Friday, June 16, 2017

MNLF Secretart General: Statements by a Jhon Pertacolin about the MNLF are false

Posted to the Facebook page of MNLF Secretary General Ustadz, Murshi Ibrahim (Jun 11): Statements by a Jhon Pertacolin about the MNLF are false

Brothers and sisters in the World of Facebook, the write up published by Jhon Pertacolin that we in the MNLF have withdrawn our commitment of support to Martial Law and leadership of President Duterte are unfounded and baseless; we strongly disowned, denounced and condemned such statements as hypicritical, sinister and dubiously wicked. He is a great liar and imposter claiming as a MNLF Director of Peace Advocacy when in fact he is not. So his tongue and hands deserve to be severed.

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