Sunday, April 19, 2020

CPP/News: Press Release | Soldiers steal and butcher resident’s cow in Abra, raze forest

Propaganda news article posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Website (Apr 20, 2020): Press Release | Soldiers steal and butcher resident’s cow in Abra, raze forest

Troopers of the Charlie Company of the 24th and 69th Infantry Battalions stole a resident’s cow in Barangay Guinguinabang, Lacub, Abra, late last month. The New People’s Army (NPA)-Abra disclosed in a report on Sunday that the soldiers butchered and ate the cow in Barangay Buneg, in Mt. Bumarayon.

Before the incident, the thieves ransacked the quarters of small-scale farmers in the same village and stole their personal belongings. The soldiers also burned their mining equipment. Similarly, the troopers razed a large portion portion of the forest between the towns of Lacub and Malicbong, damaging even the reactionary governemnt’s National Greening Program nursery.

Meanwhile, farmers and minorities from at least seven villages in Malibcong have been complaining over military patrols regularly conducted at night by the Bravo Company of the same battalions, depriving residents of sleep. The military has been conducting counter-insurgency operations in barangays Lat-ey, Buanao, Umnap, Mataragan, Gacab, Duldulao and Poblacion since the first week of March.

Under the guise of containing Covid-19, the military has been operating in the towns of Lacub, Malicbong, Tubo, Pilar Villaviciosa and Luba, covering at least 13 villages. Residents are restricted from going to their farmlands resulting in large output losses.

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