Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AFP vows ‘focused operations’ vs Sahiron’s ASG

From the Daily Tribune (Oct 30): AFP vows ‘focused operations’ vs Sahiron’s ASG

The military yesterday vowed relentless “focused operation” against the Abu Sayyaf group of Radullan Sahiron which was encountered on Sunday by Marine forces in the outskirts of Sulu province, resulting in the killing of four soldiers with 10 others wounded. Col. Orlando de Leon, commander of the 2nd Marine Brigade, quoting local residents, said the nine Abu Sayyaf bandits were killed during the clash in Barangay Bakong in Patikul while 20 others were wounded. Citing reports from local residents, De Leon identified two of the slain Abu Sayyaf men as Sahiron Ajil and Ismin Sahiron. “Based on the reporting of local officials and residents, nine were killed and more or less 20 were wounded on the other side,” said De Leon. De Leon said that elements of the Marine Battalion Landing Team-6 (MBLT-6) will continue pursuing the Abu Sayyaf band, believed to be headed by ASG commander Radullan Sahiron and Tahil Sali, a Moro National Liberation Front commander. “Our mission is to look for them. So, we will continue with our focused operation. They are just a few of them, and they are confined in one area in Patikul not all throughout Sulu,” said De Leon....


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