Sunday, October 12, 2014

Philippine Army launches Multi-Sector Advisory Board in Camarines Norte

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 9): Philippine Army launches Multi-Sector Advisory Board in Camarines Norte

To recognize and provide their external audience on the opportunity to participate in the journey towards transformation, a Multi-Sector Advisory Board (MSAB) was launched by the 902nd Infantry Brigade of the 9th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army (PA) in this province, recently.

The Philippine Army is presently embarking on a genuine and long term reform program dubbed as the Army Transformation RoadMap (ATR). The ATR, founded on good governance and performance excellence, aims to transform the army into a more capable, responsive, reliable and professional committed to its mandate of serving the Filipino people and defending the country.

Major General Yerson E. Depayso, commander of the 9th Infantry Division congratulate the 902nd infantry brigade under the command of Brigadier General Richard Q. Lagrana for their trail-blazing commitment and support  to the ATR after being conferred the initiated status in the four stage army governance pathway which is Philippine Army’s version of the Performance Governance System (PGS).

He also congratulated the brigade for the successful launching of the MSAB, as one of the compliance for the next stage in the army governance pathway.

He said that the MSAB’s capacity as an advisory board to the brigade’s ATR implementation plays a significant role in promoting continuity, sustainability and multi-sector governance coalition.

He said that the sharing of responsibility for the success of ATR related programs and projects are vital and relevant to the journey towards the next level in the army governance pathway or compliant-status.

The commander said that the ATR is a long term program of Philippine Army that also needs commitment and partnership with the other sectors of the society.

He said that MSAB will promote shared responsibility with their external stakeholders by giving them direct opportunity to participate in the implementation of the transformation programs.

He also hope that the MSAB will continue to partner with them until they reach their organization’s vision to be a world class army that is a source of national pride by 2028.

Brigadier General Lagrana on the other hand said that the importance of the 902nd MSAB is very enormous as it will serve as their guide and at the same time will assist them in ensuring continuity and sustainability of the ATR.

He said that MSAB’s collective knowledge, experiences and wisdom will surely be instrumental in helping them attain their transformation objectives.

Among the MSAB who made their pledge of commitment are Rev. Fr. Edilberto G. Mesias, parish priest of St. Cajetan Church as chairman; Efren U.Sale, proprietor of EUS construction as vice chairman and chairman of resource generation committee; vice governor Jonah Pimentel as chairman of governance committee; Rosalita Manlangit, information center manager of PIA as chairman of strategic communication committee; Fiscal Cornelio Roll representing Prosecutor Evilio C. Pormiento  as chairman of assessment and review committee while Crestito  Morcilla, asst. school division superintendent of DepEd, Fr. Melvin Gamelo, rector of Holy Trinity College and Rachalle Ramores, YLS facilitator as board members.

New army’s 4ID chief pays courtesy call on SurSur guv

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 10): New army’s 4ID chief pays courtesy call on SurSur guv

Major General Oscar Lactao, the new Commanding General of the 4th Infantry Division (4IB) of the Philippine Army (PA) based in Patag, Cagayan De Oro City,  has been in Surigao del Sur on October 7 to pay courtesy call on Governor Johnny Pimentel.

A close to an hour of exchange of views and opinions on the past and current insurgency situation and other related issues in Surigao del Sur as well as pleasantries transpired between the two.

It was learned that M/Gen. Lactao, who replaced M/Gen. Ricardo Visaya, has started to do the rounds in his area of responsibility (AOR) in Mindanao, dropping by all the battalions under him, as part of his duties and responsibilities since he assumed post recently.

In Surigao del Sur, there are three army battalions present—the 36 Infantry; 75th Infantry; and the 2nd Scout Ranger.

Since the New People’s Army (NPA) has continued to sow atrocities in the province, citing the recent burning of a refrigerated van loaded with banana products owned by a plantation company based here, Gov. Pimentel reiterated his request for an additional battalion.

Lactao assured to help Pimentel in this regard to address the nagging problem.

Isabela PPOC reports gains on public safety, peace and order, counter insurgency

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 12): Isabela PPOC reports gains on public safety, peace and order, counter insurgency

Member-agencies of the Isabela Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) huddled today at the Balay, Provincial Capitol here for their third regular meeting to report their significant accomplishments on ensuring public safety, promoting peace and order, and countering  the threats of insurgency in the province.

Police Superintendent Manuel B. Bringas, Chief, Plans and Operations of the Isabela Police Provincial Office (IPPO), reported that the stringent implementation of Executive Order No. 18 issued by Isabela Provincial Governor Faustino G. Dy III has resulted in the confiscation of more unregistered motorcycles and apprehension of several minors and unlicensed drivers plying the national highways.

He said, on the first week of implementation of the executive order alone, a total of 1,954 motorcycles were apprehended through the establishment of choke and check points along the major thoroughfares in the province.

Enforced  jointly by  the Land Transportation Office-Isabela,  IPPO and the Liga ng mga Barangay,  E.O. 18 was issued on May 3, 2014 amidst reports by the local police and rescue groups which revealed that many of the drivers of motorcycles involved in road mishaps are under-aged or not in possession of valid driver’s license.

On the campaign against criminality, Isabela Police Provincial Director Sotero DG Ramos, Jr. shared that unrelenting local police operations and integrated patrol systems have caused the arrest of and filing of appropriate cases against  659 wanted persons in the province and region, and confiscation of 37 assorted firearms.

He said that in the desire of the police organization to make constituents safe in times of disasters, a memorandum has been issued by the IPPO directing all local police stations in the province to coordinate with the local disaster risk reduction and management councils the installation of signages and the deployment of law enforcers  to give warnings to the public not to cross over-flow bridges during heavy or widespread flooding.

On the other hand, the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Internal Peace and Security Plan “Bayanihan” and the national government’s Comprehensive Local Integration Program (CLIP) have persuaded some members of the communist group to surrender and abandon the underground movement.

Colonel Reynaldo H. Labanen, Deputy Brigade Commander of the 502nd Brigade, Philippine Army in Gamu, Isabela, said the “bayanihan” employs the ‘whole of nation approach’ and ‘people-centered approach’ in addressing  the insurgency problems.

“Instead of taking military actions, the best solution to winning the peace is by increasing the involvement of all stakeholders,  to include the civil society organizations and communities,” he explained.

He added that the AFP has also came up with its Oplan “Lifeguard” that is aimed at conduction disaster relief and rescue operations to save lives, protect properties and minimize damages in disaster-affected areas in the province.

DILG Provincial Director Elpidio A. Durwin temporarily presided over the meeting, which mustered the attendance of local chief executives, heads and representatives of national government agencies and local media.

PD Durwin took the opportunity of thanking the Provincial Government of Isabela through the leadership of Provincial Governor Faustino G. Dy III for their  full support in the CLIP implementation.

He also reminded the LCEs to formulate and allocate budget for their local peace and order and public safety plan and provided them updates on the DILG’s Seal of Good Local Governance.

Residents show NPAs not welcome

From the Philippine Information Agency (Oct 10): Residents show NPAs not welcome

Apayao Governor Elias Bulut Jr. commended the vigilance and hatred to violence of the Iapayaos that  led to the death of  alleged  New People’s Army  leader and three of his members  in  a firefight against government troops in Luna, Apayao last week.

