Saturday, October 6, 2012

From MindaNews (Oct 7): GPH, MILF end nego on Framework Agreement to set up ‘Bangsamoro’

The Philippine government (GPH) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) will announce before noon today (Sunday) that it has concluded negotiations on the Framework Agreement that will serve as their roadmap in establishing a new autonomous political entity that would honor the dignity of and address the legitimate grievances and claims of the Bangsamoro people.... MindaNews learned the name of the “new autonomous political entity” would be simply “Bangsamoro.” No other details were made available until the announcement. The text of the Framework Agreement will be published first before the document is signed. The venue of the signing — Manila or Kuala Lumpur – has yet to be determined. But Malacanang preempted the announcement of a deal when it issued early Sunday morning a media advisory that President Aquino “will be issuing a statement today, Oct. 7 (Sunday), 12:45 p.m., at the President’s Hall, Malacanan Palace....”

From the MILF Website (Oct 7): MILF tells officials: Serve the people

A senior member of the MILF Central Committee has urged its committee officials to serve the people with utmost sincerity and dedication and never to take advantage of their kindness and weaknesses. The MILF has functioning committees in all provinces in Mindanao, which have substantial number of Moro residents. The appeal was made by Muhammad Ameen, chair of the MILF Secretariat, during a monthly regular meeting of MILF provincial committee officials in an undisclosed location in Maguindanao province.... Some 100 MILF committee officials including those from Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, and Basilan, attended the orientation seminar.
From the Manila Bulletin (Oct 6): Negros Occidental Insurgents Choose Peace

Two more New People’s Army (NPA) rebels chose the path of peace and gave up armed struggle in Negros Occidental province. “Two members of the NPA chose to live a life outside the armed movement,” said Colonel Oscar Lactao, commander of the Army’s 303rd Brigade. Since January 2011, a total of 69 rebels have surrendered in Negros Occidental when the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) implemented its Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP)....
From the Manila Bulletin (Oct 6): Ranking NPA Falls In QC

.... And it was a biggest catch for the military so far since 61-year-old Benjamin Mendoza is not only carrying P5.6-million reward but turned out to be foreign-educated commando and bomb expert. “He is a graduate of Commando Operation, Heavy Weapon Operation, bomb-making and sniping course in Libya on 1981 to 1982,” said Col. Generoso Bolina, spokesman of the Southern Luzon Command. “Likewise, Mendoza was found to have led the most number of successful NPA operations with the least number of NPA casualties in 1991,” he added.... Mendoza, who carries the aliases Lorens, Kenjie, and Dave, is reportedly the secretary of the Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee (STRPC) and member of the Central Committee. His companion, Josephine Mendoza aka Luisa, is reportedly an Executive Committee member of Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee (STRPC)....Mendoza, who was then Ka Evan in 1975, led the Samahan Demokratiko Kabataan (SDK) in NCR. Five years later, he was designated commanding officer of Crispin Tagamolila Command, in charge of the Security of Sentral Komite.In 1984, Mendoza became the commanding officer of the NPA in Oriental Mindoro (Komprob Mindoro), with the aliases, Ka Miguel/Ka Dave. Two years later, he was formally designated as a Staff of the STRPC. “Further reports revealed that Mendoza was meted with Lifetime Disciplinary Action due to his extensive involvement in various Operation Missing Link (OPLM), an anti-DPA (Deep Penetration Agent) drive from members of AFP, activities in the boundaries of Laguna and Quezon,” said Bolina....
Op-Ed piece from the Manila Times (Oct 7): No agreement to work under Unclos

YESTERDAY’S issues of some newspapers (including The Manila Times) reported the astonishing news that at the First Expanded Asean Maritime Forum held in Manila on Friday “Asean, China agree to work under international laws....” The Chinese representative to the EAMF may have agreed in principle to commit his country into heeding international laws that prevent actual conflict and war from breaking out between China and the Asean member states that are claiming islands, reefs and shoals in the West Philippine Sea. For every member of the United Nations is committed to observe the law that disputes must be resolved peacefully and follow the principle that forbids the use of military might to pursue national aims. But does this mean that China has dropped its opposition to internationalizing the disputes in the West Philippine Sea? Of course not....
From the Manila Times (Oct 7): Cordillera rebels amass funds from illegal drugs, marijuana

