Friday, August 2, 2019

Monitor kids vs. NPA recruiters, parents told

From the Philippine News Agency (Aug 2, 2019): Monitor kids vs. NPA recruiters, parents told

Central Command Commander Lt. Gen. Noel S. Clement. (Photo courtesy of Centcom PIO)

The highest-ranking military official in the Visayas on Friday urged parents to monitor their children, who are studying in colleges and universities and who may fall prey to active recruitment activities by the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA).

Lt. Gen. Noel Clement, commander of the Central Command (Centcom), said students recruited by the left-leaning militants making rounds in various schools are facing danger when they shift to “immersion” stage, and go up to the mountains to take up arms against the government.

“Mao na atong mga ginikanan bantayan ilang mga anak aron di magpataka apil-apil ani nga grupoha. Eventually didto lang na sila puniton sa bukid nga naa nay bala sa ilang lawas (That’s why parents should be watchful of their children not allow them to join these groups. They would eventually end up on the mountain with bullets in their body),” Clement said in a radio interview here.

He said it is a sad reality that there are parents who do not know the activities of their children.

“It’s better that the students are in school,” Clement said, stressing that joining rallies and street protests shouting anti-government slogans are just a prelude for the organizers to prod them into going up the mountains, in the guise of immersion activities but will eventually pick up firearms and fight against government forces.

He warned that when government troops pursue the NPA terrorists in the mountain, they could no longer identify who are students and underage during encounters.

As head of all the military units in the three regions in the Visayas, he lamented that many of the “state scholars” are against the government and join anti-government rallies and end up in the mountain fighting against government troops.

“It’s ironic that while taxpayers’ money is used to pay for their studies and their board and lodging, they work for the overthrow of the same government that sends them to school,” Clement said, adding that some have reached the stage of threatening the lives of the taxpayers for their extortion activities in the guise of “revolutionary taxes”.

He urged left-leaning militants here to stop their “deception tactics” as the Filipino people are already fed up with their baseless accusations against the government.

“If you have issues or concerns then, go to the right agency. To raise up arms against the government cannot solve the problem,” he said.

Clement also asked communist protesters to stop accusing the government that the killings happening in Negros Island are “state-sponsored”.

“If they have the evidence and they can pinpoint the perpetrators then go to court and file a case. Let the justice system do its course,” he said, “stop the unfair accusation to our police and military”.

He said the people have been becoming aware that their propaganda against the Philippine government is becoming a "nuisance".

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