According to reports, barangay folks tipped off police officers  of the presence of at least 10 heavily armed men conducting extortion activities at  barangay Calayucay in Luna morning of October 3.

Joint elements of the Apayao Provincial Public Safety Company and Provincial Infantry Battalion then conducted an operation and firefight  ensued between the rebels and the law enforcers resulting to the death of the  four rebels.

Police Regional Office – Cordillera Public Information Officer PSSupt. Davey Limmong identified the  casualties as Efren Arquillo alias Mario Domogan of Allacapan, Cagayan, Vinia Alejandro alias Ka Dina/Rani, and Rhoby Edillo. The other casualty remains unidentified. They  reportedly were  NPA remnants  who call themselves Armadong Makikibakang Masa  led by Arquillo.

Limmong said that no casualty was recorded from the police force.  Authorities recovered  from the fight scene  an M-16 rifle, an Uzi sub-machine pistol, a caliber .38 revolver, two shotguns, two hand grenades, assorted ammunition and documents.

 Bulut commended the residents of Calayucay for reporting the activities of the  armed lawless elements in their community and  risking their lives.

“The actions of the citizens who are mostly simple farmers standing up against the rebels show that  the NPA, violence and their activities are not welcome in the province of Apayao,” said Bulut.  It showed   that the people have had enough of violence and would like to live in a peaceful manner, he added.

Marag Valley in Luna   used to be  an  NPA stronghold.

He  called on other residents to be always vigilant and not to be afraid of reporting illegal activities of lawless elements to the authorities to show that these NPAs and their activities are not welcomed in their communities and  in the province.

Meanwhile, Police Cordillera Regional Director Chief Superintendent Isagani Nerez said the incident shows that police officers are prepared to go after groups out to disrupt peace in the region.

Nerez also ordered follow up operation to be conducted in the area and directed police to maintain the peace and order situation of Apayao.

MILF: Editorial -- Power generation in Bangsamoro

Editorial posted to the MILF Website (Oct 12): Editorial -- Power generation in Bangsamoro

Power generation in the Bangsamoro is subjected to intense debates nowadays in relation to the deliberation and eventual passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in Congress.  On the side of some Moros especially the young and the idealists, they seem to want full ownership of the power-generations plants established therein even if they are owned and funded by private or public funds, while on the side of some politicians and businessmen who are non-Moros, they want to treat Lake Lanao, a major source of power in Mindanao, as no longer part of the Bangsamoro.
Clearly, both groups have adopted extreme standpoints on their views and dispositions and are virtually talking out of context of what the Annex on Power-Sharing of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB) and the “Agreed Version” of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) crafted by government and the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC)-MILF explicitly said on the generation, transmission, and distribution of power operating exclusively within the Bangsamoro and when the same is connected to the national transmission grid, in which case, there shall be cooperation and coordination between the Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government through the intergovernmental relations mechanisms. 

Lake Lanao is part of inland waters of the Bangsamoro, which in the delineation of powers in the Annex on Power-sharing of the FAB falls with the competence of the Bangsamoro. As long as the Bangsamoro Government exercises its powers and authority granted to it by law, in this case, the BBL, it is legally free to do so and shall remain uninfringed, but when it strays out of this way or limitation, then the intergovernmental relations mechanism will apply. The same principle applies to the Central Government in its exercise of reserved powers on the Bangsamoro territory; meaning, it cannot, except in exceptional circumstances like rebellion, overstep the principle of autonomy granted by law to the autonomous entity. In such a case, similarly, the Bangsamoro Government can invoke or resort to the intergovernmental relations mechanism to resolve the issue, or in special situation, the same shall be brought to the President through the chief minister of the Bangsamoro Government for resolution. This is the essence of the observance of the “Principle of Parity of Esteem”, indicated in Article VI, on Intergovernmental Relations, of the proposed BBL now entered as House Bill 4994, to wit: “The Central Government shall respect the exercise of competences and exclusive powers of the Bangsamoro Government. The Bangsamoro Government shall respect the exercise of the competences and reserved powers of the Central Government.

It is on this premise that such claim that the regulation of existing hydropower plants in Lake Lanao will remain primarily under the concerned national government agencies is not accurate, and, therefore, should be corrected at once. One can never find any supporting provision both in the FAB or its annexes and the Agreed Version of the BBL. More prominently, it is not one of the 14 powers to be concurrently exercised by the Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government.

In this proposed bill, in Article XIII on Economy and Patrimony, Section 22, on Inland Waters, it runs thus: “The Bangsamoro shall have exclusive powers over inland waters, including but not limited to lakes, marshes, rivers and tributaries. The Bangsamoro Parliament shall enact laws on the regulation, management and protection of these resources. It may create a Bangsamoro office and authorities for specific inland waters that shall exercise management powers over these bodies of waters. The Bangsamoro Government shall ensure that the utilization of these waters shall primarily be for the benefit of the people of the Bangsamoro and shall ensure that communities in the Bangsamoro in whose territory these waters are found are given an equitable share from the revenues generated from such utilization.”

In the Annex on Power-sharing of the FAB, to restate, the Bangsamoro Government shall have authority to regulate power generation, transmission, and distribution operating exclusively in the Bangsamoro. It shall promote investments, domestic and international, in the power sector in the Bangsamoro. Power plants and distribution networks in the Bangsamoro shall be able to interconnect and sell power over the national transmission grid to electric consumers. The Bangsamoro may assist electric cooperatives in accessing funds and technology to ensure their financial and operational viability. When power generation, transmission, and distribution facilities are connected to the national transmission grid, the Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government shall cooperate and coordinate through the intergovernmental relations mechanisms.

Where, therefore, lays these unfounded fears that the Bangsamoro Government would deprive the rest of Mindanao of power generated from Lake Lanao? Would the cutting off the flow of the lake submerge the lowlands of the Maranaos and put them collectively in harm’s way? Is it good business when only those in the Bangsamoro buy power from this power generation when, as a matter of fact, that under current situation, there are more money and buyers outside of the Bangsamoro than inside it?

CPP/NDF: Respect JASIG and work on the resumption of Peace Talks rather than pinning down NDF Consultants with trumped-up charges and malicious intrigues

NDF propaganda statement posted to the CPP Website (Oct 5): Respect JASIG and work on the resumption of Peace Talks rather than pinning down NDF Consultants with trumped-up charges and malicious intrigues

Pax Enguerra
Media Liaison
NDFP for the Visayas
The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Visayas condemns the Government of the Philippines (GPH) along with the AFP, PNP and other anti-peace talk’s elements for going after NDFP Consultants with trumped-up criminal charges and sowing malicious intrigues instead of working on efforts to resume the NDFP-GPH Peace Negotiations.

Aside from grossly violating the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG), wherein those involved in peace negotiations are allowed to freely discuss and move without any threat of being arrested, fabricated criminal cases such as illegal possession of firearms, robbery, murder, frustrated murder and others are hurled against NDF Consultants illegally imprisoning them and, as a result, sabotaging their work in the peace process.

NDF Consultants Benito and Wilma Tiamzon and Roy Erecre are the latest victims of these treacherous acts by the GPH through the AFP and PNP.

