Tuesday, February 6, 2018

DWDD: SUSTAINED OPERATIONS | NFWM recovers firearms and ammo in Sulu

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Feb 5): SUSTAINED OPERATIONS  |  NFWM recovers firearms and ammo in Sulu

PATA ISLAND, Sulu (DWDD) – Operating elements of Naval Task Group-Sulu/Philippine Marine Ready Force-Sulu recovered multiple firearms and ammunition at Brgy Pisak Pisak, Pata Island, Sulu following the surrender of ASG personalities in the area.

NTG-Sulu/PMRF-Sulu under Col. Tolato composed of Marine Battalion Landing Team-1 led by Lt. Col. Cabanlet sent Special Operations Platoon and 61st Marine Company, Marine Special Operations Group led by 1Lt Umipig and 1Lt Hamili, respectively, to act on the reports that various crew-served weapons and ammunitions were hidden in the vicinity of the said barangay in Pata Island.

The said report came to the attention of MBLT1 during the conduct of Civil-Military Operations activities in a barangay in Pata Island, when a concerned citizen informed the troops that an ASG personality in the area would like to surrender to the government. MBLT1 troops facilitated the surrender and turnover of the said ASG member to PMRF-Sulu and proper debriefing at JTF-Sulu under BGen Cerelito Sobejana. The operation was then carried out based on the information given by the surrenderees after confirmation from intel operatives.

A few days earlier, on January 28, three ASG personalities with their respective FAs voluntarily surrendered to PMRF-Sulu. Intel operatives in the area facilitated the surrender of ASG members named Kadra Arajun Sawadjaan,Alnajar Arajun Sawadjaan and Sherul Arad Sahiyul and were brought back to PMRF-Sulu Headquarters. Accordingly, these voluntary surrenders of ASG members to the Armed Forces of the Philippines troops in the area triggered the surrender of the other ASG personalities.

These surrenders were followed by operations carried out by the Fleet-Marine troops in the area and led to the recovery of the following: one caliber 50 machine gun without barrel, 150 rds Caliber 50 ammos, one base plate of 81MM mortar, one bipod ot 81MM mortar, one tripod of Cal. 50 Machinegun, Eight 81mm mortar ammos, four ammos of 90RR, 50 rds 60MM mortars ammos.

Likewise, on February 2, 2018, Hon Burahan, the mayor of Pata boarded a Philippine Navy vessel to recover the surrendered several firearms and crew-served weapons. He turned over to PMRF Sulu 3 tubes 81mm mortar, 1 90RR, 1 barrel of .50 cal HMG, 4 M16, 3 M14, 5 garrand, 1 M79 GL and assorted ammos.

On the same date, personnel of 31MC also received the following at Brgy Pisak Pisak: three M14 rifles, three M16 rifles, one 90RR, three 81mm mortar tubes, one 50cal barrel, six M-14 magazines with 108 rds of ammos; four 20 rds mags of M16; one 20 rds plastic mag of M16, one 30rds mag of M16; 120 rds 5.56mm ammos and three magazine pouches.

Because of these efforts, the barangay captains of Pata island are now encouraging their consitutents to surrender all the other firearms existing in their area.

Rear Adm. Rene V. Medina AFP, the Commander of Naval Forces Western Mindanao, applauds the troops for a job well done. He encourages all the other members of the ASG to turn their backs against armed struggle, terrorism, rebellion and lawlessness and surrender to the government where they will be given a chance to a new life.

The number of ASG surrenderees, turned-over and recovered firearms are expected to rise as the government forces, with the support of the LGUs, continue to carry out both combat and non-combat operations to win and keep the peace in the Western Mindano region. NFWM / MCAG


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