Chief Supt. Benjamin Magalong said that they have yet to receive news that a politician is directly involved with drug syndicates operating in the region. According to Magalong, narco-politics does not exist in the Cordillera Region. However, he said that they have initial reports his office received that the Communists are benefiting from the illegal drug trade.The rebels are receiving around 23 percent of the proceeds of the illegal drug trade in the region, he said. The percentage is payment for revolutionary taxes, he opined....
From the Philippine Star (Oct 7): 4 leftists arrested in QC

Two ranking officials of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and their two companions were arrested in Quezon City today by government forces, a military spokesman reported. Colonel Generoso Bolina, spokesman for the Armed Forced of the Philippines (AFP) Southern Luzon Command (SolCom), said one of the suspects was identified as Benjamin Mendoza, alias Lorens/Kenji, who is the topmost leader of Southern Tagalog New People's Army ( NPA), the secretary of the CPP's Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee and a member of the CPP's Central Committee.... Bolina said that Josephine Mendoza, a member of the Executive Committee of the Southern Regional Party Committee, and two still unidentified suspects were also arrested in the same operation. The military is still determining if Benjamin and Josephine are family-related, Bolina added. SolCom chief Major General Alan Luga said, "This is considered yet another significant accomplishment of our troops in the 2nd ID (Infantry Division). We are almost at the closing of curtain of CPP/NPA in Southern Tagalog. We are certain it would be soon".
From the Philippine Star (Oct 7): MILF task force to help rescue kidnapped gas station owner

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has mobilized its Task Force Ittihad to assist government security forces in rescuing a gasoline station owner and her secretary who were kidnapped in Libungan, North Cotabato Tuesday night. Von Al Haq, MILF spokesperson, said they have identified the kidnappers of Annie Datuwata and her secretary, identified only as Christabelle, following the arrest of the alleged operator of the pump boat the kidnappers used to bring the captives from Libungan to the swampy borders of Maguindanao and North Cotabato. “The BIAF (Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces) troops accosted the operator of the motorized boat. He identified the leader of the kidnappers,” said Al Haq in a statement posted at the in MILF’s official website
Just posted to the Samar News (Sep 22): AFP-PNP: Strengthening partnership in Region 8

By DPAO, 8ID PA--The Police Regional Office 8 and the 8th Infantry (Stormtroopers) Division, Philippine Army strengthened their partnership as both groups participated in the Joint Peace and Security Coordinating Council (JPSCC) Meeting held last September 20, 2012 at Matapat Hall, Headquarters PRO8, Camp Kangleon, Palo, Leyte.  The RJPSCC meeting was orchestrated by the JPSCC (National Level) chaired by BGen Roberto T Almadin AFP and was participated by Senior Officers from General Headquarters Armed Forces of the Philippines; Senior Field Commanders from 8th Infantry Division headed by MGen Gerardo T Layug AFP, Commander, 8ID and Senior Police Officers from DIPO-Visayas and Police Regional Office 8 headed by PCSupt Elmer R Soria, CEO VI, Regional Director, PRO 8.  Significant topics were discussed during the meeting which included the presentation of best practices of the AFP-PNP JPSCC Cooperation in Region 8 and the filing of cases against insurgents/New People’s Army (NPA) and other threat groups in Region 8, particularly, the cases which do not prosper in the courts....
Just posted to the Samar News (Sep 25): Stakeholders back 19IB’s 39th anniversary blood letting activity

19th Infantry Battalion, 8ID PA--A total of 24,750 cc or 55 bags of blood were collected by the Philippine Red Cross-Ormoc City Chapter from soldiers and civilians who participated the blood letting activity of the 19th Infantry (Commando) Battalion in Brgy. Aguiting, Kananga, Leyte. This was confirmed by Lt. Col. Joel Alejandro Nacnac, commanding officer of 19IB when the activity was completed about 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sep. 22, 2012. Lt. Col. Nacnac earlier announced that the blood letting was launched as a kick-off program in connection with the unit’s 39th Founding Anniversary on November 1. Hence, he expressed his gratitude to the Rotary Club of Ormoc City headed by Mr. Wesley Chu and the various stakeholders from the municipality of Kananga and Ormoc City who responded 19IB’s invitation….

