Monday, February 2, 2015

Army cites 8th Infantry Division’s efforts to attain transformation roadmap

From the Philippine News Agency (Feb 2): Army cites 8th Infantry Division’s efforts to attain transformation roadmap

Top leadership has cited the Philippine Army in Eastern Visayas for its compliance to the Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR).

Maj. Gen. Jet B. Velarmino, commander of the Army’s 8th Infantry Division (8ID) received a plaque of recognition in behalf of the military in the region during the Army Governance Forum 01-2015 at the general headquarters on Jan. 30.

The recognition has been conferred for the 8ID’s second stage compliant status of the Army Governance Pathway (AGP).

“This recognition bespeaks of the tireless efforts of the Stormtroopers’ along with the shared responsibility of our stakeholders’ in working closely together in pursuing the ATR. Now that we have gone this far, I fervently hope that thru the same cooperation and collective effort, we will achieve the third stage (Proficiency Stage) in the soonest possible time,” Velarmino said in a statement Monday.

The 8ID has been cited for formally organizing stakeholders as part of the governance process and passing an audit review. “This stage is centered on alignment of resources and people to the strategy.”

The army division based in Catbalogan City in Samar convened on Nov. 11, 2014 the multi-sector Advisory Board (MSAB), which became its strong partner in attaining the ATR by 2028.

The MSAB is composed of stakeholders from the public, academe, business, private, health and religious sector. The board is tasked to promote continuity, sustainability and shared responsibility in pursuit of the 8ID ATR.

Aside from 8ID, three other army infantry divisions achieved the compliant status - 3rd ID, 6th ID, and the 9th ID.

The ATR is a transformation program anchored on the Performance Governance System (PGS). It highlights the PA’s commitment to pursue a genuine transformation program founded on good governance and performance excellence.

It emphasizes a comprehensive approach in pursuing reforms and covers all facets of the organization: from personnel, to resource management, to internal processes and systems, and to mission accomplishments and outcomes.

The primary purpose of the ATR is to transform the PA into a more credible, dynamic, responsive, capable and professional army committed to its mandate of serving the people and securing the land.

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