Monday, November 5, 2018

War on IS-linked Maute gaining steam — police

From the Manila Standard (Nov 3): War on IS-linked Maute gaining steam — police

Wide-scale military and police operations against the identified terrorist Islamic State-inspired Maute group operating in Maguindanao and nearby provinces continued to gain ground, forcing an operative to yield at the adjoining province of Lanao del Sur.

Chief Supt Graciano Mijares, police director in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, identified the alleged Maute/IS group member as Camal Tawakal Marcos, a farmer and resident of Barangay Tambac Mantapoli, Lumbatan town.
Mijares said an M16 rifle, a supposedly issued firearm of Marcos in the terrorist organization, was given to police authorities.

Marcos’ surrender brings to 40 the number of Maute fighters to have surrendered following the demise of their leader Omar Maute who was killed by security forces during the five-month intense fighting in Marawi City in 2017.
Mijares said the surrender of the Maute group member occurred after the Lumbatan Municipal Police Station received an information on Marcos plan to yield, prompting town mayor Allan Lao to help in the surrender.

Mijares said after receipt of Marcos’ plan, police led by SP01 Tohamie Mortaba proceeded to Tambac village to do “a profile” parallel to the synchronize efforts of the Army’s 55th Infantry Battalion deployed in the area.

“We are working closely with the Philippine Army and our stakeholders to convince the remaining ISIS-Maute terrorist group members to surrender and live normal lives,” Mijares said.

Earlier, seven Maute members surrendered to the military in Pagayawan, Lanao del Sur along with three Garand rifles, a carbine, four caliber .45 pistols and a 9mm pistol.

Recently, the composition of the Maute terrorist group had dwindled with the surrender of six members in Lanao del Sur.

They also brought in high-powered firearms, including a locally-manufactured caliber .50 rifle, three M79 grenade launchers and a carbine rifle.

MILF: BIAF hosts advocacy on Bangsamoro Organic Law

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Website (Oct 29): BIAF hosts advocacy on Bangsamoro Organic Law

Photo by Dan Mulod

Datu Abdullah Sangki, Maguindanao--- The 1st Brigade of Guerilla Operations, Inner Guard Base Command, National Guard Front, BIAF-MILF headed by Brigade Commander Hajji Tho Paduman hosted Advocacy on Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) in this town on October 27.
MILF BIAF commanders and elements belonging to the brigade, MILF Political Committee officers and members, local folks, religious sector, women, and local political leaders attended the advocacy.

Abdulrahim Kanakan, a religious leader said, “As Muslims, we must perform first our religious obligation because it is the very foundation of our struggle.

“Let us strengthen our faith in Allah (S.W.T.), pray for his guidance in seeking lasting peace in our homeland”, added Kanakan.

Khairudin Anwar, a staff of Kalilintad Peacebuilding Institute, said “In our struggle to achieve right to self-determination, we cannot easily get what we want as there is a need to spend our properties and lives for the common cause.”

Anwar told the participants to be ready for the coming plebiscite, a crucial stage of our democratic struggle.

Moidjoddin Talusob, General Secretary of Federation of Bangsamoro Civil Society Organizations (FBCSO), said “We encourage our women to exercise their rights to cast their vote, and vote yes during plebiscite on January 21, 2019.”

“Our participation in the plebiscite is the key to the success of the BOL, Talusob added.

Busra Diliyuden, Deputy on Guerilla Operation, said “We have gathered today as a show of our unity and solidarity in support to the BOL, so let us overwhelmingly cast the yes vote on plebiscite day.”

Diliyuden told the BIAF field commanders and elements that they must obey the MILF leadership in sustaining peace in the community.

“We should implement all orders of the MILF Central Committee pertaining to the organic law so that the yes vote will win during plebiscite”, Diliyuden emphasized.

Esmael A. Abdula, Training Officer of Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute, said that the BOL when ratified will “bring the government to the people”.

“The organic law when ratified, the new regional government will pursue peace, and justice for all, and infuse development in our homeland. That is why we should oblige ourselves to vote ‘yes’ during the plebiscite”, Abdula added.

“Our affirmative votes for BOL are our legacy to the next generation.”

Abdula explained that the stages of Moro struggle underwent series of bloody wars and on-and-off negotiations that resulted to the signing of milestone peace agreements between the Philippine Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the largest Moro revolutionary front in Mindanao.

MILF: MILF statement on Sulu Governor’s Petition to block BOL

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Website (Oct 30): MILF statement on Sulu Governor’s Petition to block BOL

In reaction to a 48-page petition for certiorari and prohibition dated October 11, 2018, by Sulu Governor Abdusakur “Totoh” Tan II questioning the legality of the Republic Act No. 11054, also known as the Organic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (OLBARMM), the Moro Islamic Liberation Front Central Committee on Information in an official statement said:

We recognize that it is within the rights of Governor Tan to file this petition. However, it is also within our preview to challenge his motivation, hoping that altruistic reasons drove him rather than prolonging a political career. The BOL is more than a piece of legislation.

In the same statement the MILF said that the BOL “is a product of the 17 years of difficult peace negotiations and four years of arduous drafting and consultation process with a variety of stakeholders in the Bangsamoro as well as eminent constitutionalists and legal experts.”

“The BOL hopes to fulfill the Bangsamoro’s right to self-determination, address the historical grievances of the Bangsamoro people and introduce necessary reforms to promote good governance and improve the delivery of services in a region gravely affected by decades-long conflict,” the MILF also said in the statement.

It added that, “The BOL, compared to RA 9054 and RA 6734, has provisions that will grant the Bangsamoro people, including the Sulu province, the opportunity to chart their political, economic and social future. Surely, the Sulu governor can see value in that?”

“We can only hope that the honorable men and women of the high court would see that the BOL will help reinforce and strengthen the political and legal foundation of just and lasting peace in the region. Moreover, it was deliberated upon and approved by the Congress’ best legal minds who are also confident that the BOL can stand the test of constitutionality in the Supreme Court,” the MILF further said.

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front assures everyone that it will remain committed to the peace process and work with various stakeholders in Mindanao.

MILF: Iqbal orients Key Leaders of ZAMBASULTA MILF - Dawah Committee on BOL, Peace Process

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Website (Nov 1): Iqbal orients Key Leaders of ZAMBASULTA MILF - Dawah Committee on BOL, Peace Process

Camp Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao. The Chairman of MILF Peace Implementing Panel Mohagher Iqbal oriented the key leaders of MILF - Committee on Dawah coming from Zamboanga Peninsula, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi - tawi (ZAMBASULTA) on Bangsamoro Organic Law (BO) and Peace Process held at Lantaka Hotel, Zamboanga City on October 19, 2018.
The activity was facilitated by Ustads Mansul D. Esmael, Chairman of Dawah Northern Sulu and currently Regional Director of ZAMBASULTA and attended by more or less 35 Asatidz or Islamic Scholars and witnessed by MILF Central Committee Chairman of Committee on Dawah, and currently member of MILF Peace Implementing Panel and BTC Commissioner Aleem Ebrahim Ali.

Iqbal imparted to them the narrative of peace process from 1976 Tripoli Agreement, Jeddah Accord, 1996 Final Peace Agreement with the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and with Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) MOA - AD, Framework Agreement on Bangsamoro (FAB), Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro (CAB) and now the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL).

He stressed the importance of supporting the BOL, its implications to the Bangsamoro people, opportunities and challenges.

During the open forum many questions were raised specifically on normalization track such as on decommissioning of MILF combatants and weapons, dismantling of private armed groups (PAGs), and transformation of combatants into a civilian life.

The discussion was so fruitful and informative that participants reiterated their unconditional support to the BOL and vowed to campaign for a yes vote in their respective areas in this coming plebiscite on January 21 next year.

MILF: MNLF pledges to carry out aggressive info campaign in support of BOL

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Website (Nov 1): MNLF pledges to carry out aggressive info campaign in support of BOL

In photo- OPAPP Sec. Jess Dureza with MNLF leaders during their meeting in Davao City

DAVAO CITY — Top officials of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) met with Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza here to pledge their full support for the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) through the implementation of a strategic information, education and communications (IEC) campaign in their communities.
“The MNLF is committed to help the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte by supporting the BOL and campaigning for (its ratification in) the plebiscite,” MNLF Central Committee Chair Yusoph Jikiri told Dureza during the meeting yesterday.

In response, Dureza acknowledged the MNLF’s strong commitment to help the national government in creating a greater level of public awareness on the landmark measure.

“I am very pleased with the MNLF’s determined efforts to help the Duterte administration in generating a groundswell of support for BBL and ensure its ratification,” he said.

In particular, Dureza lauded the MNLF Central Committee for issuing a resolution declaring the organization’s unequivocal support for the BOL’s ratification and eventual implementation.

The resolution was issued during the MNLF’s General Assembly held last October 7 in Indanan, Sulu.

Monday’s dialogue was a follow up to a conversation between Dureza and members of the MNLF Central Committee held earlier this month in Davao City.

