM command welcomes the surrender of 36 ASG members and supporters

Posted to Kalinaw News (Dec 4, 2020): JTF Sulu Commander and Commodore Adaci of NFWM command welcomes the surrender of 36 ASG members and supporters

Camp Bautista, Jolo, Sulu – Joint Task Force – Sulu led by MGen William N Gonzales accompanies Commander Naval Forces Western Command (NFWM) Commodore Adaci Jr to the Headquarters of Marine Battalion Landing Team 8, 4th Marine Brigade at Municipality of Omar, Sulu to personally meet thirty-six (36) former Abu Sayyaf Group members and supporters.

Today, December 4, 2020 Commodore Toribio D Adaci Jr, Commander, Naval Forces Western Command arrived at the headquarters of the 11th Infantry Alakdan Division to pay courtesy to MGen William N Gonzales, Commander of the Alakdan Division and JTF-Sulu. In a brief meeting; several topics were discussed including the possibility of a joint operations training among the Navy, Army, and Air Force to strengthen the cohesiveness of all forces in Sulu. The party then travelled to the Municipality of Omar, located at the far east of Sulu Island Province, aboard two Navy watercrafts.

They were warmly welcomed by Battalion Commander MBLT8 Ltc Allan Angelo C Tolentino and Mayor of Omar Hon Abdulbaki Ajibon at the headquarters of MBLT8 at Brgy Lahing Lahing, Omar, Sulu. Therein, a total of thirty-six (36) former Abu Sayyaf group members and supporters of deceased ASG subleader Alhabsy Misaya were presented. The returnees turned-over seven (7) M1 Garand rifle and one (1) M653 rifle. They were previously involved in the activities of the subleader in the Municipalies of Omar, Banguigui and Panamao. They were left in disarray when Misaya, a notorious kidnapper and one of the most wanted in Malaysia, died in a clash with the Marines on 2017.

Mayor Ajibon wholeheartedly accepted the return of his people to the folds of the government.

“Totoo po iyong sabi ng ating Navy Officers dito, ito hong 36 na tao na ito ay mga biktima lang din. Noong panahon ay naipit lang sila ng pagkakataon at napilitang kumapit sa patalim. Maraming salamat sa 4MBde, kay Col Candelario at syempre kay Ltc Tolentino. Tuwang-tuwa rin ho ako at kasama natin ngayon ang JTF at Division Commander na si MGen Gonzales.”

In his speech, MGen Gonzales recognized the efforts of the Local Government in putting an end to terrorism in Sulu.

“Napakaganda ho ng tulungan ng ating kasundaluhan at LGU. Katulad ho ng ginawa natin ngayon, nagkaroon na rin ng peace covenant sa Indanan at Patikul kung saan itinatakwil ang mga miyembro at sumusuporta sa Abu Sayyaf.

“Mayroon ho tayong Balik Barangay Program para sa mga Bakwit. At unti-unti nararamdaman mismo ng sundalo at ng mamayan ng Sulu na malapit na tayo sa Kapayapaan. Dumarami na po ang mga tao na naliligo sa beach, dumarami ang tindahan kahit sa mga dating warzone, may mga nagtatanong na rin ho na investors dito. Ito po ang nagagawa ng pagtutulungan natin. Nandito po ang five-hundred plus na sundalong Tausug at nandito rin po kami mga bilang mga Pilipino, bilang kapatid niyo,” MGen Gonzales added.

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Kalinaw News: Former CTG members and sympathizers graduate from skills training in Bukidnon

Posted to Kalinaw News (Dec 4, 2020): Former CTG members and sympathizers graduate from skills training in Bukidnon

IMPASUGONG, BUKIDNON. December 3 – A total of 11 former Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) members and sympathizers, who are in the care of the 8th Infantry Battalion, successfully completed the pipefitting training at the Headquarters, 403rd Infantry Brigade, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon on November 28, 2020.

The said graduates underwent 20 days of pipefitting training facilitated by the Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) of Bukidnon and MACES Skills Training Institute Inc. These graduates will be directly hired by the Aboitiz Construction Company.

This program was created through the active partnership of Mr. El Cid H Castillo, Provincial Director of TESDA-Bukidnon; Mr. Edwin P. Trinidad, School Administrator of MACES Skills Training Institute Inc.; Mr. Norvin P. Pitogo, Human Resource of Aboitiz Construction Company; BGen Ferdinand T Barandon, Commander of 403rd Infantry Brigade, Philippine Army, as part of the government interventions for the former rebels.