Not only does the AFP and PNP resort to trumped-up charges but they themselves employ criminal acts such as planting evidences (documents, firearms and explosives) during arrest operations, robbing their victims of money and personal belongings, physical and psychological torture, and even to the point of enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings.

Rene Bustamante, a political detainee, was forcefully arrested in Tanjay City, Negros Oriental last June by elements of the PNP and the Philippine Army. He was arrested by virtue of a “John Doe” case and a grenade was planted in his belongings.

The AFP and PNP can go as low as maligning personalities of the National Democratic Revolution and NDF Consultants through malicious intrigues involving lifestyle and immorality.

In the case of Roy Erecre, NDFP Consultant for the Visayas, the AFP claimed that he was vacationing and island hopping with a married woman when he was arrested last May 7. But in truth, they already knew upon surveillance that he was having his follow-up medical check-up in Davao.

NDFP liaison Judith Jaron was not arrested by CIDG Davao with her husband (Erecre). Nonetheless, she fell victim to the intelligence operatives of ISAFP who went after her to get their belongings and plant firearms and explosives as they have done to Benito and Wilma Tiamzon in Cebu last March. Eventually, they robbed her things but she was able to exit safely out of Davao City.

The Aquino Regime must be held accountable for these condemnable actions. In order for the peace negotiations between the NDFP and GPH to flourish, the Aquino Regime must put a stop to sabotaging the peace process and instead comply with its obligations according to the JASIG and the Comprehensive Agreement of Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL).

CPP/NDF: NDF-EV condemns indiscriminate strafing in civilian communities and other human rights violations in Northern Samar (with audio recording)

NDF propaganda statement posted to the CPP Website (Oct 5): NDF-EV condemns indiscriminate strafing in civilian communities and other human rights violations in Northern Samar (with audio recording)
Fr. Santiago Salas (Ka Sanny)
NDFP Eastern Visayas Chapter
The National Democratic Front of the Philippines in Eastern Visayas strongly condemns the indiscrimate strafing in civilian communities in Lope de Vega last September 28-29, as well as human rights violations in other parts of Northern Samar. We support the people’s demands to end Oplan Bayanihan and the militarization of Northern Samar and elsewhere in Eastern Visayas.

Village officials of Brgy. Pagite, Lope de Vega have trooped to the local government and the media to complain of military operations that put civilians in danger. Last Sept. 22-29, the 34th IB launched search-and-destroy operations in the barangay’s subvillages (sitio) of New Sumuroy and Ginbauyan without the knowledge of the village council. The village officials point out this violates the 2008 memorandum of agreement between officials of Lope de Vega’s villages and the military that the civilian officials must be informed of any military operations so that civilian lives would not be put at risk.

On Sept. 28, government soldiers indiscriminate strafed allegedly against the New People’s Army (NPA), but forcing the majority of residents in the two subvillages to evacuate for safety to the village center. The following day, Sept. 29, two attack helicopters went on aerial strafing of the environs of New Sumuroy, convincing those who remained behind to flee for their lives.

The soldiers only showed themselves in the village on Sept. 30 and left on Oct. 2. Meanwhile, the civilian residents of Brgy. Pagite have been unable to return to their homes because of fear and uncertainty over reckless military operations. Children have been left in shock after their traumatic experiences. Even though it is already the harvest season, the ricefields are rotting because the barrio folk are too afraid to venture out. The people are forced to take refuge in the village center and rely on relief assistance from the local government and humanitarian groups.

The climate of impunity caused by Aquino government forces reigns in other parts of Northern Samar. Only this September, about 100 village officials and leaders of the peasant organization Alyansa han mga Parag-uma Kontra Kakablasan ha Las Navas (APKLAS or Peasant Alliance Against Poverty in Las Navas) petitioned against “peace and development team” (PDT) operations by the military. These PDT operations are in reality psywar, intelligence and combat operations that violate human rights and ruin the livelihood of the peasantry. In fact, suspected military elements gunned down Las Navas town councilor Nelson Mercader last August 5 on the mere accusation he supported the NPA.

There are earlier incidents of human rights violations. There is the harassment and threats by the 34th IB against Raul Durin, a village treasurer in Brgy. Imelda, Las Navas who is accused of supporting the NPA. The 803rd CMO Company also monitors the movement of civilians and threatens reprisals against village residents in Brgy. Osang, Catubig if any soldier were to suffer harm by the NPA. Because of this, the people are reluctant to work in their farms out of fear.

The NDF-EV condemns the 8th Infantry Division’s wantons violation of human rights and international humanitarian law. These violations are contrary to the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law between the NDFP and the Philippine government. The Aquino government’s Oplan Bayanihan commits rights violations on a wide scale. The seriousness of Benigno Aquino III for a just and lasting peace is already under question. It is only a matter of time that the people will rise up and oust his corrupt, unjust, pro-imperialist and fascist regime.

Audio recording: Download Fr._Salas_on_NS_militarization_100514.mp3 (7.48 MB)

CPP: PFC Edwin Nazarionda, pinarusahan ng NPA

NDF propaganda statement posted to the CPP Website (Oct 7): PFC Edwin Nazarionda, pinarusahan ng NPA
Maria Roja Banua
NDFP Bicol Chapter
Pinarusahan ng Edmundo Jacob Command (EJC) ng New People’s Army (NPA) si PFC Edwin Nazarionda a.k.a Marjorie ng Philippine Army, 44 taong gulang taga-brgy Igbac, Buhi, Camarines Sur noong Oktubre 03, 2014 6:45 ng gabi. Nasugatan din ang isang CAFGU nang sumaklolo sa panahon na isinasagawa ang pamamarusa na di kalayuan sa 42nd Infantry Batallion Headquarter sa brgy Mabaludbalud, Tigaon, Camarines Sur.

Nais ilinaw ng Edmundo Jacob na marami itong krimeng pampulitika sa mamamayan at sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan kaya ginawaran ng karampatang kaparusahan.

1. Pagiging ahente ng kaaway na ang misyon, pasukin ang rebolusyonaryong organisasyong masa at pasukin ang hanay ng New Peolple’s Army (NPA) bilang Deep Penetrating Agent o DPA.

2. Ipinakubkob ang kasamahan at ipinahuli ang 5 nitong kasamahan sa loob ng ilang buwan pagkukunwari sa loob ng New People’s Army (NPA). Sa nasabing kubkob, naglubid ito ng dramang kasinungalingan na sya lang ang pinakalibre ng militar dahil pinaniwalaan daw syang pamangkin ng may-ari ng bahay na hinimpilan nila. Binigyan ng pamasahe at panload para makauwi sa pamilya at makabalik sa kasama para patuloy na makapagkunwari sa loob ng hukbo.

