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MILF: Passing BBL Will Prevent Violent Extremism-FBCSO Vice President

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front Website (Feb 27): Passing BBL Will Prevent Violent Extremism-FBCSO Vice President

DATU ODIN SINSUAT, MAGUINDANAO- “Passing the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) will prevent violent extremism in Mindanao”, said Nash Pulindao, Vice-President of Federation of Bangsamoro Civil Society Organizations in a peace advocacy organized by the MILF Kutawato Provincial Political Committee held in this progressing town on February 25.

“The MILF is consistent in its belief that the BBL will be passed this 2018”, Pulindao added.

He emphasized that unity and solidarity among the tri-people are the keys to lasting peace in Mindanao.

The BBL is a legal instrument stipulated in the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) signed in 2014 that will put in place a new political entity called Bangsamoro.

The CAB is a product of almost 17-years peace negotiations between the Philippine Government (GPH), and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

“Aside from establishing a new political entity, the BBL also provides for a basic structure of government in recognition of the justness, and legitimacy of the cause of the Bangsamoro people, and their aspiration to chart their political future through a democratic process that will secure their identity, and posterity and allow for meaningful self-governance”, Pulindao told the participants.

Professor Esmael Abdula, President of Kalilintad Peacebuilding Institute and BLMI Steering Committee member and Training Officer, explained the stages of Bangsamoro Struggle for right to self-determination.

“Addressing the historical injustices committed against the Moro people is the ultimate solution to the Bangsamoro Problem towards genuine peace in Mindanao”, Abdula stressed.

According to the narration of Abdula, these historical injustices began from the time of the conquest up to the Filipino Colonial period when the Moro Homeland was illegally annexed to the Philippine Archipelago after the defeat of Spain by America in the Battle of Manila Bay, and consequently signed the Treaty of Paris without the consent of the inhabitants of Mindanao.

From then, the Moro people had faced systematic marginalization, minorization, illegal and immoral annexation to the Philippine, thus the injustices became dovetailed into single problem- the Moro Problem.

This time, the Moro people particularly members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces of the (BIAF-MILF) are urging the government, particularly congress to fast track the passage of BBL, warning that they cannot accept another “frustration”.

One BIAF Officer said that another frustration could possibly lead to defection to the other side, the radicals who are out to sow terror on peaceful communities. These radical elements would not differentiate whether it is a Moro dominated community, or Christian populated areas. They know no law, and they follow their radical beliefs just to achieve their goal of establishing an Islamic State.

“We have celebrated inside our camps during the signing of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamaro (FAB) in 2012, but we were disappointed when the 16th Congress failed to pass the old BBL. We hope we will not lose our patience this time, one BIAF top Commander told Luwaran.

The advocacy was attended by various sectors of society such as local officials, religious, and traditional leaders, women, youth, members of the academe, business sector, officers, and members of the BIAF-MILF based in Datu Odin Sinsuat, and nearby municipalities.

MILF: MILF leadership seeing ‘bright future’ for BBL

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front Website (Feb 28): MILF leadership seeing ‘bright future’ for BBL

Cotabato City – The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) leadership said on Sunday it is seeing a “bright future” in the commitment of the Duterte government for the passage of the law that will create the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, ending decades of armed struggle for self-determination in Mindanao, a report by Manila Bulletin said on February 26.
“We see the light at the end of the tunnel finally,” MILF First Vice Chairman Ghazali Jaafar, who is also the chair of the Bangsamoro transition Commission (BTC) told The Manila Bulletin.

The BTC that crafted the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is composed of members from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), indigenous people, and migrant settler.

According to the Manila Bulletin article, Chairman Jaafar was all praises that the Senate has “adopted the BTC version,” while the House of Representatives is also heeding public clamor to do the same.

Leaders of both Congress chambers were reportedly contemplating to pass their versions for third and final reading next month.

“The trend was heading towards such timeline, adding he had attended all Senate field hearings and has been attending all consultative meetings by the House working committees as BTC chairperson”, Jaafar said as quoted by Manila Bulletin.

Jaafar thanked the leaders of both the Senate and the House for giving him a role in their hearings.

NDF/NDF-Mindanao: The Filipino people must harness genuine people power against the facist dictatorial rule of the US-Duterte regime

NDF-Mindanao propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front Website (Feb 26): The Filipino people must harness genuine people power against the facist dictatorial rule of the US-Duterte regime

February 25, 2018

On the commemoration of the 32nd anniversary of the Edsa Uprising

 The National Democratic Front of the Philippines in Mindanao (NDFP-Mindanao) joins the nation in remembering the heroism of the Filipino people in the EDSA uprising, which, 32 years ago, was one of the great results of a two-decade struggle, both non-armed and armed, that fought against and strove to topple the US-Marcos regime. People from various classes and sectors, particularly workers, professionals, the religious and the youth and students, massed up along the main thoroughfare of the nation’s capital to express their denunciation and disgust against years of the US-Marcos regime’s fascist dictatorial rule.

Although clearly the transition from Marcos to Cory was merely a change in leadership and did not altogether eradicated the semifeudal, semicolonial social system of the country, it is, on one hand, important to acknowledge the sheer collective capacity of a people, united under the aim of restoring real democracy, to be able to kick-out a fascist dictator of twenty years from power. It was, on the other, a dress rehearsal for future people’s protests that will surge alongside the people’s armed revolution in order to once and for all liberate the nation from the dictatorship of the ruling classes of landlords, big comprador bourgeoisie and US imperialism, and end the oppression and exploitation of semicolonialism and semifeudalism.

Only into its second year in power, the US-Duterte regime has already displayed a degree of fascism comparable if not worse than that of Marcos. Duterte, in the past couple of years, imposed policies of death and destruction by way of his major three wars: Oplan Tokhang, Oplan Kapayapaan, and the war against the Moro people by imposing martial law in Mindanao.

With Oplan Tokhang now fully operational and restored in the hands of the PNP, the country can only expect no less than the further escalation of extrajudicial killings perpetrated by both police operatives and state-sponsored death squads. Tokhang has already taken the lives of more than 13,000, and at this point, the level of brazenness and impunity will even go much higher and more widespread.

Duterte’s case before the International Criminal Court, should it seriously push through and become a full blown trial, will be an opportunity for the relatives of the hundreds of victims of Tokhang and extrajudicial killings to seek for justice. It can also serve as one of the platforms for the Filipino people to encourage the international community to help by means of amplifying their condemnation as well against the fascism of the US-Duterte regime.

While the impact of the ICC is yet to unfold, it is imperative for the local people’s movement led by the church people, professionals, progressive groups, students, the middle sector, workers and peasants against extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations to strengthen and broaden itself. This is to lay the foundation in the country for any international support to pour in.

In the Mindanao countryside, Duterte’s Oplan Kapayapaan (OPK) is the brutal encirclement and suppression campaign of the regime aimed at suppressing the masses and defeating the revolutionary movement. It has launched series of focus and sustained combat operations in the island’s hinterlands. These brutal military operations have ensnared thousands of masses in situations replete with harassment, bombings, shelling and other vile manifestations of state terrorism. As a result, hundreds of thousands have fled their villages, farms and other sources of livelihood, and suffer dire conditions in evacuation areas.

OPK’s terror also extends to towns and cities where leaders and members of legitimate mass organizations fall prey to the Duterte regime’s crackdown, which employ surveillance, illegal arrests, political killings, filing of trumped up charges, psychological warfare and other forms of Marconian tactics.

The AFP has also unleashed psywar operations and schemes and employed manufactured scenarios designed to be able to circulate propaganda — ‘fake news’ — aimed at vilifying and slandering the revolutionary movement and its leaders. In a desperate effort to justify Duterte’s “terrorist” tag, the AFP has gone berserk, directing their local thugs to commit the most grisly of murders and falsely pin the act on the NPA. This perfidious scheme was employed in the Southern, NorthEastern and Far Southern regions in Mindanao, in the AFP’s desperate attempt to use and deceive the masses into going against the revolutionary movement. While it may have affected a few people, it will never be able to destroy the credibility of the CPP-NPA-NDFP that has been buttressed by its own rectification movement.

In the meantime, Duterte’s war against the Bangsamoro continues to escalate in Mindanao as the extended martial law goes halfway into the first quarter of the year. Outside of a still devastated Marawi City, the AFP, on one hand, continues to run after Bangsamoro groups, both legitimate and armed, that continue to assert the Moro people’ genuine right to self-determination. On the other, Duterte keeps the Moro at bay with promises of more political and economic power once his own version of the BBL is approved and “federalism” – which is nothing but his dictatorship — is enshrined.

The NDFP – Mindanao calls upon the Filipino people to renew their commitment to a genuine form of people power that serves the interest of the masses, not of any faction or US imperialism, that will thwart anew the looming fascist-dictatorship of the US-Duterte regime. As this regime imposes more and more taxes on the people and drowns the country in billions of dollars in debt for its ambitious ‘Build, Build, Build’ infrastructure frenzy, the people must launch bigger and more militant protests against the US-Duterte clique, protests that are far wider and more frequent compared to that of the EDSA uprising.#

Ka Joaquin Jacinto

NDF/NPA-NEMR: AFP/PNP fabricating trumped-up cases and fake news to destroy the credibility of the NPA, be promoted and get rewards

NPA-North East Mindanao Region propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front Website (Feb 26): AFP/PNP fabricating trumped-up cases and fake news to destroy the credibility of the NPA, be promoted and get rewards 

Press Statement
February 26, 2018

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) are reactionary, counter-revolutionary and paid armed forces of the big bourgeois compradors and landlords. It has become their nature to fabricate lies and manufacture scenarios against the revolutionary forces and civilians to gain merits that serve their own greedy ambitions.

Last February 24, 2018 the AFP and PNP officials in North Eastern Mindanao Region (NEMR) were overjoyed, not only for the arrest of Pablito Campos, a member of the New People’s Army (NPA) in Front 21, but mainly with the thought of being promoted and getting the prize money they have been drooling after. Craving accomplishments, the AFP and PNP, even without factual basis, declared the capture of a high ranking official of the NPA in NEMR, claiming that he was the secretary of Guerilla Front 21A, and spokesperson of a sub-regional committee.

