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New war: How the propaganda network shifted from targeting 'addicts' to activists

Posted to Rappler (Oct 3, 2021): New war: How the propaganda network shifted from targeting 'addicts' to activists (By DON KEVIN HAPAL and RAISA SERAFICA)

Online information operations against activists and progressive groups take off from the Duterte government's drug war playbook: attack online then kill

Narratives pushed out by the propaganda network focus on the creation of an environment that enables – and justifies – violence by branding activists as “terrorists” and exaggerating the communist threat.
A mix of old and new bloggers, as well as “alternative” news sources, spread these narratives through different clusters that push out content either to the general public or to niche but highly-engaged communities, which then become vectors for distribution. They drown out the real stories of activists being harassed, attacked, and killed.

The National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC), established by the Duterte administration in December 2018, is at the center of the network of Facebook pages and groups pushing out red-tagging content.

Parallel to online attacks against personalities and progressive groups are the killings of activists – those who do groundwork in mass organizations. Taking from the tokhang playbook in Duterte’s drug war, some police operations against grassroots organizers and local activist leaders resulted in “nanlaban” deaths.
Organizations with top mentions in the scan include leftist groups such as BAYAN MUNA, Makabayan, Gabriela, League of Filipino Students, and Karapatan. There were also significant mentions of state universities like the University of the Philippines and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, which state authorities accuse of being “recruitment grounds” for rebels, and a nest for activists-turned-terrorists.

Zara Alvarez served as a human rights defender and paralegal in the Negros islands for Karapatan for more than a decade. She worked tirelessly despite threats and intimidation in a province that’s been witness to decades of war between state forces and insurgents.

Alvarez would see her face on posters linking her to the communist underground and she was, in fact, imprisoned for two years.

Nothing prepared her for the bloody Duterte years. In 2018, Alvarez was one of 600 activists tagged as terrorists by the Department of Justice. What followed was persistent red-tagging and harassment – she got attacked online and was constantly followed while she worked.

Two years later, in August 2020, while walking in the streets of Bacolod City, unidentified men shot Alvarez dead. She was 39.

The story of Alvarez illustrates the direct connection between information operations online and physical attacks, a rehash of the government’s war on drugs where supposed drug users and dealers are demonized online to justify attacks against them in the real world.

Rappler’s research team found out that from drug war narratives, the focus of government's coordinated online propaganda network has shifted to red-tagging, which lumps activists with terrorists and turns the communist insurgency into a problem that’s bigger than what it really is.

Friends turn into bitter foes

President Rodrigo Duterte himself has enabled this through his speeches and policies.

It’s worth noting that prior to the government’s attacks on the Left, Duterte was friends with them for decades – since he was mayor of Davao. The national democratic movement backed his presidential bid in 2016, and after his election,

Duterte appointed prominent leftist leaders to his Cabinet. He reopened peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front and declared the longest ceasefire with communist insurgents in three decades.

But the talks eventually broke down, as the military gained ascendancy in the Duterte government. By the end of 2017, Duterte’s administration sought to tag more than 600 activists and members of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) as “terrorists.”

The list included alleged CPP chairman Benito Tiamzon, Anakpawis chairman Randall Echanis (who would be killed in his home in 2020), ex-Bayan Muna representative Satur Ocampo, and hundreds of John Does. (READ: “The end of the affair? Duterte's romance with the Reds”)

To track red-tagging narratives online from January 2016 to August 2021, Rappler used an initial dataset of posts attacking progressive groups and activists on Facebook, plotted an initial roster of red-tagging entities, and used natural language processing to identify keywords commonly associated with the term. These include keywords like “NPA,” “Left Activists,” and “CPP.”

Note the surge of red-tagging posts by 2018, when the relationship between President Rodrigo and the Left deteriorated.

The graph above shows a timeline of posts with mentions of keywords typically used for red-tagging from 2016 to 2020. While there have been posts in 2016 and 2017 about the insurgency and military propaganda against the Left, information operations intensified in 2018, when it became clear that the Duterte government was abandoning a negotiated settlement of the insurgency and implementing a militarist approach to crush the guerrillas and their supposed front organizations.

In November 2018, for instance, Duterte signed Memorandum 32 that deployed more soldiers and cops in the Negros islands, Samar, and Bicol – known insurgency hotbeds. That same month, Alvarez and the rest of Karapatan-Negros lost a colleague with the murder of human rights lawyer Benjamin Ramos in Kabankalan City. Ramos would be among the first of many Karapatan members and lawyers who would be murdered under the Duterte administration.

The following month, in December 2018, the Duterte administration issued an executive order creating a national task force to address the causes of armed conflict with communists at the local level. This task force came to be known as the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC), the main counter-insurgency vehicle that brings together all government agencies for one goal: crush the communists by the time Duterte ends his term in June 2022.

“Doon nagsimula ang malalagim na araw namin (That was when our bloodiest days started),” Clarizza Singson of Karapatan-Negros said as she recounted the incidents between the Sagay massacre in October to the police operations in Guihulngan City in December 2018. Singson had worked with Alvarez for almost a decade before the latter was killed in 2020.

These attacks, particularly against Karapatan members, come not as a surprise, considering that the Duterte government and the Philippine military believe that human rights groups are front organizations of the armed movement.

As Rappler’s scan showed, the government’s campaign against insurgents was complemented by increased activity online. The biggest surge in red-tagging posts was observed in 2020, as the government deliberated on, and eventually adopted, the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 or the Anti-Terror Law.

Shaping the online narrative

The network map above shows Facebook pages and groups amplifying content related to red-tagging and activism. Pages and groups cluster together when they share content from the same sources. The cluster in blue is the main cluster – mainly pushing out harmful red-tagging content and anti-activist propaganda. Note how the clusters became denser starting in 2018, caused by the increased connectedness of the nodes, showing increased networked behavior.

Using natural language processing, we looked at the general themes pushed out by the main red-tagging cluster.

Themes and posts from the main red-tagging cluster focus on creating an enabling environment for violence.

The narratives pushed out by the main red-tagging cluster show a focus on creating an enabling environment for violence where activists are painted as “terrorists” and the communist insurgency is a problem bigger than what it is. The tactic is reminiscent of the propaganda playbook for the Duterte administration’s brutal war on drugs and how it justified the killings of alleged drug pushers. 

(READ: [OPINION] First they came for the pushers and addicts. Now, the Leftists)

While the scan also spotted the usual news reports on civilian-military operations, the bulk of the posts used hateful and harmful language targeting activists and progressive groups. These groups were also frequently tagged as legal fronts of the communist New People’s Army (NPA).

Even following her death, Alvarez was not spared from false claims that tagged her as part of the armed movement. Some posts even claimed that the NPA killed her so they could put the “blame [on] the government.” This claim was even echoed by NTF-ELCAC’s former spokesperson Antonio Parlade when he said in a statement, posted on NTF-ELCAC’s official Facebook page, that Alvarez “joined the NPA for two years until 2015.”

Red-tagging posts used hateful and harmful language targeting activists and progressive groups. Ordinary news reports are often weaponized against the Left, and then funneled into Facebook communities.

Previous investigations by Rappler show similar demonizing language from dubious, anonymously-managed pages known for perpetuating lies and for red-tagging individuals and groups, amplified by police pages and accounts. 

The scan shows that online networked red-tagging activities generally target groups and high-profile personalities and highlight quotes from generals and 'ex-rebels.'

Organizations with top mentions in the scan include progressive groups like Bayan Muna, Makabayan, Gabriela, League of Filipino Students (LFS), and Karapatan. There were also significant mentions of state universities like the University of the Philippines (UP) and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), which are accused of being “recruitment grounds” for rebels, and a nest for activists-turned-terrorists. On the other hand, groups like the Liberal Party and the CBCP tend to be accused of defending and coddling “terrorists.”

Threats and red-tagging often target big progressive voices in Congress, like Kabataan Partylist Representative Sarah Elago and Bayan Muna Representative Carlos Zarate. Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros was also often called out for her alleged silence on crimes committed by the NPA.

High-profile activists like former Bayan Muna representative Teddy Casiño, as well as celebrity-turned-activist Angel Locsin, were also often targeted and linked to the NPAs. No less than Parlade himself alleged that Locsin’s sister is an NPA – a claim Locsin has consistently denied.

And aside from military and NTF-ELCAC spokespersons, the propaganda network would quote “ex-rebels” in their propaganda and red-tagging. These “ex-rebels” are often used to “expose” how rebel recruitment is done in schools, and to supposedly unmask activists who are allegedly members of the armed rebellion.

Hiding like criminals

While all these are happening online, activists who are not as popular as the targets of the online information operations are being killed on the ground.

Taking from the same tokhang playbook, some police operations that targeted grassroots organizers and local leaders of progressive groups resulted in “nanlaban” deaths. This included the “bloody Sunday” operations in Calabarzon in March 2021 that left nine activists dead.

“Sanay na kami sa death threat kasi minsan three times a day. Minsan once a week. Minsan once a month...Pero syempre hindi 'yun empty threats. Pinapatay at namamatay mga kasama ko,” Singson said. (We are used to death threats. Sometimes, we get it three times a day. Sometimes, once a week or once a month. But these threats are not empty threats. My colleagues are being killed and have been killed.)