3. Pinasailalim ito sa masusing imbestigasyon kaya nag-AWOL umuwi kasama ang pamilya sa 42nd IB Headquarter sa baranggay Mabaludbalod, Tigaon, Camarines Sur. Lantarang ginamit ng kaaway sa black propaganda laban sa kasama, trinaydor ang mga masang tumulong sa kanya at sa kanyang pamilya. Walang pakundangan nagtuturo at nagpahamak ng mga ordinaryong masa na nagresulta sa pagpatay sa kanila sa bahaging Baao, Buhi, Sangay at Iriga na naikutan nya sa loob ng ilang buwang pananatili sa hukbo. Nagpapanggap na naging mataas ang ranggong sa NPA, kumilos daw sa loob ng mahiligit limang (5) taon para papaniwalain ang masa sa mga inilulunsad nitong aktibidad ng Civilian Military Operation (CMO) at nagpakubkob pa ng apat (4) beses sa mga Operasyong Militar sa Rinconada Area. Naging manggagantso o swindler sa loob ng simbahang kanyang kinaaniban habang kumukuha ng impormasyon para sa intel operation hanggang nilapatan ng disiplina ng hirarkiya ng simbahan bago naging NPA.

4. Naging instrumento sa estratehiya ng kampanyang saywar na bersyon ng Special Operation Team (SOT) sa walong (8) baranggay sa Buhi kasama ang pinagmulang brgy ng Igbak sa ilalim ng programang Sama-sama’t Sari-saring mga Serbisyo para sa Sambayanan (4S) ni Lt Col Lenart R Lelina INF (GSC) PA ng 42nd Infantry Batallion, 9ID, PA. Mapagkunwaring maghatid ng serbisyo sa populasyon sa ilang baranggay para hadlangan ang rebolusyonaryong adhikain ng mamamayan na baguhin ang sistema at gobyerno. Kinasabwat ang LGU sa pamamagitan ng nakaupong meyor sa lugar para palitawin ang mahusay na pagtutulungan ng gobyerno at pribadong indibidwal sa kampanya sa kontra-insurhensya.

Magsisilbi itong babala sa lahat ng saywar agent lalo na sa hanay ng sibilyan at burukrasya ng gobyerno na huwag magpagamit sa mga kontra-insurhensya saywar laban sa mamamayan. Sa natitipid ng militar nadadagdagan pa ang pondo para sa korapsyon ng mga matataas na opisyal ng Philippine Army katulad ng kanilang pinagsisilbihang “pork barrel king” na si Benigno Simeon Aquino na kumakanlong ng dayuhang interes sa bansa laban sa interes ng mamamayan.

Ipagtagumpay ang Rebolusyon!! Mabuhay ang Samabayang Pilipino!!!

CPP/Ang Bayan: Aquino clings to power like a leech amid mounting calls for his ouster

Propaganda statement posted to the CPP Website (Oct 7): Aquino clings to power like a leech amid mounting calls for his ouster

CPP Ang Bayan
Benigno Aquino III is clinging to power like a leech in refusing to heed mounting calls for his resignation, removal or ouster from power. His stubborn refusal to leave Malacañang is reminiscent of Gloria Arroyo’s intransigence amid mounting protests from 2005 onwards.
Over the past several weeks, the stench of the Aquino regime’s corruption continued to reek.
Aquino’s insistence that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is a system by which billions of pesos are being realigned as “savings” for use in priority projects has been thoroughly exposed as a lie. The list of projects and its proponents under DAP recently made public clearly shows that DAP funds were released mainly to Aquino’s political allies, especially key officers of the Liberal Party.
In particular, large amounts of funds were found to have been disproportionately allocated to Rep. Henedina Abad for her “beautifacation and greening projects” in their small province of Batanes. Congresswoman Abad is the wife of Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, who has been under fire for being the chief architect, implementor and defender of the DAP.
Over the past few days, Aquino’s police chief, Dir. Gen. Alan Purisima, who has long been a close personal aide and stooge of the Aquinos, has been in hot water for having accumulated properties way beyond his salary as a police officer, including vast tracts of land and a mansion with a swimming pool. He has also reportedly received millions of pesos in “contributions” and enjoyed several million pesos in discounts for his personal vehicle.
There are overwhelming calls for General Purisima’s removal, especially as his failure to clean up the Philippine National Police whose officers have been involved in major crimes has angered the people.
Despite having been caught lying through his teeth in his testimonies before the Senate and under questioning by the media, General Purisima still enjoys the unwavering support of Aquino who sees no reason to carry out an investigation into the PNP. This is the same kind of total support that Aquino has given Secretary Abad.
Amid numerous allegations of graft and corruption, Aquino insists that his regime continues to be the model of “good governance” and hews to the “righteous path”.
In a desperate attempt to make it appear that there is popular support for Aquino, his Yellow Army operatives of PR specialists paid for a full-page ad in daily broadsheets calling for another term for Aquino. This is after failing to generate a clamor in social media websites. Over the past month, Aquino’s “one-more-term” facebook page only managed to gather a trickle of new fans.
Contrary to Malacañang’s claims, there is no widespread clamor for an extension of Aquino’s term. Still, Aquino’s spokespersons continue to stubbornly insist otherwise, asserting that Aquino is still listening to his “bosses” and will remain open to a term extension.
The regime’s political operatives have failed to mount a campaign for an Aquino term extension because of the overarching socio-economic crisis that has resulted in unprecedented numbers of unemployed and underemployed workers, worsening oppression and bigger numbers of people in the quagmire of poverty.
Growing numbers of sectors are demanding an end to Aquino’s rule. The most vocal and assertive are the workers, peasants, students and other democratic sectors that are the most oppressed by Aquino’s corruption, mendacity, brutality and acquiescence to foreign dictates. Recently, religious groups led by Catholic archbishops and bishops openly called for Aquino’s resignation. They have added their voices to the growing ranks of Filipinos dissatisfied with the Aquino regime who have been seeking its immediate ouster.
Judging by Aquino’s statements and actions, he is bound to exert all-out effort to cling to power beyond 2016 either through the election of a proxy or by seeking a second or extended term.
To realize their aspiration to oust the Aquino regime, the Filipino people must act with dispatch. They must build their strength to force Aquino out of power by organizing in big numbers in their factories, communities, offices and university campuses. They must strengthen their determination by carrying out political education to firmly grasp the tasks of waging political mass actions to oust the Aquino regime.

CPP: CPP denounces willful “mistake” in arrest of Pampanga senior citizens

Propaganda statement posted to the CPP Website (Oct 8): CPP denounces willful “mistake” in arrest of Pampanga senior citizens

Communist Party of the Philippines
The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today denounced the Philippine National Police for the “willful mistaken arrest” of two innocent elderly civilians in Mexico, Pampanga last week.

The CPP disputed the claims of the police that Ms. Lourdes Quioc, 64, a community midwife and local church worker, and her cousin Reynaldo Ingal, 63, a retired company driver, in San Antonio, Mexico, are CPP leaders Eugenia Magpantay and Agaton Topacio.

The CPP said in insisting that the innocent elderly civilians they have arrested and detained are key leaders of the CPP, PNP Central Luzon Chief Supt. Raul Petrasanta and his retinue of corrupt police officers are only after the multimillion-peso bounties.

“This is clearly no longer a case of having made a stupid mistake in arresting the wrong people,” said the CPP. “Based on news reports, Ms. Quioc, is a known personality in their community, being a midwife, while her cousing, Mr. Ingal, has employment records as a former driver for the National Power Corporation in Bataan.”

“Rudimentary intelligence work would have shown the police operatives the unmistakable identities of Mr. Ingal and Ms. Quioc and their standing in their community and that they are not the supposed CPP leaders Magpantay and Topacio,” said the CPP.