This is similar to the arrest of Leonida Guao in Brgy. Bading, Butuan City last February 2, 2018, who they presented as the Finance Officer of the Mindanao Commission of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and filed criminal cases against her. In truth, Leonida Guao is an ordinary civilian and small businesswoman which the AFP and PNP utilized to serve their ambitious schemes.

From this, it is very clear that the AFP and PNP are again lying and trying to deceive the people in its attributing to Pablito Campos, who they claimed as a ranking official of the NPA, criminal cases such as the ambush of policemen in Bayugan, the attack against the Lianga police station and many others, and declare the NPA as terrorists. It tries to conceal the fact that the NPA and the revolutionary forces led by the CPP, is a belligerent force waging war against the reactionary Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP). The enemy is trying to diminish the almost five decade war between the NPA and the AFP/PNP, a civil war which came about because of grave exploitation and oppression of workers, farmers, Lumad, Moro and other classes and sectors of the Filipino people by imperialism, feudalism and burucrat capitalism.

The death and injury of countless AFP and PNP forces in battles with the NPA is but a natural occurrence under a continuing civil war. These are not criminal actions of either of the opposing parties, unless it violates human rights and humanitarian laws such as those committed by the AFP/PNP. Thus, it is wrong to consider these as criminal actions and charged to NPA members of the revolutionary forces.

As the NPA is a revolutionary army and is launching a just war, it respects the laws in connection to the humane treatment of captured AFP/PNP/CAFGU forces, treating them as prisoners of war (POW). The NPA fully abides by and respect the human rights of the prisoners even if they killed Red fighters in battle. Based on humanitarian considerations, rules of war and its inclination for peace negotiations, the NPA released POWs based on the processes of revolutionary justice. Meaning, that the cases raised against the POWs are painstakingly and fully investigated before they are released.

But the AFP/PNP and fascist US-Duterte regime are doing the opposite, in its desperation and failure to annihilate or prevent the advance of the revolutionary movement, it employs dirty tactics such as psychological operations aside from brutal and sustained combat operations, to deceive, frighten and silence the people. It is spreading fake news and information to destroy the CPP-NPA-NDFP which is a strong force fighting the US-Duterte regime’s fascist oppression and the leading force struggling for the national and democratic liberation of the Filipino people. Those who are not deceived or forced into surrendering are persecuted and charged with several trumped-up criminal cases including civilians and progressive forces and groups.

Fake news originally employed by current US president Trump, has been duly copied by the Duterte regime, especially by his AFP/PNP. The lies and fake news and information spread by the AFP/PNP against the revolutionary movement in NEMR are the following:

The Mamanwa and Manobo of Sitio Ibuan, Brgy. Mampi in Lanuza, Surigao del Sur, evacuated because of the threats made by the NPA;
Charging to the NPA the beheading and hacking of the arm of Mar Acebedo Bocales, a CAFGU member, in Sitio Haguimitan, Brgy. Castillo, San Miguel, Surigao del Sur last January 27, 2018, despite the fact that the AFP-backed bandit armed group was responsible for the killing;
Surrender of an alleged squad leader of the NPA in Front 30;
Declaring as NPA, civilian Aaron Notarte, who was killed by 75th IBPA troops in Area 69, Brgy. Imelda, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur;
Accusing the NPA of killing Mamanwa datu Gueillermo Tiambong in Alegria, Surigao del Norte despite the fact that a CAFGU member was responsible;
Displays of numerous fake surrenders and accusing as People’s Militia officers or high official of the CPP the civilians they arrested such as what happened to Rogelio Gonzales in Talacogon, Agusan del Norte; and
Declaring arrested Red fighters as high ranking officials of the revolutionary movement and many others.

The revolutionary forces in the region strongly condemn the lies and fabricated scenarios the AFP/PNP and the US-Duterte regime are feeding the people. The people must remain strong and raise their consciousness to analyze the news peddled by the AFP/PNP to the mass media. The people must solidly and cohesively expose and fight all forms of oppression and exploitation and strongly advance their just interests.

The people’s revolutionary movement is not like a bubble that easily burst when there is a death or arrest from its ranks; it remains alive and continue to grow, bloom and bear many fruits to defeat any attempt by evil forces to destroy it, and resolutely achieve the aspirations of the Filipino people.

Ka Ariel Montero
Regional Operational Command
New People’s Army
North Eastern Mindanao Region

NDF/NPA-Quezon: Hinggil sa matagumpay na reyd ng AMC-NPA sa Tumbaga Ranch

NPA-Quezon propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front Website (Feb 28): Hinggil sa matagumpay na reyd ng AMC-NPA sa Tumbaga Ranch

Pebrero 27, 2018
Ka Cleo del Mundo
Apolonio Mendoza Command-NPA-Quezon

Magsilbing babala sa lahat ng panginoong maylupa sa hacienda belt ng Bondoc Peninsula ang matagumpay na reyd ng New People’s Army sa Tumbaga ranch sa bayan ng San Francisco kahapon ng gabi.

Nakakumpiska ng anim na M-16 rifle ang mga pulang mandirigma.
Pansamantalang inaresto ang dalawang CAFGU at apat pang armadong tauhan sa loob ng rantso para mabigyan sila ng mahigpit na tagubilin na ang dapat nilang panigan ay ang kapwa nila magsasaka at maralita, hindi ang panginoong maylupa. Pinalaya rin sila kalaunan.

Ang reyd ay hakbang pamamarusa sa rantso ng baka na pag-aari ng pamilyang Murray dahil sa patuloy nitong pagkakait sa mga magsasaka ng lupang mabubungkal.
Notoryus ang pamilyang Murray sa pagiging asyendero at kontra-magsasaka, matatandaang noong December 14, 1997 ay nireyd na rin ng mga NPA ang naturang rantso.

Ang 5,000 ektaryang Tumbaga ranch ay inilalaan ng panginoong maylupa sa kanyang mga alagang baka, mais, ube at punongkahoy para sa komersyal na gamit habang mahigpit na pinagbabawalan ang mga magsasaka at manggagawang bukid na magtanim ng mga produktong ikinabubuhay.

Bawal rin sa mga magsasaka na mag-alaga ng sariling hayop gaya ng baboy dahil ayaw ng mga Murray na mababawasan ang kanilang niyog na ginagawang pakain ang sapal nito.

Masahol pa, sinisira ng mga armadong tauhan ni Murray ang mga panananim ng magsasaka. Tampok na karanasan ang ginawang pagbunot sa pananim na mais at saging ng isang magsasaka, pagkatapos ay sinunog ang kanyang kubo.
Dagdag na patunay ng pagiging despotiko ng pamilyang Murray ang hindi pagpapasahod sa kanyang mga manggagawang bukid. Ang lakas-paggawa ng mga magsasaka at manggagawang bukid sa loob ng rantso ay tinutumbasan lamang ng mais na pangsaing o kaya ay perang kasinghalaga nito.

Mahigpit ang monopolyong kontrol ng mga panginoong maylupa sa hacienda belt ng Bondoc Peninsula. Hindi nilutas ng bogus na Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program ng mga nagdaang rehimen ang pundamental na suliraning ito ng bansa. Katunayan, nagmamatigas pa nga ang mga kagaya n Murray, Matias, Reyes at Uy para matiyak na hindi maipamamahagi ang kanilang lupain sa mga magsasakang walang lupa.

Kung hindi pa sa masigasig na pagsusulong ng uring magsasaka ng rebolusyong agraryo, kailanman ay hindi tatamasahin ng mga maralita sa kanayunan ang pakinabang sa lupang kanilang ipinaglaban.
Mismong ang mga mamamayan ng Bondoc Peninsula ang buhay na saksi kung paanong ang hindi nalutas ng rehimeng US-Duterte na libreng pamamahagi ng lupa dahil sa pagtalikod nito sa Peace Talks ay patuloy na ipinaglalaban ngayon ng uring magsasaka katuwang ang kanilang Bagong Hukbong Bayan.

CPP/NPA-Mindoro: Militar na protektor ng kumpanya sa pagmimina, pinarusahan ng NPA sa Mindoro

NPA-Mindoro propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Feb 28): Militar na protektor ng kumpanya sa pagmimina, pinarusahan ng NPA sa Mindoro

Ka Madaay Gasic, Spokesperson
NPA-Mindoro (Lucio De Guzman Command)

28 February 2018

Matagumpay na inisnayp ng isang tim ng New People’s Army (NPA) – Mindoro (Lucio de Guzman Command) ang kampo ng 4th Infantry Battalion-Philippine Army sa So. Cambayang, Brgy. Cabugao, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro, Peb. 24, alas-8:24 ng umaga.

Tugon ang naturang opensiba sa hinaing ng masa laban sa mga sundalong poprotekta sa papasok na kumpanya sa pagmimina ng langis sa lugar. Nasugatan dito si Domingo Berber, commanding officer sa naturang detatsment ng CAFGU. Samantala, walang anumang kaswalti sa panig ng Pulang hukbo.

Noong Peb. 20, Martes, lamang nadestino si Berber sa Cabugao detachment mula sa Milagrosa (Guiob) detachment sa parehong bayan.

Bahagi ang naturang aksyong militar sa serye ng pamamarusa ng NPA-Mindoro sa mga dayuhang kumpanya sa pagmimina at energy projects na nagdudulot o napipintong magdulot ng ‘di-mababawi o irreversible na pinsala sa kalikasan at kabuhayan ng mamamayan, ani Ka Madaay Gasic, tagapagsalita ng NPA-Mindoro.

“Hibang ang rehimeng US-Duterte sa pangangarap nitong mauubos ang NPA. Ang rehimen mismo ang naghahasik ng pataba sa dati nang matabang lupa kung saan patuloy na lumalago ang NPA at buong rebolusyonaryong kilusan,” paliwanag ni Gasic.

“Tutol umano ang rehimeng ito sa pagmimina, ngunit pasusubalian ito ng militarisasyon sa mga eryang may pagmimina at malalaking proyektong wawasak sa kalikasan. Kung gayon, lalong nakikilala ng mas malawak na masa kung sino ang kanilang kaaway — ang mga militar at paramilitar na nagsisilbing protektor ng interes ng kapital at hindi ng mamamayan,” pagtatapos niya.