According to her, they were subjected to surveillance, trumped-up cases, arrests, raids, direct threats, and other forms of harassment. Since Duterte became president in 2016, at least 16 Karapatan members have been killed.

They have adjusted by strengthening their security protocols and learning how surveillance works. They employed a buddy system, changed their schedules, and avoided going outside their homes during the day. In Singson’s case, they went as far as abandoning their home and uprooting her whole family – her two young sons included – to live in rented apartments.

The slain Alvarez experienced close surveillance. According to Singson, unidentified individuals would openly follow and take photos of her even in public spaces.

The necessary adjustments and new security measures disrupted their lives. The tactic of using the drug war playbook against activists seemed to have worked as well. Singson said the way they hid and protected themselves felt like they were being hunted as criminals.

“Yung mga bata ayaw namin isubject sa ganung buhay na nanonormalize ang fear, terror, at killings... Para kaming wanted criminal. Daig pa namin ang wanted criminal,” Singson added. (We don't want to subject the kids to that kind of life where fear, terror, and killings are normalized. We were like wanted criminals.)

When Alvarez was gunned down, Singson and her other colleagues in the province received messages from anonymous perpetrators: “You’re next.”

Singson fought back against the kind of attacks they experienced. She filed a case at the cybercrime division of the National Bureau of Investigation to track those who, on her Facebook account, threatened to have her head severed. She took screenshots and printed out all the hate messages and death threats she received.

But nothing came out of it. According to her, the cybercrime division concluded that the accounts used to attack her were hacked and that was the end of the story.

Sophisticated information operations

Rappler’s network analysis showed that the online narratives are seeded through a mix of old and new bloggers and “alternative” news sources, with different clusters focused on either funneling to the general public (through hyperlocal and political pages), or niche but engaged communities (e.g., military, police, and their supporters), which become vectors for distribution.

Red-tagging narratives are seeded through old and new blogger-propagandists and 'alternative' news sources. Clusters focused on either engaging the general public or niche communities.

At the center of the campaign is the official Facebook page of NTF-ELCAC. Content from other state media like the Philippine News Agency and PTV is also often pushed to spread red-tagging narratives. Previous Rappler investigation has documented how official government platforms, including the hugely-funded NTF-ELCAC, were being used to attack and red-tag local media. (READ: Gov’t platforms being used to attack, red-tag media)

SMNI News, the broadcasting arm of Filipino televangelist and pro-Duterte church leader Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, has also been an active source of news content related to the communist rebellion, often shared by the red-tagging cluster.

Official military channels are also among top content creators amplified by the cluster, such as the official Civil Relations Service Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Army officer Colonel Harold Cabunoc’s Facebook page is also among the most active in creating military and anti-insurgency propaganda. The colonel has also had a history of red-tagging online, and has also been red-tagging slain activists.

Other pages shown to be actively pushing out military propaganda are IDOL KU ‘TO, LAMRAG SINIRANGAN, and Pinoy Red Watch.

“Alternative” news sources were also actively being funneled by the cluster, including websites, and socialnewstrendph.xqz. These websites post “news” content related to communists, and “report” about government propaganda against activists and progressive groups.

Other pages often amplified by the main cluster include known propaganda pages Mocha Uson Blog and VovPH.

Content from these sources is shared in hundreds of Facebook pages and groups, mostly political but also including community and interest hubs, with captions that actively call out activists as terrorists, and highlight the narratives identified above.

While the main cluster effectively distributes these content to the general public, other clusters showed similar content, also mostly coming from “alternative” news websites and “news aggregators" that are funneled into Facebook groups with special interest in military and anti-insurgency activities, such as Team AFP, Philippine Armed Forces, and the "CITIZENS ANTI-DRUGS CRIMES AND CORRUPTION OF THE PHILS."

Public support amid culture of terror

While the online and on-the-ground attacks were public and blatant, support for human rights and progressive groups was muted online.

Karapatan secretary-general Cristina Palabay claimed their network and community continuously expanded since 2018 when the attacks against them and other progressive groups increased. “Sa international, after the NTF-ELCAC, dumami rin ang kaibigan namin,” Palabay said. (In the international scene, after the creation of NTF-ELCAC, we gained a lot of supporters.)

But this widespread support and network group has yet to translate online. In the digital space, their stories are often told exclusively by select media and the network of progressive groups and human rights activists.

The network map above shows the network of pages and groups that amplified content with mentions of 16 Karapatan members killed during the Duterte administration. While progressive groups have their own network of pages and distribution channels, as seen above, they are small in comparison to the red-tagging and propaganda network.

In the visualization below, we compare the amplifying agents (Facebook pages and groups sharing their content) of NTF-ELCAC and progressive group Karapatan, as captured by Rappler’s SharkTank in 2020. The two entities were chosen because they were the most distributed content sources for government propaganda and in conversations on activists killed.

The scan showed a huge difference in the size of the networks that amplify both channels – painting a picture of an environment where stories of slain activists like Alvarez remain within the echo chambers of other activists online and are effectively drowned out by government propaganda that blurs the lines between activism and terrorism.

What makes this enabling online environment more dangerous is how it reinforces the lack of public accountability for the harassment and killings of human rights workers, lawyers, and activists.

It also further weakens mechanisms that are supposed to protect individuals who are already vulnerable to attacks such as Alvarez, who asked the Supreme Court for protective writs because she was being harassed.

She died before the court came up with a decision on her appeal.

Data visualizations by Akira Medina, Dylan Salcedo

[Don Kevin Hapal is Rappler’s Head of Data and Innovation. He started at Rappler as a digital communications specialist, then went on to lead Rappler’s Balikbayan section for overseas Filipinos. He was introduced to data journalism while writing and researching about social media, disinformation, and propaganda].

[Raisa Serafica is the Unit Head of Civic Engagement of Rappler. As the head of MovePH, Raisa leads the on ground engagements of Rappler aimed at building a strong community of action in the Philippines. Through her current and previous roles at Rappler, she has worked with different government agencies, collaborated with non-governmental organizations, and trained individuals mostly on using digital technologies for social good.]

Army seizes high-powered firearms during encounters

From the Sun Star-Bacolod (Oct 3, 2021): Army seizes high-powered firearms during encounters (By TERESA D. ELLERA)

NEGROS. Firearms recovered by the Philippine Army following their classes against the New People’s Army in the hinterlands of Himamaylan City Friday, October 1. (Contributed photo)

TWO high-powered firearms were seized by elements of the 94th Infantry Battalion (94IB) in two successive encounters with the New People's Army (NPA) in Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental Friday, October 1, 2021.

[Subscription required to read full article]

Rebel camp in Himamaylan seized

From the Visayan Daily Star (Oct 4, 2021): Rebel camp in Himamaylan seized (BY GILBERT P. BAYORAN)

Army soldiers seized on Oct. 1 a temporary rebel lair in Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental.* PA photo

Army soldiers seized a temporary camp of the New People’s Army, following two encounters on October 1 in remote sitios of Brgys. Carabalan and Buenavista, Himamaylan City. The operations yielded high-powered firearms and explosives left behind by the fleeing rebels.

Lt. Col. Angelo Guzman, 94th Infantry Battalion commander, yesterday said that the first encounter ensued at about 9 a.m. Friday, when his troops responded to reports of civilians that NPA rebels were putting up explosives at Sitio Cunalom in Brgy. Carabalan, Himamaylan City.

While saturating the area, Guzman said communist rebels detonated two anti-personnel mines. Fortunately, no one was hurt among the soldiers, he added.

This was followed by about five minutes of gun battle, which prompted the rebels to scamper in various directions, leaving behind an M16 assault rifle with a magazine containing ammunition.

Several hours later, Guzman said that the blocking force of the 94IB also figured in another gun battle at Sitio Lanap in Barangay Buenavista, Himamaylan City.

While pursuing the fleeing rebels, he said the 94IB soldiers recovered an M14 rifle, two fragmentation grenades, assorted ammunition, two hand-held radios, a back pack, solar panel, power bank, subversive documents and personal belongings from the encounter site.

In a statement, Maj. Gen. Benedict Arevalo, 3rd Infantry Division commander, also lauded the 94IB for spoiling the NPA atrocities, as indicated by the discovery of explosives planted and detonated by rebels in those areas.

Arevalo said that CPP-NPA in Negros wants to project that they are still a force to reckon with, by using anti-personnel mines to inflict greater damage, which he said a clear violation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

“Decommissioning” children of MILF combatants: bikes, toys and clothes in exchange for toy guns and MILF uniforms

Posted to MindaNews (Oct 3, 2021): “Decommissioning” children of MILF combatants: bikes, toys and clothes in exchange for toy guns and MILF uniforms (By FRENCIE CARREON)

ZAMBOANGA CITY (MindaNews / 03 October) — “Huwag ka nang maglaro n’yan,” (Don’t play with that anymore), Dr. Arlyn Jawad-Jumao-as asked a four-year old girl who was hugging tightly her wooden toy armalite. She called her Baby, and she had a fierce look for a toddler who just had her head wound treated in her private clinic.

Doc Arlyn as she is fondly called, is a pediatrician working in Lamitan City in the island-province of Basilan. She lives in Zamboanga City but traveled to Lamitan City by ferry, daily, before the pandemic. These days, she would go every Monday and come home weekends.

