Tuesday, June 25, 2019

13 Tarlac LGUs condemn ‘Reds’

From the Manila Times (Jun 25, 2019): 13 Tarlac LGUs condemn ‘Reds’

CAMP MACABULOS, Tarlac City: Thirteen local government units (LGUs) in Tarlac province heeded the call of the Tarlac Police Provincial Office (TPPO) to issue resolutions condemning communist groups and other terror organizations to ensure peace and security in the area.

The call was made through a memorandum issued by Col. David Nicolas Poklay, TPPO director. This despite the province being declared by the Armed Forces of the Philippines as a conflict-manageable and development-ready community a few years ago.

The first to pass the said statement was the the municipal council of Moncada through Resolution 58-2019, condemning the barbaric acts of the
Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (NPA)-National Democratic Front

The resolution stated that, as rebels throw attacks against government troopers, they were also bound to declare them persona non grata.

In Anao, the municipal council approved Resolution 2019-045, denouncing the atrocities perpetrated by communist terrorist groups (CTGs) in different areas of the country and disallowing their presence in the area.

The Anao municipal police station is continuously conducting in-depth monitoring and validation of any planned threats posed by CTGs through the help of the Barangay Information Network.

However, there are no reports of CTG activities both in Moncada and Anao, and the townspeople expressed desire that the peaceful situation be maintained.

In the birthplace of the NPA, Capas, the municipal council approved Resolution 047-2019, series of 2019, condemning the activities and presence of the rebel group in the municipality.

In Mayantoc, the municipal council signed Resolution 234, series of 2019, which states that the atrocities of CTGs resulted in the killing of civilians and police officers.

In Ramos, Resolution 012-2019 denounced the presence of CTGs and disallowed their presence in the municipality, although the town was declared generally peaceful and that there were no reports of terrorist activities in the area.

The LGUs of Bamban, Gerona, Paniqui, Pura, San Clemente, San Jose, San Manuel and Sta. Ignacia have also issued their respective resolutions for the same ideals.

Earlier, the Tarlac city council also expressed willingness to issue a similar resolution during an executive session, including establishing coordination between authorities and the residents regarding suspicious activities of groups or individuals that could be linked to terrorism.

The resolution will also cover steps in convincing the youth, who are most vulnerable to brainwashing of communist ideals, not to join terror organizations or rebel groups.

“Issues like this require immediate actions to ensure that our constituents and our community are always safe,” said Tarlac City Vice Mayor Genaro Mendoza.

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