CPP/Ang Bayan-Editorial: Puspusang ilantad at labanan ang pakanang diktadurang Duterte at lahatang-panig na isulong ang rebolusyon

Ang Bayan Editorial (Feb 28): Puspusang ilantad at labanan ang pakanang diktadurang Duterte at lahatang-panig na isulong ang rebolusyon

Ang Bayan
Communist Party of the Philippines

28 February 2018

Walang lubay ang mga maniobra at pakana ni Duterte para iluklok ang sarili bilang pasistang diktador. Sa anyo man ng pederalismong huwad o walang takdang batas militar sa buong bansa, sa paraang santong dasalan man o santong paspasan, determinado si Duterte na angkinin ang lahat ng kapangyarihan at ipataw ang kanyang pasistang paghaharing diktador.

Hindi magkasya kay Duterte ang supermayoryang kontrol ng mga sinuhulang alipures sa Kongreso. Hindi magkasya na nasa bulsa na niya ang mayorya ng mga mahistrado ng Korte Suprema at nagbibigay-basbas sa kanyang mga desisyon. Hindi magkasya na nakalukob sa buong Mindanao ang kanyang walang taning na batas militar. Hindi rin siya magkasya sa pagpapakawala ng nauulol na militar at pulisya para pulbusin ang Marawi City at ang kabuhayan ng daan-daan libong mamamayan, kitlin ang libu-libong buhay sa hibang na Oplan Tokhang at ihasik sa kalaparan ng kanayunan ang lupit at lagim ng todong gerang nagwawasiwas ng bandila ng “anti-terorismo”at “Kapayapaan.”

Asal-berdugo, diktador at hayok sa kapangyarihan si Duterte. Sa dalawang taon pa lamang nadaig na niya ang maraming pinakamalalaking salot sa bayan. Napakalaking kapahamakan na ang idinudulot sa sambayanan ng kanyang tiranikong paghahari. Kabi-kabila ang mga pagpatay, iligal na pag-aresto, pagtortyur, pambubugbog at iba pang pag-abuso at pagyurak ng militar at pulis sa mga karapatang-tao, laluna ng mga kabilang sa batayang masang magsasaka at manggagawa.

Pangunahing target ngayon ni Duterte ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan. Idineklara niyang “terorista” ang Partido at BHB upang insultuhin ang rebolusyon at bigyang-matwid ang todong pag-atake dito. Pagpapasikat din niya ito upang maglangis sa imperyalismong US, sa pasistang militar at iba pang sagadsaring reaksyunaryo. Todong ibinubuhos niya ang rekurso sa militar para magregkrut ng 15,000 bagong sundalo at bumili ng mga bagong sandata at kagamitan kabilang ang mga barko, helicopter, eroplano, drone at iba pang malakihang gasta para “patagin ang mga bundok” at balutin sa takot ang kanayunan. Nangunguna siya sa pagsulsol at pagpalakpak sa mga sundalo at pulis na gumawa ng mga pasistang krimen tulad ng kanyang udyok na “barilin ang mga ari” ng kababaihang mandirigma ng BHB. Bagong hilig niya ang mga palabas na pagsurender ng BHB (kahit pa sarili niyang mga kriminal na paramilitar ang gumaganap na mga “rebeldeng” sumurender) para makapamayagpag, mambuska at magbanta.

Mula Apayao hanggang Sultan Kudarat, sinisira ng mga pasistang sundalo ang katahimikan ng sinasakop na mga baryo ng mga magsasaka at minorya. Dumarami ang kaso ng paghuhulog ng mga bomba para lamang paulit-ulit na ipaalala at ipanakot ang pagwasak sa Marawi.
Binoblokeyo ng AFP ang daloy ng pagkain at hinahadlangan ang kilos ng mga tao. Ang mga Lumad ng Mindanao, laluna, ay hindi nilulubayan ni Duterte ng mga banta at pananakot para bigyang-daan ang pagpasok ng mga dayuhang korporasyon sa pagmimina at plantasyon.

Isinagasa niya sa Kongreso ang TRAIN ng karagdagang mga buwis na mistulang krus na ipinapapasan sa bayan. Pero ang pangakong wakasan ang kontraktwalisasyon, ipamahagi nang libre ang lupa at iba pang masidhing hinihingi ng bayan ay basta na lamang isinaisantabi at ibinasura ng nag-aambisyong diktador. Tulad ng maraming iba pang pangako niya, napako ang pag-apruba noong Enero sa batas para sa Bangsamoro.

Tuso at manggagantso ang demagogong si Duterte. Sadyang nagsasalita siya ng bulgar para magpakitang-gilas, gumawa at mang-agaw ng eksena, umarteng makamasa o mag-astang walang sinasanto. Pinalalabas niyang nagmula siya sa mahirap at may dugong Moro para pagtakpan na siya ay pasista, bulok at kriminal na burukratang kapitalista at kasosyo ng malalaking komprador-burgis at mga bantog na mandarambong. Sinasabi niyang suklam siya sa droga habang pinoproteksyunan ang kanyang anak at mga kasanggang malalaking utak ng sindikato sa droga. Paulit-ulit niyang idinedeklarang galit siya sa mga Amerikano habang masunuring ipinapatupad ang mga patakarang dikta ng imperyalismong US at tuluy-tuloy na nanunuyo sa pagsuporta nito. Siya daw ay Kaliwa, “sosyalista” at “rebolusyonaryo”: Ang totoo siya ay isang sagadsaring pasista, papet at reaksyunaryo.

Ginagawa ngayon ni Duterte ang lahat para ituloy ang ambisyon niyang maging diktador. Tinataktikahan niya ang pagratsada ng cha-cha para unahan ang eleksyong 2019 at ariin ang Malacañang sa sampung-taon ng “panahon ng transisyon.” Marami pa siyang nakatagong baraha at hindi mauubusan ng mga maniobra at daya. Hindi malayong lumikha o sunggaban niya ang isang malaking krisis, tulad ng ginawa niya sa Marawi, para ilusot o ipataw ang kanyang imbing pakanang diktadura sa anyo ng batas militar o ibang anyo ng paghaharing pangkagipitan.

Layunin ni Duterte na ikonsentra sa sariling kamay ang kapangyarihan at gamitin iyon para masakmal niya at ng kanyang mga kasapakat na dinastiyang pampulitika ang pinakamalaking kulimbat, habang ipinagtatanggol ang papet na estado at makauring paghahari ng imperyalismong US at malalaking kumprador at asendero sa pamamagitan ng maramihang pagpatay at walang-awang pagsupil sa mamamayang lumalaban.

Dapat puspusang ilantad, ihiwalay at labanan ng sambayanang Pilipino si Duterte at ang kanyang pakanang pasistang diktadura. Sa buhong na estilo ni Duterte, hindi siya basta magpapahadlang sa anumang tuntunin ng batas o pamantayan ng katwiran. Upang lubos siyang pigilan at biguin, dapat kumpletong sumalig ang sambayanan sa sarili nilang lakas at paglaban.

Ang mga patakaran at hakbanging anti-mamamayan na rin mismo ni Duterte ang nagtutulak para malawakang mapukaw at kumilos ang masa ng sambayanan. Dapat sunggaban ng mga pambansa-demokratikong pwersa ang napakapaborableng kalagayan para mapangahas na palawakin at patindihin ang armado at di-armado, ligal at iligal na paglaban ng mamamayan. Dapat paigtingin ang rebolusyonaryong armadong pakikibaka at palawakin ang demokratikong kapangyarihang pulitika.

Gayunpaman, hindi kailanman dapat mag-akala o mag-asam na madaling mailuluwal ang makapangyarihang pagdaluyong ng protesta at pakikibakang bayan. Dapat ubos-kayang balikatin ang mabibigat na kinakailangang mga tungkulin sa pagpukaw, pag-oorganisa at pagpapakilos sa sambayanan, laluna ang batayang masang manggagawa, magsasaka at intelihensya. Dapat matatag na harapin at labanan nang pukpukan ang mga pasistang kabuktutan ni Duterte at kanyang mga pasistang alagad.

Dapat gamitin ng mga pambansa-demokratikong pwersa ang pinakamalawak at pinakapleksibleng mga taktika at gawaing alyansa at kabigin ang pinakamalawak na hanay upang labanan ang pinakamakitid na target na binubuo ng naghaharing pasista at papet na paksyong Duterte. Dapat matuto tayong lumapit at makipagkaisa sa lahat ng pwedeng makaisa laban sa pasistang rehimeng Duterte.

Kaalinsabay, dapat maging mulat tayo sa makauring pananaw at interes ng iba’t ibang pwersang anti-Duterte. Bilang mga proletaryong rebolusyonaryo, layunin nating palawakin at palalimin sa abot ng makakaya ang pagpukaw, pag-oorganisa at pagpapakilos ng sambayanan, laluna ang batayang masang manggagawa at magsasaka, laban sa pasista at papet na rehimeng Duterte. Nais nating komprehensibong palawakin at palakasin ang kilusan at pakikibakang antipasista, antipyudal at anti-imperyalista laban sa rehimeng US-Duterte at palakasin nang lahatang-panig ang rebolusyonaryong pwersa at kilusan.

Sa kabilang banda, nais ng mga reaksyunaryong anti-Duterte at mga repormistang burgis at petiburgis na labanan at talunin ang pangkating Duterte habang pinangangalagaan at ipinipreserba ang naghaharing sistema at estado. Gusto nilang engganyuhin ang paglaban ng mga mamamayan habang nililimitahan at pinakikitid ang layunin nito. Kaya nais nilang ituon ang pansin sa ilang isyu lamang at tabunan ang mga isyu at pakikibaka ng batayang masa.

Dapat mulat na isulong ng mga pwersang pambansa-demokratiko ang sariling inisyatiba at ang pagbubuo ng nagsasariling lakas at pakikibaka ng sambayanan sa pamamagitan ng komprehensibong linya at pakikibakang antipasista, antipyudal at anti-imperyalista. Ibig sabihin, dapat mulat na akuin at puspusang asikasuhin natin ang mahirap na mga gawain sa pagmumulat, pag-oorganisa at pagpapakilos ng mamamayan para sa rebolusyon.

Dapat tuluy-tuloy na ilantad ang korupsyon, kroniyismo, nepotismo, kabulukan, mga krimen, pasismo at pagkapapet ni Duterte. Ihiwalay at labanan si Duterte sa pamamagitan ng pagbubuo ang pinakamalawak na posibleng pagkakaisa laban sa pakanang cha-cha, gayundin laban sa TRAIN, laban sa batas militar sa Mindanao, laban sa todong gera kontra sa BHB at rebolusyonaryong kilusan, laban sa mga pagpatay sa gera kontra-droga at iba pang mga pang-aabuso at kabuktutan ni Duterte.

