Thursday, May 11, 2017

CPP/NPA-Sierra Madre: AFP officers are lying through their teeth again to cover up their battlefield losses in the hands of NPA red fighters

New People's Army propaganda statement posted to the Communist Party of the Philippines Website (May 9): AFP officers are lying through their teeth again to cover up their battlefield losses in the hands of NPA red fighters

Armando “Ka Mando” Jacinto, Spokesperson
NPA-Sierra Madre (Rosario Lodronio Rosal Command)

9 May 2017

Once again, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) officers, namely Major General Rhoderick Parayno, commander of 2nd Infantry Division-PA and Lt. Colonel Christoper Tampus, Commander of 1st IB-PA are lying through their teeth to cover up their battlefield losses in the hands of NPA red fighters in North Quezon.

After suffering another defeat in yesterday’s encounter with the NPA troops that resulted in one soldier killed and two seriously wounded government troops with the NPA forces suffering zero casualties, the AFP officers once again spew lies against the NPA fighters by announcing to the public and the media that “the NPA rebels carried several of their wounded comrades during their escape” when the truth is that the NPA suffered zero casualties in the firefight. The also claimed that the soldiers were in the area to check on the complaints of NPA abuse and extortion when the truth is that they are already in a month long offensive combat operations, wantonly encroaching in the CPP-NPA controlled territory as part of their all out war against the people and NPA forces in Mount Sierra Madre . It’s true that the people in the area have complaints regarding abuse and extortion. But it’s not against the NPA but against the government soldiers who are mulcting the poor farmers and charcoal makers and those who does not give in to their demands were not permitted to pass the military checkpoints and their products are being confiscated, destroyed or sold to the military favored buyers. The people in the area also detests the military protection being given to the landgrabbers and corrupt DENR personnel who are conniving with the landgrabbers. The actual firefight is a clear proof that the NPA forces were aware of the government troops arrival in the area and were prepared for battle, thus resulting in three casualties on the government side while the NPA suffered no casualty. The people were joyful with the NPA victory. They said that they finally found justice that they long deserved.

The AFP officers continue spreading lies to the public and to the media to cover up for their defeat. They are feeding fake news to malign the NPA and to justify their attacks against the revolutionary forces and the legal progressive movement. Another lie that they were spreading was to justify their illegal arrest of Jaquiline Alog last May 3, 2017 in San Juan, Batangas whom they presented to media and the public as a ranking official of CPP in Southern Tagalog holding the second top position of the NPA in Calabarzon region though they knew that she was a member of the legal progressive movement. We categorically state the fact that there is no Jaquiline Alog in our rooster of NPA personnel and that she must be released immediately to her family and all other political prisoners.

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