“The malicious intent of the police in arresting Mr. Ingal and Ms. Quioc is clearly seen in the PNP’s refusal to even take a look into the identification papers and senior citizen cards being presented by their relatives, or listen to the statements of the village council and town mayor vouching for their identities,” added the CPP.

“Likewise, now that they are in custody, a simple comparison of the Mr. Ingal and Ms. Quioc’s fingerprints with those of Topacio and Magpantay whose fingerprints as well as photographs are on record due to previous arrests would have been enough to establish the detainees’ identities.”
“But even such basic procedures have not been conducted to enable the money-grubbing policemen to keep these hapless victims in jail long enough for them to be able to collect the bounties.”

“Mr. Reynadlo Ingal and Ms. Lourdes Quioc are the latest victims of ‘huli-reward’ or the police and military practice of arresting innocent civilians and portraying them as top CPP leaders with bounties in order to bag the multimillion reward monies,” pointed out the CPP. “This is nothing but a glorified version of ‘huli-dap.’”

The CPP called on human rights advocates and lawyers’ groups to help defend Mr. Ingal and Ms. Quioc and seek their release from unjust detention.

“Such corrupt practice of using the police and military to pocket multimillion pesos in so-called ‘reward money’ has become prevalent since the Aquino regime came up with Joint Order 14-2012 issued by the Department of Interior and Local Government and the Department of National Defense.”

Last August, the military effected the arrest of Eduardo Almores Esteban in Jaro, Iloilo, and claimed that he was a CPP leader with a P5.8-million reward. Esteban was, in fact, a retired CPP officer who has been living quietly with his family for almost a decade.

“In 2012, the military arrested and tortured security guard Rolando Panesa whom the AFP insisted was a ‘Benjamin Mendoza,’ allegedly the secretary of the CPP committee in the Southern Tagalog region. Panesa release was ordered by the courts around a year later after his identity was established, but only after officials of the AFP’s Southern Luzon Command had claimed around P10 million in reward money.”

The CPP also cited the 2012 arrest and detention of Oligario Sebas, a local resident of Manjuyod, Negros Oriental, whom the AFP claimed to be “Filemon Mendrez” who is included in the Aquino bounty list with a P5.8-million reward.

“The CPP further questions the police and military operation to hunt down Ms. Magpantay and Mr. Topacio, both of whom, are known personalities of the NDFP who are holders of Documents of Identification and protected by the JASIG as consultants in the peace talks,” said the CPP.

CPP: Relieve, disarm and punish AFP killers of NPA hors de combat in Abra

Propaganda statement posted to the CPP Website (Oct 11): Relieve, disarm and punish AFP killers of NPA hors de combat in Abra
Communist Party of the Philippines
The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) demands the immediate suspension of all operations of the 41st Infantry Battalion of the AFP, whose troops are involved in the extrajudicial killing of several NPA fighters rendered hors de combat last September 4 in Lacub, Abra. The combat troops of the 41st IB are also behind the killing of two civilians and other grave abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law.

The CPP supports the call for the immediate relief and disarming of all officers and troops of the 41st IB operating in Lacub, Abra last September 7 and 8.

The CPP salutes and renders the highest honors to CPP cadres and NPA fighters Arnold “Ka Mando” Jaramillo, Recca Noelle “Ka Tet” Monte, Brandon “Ka Sly” Madranga, Robert “Ka Dawyan” Beyao, Ricardo “Ka Tubong” Reyes, Pedring “Ka Jess” Banggao and Robert “Ka Limbo” Perez.

An initial investigation into the incident has determined that the NPA fighters were taken into custody after being overpowered by the operating troops of the AFP. However, instead of treating them as as prisoners-of-war, the NPA fighters were mercilessly tortured and killed by their fascist captors. This has been established even in the autopsy reports conducted by the investigating agencies of the Philippine Government (GPH).

The bodies of the slain NPA fighters bore torture marks. Many of them died of multiple gunshot wounds at the back. Ka Mando’s body, in particular, was riddled with bullets. A gunshot wound had clear burns around the entry point, indicating he was shot pointblank.

The CPP also denounces the killing of 50-year old Engr. Fidela Salvador, an official of the Baguio-based Cordillera Disaster Response and Development Services (DorDisRDS) who was monitoring implementation of the Philippine Tropical Cyclone Emergency Response Project (PTCERP) in the area. In their fascist frenzy, the operating troops accosted Ms. Salvador, accused her of being an NPA combatant, tortured and killed her.

The CPP likewise denounces the 41st IB for torturing and killing local resident Noel Viste of Barangay Poblacion, Lacub, who was among the 24 civilians rounded up by the operating troops of the 41st IB on September 5. They were forced to join the operations of the 41st IB in order to serve as human shields. Most of the civilians were subsequently released except for Viste and Nicasio Asbucan. The following day, Viste was found dead. According to Asbucan, he was ordered by the soldiers to claim that Viste was killed by a member of the NPA.

The CPP denounces the grave brutalities and abuses of human rights and international humanitarian law committed by the 41st IB of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the conduct of its Oplan Bayanihan war of suppression.

The 41st IB has endangered the lives of civilians by forcing them to join combat operations, do errands for the fascist soldiers and serve as human shields. The combat troops of the 41st IB have set up their detachments within the civilian communities and near schools and public structures in Barangay Poblacion and Talampac. Classes were suspended for two weeks because of the AFP operations. They have carried out aerial bombings and used school grounds as helipads.

The CPP supports the widespread demand of the people of Abra for the immediate pullout of troops of the 41st IB. The CPP calls on the people of Abra and the Filipino people to heighten their protests and raise their voices to demand the immediate pullout of the criminal operating troops of the AFP.

The CPP directs the New People’s Army in Abra and the Ilocos-Cordillera to punish the perpetrators of these crimes and grave abuses of human rights and render justice to all victims of the AFP and its Oplan Bayanihan war against the people.

The deaths of the heroes of Lacub are not for naught. Their sacrifices inspire more young people to join the NPA and wage revolutionary armed struggle.

Business groups report big losses; P300-M equipment burned by NPAs

From the Manila Bulletin (Oct 8): Business groups report big losses; P300-M equipment burned by NPAs

Tago, Surigao del Sur – Business groups in the construction and agriculture industries here have reported big losses due to the burning activities of the New People’s Army (NPA), which has been estimated to reach P300 million worth of heavy equipment so far.

The businessmen said the burnings were the rebel groups’ answer to their continued refusal to pay taxes to the underground movement.

“We have already suffered severe losses from the burned heavy equipment,” said a project engineer of a big construction firm in Northeastern Mindanao, who requested anonymity. Some businesses have already started paying the imposed taxes just to avoid more losses, he added.

“Wala kaming magagawa, kaya bumibigay nalang din kami” (We can’t do anything that’s why we give in to their demand), said a contractor involved in the construction of farm-to-market roads in the province. Out of fear, he too asked to remain anonymous.

A company operating a large banana plantation in the province also reported big losses from the burning not only of expensive agricultural equipment but also of fully-grown banana trees.

Last month, at least 12,000 fully-grown rubber trees were destroyed by the rebels in a plantation at Sitio Kaunlaran, Barangay San Antonio in Remedios Trinidad Romualdez town in Agusan del Norte.

