Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Need for warships prompted PHL to look for frigate capable of handling 3 threats

From the Philippine News Agency (Jun 29): Need for warships prompted PHL to look for frigate capable of handling 3 threats

The pressing need for warships capable of carrying out a variety of defense missions made Philippine naval planners decide on a proposed frigate design capable of engaging air, surface and sub-surface targets.

Rear Admiral Roland Joseph Mercado, Western Command chief and head of the Philippine Navy (PN) technical working group head said there is nothing new on compressing three warfare requirements on the proposed frigates as it is the rule of thumb nowadays in warship design.

Some examples of multi-mission frigates include Germany's Mekong class, Australia's Anzac, and Canada's Halifax warships.

The Philippines is in the market for two missile-capable frigates with a budget of PHP18 billion, with PHP16 billion going to the construction of the ship and PHP2 billion for its munitions.

Mercado declined to give exact specifics of the frigate program but said the two ship can "must steam in speeds in excess of 25 knots and can engage surface, air, and surface threats".

Aside from this, the ships must be also capable of helping in the PN's humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions.

He expects the ships to be in service within three to four years.

Earlier, Mercado said representatives of the PN have visited and conducted post-qualification inspections on South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), one of the proponents in the country's missile-capable frigate project.

HHI was one of the six foreign shipbuilders who participated in the project when it formally opened for bidding sometimes in 2014. It is based in Ulsan, South Korea

He added that post-qualification inspection on HHI is "very favorable" and said PN representatives focused on the proponent's capability to meet the project's "technical proposals and technical requirements".

Post-qualification inspections took place some three weeks ago, Mercado added.


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