During that meeting, it was agreed that the MNLF, in partnership with the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP), will develop and implement a multi-stakeholder IEC campaign within the organization’s areas of coverage.

“The MNLF, under the leadership of Chair Jikiri, has over the years been a reliable partner of the national government in sustaining the gains of peace in Mindanao,” Dureza said.

“We hope to continue strengthening this partnership in the coming years,” he added.

Dureza said the BOL will not favor any particular group or organization, emphasizing that it is the embodiment of all signed agreements between the Philippine Government and the various Moro fronts in Mindanao.

MILF: Iqbal pays courtesy visit to Basilan Provincial Government

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Website (Nov 2): Iqbal pays courtesy visit to Basilan Provincial Government

In Photo-Courtesy visit of Chairman Mohagher Iqbal of MILF PIP to the Office of Basilan Governor Jim Salliman

Camp Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao. Chairman Mohagher Iqbal of MILF Peace Implementing Panel paid courtesy visit to the Provincial Government of Basilan and was received personally by Governor Jim Salliman on October 20, 2018.
Chairman Iqbal was accompanied by MILF panel members Abdullah Camlian, Aleem Ebrahim Ali, PIP Secretariat Engr. Mohajirin T. Ali, PIP Legal Consultant Atty. Lanang T. Ali Jr., MILF JCC Head Abdullah P. Salik Jr., Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) Commissioners Abdulgapor Karnain, and Hatimil Hassan.

During the courtesy visit, the two leaders talked about the proposed Bangsamoro Government, its challenges and opportunities, peace and security and preparations for the forthcoming plebiscite.

Governor Salliman reiterated his unrelenting support to the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) and mentioned that he was once an advocate of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) crafted by the 1st Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC1) during President Benigno Aquino’s Administration as member of House of Representative of the Lone District of Basilan (He served three terms).

He suggested to Chairman Iqbal to have a proper messaging on BOL for the people of Isabela City specially to the city’s Christian residents during the campaign period set by the COMELEC comes December 7, 2018 to January 19, 2019 for the plebiscite on January 21, 2019.

Isabela is a coastal component City in the Island Province of Basilan and served as its Provincial capital and subject for inclusion in the proposed Bangsamoro government which is the same case with Cotabato City that both residents will be asked if they favored the inclusion of their respective cities in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) during the plebiscite.

Salliman stressed, " We don't have any problem in Basilan. Maybe a little but manageable. I will lay down my name here in Isabela City just to win for a yes vote for BOL and we will not allow its defeat," Salliman stressed.

MILF: BIAF 5th Brigade, Expeditionary Mission Inner Guard Command holds General Assembly

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Website (Nov 3): BIAF 5th Brigade, Expeditionary Mission Inner Guard Command holds General Assembly

Salipada K. Pendatun, Maguindanao ---The 5th Brigade, Expeditionary Mission Inner Guard Command, Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces -Moro Islamic Liberation Front (BIAF-MILF) held a general assembly with the theme “Strengthening Unity and Solidarity towards Peace and Development’’.
Ustadz Mahmud Ahmad, Executive Director of Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI) said “The importance of obeying a leader is obligatory in Islam.”

Kris Guialal, Secretary General of Committee on Information, MILF Central Committee, clarified that the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) is a legal translation of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) that will put in place a new political entity called Bangsamoro.

“The BOL is the result of our long struggle to right to self-determination that will address the historical injustices committed against the Moro people in Mindanao”, emphasized Guialal.

In Photo- BLMI Executive Director Mahmud Ahmad delivering his message during the general assembly at Salipada K. Pendatun town

Sgt. Nadzmar D. Yahcob, Detachment Commander, Bravo Company 33 IB AFP, said “The implementation of peace process must be observed and the cooperation among us should be maintained and sustained to avoid conflict in the area.”

Professor Esmail A. Abdula, Training Officer of Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute, said the Bangsamoro Parliamentary System of government will provide more benefits to people and communities as provided for in the Bangsamoro Organic Law (OL).

“Most successful countries adopted the parliamentary system of government rather than the unitary and presidential form of government”, Abdula stressed.

Ustadz Ansar Kudanding, Head of AHJAG-MILF Team Site 4, said that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) even before President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration, have already launched a campaign on illegal drugs and declared ‘’Shabu’’ as forbidden (Haram) in Islam. They have conducted operations on illegal drugs in different areas in Maguindanao, and parts of Central Mindanao and the ARMM.

Mayor Bonnie T. Kali, Mayor of General Salipada K. Pendatun, said that peace and development are coming as a result of the struggle and determination of the MILF.

Kali added that some barangays in this town were affected by family feuds and fighting between AFP and lawless elements.

Mayor Kali said today many civilians have returned to their barangays and started to cultivate their empty land and plant rice and corn, and other crops.

MILF: UBJP-Basilan Conducts Advocacy on Bangsamoro Organic Law

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Website (Nov 5): UBJP-Basilan Conducts Advocacy on Bangsamoro Organic Law

ISABELA, Basilan- United Bangsamor Justice Party-Lantawan Chapter conducted advocacy on Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) on Nov. 1, 2018 at Barangay Lower Manggas with substantial number of participants.
According to Abu Osama Al Yakani, Chief Executive of UBJP Lantawan, that upon the request of local leaders and residents to conduct advocacy in their respective barangays they were able to hold at least two or three advocacies for the past two months.

This writer was surprise to learn that Lower Manggas, a mainly Tao Sug speaking community known before as MNLF supporters are now members of Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF) who secretly underwent training few years ago, and most of them trained at Camp Salman al Farsi.

Among them are Ustadz Latip and Ustadz Jamil who are the core organizers of the activity. Abu Osama spoke about the salient points of BOL, while Majid A. Nur, MILF Information Director of Basilan talked about Moro Identity and the historical perspective of the Bangsamoro struggle.

There were questions raised by Ustadz Jamil in local dialect such as, 1. Uno in mahasil ta ha BARMM? (What can we get/benefit from the BARMM?) 2. Mayta pa sabian in ARMM? (Why abolish ARMM?)

Abo Osama explained some benefits of the BARMM such as the block grants which is an automatic appropriation that is not granted to the ARMM. The Special Development Fund of 50 Billion Pesos for livelihood & rehabilitation, and more powers granted to the Bangsamoro .

At the end of the activity, some residents of adjacent Barangay of Buanza, the stronghold of slain Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon during the Marawi Siege requested Abu Osama to conduct another advocacy in their barangay as many residents have not attended the advocacy.

MILF: UBJP-Maguindanao 2nd District-A Holds Assembly and Advocacy in Salipada K. Pendatun town

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Website (Nov 6): UBJP-Maguindanao 2nd District-A Holds Assembly and Advocacy in Salipada K. Pendatun town

At the podium, UBJP Secretary General delivering his message to assembly participants in Salipada K. Pendatun town in Maguindanao

Maguindanao Province-The United Bangsamoro Justice Party conducted an assembly and advocacy on “Understanding the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) last November 3, 2018 at Gen. Salipada K. Pendatun, Maguindanao attended by UBJP officers from different municipalities under 2nd district of Maguindanao.
Rahib Payapat, Secretary General UBJP 2nd District Maguindanao said that the purpose of the assembly is to ensure the victory of the yes vote in the core territory.

Payapat also presented the different municipal chapters of Maguindanao-A.

According to him in the advent of Bangsamoro Government there shall be no worries and fear among all people as the success of the peace process, and the passage of Bangsamoro Organic Law will redound to greater good of people.

Professor Esmail A. Abdula, Training Officer of Bangsamoro Leadership (BLMI) and Management Institute, President Kalilintad Peace Institute (KPI) and provincial Chairman UBJP Documentation touched on the issue Parliamentary or ministerial form of Government for Bangsamoro as in accordance to the wish of Bangsamoro people.

Abdula said that the Bangsamoro Government will remain consultative, transparent and collective in nature where no one is left behind.

Atty. Abdul. M. Dataya, Chief Executive Officer of United Bangsamoro Justice Party of Maguindanao-A said that in this assembly he does not want to politicalize the activity because it’s purpose is to fix the status of UBJP officers and the constituents in the area.

He said that after the result of the plebiscite is known, and the yes votes win, the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) shall assume the governance of the ARMM.

After the confirmation of the list of municipal chapters of UBJP Maguindanao-A, its officers and members they took their Mubaya (pledge of allegiance) as the highlight of the program.

Abdularauf ‘’Sammy Almansor’’ Makakua, Secretary General UBJP, Chief of staff BIAF-MILF and member of Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC). He said in leadership in Islam ‘’ when the leadership is good the entire nation becomes prosperous, when the leadership is destruct the entire nation is damage.’’

Makakua said, the best solution to reach the best leadership to achieve the essence of struggle is going back to the characteristics of Prophet which is the moral of prophet is higher in rank and never committed immoral activities. He reiterate that today’s phenomenon all illegal activities are here and this is now the reason why the MILF leadership pursue the fighting against immoral activities in the region to achieve the real changes of inshallah.