“Malipayon akong nakabenepisyo sa programa nga gihatag sa atong gobyerno kaabag ang uban pribadong ahensya. Usa kini ka dakong opurtunidad para kanamo aron magmalambuon ang amoang kinabuhi,” said @Troy one of the former CTG sympathizers who graduated from the pipefitting training. (I am grateful to benefit from the programs given by our government. This is a great opportunity for us to improve our lives.)

Lt. Col. Edgardo V. Talaroc Jr., Commanding Officer of the 8th Infantry Battalion said, “Nagpasalamat ako sa among mga kaabag sa pagpanday og kalinaw ug kalamboan alang sa ilang mga kontribusyon sa pagtabang sa among mga kanhing rebelde. Kini nga yunit magpadayon sa paghatag og mga tabang sa among mga kanhing rebelde aron adunay mas maayo nga kinabuhi.” (I am thankful to our partners in peace-building and development for their contributions in helping our former rebels. This unit will continue to give interventions to our former rebels to have better lives.”)

“Kongrats sa tanan nga nakagradwar. Kini nga kalihokan usa ka pamatuud nga ang Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict dili gyud pasagdan ang mga mobalik sa sabakan sa balaod apan magpadayon nga maghatag sa mga interbensyon alang sa ilang paghiusa balik sa kinatibuk-ang katilingban,” said Brigade General Ferdinand T Barandon, 403rd Brigade Commander. (My congratulations to all the graduates. This activity is a proof that the Task Force to End Local Communists Armed Conflict will never neglected those who return to the folds of the law but will continue to provide interventions for their reintegration to the mainstream society.)

Last October 30, 2020, eight (8) former rebels, who are also in the care of 8IB, graduated from skills training and are already employed with Aboitiz Construction Company with a daily compensation of PhP 415.00.

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Kalinaw News: BIFF foiled attack in Datu Piang, Maguindanao

Posted to Kalinaw News (Dec 4, 2020): BIFF foiled attack in Datu Piang, Maguindanao

CAMP Siongco, Maguindanao – An estimate of 50 Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters and Dawlah Islamiya member attempted to infiltrate the town of Datu Piang in Maguindanao on December 3, 2020.

Around 20 members of BIFF harassed the detachment of Charlie Company under the 6th Infantry “REDSKIN” Battalion in Kanguan, near the Poblacion of Datu Piang. This was done as part of the diversionary attacks of the armed terrorist group.

Meanwhile, another armed group composed of 30 men attempted to enter Brgy. Poblacion when they chanced upon the patrolling PNP patrol car at the vicinity near St. Therese Catholic Church and Notre Dame of Dulawan.

Immediately, the elements of PNP led by Police Captain Israel Bayona, Datu Piang MPS chief of police, alighted from the patrol car and sought cover near the Notre Dame School.

Fortunately, an army detachment manned by four (4) Redskin Warriors of 6IB near the vicinity of the Saint Therese Church and Notre Dame of Dulawan was able to initially repel the attack of the armed men entering the Poblacion.

After 15 minutes of firefight, the prepositioned reinforcements of 6IB composed of 1 Infantry company and 4 armored vehicles arrived to augment the four (4) engaged elements of 6IB.

Army troops managed to drive away the BIFF bandits after a heavy exchange of gunfire. While they’re withdrawing towards Liguasan marsh the attackers, they threw gasoline at the police patrol car which set it on fire.

No casualties were reported from government side while in enemy side is still to be determined. The exchange of fires lasted only for forty (40) minutes as the terrorist group withdrawn towards east direction.

In a media interview, Lt. Col. Anhouvic Atilano, spokesperson of 6th ID, said that the terrorists behind the attack are the followers of Karialan Saga Animbang, under Karialan Faction of BIFF and Commander Sukarno Guilil alias Motorola, a henchman of Karialan. He leads the offensive attacks on the military and PNP detachments.

Around 2:30 in the morning, Major General Juvymax R. Uy, Commander of 6th Infantry (Kampilan) Division and Joint Task Force arrived in the area to assess the situation. Together withn the JTF Central Battle Staff, they carefully planned the pursuit operation to hunt down the terrorist group.