Married to a Tausug retired military officer, Col. Abner Jumao-as, with whom she has three children, Doc Arlyn now spends most of her days in Basilan, particularly in Lamitan City where pediatricians are few and far between.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed her work schedule.

A few months ago, a commander of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) named Rajan Abdurakman, brought his daughter to the doctor’s clinic, severely bleeding.

As it happened, Abdurakman’s father who was behind the wheel, accidentally moved the vehicle on the reverse while the little girl was standing behind the vehicle. This caused her to be seriously wounded, her scalp almost fully ripped that when brought to the clinic, Doc Arlyn thought she would need to bring her to Zamboanga City because of the girl’s severe bleeding.

She actually thought the patient was a boy.

Baby Abdurakman, 4, daughter of MILF Commander Rajan Abdurakman, is set to be ‘decommissioned’ in Basilan on October 4, as she gives up her MILF combatant uniform and wooden M16 in favor of colorful clothes, a teddy bear, toys, and a bicycle during the 7th Children’s Festival of Love and Peace. Photo courtesy of ARLYN JAWAD-JUMAO-AS

“All I thought kay laki s’ya kay naka MILF uniform, murag Mulan ang porma (I thought she was a boy because she was wearing the MILF uniform, like Mulan (referring to the Disney character),” she recalled. She called her Baby, a term of endearment for her young patients.

The child’s X-ray showed she did not develop scalp rupture, so Doc Arlyn kept on attending to her regularly for a week for the dressing of the wound. When she was fully recovered, she came again, this time wearing once more her MILF uniform and her wooden firearm.

Children of War

This concerned Doc Arlyn, who founded Children of War (Basilan) Association, Inc. She decided to take the opportunity to speak with the MILF commander.

After 17 years of peace negotiations, the MILF and the Philippine government signed a peace pact — the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) – in March 2014, paving the way for the creation of a new autonomous political entity, the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

The peace agreement’s enabling law, Republic Act 11054 was passed in July 2018 and was ratified in January 2019. A month later, President Rodrigo Duterte appointed members of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) and the BARMM was inaugurated on March 29, 2019.

As agreed upon in the CAB, the BTA is an 80-member, MILF-led body that would serve as the governing body in the three-year transition period until June 30, 2022. The transition period, however, has been extended until 2025 by Congress with the enrolled bill awaiting President Duterte’s signature.

“Bapa,” Doc Arlyn addressed Abdurakman, “Tapos na man ang gulo, ‘di ba? Na decommission na ang lahat, baka puwedeng humingi ng regalo sa ‘yo?” (The war is over, right? Everyone has been decommissioned, maybe I can ask a gift from you?)

Decommissioning of the MILF’s 40,000 combatants and thousands of weapons, involves four phases and the government and MILF as of October 1, 2021, have yet to proceed to Phase 3.

But Abdurakman asked the doctor what gift did she want. She replied: “Baka puwedeng si Baby, tanggalin na natin ‘yang damit na sinusuot n’ya. Huwag mo na’ng pagamitin ng ganyan (referring to the camouflage uniform), kasi magiging mana na ang mga bata sa ‘yo na sana, wala na’ng uniform, wala na’ng baril-barilan lalo na ‘tong si Baby” (Maybe you can stop making Baby wear that uniform? Otherwise she will end up like you. Hopefully, there will be no more uniform and no more toy guns for Baby).

She pointed out to him the need to be an example, to lead the community by example, so that in doing so, he would encourage other MILF combatants to let their children give up their toys and uniforms as well.

Abdurakman consented. “Walang problema (No problem), Mama Doc,” as most MILF members address her.

MILF uniforms and wooden armalites

Doc Arlyn patiently waited for the most appropriate time that she could let the child voluntarily give up her MILF uniform and wooden armalite. She went to the child’s residence in Barangay Ba-as, once a conflict-stricken community, and learned that four-year old Baby was not the only child with MILF uniforms and wooden armalites.

“Their toy armalites even use glass marbles as bullets!” she exclaimed, sharing that these are called “boga,” emphasizing that these marbles hurt a child even during play. “I had a patient before whose bone in the forearm was broken when hit by this marble or boga. Pity the child who gets hit,” she added.

Doc Arlyn also remembered seeing children in Ulitan in Ungkayan Pukan town playing with a wooden version of the RPG (rocket-propelled grenades), made of bamboo.

“The imaginations of these children are so intense. That’s why I want this stopped. It has to be stopped. I am glad the MILF is supporting me,” she said.

During a community activity this year to check on people’s health relative to COVID-19, Doc Arlyn asked who among the children had camouflage uniforms and toy guns, specifically armalites. The pediatrician in her was surprised that more than 20 children came in their MILF uniforms, bearing toy armalites.

This inspired Doc Arlyn to think of a way to let the children, especially girls like Baby Abdurakman, hand over their uniforms and toy weapons.

She further discussed this with another MILF Commander, Dan Asnawie, who in turn helped her, as he reached out to the Bangsamoro Parliament.

In conflict-afflicted Basilan, there are children in the mountains who — for lack of access to toy stores — craft their own toys from whatever indigenous raw materials they may find.

Coconut farmer Ahmed Akelen of Adjul town told MindaNews in a telephone interview that he would craft for his younger brothers and his friends toy guns made of coconut palms after cutting the palm leaves and carefully polishing the long stem.

“It’s no longer wartime”

It was only for child’s play and fun, he said. But Doc Arlyn, herself a child of war, (she was orphaned at an early age when her father was killed in battle), disagreed.

“It is no longer wartime,” she said, and when this practice is tolerated, this kind of play and fun would go with the children’s thoughts and outlook as they grow up.

“If we just leave the kids be, there are manifestations that the children will be lost in their path to peace, especially these people up in Basilan’s mountains. No matter what, I cannot leave my advocacy, not just in children’s health,” she said as she explained further that educating parents on children’s health has to go hand-in-hand when provided with treatment so that the illness would not recur.

“The challenge in Basilan is double: peace and order in the time of COVID-19. There have been more who died from bullets, rather than of COVID. So this should not be neglected, even the after-effect. Let us just innovate, and deliver fun to the children,” she said.

In the past weeks, she wrote friends and those who are likely to help share bicycles and toys, even colorful clothes, for children aged 17 and younger who would willingly give up their MILF camouflage uniforms and toy guns in exchange for these items.

MILF commander Asnawie also did his part in reaching out to BARMM officials. The office of Bangsamoro Parliament’s Minority Leader Laisa Masuhud Alamia sent bikes for the orphans and children of war. Other individuals and personal friends in Basilan also sent food packs and toys.

She said she and volunteers helping her out would do the “decommissioning” of the children of MILF combatants — with bikes, toys, clothes and food packs among others, in exchange for their MILF uniforms and toy guns, on Monday, October 4, during the Festival of Hope, an annual activity the Children of War Foundation undertakes.

“Usually, we would set a place and let the children come. This year, the Festival organizers and supporters will go the communities,” the doctor said.

A float parade is set and participating military units include the 68th Infantry Battalion with its mascot, the 18th Infantry Battalion will have a Disney-themed float, Children of War would have colorful toys and teddy bears, the MILF would have its own float, and also the Abu Sayyaf surrenderers, with their float loaded with vegetables that they harvested as fruits of their toil in their new life. “It is a celebration of peace,” Doc Arlyn emphasized.

She expressed hope that the Mulan-like four-year old Baby Abdurakman and her playmates in four barangays in Basilan (Ba-as, Baguindan, Silangkong, and Ulitan) would hand over their MILF uniforms and wooden firearms on Monday.

Stripped of their MILF uniforms and toy guns, Doc Arlyn is optimistic that these children of war would no longer play war games and shout “bang, bang!”

CPP/NPA-Central Negros: 1 Patay sa Philippine Army sa Canlaon City

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 3, 2021): 1 Patay sa Philippine Army sa Canlaon City


OCTOBER 03, 2021

Patay ang 1 ka katapo sang 62nd IB matapos nga gin-snipe sang Leonardo Panaligan Command-New People’s Army ang Brgy Budlasan, Canlaon City Army Detachment sadtong Septyembre 22, 2021 sang hapon. Indi madula sa huna-huna kag balatyagon sang pumuluyo sang nasambit nga baryo ang natabo nga pagpamatay sa mga inosenteng mangunguma kag sibilyan sa Canlaon City sadtong Marso 30, 2019 sang nasambit nga tropa militar kag mga kapulisan sa mapintas sini nga SEMPO/Oplan Sauron 2. Nadumduman nga 8 ang ginpamatay nga mga indibidwal kag pila pa sini ang biktima sang ilegal nga pagpang-aresto sa hinimu-himo nga kaso.

Oktubre 1, 2021 alas 5:48 sang hapon patay man ang notoryus nga anay Brgy Kapitan sang Brgy Gihub, La Libertad, Negros Oriental nga si Alvino Ejida sang ginpatuman ang silot nga kamatayon matapos ang pagpamatbat sang rebolusyonaryong korte sang pumuluyo. Nakumpiska kay Ejida ang 2 ka mga armas-luthang; 1 ka .357 revolver, Cal.22, mga magasin kag bala.