He added the principle of MILF is to attain that good characters but we need first to have the authority before we implement what people wish to do best. The only way to achieve the dream is to win the Bangsamoro Organic Law during plebiscite.

MILF: “We Must Upgrade Ourselves Morally, Intellectually, and in Leadership Skills“-Al Mansoor

Posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Website (Nov 6): “We Must Upgrade Ourselves Morally, Intellectually, and in Leadership Skills“-Al Mansoor

“We must upgrade ourselves, morally intellectually and in leadership skills,” said Abdulraof “Sammy Al Mansoor” Macacua during the 50th Foundation anniversary of the Al-Muslimin Alpha Phi, Inc. (AMAPI) at Genalin Resort and Convention Center, Barangay Calean, Tacurong City on November 3, 2018.
He was invited by organizers as guest of honor and speaker of the occasion.

Macacua is the Chief of Staff of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF), Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)and the Secretary General of UBJP, an MILF-principled political party.

Another important remark was articulated by Honorable Freddie G. Mangudadatu, incumbent Mayor of the Mangudatu town in Maguindanao who said, “We must give all out support to the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL).

Mayor Mangudadatu is an aspirant for the governorship of Maguindanao.

Macacua stressed that morally, we must see the example set by the Holy Prophet (peace by upon him) when the Almighty described him as one who possessed best character among all of humanity. On intellect, we must refer to the command from the Almighty when He said: “read” in the first verse of the Noble Qur’an when it was revealed to the prophet. On leadership, he cited the example of Gov. Esmael “Toto” G. Mangudadatu, who made good performance in office. But his speech of effulgence was perplexed by frequent power interruptions.

Mayor Mangudadatu on the other hand called on every one to favorably contribute to the success of the BOL. Accordingly, he heard some negative remarks connecting the Mangudadatus to the BOL but he said, that is not true. He further said, if you hear similar words involving the Mangudadatus, please confirm the truth with him.

Abu Huraira Udasan, Bangsamoro Grand Mufti spoke of interpreting important verses from the Qur’an. He said: those who put their hands one above the other for purpose of covenant for unity and good deeds, the Hands of Allah are together above them.

Present in the gathering hosted by Gov. Mangudadatu were more than 500 individuals composed of AMAPI members, families and friends. He was joined at the presidential table by Mayor Mangudadatu, Mayor Midpantao “Antao” Midtimbang of Guindulongan, Mayor Abdulkarim Langkuno of Paglat, Director Sultan Tungko M. Saikol of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, General Akmad Mamalinta of the PNP, Pendatun Alim of the Bureau of Custom, and businessman Datu Haron Bandila.

Banquet and giving of awards were the highlights of the celebration.

MILF: Editorial - BOL questioned in Supreme Court

Editorial posted to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Website (Nov 1): Editorial - BOL questioned in Supreme Court

Any Filipino citizen can go to the Supreme Court and question the legality or constitutionality of any law. The Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL), or RA 11054, is now in the hot-seat for possible legal scrutiny.
Well and good as it shows we are in a democracy and thus, it is within the rights of Sulu Governor Sakur “Totoh” Tan II to file a petition for certiorari and prohibition. He is on the usual track, and because he is young, this exercise can be part of his maturing process.

Nevertheless, the motive behind the filing left us confounded and therefore, we are seriously questioning it. The BOL is a vast improvement than RA 9054, which in turn amended RA 6734 that established the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). What would he gain if the BOL, or parts of it, are declared unconstitutional? Perhaps self-satisfaction that he can block the BOL to become a full law? If this is so, it is undoubtedly a shallow success at the expense of the higher good of the Bangsamoro people including those in Sulu where most of its residents are living below the marginal line.

We would like to believe that the petition is only the handiwork of the younger Tan, and no dominant hand is pushing him from behind.

In a meeting with MILF Chair Al Haj Murad Ebrahim in Makati City in July this year, his father, former Sulu Governor Abdusakur “Sakur” Tan, had not objected to the BOL, previously called BBL. Our impression is that he has an altruistic aim of helping improve the law especially the territorial jurisdiction by proposing to include the Zamboanga Peninsula.

Be this as it may, it is still perplexing why the younger Tan, signing the petition as governor of Sulu, is opposing the BOL that was “fathered” by no less than President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Is this not an open defiance of the president’s peace policy to address the historical injustices committed against the Bangsamoro? Furthermore, will this actuation endear him to the president or will this lead to a falling-out with the president? The president is still the most powerful Filipino leader today, aside from being very popular with the people.

In addition, the proposed law was deliberated in Congress by some of the best legal minds in the country, to name a few, Senator Franklin Drilon, former Senate President Koko Pimentel, Senator Richard Gordon, Senator Sonny Angara, Senator Chiz Escudero, former House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, former House Majority Floor Leader Rodolfo Farinas. They were in the frontlines during the deliberations of the BOL in Congress, especially during the Bicameral Conference Committee debates. The BOL made it in Congress, yes, BUT THROUGH THE PROVERBIAL EYE OF THE NEEDLE.

The fate of BOL is now on the hands of the Supreme Court. Composed of honorable men and women, all we can do is to trust them and wait for their decision.

The younger Tan’s decision is either deeply thought-out or haphazardly done depending on the consequence. If he gets a temporary restraining order (TRO) from the Supreme Court to stop the holding of the plebiscite on January 21, 2019, which is the immediate objective, then the regular election in the ARMM would push through. Is it, therefore, a coincidence that while this petition is being pursued, someone in Sulu has also filed candidacy for the regional governor in the ARMM? A case of shooting two birds with one stone?

On the other hand, if the petition is rushed, because of youthhood, those supporting the BOL would suspect his intentions and accuse him of working against the cause of the Bangsamoro people. Moreover, reversely, if he fails to get a TRO, and with finality, the Supreme Court rules in favor of the constitutionality of the BOL, is this not devastation, politically speaking, as we’ve pushed the BOL and essentially the peace process into brinkmanship or last-ditch option?

Unlike before, his father is currently facing strong and formidable political opponents. All the prominent and influential clans in Sulu, such as the Loongs, Amins, Tulawis, Sahidullahs, Estinos, and Arbisons, have arrayed against him and his son. Incidentally, these clans are all pro-BOL.

Without a doubt, the outcome of the petition has a direct bearing on the gubernatorial race in Sulu. The battle lines are drawn: those in favor of the BOL and those against the BOL. If a TRO is forthcoming, the chance of the father-and-son tandem will be significantly enhanced. However, if they fail, those opposing them would be in the upper hand.

NDF/NPA RC-Negros: The revolutionary forces and the people of Negros will frustrate AFP’s “all-out war” in the island

NPA Regional Command-Negros propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front (NDF) Website (Nov 1): The revolutionary forces and the people of Negros will frustrate AFP’s “all-out war” in the island

Press Statement
Juanito Magbanua
Spokesperson, Apolinario Gatmaitan Command
New People’s Army Regional Command – Negros Island

October 30, 2018

The plan of the fascist US-Duterte regime to launch a so-called “all-out war” against the revolutionary forces and the people of Negros has already been in the works even prior to the massacre of nine members of the National Federation of Sugar Workers (NFSW) that took place more than a week ago in Sagay City, Negros Occidental.

For the past several months, the pronouncements and actions of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) concerning Negros have all been ostensibly building up towards yet another period of intensified counter-revolutionary armed suppression in the island.

It has multiplied the deployment of peace and development teams or PDTs in the barrios, to the detriment of course of real peace and development thereabouts. It has in fact added two entire battalions this year, the 15th and 94th IB of the Philippine Army. It has increasingly gone high-tech in military surveillance and sustained reconnaissance sorties that constantly portend combat.

It has maliciously labeled the collective food production initiatives of farm workers in land cultivation areas (LCAs) as front projects for finance of the New People’s Army (NPA). It has publicly emboldened landlords to file criminal charges against starving Negrense tillers who organize LCAs and call for genuine agrarian reform. It has unfailingly been complicit with powerful landed elites in murdering one peasant leader after another.

Clearly, it has never been the NFSW nor the NPA, but the AFP, the Philippine National Police (PNP), the hacienderos and their goons, who have all along been trying to act out a badly written, yet all too fatal “script.”

They have been aggressive in projecting the utter lie that the struggle of thousands of sugar farm workers for higher wages, benefits and free land distribution is unlawful, criminal and terroristic. They have, consequently, been setting up leaders and organizers of the NFSW and the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) as “legitimate” targets not only of vilification but also of the obviously more serious threat of extrajudicial killing.

They have in fact been anxiously waiting for a carnage distressingly as high-profile as the Sagay massacre to happen — one which they could readily, however falsely, blame on militant peasant organizations and the revolutionary movement; one with which to expediently justify further state-sponsored carnage by way of “all-out war,” and possibly in combination with an island-wide imposition of martial law.

TEMPO/Kevin Tristan Espiritu
The October 20 Sagay massacre, the single most brutal incident of peasant killing under the US-Duterte regime thus far, and the announcement of “all-out war” in Negros by AFP chief of staff Gen. Carlito Galvez a few days later, demonstrate the brutal and devious extent to which the armed apparatus of the state could be mobilized in defense of the big landlords and compradors.

