Saturday, June 24, 2017

CAFGU man killed despite BIFF member’s pleading

From Tempo (Jun 24): CAFGU man killed despite BIFF member’s pleading

PIGCAWAYAN, North Cotabato – Thirty three-year old farmer Abraham Cutay hid his family for safety inside a rice mill upon learning that hundreds of Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) were already in the periphery of Barangay Malagakit last Wednesday.

Early morning that day, Cutay and several other villagers were preparing to evacuate to safer grounds when the armed men started to close in.

Cutay led her wife Gloryjane and three other children to a nearby rice mill believing that the armedmen would not find them.

Unfortunately, his youngest son two-year old Daniel cried when five men armed with high-powered rifle passed by the rice mill.

The armed men caught them and pointed their guns to the Cutay family but the rebels were just after Abraham.

“One of the armed men knew him so he literally shielded my husband and begged not to kill him,” Gloryjane recounted in Ilonggo dialect.

“If you don’t kill him now, he would kill you in the future,” she quoted one of the armed telling his fellow rebel.

Then one of the five armed men, who was wearing a ski mask and acted as the leader of the group, shot him multiple times in the body and in the knee in front of his wife and children.

Gloryjane added that the person who shot her husband further said that they have been relaying message to him not to join the Cafgu but he did not listen.

Abraham is supposed to graduate from a Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit (Cafgu) on June 26.

When the armed men left, Gloryjane and her children evacuated to the town proper along with hundreds of others.

The body of her husband was recovered the following day when the military recaptured the village as the rebels withdrew to the nearby Liguasan Marsh.

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