Wednesday, August 9, 2017

DWDD: UPDATE | JTF Marawi releases latest report

From DWDD AFP Civil Relations Service Radio Website (Aug 9): UPDATE  |  JTF Marawi releases latest report 

JOINT TASK FORCE MARAWI, Camp Ranao, Marawi City (DWDD) – As of last night, it is with grief that we report 122 soldiers were already killed due to the continuous fighting in the Main Battle area.

JTF Marawi have recorded 539 terrorists killed and the recovery of 607 firearms. A total of 45 civilians were killed by the terrorist and 1,728 civilians were rescued. Fighting continuous in about a square kilometer general area where the terrorists are currently hold up. It is also believed that there are still hostages with the group numbering to an estimated 50 to 70.

“Dasia” security Armored Vehicle recovered

A blue armored vehicle with the word “DASIA” printed in front, was recovered by soldiers last week in one of the structures being cleared by soldiers in the main battle area.

The vehicle was recovered by troops of the Joint Task Force Marawi, following heavy gunfire with Maute remnants in a strategic structure previously held by terrorists.

During the first month of fighting, a picture was posted in the internet showing Abdullah Maute riding the vehicle in one of the streets of Marawi with an ISIS flag in front of the vehicle.

Soldiers also said that they have seen terrorists using the same armored car when attacking soldier’s positions. Last Week, the car was found in one of the strategic structures believed to be utilized as a stronghold of the Daesh-inspired Maute terror Group.

Further, the building where it was found is believed to be used by the terrorists as a storage area and temporary base, that houses most of their wounded. Found also in the building is a tunnel where the Maute remnants store their food, bullets, and weapons. The recent capture of one of the terrorist’s strongholds connotes that the troops are advancing towards the battle positions of Maute remnants, signifying that the terrorists are already contained in a narrower engagement area.

Rescue of four (4) civilian hostages from the MBA

Last August 4 at 4 in the morning, four (4) civilian hostages who were able to escape from the main battle area (MBA) were rescued in vicinity of Lake Lanao.

The rescued civilians were immediately brought to the nearest army headquarters and were given immediate medical attention. They were however found healthy and unharmed. Three of them are from Zamboanga City and the one from Iligan City.

Their escape and rescue was made possible due to the close coordinations made by the wife of one of the civilians to the our Navy in Zamboanga and eventually coordinations with the units under JTF Marawi.

Rescued civilian hostages were immediately attended to by medical personnel and are now in a safe area for the conduct of a debriefing and other necessary procedures. JTF Marawi / MCAG

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