Tuig 2007 pa may standing order na sa New People’s Army si Ejida. Sa lugar, bantog si Ejida nga rapist, hold-upper, land-grabber, abusador, nagapamahug kag kriminal. Siya man ang naghold-up sa iya kaugalingon nga ugangan nga si Bastian Fabellaran sadtong tuig 1983. Karun nga bulan Septyembre 2021, tatlo (3) naman ang iya ginpangtero. Pilason sanday Rolan Fabellaran kag Rolan Paculanang sang gintero sila ni Alvino sadtong Septyembre 6 alas 5:00 sang hapon samtang Septyembre 9 alas 5:00 gihapon sang hapon gintero naman sini si Mansio Canete nga wala naman sang nagakaigo nga rason. Si Alvino Ejida isa ka masupog nga katapo sang tulisan nga grupo sang “salbatore” nga sang ulihi nga bahin nahimo nga mga panatiko nga grupo kontra-hublag. Gina-uyatan ini sang Armed Forces of the Philippines nga ginasakdag kag ginhimo nga goons ni Congresswoman Jossy Limkaichung sang 1st District sang Negros Oriental.

Ang New People’s Army idalum sa Leonardo Panaligan Command, indi mag-untat sa paglagas sa sin-o man nga indibidwal nga may utang nga dugo sa pumuluyo. Padayon nga maghatag sang hustisya sa mga biktima dira sa pag-alagad sa katawhan para sa matuod nga kalinong, demokrasya kag hustisya sosyal.

Mabuhay ang CPP-NPA-NDF!

Mabuhay ang masa!

CPP/NPA-Albay: Operasyong Partisano Laban kay Sgt. Madellar, Matagumpay!

Propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 3, 2021): Operasyong Partisano Laban kay Sgt. Madellar, Matagumpay!


OCTOBER 03, 2021

Matagumpay ang isinagawang operasyong partisano ng isang tim ng Pulang Hukbo ng SBC-BHB-Albay laban kay Police Staff Sgt. Allan Madellar noong Setyembre 25 bandang alas 11:00 ng gabi sa Brgy. Peñafrancia, Daraga. Siya ay nakatalagang intelligence at warrant officer ng Guinobatan Municipal Police Station.

Kasinungalingan ang sinasabing mabait at walang krimen laban sa mamamayan si Sgt. Madellar. Siya ay bahagi ng yunit ng PNP at AFP na masigasig na mga “bounty hunter” laban sa mga hinihinalang kasapi ng BHB at mga sibilyang inuugnay sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan. Sa pagiging intelligence officer, aktibo siya sa pagdodoktor ng mga ebidensya at nangunguna sa pagsasampa ng gawa-gawang kaso laban sa kanilang mga target upang bigyang matwid ang kanilang iligal na pang-aaresto’t pamamaslang kapalit ng makokolektang reward sa bawat mahuhuli o mapapaslang nila.

Masigasig din si Sgt. Madellar sa paglalatag ng mga asset sa paniktik laban sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa mga bayan ng Daraga at Guinobatan. Ang operasyong pamamarusa ay isinagawa sa gitna ng pagdalo niya sa isang pagtitipon sa Brgy. Peñafrancia bilang bahagi ng kanyang trabaho sa pagiging intelligence officer.

Ang operasyong ito ay isang hakbang sa mahaba ngunit tiyak na landas sa pagkakamit ng rebolusyonaryong hustisya para mga biktima ng Synchronized Anti-Criminality and Law Enforcement Operations (SACLEO) sa probinsya na nagpipiit at pumapaslang sa mga aktibistang lumalaban para sa karapatan, katarungan at kalayaan at maging sa mga simpleng mamamayan na pinaghihinalaan lamang.

Hinihikayat ng SBC-BHB-Albay ang mga aktibong ahente ng pulis at militar na ilantad at mapagpasyang suwayin ang pambansang atas na ‘KILL! KILL! KILL!’ at ‘Ignore Human Rights’ ng punong berdugong si Duterte. Makiisa sa malawak na hanay ng mamamayan na nananawagan at humihingi ng mapagpasyang pagpapanagot sa walang habas na pagsalaula sa karapatang tao at paghahasik ng karahasan sa sangkatauhan ng rehimeng US-Duterte.

CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: Badyet pandigma ng US, lalong pinalaki ng gubyernong Biden

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis (Tagalog edition) posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 3, 2021): Badyet pandigma ng US, lalong pinalaki ng gubyernong Biden


Ipinasa noong Setyembre 23 sa Kongreso ng US ang panukalang dambuhalang badyet para sa Pentagon (Department of Defense) para sa 2022. Sa botong 315-113, iginawad ng mga kongresista ang $768 bilyong pondo sa militar nito — mas mataas ng $25 bilyon sa aktwal na hiningi ng presidente ng US na si Joseph Biden. Mayorya o 181 sa mga bumoto ay mga Democrat na kapartido ni Biden.

Mas malaki ang pondong ito sa pinagsamang badyet ng Department of State, Justice, Education, Transportation, Health and Human Services at ng Environmental Protection Agency ng US para sa susunod na taon.

Mas mataas din ito nang P20 bilyon kumpara sa ibinigay na pondo ng administrasyong Trump para sa 2021. Ito ay sa kabila ng paglusaw ni Biden sa dating $65-bilyong Overseas Contingency Operations na nagpopondo sa mga gerang agresyon at interbensyong militar ng US sa iba’t ibang bahagi ng mundo (kabilang sa Pilipinas). Kapalit nito, ibayong pinalobo ni Biden ang batayang badyet ng militar nang $104 bilyon — mula $635.5 bilyon ngayong taon tungong $739.5 bilyon sa 2022.

Malaking bahagi ng badyet ay mapupunta sa tinatawag na military-industrial complex (katawagan sa mahigpit na relasyon ng mga upisyal militar sa dambuhalang mga kumpanya ng armas) sa anyo ng mga kontrata sa pagmamanupaktura ng dagdag at bagong mga armas. Kabilang sa mga kontratang ito ang $28.4 bilyong pondo para sa paggawa ng 13 bagong mga barkong pandigma at $11.7 bilyon para sa pagbili ng 80 F-35 fighter jet mula sa Lockheed Martin.

Bilyun-bilyon ang inilaan ng US para sa pagpapaunlad ng di bababa sa pitong klase ng bombang nukleyar at “pagmodernisa” ng suplay nito ng plutonium. iban pa rito ang “pagmodernisa” ng “depensang nukleyar” na nakalatag sa US sa ilalim ng programang Ground Based Strategic Deterrence ($2.6 bilyon). Malaki rin ang inilaan para sa paglalagay ng mga bomba at misayl na nukleyar sa mga submarino, eroplano at barkong pandigma na naglalayag sa buong mundo, partikular sa South China Sea, sa ngalan ng freedom of navigation operations. Ang mga sasakyang pandigmang ito ay pumapasok sa mga teritoryong dagat ng mga bansa nang walang paalam, at “nagpapahinga” sa mga daungan ng kaalyado nitong mga bansa tulad ng Pilipinas.

Ang pag-arangkada sa produksyon at paggamit ng mga misayl at bombang nukleyar ay bumwelo matapos umatras ang dating administrasyong Trump sa Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Buong-buo itong itinataguyod ngayon ng administrasyong Biden.

Kaugnay sa mga operasyong militar nito sa Asia, ilulunsad ng US ang programang Pacific Deterrence Initiative ($8.8 bilyon) na planong maglatag ng mga nakabase-sa-lupa na sistemang misaly sa iba’t ibang bansa na kabilang sa tinatawag nitong “first island chain” sa South China Sea. Plano rin nito ang paglalagak ng mga armas (nukleyar at di nukleyar) sa mga base militar ng US sa loob ng bansa. Layunin nitong palibutan ng mga sandata naka-asinta sa China para diumano takutin ito laban sa paggawa ng anumang agresibong hakbang. Kabilang ang Pilipinas sa mga bansang target ng US na lagyan ng mga misayl na ito.

[In the face of the rapidly changing political and economic situation in the Philippines, as well as around the world, the newspaper Ang Bayan publishes daily news and analysis on key issues facing the proletariat and the Filipino people, as well as the oppressed people among others. t other corners of the world. Here you will find the latest news and articles of Ang Bayan.]

CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: Mga magbababoy, nalulunod sa baha ng imported baboy

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis (Tagalog edition) posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 3, 2021): Mga magbababoy, nalulunod sa baha ng imported baboy


Patuloy na bumabagsak ang kita ng mga magbababoy dulot ng todong pag-aangkat ng karneng baboy ng rehimeng Duterte. Ayon sa isang grupo ng mga magbababoy, bumagsak nang 25% hanggang 35% ang presyo sa pagbili mula sa mga magbababoy sa nakalipas na apat na linggo. Ito ay habang patuloy na tumataas ang gastos sa pag-aalaga. Ayon sa pinakahuling datos, nasa P150 kada kilo na lamang ang abereyds na bili sa kanila ng buhay na baboy (P170 sa Luzon, P140 sa Visayas, at P130 sa Mindanao). May ilang lugar din kung saan nasa P100 kada kilo lamang ang benta sa buhay na baboy.

Binabaha ngayon ng murang imported na baboy ang lokal na pamilihan na nagbaba sa tingiang presyo nito. Mula P360 at P400 kada kilo na presyo ng kasim at liempo noong Enero, nasa P280 at P340 na lamang ito ngayong buwan.