Accordingly, the attack was a retaliation of the BIFF group to the chief of Police of the Municipality of Datu Piang. He previously had problems with a relative of some members of the terror group.

Maj Gen Uy said that the situation in Datu Piang, Maguindanao is under control and the troops of the Joint Task Force Central, are on heightened alert, assuring the safety of the people and the security of the communities.

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Kalinaw News: Tip-Off Leads to the Arrest of a High-Ranking CTG Leader in Camarines Sur

Posted to Kalinaw News (Dec 4, 2020): Tip-Off Leads to the Arrest of a High-Ranking CTG Leader in Camarines Sur

CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur-Joint elements of 83rd Infantry Battalion (83IB), 902nd Infantry Brigade and PNP arrested a high-ranking leader of the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) in Barangay San Roque, Tinambac, Camarines Sur at 2:15 in the morning, Friday, December 4.

Marilou Pascual Tan AKA Tinay, secretary of Komiteng Probinsya 2 of Bicol Regional Party Committee (BRPC) considered as a high value individual (HVI) was arrested by virtue of a warrant of arrest for frustrated murder.

Confiscated from her possession were anti-personnel mines, hand grenade, caliber .38, wires, battery, and propaganda materials.

Col. Jaime Abawag Jr., the newly installed Brigade Commander of 902nd Infantry Brigade expressed his gratitude to the former supporters of the CTG who tipped-off Tan’s location leading to her arrest.

“This development is a manifestation of the continuous collapse of the CTG. Their very own people are now siding with the government and exposing their own top leaders who are supposedly well insulated,” Col. Abawag said.

Furthermore, Joint Task Force Bicolandia (JTFB) under MGEN HENRY A ROBINSON JR PA stressed that the intensified information dissemination campaign to unmask the real nature of the CTG, has opened the eyes of the public to the deception.

As a result, the community is now more cooperative in taking part to ending the 5-decade insurgency by reporting the CTG and their unlawful acts which has led to the series of successful engagements, mass surrenders and apprehension of its leaders.

JTF Bicolandia believes that the efforts of the peace-loving Bicolanos and the government will pave the way towards an armed conflict-free region.

“Christmas is just around the corner. Everyone can almost feel the joy it brings. Its true meaning and spirit is doubled when shared with your family—your home. Sa mga kapatid natin na NPA na nasa kabundukan pa, marami na sa mga kasamahan ninyo ang nagbalik-loob sa pamahalaan. Ngayon na ang tamang oras para magbagong-buhay. Let this be your best Christmas gift to your families: a path of peace and your precious presence. Hindi rin namin gusto na kayo ay makulong o mapatay sa mga engkwentro dahil lamang sa walang saysay na pakikipaglaban. Paliit na ng paliit ang mundong inyong ginagalawan lalo na at mismong mga kabaro niyo na ang nagsusuplong sa inyo maliban pa sa mas pinaigting na operasyon ng militar at kapulisan. There is still hope for you and your family and this hope lies not in the armed movement but in your decision to return to the folds of the law,” MGen. Robinson said.

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Security forces nab high-ranking NPA official in Central Luzon

From the Philippine Information Agency (Nov 5, 2020): Security forces nab high-ranking NPA official in Central Luzon (By Carlo Lorenzo J. Datu)

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga, Dec.5 (PIA) -- A joint Army-Police law enforcement operation in Mexico town Friday resulted in the arrest of a high-ranking official of the New People’s Army (NPA).

“Jose Bernardino alias Oying is a very notorious NPA Secretary of Central Luzon’s Regional White Area Committee. He is at the forefront of extortion, labor organizing and youth recruitment in Region 3’s urban areas,” Army 7th Infantry Division Commander Major General Alfredo Rosario Jr. said.

He was arrested by virtue of a warrant issued by Presiding Judge Paul Attolba Jr. of Regional Trial Court Branch 30 in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya dated July 20, 2018 with no bail recommended. He is also listed in the Department of National Defense-Department of the Interior and Local Government National Wanted Person.

“This is proof that no one can evade the long arms of the law and that criminals will sooner than later pay for all the crimes that they committed against the people and the state,” Rosario furthered.

Items recovered from Bernardino include a Cal .45 pistol, one hand grenade, a NPA flag, enemy documents with high intelligence value, three cellular phones, three sim cards, and a power bank.

