Tuesday, February 13, 2018

DWDD: EMBRACING PEACE | 71st IB receives surrender of 13 NPA terrorists supporters

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Feb 12): EMBRACING PEACE  |  71st IB receives surrender of 13 NPA terrorists supporters

MAWAB, Compostela Valley (DWDD) – Thirteen (13) NPA terrorists’ supporters and one (1) Vice Commander voluntarily surrendered without firearm to LTC Esteyven E Ducusin, Commanding Officer of 71st Infantry “Kaibigan” Battalion at Headquarters 71st IB at Purok 8, Barangay Nueva Visayas, Mawab, Compostela Valley Province on February 3, 2018.

The surrendered NPAs are all members of solid mass organization identified as Gilberto D BustaliƱo @IPING, Simon G Gilo @IMON, Reel B Balbin @LONGLONG , Ellan B Oso @ELLAN, Elmer B Bongcales @ELMER, Elmer L Duterte @DODONG, Alfredo O Dosdos @FREDO, Ramil H Balbin @MIL, Allan M Costelo @ALLAN, Hilario P Inte @LARRY, Junre M Bongcales @JUN, John Ryan Babo @CHONG and Geraldo C Baro @ARNOLD, a former Vice Commander of SYP, GF27. Said personalities signified their intentions to embrace peace in their lives.

“We are very thankful to the support we are getting from the barangay officials and IP leaders in our Area of Operations who are now our partner in facilitating the NPA to surrender”, said Lieutenant Colonel Esteyven E Ducusin, the Commanding Officer of Army’s 71st Infantry Kaibigan Battalion, 7ID.

“The significant number of NPAs who surrendered every day is a manifestation that the communist terrorist organization is irrelevant and people are tired of supporting them. Likewise, we continue our focused military operation to hunt down those Communist Terrorist who continue their violent acts against our constituents,” Ducusin added.

All units of 10ID remain steadfast in performing its mandate to serve and protect the people in the Area of Responsibility. 71IB / MCAG


DWDD: 72IB facilitates Operation Blessing Foundation Inc. (OBFI) Gift Giving in Compostela Valley

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Feb 12): 72IB facilitates Operation Blessing Foundation Inc. (OBFI) Gift Giving in Compostela Valley 

MAWAB, Compostela Valley Province (DWDD) One hundred fifty seven (157) children of Citizen Armed Auxiliary (CAA) and Enlisted Personnel of 72nd Infantry Gabay Battalion benefited from the gift-giving activity conducted by Operation Blessing Foundation Inc (OBFI) held at Headquarters 72IB based at Sitio Mahayahay, Brgy Tuburan, Mawab, Composetla Valley Province.


OBFI is a non-profit, charitable NGO, and humanitarian arm of Christian Broadcasting Network and the producer of the 700 Club Asia of GMA TV. It has chosen 72IB to be beneficiaries for their program called “Holiday of Hope and Cheers” (HOHC). They have conducted gift-giving, film-showing, food feeding activity and parlor games to the military personnel and dependents of 72IB. They gave shoes to the children whose age range from 6-14 years old. Spiritual enlightenment was also part of their program.


The gift-giving program was graced by Ms. Rona Alivio,the Head of the group and the OB Mindanao Kids Coordinator, Ms. Sholyn Rose Mangob, RN, OB Outreach Health Officer and youth volunteers from Davao City and Mawab, CVP and Lieutenant Colonel Davice Christopher Mercado, Commanding Officer of 72IB.

LTC Mercado in his message thanked OBFI for their continuous support to the troops of 72IB and its dependents. OBFI is an active partner of AFP and 10ID in conducting community outreach programs to the less-privileged communities. 72IB / MCAG


DWDD: SPEAR TROOPERS | 9ID process applicants for Candidate Soldier Course

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Feb 12): SPEAR TROOPERS  |  9ID process applicants for Candidate Soldier Course

CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur  (DWDD) – The 9th Infantry “Spear” Division starts the processing of applicants for Candidate Soldier Course (CSC) at Camp Elias Angeles, Pili, Camarines Sur on February 7, 2018.

Hundreds of hopefuls report to the home of Spear Troopers take the series tests and appear in the scheduled interviews to determine if they are qualified for the military training.