Buuin ang malawak na pagkakaisa ng iba’t ibang pwersang anti-Duterte para labanan ang malupit na gerang Oplan Kapayapaan, tutulan ang pagbibigay ng mga karapatang ekstrateritoryal sa militar ng US, labanan ang panghihimasok militar ng US at pagbibigay ng ayudang militar sa rehimeng Duterte, suportahan ang pakikibaka para sa tunay na reporma sa lupa, laban sa pagpapalawak ng mga plantasyon at asyenda, laban sa pagpasok ng mga dayuhang kumpanya sa pagmimina, laban sa kontraktwalisasyon, para sa umento sa sahod at iba pang mga demokratikong kahilingan ng bayan.

Ang malalapad na protestang anti-Duterte ay dapat iugnay at pagsilbihin sa pagpapalakas at pagsusulong ng mga pakikibakang masang anti-pasista, anti-pyudal at anti-imperyalista. Sa kabilang dako, sa lahatang-panig na pagsusulong ng mga pakikibakang masa at pagpapalakas ng mga pwersang rebolusyonaryo, higit ding magiging epektibo ang paggamit ng mga taktikang alyansa para ihiwalay at labanan ang naghaharing rehimeng US-Duterte.

Higit sa lahat, dapat palakasin ng mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa ang kanilang sarili. Dapat mulat at mahigpit na hawakan ng lahat ng rebolusyonaryong pwersa ang mga tungkulin para palakasin at palawakin ang Partido, ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan at lahat ng mga rebolusyonaryong organisasyong masa sa ilalim ng NDFP.

Kaakibat nito, dapat lagumin ang mga karanasan, pangibabawan ang mga kahinaan at pagkukulang, at komprehensibong buuin ang mga balak batay sa kongkretong sitwasyon para matatag at malakas na isulong ang pakikibaka para wakasan ang rehimeng US-Duterte kasabay ang pagsusulong ng mga pakikibakang masa at digmang bayan sa buong kapuluan.

CPP/NPA-Mindoro: Pulang Saludo sa NPA-Rizal sa matagumpay na opensiba laban sa SAF-PNP

NPA-Mindoro propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Feb 28): Pulang Saludo sa NPA-Rizal sa matagumpay na opensiba laban sa SAF-PNP

Ka Madaay Gasic, Spokesperson
NPA-Mindoro (Lucio De Guzman Command)

28 February 2018

Pulang saludo sa mga Pulang kumander at mandirigma ng New People’s Army (NPA) – Rizal (Narciso Antazo Aramil Command) sa kanilang matagumpay na opensiba laban sa mga pwersa ng Armed Forces of the Philippines at Philippine National Police (AFP-PNP), Pebrero 18, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo City, Rizal.

Pinarusahan ng NPA-Rizal sa naturang opensiba ang mga elemento ng Special Action Force (SAF-PNP) at 2nd Infantry Division ng AFP na isinasakdal ng mamamayang Rizaleño bilang protektor ng energy projects, tulad ng dam, solar at wind power projects, na nagdudulot ng malawakang pangangamkam ng lupa at pangwawasak sa kalikasan.

Pursigido ang mga dambuhalang korporasyong dayuhan at komprador na itayo sa lalawigan ng Rizal ang Laiban Dam sa Tanay, Wawa-Violago Dam sa Antipolo City at Rodriguez, ATN-Solar Energy Project sa Rodriguez, at wind power project sa Pililia. Habang pinoprotektahan ang mga kumpanyang ito, karahasan ang tugon ng rehimeng US-Duterte at mga lokal na pulitikong tuta nito sa mga katutubong Dumagat at Remontado, magsasaka at maging sa mga sektor ng estudyante at taong simbahan na tumututol sa mga proyektong ito.

Sampal sa kanang pisngi ng rehimeng US-Duterte ang opensibang ito matapos ang buong paghahambog nilang deklarasyong mauubos nila ang NPA sa loob ng dalawang taon. Sampal sa kaliwang pisngi naman dahil naganap ang naturang opensiba sa tungki ng ilong ng kaaway — sa Antipolo City na isang mayor na syudad na ilang minuto lamang ang layo sa mga sentrong kuta ng AFP-PNP sa Sentrong Punong Lungsod.

Nagagalak ang mamamayang Mindoreño sa tagumpay na ito sapagkat hangad din nilang maparusahan ang mga malalaking kumpanyang lokal at dayuhan ng pagmimina at energy projects na nagdudulot ng malalaking trahedya sa isla. Kabilang rito ang Sta. Clara minihydroelectric powerplant na lansakang nagdi-drilling at blasting o pagpapasabog sa ilalim ng kabundukan. Pinalambot nito ang lupa, dahilan upang malawakang bahain ng “banlik” o putik ang mga bayan ng Naujan, Baco, Calapan at Victoria, Oriental Mindoro. Ipinagbunyi ng mga Mindoreño ang matagumpay na reyd ng NPA-Mindoro sa planta ng kumpanyang Bluemax, Inc. na nagmimina sa Lumintao river sa tabing ng operasyong quarry, Nob. 1 noong nakaraang taon.

Bukod dito, malawakang pangangamkam ng lupa at pangwawasak sa natitira nang kagubatan ng Mindoro ang napipintong idudulot ng mga corporate renewable energy projects na pinagmamay-arian ng malalaking dayuhang kumpanya at mga lokal na subsidyaryo nito. Ilan sa mga ito ang wind powerplant ng PHESI sa Pto. Galera at ng Philcarbon, Inc. sa Bulalacao; Montelago Geothermal Plant sa Naujan; minihydroelectric powerplant sa San Teodoro at Baco; mga dambuhalang dam sa Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro at San Jose, Occidental Mindoro; pagmimina ng natural gas ng Pitkin, Ltd. sa Mansalay at Bulalacao sa Oriental Mindoro, at sa Magsaysay, San Jose, Rizal, Calintaan at Sablayan sa Occidental Mindoro; at mahigit 50 iba pa.

May mahigit pang 100 aplikasyon ng dayuhang pagmimina sa buong isla, katulad ng pagmimina ng nickel at cobalt ng notoryus na Intex Resources sa Sablayan at Victoria; at pagmimina ng maruming coal ng Semirara Power Corporation ng DMCI sa Bulalacao at Magsaysay.

Sa gitna ng todo-largang gyera ng rehimeng US-Duterte sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan, nagsisilbing panandang-bato ang opensiba ng NPA-Rizal na hindi magagapi ang armadong rebolusyon. Sinasalin ng NPA-Rizal ang rebolusyonaryong enerhiya sa lahat ng nakikibaka upang ipaglaban ang kalikasan at kabuhayan.

Mabuhay ang NPA — ang hukbo ng masa para ipaglaban ang kalikasan at kabuhayan!
Mabuhay ang Sambayanang Pilipino!

CPP/NDF-Mindoro: “Fake news” ng rehimeng US-Duterte, sintomas ng pagkabangkarote nito — NDF-Mindoro

NDF-Mindoro propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Feb 28): “Fake news” ng rehimeng US-Duterte, sintomas ng pagkabangkarote nito — NDF-Mindoro

Ka Maria Patricia Andal, Spokesperson
NDFP Mindoro

28 February 2018

Araw-araw ipinapahiya ni Rodrigo Duterte at ng kanyang mersenaryong AFP ang kanilang mga sarili sa kanilang mga hambog, pabago-bago, at puno-ng-kasinungalingang mga buladas at pahayag.

Sunud-sunod ang mga “fake news” hinggil sa diumano’y pagsuko ng mahigit 600 na mga kasapi ng Communist Party of the Philippines at New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) sa Mindanao kapalit ng pangakong kabuhayan at iba pang insentibo. Kamakailan rin lang ay binaliktad nila ang kwento hinggil sa diumano’y pag-atake ng NPA sa relief mission ng mga sundalo sa Visayas, na sa katotohanan ay sila ang nanabotahe ng inilulunsad ng gamutang baryo ng mga Pulang hukbo.

Hindi na bago sa mga Mindoreño at sa buong sambayanang Pilipino ang pakanang “fake news” ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Napaslang ng mga tropa ng 4IB si Mario Verzosa, isang police asset, noong May 20 at si Pastor Leovelito Quiñonez noong Dis. 3 sa mga bigong operasyon nila laban sa NPA. Agad namang naglabas ng mga media stunt ang mga makinarya sa propaganda ng 203rd Brigade upang palabasing mga myembro ng NPA ang naturang mga sibilyang biktima.

Isang bugso rin ng crackdown ang ipinakana ng rehimeng US-Duterte laban sa ligal na progresibong kilusang masa. Iligal na inaresto at ipiniit si Dolores Solangon, residente ng Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro noong Dis. 23, 2017 sa bisa ng mga gawa-gawang kasong kasama siya sa NPA na nakaengkwentro ng mga sundalo noong 2006. Hindi pa nasapatan dito, sinunog naman ng mga berdugong sundalo ng 76th IB ang bahay nina Solangon, kung saan iniimbak ang mga palay, saging at ilang maliliit na kagamitang pansaka. Ganito rin ang ginawa sa bahay naman ng isang magsasakang myembro ng Samahan ng mga Magsasaka sa Bar-aw na aktibo sa paglaban sa pangangamkam ng lupa sa Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro.

Nitong nakaraang Enero naman, dinukot ng mga hinihinalang sundalo si Victorino Estrella Jr., isang volunteer-teacher ng mga katutubong Mangyan sa San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. Hanggang sa kasalukuyan, hindi pa rin siya inililitaw ng mga ahente ng estado.

Desperadong desperado ang rehimeng US-Duterte na lituhin at linlangin ang publiko sa hibang na pangarap nitong supilin sa kamalayan ng mamamayan ang diwa ng pakikibaka. Ngunit sa gitna ng sumisidhing krisis sa bansa, tinatapatan ng malalaking pagkilos ng mga transport groups, manggagawa, magsasaka, maralitang lunsod, kabataan-estudyante at lahat ng progresibong mamamayan ang jeepney phaseout, pagtaas ng presyo ng langis at mga bilihin, pagtaas ng matrikula, pagtaas ng buwis sa ilalim ng pakanang TRAIN Law, pakanang pederalismo at cha-cha, pandarahas at pandarambong ng estado. Samantala, araw-araw din ang mga taktikal na opensiba ng NPA sa kanayunan upang parusahan ang berdugong AFP at iba pang kaaway ng mamamayan.

