Tuesday, June 25, 2019

MNLF: The time has come for PRDD to push for federlism

Posted to the Facebook Page of Moro National Liberation Front Secretary General Ustadz Murshi Ibrahim (Jun 21, 2019): The time has come for PRDD to push for federlism

The best time has come for PRRD to unleash all his energy, political will and intrepidity to ensure the ultimate realization and fulfillment of his sworn promises to the oppressed and marginalized Moros and Filipinos to federalize the highly centralized political system of the Philippines that had caused untold suffering, pain and agony, blood and tears of the people. Without Federalism, PRRD's aspiration and commitment to " rectify historical colonial injustices committed against the Moros" will be in vain; his vision to make the Philippines as a haven of peace will be inhumed in the dust bin of history. He said, " Without federalism there can be no peace in Mindanao". In another occasion when asked by the media, he said: Without Federalism, Mindanao will become an independent nation. He also said, " without federalism would mean dismemberment of this country" - The Philippines.

Mr. President, we in the MNLF under the sagacious and dynamic leadership of Prof/Dr. Nur P. Misuari really admired you as a true " Big Brother" and looked at you with love, trust and confidence as a divine gift from heaven destined to liberate the Philippines from the clutches of racism, poverty, injustices and moral decadence. MABUHAY KAYO MR. PRESIDENT, MABUHAY ANG FEDERALISMO.

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