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CPP/NDF-LAB: LAB honors Guillermo Ponce ‘Pons’ de Leon: revolutionary scientist for the people Tribute of Liga ng Agham Para sa Bayan – NDF

NDF propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (Jun 23):
LAB honors Guillermo Ponce ‘Pons’ de Leon: revolutionary scientist for the people Tribute of Liga ng Agham Para sa Bayan – NDF

League of Science for the People

23 June 2017

The Liga ng Agham Para sa Bayan (League of Science for the People, LAB – NDF) confers the highest honor to Comrade Guillermo Ponce “Pons” de Leon who passed away last June 20 for his service to the people and his tireless revolutionary struggle.

The entire membership of LAB also extends its heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and fellow comrades. Pons will forever be remembered as a brilliant scientist and educator who devoted his time and intellect in service of the people and the revolution.

Pons was a graduate of BS Physics from the FEATI University. He later worked as a Physics instructor in UP Los Banos where he, along with a group of like-minded patriots, founded the local chapter of Kabataang Makabayan. After he transferred to UP Diliman, he joined the Samahan ng Makabayang Siyentipiko (SMS), an organization of progressive and militant scientists, where he served as its Secretary General for some time. He was also active in organizing other teachers in the university at that time.

After the imposition of Martial Law, Pons and several others went underground and sustained the resistance against Marcos’ tyrannical rule. He was later arrested and detained in 1975. While in detention, he was subjected to severe torture, which permanently damaged his right eye as well as impaired his overall physical functions.

But these trials served as no hindrance for him to continue his service to the revolution. After he was released, he continued his revolutionary work as a cadre in the Manila-Rizal Region, particularly in organizing and expanding the reach of LAB in universities and government offices where significant portions of scientists and engineers were concentrated.

He was also an integral figure in the success of LAB’s rectification campaign during the late 1990’s. In recognition of his dedication and leadership, he was elected as LAB’s National Chairperson during its 1996 Congress under his nom de guerre Maximo Rufino. He also served as the Editor-in-Chief of Agham Bayan (People’s Science), LAB’s official publication during that time. Under his supervision, it was successfully re-published in 1998 after a long hiatus during the period of disorientation.

Pons’ life of selfless service and devotion to the oppressed and exploited Filipino masses must serve as an example to the current generation of scientists and engineers. Pons knew that science and technology can never be of genuine service to the people unless it is first liberated from the hands of monopoly capitalists and bureacrats.

We call on fellow scientists and technologists to follow Pons’ revolutionary footsteps: carry on the National Democratic Revolution and forge new paths toward a democratic, just, and prosperous socialist future.

Long live the memory of Ka Ponce de Leon!
Carry on the national democratic revolution towards greater heights!

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