Dahil dito, napwersa ang maraming lokal na magbababoy na ibagsak ang presyo ng kanilang bentang baboy, na minsan ay mas mababa pa sa kanilang gastos sa produksyon. Nagreresulta ito sa ibayong pagkalugi ng mga lokal na magbababoy na hindi pa rin nakababawi sa malawakang pagkalugi dulot ng patuloy na pananalasa African Swine Fever mula pa 2019. Noong nakaraang taon, napwersa ang maraming babuyan na patayin ang ilampung libong baboy para sawatahin ang impeksyon. Dagdag dito ang pagsirit ng presyo ng pakain tulad ng yellow corn na tumaas nang 57%.

Ang pagbaha ng karneng baboy sa lokal na pamilihan ay ipinatupad mula Mayo 15 alinsunod sa Executive Order 134 ni Duterte. Pansamantalang ibinaba ng kautusan ang taripa sa karneng baboy at itinaas ang minimum access volume (MAV o quota sa bolyum ng produktong maaaring aangkatin) para itodo ang pagpasok ng imported na karneng baboy sa lokal na pamilihan. Ito diumano ay para ibaba ibaba ang presyo ng baboy sa lokal na pamilihan matapos manalasa ang African Swine Fever na sumalanta sa ilampung libong baboy.

Umaalma ang mga magbababoy sa kawalan ng sapat na kumpensasyon at subsidyo mula sa reaksyunaryong estado para muling ibangon ang kanilang produksyon sa harap ng ASF. Dahil kalakhan sa mga lokal na prodyuser ay maliitan at hindi kayang makipagsabayan sa benta ng mas murang imported na baboy.

Alinsunod sa nasabing kautusan, itinaas ang MAV nang halos apat na beses mula sa orihinal na 54,210 MT tungong 254,210 MT. Kasabay nito, ibinaba naman ang taripang in-quota (buwis sa pag-aangkat para sa mga produktong pasok sa itinakdang MAV) mula sa orihinal na 30% tungong 10% sa unang tatlong buwan, at taripang out-quota (buwis sa pag-aangkat para sa mga produktong lagpas sa itinakdang MAV) mula 40% tungong 20%.

Tinatayang dodoble ngayong taon ang bolyum ng imported na karneng baboy na papasok sa bansa mula 256,017 metriko tonelada (MT) tungong 500,000 MT. Ayon sa pinakahuling datos ng Bureau of Animal Industry, umabot na sa 389,000 MT ang inimport na karneng baboy ng bansa mula Enero hanggang Agosto. Lalo pa itong tataas sa mga darating na buwan sa pagpasok ng kapaskuhan at panahon ng eleksyon.

[In the face of the rapidly changing political and economic situation in the Philippines, as well as around the world, the newspaper Ang Bayan publishes daily news and analysis on key issues facing the proletariat and the Filipino people, as well as the oppressed people among others. t other corners of the world. Here you will find the latest news and articles of Ang Bayan.]

CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: Maysakit at natutulog ang mga Pulang mandirigmang pinatay ng 303rd IBde

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis (Tagalog edition) posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 2, 2021): Maysakit at natutulog ang mga Pulang mandirigmang pinatay ng 303rd IBde


Wala sa katayuang lumaban ang mga Pulang mandirigma nang sila’y paslangin ng mga pasistang sundalo ng 303rd IBde sa Hacienda Builders, Barangay San Pablo, Manapla, Negros Occiental noong Setyembre 30. Tahasang nilapastangan ng mga tauhan ng AFP ang internasyunal na makataong batas at mga batas sa digma.

Iniulat ni Ka Juanito Magbanua, tagapagsalita ng Panrehiyong Kumand sa Operasyon ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan sa isla ng Negros, na pinalibutan at ni-reyd ng pinagsanib na pwersa ng pulis at militar ang tinutuluyan ng mga mandirigma sa ganap na alas-2 ng madaling araw habang sila’y natutulog. Tumuloy ang apat sa naturang bahay para magpagaling sa sakit na trangkaso.

Pinabulaanan ni Magbanua ang kwento ng mga upisyal ng 3rd ID na nagkaroon ng isang oras na palitan ng putok sa pagitan nila at ng BHB para itago ang isinagawa nilang pagmasaker. Nilabag ng mga sundalo ang mga batas kaugnay sa mga digma na nagsasaad na ang mga kombatant na wala nang kakayahang lumaban, tulad ng apat na mandirigma ay dinadakip at itinuturing na bilanggo ng digma.

“Malinaw na paglabag ito sa mga batas ng digma na nakasaad sa Protocol II ng Geneva Conventions at the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) na pinirmahan ng gubyerno ng Pilipinas at National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP),” ayon kay Magbanua.

Nagbigay-pugay ang BHB-Negros Island sa apat na namartir na Pulang mandirigma na sina Marilyn Badayos (Ka Monet), Rudy Carbajosa (Ka Brod), Ronilo Desabille (Ka Wowie), at Rufino Bocaval (Ka Simo). Magsisilbi silang inspirasyon sa ibayong pagsusulong ng digmang bayan sa buong isla.

[In the face of the rapidly changing political and economic situation in the Philippines, as well as around the world, the newspaper Ang Bayan publishes daily news and analysis on key issues facing the proletariat and the Filipino people, as well as the oppressed people among others. t other corners of the world. Here you will find the latest news and articles of Ang Bayan.]

CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: Mga Haitian, parang hayop na itinaboy ng US

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis (Tagalog edition) posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 2, 2021): Mga Haitian, parang hayop na itinaboy ng US


Sinimulan na ng administrasyong Biden ang maramihang deportasyon o pagtapon pabalik sa kanilang bansa ng mga migrante mula sa bansang Haiti noong Setyembre 19. Itinuloy ang planong ito sa kabila ng pagprotesta ng mga nagtataguyod sa kagalingan ng mga migrante at ilang lider ng Democrats sa kongreso ng US. Binabatikos nila ang gubyernong Biden sa malupit na pagtrato sa mga migranteng Haitian na marami ay nagsisiksikan sa mga kampo na walang pananggalang sa init at lamig. Sinisingil nila si Biden na nangakong tatratuhin nang makatao ang mga migrante na hindi daw tulad ng gubyernong Trump.

Umabot sa 15,000 migranteng Haitian ang pinakahuling dumating at nagsiksikan sa isang kampo sa ilalim ng internasyunal na tulay sa Del Rio, South Texas sa US. Doon sila natutulog sa mga tent kasama ang mga bata, matanda at mga buntis. May ilan na doon na inabot ng panganganak.

Mula lamang noong unang linggo ng Setyembre, aabot na sa 30,000 ang Haitian na nagtangkang pumasok sa rutang Del Rio sa layuning magdistyero sa US. Tumatakas sila sa dinaranas nilang matinding pampulitikang panggigipit, paglabag sa karapatang-tao, krisis sa ekonomya at pandemya sa kanilang bansa. Mahigit 5,000 na ang ipinatapon pabalik sa Haiti, samantalang 12,000 ang ipoproseso sa ilalim ng hukuman sa imigrasyon.

Pinalibutan ang kampo na iyon ng mga sundalo, pulis at mga armadong bantay ng US upang pigilang makapasok ang mga Haitian na bumiyahe sa hangganang ng US at Mexico. Ipinagdiinan ng isang upisyal ng Department of Homeland Security (DHS) na hindi bukas ang timugang hangganan ng US. May kaso na nilusob ng nakakabayong mga armadong bantay ng US ang mga Haitian upang pigilan silang pumasok. Nagbabala siya na huwag tangkaing bumyahe ng mga migrante dahil lubhang delikado ito.

Ayon sa isang upisyal ng DHS, ang maramihang deportasyon ay gagawing tatlong byahe ng eroplano bawat araw na karaniwan magsasakay ng mga 100-120 deportee. Pero gusto ng mga upisyal ng administrasyong Biden na gawin ito hanggang walong byahe kada araw para mabilis itong tapusin. Layon ng pagmaksimisa ng deportasyon ay maibsan ang bwelo ng pagbaha ng mga migranteng Haitian sa South Texas na umaabot sa mahigit 200,000.

Nagrereklamo ang ilang Haitian sa planong maramihang deportasyon. Sabi nila, parang may dobleng patakaran ang kautusang ito. Ilang tanong nila: Bakit buong-buo ang pagtanggap ni President Biden sa mga tumakas sa Afghanistan habang sila namang mga Haitian ay maramihang tinatapon pabalik sa kanilang bansa? “Parang ayaw yata nilang makita ng mundo na itim ang aming kulay,” sabi naman ng isang migrante.

Ang dinaranas ngayon ng mga migranteng Haitian ay bunga ng malupit na patakaran ng US na kontra sa mga “iligal” na dumarating na migrante. Patuloy na ginagamit ng administrasyong Biden ang “pandemic enforcement measure” na kilalang Title 42 upang mabilisang ipatapon ang mga tumatawid sa hangganan pabalik sa Mexico o sa kanilang pinanggalingang mga bansa.

