Saturday, July 8, 2017

Commanders may decide to use heavy bombs in Marawi

From Update Philippines (Jul 7): Commanders may decide to use heavy bombs in Marawi

Commanders operating in Marawi City may decide whether to use a 500-pound bomb against Maute and Abu Sayyaf terrorists in Marawi City if they deem necessary, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) spokesperson Brigadier General Restituto Padilla, Jr. said in today’s Mindanao Hour Press Briefing in MalacaƱang Palace.

“The amount of force applied to a specific target should be commensurate to the target that needs to be destroyed,” Brigadier General Padilla said when asked if the military in Marawi is planning to drop 500-pound.

“So, if it’s a small target, it’s a small ordnance. If it’s a big target, then it demands a bigger ordnance. So, the discretion of the ground commander here is what we respect regarding the targets that he needs to address,” the AFP spokesperson explained.

“There are buildings there that could not be easily destroyed because these are well-built areas and hence, he may need bigger ordnance,” he added.

On Tuesday, July 4 during the 70th anniversary celebration of Philippine Air Force – FA-50PH displayed were seen carrying different types of munitions along with the 500-pound Mark 82 low-drag general-purpose bomb.

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