Saturday, September 20, 2014

CPP/NDF: NDF hits proxy war, suppression campaign in Kapalong

NDF propaganda statement posted to the CPP Website (Sep 18): NDF hits proxy war, suppression campaign in Kapalong

Rubi Del Mundo
NDFP Southern Mindanao Chapter
The National Democratic Front Southern Mindanao assails the relentless and sustained suppression campaign and proxy war by the 10th Infantry Division-Eastern Mindanao Command AFP against the Lumad communities in the tri-boundaries of Davao del Norte, Compostela Valley and Agusan del Sur provinces.

By far, the AFP has poured in the largest number of Army battalions in Southern Mindanao and other areas in Mindanao with the objective of decisively crushing the revolutionary movement. But their intensified campaign has merely gained them further notoriety in the hearts of the masses.

The AFP has directed its sharpest fangs in Brgy. Gupitan, Kapalong, Davao del Norte by deploying more troops from the 68th Infantry Battalion and the 46th IB to reinforce the existing 60th IB troops in the area. It has instigated hamletting, occupation of villages and control of movement of Lumads and peasants. They unleashed a reign of terror forcing peasants to cease from going to their farms, thus, affecting their only source of livelihood. In the pretext of helping a road construction, the soldiers have also used civilians as shields whenever they use military vehicles in entering the communities.

Worse, the AFP has revived the Alamara recruitment among Lumad opportunist leaders and dealers to instigate a pangayao against the revolutionary forces, in a desperate attempt to destroy the red army and overturn the positive gains of the revolutionary forces in Kapalong.

In cahoots with the local GPH led by Mayor Edgardo Timbol, the 10th ID-EastMinCom is using the proxy war to direct goons led by Larris Mansaloon and to force their Lumad lackeys to be at the frontlines and annihilate their own tribe. Mansaloon and his ilk have uttered the worn-out script of waging pangayao using the lies, intrigue and deceit fed by their military masters.

Mansaloon led the declaration of a manifesto early this month to spread the distorted notion of a fake Lumad autonomy backed by the fascist AFP, NCIP and the local GPH. Leaders who were invited to the September 1-2 meeting were forced to sign the manifesto without the benefit of a genuine consultation. Out of fear and clearly under duress, several leaders signed the manifesto. Participants who came from sitio Patil, Kapogi and Paiton were members of Mansaloon clan; they readily agreed to become Alamara paramilitary forces. Other leaders, already traumatized from military abuses and hamletting in their communities in Tagasan, Taongatok and Kapatagan, Gupitan, were also forced to sign the fake manifesto.

The lies and intrigues contained in the manifesto clearly showed a poor understanding of the agrarian revolution being waged by the revolutionary movement in Kapalong. The masses have put up communal farms, greatly improving their sources of livelihood after suffering from government neglect in the wake of Supertyphoon Pablo that destroyed their farms and forests since December 2012.

Peasants and Lumads have set up corn and rice farms, engaged in mutual aid groups and formed simple cooperatives. In less than a year since rebuilding their farms, the masses have enjoyed higher and more productive yields. They have become aggressive in farming instead of relying on short-term and temporary sources of income like small-scale logging. Their situation is a far-cry from the falsehood spread by the AFP and the Alamara that the masses were forced to develop farms to provide food for the NPA.

While the AFP and the Alamara try to obliterate these gains, the Kapalong local GPH has falsely announced that “peace” and “normalcy” have been restored in Gupitan. Local GPH officials led by Mayor Timbol have merely sent rations and dole-outs of relief packs to residents without truly seeing the suffering of the masses from the intensified RSOT operations, psychological warfare, harassments and threat of Alamara abuses.

Local GPH officials should heed the call of the Lumads to defend them from the abuses of Alamara and to stop the proxy war being waged by the AFP. Mayor Timbol should see to the welfare of his constituents and respect the right of Lumads to struggle and protect their ancestral domain.

Lumads and peasants in Kapalong and elsewhere in the region should not be deterred in this fight to protect their lands. As the Red fighters continue to wage and intensify tactical offensives against the enemy, the revolutionary forces are ever prepared to struggle against enemy suppression and raise the level of people’s war.

Aquino: Embracing ISIS ways not in our culture

From the Manila Standard Today (Sep 20): Aquino: Embracing ISIS ways not in our culture

DESPITE the confirmation of Department of Foreign Affairs that it did send a memo to Malacanang on the possible recruitment of Filipino Muslim rebels to the Islamic State in Syria and warnings from the United States and Australia of the growing number of returning ‘jihadists’ among their citizens, President Benigno Aquino said there was no ‘hard’ evidence that Filipinos had actually been recruited by ISI jihadists.