That was closely followed by an attack on a banana plantation believed committed by the same group, at Purok 4, Barangay Dona Rosario, Tubay, Agusan del Norte. A spray airplane of the Philippine Agricultural Aviation Corporation rented by Del Monte Corporation parked at Hangar Airstrip was burned during the attack.

“Millions of pesos have been lost and we are appealing to the AFP, PNP and other law enforcement agencies to help solve this problem,” said a small plantation owner.

The group of businessmen asked the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) chaired by Butuan City Mayor Ferdinand M. Amante, Jr. to address the problem.

The NPAs also stormed the construction site of Pacific Asphalt Corporation and burned heavy equipments at Sitio Tribu, Barangay Union, in Monkayo town, Compostela Valley (ComVal) province, Oct. 1. ComVal police report said most of the heavy equipment destroyed were being used in the on-going construction of housing units in the area by the National Housing Authority (NHA).

Razed in that attack were a Caterpillar boom truck worth P2 million; a loader estimated at P2 million; an Isuzu mixer worth P1 million; and an Isuzu loader worth P1 million.

According to the AFP Eastern Mindanao Command (EastMincom), the cost of the damaged equipment already reached P 300 million, from January to the present.

EastMincom covers the area of Northeastern Mindanao (Region 13), Northern Mindanao (Region 10), Southern Mindanao (Region Xl) and some parts in Central Mindanao.

Army conducts outreach activities in N. Cotabato 'peace zones'

From the Philippine Star (Oct 9): Army conducts outreach activities in N. Cotabato 'peace zones'

The municipal government of Tulunan gave an imprimatur to the Army’s 39th Infantry Battalion to embark on non-tactical humanitarian missions in “peace zones” that are home to impoverished peasant families.

Mayor Lani Candolada, presiding chair of the Tulunan municipal peace and order council, said Wednesday the outreach activities shall be coordinated with community leaders and civil society organizations in the peace zones in Bituan, Lampagang and New Alimodian.

The peace zones were established 14 years ago as a security measure meant to stave off hostilities, between the military and marauding forces of the New People’s Army, causing recurring dislocation of villagers.

Candola was quoted in radio reports as saying that the 39th IB will only engage in peace-building projects in the peace zones to help address poverty and underdevelopment.

The mayor said extending humanitarian services to settlers in the peace zones does not transgress the demilitarization principles governing security protocols among rebels, the local peasant sectors, the military and the Tulunan local government unit.

Residents of the Tulunan peace zones were badly affected by Army-NPA hostilities before their enclaves were declared off limits to rebel and military forces more than a decade ago.

Duterte to ex-NPAs: I’ll shoot you if you go back to subversion

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Oct 9): Duterte to ex-NPAs: I’ll shoot you if you go back to subversion

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has urged former New People’s Army rebels who have returned to the folds of law to make the most of their new lives as he would not think twice of shooting them should they return to rebellion.

“Go back, and I will kill you, don’t embarrass me before the government,” Duterte told 40 rebel returnees on Wednesday evening.

Duterte started his speech telling the rebel returnees how he began as a government prosecutor handling cases of political detainees against the Marcos regime. He said he understood what the rebels have been fighting for although he could not accept their armed struggle.

He asked the returnees how many needed houses for shelter and how many were looking for jobs. Almost all raised their hands, prompting Duterte to say: “Ah, maybe, you just go back to the NPA,” which sent even some of the military officers laughing.
rodrigo duterte
Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte FILE PHOTO

He also told the returnees how, as a student of former UP Prof. Jose Maria Sison, he used to join demonstrations at Malacañang even when his father, then the governor Vicente Duterte of the undivided Davao province, told him to stop or he would resign from his post.

Duterte also told the returnees he knew how it felt if one’s house was demolished. As settlers from the Visayas, Duterte’s parents happened to have built a house on a land already titled by big landowners. He also said that the war between Christian settlers and the Moro people in Mindanao did not have anything to do with religion but had something to do with the land.

“It is a territorial war, not a religious war,” he said.

Duterte, who at times was perceived to be left-leaning, said he has always remained loyal to the government even if his views were radical, and urged the returnees not to go back to the underground movement.

When he asked the returnees if they were not so choosy about jobs, he offered them the possibility of street cleaning and garbage handling. The city’s human resources office, however, has also been accepting applications for training in automotive repair and other technical courses and urged the returnees to apply.

Duterte also offered the resettlement area in Barangay (village) Los Amigos, about 30 kilometers away from the city, for possible housing for rebel returnees, promising to prioritize those who with families.

Duterte, who said he believed in the cause of socialism except for its armed struggle, told the returnees, maybe, if God willed it, socialism would just arrive at their doorstep one day. For now, all they could is wait.

“I understand your grievances but you have to give up your arms because it’s a war that will take a thousand years,” he said.

“Who knows if God wills it, socialism will just come to us on its own, without anybody forcing it,” he added.

‘Mischief’ pilot gets 2nd star

From the Philippine Star (Oct 10): ‘Mischief’ pilot gets 2nd star

                 Del Rosario

Maj. Gen. Raul del Rosario, the Air Force officer who discovered Chinese military structures on Panganiban (Mischief) Reef in 1994, will wear two stars on his shoulder starting today.

The Armed Forces deputy chief of staff for plans has been promoted and will be honored in ceremonies in Camp Aguinaldo, along with Brig. Gen. Guillermo Molina Jr., the incoming Western Command (WESCOM) deputy chief who has been promoted to one-star general.

Armed Forces chief Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr is expected to preside over the ceremonies.

Del Rosario, a member of Philippine Military Academy “Maharlika” class of 1984, is a recipient of The Outstanding Philippine Soldiers (TOPS) 2011 award.

He is also a recipient of two Distinguished Service Stars and four Bronze Cross Medals.

He was cited for his intelligence and counter-intelligence operations, particularly his reconnaissance missions in 1994 where he sighted Chinese military installations on Mischief Reef and Kalayaan Islands.

Del Rosario provided photographs of a Chinese flotilla in battle formation in Philippine territory in 1997. It forced China to withdraw the ships.

He also oversaw a mission leading to the killing of Abu Sayyaf subcommander Bader Parad, along with five other terrorists.

Molina is the outgoing deputy commander of the Air Education and Training Command. He is a graduate of PMA “Sinagtala” class of 1986.

He was the assistant chief of air staff for plans and commander of Tactical Operations Group 5.

Armed Forces public affairs chief Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc said promotions are part of a soldier’s progressive military career.

“The new star on their shoulder represents a bigger responsibility,” he said.

Chinese structures were initially constructed on stilts in Panganiban Reef, supposedly to provide shelter for fishermen. These were later converted into a military garrison with powerful radars.

Panganiban is about 130 nautical miles off Palawan. China has occupied it since 1995.

Search for rest of terrorists on

From the Manila Standard Today (Oct 11): Search for rest of terrorists on

MILITARY agents and police are hunting down the companions of Ricardo Ayeras, whose group has been tied to a plot to bomb targets in Metro Manila.

Ayeras, said to be a bomb expert and a member of the Al Qaeda-affiliated Rajah Soliman Movement (RSM), was arrested Tuesday along with two companions for a traffic violation.

“We are checking all possible threats,” said a member of the security force hunting down the RSM team.

