Thursday, January 22, 2015

CPP/Ang Bayan: Advances in Mindoro in 2014

Propaganda article from the English language edition of the CPP online publication Ang Bayan (Jan 21): Advances in Mindoro in 2014

The Party leadership and the entire revolutionary movement in Mindoro island are confident of achieving greater victories as they enter 2015 and heed the call to contribute to completing the requisites for reaching the stage of strategic stalemate. In this regard, they are marking the 46th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines’ reestablishment by summing up experiences and revolutionary work to use these as bases for their programs, tasks and rectification.

In the previous year, the Party, people’s army and all the revolutionary forces in the island fervently fulfilled their tasks of advancing the armed struggle, building the mass base and advancing agrarian revolution amid the worsening political and economic crisis in the country.

A number of successful tactical offensives were launched in Mindoro, the most striking of which was the victorious raid on the Paluan, Occidental Mindoro municipal hall on November 7 that yielded 20 high-powered firearms—enough to arm an additional platoon of Red fighters. Attritive military actions were likewise launched against operating troops of the 4th and 76th IB, 21st Division Reconnaissance Company and the PNP Regional Public Safety Battalion, inflicting major damage to their operations. The NPA makes sure that every time the enemy penetrates the revolutionary bases, they are fired upon by sniper and sapper teams. A number of enemy intelligence agents who served as obstacles to revolutionary work and were banes to the masses were likewise meted punishment, as were bad elements repudiated by the people and class enemies violating the people’s rights and destroying the environment.

Breakthroughs in consolidating the mass base were achieved in Mindoro, such as the conduct of a conference of additional full-fledged mass organizations, building branch groups as well as Party Branches. Experiences in waging agrarian revolution were summed up to ensure that victories are continually protected and preserved. The Basic Party Course was given and supplemented with other studies. Groups and committees of the peasantry, women, youth and national minorities were further consolidated through their participation in various economic, political and cultural tasks. The enemy’s military and psywar operations failed to prevent the conduct of these activities.

There are continuing struggles in Mindoro to defend both the ancestral land of national minorities and land long occupied and developed by settlers. About a thousand peasant and minority families till about a thousand hectares of land, exercising self-management in developing the land and addressing their needs. New forms and tactics of landgrabbing such as the National Greening Program and energy projects such as mines, hydrothermal, geothermal and wind projects are clearly threats to the people’s security, livelihoods and rights. They do not resolve the masses’ basic problems but cause greater suffering and poverty. The people are duty-bound to fight for the land being seized from them due to these pretexts.

Said the Party committee in Mindoro, they achieved their gains due to the Party’s correct leadership and adherence to basic revolutionary principles.

[Ang Bayan is the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines and is issued by the CPP Central Committee. It provides news about the work of the Party as well as its analysis of and views on current issues. Ang Bayan comes out fortnightly and is published in Pilipino, Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Hiligaynon and English.]

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