Thursday, April 7, 2016

PMA welcomes 396 new cadets

From the Philippine Information Agency (Apr 7): PMA welcomes 396 new cadets

The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) welcomed 396 Filipino youth as incoming cadets to the premiere military institution.

Composed of 35 females and 361 males, they were received at the PMA during the traditional reception rites on April 1 at the Fort Del Pilar here.

PMA Superintendent Maj. Gen. Donato San Juan welcomed the incoming plebes to the PMA followed by the traditional reception ceremonies by the upper class men.

During the reception ceremonies, the plebes were given a taste of the military training that they will undergo in the military academy and witnessed by their parents.

The reception ceremonies mark the beginning of the cadets’ military career, a journey in selfless service to God, country and people.

Their upper classmen composed of the members of the Class of 2018 will also serve as their squad leaders and mentors during the Cadet Training which is the first two months of initial training or the summer training in PMA.

Trainings courses include the Basic Cadet Training, Basic Military Training and the Physical Training which are necessary in preparing them to be members of Class of 2020 for their incorporation and integration to the Cadet Corp Armed Forces of the Philippines as its bona fide members.

The incoming cadets will follow a strict schedule that would give them an idea or feel of how to regiment their life in the Academy will be for the next four years.

Out of the 396 who compose the  future Class of 2020,  23 of them were fresh high school graduates,  114 were first year college, 145- second year college, 62- third years, 31 -fourth years and four-  fifth years while 17 have college degrees.

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