For the upcoming CSC class, the command will accommodate 500 qualified applicants for enlistment. 9DPAO  / MCAG


DWDD: COMMUNITY EFFORT | 197 former Communist Terrorist joins Peace Building Seminar 2018

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Feb 12): COMMUNITY EFFORT  |  197 former Communist Terrorist joins Peace Building Seminar 2018

CAMP PANTONIAL, Barangay Magnaga, Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province (DWDD) – The 46th Infantry “Peacemakers” Battalion, 8th Infantry “Stormtroopers” Division, Philippine Army in collaboration with the Provincial Government of Compostela Valley Province, Local Government Units of Pantukan and Mabini and other stakeholders conducted Peace Building Seminar from January 26 to 28, 2018 at Kingking Central Elementary School, Brgy. Kingking, Pantukan, CVP.


The “PEACE BUILDING SEMINAR 2018” with the theme: PANAGHIUSA SA KATAWHAN ANG DALAN SA KALINAW UG KALAMBUAN SA COMVAL is a three-day activity participated by One Hundred Ninety Seven (197) former regular members of Milisyang Bayan (MBs), Sangay ng Partido sa Lokalidad (SPL) and Underground Mass Organization (UGMOs). The Participants of the said Seminar came from the hinterlands of Barangay Mabini and Barangay Pantukan all of Compostela Valley Province where our CSP teams are deployed.

The activity formally opened at 10:30 in the morning of 26 January 2018. It was attended by Col Gilbert F Saret, Deputy Brigade Commander, 1001st Brigade under 10ID, LTC Michael D Licyayo, the Commanding Officer of 46th (Peacemakers) Infantry Battalion, 8ID, PA, Hon. Roberto M Yugo MPA, the Municipal Mayor of Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province together with PCI Clifford John C Nabor, Chief of Police of Pantukan, CVP, local officials, members of the Youth for Peace Movement, religious and students sector and other stakeholders participated the peace rally to support the participants in promoting Peace. Series of lectures from different local government agencies were conducted to inform the participants about the current programs of the government.


The Walk for Peace and Peace Rally was conducted at the Freedom Park of Brgy Kingking, Pantukan, CVP to show to the public that they are now peace lovers and ready to embrace and support peace initiatives of the government.

Hon. Mayor Yugo said, “The peace and development must come from ourselves, let us be united to achieve our dreams of having lasting peace that is essential in the pursuit of development in the Province.”

Major General Noel S Clement, Commander 10ID lauded the peace initiatives of the local government units of Compostela Valley Province.

“Through this effort, CPP-NPA terrorist ideology is down to being irrelevant. 10ID is more optimistic in engaging socio-economic and socio-cultural endeavors to further our mandate in protecting the people and securing our communities from any threat.” 10DPAO/MCAG


DWDD: JOINT OPERATION | NOLCOM Troops discover Marijuana plantation in Kalinga

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Feb 13): JOINT OPERATION  |  NOLCOM Troops discover Marijuana plantation in Kalinga

CAMP SERVILLANO AQUINO, Tarlac City (DWDD) – A Marijuana plantation was discovered and destroyed by the Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) troops, in tandem with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in Kalinga Province, at around 11:30 in the morning of February 11, 2018 (Sunday).


PDEA has coordinated with the 50th Infantry Battalion (50IB) of the 5th Infantry Division (5ID), Philippine Army in seizing the target area, which was located in the mountainous and isolated area of Mount Chumanchil in Barangay Loccong, Tinglayan, Kalinga.A Joint Operation was conducted between the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Regional Unit Office 2, PDEA Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), Kalinga Provincial Police Office and Tinglayan Municipal Police Office, 50IB of the Philippine Army (PA) and the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Kalinga.

The Joint Operation of the AFP, PDEA and PNP resulted to the seizing of the marijuana plantation, which was estimated to be one hundred (100) square meter area. The marijuana plants, which stood more than six (6) feet in height and ready for harvest, were subsequently uprooted by the authorities. Moreover, marijuana seedlings were also discovered within the plantation area.

NOLCOM will continue to provide support to Law Enforcement Operations with other agencies, in curtailing criminality and illegal drugs, to further contribute to national peace and development efforts of the Philippine Government. NOLCOM / MCAG


DWDD: SUSTAINED CAMPAIGN | 3 NPA Terrorists Dead during Clash in Agusan del Norte

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Feb 13): SUSTAINED CAMPAIGN   |  3 NPA Terrorists Dead during Clash in Agusan del Norte

CABADBARAN CITY, Agusan del Norte (DWDD) – Three (3) New Peoples’ Army (NPA) terrorists died in an encounter with 29th Infantry “Matatag” Battalion at Sitio Taiwan, Barangay Bangayan, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte on Sunday afternoon February 11, 2018.


The 3 dead bodies of the NPAs Front 16 of the North Eastern Mindanao Regional Committee (NEMRC) are yet to be identified.