The rulers of Negros are single-minded in protecting their thousands of hectares of landholdings. Land monopoly allows them not only to preserve the old hacienda system in the sugarlands, with all its confounding layers of feudal and semi-feudal exploitation, but also to bankroll into other agricultural or property-based ventures, especially with multinationals, that are as scandalously exploitative and plunderous.

Malacañang’s imaginary red October terror scare, the continuing militarization of the civilian bureaucracy, the impending extention of martial law in Mindanao, Duterte’s recent marching order to “shoot to kill” anyone who would resist arrest, and the still unfolding episode of “all-out war” in Negros, all prefigure a nationwide and open fascist dictatorship scenario playing itself out in the coming months.

Amid the worsening contradiction among factions of the reactionary class, the US-Duterte regime is likely to use martial law to win as many seats in Congress as well as in the local governments. This should not only bolster the chances of the ruling clique’s drive to effect charter change and the shift towards a federal form of government, but also ensure that no impeachment complaint against the president will ever prosper.

Moreover, finding itself in a desperate run-up to make true its thoughtless promise to decisively defeat the revolutionary armed movement by 2019, the US-Duterte regime wants martial law imposed, either in one part or in the whole country, and its counterinsurgency program leveled up in intensity depending on its areas of priority. Thus, the indefinite perpetuation of martial law in Mindanao and the recently launched “all-out war” of the AFP in Negros.

With “all out war” hanging over Negros, a general escalation of militarist counter-insurgency measures is expected to take effect in both provinces of the island, presumably with the employment of greater resources and logistics and the deployment of a greater number of personnel.

Gen. Galvez himself has announced that troops from the AFP’s Eastern Mindanao Command will soon be dispatched to augment the four maneuver battalions already deployed in Negros. These units, and their usual mercenary force multipliers like the Special Civilian Active Auxiliary and the Revolutionary Proletarian Army, are likely to carry out more frequent military operations that, as always, do not distinguish armed belligerents from civilian masses.

“All-out war” also entails that the AFP and the PNP will further expand the scope of the ongoing political crackdown on activists of the legal democratic mass movement, especially the organized farm workers. The public in general will be subjected to rights curtailment and threats of the tokhang and martial law types of fascist actions.

The people of Negros, however, are not wont to remain passive. The militant ranks of the democratic and patriotic legal mass movement in the island will stand their ground and continue leading antifascist actions, even as they take special steps in effectively ensuring the safety of their comrades who are known targets of violent attacks by armed state forces. Their brave resistance will awaken a broad range of masses and earn the active support of various democratic sectors.

A sustained civil libertarian campaign against “all-out war,” coupled with increasing mass actions that expose and condemn government’s crisis-generating and anti-people economic policies and its hard-core brand of bureaucratic corruption, should accelerate the formation of a broad united front of anti-Duterte forces in the island, and contribute in the advance of a national people’s movement that will completely isolate and eventually oust the rotten US-Duterte regime.

Tempered in fighting one armed counter-revolutionary campaign after another – from the Marcos-era martial rule, through Operation Thunderbolt, and the more recent Oplan Bayanihan that deployed at least 30 combat companies in the island – the NPA in Negros will not now waver.

Expertly carrying out the principle of launching extensive and intensive guerilla warfare based on an ever widening and deepening mass base, the Red fighters and commanders of the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command, together with the revolutionary masses in the whole island, will frustrate the fascist US-Duterte regime’s “all-out war” in Negros.

NDF/Sison: Escalating oppression and exploitation will only engender more people’s armed resistance and revolutionary victories

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front (NDF) Website (Nov 1): Escalating oppression and exploitation will only engender more people’s armed resistance and revolutionary victories

Statement by Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant

November 1, 2018


Like his master Duterte, DND Secretary Delfin Lorenzana claims that the AFP is on track to destroying the New People’s Army in the second quarter of 2019.

Not so long ago, he claimed that the NPA had the strength of only 4000 to 5000 in contrast to the previous false claim of the AFP that the NPA had the strength of only 2000 to 4000.

Now, he claims that 3,443 NPA fighters have already surrendered and that 1,162 have been either arrested or killed. These amount to the total figure of 4605.

Lorenzana is obviously lying. Instead of claiming that the AFP has already fully or nearly decimated the NPA, he makes the false prediction that his objective or pipe dream will be fulfilled in the second quarter of 2019.

He is a big liar and he does not know how to do arithmetic. What makes him a bigger liar is that he misrepresents as real surrenders the false surrenders staged by the AFP and its paramilitary agents.

The thousands of NPA fighters are far beyond 5000 in more than 110 guerrilla fronts in 73 provinces and are intact, alive and kicking. They are principled, disciplined, intelligent and vigorous in carrying out extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare on an ever widening and deepening mass base.

The NPA fighters are augmented by tens of thousands of people’s militia members and the hundreds of thousands of members in self-defense units of the rural-based mass organizations. They are the inexhaustible auxiliary and reserve force of the NPA.

Like his master Duterte, Lorenzana does not understand that the NPA has arisen and developed as a result of the following:

1. the ever worsening chronic crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system;

2. the intolerable suffering of the people from escalating oppression and exploitation and the people’s desire and struggle for revolutionary change;

3. the self-defeating contradictions among the factions of the reactionary classes; and

4. the comprehensive development of the Communist Party of the Philippines as the revolutionary party of the working class, the New People’s Army, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, the mass organizations and the organs of democratic political power.

Ultra-reactionaries like Duterte and Lorenzana do not understand that so long as the basic problems of the people are not properly and adequately addressed, the people’s armed resistance to the semicolonial and semi-feudal ruling system will grow in strength and advance from victory to victory.

It has been demonstrated in the last 50 years of Philippine history that neither the Marcos fascist dictatorship nor the pseudo-democratic regimes can destroy the NPA.
A grossly traitorous, tyrannical, brutal, corrupt, bankrupt and mendacious regime like that of Duterte cannot destroy a people’s army that is correctly led by the revolutionary party of the proletariat and that has accumulated strength and has become tempered in so many battles in 50 years.

The NPA will not be defeated by any amount of mass murders and fake surrenders that the AFP, the PNP and their auxiliaries can carry out. The escalating oppression and exploitation will only engender more armed resistance and more revolutionary victories by the people.

NDF/Sison: A childish provocation by Duterte

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front (NDF) Website (Nov 2): A childish provocation by Duterte

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
November 2, 2018

Duterte has long vowed to kill me if he had the chance. He continues to be overeager to have the chance to kill me by challenging me to return home and wage war. I would not fall into his trap. I merely laugh at this childish provocation which manifests his roguish or stupid kind of mentality.

It is not up to Duterte to decide when I will return home. I will return home either to clinch his downfall or to persuade him further to make peace after he ceases to terminate the peace negotiations and allows the GRP negotiating panel to meet its NDFP counterpart to complete and sign the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms (CASER).

Duterte is engaged in a puerile game under the guise of hyper-musculinity by challenging me to engage in a war or combat with him at a personal level. Duterte should stop boasting about his macho bravery. The two of us are already far beyond the age of combatants. The most he can do is to wear an army uniform and wobble his way to a podium in the safety of a military camp.

Ignorant of the strategy and tactics of people’s war, he boasts of his foreign-supplied ground, aerial and naval weapons. All of these have been proven inutile against the nationwide growth and advance of the New People’s Army during the last 50 years. In due course, the people’s war will advance wave upon wave until it is time to overpower the reactionary government in the cities.

Using my intellect and poetic skills I have just written a poem, “Welcome the Unwelcome”, to depict in ironical verse how Duterte sends his armed minions to the guerrilla fronts only to become the transport and supply personnel of the NPA.
I advise Duterte to read the poem closely to understand why for 50 years the people’s government of workers and peasants has thrived in the countryside with the NPA as the main component of state power.

If Duterte cannot read and understand poetry, I advise him again to read my article regarding the Great Achievements of the CPP in the last 50 years in order to find out that the progress of the armed revolutionary movement is not due to any theorizing by anyone but is due to the people’s need and demand for national and social liberation against US imperialism and the local exploiting classes which at the moment Duterte represents as chief bureaucrat capitalist.

NDF/Sison: Reply to Duterte regarding achievements of the Communist Party of the Philippines

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front (NDF) Website (Nov 2): Reply to Duterte regarding achievements of the Communist Party of the Philippines

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant

November 1, 2018

In his speech in Cagayan de Oro yesterday when he distributed a few token Certificates of Land Ownership, he belittled the achievements of the CPP, the NPA and the entire revolutionary movement by pointing out that the CPP has not yet deployed the NPA to seize the cities and his palace.

