Friday, November 27, 2015

Retired general files smuggling complaint vs AFP, BOC officials

From ABS-CBN (Nov 28): Retired general files smuggling complaint vs AFP, BOC officials

Retired General Romulo Maninding has accused several officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Bureau of Customs (BOC) of smuggling firearms.

Maninding filed a violation of Republic Act 10581 and RA 3019 complaint against the following:

Gen. Herbando Iriberri,
Brig. Gen. Job Yucoco,
Police Chief Supt. Elmo Francis Sarona,
Eduard Del Mundo of Caballo Negro Industriya,
Alan Mendoza of System Nomics,
Gulderen Baglacer, MKEK Export Manager,
Hasan Sahan, MKEK Director of Marketing, and
Unnamed officials of the BOC-Subic Bay.

The case stemmed from the procurement, supply, and delivery of 4,500 rounds of CTG 105 MM HE with fuse ammunition to the Philippine Army, and 1,000 rounds CTG 105 MM Howitzer HE to the Philippine Navy.

Maninding is the president of ROFERMA Enterprises, which was the appointed local counterpart of the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation of the Republic of Turkey (MKEK), the ammunition supplier.

Through ROFERMA, MKEK won various contracts for the AFP ammunition supply.

Maninding claimed that MKEK cancelled ties and ceased to communicate with his company.

He later found out that MKEK proceeded to supply the AFP with ammunition.

The complaint mentioned that 1,000 rounds of ammunition were released by the BOC in Subic Bay despite the absence of supporting authority to import and Bill of Lading.

Aside from investigating the said officials for violation of grave misconduct and gross neglect of duty, Maninding is also asking the Ombudsman for their suspension.

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