Sunday, May 29, 2016

Special Report: Central Command

From Tempo (May 28): Special Report: Central Command

ORIGINALLY identified as Visayas Command following the mold of other geographical commands e.g. SOLCOM for Southern Luzon Command, EastMinCom for Eastern Mindanao Command etc. Perhaps it is the Cebuano to over abbreviate the dialect for purposes of speed, above title is better recognized under the shorter Cent-Com.

Currently led by the able leadership of Lt/General Nicanor Vivar, the command’s area of responsibility stretches several Central Visayas Regions, or if my figures are correct, 16 provinces, nine Chartered Cities, 39 Cities, and 369 municipalities. This includes the seas surrounding the regions as Tanon Strait dividing Cebu Province from Negros.
Cent-Com counts on the support of not only Philippine Army units in many provinces e.g. the Headquarters in Camp Lapu-Lapu Cebu City, Camp Leon Kilat in Tanjay Negros Oriental etc. but to include Philippine Navy and Philippine Air Force personnel and assets to support the principal task of providing security and national defense to our people and the territory.

This includes augmenting law and order with the police, and during typhoons, calamities and disasters, provide human assistance and response. Under the soft-spoken Lt/Gen. Vivar, a Philippine Military Graduate of Sandigan Class 1982, he has seriously adopted the “AFP Transformation Map”, by institutionalizing a collective pursuit of performance excellence via a scorecard system in the Cent-Com.

Part of Lt/Gen. Vivar’s visioning is to fulfill the requirement of convening a truly “Multi-Sectoral Advisory Board” (MSAB) to be a “big brother” over Cent-Com in its long term objective to eventually be “fully mission capable” to accomplish the over-all objective of establishing a credible AFP defense force.

MSAB is chaired by: Archbishop Jose Palma, George Aznar, Minerva BC Newman, Vicente Colina, Nonoy Tirol, Col. Clarence Martinez (Ret), Edgar Detoya, Maria Dianne Rallon, Olivia Luces, Michael Mendoza, Professor Helen Solito, and Tyrone Tan. Mabuhi to the new group who will be the “transparency mechanism” of Cent-Com to the people, and the people’s mirroring to Cent-Com.

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