I advise him to read my article on the Great Achievements of the CPP in waging revolution for 50 years. Look for the article on my Timeline today. If he is too lazy to read the article, he can read the gist that I give him below. But I must first call his attention to the following:
Despite his supposed familiarity with the revolutionary movement in the Southern Mindanao region, Duterte pretends not to know the great achievements of the movement and its government in mass organizing, public education, land reform, production, health care delivery, cultural work, disaster relief and rehabilitation and other endeavors for the benefit of the people.
In contrast, Duterte has been a brutal and corrupt bureaucrat capitalist serving the interests of foreign corporations, the big compradors and landlords in plantations, logging and mining. No amount of pretending to distribute land ownership certificates, be these token or fake, can cover up his selfish and ugly role as an ultra-reactionary part of the oligarchy.

By making false charges of murder against the National Federation of Sugar Workers members in Negros Occidental, he is turning the victims of the Sagay 9 massacre into culprits because he is in cahoots with the big landlord Marañon and other landlords in Negros. Duterte is using the brute power of the state to defend his fellow landlords and cover up their crimes against the farm workers and peasants.

Now, let me start to give the gist of my article. The people’s government of workers and peasants is already established and growing in the countryside. It is led by the revolutionary party of the working class. It has a people’s army as the main instrument of democratic state power and it is supported by the broad masses of the people.

In the entire history of the Filipino people, so far the biggest revolutionary movement led by the working class is the current led by the CPP. It has created the people’s democratic government on a nationwide scale, the largest revolutionary army of the people since the defeat of the First Philippine Republic and the most comprehensive range of mass organizations for various patriotic and democratic classes and sectors.

The people’s democratic government and armed revolutionary movement led by the CPP are now in the forefront of the worldwide struggle against imperialism and all reaction. It is a prominent torch bearer of the world anti-imperialist and proletarian-socialist revolution. It is an inspiration for all peoples fighting for national and social liberation and at the same time enjoys their abundant support.

NDF/Sison: Duterte scolds and agitates the military against the opposition

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front (NDF) Website (Nov 3): Duterte scolds and agitates the military against the opposition

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant

November 3, 2018

“Kayo rin ang may kasalanan niyan (It’s your fault). You have had your chance to really change the country but you did not,” the President said in a speech at the awarding ceremonies for artists at Malacañang. (Photo by Miguel de Guzman)

Duterte should hold himself responsible for failing to take the initiative to work for real change of the rotten semicolonial and semifeudal system and address the people’s need and demand for national and social liberation, instead of scolding and blaming his predecessors and the military for failing to make any change for the substantial improvement of the people’s lot.

Before and after his election to the presidency, the NDFP expected that he would do better than his predecessors in negotiating peace and in cooperating with the NDFP in the making of agreements on social, economic, political and constitutional reforms to address the roots of the armed conflict and institute a government of national unity, peace and development.

But he has frustrated and terminated the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. He has been obsessed with carrying out an all-out war policy and using the armed conflict to justify his tyrannical rule and charter change for a phoney kind of federalism as pretext for a fascist dictatorship ala Marcos.

Even in scolding the military for following his predecessors in maintaining the constitutional basis of the reactionary government, he is merely agitating the military to act unconstitutionally in support of his tyrannical rule and using them as a threat to those who oppose his tyranny and corruption and even to his constitutional successor as a result of his death, physical or mental incapacity or military withdrawal of support from him.

Given a president who truly acts in the service of the people and for just and lasting peace with the revolutionary movement of the people, the military officers will as a matter of course follow such president as supreme civilian leader and as commander-in-chief because most military officers are of middle class standing and the enlisted personnel come from the lower classes of workers and peasants.

Because they themselves do not belong to the exploiting classes of big compradors, landlords and high bureaucrats, said officers and ordinary troops have twice supported the uprising of the people and have withdrawn support from such sitting presidents as Marcos and Estrada who were condemned by the people for brutality and corruption.

If Duterte persists on the path of treason, cruelty, corruption, incompetence and mendacity, he has much to fear from the military of his own reactionary government. They can withdraw support from him in order to protect the people from his tyranny and install his constitutional successor in accordance with the 1987 constitution.

NDF/Sison: On the treason of Duterte with regard to the onerous loans from China

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front (NDF) Website (Nov 4): On the treason of Duterte with regard to the onerous loans from China

Statement by Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant

November 4, 2018

Duterte and his cronies are so greedy and eager to collect privately hundreds of millions of dollars as finder’s fees for brokering the billions of dollars of loans from China for overpriced infrastructure projects.

They are acting as swindlers and thieves. Until signing time, they are deliberately concealing from the Filipino people the terms of the framework agreement and the loan agreements which are expected to turn the Philippines into a debt colony of China.

They use the natural resources of the Philippines as collateral for unrepayable loans and violating the sovereign rights of the Philippines of the Filipino people over oil, gas and other natural resources under the West Philippine Sea.

The trillions of dollars worth of Philippine oil and gas are being given away for a few billion dollars worth of high-interest Chinese loans for overpriced infrastructure projects done mostly by Chinese workers. Traitorous and stupid!

The debts from China come on top of the already huge accumulated debt from the US, Japan and other traditional lenders. With the US Federal Bank raising interest rates on the US dollar under a new policy of quantitative tightening, the previously accumulated debt of the Philippines will automatically grow.

The Philippines is already suffering from a debt crisis. The Duterte regime, especially its chieftain Duterte, will go down in history as a traitor to national sovereignty and to the people’s interest in self-reliant development through national industrialization and land reform and wise utilization of the rich natural resources of the Philippines.

NDF/Sison: Crisis, plunder and war: Imperialist agenda on migration

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front (NDF) Website (Nov 5): Crisis, plunder and war: Imperialist agenda on migration  

An Overview of the Current International Situation and How It Impacts and Drives Forced Migration

Keynote speech to the 4th General Assembly of the International Migrants Alliance in Mexico City on November 5, 2018

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International League of Peoples’ Struggle

Dear Fellow Activists and Friends,

Thank you for inviting me to give the keynote speech to the 4th General Assembly of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA). I convey warmest greetings of solidarity from the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) to the IMA and the representatives of grass roots organizations of migrants, immigrants and refugees, as well as advocates of their rights and well being from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Pacific, the United States. Canada, and Europe.

We in the ILPS welcome the assembly’s highlighting of the 10 years of the IMA’s bannering of unity and solidarity among peoples displaced internationally by imperialist neoliberal globalization policies and war. The theme of the assembly is highly significant and timely: “March onwards to a world without forced migration: Migrants, refugees and peoples of the world unite and fight capitalist exploitation, plunder and war! Forge the strongest solidarity with the host people in effectively fighting imperialism!”

In consonance with your theme. I wish to discuss my assigned topic “Crisis, Plunder and War: Imperialist Agenda on Migration” as an overview of the current international situation and how it impacts and drives forced migration. I intend to be descriptive and provide you with the framework and some insights for your own discussion and planning.

I appreciate that you provide me as major points of reference such terms as “crisis, plunder and war¨”. These terms refer clearly to social disasters for which the imperialists and their local reactionary allies in the underdeveloped countries are responsible. I shall deal with these terms to define the causes and driving factors of forced migration. But I shall also refer to the natural disasters that are induced and whose effects are aggravated by the imperialists and the local reactionaries because they do not care about the exploited and impoverished people who are vulnerable to such disasters.

The International Organization of Migration defines forced migration as “a migratory movement in which an element of coercion exists, including threats to life and and livelihood, whether arising from natural or man-made causes (e.g. movements of refugees and internally displaced persons as well as people displaced by natural or environmental disasters, chemical or nuclear disasters, famine, or development projects)”. According to UN DESA, two thirds of global refugees and in similar situations live in the Global South and only one-third find their way to the Global North.

The report of the UN Refugee Agency in its annual Global Trends study is shocking enough that 68.5 million people had been driven from their homes across the world as of the end of 2017. But the figure is easily much larger if the internally displaced people and the people who have sought refuge in neighboring countries are fully counted. Nevertheless, Global Trends reports that fully 85 per cent of displaced people in developing countries remain in neighboring countries. They are desperately poor and receive little or no assistance from any government or international agency.

Crisis in Underdeveloped Countries

Migrants, part of a caravan traveling from Central America toward the United States, walk on a road that links Ciudad Hidalgo with Tapachula, Mexico, Nov. 2, 2018.

The general run of so-called developing countries are actually underdeveloped, agrarian, semifeudal and preindustrial. They are impoverished, have high rates of unemployment and are in chronic crisis. They are dependent on the production of raw materials and some semi-manufactures for export, whose earnings are never enough to pay for the manufactured imports. They suffer from chronic trade and budgetary deficits. They have to resort to local and foreign borrowing to keep government running, pay for the amortization of the accumulated debt and finance the capital repatriation and profit remittances of the transnational corporations.

The chronic economic and financial crisis, which has been aggravated by the neoliberal policy regime, drives the growing surplus population to run after dwindling farm jobs in the rural areas and odd jobs in the urban areas. This is the kind of internal displacement of people from their homes that is not covered by the surveys of UN agencies and the NGOs. The unemployed who have finished at least high school education and have a viable amount of English can seek overseas migrant work. But even the unemployed who belong to the middle class and have some years or degrees at university level also apply for overseas contract work.

