Thursday, August 18, 2016

More women, kids being recruited by IS

From Free Malaysia Today (Aug 18): More women, kids being recruited by IS

Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflicts’ Jakarta Director Sidney Jones says recruitment of women is being carried out through marriages.


KUALA LUMPUR: More women and children in Asian countries are being recruited to act as Islamic State (IS) operatives, said Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflicts’ Jakarta Director Sidney Jones.

Such recruitment was carried out through marriages, she said at the Civil Society Conference on National Security here.

Jones’ institute looked at recent terrorism developments in Indonesia.

For instance, she said women, whose husbands were killed fighting for militant groups, rose in social status, with a lot of men wanting to marry a martyr’s wife.

Another concern was the emergence of role models in Indonesia.

“Whoever can spark an incident of terror in Southeast Asia will be revered.

“Some of these role models in Indonesia have cross-border history. Some of them establish links in prisons.

“After coming out of prisons, some of them re-establish their links in Basilan, southern Philippines,” she told participants who attended the conference.

Jones said one way to stop terrorists establishing links in prison was to stop corruption among officers in the prison.

She said this would help stop documents or handphones finding their way into the hands of prisoners who communicate with other terrorists.

Jones said migrant workers had also been a fertile ground to recruit and create networks for IS.

She said the majority of them were good people, trying to make money, but there were some who took the opportunity to establish links with terror groups.

She said with women and children being recruited, it was paramount to stop the threat.

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