Asahan ni Duterte at ng kanyang mga kasapakat ang tuloy-tuloy at mas malalaking pag-aalsa ng mga mamamayan. Sawang-sawa na sila sa kasinungalingan habang dumaranas ng matinding krisis araw-araw. Malinaw sa kanila na nabubulok at umaalingasaw ang baho ng kasalukuyang sistema sa bansa. Ang karahasan at kahungkagan ng rehimeng US-Duterte mismo ang patunay sa kawastuhan ng landas ng rebolusyonaryong pakikibaka ng mga mamamayan.

Hindi kawala ang mga Mindoreño sa matinding krisis na ito. Marapat lamang na likhain ang mga dambuhalang protesta sa mga sentrong bayan upang ilantad at labanan ang kasinungalingan ng rehimeng pasista, pahirap at maka-dayuhan sa kaibuturan.

Nananawagan tayo sa mga alagad ng masmidya na tapat sa kanilang bokasyon bilang mga tagapagtanggol ng ating sagradong karapatan sa malayang pamamahayag. Sama-sama nating likhain ang kontra-agos sa pagbaha ng mga “fake news” sa iba’t ibang daluyan ng impormasyon. Tapatan natin ang anumang tangkang panunupil ng rehimen sa malayang pamamahayag ng lakas ng loob at katapangang isiwalat ang katotohanan.

Tulad sa panahon ng diktaduryang Marcos, gaganap muli ang masmidya ngayon ng makasaysayang papel sa harap ng panunupil ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Hinahamon ito ngayon upang pandayin ang progresibong kamalayan ng masa sa pamamagitan ng “mosquito press” na walang takot at tapat sa kanyang tungkuling isiwalat ang mga mahahalagang balita at matatapang na pagsusuri sa mga isyu’t suliranin ng bayan.

Marapat lamang na paalingawngawin ang katumpakan ng linya at programa ng Pambansa-Demokratikong Rebolusyon bilang ultimong kalutasan sa mga batayang suliranin ng kasalukuyang lipunan.

Ipalaganap ang mga tagumpay ng armadong rebolusyon upang ipamukha sa rehimeng US-Duterte ang pagkabangkarote ng kanyang gubyernong nakatuntong sa mga programang hungkag, makadayuhan at anti-mamamayan.

Tulad ng mga nakaraang rehimen, bibiguin sila ng sambayanang nakikibaka.

Ilantad at labanan ang papet, pasista at pahirap sa masang rehimeng US-Duterte!
Malayang pamamahayag, ipagtanggol at ipaglaban!

CPP/NPA-EV: “AFP, kinasusuklaman sa Leyte at pagkatalo ang tunguhin; NPA, kaibigan ng mamamayan at di kailanman magagapi!”

NPA-Eastern Visayas propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Feb 28): “AFP, kinasusuklaman sa Leyte at pagkatalo ang tunguhin; NPA, kaibigan ng mamamayan at di kailanman magagapi!”

Ka Karlos Manuel, Spokesperson
NPA-Eastern Visayas (Region VIII) (Efren Martires Command)

28 February 2018
Press Release

Binigwasan ngayon ng Efren Martires Command, panrehiyong kumand ng New People’s Army (NPA) sa Eastern Visayas, ang Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) sa mga buladas nito na nagpapasuko sa NPA sa Leyte at nananakot na ipapadala ang bagong tatag na 93rd IB ng 8th Infantry Division ng Philippine Army doon.

Ayon kay Ka Karlos Manuel, tagapagsalita ng Efren Martires Command, “Desperado ang AFP dahil ikinasusuklam ito ng mamamayan sa pagtatanggol nito ng berdugong si Rodrigo Duterte na nagmamasaker sa mahihirap sa ngalan ng di-makatarungang mga gerang anti-druga, anti-komunista at anti-Moro. Matagal na at labis-labis ang paghihirap ng mamamayan sa Leyte sa ilalim ng reaksyunaryong sistemang pinaghahari-harian ngayon ni Duterte at binabantayan ng mga pasistang asong ulol ng AFP. Namamayagpag sa isla ang mga dayuhan at lokal na mapagsamantalang nagpapasasa sa paghihirap ng mamamayan, at nabubundat sa malalawak na plantasyon, rantso, planta ng enerhiya, mina at quarry, shopping mall, industrial estate at call center. Samantala, sinisiil at pinagtataboy ang mga maralita kapwa sa kanayunan at kalunsuran, at ultimong mga nasalanta ng bagyong Yolanda, upang bigyang laya ang mangangamkam na mga imperyalista at mga kumprador-panginoong maylupa sa tambol ng neoliberal na palisiya ng rehimen.”

Sa kabilang banda naman, pagpapatuloy ni Ka Karlos Manuel, ”Hindi kailanman magagapi ang NPA dahil nasa panig ito ng mamamayan at inilulunsad ang isang makatarungang digma. Ipinaglalaban ng NPA ang mamamayan sa harap ng halimaw na rehimeng US-Duterte at hanggang sa makamit ang ganap na tagumpay. Hindi bayaran ang NPA tulad ng AFP, na binubusog ni Duterte kapalit ng pagtitipid sa mga batayang serbisyong panlipunan. Kung kaya’t nanaginip nang gising ang AFP sa panawagan nito sa NPA na sumuko kapalit ng bayad mula sa Comprehensive Local Integration Program o CLIP, na perang ninakaw sa mga serbisyong panlipunan at kadalasa’y binubulsa mismo ng militar sa mga palabas na pekeng pagsurender ng NPA. Katawa-tawa rin ang paggiit ng AFP ng lokal na usapang pangkapayapaan na matagal nang nailantad na pagdadalawang-mukha dahil may usapang pangkapayapaan naman sa pambansang antas, kung kaya’t pakana lamang ang usapang lokal upang hatiin ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan.

“Hindi rin natatakot ang NPA sa paninindak ng AFP gamit ang bagitong 93rd IB. Minamaliit ng AFP ang NPA pero ang isang brigada nga nila sa Leyte na ang 802nd Infantry Brigade ay ilang dekada na bang bigong-bigo na durugin ang NPA? Ito’y patunay lamang kung sino ang minamahal ng mamamayan at kung sino ang tinatakwil nila. Ang mamamayan ang tunay na lakas at mapagpasya, hindi ang lakas sa baril at iba pang mga bagong armas na ipinagmamayabang ni Duterte.”

Nanawagan ang tagapagsalita ng Efren Martires Command sa mamamayan ng Eastern Visayas: “Lalo pa nating pakamahalin at palakasin ang NPA sa Leyte. Karapatan ng mamamayan na humawak ng sandata at labanan sa makatarungang digma ang isang rehimen at naghaharing sistemang itinataguyod nito na kapwa nawawalan ng saysay. Hinihikayat natin laluna ang mga kabataan na magsasaka, manggagawa at nakapag-aral, ang lahat na nagmamahal sa bayan, na sumapi sa New People’s Army. Singilin natin ang mga utang na dugo ng rehimeng US-Duterte, palakasin ang NPA, at isulong ang digmang bayan hanggang makamit ang pambansang demokrasya at sosyalismo.”

CPP/NPA-Quezon: Reyd at Ambus sa Quezon, Pagsuporta sa Pakikibaka ng mga Magsasaka upang Buwagin ang mga Asyenda sa Bondoc Peninsula

NPA-Quezon propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Feb 28): Reyd at Ambus sa Quezon, Pagsuporta sa Pakikibaka ng mga Magsasaka upang Buwagin ang mga Asyenda sa Bondoc Peninsula

Ka Cleo del Mundo, Spokesperson
NPA-Quezon (Apolonio Mendoza Command)

28 February 2018

Matagumpay na nailunsad ng mga yunit ng NPA sa ilalim ng Apolonio Mendoza Command ang dalawang magkasunod na operasyong reyd at ambus sa Bondoc Peninsula ng petsa-26 at 27 ng Pebrero, taong kasalukuyan. Nagresulta ito sa pagkakakumpiska ng 10 iba’t-ibang kalibreng baril, kabilang ang 6 na regular M16, 2 caliber .22 long at 2 45 caliber pistol, mga bala at iba pang mga kagamitang militar. Napinsala rin ang hindi bababa sa 10 kagawad ng 85th IBPA kung saan 5 ang kumpirmadong patay. Hinuli, binigyan ng mahigpit na babala at pinalaya ang 6 na armadong tauhan ng dispotikong panginoong maylupa na si James Murray kabilang ang 2 aktibong kagawad ng CAFGU. Kasabay nito, sinunog ang detachment ng private army ni James Murray.

Naganap ang reyd bandang alas-5 ng hapon hanggang alas-7 ng gabi ng Marso 26 sa detachment ng private army ng Tumbaga Ranch na pagmamay-ari ng pamilyang Murray sa Brgy. Pagsangahan, San Francisco, Quezon. Mabilis na nakontrol at nanyutralisa ng mga pulang mandirigma ang lahat ng armadong tauhan ni James Murray ng wala ni isa mang putok at nakumpiska ang kanilang mga baril.

Naganap naman ang ambus laban sa pwersang pangreimpors ng 85th IBPA na nakasakay sa isang military truck bandang alas-9 ng umaga sa Brgy. Bacong Ilaya, General Luna, Quezon. Kumpirmadong napatay ang lima at nasugatan ang 9 pa sa mga pwersa ng kaaway na nakasakay sa military truck. Dinala ang mga ito sa morge at mga ospital sa bayan ng Catanauan habang ang mga malalala ay inilipat ng ambulansya sa ospital sa Lucena.

Bukod sa mga nabanggit na labanan sa nakaraang dalawang araw, wala ng naganap na labanan sa pagitan ng NPA at AFP sa Bondoc Peninsula. Sa gayon, pinabubulaanan ng mga pahayag na ito ang fake news na pinakakalat ng tagapagsalita ng AFP na may naganap pang labanan sa Brgy. 9 ng Poblacion ng Catanauan at sa Brgy. Panaon, Unisan, Quezon, pati ang mga pinakakalat ng mga itong dinukot na mga sibilyan. Nagkakabuhol-buhol na ang mga tagapagsalita ng AFP sa pambabaluktot ng mga balita laban sa NPA at rebolusyonaryong kilusan.