“I have not had hard documentary evidence or hard evidence that says Filipinos have already been engaged. We do recognize the threat that we have a very significant population in the Middle East. In just two countries alone, where the major concentration is, in the neighborhood of something like 1.2 million who might be recruited, might be brainwashed by their good organizers,” said Aquino during a television interview in Paris, France.

At the same time, Aquino said the government was aware of the threat to Filipinos in both Syria and Iraq, although that it was ‘unlikely’ that Filipinos would join in the actions of ISIS.

“We would not have...for instance, suicide bombing in our country. It is not part of the culture,” he said.

The President believes that conflict has to devolve into personal level rather than one that is based solely on ideology or religious extremism. To counter this, Aquino said the government has to enable citizens to participate in the economic gains that are happening.

While Aquino said he acknowledged that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front stated that there is existing ISIS encroachment into the Bangsamoro, the president also clarified that the MILF has not confirmed the ascendancy of the so-called “caliphate”.

“What we have in the Philippines currently are people who used to say that they were affiliates of Al Qaeda. And then now that ISIS seems to be the ascendancy, they are now affiliates of the ISIS. And then tomorrow a new group comes about. I assume they’ll be joining the group or they will be the ones forming that new group to take over,” he said.

Still, the Australian Federal Police has urged its allies in the Southeast Asian Region for a cohesive intelligence cooperation against terrorists.

In a four-day Anti-Terrorism conference held in Cebu City last Monday, Australian Federal Police Commander Chris Sheehan called its counterparts in the Asian region to enhance their intelligence operations to interdict terrorists in its respective nations.

Exploring the theme dubbed as “Intelligence exchange and Intelligence Fusion,” Sheehan said “there’s a need for us to work closely together to defeat the threat of terrorism.”

Sheehand said that in Australia, the Federal Police recently arrested and detained 15 people and foiled an alleged plot by the ISIS jihadist to conduct ‘demonstration killings,’ among Australian citizens.

Sheehan also urged his colleagues in the police force to exert utmost efforts in combating terrorism through intelligence exchanges and fusion to effectively monitor the movements of suspected terrorist along their borders.

Other concerns tackled during the conference was the prevention of possible transshipment of explosive devices and materials to its respective borders by unidentified sea crafts.

The forum ended Thursday, a day after former Philippine National Police Intelligence Director Chief Supt Rodolfo “Boogie” Mendoza appealed to the government to make a shift of strategies and tactics to meet the challenges of preserving the country’s internal and external security.

Mendoza also underscored the need to developed a sub-system to cope up with the growing threat of terrorism as the Islamic State in Syria and the Levant recruits more militants in Mindanao, which he said dates to as far back as 2006.

Twin blasts rock Basilan; Abu eyed

From the Manila Standard Today (Sep 21): Twin blasts rock Basilan; Abu eyed

Two explosions rocked Lamitan City in Basilan Friday, the second and third blasts to hit Mindanao, and three days after an improvised explosive device exploded and injured seven people in General Santos City.

The spate of bombings comes at a time when international Muslim jihadists have been trying to lure volunteers from around the world into joining an Islamic State first established in Syria and Iraq.

The Gensan blast was blamed on a group which allegedly had links with the IS,  but so far,  no group has owned up in the Basilan blasts.

Authorities, however, suspect that the kidnap gang Abu Sayaff Group, also allied with the al-Qaeda linked Jemmaah Islamiya, may be behind the blasts.

Lamitan City police chief Senior Inspector Gean Gallardo said the blast took place along the national Highway in Sitio Lagasan, Brgy. Kulay Bato, at past 9 p.m.

Gallardo said one of the explosives was placed at the foot of an electric post while the other was put under a nearby acacia tree.

Gallardo said extortion may be part of the motive of the blasts even as the police continue to gather evidence on the incident.

“They (bombers) wanted to scare the people in Lamitan in order to obtain money from the community,” Gallardo said.  He did not name any suspect pending the completion of the probe.             

On Monday, unidentified suspects threw a grenade inside a warehouse in Brgy Maganda.

But Lamitan police director Sr. Supt Mario Dapillosa said they are looking at the possibility that the explosion at the warehouse was accidental in nature.

But he added that they are still looking for hard evidence aimed at ‘ferreting the truth behind the incident because witnesses said the grenade came from the outside.”

No one was injured in the two blasts which Gallardo hardly affected the normal activities of Lamitan residents.

The explosions happened barely hours before a city government sponsored fun run was held at around 5 am the following day.

“In fact, we conducted a fun run sponsored by the city government and we had a good turnout,” Galardo said.

But Dapillosa said the new explosions at his jurisdiction maybe a  handiwork of the ASG and other lawless elements aimed at creating panic as he dispelled the presence of jihadists in Basilan.