Nananawagan ang mga tagapagtaguyod ng mga migrante na suspendihin ni President Biden ang lahat ng byaheng deportasyon tungong Haiti. Ito ay sa kunsiderasyong binabayo ngayon ang islang bansa ng malalang krisis. Niyayanig ngayon ang Hati ng krisis sa pulitika matapos pinatay noong Hunyo ang presidente ng bansa (na pinaniniwalaang kagagawan ng US Central Intelligence Agency). Nitong Agosto, tumama naman ang 7.2 magnitude na lindol sa Haiti na kumitil sa hindi bababa sa 2,000 buhay.

Binatikos ni Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) ang paglarga ng administrasyong Biden sa maramihang deportasyon ng mga Haitian. Anya, hungkag ang sinasabi ng administrasyon na ginagawa nito ang lahat para suportahan ang komunidad ng Haitian samantalang nagpapatuloy ang hindi makatarungang pagpapabalik sa mga Haitian sa kanilang bansa.

“May obligasyong moral tayo para mamuno na may pagkahabag,” paalala ni Rep. Pressley, na kapartido ni Biden, at isa sa mga tagapangulo ng House Haiti caucus. #

[In the face of the rapidly changing political and economic situation in the Philippines, as well as around the world, the newspaper Ang Bayan publishes daily news and analysis on key issues facing the proletariat and the Filipino people, as well as the oppressed people among others. t other corners of the world. Here you will find the latest news and articles of Ang Bayan.]

CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: “No vaccine, no entry” patakarang perwisyo sa mamamayan

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis (Tagalog edition) posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 2, 2021): “No vaccine, no entry” patakarang perwisyo sa mamamayan


Anim na toneladang kamatis ang nabulok noong nakaraang linggo dulot ng pagpatutupad ng lokal na gubyerno ng Ifugao ng patakarang “no vaccine, no entry” sa mga tsekpoynt papasok sa prubinsya. Dahil sa patakaran, hindi makapasok sa prubinsya ang mga mamimili mula sa National Capital Region kaya natengga ang bentang kamatis.

Itinapon o paluging ibinenta na lamang ang nabulok na mga kamatis, sa kapinsalaan ng mga prodyuser nito. Resulta nito, bumagsak ang presyo ng kamatis mula P40 tungong P10 sa Northern Luzon habang sumirit ang presyo nito sa pangunahing mga pamilihan sa Metro Manila.

Ang pagbabawal sa mga di nabakunahan ay laganap sa buong bansa kahit wala itong ligal at medikal na batayan. Sa Metro Manila, may mga barangay na humarang sa mga drayber na nagdedeliber ng pagkain, mga manggagawa at iba pang indibidwal dahil hindi sila nakapagpakita ng katunayang nabakunahan na. Mayroon ding mga ulat na ipinatupad ang katulad na patakaran sa Lapu-lapu City, Masbate at iba pang lugar at binawi na lamang matapos magreklamo ang mga residente.

Ang pagbabawal sa mga di bakunado sa mga lugar at daan sa panahong salat ang suplay ng bakuna at mabagal ang kampanya sa pagpapabakuna ay isang porma ng diskriminasyon sa mga walang akses sa bakuna, hindi pa nakapagpapabakuna o ayaw magpabakuna sa mga dahilan ng relihiyon, moral o pisikal.

Hindi sang-ayon ang World Health Organization, at kahit ang Department of Health, sa mga mungkahing magkaroon ng paghihiwalay sa pagitan ng mga nabakunahan at hindi pa. Kabilang dito ang mungkahi ng negosyanteng si Jose Concepcion III, Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship, na magkaroon ng mga “vaccine bubble” sa Metro Manila, kung saan ihihiwalay ang mga bakunado sa di pa nakapagpabakuna sa loob ng mga pagawaan, upisina, mall at iba pang establisimento. Litaw ang diskriminasyon na ito sa mga “promosyon” na nagbibigay ng insentiba at espesyal na pagturing sa mga nabakunahan sa mga mall, restoran at iba pang negosyo.

Mayroon pang isang upisyal ng Department of Interior and Local Government na nagmungkahing “ikwintas” ng lahat ng nabakunhan ang kanilang mga vaccine card, para diumano’y makita agad kung sino ang “mas ligtas” sa mamamayan. Ang hakbang na ito ay paglabag sa karapatan sa pribasiyang medikal, na nagsasaad na ang medikal na kalagayan ng isang indibidwal ay pribado, liban kung boluntaryo niya itong ipahayag.

Ayon sa kinatawan ng WHO sa Pilipinas na si Dr. Rabindra Abeyasinghe, magbibigay lamang ang segregasyon o paghihiwalay ng mga nabakunahan sa di nabakunahan ng “false sense of security” o maling palagay na ligtas na sa impeksyon ang mga nabakunahang indibidwal.

“Nananatiling may risgo ng pagkahawa ang mga nabakunahan na,” aniya. “Kung nahawa ka na, maaari mong mahawa ang iba pa.”

Gayundin, hindi maaaring ilagay sa “bubble” ang Metro Manila habang kulang na kulang at di pantay ang distribusyon ng bakuna sa buong bansa. Milyun-milyon pang mga residente sa mga sakahan sa kanayunan ang hindi naabot ng bakuna.

Tagibang ang distribusyon kahit sa loob ng mga rehiyon kung saan mahigit kalahati ng dumarating na bakuna ay napupunta sa mga syudad habang pinaghahati-hatian ng napakaraming barangay at mas maliliit na lungsod ang natitira. Walang pag-aaral at napakatumal ng testing sa mga lugar na ito kaya walang mapagkatitiwalaang datos ang gubyerno sa lawak at tindi ng pagkalat ng bayrus sa kanayunan.

Noong Setyembre 30, umaabot pa lamang 45.6 milyong Pilipino ang naiulat na nabakuhan ng minimum na isang dosis. Ang 28.2 milyon sa kanila o 62% ay nasa NCR at kalapit nitong rehiyon ng Calabarzon at Central Luzon.

Bagamat nasa 72% na ng mga residente ng NCR ay naturukan ng kumpletong dalawang dosis, wala pa sa 20% ang kalakhan na nabakunahan na mga residente sa maraming rehiyon.    Pangalawa sa may pinakamataas na tantos ng buong nabakunahan ang Cordillera Autonomous Region (28.13%), kasunod ang Davao (25.44%), Calabarzon (24.96%) at Central Luzon (22.71%).    Pinakamababa ang tantos ng pagbabakuna sa Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (8.7%), Socksargen (13.9%) at Bicol (13.7%). Ang iba pang rehiyon ay naglalaro sa pagitan ng 15% hanggang 20%.

[In the face of the rapidly changing political and economic situation in the Philippines, as well as around the world, the newspaper Ang Bayan publishes daily news and analysis on key issues facing the proletariat and the Filipino people, as well as the oppressed people among others. t other corners of the world. Here you will find the latest news and articles of Ang Bayan.]

CPP/Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis: Mga guro, handa na sabayang lumiban kapag di sila binayaran ng overtime pay

Ang Bayan Daily News & Analysis (Tagalog edition) posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Oct 2, 2021): Mga guro, handa na sabayang lumiban kapag di sila binayaran ng overtime pay


Kinalampag kahapon ng mga guro ang upisina ng Civil Service Commission (CSC) sa Quezon City para manawagan ng direkta at naangkop na hakbang para tiyakin na wastong mababayaran ang labis na 87 araw na pagtatrabaho nila noong nakaraang pasukan. Ayon sa Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), iginugol ng mga guro ang labis na mga araw na ito sa pagtatrabaho mula Hunyo 1 hanggang Oktubre 2020 para sa paghahanda sa distance learning.

Binatikos nila ang Department of Education (DepEd) sa bigong pagtupad nito sa pangakong babayaran ang ₱23,605 na overtime pay ng mga guro at bigyan sila ng 87 araw ng vacation service credits (araw na maaaring lumiban). Ayon sa mga guro, handa silang sabay-sabay na lumiban ng isang araw sa trabaho bilang simbolo ng kanilang protesta para igiit sa DepEd na tuparin ang pangako nito.

Ito ay kasunod ng paglalabas ng DepEd noong Huwebes sa isang dokumento na naglilinaw kaugnay sa pagbibigay ng mga service credit sa guro para sa sobrang araw sa pagtatrabaho na kanilang iginugol. Sa isang online press briefing kahapon, idinahilan ng DepEd na hindi maaaring makabenepisyo ang mga guro ng overtime pay labas pa sa 220 maksimum na araw ng akademikong taon alinsunod sa reaksyunaryong batas. Nilinaw sa naturang dokumento na katumbas ng isang araw na pagtatrabaho sa araw na walang pasok ang 1.5 oras ng service credit.

Ayon kay Raymond Basilio, tagapagsalita ng grupo, “walang dangal ang pagtalikod ng mga upisyal ng gubyerno sa kanilang mga salita at kanilang pagsasaisantabi sa kapakanan ng mga frontliner sa sektor ng edukasyon na gumampan ng trabahong lampas sa kanilang tungkulin upang tiyakin ang pagpapatuloy ng edukasyon sa kalagitnaan ng pandemya.”

Pinasinungalingan ng grupo ang binabanggit ng mga upisyal ng DepEd na bayad naman na ang labis na 87 na oras ng kanilang pagtatrabaho. Ani Basilio, “walang batayan at pawang kasinungalingan” ang naturang pahayag dahil mismong si Education Undersecretary Jesus Mateo ang nangakong “babayaran” ito ng ahensya matapos niyang aminin na sobra-sobra nga ang oras na iginugol ng mga guro noong nakaraang akademikong taon.