Nasa proseso pa kami ng pag-iimbistiga at pagbeberipika sa iniulat na may 5 nasugatang sibilyan sa isinagawa naming ambus. Nililinaw naming pinakamataas na pagsasaalang-alang ang ginagawa ng NPA sa buhay at kabuhayan ng mga sibilyan sa bawat inilulunsad naming operasyon. Nakahanda kaming magpuna at magbayad ng kaukulang danyos perwisyo sa mga nasugatang sibilyan kung ito man ay totoo. Hinihikayat naming lumapit sa alinmang yunit ng NPA ang pamilya ng mga nasugatan.

Ang aksyong militar ng Apolonio Mendoza Command ay bahagi ng nagpapatuloy na mga pagsisikap ng NPA sa pagpapatupad ng programa upang suportahan ang pakikibaka ng masang magsasaka na buwagin ang mga asyenda sa Bondoc Peninsula at ipamahagi ng libre ang lupa sa mga magsasaka. Ang Tumbaga Ranch ay malaon ng nangamkam ng 5,000 mayamang lupain sa bayan ng San Francisco at malaon ng nilalabanan ng mga magsasaka at ng NPA. Matatandaang nauna na itong nireyd ng NPA noong Disyembre 14, 1997.

Upang makapanatili sa kanilang paghahari at pangangamkam sa lupain, nagtayo ang mga ito ng private army sa pamamagitan ng mga armadong tauhang bayaran na mga opisyal at kagawad ng 201st Brigade ng Philippine Army at mga CAFGU, bukod sa ilang mga bayarang sanggano. Maraming mga magsasaka at manggagawa sa loob at paligid ng Tumbaga Ranch ang kanilang mga binaril, pinalayas, pinagbawalan at winasak ang mga kaingin, mga binugbog at iba pang mga anyo ng pang-aapi, pagsasamantala at karahasan. Aktibung-aktibo ang mga ito sa paglaban sa NPA at rebolusyonaryong kilusan.

Magpapatuloy na magsasagawa ng mga operasyong reyd at ambus ang mga yunit ng Apolonio Mendoza Command laban sa mga armadong goons ng mga panginoong maylupa at laban sa mga pwersa ng AFP-PNP-CAFGU upang wasakin ang mga ito hanggang sa makamit ang mithiin ng mga magsasaka na magkaroon ng sariling lupang binubungkal.

Magpapatuloy na magsasagawa ng mga operasyong reyd at ambus ang mga yunit ng NPA upang ibagsak ang pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte na siyang nagtatanggol sa interes ng mga panginoong maylupa, malalaking burgesya kumprador at ng mga monopolyo kapitalismo laban sa masang magsasaka, manggagawa at sambayanang Pilipino.

Ipagtagumpay ang laban ng mga magsasaka para sa lupa!
Isulong at ipagtagumpay ang digmang bayan!
Ibagsak ang rehimeng US-Duterte!

CPP/NDF-EV: NDF-EV slams militarization in Eastern Samar barrios, calls for intensified people’s resistance

NDF-Eastern Visayas propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Feb 28): NDF-EV slams militarization in Eastern Samar barrios, calls for intensified people’s resistance

Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas, Spokesperson
NDFP Eastern Visayas (Region VIII)

28 February 2018

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas (NDF-EV) today slammed the intensified militarization of parts of Eastern Samar by the Armed Forces of the Philippines since January 31 this year, as exposed by the Samahan han Gudti nga Parag-uma ha Sinirangan Bisayas (Sagupa-SB).

“Elements of the 14th Infantry Battalion have been harassing the peasant communities in Can-avid town and spreading martial law-like terror among the masses,” said NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago “Sanny” Salas in a statement. “The soldiers forced residents to attend assemblies in Barangays Boco, Pandol, and Can-ilay, intimidating them with threats of lengthy military and psywar operations.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson described as “clear violations of the international humanitarian law” how the soldiers “unwantedly stay in civilian structures such as barangay halls and houses, and restrict free movement as well as conduct surveillance of civilians by asking for identification cards and holding censuses.”

“This goes to show the US-Duterte regime’s Oplan Kapayapaan wantonly violates the rights of civilians,” noted Fr. Salas. “Other areas such as Northern Samar have seen heightened militarization and continuing human rights violations. As political, economic, and social conditions rapidly worsen for the Filipino masses, Duterte’s increasing ironhandedness pushes them into the arms of revolution. The AFP’s commander-in-chief is paving the way for his own political demise.”

“The NDF-EV urges the people of Eastern Samar and the entire region to resist militarization and human rights violations, insist for the release of arrested peasants and all political prisoners, and unite and oust Duterte. The NDF-EV also calls on on the New People’s Army to punish the human rights violators in the AFP by launching punitive actions and other tactical offensives according to capabilities, contribute towards the people’s toppling of the US-Duterte regime, and advance the people’s war,” Fr. Salas ended.

PNP probes politicians linked to NPA terrorists

From the Manila Bulletin (Feb 27): PNP probes politicians linked to NPA terrorists

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is conducting an investigation on politicians with suspected links to the New People’s Army (NPA).


As such, PNP chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa warned politicos with ties to rebel groups to “ready” themselves,saying he himself is “coming after them.”

“We are already conducting a case build-up. Whether you are a mayor, a vice-mayor or congressman, you just wait for our investigation to be finished and you will be exposed. I will come after you,” dela Rosa stated.

The emphatic statement by dela Rosa was issued following the arrest of an alleged NPA leader who has already ventured into kidnap-for-ransom cases.

Donat Jacob, with aliases Jonas and Dondon Diego, was identified as the leader of the NPA-Sandatahang Yunit Propaganda (SYP) operating in Bulacan.

The PNP- Anti-Kidnapping Group (AKG) arrested him in Obando, Bulacan, last February 24.

According to dela Rosa, Jacob was the collector of the NPA-SYP group in its extortion activities victimizing politicians, fishpond owners and quarry operators in Bulacan.

The PNP chief also revealed that some politicians, particularly in the municipalities of Angat and Doña Remedios Trinidad (DRT), act as “advisers” to Jacob’s group.

“They really have the support of some politicians and by now, those crooked men already know that they are in deep trouble because we have arrested [Jacob],” he said.

“You (politicians) have the guts to involve yourself in kidnapping? Just wait for me,” he added.

He said that the politicians had been using the NPAs to intimidate, if not eliminate, their rivals.

The PNP’s top cop, however, refused to disclose the names of the politicians with links to the rebel groups as it might jeopardize their case build-up.

This development came amid President Duterte’s recent statements of an all-out war against the NPA.

NPA into kidnap-for-ransom activities? Fake news, says Joma

From GMA News Online (Feb 26): NPA into kidnap-for-ransom activities? Fake news, says Joma

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison on Monday denied that the New People’s Army (NPA) is involved in kidnap-for-ransom activities.

In a statement, Sison said the allegation made by Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa is nothing but a “cheap military psywar.”

“The NPA never engages in kidnap for ransom. That is against revolutionary principles and the program for a people’s democratic revolution,” he said.

You are dealing with fake news and fake claims from the Duterte war machinery. You get a lot of deception from the Duterte regime, aside from mass murder and rising prices of basic goods and services,” Sison added.

Sison issued the statement after Dela Rosa presented to the media kidnap-for-ransom suspect Donato Jacob in a press briefing in Camp Crame. He said Jacob is a leader of the NPA's Sandatahang Yunit Propaganda operating in Bulacan.

Jacob, who was arrested on February 24 at Panghulo, Obando, Bulacan, is allegedly involved in the kidnapping of Raziel Bungay in Biñan, Laguna, in December last year.

Sison, meanwhile, said Jacob may be an "NPA impostor."

"I do not know him. He may be an NPA impostor or someone forced or misrepresented by the military to belong to the NPA," he told GMA News Online.

"By the way, an armed propaganda team or unit is usually a mere one third (3 fighters) or one half part (5 members) of an NPA squad if you refer to the NPA table of organization," he added.

9 wounded in NPA attack in Quezon

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Feb 28): 9 wounded in NPA attack in Quezon

Ambush staged a day after rebel raid on hacienda in San Francisco town

Four government soldiers and five civilians were wounded in an ambush staged by suspected communist rebels in General Luna town in Quezon province on Tuesday, military and police reports said.

Col. Elias Escarcha, commander of the Army’s 201st Infantry Brigade, said a group of New People’s Army (NPA) rebels fired at a military truck transporting a group of soldiers from the Army’s engineering brigade along the Bondoc Peninsula Highway in Barangay Bacong Ibaba at 9:15 a.m. The attack was followed by a land mine explosion, he said.

“The [rebels] targeted the military truck… without considering the safety of innocent civilians,” he said, referring to the wounded residents aboard a passenger jeepney and a tricycle tailing the truck.

Police said jeepney passengers Hazel Macalalad, 24, and her children Kimberly, 6, and Albert, 2, all residents of neighboring Catanauan town, were hit by shrapnel after the land mine blast.

In a separate interview, Senior Insp. Eliezer Cayco, General Luna police chief, said John Joseph Robredo, 21, and Marita Ramos, 54, who were in the tricycle, were also wounded in the attack.

Reports did not identify the wounded soldiers.

Escarcha said the rebels also fired at an Army detachment in Barangay 9, Catanauan, about the same time as the attack in General Luna. No one, however, was hurt in this incident.

“It was purely harassment and not an attack,” he said.

Hacienda attack

A team composed of policemen and soldiers was pursuing the rebels responsible for the attacks.

On Monday, suspected NPA rebels raided a coconut plantation in San Francisco town and briefly held six people.

Lt. Col. Ely Tono, commander of the Army’s 85th Infantry Battalion based in the Bondoc Peninsula district, said the rebels took two members of the Citizen Armed Forces Geographical Unit (Cafgu) and four security guards of Hacienda Tumbaga in Barangay Nasalaan past 5 p.m.

“But they were eventually freed. They returned to the ranch a few hours later,” Tono said in a telephone interview on Tuesday.

The rebels, reports said, took six Armalite rifles from
a house in the ranch during the raid.

Tono said at least 50 people, among them women, attacked the plantation. “Most of them were unarmed,” he added.

NPA warning

The hacienda, mostly coconut farmlands, is being managed by caretakers, he said.