But some reports said that Basilan was used as a training ground of the Jemaah Islamiya, where recruits learned jungle warfare and other techniques.

Bomb explodes in Basilan province; no one killed or injured

From the Philippine News Agency (Sep 20): Bomb explodes in Basilan province; no one killed or injured

Police and military forces have placed their forces on alert to avert possible bomb attacks and atrocities by lawless elements in the province of Basilan.

This came after an improvised bomb explosion toppled an electric post and plunged Lamitan City, Basilan late Friday into total darkness.

However, no one was either killed or injured in the blast.

Lamitan City police chief Senior Inspector Gean Gallardo said the incident took place around 9:25 p.m. Friday in Sitio Lagasan, Barangay Kulay Bato, Lamitan City.

Gallardo said the improvised bomb was placed beneath an electric post and an acacia tree near the office of the Department of Public Works and Highways-Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (DPWH-ARMM).

He said explosive ordnance personnel sifted the blast site and found that the main charged of the explosive is an 81-mm mortar shell.

Lamitan Vice-Mayor Roderick Furigay suspects that the Abu Sayyaf brigands were behind the incident. He did not elaborate.

Troops were deployed to secure public places and vital installations to ensure safety of the public.

2 NPA rebels killed in Surigao encounter

From the Philippine News Agency (Sep 20): 2 NPA rebels killed in Surigao encounter

Two unidentified New People’s Army (NPA) rebels were killed in a running gun battle with government troopers in the hinterlands of Surigao Del Sur on Friday morning, the military reported on Saturday.

Army Maj. Christian Uy, the spokesperson of the army’s 4th Infantry Division, said that the army’s 36th Infantry Battalion also recovered the NPA’s firearms consisting of one AK-47 and one M16 rifle in a clashed in the hinterland of Hinapuyan, Carmen, Surigao Del Sur.

He said that the military dispatched a team from the army’s 36th IB to the area after the farmers complained of the presence of an armed group who were reportedly extorting money among the civilian residents there.

Uy said that upon reaching the place, the military encountered five fully armed NPA rebels, which ensued a 10-minute running gun battle before the rebels withdrew toward the southwest direction.

Aside from recovering the two bodies and firearms of the rebels, the military also recovered personal belongings, live ammunitions and subversive documents with high intelligence value.

Uy said that the military continue to pursue the fleeing rebels who were believed members of the Guerrilla Front-30 of North Eastern Mindanao Regional Committee operating in the mountainous areas of Carmen, Madrid and Cantilan, all neighboring municipalities in Surigao Del Sur.

2 rebels killed, 2 high-powered weapons seized in Surigao Del Sur clash

From the Philippine News Agency (Sep 20): 2 rebels killed, 2 high-powered weapons seized in Surigao Del Sur clash

Two New People's Army ((NPA) fighters were killed and two high-powered weapons seized during a clash between the 36th Infantry Battalion with with the communist rebels in the hinterlands of Sitio Togopon, Barangay Hinapuyan, Carmen town Surigao Del Sur Friday morning.

The firefight took place around 9:15 a.m. Seized were a M-16 and an AK-47 automatic rifles, 4th Infantry Division spokesperson Major Christian Uy said.

He added that their troopers were conducting routine security patrols in the area, in wake of reports that the rebels were extorting money from local residents, when the former chanced upon five NPA fighters.

A 10-minute firefight erupted and resulted in the death of the two rebels and captured of the two weapons.

Civilians have seen some of the surviving NPAs carrying their wounded comrades.

Aside from the weapons, also seized were assorted ammunition and subversive documents with high intelligence value.

Pursuing operations were still ongoing as of this posting.

Navy deploys personnel for disaster response missions in Metro Manila, Cavite

From the Philippine News Agency (Sep 20): Navy deploys personnel for disaster response missions in Metro Manila, Cavite

In line with its disaster response missions, the Philippine Navy (PN) on Saturday announced that it has deployed 116 officers and enlisted personnel to help in the ongoing relief and rescue missions in severely flooded areas of Metro Manila and Cavite.

Lt. Cmdr. Marineth Domingo, PN public affairs office chief, said this contingent can be divided into 13 officers and 103 enlisted personnel.

Helping along are six reservists and two civilians.

Domingo said these personnel are equipped with six M-35 trucks, three amphibian trucks, two ambulances, four trailers of disaster response equipment, one Light Amphibious Resupply Craft and one Dehavilland motorboat.

She added that the contingent coordinated with various Metro Manila and Cavite local government units that needed assistance.

As of Saturday morning, 838 civilian from Navotas, San Juan City and Quezon City had been rescued.

In Cavite, in the towns of Rosario, Noveleta and Kawit, some 97 displaced persons were aided.