Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lacierda fires back at Teddy: It's not about pedigree, but the failing propaganda of the Left

From InterAksyon (Oct 24): Lacierda fires back at Teddy: It's not about pedigree, but the failing propaganda of the Left

This is not about pedigree, it’s about the failing anti-government propaganda of the Left. With this, presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda on Wednesday sidestepped a broadside fired by party-list Rep. Teddy Casino that President Benigno Aquino III has no right to disparage senatorial aspirants with low survey ratings because he himself did not rate in any survey until his popular mother, former president Cory Aquino, died.... Lacierda added: “It’s not about your parents, it’s not about being personal. It’s about your propaganda. The truth of the matter is, people do not believe your propaganda, otherwise, for instance, Bayan Muna would attack the CCT program but the CCT program addresses the poorest of the poor, it’s an investment in the poorest of the poor. The attack also – Bayan Muna also accused that we’re abolishing government hospitals. That is again not true. We are saying – in fact, we’re expanding the coverage of the universal health care and we’re providing coverage to more diseases.”These are the things, said Lacierda, that indicate that while the Leftist propaganda is strong and often gets reported in the mass media, “the people do not buy into it. So it’s not personal, it’s the propaganda that’s the problem. So it’s not about his parents, Congressman Casino, it’s about your propaganda.”

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  1. Teddy Casino is a long-time CPP activist that has worked his way up through the ranks of various front organizations. He is now a candidate for the Philippine senate running under the Makabayan banner (Makabayan is a umbrella political front consisting of around a half dozen or so CPP-associated party-list political parties).


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