The NPA warned big landlords in the province to prepare for attacks should they continue with their “antifarmer policy.”

“The raid was a punishment to [the owners of Hacienda Tumbaga] in their continuous refusal to give land to their tenants,” Cleo del Mundo, spokesperson of the NPA Apolonio Mendoza Command, said in a statement.

She said rebels also raided the same hacienda in 1997.

Del Mundo commended the rebels for the successful attacks on government forces.

“These successive military actions by the [NPA’s Apolonio Mendoza Command] have proven the capacity and resolve of the revolutionary movement in Quezon to face and defeat the full-scale war of the US-Duterte regime,” she said in a statement written in Filipino.

Lt. General Danilo Pamonag, commander of the military’s Southern Luzon Command, called the attacks as the handiwork of “terrorists.”

“Their history of atrocities and violations of human rights has proven that they are only pretending to be champions of the people,” Pamonag said in a statement.

Bondoc Peninsula, in Quezon’s third congressional district, is known as one of the agrarian hot spots in Southern Tagalog where several landowners control big landholdings in the towns of San Francisco, San Andres, San Narciso, Mulanay and Buenavista.

Fall of wife of Malaysian terrorist Marwan weakens Jemaah Islamiah: Philippine police

From The Straits Times (Feb 28): Fall of wife of Malaysian terrorist Marwan weakens Jemaah Islamiah: Philippine police

The five terror suspects, who were arrested on Feb 25, inside the police headquarters in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

The five terror suspects, who were arrested on Feb 25, inside the police headquarters in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.PHOTO: PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER/ ASIA NEWS NETWORK

The arrest on Sunday (Feb 25) of the wife of slain Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli Hir, or Marwan, has weakened the South-east Asian terror group Jemaah Islamiah (JI), according to the Northern Mindanao police.

Police, however, were still on high alert for retaliatory attacks by JI and other terror groups, according to Superintendent Lemuel Gonda, spokesman for the Northern Mindanao police.

Gonda said police were not taking any chances since remnants of JI in the Philippines, who have also pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group, appeared to be regrouping after the loss of key leaders and the arrest of Juromee Dongon, wife of Marwan.

Marwan was killed in a police operation in 2015 that also resulted in the massacre of 44 elite police officers in Mamasapano town, Maguindanao province.

Dongon and four other terror suspects were arrested in separate raids in Tubod and Baroy towns in Lanao del Norte province on Sunday.

The arrests, plus the death of Marwan, dealt a severe blow to JI, Gonda said.

He described Dongon, who was also formerly married to Abu Sayyaf leader Khadaffy Janjalani, as a "high-profile" JI member who played a key role in the terror group's operations even after Marwan's death.

Dongon, according to Gonda, gave JI "all forms of support, from access to financial sources to networking with associates and other terror groups".

JI was still a major concern of police, Gonda said, adding that the terror group was "evolving".

"They are getting in touch with other groups," Gonda added.

Captain Jo-ann Petinglay, spokesman for the Western Mindanao Command based in Zamboanga City, said the military had monitored several trips by Dongon to Marawi City shortly before ISIS followers tried to set up a base there.

Dongon, according to Petinglay, was familiar with Marawi because she studied at Mindanao State University.

Dongon was also "verified" to be the secretary-general and finance officer of "a local JI group", Petinglay said.

State Department designates 7 ISIS-affiliated groups as terrorist organizations

From The Long War Journal (Feb 27): State Department designates 7 ISIS-affiliated groups as terrorist organizations (By Thomas Joscelyn)

The State Department announced today that seven ISIS-affiliated groups have been designated as terrorist organizations. Underscoring the so-called caliphate’s growth outside of Iraq and Syria, the move targets ISIS affiliates in Bangladesh, Egypt, the Philippines, Somalia, Tunisia and West Africa.

In addition, two of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s loyalists in Africa were named specially designated global terrorists. One of the jihadists, Mahad Moalim, is the deputy leader of the upstart ISIS group in Somalia. The other, Abu Musab al-Barnawi, leads Baghdadi’s representatives in West Africa.


On July 1, 2016, jihadists in Bangladesh assaulted the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka, killing 22 people. Amaq News Agency, an ISIS propaganda outlet, quickly claimed responsibility on behalf of the group and released images from the massacre.

State cites the attack on the bakery, the murder of an “Italian aid worker in Dhaka” and “numerous attacks carried out across the country” in its designation of ISIS-Bangladesh. The outfit joined Baghdadi’s project in Aug. 2014, when “a group of Bangladeshi nationals pledged allegiance.” They swore an oath of fealty just weeks after ISIS declared that it ruled over a caliphate in Iraq and Syria. Much of that territory has been taken away from the jihadists since then.

Mainland Egypt

ISIS has a prolific affiliate in the Sinai, but its arm in mainland Egypt has carried out several noteworthy attacks, especially on churches.

As the State Department notes, ISIS announced in May 2017 that its men in the heart of Egypt have formed a “distinct entity” from its Sinai province, which was previously designated as a terrorist organization.

That announcement was contained in the group’s Rumiyah (“Rome”) magazine, which published an interview with an unnamed jihadist who was identified as the “emir” of the group’s “soldiers” in Egypt. (A screenshot of the interview can be seen on the right.) “What connects us with our brothers, the soldiers of the Khilafah in Sinai Wilayah, is a relationship of brotherliness, love, and allegiance – may Allah bless them,” the “emir” of ISIS in Egypt explained. “We are all soldiers of the Islamic State in the land of Sinai and Misr [Egypt], fighting so that the word of Allah becomes supreme.”

In the cover story of that same edition of Rumiyah, the publication’s editors referred to Egypt and the Sinai as separate “lands” in which the jihadists have attacked Christians. [See FDD’s Long War Journal report, Islamic State leader in Egypt says church bombings aren’t popular.]

The Philippines

As ISIS grew in Southeast Asia, the organization brought together several factions under a common umbrella in the Philippines. Today, the State Department designated the entire ISIS affiliate in the Philippines, with a special focus on the “Maute Group,” which is also now listed as a terrorist entity.

The Maute Group is named after a pair of brothers, Abdullah and Omar Maute, both of whom spoke Arabic and were educated in the Middle East. The Maute brothers were early adopters of the idea that Muslims need to build a jihadist caliphate. At first, they operated alongside the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), but they rejected efforts to reconcile the separatists with the Filipino government. The Maute men helped ISIS achieve some of its most significant gains in the Philippines. Indeed, the State Department says the Maute Group is an “integral part” of ISIS-Philippines and was “responsible for the siege of the City of Marawi.”

Despite the fact that government forces ultimately wrestled Marawi out of the jihadists’ hands, and the Mautes were reportedly killed there, the siege was a propaganda coup for Baghdadi’s enterprise. State also says the Maute Group was responsible the Sept. 2016 “Davao market bombing, which killed 15 people and wounded 70 others,” as well as an “attempted bomb attack…near the U.S. Embassy in Manila” in Nov. 2016.

The State Department cites a video posted online by the Islamic State in June 2016. A number of jihadists, under the direction of Isnilon Hapilon (the “now-deceased” former Abu Sayyaf Group leader), pledged allegiance to Baghdadi in that production. (A screenshot can be seen above.) [For more, see FDD’s Long War Journal report, The Islamic State grows in the Philippines.]


Foggy Bottom added both ISIS-Somalia and one of its leaders, Mahad Moalim, to the US terror list. The emir of ISIS-Somalia, Abdiqadr Mumin, was previously designated as a terrorist by State in Aug. 2016. Moalim acts as Mumin’s “deputy” and is “responsible for facilitating shipments of fighters and arms from Yemen to Somalia.”

It is well-known that Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and Shabaab, both of which reject Baghdadi’s caliphate project, have coordinated some activities across Somalia and Yemen. And State’s designation confirms that ISIS’ Moalim is engaged in the same types of facilitation.

Shabaab maintains a much larger force in Somalia than ISIS does, but Mumin and Moalim continue to promote the self-declared caliphate’s cause. State notes that ISIS-Somalia “was formed” in Oct. 2015 when Mumin “and about twenty of his followers” swore allegiance to Baghdadi. They have “claimed responsibility for a May 2017 suicide bombing at a police checkpoint in Northern Somalia that left five people dead and injured 12 others” and a Feb. 2017 “attack on the Village Hotel in Bosaso, Puntland, Somalia – a hotel frequented by foreigners – that killed four security guards.”


Jund al-Khilafah-Tunisia (JAK-T), a small group of ISIS-loyalists, was also designated as a terrorist organization. It “emerged as a group in Tunisia in early 2014,” State says, and “had pledged allegiance” to Baghdadi by Dec. 2014. Its claimed operations include the Nov. 2015 “beheading of a shepherd and the June 2016 land mine attack on the national army and security units.” In a Mar. 2015 recording released via YouTube, the outfit also “threatened attacks on senior political officials in Tunisia.”

West Africa

In Mar. 2015, ISIS proudly trumpeted Boko Haram’s decision to join Baghdadi’s global network. Shortly after Boko Haram leader Abu Bakr Shekau swore his fealty to Baghdadi, ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al Adnani welcomed Shekau and his men into the fold. Boko Haram was then rebranded as the Islamic State’s West Africa “province” (ISWA).

Just over a year later, in Aug. 2016, a leadership dispute erupted in public after ISIS publicly named Abu Musab al-Barnawi as the new head of ISWA. It seems that Shekau’s erratic ways were too much even for ISIS.

State designated ISWA today, noting that “split into two factions, due to infighting.” Al-Barnawi, who is “the son of Boko Haram founder Mohammed Yusuf” and also Boko Haram’s former spokesman, leads one of the factions. He has been added to the US terror list, as ISWA “has carried out numerous attacks in Nigeria and the Lake Chad region” under his “leadership.”

Today’s designation highlights the fact that, despite its setbacks and internal disputes, ISIS retains a global web of followers.

[Thomas Joscelyn is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Senior Editor for FDD's Long War Journal.]

NPA terrorists abducts 6 workers in Quezon ranch

From the Manila Bulletin (Feb 27): NPA terrorists abducts 6 workers in Quezon ranch

After ransacking a ranch, the Communist New People’s Army (NPA) Terrorists group abducted four civilians and two members of Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit (CAFGU) who were working in a ranch at Sitio Tumbaga, Barangay Nasalaan, San Francisco, Quezon Monday.


