Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CPP/Ang Bayan: Military abuses go on unabated in Masbate

Propaganda article from the Tagalog language edition of the CPP online publication Ang Bayan (Dec 7): Military abuses go on unabated in Masbate

Abusive military operations by the 93rd Division Reconnaissance Company and the 9th IB continue without letup in Ticao island, Masbate.

In a statement, NDF-Masbate spokesperson Ka Val Silang said operations by soldiers that have been going on for more than a month in Sitio Guiwanon, Barangay Danao, San Jacinto town and other villages and sub-villages in Ticao have already resulted in several abuses of civilians’ human rights. Ticao is one of three islands comprising Masbate province.

One of the latest military abuses involved the shooting by soldiers of Barangay Kagawad Maritess Espenilla, 48; Melisa Dominguiano, 15; and Michael Lignes, 38 on November 24. The victims, all residents of Barangay Danao, were sprayed with gunfire while making copra in Sitio Guiwanon and were seriously wounded. The military, which perpetrated the shooting two days after a successful NPA harassment operation on the 93rd DRC that resulted in three soldiers killed and three wounded, has deviously pinned the blame on Red fighters.

Meanwhile, the NDF-Masbate denied news reports about the arrest of an NPA leader in the province. It said Ybonni Victor, a resident of Aroroy, Masbate has never been a leader or member of the NPA. In fact, he is a member of a group funded by military agents. The NDF-Masbate added that the bogus arrest was merely a scheme by the military to discredit the revolutionary movement in the area.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]


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