The lack of industrial development and the export of raw materials are the basic cause of the high rate of unemployment causing domestic migration from one part of the countryside to another part or to city slums as well as the export of cheap labor as contract workers or undocumented workers. The element of coercion is not apparent as in the case of refugees due to political persecution, internal armed conflict and wars of aggression. But certainly there is the element of compulsion due to the need for economic survival.

The Philippines is an outstanding case in which more than ten percent (10 to 12 million) of its 107 million population are compelled to take employment abroad. This is more than 25 percent of the Philippine labor force of 44.1 million. The export of cheap Philippine labor, with a high proportion of women is subject to the high psychological and social costs of separation from families, unjust exactions by government and recruitment agencies, over-qualification for menial, dirty and dangerous jobs and lack or insufficiency of legal protection for their basic democratic rights and welfare.

The chronic crisis of the domestic semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system is always prone to aggravation by the ever worsening crisis of the world capitalist system. Since the Asian financial crisis of 1977, the Philippines has suffered sharp falls in the prices of raw materials and semimanufactures and has thereby been further driven to export cheap labor in order to augment foreign loans and foreign direct investments and cope with the perennial balance of payments problem. Since the financial crisis of 2008, the demand for the types of products the Philippines exports has lessened drastically in the course of the stagnation and depression of the world market.

Like the rest of migrant workers from various developing countries, the Filipino migrant workers face the worsening economic and political crisis in the host countries. Most host countries are afflicted by stagnant economies and high levels of public debt. The reactionary currents of fascism, chauvinism, racism and religious bigotry are rising to prejudice the rights and welfare of migrant workers. But there are also progressive forces among the host people that are in solidarity with such organizations as IMA and its component organizations..

Plunder by the Imperialists and their Local Reactionary Accomplices

 In the era of modern imperialism or monopoly capitalism, the imperialist states and their banks and corporations have exported surplus capital in the form of loans and direct investments to the underdeveloped countries, be they colonies, semicolonies and dependent states. When the imperialists and their puppets speak of development, they mean improving the infrastructure (the roads, bridges and ports) to facilitate the trade between the raw material exports and manufactured imports. They also build hydro-electric dams to generate electricity and provide irrigation to the farms mainly of landlords and agri-corporations. They do not mean industrial development to lift the captive country from the conditions of underdevelopment, class exploitation and mass poverty.

Under the neoliberal policy regime, private construction has been favored to promote and accelerate consumption and the service sector that are dependent on manufactured imports and foreign loans. It has not led to the production of steel and other metals, machine tools and other products that spell industrialization of an underdeveloped country. In any case, the development of the infrastructure has accelerated the expansion of mining, logging and plantation operations of foreign corporations and their big comprador, landlord and bureaucrat accomplices. Their operations have resulted in the grabbing of the land from the indigenous people and the poor peasant settlers and the destruction of the environment with various disastrous consequences to agriculture, husbandry, fisheries and forestry.

Foreign-financed dam projects have resulted in the outright displacement of entire communities, their graveyards and other cultural stakes. The displaced communities usually receive token governmental compensation and assistance for the destruction of their homes and means of livelihood. Deforestation has resulted in disastrous cycles of flooding and droughts and the disappearance of water sheds and cover from typhoons. Open pit mining has permanently ruined the landscape and has produced heavy outflows of cyanide and other chemicals to poison marine life in the rivers and damage agriculture of the indigenous people and poor peasants.. The mono-crop plantations for export grab the land and the pesticides they use ruin the crops in nearby farms.

Since the 1980s under the neoliberal policy regime favoring private construction for the higher comfort of the upper classes and higher-paid salariat, the real estate firms have built shopping malls, residential subdivisions, high-rise condominiums, plush hotels, golf courses and beach resorts and have increasingly resulted in land grabbing and the eviction of both urban and rural poor. Relative to the rapid growth of population, the land devoted to the production of food staples as well as for prospective land reform synchronized with industrial development has been drastically reduced.

By the very expansion of the mining, logging and plantation operations of the foreign and local corporations and the building of hydro-electric dams, the indigenous peoples have lost their land, forest and marine resources in violation of their right to self-determination and their right to ancestral domain. So do their peasant brothers and sisters suffer from land dispossession in adjoining rural areas. In areas around or close to transportation hubs, the poor residents are also being evicted.

All the people who are forcibly evicted suffer grievously from pseudo- development, sometimes called ”development aggression”. When they protest against their dispossession of homes and land and assert their rights, they are accused of being rebels and insurgents in a vain attempt of puppet authorities to isolate and attack them brutally. It is important that the grass roots organizations of IMA in the underdeveloped countries stand and fight for the rights and welfare of the people subjected to displacement in their own countries by programs and projects of pseudo-development.

Wars as a Cause of Displacing People

 In the long history of mankind, wars are the biggest cause of people´s forced migration and displacement. In recent history, inter-imperialist wars like World War I and World War II resulted in massive destruction of lives and property and forced migrations of people. In the course of the Cold War, the wars of aggression unleashed by US imperialism such as those in Korea and Indochina, were hugely deadly and destructive and caused massive forced migrations.

After the Cold War ended, the US took advantage of the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union in order to carry out a series of aggressive wars in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Syria. The US, Israel and the NATO are culpable for the destruction of millions of lives and social infrastructure, religious strife , ethnic cleansing, displacement of people within and across nearby countries in Central Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa and the forced migration of displaced people to Western Europe. Certain governments aligned to the US like those of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Myanmar have also carried out offensives to force the migration or flight of the Palestinian, Zaidi (Houthi) and Rohinya peoples, respectively.

The forced migration of people have also been caused by repressive puppet regimes that become fascist and engage in campaigns of political persecution and wage civil wars against the people and/or against minority nationalities. Most forced migrations are within the country or across a neighboring country. Even after the peace agreement between the Philippine reactionary government and the Moro National Liberation Front, hundreds of thousands of Tausugs from Sulu remain in Sabah because they have no more land and means of livelihood to return to.

Only a relatively few displaced people manage to travel far and become asylum seekers in the developed or advanced capitalist countries, headed by US imperialism, which in fact is the biggest cause of forced migration of peoples. In recent decades, the flow of displaced people from Africa, Middle East and Central Asia to Europe have been frequent news in the Western press. But never has it been mentioned adequately that they are the victims of the wars of aggression, military intervention and plunder by the NATO countries headed by US imperialism.

We in the ILPS salute IMA for standing up and fighting for the rights and interests of the people who become displaced in their country as a result of the economic and political crisis of the ruling system, as a result of plunder and dispossession by foreign and local corporations and by wars of aggression, military intervention and domestic armed conflict or civil wars. We support all your efforts to extend moral and material assistance to all victims of forced migration and to build solidarity among them and with all peoples who adhere to the principle of national self-determination, democracy, equality, social justice and intercultural and international solidarity.

Long live the International Migrants Alliance!
Defend and promote the rights and welfare of the migrants and refugees!
Long live international solidarity of migrants, refugees and host peoples!

NDF/Sison: AFP, PNP and paramilitary butchers murder suspected NPA fighters and legal mass activists and then blame the NPA for the murders in Duterte’s dirty war ala Oplan Bantay Laya

Jose Maria Sison propaganda statement posted to the National Democratic Front (NDF) Website (Nov 6): AFP, PNP and paramilitary butchers murder suspected NPA fighters and legal mass activists and then blame the NPA for the murders in Duterte’s dirty war ala Oplan Bantay Laya 

Comment by Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
November 6, 2018

The same tactic of murdering suspected NPA fighters and legal mass activists suspected as NPA supporters under Oplan Bantay Laya I and II of the Arroyo regime and blaming the murders on the NPA is now being widely carried out by the AFP, PNP and paramilitary butchers under the traitorous, murderous and corrupt Duterte regime.

This tactic has been applied in the Sagay massacre of 9 and in an increasing number of serialized and mass murders in Mindanao, Panay, Samar, Cagayan Valley, Cordillera and Central Luzon and elsewhere. The Duterte regime is now carrying out an extremely dirty war and goading the people and their revolutionary forces to intensify their armed resistance.

CPP: Response to Duterte: You will fail to defeat the NPA

CPP propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Nov 1): Response to Duterte: You will fail to defeat the NPA

Duterte’s proclamation yesterday that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will defeat the New People’s Army (NPA) by the middle of 2019 will surely end up in complete failure. Duterte’s forecast is utterly baseless.

On the contrary, by ordering the military and police to wage all-out war and inciting them to commit rape, abductions, torture, murder and the most despicable forms of abuses to suppress the people’s resistance, he is provoking the broad democratic sectors to rise up and join and support the New People’s Army.

Duterte cannot defeat the NPA because it is strong and determined, and enjoys the deep and wide support of the masses. In the course of the past five decades, successive regimes have failed to crush the people’s army. Under Duterte, the number of NPA Red fighters surpassed previous highs. After more than a year of all-out war in Mindanao with US support, Duterte has failed to crush even a single NPA front. The NPA is steadily growing nationwide.