According to Col. Elias Escarcha, commander of 201st Infantry Brigade in Quezon, said the kidnapping took place at about 5 p.m. yesterday.

Escarcha said four of the six abducted were plainly workers at the ranch, their only source of income in order to feed their families.

The four civilians were identified as Jurior Rada, Arnel Saladar, Dario Banqueles and Bulodong Banqueles, all residents of said barangay.

Meanwhile, the two members of CAFGU who were also abducted were identified as Civilian Active Auxiliary (CAA) Jimmy dela Cruz and CAA Noel Mojar. They were working as security in the ranch while they were on off-duty status as CAFGUs.

The CAFGUs are components of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Ready Reserve units. They are composed of civilian volunteers who render defense and security service on their respective localities. They render 15 days of duty in the military patrol bases in the area and are authorized to work outside while on off- duty status to earn extra income.

After perpetrating the crime, the NPA withdrew toward the hinterland bringing along the six firearms of the guards at the ranch.

However, at about 7 p.m. yesterday, the six abducted were later on freed by the terrorist group.

Escarcha said the workers were traumatized and now fear for their lives and for their families as well.

Maj. Gen. Rhoderick M Parayno, commander of 2nd Infantry Division, said the crime perpetrated by the NPAs were clear acts of terrorism and violation of human rights.

“The NPA terrorists are trying to project in the area that they are still a force to reckon with and that’s why they are hitting soft targets,” he said.

Reds yet to show sincerity in pursuing peace —AFP

From GMA News Online (Feb 27): Reds yet to show sincerity in pursuing peace —AFP

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Tuesday said that it had yet to see the sincerity of the communist rebels on returning to the peace negotiations as they have seemed to continue with their atrocities.

AFP spokesperson Brigadier General Bienvenido Datuin said that the armed wing of the communist rebels should "stop all the atrocities" if they are ready to talk peace.

"Sabi ko nga eh when we go to the table, it should be done in good faith, everything should be done in good faith. We have to be sincere on this matter, so 'pag umupo na tayo diyan, they should stop the extortion, the harassment, the burning, the harassment on civilians, it should all stop if we really talk peace on this matter," AFP spokesperson Brigadier General Bienvenido Datuin said at a press conference.

"For us, the Armed Forces, when we say go down to the negotiating table, then we do it, then we do it with all our hearts, these are things that we take with sincerity and truthfulness," he added.

Datuin said that the recent incident in Quezon province in which suspected members of the New People's Army raided a ranch and abducted six workers as well as the ambush they alleged committed in Antipolo City which wounded six police commandos have showed the "true color" of the communist rebels.

"They are really terrorists in this nature...they are criminals along the line," he said.

President Rodrigo Duterte earlier said that he would consult the military before making a decision on the resumption of the peace talks.

It was in November last year when the President signed Proclamation No. 360, terminating the peace negotiations with the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army-National Democratic Front of the Philippines (CPP-NPA-NDFP).

Duterte has also declared the CPP-NPA as a terrorist organization in December 2017.

AFP still verifying reports of foreign terrorists in PH

From the Manila Bulletin (Feb 27): AFP still verifying reports of foreign terrorists in PH

The military on Tuesday said that it was confirming reports coming from the Philippine National Police (PNP) that about 40 foreign terrorists have already entered the country via the southern backdoor.

In a press briefing, AFP spokesman and concurrent Civil Relations Service (CRS) chief Brig. Gen. Bienvenido Datuin Jr., said that it was closely monitoring the situation to verify the PNP report.

Brig. Gen. Bienvenido Datuin Jr. (Province of Davao Oriental via Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

“Wala pa, wala pa (None, none yet) tayong confirmed dito. We are awaiting reports from ground commanders regarding this matter,” Datuin told reporters.

“We are closely monitoring this dahil napakalaki ng ating coastal waters sa ating area (our coastal area is big),” he added.

Datuin said forces in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)-Western Mindanao Command (WesMinCom), specifically the First Infantry Division, were closely the guarding coastal waters, southern borders to ensure that Mindanao is shielded from terrorists.

“And these are things that we are working together with the PNP and Philippine Coast Guard but we have established conventions, we have established agreements trilateral bilateral joint patrols with Malaysia, Indonesia just to secure our waters,” he said.

“So tuloy tuloy ang ating monitoring and we are not letting up in so far as entirety our frontiers,” Datuin added.

Datuin also pointed out that the AFP was already studying the pattern on how the reported recruitment was being undertaken by the Maute terror group.

“So we are studying the patterns and style the psychology of violent extremism and of course our programs to avoid the repeat of the Marawi siege,” he said.

Military has no info on arms shipment announced by Duterte

From ABS-CBN (Feb 27): Military has no info on arms shipment announced by Duterte

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Tuesday it had no information yet on the expected arrival of a shipment of firearms that President Rodrigo Duterte earlier announced.

"Wala pa kaming information regarding this matter, wala pa kaming information regarding [this]. But as soon as we have the information, we will send it to you. We have to go thru the details of these things before we can make a statement regarding this matter" said Brig. Gen. Bienvenido Datuin, Commanding General of the AFP Civil Relations Service.

On Monday, Duterte said the Philippines would receive 5,000 firearms from a “friendly country” in the next few days, without identifying the country where the firearms would be coming from.

Duterte eyes arming ROTC troops, reservists to combat terrorism

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana also refused to divulge details of the shipment.

The government earlier received 5,000 AK-74M Kalashnikov assault rifles, one-million rounds of ammunition, 20 army trucks, and 5,000 steel helmets from Russia.

The Philippines has also received P370 million worth of arms and ammunition from China.

DWDD: OUTREACH | WESCOM Conducts Medical and Dental Mission in Rizal and Brooke’s Point

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Feb 27): OUTREACH  |  WESCOM Conducts Medical and Dental Mission in Rizal and Brooke’s Point

BROOKES POINT, Palawan (DWDD) In celebration of its 42nd Founding Anniversary, #TeamWESCOM, in partnership with Lingkod Timog Foundation, conducted medical and dental outreach mission in Rizal and Salogon, Brooke’s Point, Palawan on 24 and 25 February 2018, respectively.

Over 1,200 patients received general check-ups and dental care. They were given medicines and other medical needs. They also received packed goods and slippers.The mission catered a significant aid to address the medical concerns of the community.

“On our 42nd birthday as a Unified Command, we would like to give our fellow Palaweños the gift of health, as an expression of our commitment of helping them,” said Lt Gen Rozzano D Briguez AFP, Commander of WESCOM. WESCOM / MCAG

DWDD: BASIC SERVICES | 8IB holds series of medical and dental mission in Impasugong, Bukidnon

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Feb 27): BASIC SERVICES  |  8IB holds series of medical and dental mission in Impasugong, Bukidnon


IMPASUGONG, Bukidnon (DWDD) The 8th Infantry “Deendable” Battalion provided manpower assistance in the delivery of basic services to the different barangays of the Municipality of Impasugong namely in Barangay Kapitan Bayong, Barangay Bulonay and Barangay Hagpa, last February 20,22 and 23 respectively as part of the AFP’s Community Support Program.

Nowadays, soldiers have been performing duties other than providing security and driving any threats that hinder peace and development to reach and be felt by the people.

They have been extending their service to distant communities and had been very active in supporting the programs and projects of the local government, making sure that all questions and problems will be answered by the right agencies.


More than a thousand of individuals benefited from this 3-day activity with the Local Government Unit of Impasugong, headed by Hon. Anthony A. Uy, taking the lead role and the 8th Infantry Battalion, headed by LTC Ronald M Illana, supporting their program every step of the way.

The 4th Infantry “Diamond/” Division and 403rd Infantry Peacemaker Brigade sent medical and dental teams headed by Cpt Melchor F Arangcon, to conduct additional services to the people in support of the program of the local government.

We all play a vital role in the community; thus, we are all part of the solution. Now is the time that we should all help each other out; for the problem of one, if left without any solution, will become the problem of everyone and may greatly affect the future of our nation. 8IB / MCAG

DWDD: SUSTAINED OPERATIONS | 3 NPAs Dead, 8 Surrendered and 2 Apprehended in Caraga

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Feb 27): SUSTAINED OPERATIONS  |  3 NPAs Dead, 8 Surrendered and 2 Apprehended in Caraga

BANCASI, Butuan City (DWDD) Since January 01 this year, a total of three (3) NPAs death in an encounter, eight (8) surrendered and two (2) were apprehended in Caraga Region as result of the ongoing campaign of the Philippine Army’s 402nd Infantry Brigade (402Bde) against Communist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples’ Army terrorists (CNTs) says Brigadier General Franco Nemesio Gacal, Commander of the 402Bde stationed at Bancasi, Butuan City.

For the span of 57 days or almost two months, the military in Caraga specifically the 402nd Infantry Brigade of 4th Infantry Division gained major accomplishments in protecting the people of Caraga.

The death of three (3) CNTs was the result of the clash with the troops of 29th Infantry Battalion in the hinterlands of Brgy Bangayan, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte last February 12, 2018.

The arrest of Leonida Guao also known as (AKA) Leah/Ligaya/Laya, finance officer of the CPPNPA Komisyon Mindanao (KOMMID) last February 2, 2018, at Barangay Bading, Butuan City was a product of collaboration and partnership of the military with other law enforcement agencies.

“The result of brigade’s focused military operations recorded a total of 8 encounters that led to the capture of fifteen (15) firearms, forty-six (46) improvised explosive devices and the discovery of five (5) NPA terrorist encampments”, says BGen Gacal to the media during the visit of Major General Ronald Villanueva 4th Infantry Division Commander in 402Bde Headquarters last February 19, 2018.

A community support programs (CSP) are now being undertaken by different units under the brigade to support the development of disaster and conflict resiliency in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas and other NPA terrorists affected barangays in the area of Caraga.

“The NPA terrorists in Caraga are now weakened since civilians are withdrawing their support from them. They are giving us reports on their presence in communities that is contributing to the success of our effort in peace building.” Gacal told.
“Our focused military operations and community support programs will continue and we will intensify our information collection in order to track down the terrorists and we intend to hit them hard. The government’s efforts against the CPP-NPA terrorists are relentless. We will not stop here. We will continue with our anti-terrorist and counter-terrorist operations to foster the foundation for inclusive economic and human development of the Caraganons” BGen Gacal added. 4DPAO / MCAG