Friday, April 17, 2015

Army official hails 87th IB

From the Philippine Information Agency (Apr 17): Army official hails 87th IB
An army official hailed the sterling service of the 87th Hinirang Infantry Battalion in the province of Samar.

Major General Jet Velarmino, 8th Infantry Division Commanding  General, in his message to the battalion during its 5th anniversary, said that the battalion headed by Lt Col Antonio Dulnuan has somehow paved the way for the declaration of most municipalities under it as “Manageable Conflict-affected and Development-Ready” (MCADR).  

This means that the area has somehow addressed their basic poverty and conflict issues and that the insurgents’ interference to the economic activity in the area is already negligible and can be easily address by the local police. 

“Your success is much as yours as they are ours.”

He advised them though that their success is not a reason to stop or slow down. That their past glory should only serve as reference and that they should even strive more  to surpass their achievements.

“As long as there are threat groups, our job is not yet done,” said Velarmino.

While he ordered them to be tough on insurgents, he added that they must be “tougher on the root causes of insurgency”.

He explained that with the Bayanihan program, he deploys army elements to barangays to check out issues that they want resolved. The list then is given to the local government units which are resolved in the peace and development meetings conducted by the army with the different national and local government agencies in attendance.

He added that if unresolved, these issues go to the military channels where negotiations are done in the upper level of the departments.

“We do not only apply force to win the peace but we implement, focused military operations, stakeholders engagement, bayanihan efforts and legal cooperation.”

By legal cooperation, the official said it meant that they have filed charges against identified perpetrators of crimes.

The 8th ID Commander added that the whole division is working overtime and fastracking its programs to be able to declare the whole Eastern Visayas peaceful and ready for development.

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