Duterte and the AFP are fooling no one with the AFP “surrender scam” where AFP officials outdo each other in coming up with longer lists of “surrenderees.” Under the scam, thousands of peasants are being forced to parade themselves as “surrenderees” in violation of their rights under international humanitarian law. Members of AFP paramilitaries are presented before the media as “surrenderees.” There are also cases of recycling “surrenderees.”

With the surrender scam, AFP officials pocket millions of pesos for so-called “integration programs.” Intelligence funds from Malacanang are downloaded directly to the personal bank accounts of field officials who succeed in mounting media spectacles of so-called surrenderees.

The peasant masses are the last to be fooled by the AFP’s surrender scam. In many places, NPA units have reported that peasants who were recently paraded as surrenderees have approached them to express indignation over the AFP’s dupliicty, coercion and abuses. They are fully aware of the continuing failure of the Duterte regime to address their demand for land.

The recent Sagay massacre where nine peasants were killed by landlord-financed paramilitary forces attached to the AFP has sparked widespread outrage against Duterte. The Filipino people hold Duterte responsible for the Sagay massacre for having incited his military and police to use armed violence to quell legitimate forms of collective assertion of rights.

Duterte is desperately washing his hands of blood by claiming the Sagay massacre was perpetrated by the NPA. This is a dismal lie. He and his police and military officials cannot even get their story line right. Yesterday, Duterte insisted that “it was they who killed their own members” but other officials earlier claimed that the farmers were used as “bait” to provoke the warlords to attack them. The charges of “conspiracy” between the peasant organizers and the AFP paramilitary group is even more convoluted and fantastic.

To deceive the peasants, Duterte yesterday mounted a publicity stunt of “distributing land” but was actually merely handing out so-called certificates of land ownership award (CLOA) which require peasant recipients to pay monthly amortizations and rarely become actual land titles. In fact, more than 70% of CLOA recipients end up landless as they were before.

But Duterte cannot hide his fundamental contempt for the poor peasants and mass of homeless people when he ordered his armed minions the other day to shoot and kill those who take action to assert their land rights. Duterte has practically justified and endorsed the Sagay massacre. With his shoot-to-kill orders, more cases of killings and massacres are bound to happen to add to at least 13 cases of massacres and 173 peasant killings.

Duterte employs brazen fascism against those who he claim are “seizing other people’s properties.” He is completely bereft of any sense of social justice. He has a heart only for the big landlords, big capitalists and foreign capitalist investors.

He is incapable of understanding the fact that by demanding genuine land reform, the peasant masses are merely asserting their right to the land which they have cultivated and paid for several times over, having been subjected to grave oppression and exploitation by the parasitic landlords.

In demanding that idle housing projects be turned over to hundreds of thousands of homeless families, the urban poor are merely asserting their right for social upliftment from subhuman living conditions in urban slums. It is a sharp criticism of the policy of state neglect and a testimony to Duterte’s failure to fulfill his promises of a “comfortable life.”

Duterte is exercising absolute power and flexing his muscles for imposing nationwide martial law through. The recent military takeover of the Bureau of Customs is a dress rehearsal.

Duterte employs the military and police to intimidate the people and suppress the collective struggle of the toiling masses of workers and peasants. While combat units of the AFP occupy hundreds of rural communities, in the cities, state agents target union organizers, student activists, urban poor leaders and all other groups opposed to Duterte’s tyranny.

However, the more that Duterte employ state violence against the people, the more that he rouses the broad masses to take the path of revolutionary armed resistance. Under Duterte, the economic crisis has become ever acute and social conditions have deteriorated. Crime and corruption has worsened. Foreign military intervention has intensified. The Filipino people are suffering from ever worse forms of exploitation and oppression.

The longer Duterte’s fascist regime stays in power, the more determined and tenacious the Filipino people become to wage all forms of struggle. In particular, Duterte’s reign is making the conditions ever more fertile for the rapid growth of the New People’s Army.

CPP/NPA-Central Negros: Serye sang Aksyon Militar Madinalag-on nga Ginlunsar sang LPC-NPA Central Negros

NPA-Central Negros propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Nov 3): Serye sang Aksyon Militar Madinalag-on nga Ginlunsar sang LPC-NPA Central Negros

 JB Regalado
NPA-Central Negros (Leonardo Panaligan Command)
November 03, 2018

Sa pihak sang masingki kag lapnagon nga militarisasyon sa Central Negros kag bug-os nga isla paagi sa “no let-up military operations,” pagdugang sang mga pwersa militar sa hanay sang AFP ang 94th IBPA, Regional Mobile Force Battalion (RMFB-Region 7) sa PNP, mga CAFGU kag pagtukod sang mga detachments sini, pagbutang sang mga PDT’s sa mga baryo sa kuno “Peace and Development”, pagpamahug, padayon nga pagpamatay sang mga inosenteng mangunguma, sibilyan, mga aktibista kag iban pa nga porma sang human right’s violations kag bayolasyon sa CARHRIHL.

Pabilin nga paslaw kag “sumbag sa hangin” ang rehimeng US-Duterte paagi sa iya “spoiled brats” nga AFP, PNP, para-militar kag iban pa nga pwersa militar sang reaksyunaryong estado lamang punggan ang mga kadalag-an kag pag-uswag sang rebolusyonaryong hublag dira sa absoluto nga pagpamuno sang Partido Komunista sang Pilipinas sa New People’s Army upod sa rebolusyonaryong organisasyon masa dira sa malig-on kag lapnagon nga pagtukod sang baseng masa, agraryong rebolusyon kag pagpasingki sang inaway banwa sa pagsulong kag pag-angat sang armadong paghimakas padulong sa halintang sang estratehikong pagkapatas.

Sa baylo, bulan sang Oktubre 2018, asud-asod nga ginlunsar sang LPC-NPA ang mga aksyon militar sa Central Negros bilang sabat sa mga pagpanghangkat ni Duterte nga “wasakon ang rebolusyonaryong hublag paagi sa mabangis kag mapintas nga kampanyang Oplan Kapayapaan. Dugang pa, serbe ini nga tikang sa pagpatuman sang rebolusyonaryong hustisya sa mga biktima. Subong man, kasugpon pa ini sang mga taktikal nga opensiba nga madinalag-on nga ginlunsar sang LPC-NPA sang naglabay nga mga binulan halin Enero 2018. Kag kabahin man ini sang mga signipikanteng kontribusyon sang LPC-NPA sa paghatag duag sa ika-50 nga Anibersaryo sang PKP sa palaabuton nga Disyembre 26, 2018.

Oktubre 30, 2018-duha ka PNP-RMFBn Region 7 detatsment sa Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental ang halos dungan nga ginharas sang mga yunit sang NPA. Alas 11:00 sang aga ang RMFBn Region 7 detachment nga nahamtang sa border sang Brgy Balugo kag Hinakpan, Guihulngan. Samtang alas 11:30 sang aga sa amo gihapon nga adlaw ginpaulanan man sang bala sang NPA ang RMFBn HQ nga nahamtang sa sityo Liko, Brgy Bulado, Guihulngan. Nagresulta sang kapin sa 10 minutos nga linukpanay kag pagkapilas sang 1 ka katapo sang PNP nga si PO1 Elvis John Lucasan. Suno sa mga residente malapit sa nasambit nga mga PNP detachment madamo pa sang mga kaswalti sa hanay sang mga kapulisan, apang hungod lamang ini nga ginhinabon sa publiko.

Oktubre 29 pasado 1:00 sang hapon-ginsilotan kamatayon sang NPA si Civil Defense Officer Rusty Cabinade sang Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental. Ginhimo ang pagsilot sa sityo Mamballo, Quinten Remo sa nasambit nga banwa. Si Cabinade ang nagapanguna sa pagpamahug sa pumuluyo gamit ang ila mga armas kag poder sa mando ni Mayor Magsie Peña. Nakumpiska ang 1 ka .45 cal. pistol kag 1 man ka handheld radio.

Oktubre 13-pagsilot patay kay retired 11th IBPA Intelligence Officer nga si Celzo Pidochino sa sityo Manggapa, Brgy Masulog, Canlaon City. Tuig 2010 may standing order (SO) na si Pidochino sa hublag bilang legitimate military target sang NPA. Samtang retired military officer si Pidochino, padayon ini nga nagapagamit sa militar. Masupog siya nga nagasunod sa hulag sang NPA kag mga masa sa lugar bilang intel asset sang AFP idalum sa 94th IBPA paagi sa pagtukod sang mga ahente militar sakop sang mga Brgy sang Masulog kag Budlasan tanan sang Canlaon City, Negros Oriental. Gingamit sini ang iya poder kag armas sa pagpang-agaw sang duta sa pila ka mga mangunguma malapi sa iya ginapuy-an. Nakumpiska ang 1 ka granada kag iban pa nga mga dokumento kaangot sa iya trabaho bilang tagpaniktik sang militar.