Vigil. Members of the PNP Special Action group
stand guard outside the US Embassy on Roxas
Boulevard after the embassy warned its
nationals against a bombing plot in Metro
Manila. Danny Pata
The source said the bomb plot was mentioned in documents seized from Ayeras, and that a number of his companions were still at large.

The source did not offer any further details of the bomb plot, however.

Reports of the terror plot prompted the United States to issue a travel advisory to American citizens in Metro Manila to be vigilant.

The Philippine National Police played down the threat of bombings, but raised the alert status of its forces from normal to heightened.

“There’s no threat in Metro Mania. The PNP is on heightened alert as part of protocol whenever the President leaves the country,” PNP spokesman Senior Supt. Wilben Mayor told reporters during a press briefing in Camp Crame.

When sought for comment on the US travel advisory, he added: “It’s a procedural action of a foreign government to protect their own citizen. We also do the same.”

Ayeras refused to answer questions during his interrogation, leaving authorities clueless of the group’s potential targets.

Ayeras is believed to be an expert bomb maker who was linked to the 2004 Super Ferry 14 bombing that killed 116 people.

He is also suspected to have engineered the Valentine’s Day bombing in 2005 that killed four people and injured 60 others.

Mayor, meanwhile, warned people behind fake bomb scares that have disrupted classes in Ateneo de Manila, Claret School and San Beda College that such hoaxes were punishable under the law.

Mayor advised the public to remain calm and vigilant.

On Friday, the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office denied bail to Ayeras, who was arrested for the illegal possession of a hand grenade, and elevated the case to the regional trial court.

Chief Prosecutor Donald Lee approved the recommendation of prosecutors to indict Aeras, a 41-year-old driver from 324 Paraiso St., Mandaluyong City, for the illegal possession of explosives.

The case was raffled off to a regional trial court.

Charges against Ayeras’ two companions, Adrescio Valdez and Ricky Macapagal, were elevated to a metropolitan trial court.

A recommendation for further investigation on charges of falsification of private or public documents against the three men was recommended.

Although the three were arrested on a traffic violation, police said they already had been under surveillance when the were stopped at a checkpoint on EDSA and Roosevelt Avenue.

The Palace on Friday ordered the intelligence units of the Armed Forces and the PNP to verify reports of a terrorist plot.

The Palace gave the order after the United States embassy raised the alert against a possible bomb plot following the arrest of three individuals with links to the Rajah Sulaiman Movement.

“According to the AFP, we are unable to confirm at this time the specific terror plot that is connected to the arrest supposedly of these three suspects,” deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said.

“However, our intelligence units are seeking to validate or verify these reports and as such, we are asking people to report any suspicious activities that they see to their local law enforcement just to aid in the efforts of our authorities,” she added.

Former Quezon City police head Chief Supt. Richard Albano earlier identified the three men as Ricardo Ayeras, Andrescio Valdez and Ricky Macapagal.

Ayeras is reportedly a member of the RSM, which has links with the Abu Sayyaf Group.

“Rest assured that our security forces will continue to work more closely together, to continue to monitor the situations, and to preempt any criminal activities,” Valte said.

“The President is aware of this particular issue and the President is confident that our security forces know the next steps to be taken,” Valte added.

In its security alert, the US embassy reminded all American citizens in the Philippines “to remain vigilant and maintain an appropriate level of personal security in all circumstances.”

An Armed Forces spokesman said the military is working closely with the PNP on the alleged bomb plot.

Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc said the military intelligence units have been coordinating with the PNP in verifying the reports.

Cabunoc also appealed to the public to remain vigilant and cooperate with authorities by reporting suspicious activities.

“We will do our best to protect the people against any threats,” he added.

Earlier, the PNP said its intelligence units “are conducting an assessment of circumstances surrounding two recent incidents of alleged bomb threats on two schools in Manila and Quezon City even as security forces continue to monitor unusual activities elsewhere in Metro Manila and other key cities.”

“Likewise, we are continuously validating all reports related to the recent arrest of three suspects arrested by QCPD,” Mayor said. “While we are not discounting the possibility that some quarters may be exploiting the situation to create hysteria and fear, we’d rather take these threats with utmost prudence and due diligence,” he added.

Mayor added that the police took the recent bomb threats against two schools in Metro Manila seriously.

Also on Friday, the Foreign Affairs Department said it saw nothing wrong in the security notice issued by the US Embassy in Manila.

“If you will examine the advisory closely, the US government just advised their nationals to take care and to take precautions. They are not banning them from coming here,” a spokesman said.

Australia also issued its own travel warnings about the threat of kidnappings in several countries, including the Philippines.

Australia’s advisory came on the heels of a grenade attack on a church in the farming town of Pikit, North Cotabato which killed two people and wounded three others.

Church goers at the United Church of Christ in the Philippines were in the middle of a prayer service early Wednesday evening when the explosion occurred, police said.

A nurse, 54, and a teacher, 39, died from shrapnel injuries, municipal police chief Senior Inspector Mautin Pangandigan said.

The grenade exploded close to where the two women were seated at the back, Pangandigan said.

Two businessmen and a teacher were wounded and were brought to the hospital for treatment, he said.

Police have yet to determine the motive for the attack, Senior Superintendent Aldrin Gonzales, regional police spokesman said.

Motorcycle-riding suspected terrorists facing only simple charges

From InterAksyon (Oct 11): Motorcycle-riding suspected terrorists facing only simple charges

The Philippine National Police (PNP) said over the weekend that charges have been filed against three motorcycle riding persons who were arrested by the police in Quezon City last October 5.

The three are alleged to be members of the Rajah Solaiman Movement (RSM), a group of radical Filipinos that have converted to Islam as their new religion and suspected to be involved in some deadly bombing incidents in Metro Manila.

Facing charges for simple violation of  RA 10591, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act, were Ricardo Ayeras alias Abdul Karim Ayras , Andrescio Valdez alias Sabri Sindayen and Ricky Macapagal alias Abdurahim, Senior Supt. Wilben Mayor, PNP public information chief,  said.

RSM is believed to have ties with the Abu Sayyaf (ASG) and Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), an Indonesian terror group that is said to be aspiring to set-up a Pan Islamic State in Southeast Asia.

The AS, JI and RSM were among the militant groups in Southeast Asia that have expressed loyalty to the radical Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) that have taken over huge swaths of territory in the Middle East.

Mayor said in a statement that the three suspected terrorists are also facing charges for violation of RA 10054 or Riding without Helmet and of RA 4136, Riding without License, and concealment of true name.

The three were arrested during the conduct of OPLAN SITA by elements of Masambong Police Station led by Supt. Pedro Sanchez, Mayor said.

They were presented for inquest proceedings upon their arrest last October 5, 2014 and continue to be detained at the lock-up cell of Masambong Police Station.

Seized from their possession at the time of their arrest were a hand grenade, suspected falsified documents and government identification cards.

Their arrest prompted the US Embassy in Manila to issue a travel advisory warning its citizens of a possible terror attack in the Metro Manila. See: US embassy issues security alert after arrest of 3 NCR bomb plot suspects.

The issuance of the US travel advisory coincided with the PNP raising the alert status of its forces from normal alert to heightened alert status.