19IB and Rotary Club of Ormoc bloodletting

Lt. Col. Nacnac with fellow Rotarians during the blood letting activity at Brgy. Aguting, Kananga, Leyte on 22 September 2012.
From MindaNews (Oct 7): GPH, MILF hope to finish Framework Agreement by Sunday

Working overtime to finish the Framework Agreement that would be the basis for moving on to the next steps in the Bangsamoro’s quest for self-determination, the Philippine government (GPH) and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) peace panels have agreed to extend negotiations until Sunday, the second extension in this round of talks. “Di pa tapos” (not yet done), GPH peace panel chair Marvic Leonen told MindaNews at 2:09 p.m. He said they would be done likely “bukas pa” (tomorrow). “We’re almost there,” MILF peace panel chair Mohagher Iqbal said. The mood since Day One of the talks has been to finish the Framework Agreement now. “We will not go home until we finish,” is a remark MindaNews heard from both sides. The original schedule for this round of talks, the 32nd since the 2003 war but the 13th under the Aquino administration, was October 2 to 5. On October 3, the panels agreed to extend until October 6, and on October 6, they agreed to move it again until Sunday, October 7.
From the Mindanao Examiner (Oct 7): Senior NPA rebel leader, 3 others captured in the Philippines

Philippine authorities captured a senior communist rebel leader and three others in a raid at a hideout in Quezon City, officials said Saturday. Officials said security forces captured Benjamin Mendoza, 61, who is the secretary of the Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee and member of the Politburo of Communist Party of the Philippines. Mendoza, who is an explosives expert, has a P5-million bounty for his capture and is included in the military’s order of battle, according to the Philippine Army. One of his arrested companions has been identified as Josephine Mendoza, a member of the Executive Committee of the Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee.
Editorial posted to the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)-Misuari Website (Oct 6): Bangsamoro Notes--The Tragedy of Philippine's "State Violence:" Is Mass Killing Inviting Divine Wrath for Philippines

The conception from the beginning of "Filipinas" (Philippines) as the King Philip II-related "cursed nation" into the American-inspired "fabricated Philippine State" in 1946 and presently into a showcase window of "state violence" has ominously made the Philippines a country of perils varied and war-mongers attracting divine wrath. Thus, the proudly proclaimed "Catholic nation in Asia" has always experienced the pangs of war and other unwarranted social crisis. Nonetheless, is killing and mass killing of native Muslim and Lumad (Animist) freedom seekers morally righteous in the perpetuation of Philippine colonialism in the Bangsamoro homeland of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan (MINSUPALA) for the Manila government? Is killing so rewarding in erasing any trace of citizens' protest that cannot seek justice from the bankrupt and corrupt Philippine political and judiciary system?....'s%20State%20of%20Violence.htm
From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Oct 6): International hacktivist group leaks ‘government’ social marketing plans

International hacking group Anonymous early Saturday morning leaked two social marketing plans supposedly obtained from MalacaƱang. Two spread sheet files were made available via Twitter by the hacktivist group detailing the work and financial plan of an unspecified Philippine government unit. The documents were approved by a certain Ana Marie P. Daep. The tweet of Anonymous announcing the leak mentioned President Benigno Aquino’s official website, but did not say if the documents were obtained from there. has been trying to contact MalacaƱang for comment....
From the Philippine Star (Oct 6): MPD: No bombing in LRT Recto station