Oktubre 5-ginsilotan man ang aktibo nga CAFGU nga si Lando Soreño sang Candalanon CAFGU detachment, Brgy. Trinidad, Guihulngan. Si Soreno ang aktibo nga giya sang militar sa pagpanaka-saka sa mga kabalayan sang mga inosenteng mangunguma sa nasambit nga lugar. Pagpamahug sa mga masa kag paggamit sang ngalan sang NPA sa pagpatalang sa mga pumuluyo sa panahon sang mga operasyon militar nga ginalunsar sang Peace Development Team (PDT) sa lugar. Natabo ang pagsilot kay Lando Soreño sa sityo Lagsing, Brgy. Mani-ak, Guihulngan, Negros Oriental.

Ginapanawagan sang LPC sa tanan nga state security forces, para-military forces kag mga goons, nga likawan ang pagtuman sa mga desperado nga mando sang inyo mga matag-as nga opisyal sa AFP kag PNP. Labi na sang inyo mga poderoso, utok-pulbura kag pasista nga mga amo (lords) kaangay ni Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, Gen. Galvez sang AFP kag Gen. Albayalde sang PNP.

Indi man magtuman sang mga i-responsable nga mando ni Gov. Alfredo Marañon sang Negros Occidental, Mayor Magdaleno Peña sang Magallon, Gen. John Bulalacao sang PRO-6, Col. Alberto Desoyo sang 303rd Bde PA kag Col. Rodulfo Castil sang NOCPPO.

Ang inyo pagpatuman sang ila mga mando, magadabok lang sang nagabalingaso nga kalayo sang armadong rebolusyon sa mga kaumahan kag pagdugok sang pigos nga pumuluyo nga magpasakop sa demokratikong paghimakas masa sa kasyudaran sa isla sang Negros.

CPP/NPA-Central Negros: Sabat sang LPC-NPA sa mga Kabutigan nga mga Pahayag ni Col. Benedict Arevalo Commanding Officer sang 303rd Bde PA sa Negros

NPA-Central Negros propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Nov 4): Sabat sang LPC-NPA sa mga Kabutigan nga mga Pahayag ni Col. Benedict Arevalo Commanding Officer sang 303rd Bde PA sa Negros

JB Regalado
NPA-Central Negros (Leonardo Panaligan Command)

November 04, 2018

Daw munga nga manok nga naga-ugtak sa pagbinutig si Col. Benedict Arevalo sa iya mga palayag sa isa ka bayaran nga programa sa isa ka radio station sa Bacolod kahapon Dominggo nga adlaw Nobyembre 4, 2018. Desperado, malisyuso kag lunsay kabutigan ang pagpasibangud ni Col. Arevalo sa CPP/NPA nga amo ang nagmasaker sa 9 tanan ka mangunguma nga mga katapo sang National Federation of Sugar Workers (NFSW) sa Purok Fire Tree, Hda. Nene, Brgy. Bulanon, Sagay City sadtong Oktubre 20, 2018 alas 9:30 sang gab-i.

Drawing lamang ang pag-akusar kag pagfile sang PNP sang kaso sa 2 ka mga lideres sang NFSW kag paghingabot sa pila pa ka mga organizers sini, labi na ang pag-angot sa ginpakana kag maniobra sang utok-pulbura kag pasistang militar sa pagpanguna ni Lorenzana sang Department of National Defense, Gen. Galvez sang Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Gen Albayalde sang Philippine National Police (PNP) kag iban pa sa isyu sang “Red October” sa kuno pagdiscredit sa gobyernong Duterte.

Labaw nga “kuris-kuris” pa gid ang pagpasaka sang kaso sang Sagay PNP sa isa ka abogado sang National Union of People’s Lawyer (NUPL) kag KARAPATAN nga nagcostudy sa 14 anyos nga survivor sa nasambit nga Sagay Masaker sa pagpanguna ni PSupt. Mansueto.

Maathag nga may dako nga interes ang PNP kag AFP nga mauyatan ang survivor nga minor de edad. Tuyo sini nga tursihon kag ilihis ang matuod nga mga panghitabo kag sirkumstansya. Dugang pa, para sa AFP, PNP kag iban pa nga authorities sang gobyerno, mahapos ang pagblack-mail kag pag-intimidar sa pamilya kag mismo sa biktima lamang ma-justify ang mga pagpasibangud sang AFP, PNP, probinsyal kag lokal nga burukrasya sang gobyerno sa pagpanguna ni Gobernador Alfredo Maranon sang Negros Occidental, Mayor Fredie Maranon III sang Sagay City kag iban pa nga nagahari nga sahi-agalon may duta sa isla sang Negros dira sa mga natungdan nga legitimate legal democratic people’s organization kaangay sang NFSW, KARAPATAN kag NUPL.

“Masanag pa sa hayag sang bulan” ang pagdemonisa sang mapintas nga estado ni Rodrigo Duterte sa mga organisasyon kag asosasyon sang mga sandigan nga sektor diin amo ang kongkreto kag praktikal nga nagabulig sa sahing anakbalhas diin masami nangin biktima sang pagpamigos kag paghimulos sa ila sosyo-ekonomiko, demokratiko kag pulitikanhon nga mga kinamatarung.

Ang pagposisyon sa “nakatiwangwang” nga duta paagi sa “Bungkalan” sang mga mangunguma kaangay sa Hda. Nene sa Sagay City, isa ka lehitimo nga kinamatarung kag paghimakas sang sahing anakbalhas para mabuhi, sa pihak sang pagka-inutil sang Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) sa pagpatuman sang tunay nga reporma sa duta. Kag ang pag-angkon sang puluy-an sa “nakatiwangwang” nga pabahay program sang estado, kinamatarung man ini sang mga imol nga taga-syudad kag homeless people nga maka-angkon sang balay pasilongan resulta sang lapnagon nga demolisyon, eviction kag ejection para tabugon kag idislokar ang mga imol nga taga-syudad sang inutil nga housing agency sang gobyerno pabor sa mga dumuluong nga kapitalista kag imperyalistang Estados Unidos kag China. Subong man, sa katumanan sang nagasalampaw nga korapsyon sa Build..Build..Build nga programa sang US-Duterte nga rehimen.

Ang matuod “lipsync” na lang ang pagkanta kag pagputak ni Col. Benedict Arevalo sa una nga ginkanta kag konklusyon nila Gen. Galvez kag Col. Desoyo sang AFP, Gen. Albayalde, Gen. Bulalacao, Col. Castil kag PSupt. Masueto sang PNP.

Kadungan man sini ang iresponsable nga pagkorus ni Gov. Alfredo Maranon kag Mayor Fredie Maranon III. Imbes nga buligan gilayon ang mga biktima, una pa ang pagpangako nga maghatag sang P500K nga cash bounty sa makatudlo sang mga perpetrators. Ini nga lihok ni Governor Maranon kag Mayor Fredie Maranon, isa ka maathag nga paghinabon sa matuod nga isyu sa problema sa duta, palangabuhian kag pagpamatay sang mga mangunguma sa iya kaugalingon nga balwarte.

Makahuluya sa isa ka gobernador sang probinsya nga naghambal samtang nagalapuyot pa ang imbestigasyon; nga “Scripted ang natabo nga pagmasaker kag pagpamatay sa 9 tanan ka mga mangunguma sa Sagay City.” Ini nga kinaiya ni Gobernador Alfredo Maranon, isa ka elitista, iresponsable, tamaran magpalibog kag magtuon, nagalikaw sa kamatuoran kag kampante nalang sa pagpahid sang ila higko sa iban labi na sa mga biktima tubtob maalimunaw na ang ginapangayo nga hustisya sang mga biktima kag sang mga pamilya sini.

Matapos ang Oktubre 20, 2018 nga Sagay Masaker, si Pres. Rodrigo Duterte wala mapunggan ang libagon sini nga mga palayag sa publiko, nagapamahug kag nagamando sa AFP kag PNP nga sugod karon “wala na sang manga-gaw sang duta” kag wala na manga-gaw sang mga balay” kay arestuhon… kon magpamalibad, tiruhon kag pat

Gani, husto lang ang hurubaton sang mga katigulangan nga nagasiling: “Ang isda indi mahulik sa iya ikog kundi sa iya baba” kag “Kon sobra na sa Gantangan..dapat na nga Kalison”

Gani ginahangkat sang LPC-NPA ang tanan nga Negrosanon nga magpasakop sa rebolusyonaryong hublag. Tukuron ang malapad nga nagahiliugyon nga prente batok sa US-Duterte nga rehimen kag iban pa nga nagahari nga sahi sang Dalagkong Komprador Burgesya kag despotikong Agalon may Duta. Suportahon ang biktima sang Sagay Masaker kag ibuyagyag ang kamatuoran sa tunga sang pagbaha sang mga kabutigan kag pagpatalang nga ginapalapnag sang AFP kag PNP.

Dapat hangpon naton, ang matuod nga reporma sa duta kag ang hustisya para sa mga biktima sang pasismo sang estado magahalin sa Demokratiko nga Rebolusyon sang Banwa