This development came two days after Amanda Echanis alias Waya, a NPA Finance Officer in Cagayan Valley, was arrested by government forces after serving a search warrant in Baggao, Cagayan.

A joint Army-Police law enforcement operation in Mexico, Pampanga Friday resulted in the arrest of a high-ranking official of the New People’s Army. (Police Regional Office 3)

In a statement, Armed Forces of the Philippines Northern Luzon Command Commander Lieutenant General Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr. lauded the operating soldiers and police for being steadfast in their duty of dealing the communist terrorist with decisive blows.

“Your security forces’ ability to neutralize two key NPA leaders in two days is a manifestation of the effectiveness and efficiency of our intelligence network emplaced across all areas north of Metro Manila,” Burgos said.

“Aside from creating leadership vacuum, this series of accomplishments highlight the fact that these enemies of the state no longer enjoy the support of our people which will result to further demoralization and paranoia within their ranks thereby further pushing them on the brink of irreversible collapse, something that the men and women of NOLCOM intend to do before the end of President Duterte’s term,” he furthered.

The government’s informant will be receiving the PhP 4.7 million reward money after completing the established validation protocols.

For his part, Police Regional Director PBGen. Valeriano De Leon urged those who are still actively fighting the government to lay down their arms and embrace other peaceful means to attain their desired changes and to refrain from recruiting workers from poor families and students from state colleges and universities in Central Luzon.

“Our government has several programs to retool you so that you could all become even more productive members of our society,” he said. (CLJD-PIA 3)

NPA Finance Officer dies while resisting arrest in Tarlac

From the Philippine Information Agency (Nov 5, 2020): NPA Finance Officer dies while resisting arrest in Tarlac (By Carlo Lorenzo J. Datu)

TARLAC CITY, Dec.5 (PIA) -- A financer officer of the New People’s Army died Friday when he resisted arrest and fired upon the law enforcement team in barangay Moriones, San Jose town.

Alias Bo/Bert/Roman worked for the Komiteng Larangang Gerilya which operates in the provinces of Tarlac and Zambales. He faced multiple criminal charges.

Recovered from the encounter include one M16 rifle with magazines, one bandoleer, one pistol, and one backpack containing personal belongings.

7th Infantry Division Commander Major General Alfredo Rosario Jr. said the intensified joint operations of the Army and Police is pursuant to the mandate given by President Duterte to end the five decade-long communist armed conflict in the countryside.

“Expect more arrest of high ranking NPA members in the next few days. So, for the remaining members of the NPA bandits, we are calling you to lay down your arms and surrender to the government. It is time you realize that you are being manipulated and deceived for a lost cause and were just used for the Communist Party of the Philippines’ interest,” he said.

For his part, Armed Forces of the Philippines Northern Luzon Command Commander Lieutenant General Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr. congratulated all security forces involved in the series of successful operations conducted against local terrorists in the area.

"As we gain grounds in the fight to end insurgency, we will continue to strengthen our military operations and collaborations with our local government agencies and stakeholders until the threat to our peace and development has been totally obliterated,” he said. (CLJD-PIA 3)

AFP GHQ, HSC Commander Lavadia Jr. retires

From the Philippine Information Agency (Nov 5, 2020): AFP GHQ, HSC Commander Lavadia Jr. retires (By Jimmyley E. Guzman)

PASIG CITY, Dec. 5 (PIA) -- Brigadier General Rodolfo B. Lavadia Jr. bowed out from the military service and relinquished his position as Commander of the General Headquarters and Headquarters Service Command on Friday, Dec. 4.

The Vice Chief of Staff, AFP Lieutenant General Erickson R. Gloria presided over the Change of Command with Retirement Ceremonies held at the AFP Commissioned Officers Country.

In a recorded message, the AFP Chief of Staff General Gilbert I. Gapay praised the outgoing Commander, GHQ HSC.

“Being able to serve in different parts of our country, confronting different faces of insurgencies and terrorism, BGen. Lavadia Jr., understands very well the plight of our soldiers. As a previous Commanding General of the Philippine Army, I can personally attest that Rudy is a capable commander worthy of our praise and utmost respect,” Gapay said.

