Saturday, December 27, 2014

Coast Guard is hiring in 2015

From the Philippine Star posted to ABS-CBN (Dec 27): Coast Guard is hiring in 2015

The running joke about “all coast, no guard” will soon be a thing of the past.
Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) spokesman Commander Armand Balilo said yesterday they have been very aggressive in their personnel recruitment campaign this year to increase their personnel in their field offices.

Balilo said there is a “massive recruitment” of personnel and their Coast Guard Training Center, which usually holds three entrance examinations in a year, has doubled its efforts and conducted about six entrance examinations.

“Our current number is 7,600 but hopefully by 2015, we would have an additional 1,200 personnel. The new recruits would be sent to our sub-stations,” Balilo said.

Over the past few years, the PCG had made strides in increasing their personnel and the ratio of one coastguardsman per island no longer holds true. Now, there are about three to four personnel per sub-station or detachment.

Balilo said the ideal set up is to have nine to 10 persons in one sub-station because there is much work in the field such as search and rescue, enforcing maritime safety, on board ship inspection and environmental protection.

The target is that before President Aquino steps down in June 2016, the PCG would have 10,000 personnel and by year 2020, there would be 10 people per sub-station.

“By 2015, our commandant Vice Admiral Rodolfo Isorena’s goal is to beef up (the recruitment) and distribute some of our administration personnel to the districts and regional headquarters for the delivery of basic services. But of course, not to the extent of paralyzing our support system,” Balilo said.

With the arrival of new watercraft next year, Balilo said they would also be in need of new recruits to man their boats and ships.

Isorena earlier announced that in year 2015, they are waiting for the arrival of 10 brand new 40-meter multi-role vessels from Japan by the third quarter. Some of these vessels might be given assignment to patrol the West Philippine Sea.

The PCG recently purchased 40 rubber and 300 aluminum boats that would be essential in the discharge of their functions, particularly in search and rescue operations.

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