Ang pagtalikod ng DepEd sa pangako nito ay paglabag mismo sa Magna Carta for Public School Teachers, na nagsasaad na kailangang bayaran ang mga guro ng karagdagang kumpensasyon para sa mga paggampan ng mga aktibidad na co-curricula o labas sa eskwelahan na hindi saklaw ng kanilang karaniwang tungkulin bilang mga guro.

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Kalinaw News: RCSP’s PLEDS Cluster Conduct an Information Awareness in Nueva Ecija

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 3, 2021): RCSP’s PLEDS Cluster Conduct an Information Awareness in Nueva Ecija

Under the Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP) of the Local Government Units, the Bravo (Braveheart) Company, 84th Infantry (Victorious) Battalion together with other members of Peace, Law Enforcement and Development Support (PLEDS) cluster conducted an Information Drive at the barangays of Sampaloc and Cadaclan in Patabangan and Macapsing, Estrella, and Cabucbucan of Rizal all of Nueva Ecija on 26 – 29 September 2021.

The RCSP is a convergence mechanism for the LGUs particularly in the barangay for identification of issues and needed government interventions. It adheres to the government principles with the end view in ensuring social justice and mainstreaming peace and development thrusts in the LGU priorities.

The initiatives aimed at informing all sectors in the community and the general public to the current programs of the government pertaining to peace and development and the deception strategy of the Communist Terrorist Groups in infiltrating the barangays and other vulnerable sectors of the community.

It is also in line with the continues implementation of Executive Order 70 of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte that institutionalized the Whole-of-Nation Approach in attaining inclusive and sustainable peace in the country.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Enrico Gil C Ileto, Commanding Officer of 84th Infantry (Victorious) Battalion, “We will continue to be relentless in educating and giving information to the people on how these Communist Terrorists Groups exploits and uses the masses to advance their terroristic acts”. He added that, “The efforts of the Local Government Units in our Area of Operation through its Retooled Community Support Program is instrumental in ending this half century old insurgency in the country.”

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Kalinaw News: NPA couple returning from Luzon yields to Philippine Army

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 3, 2021): NPA couple returning from Luzon yields to Philippine Army

CAMP DOWNES, Ormoc City, October 3, 2021 – An active member of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and her common-law husband-member of the New People’s Army (NPA) from Inopacan, Leyte voluntarily surrendered recently to the 14th Infantry (Avenger) Battalion, 8th Infantry Division, PA in Mahaplag, Leyte.

The couple, alias Grace (not her real name) and alias Bart (not his real name), turned over several documents and books about the CPP-NPA and the National Democratic Front (NDF), a caliber .38 revolver with a quick ammunition reloader and 13 pieces of live ammunition, two pieces of 5.56mm ammunition and two sets of acupuncture needles.
The peaceful surrender was a fruit of the effort of the lady’s son who is himself a former rebel that yielded earlier to 14IB as well.

The couple, whose real names are withheld for security reason, formerly belonged to the defunct Evelyn Dublin Command, South Leyte Front, Leyte Island Committee, Eastern Visayas Regional Party Committee. They were together in an NPA unit operating in Baybay City, and the municipalities of Inopacan, Mahaplag, Hindang and Hilongos between 2000 and 2002, before they were moved to Metro Manila in March 2002.

Glicerio Relona alias GR, then commander of the South Leyte Front, recruited the couple in 2000 and in 2001, Tirso Abegonia alias Iko, a ranking NPA commander from Samar and father-in-law of alias GR, sworned in alias Grace and two other women as full-fledged party members.

A wife of a CPP Central Committee (CENCOM) member from Leyte who used the code name “Joy” connected Grace in Manila and initially utilized her in locating and reconnecting with other members of the communist terrorist group (CTG) from Leyte who had migrated to Metro Manila. Grace’s first successful assignment in 2002 was to assist a CPP-NPA member from Leyte who travelled by air alone to Manila supposedly to seek further medical treatment. The CENCOM member who used the code name “Mike” himself met with most of those she successfully located, thereby effectively reconnecting some of them to the urban revolutionary movement of the CTG.

While in Metro Manila, alias Bart worked as mason-carpenter but without his knowledge his common-law wife was still working with alias Joy and alias Mike in arranging meeting places for ranking party leaders and cadres in Metro Manila and nearby Rizal province, and in distributing electronic propaganda materials in DVD format to the media outlets in the capital.

In 2005, alias Mike relocated the couple to Subic, Zambales where a ranking officer of the Workers’ Alliance in Region 3 (WAR-3) contacted Grace. She was asked to speak at the anti-government rally in Tarlac in November 2005 marking the first anniversary of the Hacienda Luisita bloodshed.

From 2010 to 2016, Ka Gary, the WAR-3 leader, engaged Grace in the party-list election campaigning of at least five party-list groups under the Makabayan bloc, namely Bayan Muna, Anak Pawis, Gabriela Women’s Party, Suara Bangsamoro and Kabataan.

Upon verification, it was established that Ka Gary died of tuberculosis sometime in 2017, cutting the involvement of Grace in the 2019 party-list elections.

Lately, Grace’s son, who earlier surrendered to 14IB PA, reached out and convinced his mother and stepfather to peacefully yield. The couple eventually took the risk of travelling back to Leyte a few days ago and turned themselves in to 14IB, PA.

“The Philippine Army, in partnership with other government agencies and local government units, intensifies its campaign against the terrorist cpp-npa-ndf in order to end the local communist armed conflict as directed by President Duterte through Executive Order No. 70,” said Lt. Col. Ernesto Dela Rosa, Jr., commander of the 14IB PA.

“The revelations of the couple who originated from Leyte but was moved to Luzon by the cpp-npa-ndf is a proof of the standard practice of the latter to hide their forces from military offensive in the countryside. This also gives weight to earlier claims by other former rebels that the Makabayan bloc is indeed the umbrella organization of the cpp-led party-list groups,” concluded Brig. Gen. Zosimo A. OIiveros, commander of 802nd Infantry (Peerless) Brigade, 8ID, PA.

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Kalinaw News: 94IB seized high-powered firearms from CTG in Negros encounters

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 3, 2021): 94IB seized high-powered firearms from CTG in Negros encounters

CAMP PERALTA, Jamindan, Capiz – The Army’s 94th Infantry (Mandirigma) Battalion figured in two consecutive skirmishes with the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) in Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental on Friday, October 01, 2021.

The first encounter transpired at Purok 3, Sitio Cunalom in Barangay Carabalan at about 09:00 a.m.

The troops were conducting combat operations in response to reports on the presence of armed CPP-NPA Terrorists (CNTs) who were conducting harassment and extortion to civilians. Informants also reported that the terrorist group were laying explosives in the area. Upon searching the area, the CNT detonated the said anti-personnel mines. Fortunately, no one got hurt from the government forces, as they outmaneuvered the terrorist group.

The five minutes firefight resulted to the seizure of the enemy’s M16 rifle with one (1) long magazine and ammunition.

At about 2:00 p.m., the blocking force of the 94IB also figured in a five-minute clash with more or less 15 communist-terrorists at the vicinity of Sitio Lanap in Barangay Buenavista. After which, the CNTs withdrew towards the Southwest direction.

Seized from the encounter site were the following: one (1) M14 rifle; one (1) backpack; one (1) solar panel; one (1) power bank, and subversive documents with high-intelligence value.

In his part, 94IB Commander Lieutenant Colonel Angelo S Guzman commended the troops’ successful operations and tactical proficiency in finding and engaging the CNTs.

Meanwhile, 302nd Infantry Brigade Commander Brigadier General Leonardo I Peña PA credited the bravery of the residents of Purok 3, Sitio Cunalom of Brgy. Buenavista for reporting the CNTs presence in their community.

“The NPA is not welcome anymore in Himamaylan City and Negros Island. The Negrenses are speaking; thus, I encourage you to lay down your arms and surrender like many of your former comrades did and are now living a better and peaceful life,” said Brigadier General Peña.

In his statement, Major General Benedict Arevalo, Commander of the Army’s 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division commended the 94IB for spoiling the CTG’s atrocities against the communities as proven by the explosives detonated in Barangay Carabalan.

“The CTG in Negros wants to project that they are still a force to reckon with by using anti-personnel mines to inflict greater damage. This action is a clear violation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL). They are showing their true nature as anti-peace and anti-people terrorist organization with no regard to humanity,” Major General Arevalo said.

Major General Arevalo also reiterated his call for all Negrenses to continue participating in the government’s journey towards ending the local communist armed conflict in Negros Island.

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Kalinaw News: TESDA conducts 2-day Livelihood Training to 51 IPs in Capas, Tarlac

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 3, 2021): TESDA conducts 2-day Livelihood Training to 51 IPs in Capas, Tarlac (By Clyde Yano)

Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija – In a bid to address the issue of poverty and lack of livelihood, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), as the lead agency of the Poverty Reduction, Livelihood and Employment Cluster of PTF-ELCAC Tarlac, conducted two-day livelihood training to 51 members of Tambayan-Farmers Association composed of IPs in Sitio Pisapungan, Brgy Sta Juliana, Capas, Tarlac last September 16-17, 2021.