The Manila Police District assured the public that no bombing incident happened at the Light Rail Transit 2 Recto Station, amid information circulating in microblogging site Twitter. In a radio report, MPD Director Chief Supt. Alejandro Gutierrez said someone called the station in the afternoon due to suspicious packages found in the area. A bomb disposal unit was dispatched and checked if the boxes contained explosives. Metro Manila Development Authority traffic director Yves Gonzalez, through his Twitter account @doblezeta, said earlier reports about a bomb explosion in the area were not confirmed. In a phone interview, Sgt. Gerardo Villanueva of the MPD Office of the District Director told that the three boxes, found at around 1pm, contained nothing but pieces of glass....
Posted to MindaNews (Oct 6):  Photos: GRP-MILF Negotiators Wrapping Up Peace Talks

LATE LUNCH. MILF chair Mohagher Iqbal on his way to a late lunch at 2:12 pm. Saturday, Oct. 6, at the Congress II Hall of the Palace of the Golden Horses hotel in Kuala Lumpur, with Prof. Maguid Macalingcag of Mindanao State University in Maguindanao, a member of the technical working group on power-sharing. The government and MILF peace panels are working overtime to finish their framework agreement soonest. MindaNews photo by Carolyn O. Arguillas

UP AND DOWN. Government peace panel chair Marvic Leonen (right) with Johaira Wahab (center) of the legal team and Iona Jalijali, head of panel secretariat. From 9:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m Saturday, Leonen has been carrying several pages of documents to the first floor and back to the ground floor of the Palace of the Golden Horses, venue of the talks, as the government and MILF peace panels work overtime to finish their framework agreement soonest. MindaNews photo by Carolyn O. Arguillas
From MindaNews (Oct 6): Abp Quevedo to GPH, MILF: “forge ahead with determination”

Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo has sent the Philippine government (GPH) and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) peace panels a five-paragraph note to “forge ahead with determination, patience, goodwill, sincerity and transparency” in their efforts to complete their framework agreement soon. The two panels are ending their five-day negotiations today (October 6). As of 10:15 a.m., the panels were still deliberating in the State Room of the Palace of the Golden Horses....
From the Daily Zamboanga Times (Oct 6): Abu nabbed in Recodo

Police and military forces arrested a suspected member of the Abu Sayyaf Group in Barangay Recodo last Thursday afternoon. Arrested was Gapor Taula y Mohammad alias Fauji and Faurujie.... A sketchy police report disclosed that Taula was nabbed by PNP and AFP intelligence operatives around 1 p.m.on the strength of a warrant for kidnapping and serious illegal detention....
Posted to the MILF Website (Oct 6): MILF Local Committees lead construction of wood bridge

Two MILF political committee village chairmen led 120 men in the construction of a wood bridge in Pagagawan, Datu Montawal Maguindanao on Saturday September 22, 2012. Some officers and members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF) from 108th Base Command and National Guards joined the MILF village committee officials in the construction as an expression of unity and solidarity between and among MILF military and political structures in the ground. The bridge, which was constructed in the former Pulangi or Rio Grande de Mindanao River basin, would connect commuters from Pagagawan to sitios of Tuka and Punol, then to Nabundas, Dimaagos and Maridegao, all in Datu Montawal town....
From the MILF Website (Oct 6): Government, MILF intensify efforts to rescue kidnapped businesswoman

Security mechanisms of the current peace process between the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) had stepped up cooperation for the rescue operation of kidnapped victim Annie Datuwata Cuan. “Both the GPH – MILF Adhoc Joint Action Group (AHJAG) and the Coordinating Committee on the Cessation of Hostilities (CCCH) are working closely for all the necessary coordination and cooperation to ensure the successful search and rescue operation for the kidnapped victim,” Von Al Haq, MILF Military Spokesperson, said....“The MILF will exhaust all efforts and cooperation with the government through the AHJAG and CCCH so that the victims can be rescued safely,” Al Haq assured....“Yes, the boat operator had identified the identity of the one believe(d) to be the leader of the kidnappers and confirmed that the two victims were being held by the kidnappers while they were moving around the marshy areas of Pigcawayan, Midsayap and Kabuntalan,” he said....