One (1) M4 Sniper Rifle with Scope, several ammunitions, five (5) improvised landmines, 1 hand grenade, 1 rifle grenade, and a cellphone were among those recovered in the terrorists’ encampment that can accommodate 100 persons.

Bloodstains in the withdrawal routes of the terrorist NPAS are still being tracked in the meantime.

“We will pursue these terrorists at all cost just to ensure that the people of Northern Mindanao and Caraga Regions will attain the peace they deserve so that economic development that they were long deprived of will come in,” says Major General Ronald Villanueva of the 4 th Infantry Division when he thanked the civilian informants who gave the location of the NPA camp.

General Villanueva also congratulated the 29IB under Lieutenant Colonel Glen Aynera and the 402nd Infantry Brigade under Brigadier General Franco Nemesio Gacal as he also exhorted them to continue the pressure so that the NPAs terrorists will no longer hold their members who are already contemplating of surrender. 4DPAO / MCAG


DWDD: SUSTAINED OPERATIONS | NPA Killed and Firearms recovered in Abra encounter

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Feb 13): SUSTAINED OPERATIONS | NPA Killed and Firearms recovered in Abra encounter


CAMP GEN SERVILLANO AQUINO, Tarlac City (DWDD) – Northern Luzon Command forces spearheaded by the 24th Infantry Battalion (24IB) of the 7th Infantry Division (7ID), Philippine Army, encountered more or less ten (10) members Communist New People’s Army Terrorists Group (CNTG), with unknown leader, in Sitio Mabungtot, Ud-Udiao, Sal-Lapadan, Abra at around 7:30 in the morning of February 11, 2018 (Sunday).

The firefight ensued, while the troops were conducting Focused Military Operations (FMO), as a response to the reports provided by the residents of NPA terrorists’ presence in their locality. The skirmish, which lasted for about twenty-eight (28) minutes, resulted to the killing of one (1) NPA criminal killed and the recovery of a total of four (4) high-powered firearms consisting of three (3) M16 rifles, one (1) carbine rifle and an ICOM Radio.


On the other hand, no casualty or loss was incurred by the government forces. Moreover, additional troops were sent to pursue the remaining NPA terrorists.

The successful support to law enforcement operation was a result of the local community’s support to get rid lawless elements from their community. NOLCOM Commander, LTGEN EMMANUEL B SALAMAT AFP, lauded the troops for the successful conduct of this military operation. Further, NOLCOM encourages the remnants of the Communist NPA Terrorist Group to return to the folds of the law, do away with the armed struggle and be able to contribute to nation-building. NOLCOM / MCAG


DWDD: VOLUNTARY SURRENDER | 17 more Communist Terrorist gives up in Cagayan

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Feb 13): VOLUNTARY SURRENDER | 17 more Communist Terrorist gives up in Cagayan


CAMP MELCHOR F DELA CRUZ, Gamu, Isabela (DWDD) – As expected, 17 more Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army Terrorist (CNT) mass base supporters and symphatizers voluntarily surrendered to the joint elements of the 17th Infantry “Do or Die” Battalion (17th IB), 5th Infantry Division and the local Police of Rizal, Cagayan at Barangay Gagabutan, Rizal around 3PM on February 11, 2018.

The CNT supporters were all resident of BrgyMasi, Rizal, Cagayan, and the surrender was facilitated by Vice Mayor Joel A Ruma of the same municipality. Among the 17 surrendered, 3 belonged to the “Militia ng Bayan” (MB), the armed territorial elements in the barangay.

According to Lt Col Camilo Saddam, Battalion Commander of 17IB, the mass surrender of CNT supporters from BrgyMasican be attributed to their aggressive information dissemination in the area. Accordingly, the people were already spilling the names of their companions. “We expect more batches of surrenderers in the coming days, since the first group had already convinced their relatives to surrender as well,” LT Col Saddam, said.

BGen Perfecto M Rimando Jr, Commander, 5ID commended the effort of Vice Mayor Rumain assisting his constituents to the right path. “In our effort to finish the insurgency and terrorism in our country, what we need are government officials and people who have the courage to stand for righteousness, just like Vice Mayor Ruma.” BGen RimandoJrsaid.

“With the surrender of the supporters and symphatizers, we are expecting that in the coming days, CNTS will also come down. The support of the Local Government Units to our focused military operations is really a big factor in legitimizing our action on the ground.” BGen Rimando added.

A couple of days ago, five MB from the same Brgy surrendered to the same unit, after the discovery of a large CNT camp not far from the same Brgy. The troops also encountered MOL 10 CNTs around noon on Feb 10, also in the same Brgy. 5DPAO/MCAG