The Tambayan-Farmers Association is a People’s Organization organized with the help of the Army’s Community Support Program team. Members are composed of former Milisyang Bayan and CTG supporters exploited by using the issue of ancestral domain, poverty, and lack of livelihood.

Among the training for the IPs were Produce and Plant Vigorous Seedlings, Management of Breeder Bucks and Does, and Basic Entrepreneurship. Apart from that, the participants also received food packs containing assorted groceries, bread and pastries, hygiene kits, bed sheets, personal hygiene kits, and assorted clothes.

“Kami po ay nagpapasalamat sa inyong lahat lalo na sa mga kasundaluhan. Noon po ang Sitio Pisapungan ay may maraming mahabagin at malungkot na karanasan, pero dumating po ang takdang panahon na may mga taong tumulong dito sa aming lugar. Ako po ay nagpapasalamat sa mga taong tumutulong sa amin na sila po ang nagbigay sa amin ng tuwid na daan hanggang sa kasalukuyan sa aming mga anak. Unti-unting nabibigyan ng kaliwanagan ang kaisipan ng bawat isa dito sa Sitio Pisapungan,” said Hon. Alfredo Tiago, Chieftain of Sitio Pisapungan.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Eugene Henry Z Cabusao, the Commanding Officer of the 3rd Mechanized Infantry Battalion thanked the IPs for their appreciation of the unit’s efforts in delivering government services to their community.

“Ang inyong kasundaluhan ay nagpapasalamat sa inyong pinakitang kooperasyon at paraan ng pagpapasalamat, ito ay nagpapatunay lamang na sa pamamagitan ng kapayapaan ay meron kaunlaran kaya’t wala nang puwang ang baluktot na ideolohiya ng mga teroristang grupo sa inyong komunidad,” said Lieutenant Colonel Cabusao.

He also expressed his gratitude to the training team from TESDA for their unwavering commitment to reach out and train the IPs despite the challenges of continuous rainfall and rugged terrain. Truly they proved the “TESDA Abot Lahat” camapign even in the Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDAs).

The said training was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Concepcion Vocational School-TESDA, Rotary Club – Midtown Tarlac, JVP King Bread Corporation, BTF- ELCAC of Brgy Sta Juliana, 31st Mechanized Infantry Company, 22nd Special Action Company, and Capas PNP.

The Acting Commander of 7th Infantry (KAUGNAY) Division, Philippine Army Brigadier General Luis Rex Bergante PA said that the Army fully supports the initiatives of PRLEC intended for the members of Indigenous Community addressing the root causes of poverty.
“Nawa’y magamit niyo ang pagsasanay na ito upang mas mapaunlad niyo pa ang inyong kabuhayan. Narito ang gobyerno upang suportahan ang magandang layunin ng inyong organisasyon,” said Brigadier General Bergante.

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Kalinaw News: More farmer groups in Silay denounce CTGs

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 3, 2021): More farmer groups in Silay denounce CTGs

SAGAY CITY, Negros Occidental – More farmer groups in Brgy Eustaquio Lopez, Silay City strongly denounce the violence and atrocities committed by the
Communist Terrorist
Groups (CTGs) as they staged a peaceful rally on October 2, 2021.

Members of the four (4) farmers’ association namely Hda Cumabat Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (HACUARBA); Hda Mariano –D Farmers and Farm Workers Association (HAMADFFWA); Hda Vista Aligre Farmers and Farm Workers Association (HAVAFFWA); and Hda Gretchen Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (HAGARBA) marched along the thoroughfares of their barangay carrying placards bearing messages that earnestly called on the communist insurgents to stop terrorism in their communities while voicing out their sentiments and resistance against the terrorist group.

They then took their Oath of Allegiance to the Philippine Government before Hon. Memia Gallego, Brgy Captain of E.Lopez.

Replica flags of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) were also burned to show that CNTs are not welcome in their villages.

In his message, Mr. Gilbert Bautista, former member of National Federation of Sugar Workers (NFSW) but now Chairman of Hda Vista Aligre Farmers and Farm Workers Association (HAVAFFWA) thanked 79IB for helping their association to avail the programs of the government.

“Nagpasalamat gd ako sa Philippine Army sa pag bulig sa amon kay firstime na ang amon asosasyon naka avail sa programa sa gobyerno.”

Bautista urged his fellow farmers to avoid being used again by the CTGs and its allied organizations. “Wala na ako sing plano na mag balik sa gin halinan ko. Kontento na ako. Indi na kailangan mo singgit pa kita sa City Hall na ‘Bugas! Bugas! Hindi armas!’ kay ari na ang programa sa gobyerno. Gin daho na nila sa aton. Batuna nyo.”

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel J-jay T Javines, Commanding Officer of 79th Infantry “Masaligan” Battalion lauded the efforts of the community in condemning the CTGs.

“The pledge to withdraw their support from the armed group is already a bold step towards ending insurgency. It may seem usual and insignificant to conduct condemnation rallies but for people who were once victimized by the deceptions and threats of CTGs, participating in these kinds of activities is more than enough to show their clamor and earnest desire to live in a place where peace and development prosper.”

“Let us work together in winning over any threat that hinders peace and progress in your communities,” Lieutenant Colonel Javines added.

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Kalinaw News: Army and GMA Kapuso Foundation distributed school supplies in remotest area in Iloilo

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 3, 2021): Army and GMA Kapuso Foundation distributed school supplies in remotest area in Iloilo

CAMP HERNANDEZ, Dingle Iloilo – 1,062 kinder and grade 1 pupils from 28 elementary schools in the remotest and underserved areas of Iloilo City received backpacks, complete with school supplies, and anti-COVID-19 hygiene kits from the GMA Kapuso Foundation Inc. (GMAKFI) Technical Education, in partnership with the Department of Education of Iloilo and the 61st Infantry Battalion.

The three-day distribution held on September 28 to 30, 2021, partners members of GMA Kapuso and other stakeholders, together with elements of the 61IB, trekked to the geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDAs) in the municipalities of Santa Barbara and Oton, Iloilo. The activity aims to inspire both parents to continue encouraging and motivating their children to study and remain in school by providing them with complete sets of school materials.

The activity was made possible through the convergence of the GMA Kapuso Foundation Inc, Regional Coordinator Ms Amabelle Russiana, Dra. Ma Fe L. Brillante, Public School District Supervisor (PSDS), BGen Marion R Sison, Commander, 301st Infantry Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Noemi S Nepumuche, 604th Community Defense Center and the 61st Infantry Battalion.

In strict observance of health protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, parents received the packages on behalf of their children.

“The children are the young generations in the country that experienced the lack of education and parental support. To fill-up the gaps in education, the GMA Kapuso Foundation, Inc, DepEd and the Philippine Army joined hands in giving school materials and bringing back the interest of the children to learning and education.” Ms. Russianna said.

Furthermore, she emphasized that it is not all the time that we need to give big things; but it is the sum of small contributions that help achieve the bigger purpose. Education, she added, is one of the keys to reach one’s dreams.

The parents expressed their gratitude to GMA Kapuso Foundation and the Philippine Army for their commitment in helping their children reach their dreams.

Brigadier General Marion Sison, 301Bde Commander, underscored the importance of instilling the value of education among the children especially in the GIDAs. “We must empower these children through education. No child should be left behind. We have to implement innovative programs and activities to help them learn. This way, they do not lose hope in reaching for their dreams. These simple contributions will support their educational needs amidst the pandemic,” Brigadier General Sison said.

“By providing these children with opportunities, we help them discover their hidden skills and develop their abilities to make them responsible individuals and potential leaders of our nation.” Brigadier General Sison further urged the parents to guide their children into the right path of success, “Let us work together to support all government initiatives and facilitate the delivery of programs, projects, and services in your communities,” Brigadier General Sison added.

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Kalinaw News: Send-off ceremony accorded to navy vessel in Tawi-Tawi

Posted to Kalinaw News (Oct 3, 2021): Send-off ceremony accorded to navy vessel in Tawi-Tawi

Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City – October 2, 2021 a send-off ceremony was accorded to the BRP Emilio Jacinto (PS-35) on October 1, 2021. Colonel Romeo Racadio, Commander of Joint Task Force Tawi-Tawi presided over the ceremony held on-board the said vessel.

The ceremony was highlighted with a ship tour and capability info-brief facilitated by Cdr Clyde Domingo, Commanding Officer of BRP Emilio Jacinto (PS-35). Colonel Racadio then engaged with and presented a memento to the crew of the vessel.

In his message, Colonel Racadio lauded the crew members for their hard work and dedication in securing the Philippine waters in the south. “My gratitude to you for a job well done,” the commander stated.

BRP Emilio Jacinto (PS-35) is currently assigned to the Offshore Combat Force of the Philippine Fleet. It is one of the few ships in the Philippine Navy equipped with modern systems after the completion of combat, navigation, and weapon systems upgrades in 2019. It is set to undergo repair (dry dock) and upgrade and will be replaced by BRP Mariano Alvarez (PS-38).

“The BRP Emilio Jacinto (PS-35) has been of great help to the Western Mindanao Command particularly in the campaign against terrorism and kidnap for ransom activity at sea,” said Major General Alfredo Rosario, Jr., Commander of Western Mindanao Command. “Thank you and I am so proud of you”.

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