But, Mayor said on Friday that the uptick in the alert status was not connected with the US travel advisory, but part of a protocol for the police and military to raise their alert status whenever the head of state or the President leaves for abroad.

President Aquino left for Bali, Indonesia on Thursday to attend a two-day forum on democracy.

When sought for comment on the US travel advisory, the police official said that that was part of procedural actions of a foreign government to protect their own citizens. "We also do the same," Mayor said.

A source from the police intelligence community confirmed the status of Ayeras as a member of the RSM, which is believed to have ties with the shadowy Khilafa Islamiya Movement (KIM).

Among the deadly attacks in which RSM has been implicated were the bombing of the Superferry cruise ship on February 27, 2004, in which hundreds of people died and scores of others were injured. The group was also suspected to be involved in the Valentines Day bombing in Makati City a year later.

KIM was established by a certain Human Abdul Najib aiming to establish an Islamic state in the Philippines. It was blamed for past bombing attacks that include the bombing of a hotel in Cagayan de Oro City last year.

Gunmen still want RM3m for marine cop’s release

From the Star Online (Oct 12): Gunmen still want RM3m for marine cop’s release

KOTA KINABALU: Security forces are hoping to seal a ransom-free deal with Filipino abductors who are holding marine police Kons Zakiah Aleip (pic) in the interiors of Jolo Island.

The abductors are not willing to reduce their demand of about 40 million Pesos (RM3mil) to release the policeman, said Federal Internal Security and Public Order director Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Muhammad Fuad Abu Zarim during a visit to the 26-year-old constable’s house in Tenghilan near Tuaran here yesterday.

“This is the lowest amount the abductors are willing to take for Zakiah’s release for now, but we will continue negotiating and hope to bring him back as soon as possible,” he said during the visit with his wife Datin Normah Mohd Shah, Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman and other officials.

Muhammad said Zakiah was in good health and was fine despite being kept in the jungle and was always on the move.
So far, Zakiah, who was abducted in Pulau Mabul on July 12, had made 82 calls to his wife and parents here.

He added that they are also working for the release of another kidnap victim Chan Sai Chuin, 32, who was taken from a fish farm at Kampung Sapang in Kunak on June 16.

A demand of RM3mil was asked for Chan by the Abu Sayyaf kidnap for ransom group.

Both of these victims are given the same amount of focus in terms of securing their release, said Muhammad.

Sharifah Erna Berson, the 23-year-old wife of Zakiah, said his son misses him.

“The last call home from my husband was sometime last week. He asked how we were doing and his voice chocked with emotion when he heard our son crying in the background,” she said.

Zakiah’s mother Juna Gumbur also broke down when speaking about her son.

“It has been three months now and we miss him very much, please bring him home safely,” she said.

Meanwhile, a German couple Henrite Dielen and Dr Stefan Viktor Okonek who were kidnapped by another group during their visit to the Palawan Islands in April are facing death unless ransom was paid.

Al-Qaeda linked militants in the Philippines said on Oct 2 that they would behead Okonek if their demands for ransom, the withdrawal of US troops in Syria and Iraq, as well as call to the Philippine government to support the global coalition of Isis, were not met by 3pm on Oct 17.

Philippine, US forces gather for ENCAP closing ceremony

From DVIDS (Oct 9): Philippine, US forces gather for ENCAP closing ceremony

Philippine, US forces gather for ENCAP closing ceremony

U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Hugh Wetherald, left, U.S. Marine Brig. Gen. Paul J. Kennedy, middle, and Philippine Navy Cmdr. Manuel Abinuman hold the “key of responsibility” Oct. 8 during the engineering civic action project turnover and dedication ceremony in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. Part of a series of humanitarian and civic assistance program projects that took place around the Philippines during Amphibious Landing Exercise 2015, the ENCAPs focused on improving local infrastructure, specifically schools this year. The ceremony served as the official turnover of the new school buildings from Philippine and U.S. service members to school officials. Wetherald is the commander of Expeditionary Strike Group Seven, Kennedy is the commanding general of 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, III Marine Expeditionary Force, and Abinuman is the Naval Forces West Commander, Armed Forces of the Philippines. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Matt Myers/Released)
PUERTO PRINCESA, PALAWAN, Philippines – Members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and U.S. Marines and sailors gathered for the engineering civic action project turnover and dedication ceremonies Oct. 8 and 9 in Puerto Princesa and Zambales, Philippines.

The AFP service members are with 3rd Marine Brigade, the Philippine Navy. The U.S. service members are with 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, III Marine Expeditionary Force stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

Part of a series of humanitarian and civic assistance program projects that took place around the Philippines during Amphibious Landing Exercise 2015, the ENCAPs focused on improving local infrastructure, specifically schools this year.

“Looking around here at everyone and seeing what we built, it is safe to say this has been a success,” said U.S. Marine Brig. Gen. Paul J. Kennedy, commanding general of 3rd MEB. “At a school where nine teachers teach over 300 students, Philippine and U.S. Marine engineers constructed a new school building, and renovated part of the school already built, so the teachers can focus on what’s really important – providing an education for the children of this community.”

Since the beginning of September, AFP and U.S. service members have spent countless hours assembling new buildings for the communities. The construction done in Palawan provided two new classrooms and a bathroom for the staff and students of Maoyon Elementary School. In Zambales, the mission was to renovate the school already built and recreate a single building into multiple new rooms.

In addition to the ENCAPS, the two forces held several cooperative health engagements around the sites to provide free medical, dental and optical treatment to as many local community members as possible. From members as young as eight months to those who were over 80 years old, the CHEs goal was to provide relief and care to those who needed it most.

“From 16 Sept. to the 10th of October, Philippine and U.S. service members saw more than 4,500 patients, almost half of which were children,” said Kennedy.

Service members also donated school supplies, textbooks, sporting equipment, reference books, teacher kits, medicine and dental care supplies to local schools as part of the CHEs.

“[Because of AFP and U.S. forces combined efforts], these projects will leave a lasting impact for generations of Filipinos to come.” said Rear Adm. Hugh D. Wetherald, commander of Expeditionary Strike Group Seven.

The focus of these ENCAP and CHE sites was to strengthen the partnership of AFP and U.S. service members while also giving to a community in need, but the larger, lasting impact of these projects will be felt for generations to come, according to Irene V. Dilla, principal of Maoyon Elementary School.

“This school will serve as a landmark and a symbol of our friendship, and the cooperation of the AFP and U.S.,” said Irene V. Dilla, Maoyon Elementary School principal. “The construction of this building is also an expression of the concern for the youth. This building will be used to teach not just the pupils of today, but future generations so they may become productive citizens.”

At the conclusion of the ceremonies, ribbons that stretched across the front of the classrooms were cut to officially signify the opening, and turnover, of the new classrooms. Once inside, as is tradition, commanders, principals, and local community leaders threw rice and coins to symbolize thankfulness, good luck and good fortune for the current and future generations who will attend these schools.

“I would like to express the gratitude of the people of Puerto Princesa,” said Puerto Princesa Mayor Lucilo R. Bayron. “[From Palawan’s] leadership, and, more specifically, the people of this community, including the children, parents and teachers – thank you. Together we have made a difference for the future of these people, and we have brought joy to many Filipinos.”