Lavadia previously held positions such as Deputy Brigade Commander of the 701st Brigade of the 7th Infantry Division, Philippine Army and Assistant Division Commander of the 10th Infantry Division, PA. He belongs to the Philippine Military Academy Maringal Class of 1988.

He continuously excelled during his final assignment as the Commander of the AFP GHQ HSC.

Under Lavadia’s leadership, the command played an important role in GHQ operations particularly during this time of pandemic.

He had the composure to respond to the unprecedented health crisis and has set the standard for a stern yet compassionate commander who looks after the welfare of the AFP personnel.

Colonel George Joel Lalaquil will now take over the said position. He was the former Officer-in-Charge of the 201st Brigade.

As the outgoing Commander, GHQ HSC, Lavadia was accorded with awards and recognition in honor of his contributions to the service.

“Your achievements as a soldier and a leader greatly helped our organization in accomplishing its missions. The Armed Forces of the Philippines is truly proud of you and will always be grateful for the outstanding service that you have rendered for our organization and the whole nation,” Gapay said. (PIA NCR)

Karapatan red-tagging complaint diversionary tactic: NTF ELCAC

From the Philippine News Agency (Nov 5, 2020): Karapatan red-tagging complaint diversionary tactic: NTF ELCAC (By Gigie Arcilla)

The government’s anti-communist task force on Saturday said the complaint filed by militant human rights group Karapatan against four government officials for red-tagging is only a diversionary tactic to manipulate the well-supported cases filed by the government against them.

“These charges do not deserve the serious consideration of the Ombudsman, much less do they warrant a court trial,” the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF ELCAC) Legal Cooperation Cluster said in a statement.

It said the unmeritorious and unfounded case of violation of Republic Act 9851 or the "Philippine Act on Crimes Against International Humanitarian Law (IHL)” filed against National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon, Jr., Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade, Jr., Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy, and Undersecretary Mocha Uson on December 4 should be dismissed outright because the Ombudsman is not an arm specifically designated by the law to prosecute/ investigate cases of IHL violation.

“At the outset, we must note that RA 9851, excludes the Office of the Ombudsman as part of prosecuting agencies,” it said, citing Section 18 (Philippine Court, Prosecutors, and Investigators) that states, “The Regional Trial Court of the Philippines shall have original and exclusive jurisdiction over the crimes punishable under this Act. Their judgments may be appealed or elevated to the Court of Appeals and to the Supreme Court as provided by law.”

Based on the law, the statement said, it is the Supreme Court that shall designate special courts to try cases involving crimes punishable under RA 9851; and that for these cases, the Commission on Human Rights, the Department of Justice, the Philippine National Police or other concerned law enforcement agencies shall designate prosecutors or investigators, as the case may be.

The Karapatan complaint stemmed from the four government officials alleged “red-tagging” of left-leaning public officials and groups, claimed to be in violation of Section 6(h) of the law that punishes the “[p]ersecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender, sexual orientation or other grounds that are universally recognized as impermissible under international law, in connection with any act referred to in this paragraph or any crime defined in this Act.”

“Persecution, as the law defines it, means “the international and severe deprivation of fundamental rights contrary to international law by reason of the identity of the group or collectivity,” NTF ELCAC said.

It added that even if the Ombudsman were to assume the prosecution of these cases, any reasonable interpretation of these provisions should compel it to reject the charges and dismiss them for being baseless.

“It is simply too far a stretch to equate “red-tagging” with persecution under R.A. 9851, it said, adding that this is not the first time Karapatan has sought the liability of these public officers for alleged “red-tagging.”

Not too long ago, NTF ELCAC said, Karapatan, Gabriela, and Rural Missionaries of the Philippines implicated no less than President Rodrigo Duterte, Parlade, and Badoy, among others, in a petition for writs of Amparo and Habeas Data.

The Court of Appeals (CA) dismissed their petition filed in May 2019, finding no actual threat to their lives and liberty because of “red-tagging.”

“[T]he supposed inclusion of petitioners’ names in the gallery of activists and communist rebels fails to demonstrate an actual threat to their life, liberty and security,” the CA was quoted in its ruling.

The NTF ELCAC said it is confident that this desperate and repeated attempt from Karapatan to find culpability where there is none shall meet the same fate.

“It is easy for their attempt at mangling legal definitions to serve their purpose. It is easy to see when someone is trying to square the circle,” it said.